Episode 21: To Be An Elite Level Athlete with Guest Interviewer Taylor Daugherty


There are so many athletes out there in the world, yet only a few can be considered an elite level athlete. No matter how good you think you are, if you do not work hard and respect yourself, then you are bound to fall out. Host Brendan Meyers brings in one of the content creators at the CreateU Agency, Taylor Daugherty, to talk about the elite level athletes and the Olympians around the world who are killing it. Brendan shares the important lessons that he has taken away from working with these great people that he still uses in training now. Sharing the amazing feats and talents, Brendan gets us into the mindset to become an elite in whatever we do. Tap into the elite level of your own mind, body, and physical abilities, and be inspired to start giving your all with everything you do.

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To Be An Elite Level Athlete with Guest Interviewer Taylor Daugherty

The Secret To Success

I have a unique guest. He’s one of the content creators or the videographers or cinematographer. You can call him whatever you want. He’s an incredible individual and his name is Taylor. Taylor, what’s up?

What’s going on?

He is one of the content creators for CreateU. He and I work hand-in-hand, we’re partners. We work our asses off nonstop all the time. I’m super excited for him to be here because not only does he shredded us but he’s competing in his third one and he’s nervous as hell. I’m super excited about that. Before we allow Taylor to jump in here and to ask questions and stuff, I want to talk about my experience of training with the best athletes in the world. I am from West Palm Beach, Florida, and then I moved to Los Angeles and then I ended up moving to Denver. That’s where I’m located. Here’s the unique thing about where I come from. In West Palm Beach in Florida, they have the best athletes. Growing up, I was a very close friend of Trea Turner.

He’s the shortstop for the Washington Nationals. I played football with Tre Mason who was the top running back at Auburn. Everyone from my area like Kelvin Benjamin, Matt Elam, all these guys that you talk about in the league that is killing it, they came from Palm Beach County. Football there is incredible and also South Florida in general. I’ve had experiences not only to train with these high-level athletes but to also train with guys that were already in the NFL during my times as a high school football player and college football player. I’ve trained with a lot of different guys. I trained one of the guys that went to the Olympics a few years ago. There’s a young man. He was nineteen years old and he beat everybody in the 200 and he had crazy times. I was able to train him out in Dynamic Fitness High-Performance Kinesiology out in Temecula a few years ago.

It’s unique when you look at how these athletes train like the most elite athletes and then also some of the athletes that are “elite,” but have natural talent. There are many different things that you can look at. When I trained one of these guys, one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met, I went and I go train with these other guys and they didn’t work as hard, you see where they are now and you’re like, “This makes sense.” That’s the difference between elite level athletes. Let me tell you about my experience. I’m talking about elite, the best of the best, the difference between elite level athletes and just good fucking talented athletes at the elite level, they worked their asses off and they never stop. I trained with Anquan Boldin for instance, the guy from the Ravens. He’s won a Super Bowl. He’s badass all around. Do you think he’s big? He’s not that big. When you see him, he’s not an insane athlete. He’s not the fastest guy. He works his fucking ass off.

Hines Ward is not big at all. He’s smaller than you could ever imagine. Julian Edelman is a super small guy. When you look at these guys I trained with, Lucky Whitehead, he’s with the Cowboys. He was killing it, all these different guys, Kelvin Benjamin. He’s a super tall and massive guy. That’s our freak athlete and Eric Berry. When I trained with all of these high-end guys and you watch them train, you’ve never seen anybody work as hard. Not only do they work hard, but they’re also respectful of themselves. They don’t allow themselves to waste energy in any other way. Let’s say they are training hard and they’re making sprints. They’re giving every single thing they got. Once they’re done and they’re walking, it’s the slowest shit you’ve ever seen.

With these guys, it’s on a whole other level. These guys are good. They were in high school with me and they played college football, baseball or whatever. They made it but then they fell out. Do you know why they fell out and they’re not elite? It’s because they didn’t work their asses off more than anybody else. Taylor, I wanted to bring you on here to ask me a couple of questions because I’ve trained with a lot of elite level athletes. I’m talking about Olympians all around the world that are killing it. Give me a couple of questions.

Was there anything that you’ve taken away that you still use in your training now? Whatever it is that you do physically that you’ve taken away from them that you use still to this day?

There are a couple of things that I focused on. When I trained with them, I’ve always had that work ethic. Where they succeed is the last couple of sprints, it’s the last couple of everything. Whether that is when they’re talking with someone and they spend a couple of more minutes to talk to them. It’s like how you do that one thing is how you’re doing everything. With me especially, I like my superset. I superset a lot of my training and through my last reps, I will be way more aggressive, explosive, and hardworking in the first couple.

