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how we work?



Get to know you
and your vision

Sit down with our team to discuss the vision for your business and social growth over the next 6 months. This is the time to discover the components needed to develop your profitable business. *CreateU works exclusively with established influencers who have a loyal and passionate following.


study your

This is a an in-depth audit of your following. We will ask questions, study your social media, and discover the most effective, efficient, and scalable plan of action for your brand and/or business.


Design & Initiate A
Proven Launch Plan

This is the most important phase of the business launch. We will work together to create a launch plan that engages your following and prepares their taste buds for the product and/or service they have always been waiting for. Videos, photos, graphics, funnels, you name it. This is one of our most unique and powerful skills.


launch your

Celebrate the launch and establish an intimate connection with each paying customer. The first 7 days after launch are most important. We will initiate what we call a “Stay-on Strategy” that keeps each person excited and passionate about your vision.


impact and

Once the launch is complete, we will then initiate the “post-impact” phase to the business. This will come after studying the organic feedback from buyers and non-buyers. Once the correct changes have been made, advertising, new products, services, and more will be planned and initiated. Time to build the long-term business!

meet the team



Having founded several of his own companies and brands, Brendan provides a proven formula & plan designed from his own following of over 2.5 million. He is committed to working with you to bring your vision to life!


Strategy & Operations

As the “glue” to the overall strategy and operations, Este methodically pulls together the vision into profitable and effective systems. Managing his fair share of successful campaigns, you’ll know you are in trusted hands.


Graphics & Funnels

The visual aesthetics of your brand will provide a beautiful user experience for your customers. Daniel’s top-tier designs will ensure that your products and services dazzle the eyes of your audience.


Creative Director

The content you provide to your audience has a direct correlation with your social and business growth. With eye-catching video & photo, Mike can help you to take your followers on an unforgettable journey.


Head of Support

Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority of any business we choose to partner with. Our productive and professional support staff is guided by Nik – around the clock!


Graphic Design

With the largest amount of your viewers coming from social platforms, each follower and/or buyer will be presented with the highest quality designs and images, meticulously crafted to represent you and your brand.


Creative Assistant

With his extremely creative mind, Omar is here to ensure the excellence of products, social accounts, designs, and overall customer satisfaction.



Want to have an attorney that represents you and your brand? CreateU provides services to ensure your business is legally compliant, protected, and scalable.


Web Development

Coding your website for optimal functionality is the key to a smooth online business. Angel’s experience and attention to detail, guarantee things are being done the right way every time.



You name it – we create it. Sales funnels, emails, social posts, etc… Nick focuses on delivering your message to your audience in a way that maximizes engagement and profits..

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