The first couple isn’t where I want to expend all my energy. It’s at the end of all my repetitions and that’s catching a football, that’s running a sprint, anything. When I’m exhausted, that’s when I want to give my 110%. That’s what I want people to be like, “Wow.” It’s like a boxer. How is a guy better at round eight or round nine rather than round one or round two? It’s because he’s conserving his energy, being smart and tactical. It’s tactical first then gives it everything you got once you know the strategy and the repetitions.

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A lot of the small details add it to the finals.

It’s the end portion. How do you train?

I tried to get in a flow state and focus throughout the entirety of my training session.

Would you say that every single workout is insanity?

No. There are probably some external factors that lead to that. That’s one thing that I’ve been focusing on lately. Before I stepped in the gym, I’m thinking about doing the movements, getting in that zone, and trying to hone in on giving that full intensity. I know that the best progress is made whenever you’re in there 100% focused and going balls to the walls.

CUE 21 | Elite Level Athlete


Honestly, you might think that you’re giving everything that you got those last few reps, but it’s surprising that when you see someone else give it on a whole other level, you’re like, “That’s some crazy shit right there.” That’s tapping into the elite level of your own mind, your own body and physical capabilities.

I started reading a book that’s talking about a flow state within extreme athletes or elite level athletes. Was there any point in time whenever you watch these guys train or when you’re training with them, that you realized that whenever they were zoned in, you could almost see that flow-state thing seemed effortless that it was like they were doing it in their sleep?

Yeah, absolutely. It’s like a practice. These guys practice so much just as I did. I don’t want to say I’m an elite level athlete, whatever I think I am. Watching these guys and taking notes, everything was elite. It’s like the minor details. When they were running a route, let’s say it was a post or it was a comeback or whatever it was. When you look at a very good athlete compared to an elite level athlete, it’s the small things. It’s how they’re moving their hand. It’s like competing. When you’re flexing or whatever and you’re going and you’re transitioning, it’s how your hands are. How are your facial expressions? That’s what it’s like with these guys in that flow state. They’re used to it.

They’re used to chopping their arms super-fast, then opening up that elbow and that shoulder so that their hips open up and everything else goes along with it. Have you ever done a ladder drill? If you’re doing ladders, you’ll notice some guys will only move one part of their arms like when they’re chopping. From their elbow to the wrist, it’s going up and down. You could see it moving like their elbows are flexing quick, but their shoulders aren’t moving. It’s quick up and down movements. That’s not doing anything for your feet.

It’s the whole point of running, opening up your gate, being faster and quicker and speedy. All this agility and observing it from elite level athletes as well and trainers are that they’re moving everything in conjunction and it’s on a flow state. That’s all I noticed, the small things. If you ever see elite-level runners, their jaw is calm. You’ll notice a lot of people clench things, but their body is relaxed because they’re used to it. It comes on the discipline and the consistency of how they were training and the fluidity of it.

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Did you ever witness any amazing feats or talents or anything just out of this world whenever you’re training with someone as athletes?

I use Kelvin Benjamin all the time as an example because that man is a freak of nature. This man in high school sophomore year was 6’5” just massive. He looked like he was 32. He can run and jump and do whatever the hell he wanted. That’s a freak of nature. I think what you’re asking is any acts or have I ever seen anything crazy like how they trained or anything like that? All of it. I remember I played football at Florida Atlantic University and one of the lineman walks in and there’s this massive dumbbell. I’m talking about this dumbbell, if you tried to pick it up, this shit’s like 180 pounds.

It’s massive. This man comes with one hand. The dumbbell is up upright. You have the top weight and the bottom weight and the bar is in the middle. You’re going to grab it. This isn’t just a regular weight. It’s a fucking stone weight. It makes no sense. This man with his massive hand, and I’ve never seen this before, he goes over there and grabs the top of it and picks it up. Correct me if I’m wrong, it was probably not 175 pounds, it was probably 120 pounds. Everybody else tried to do it and this man came in, grabbed it, and picked it up.

You look at it and you’re a monster who’s also 6’9” granted. That’s only one instance. There’s another instance where there are 365 pounds on a bar. Have you ever done a power clean? It’s tough. This linebacker walks into the FAU, Florida Atlantic University, weight room. He doesn’t warm up. He doesn’t do shit. The coach says, “It’s your turn to max out.” He hasn’t warmed up. He goes up to the bar, cleans it like it was 135 pounds and walks out. Everyone’s looking at each other like, “What the F?” I’ve seen some crazy acts.

I’ve seen guys jump over people. I’ve seen insane things that people can do. A lot of it is their body structures are much more superior than everyone else. For me, for instance, I’m one of those guys that I’ve worked my ass off my entire life. That’s all I know. I work as hard as possible and then I’ll get there. I’m always good at everything that I do. Thankfully, I’m blessed, coordination, everything. I’ve trained myself up until this date. I’m not crazy amazing at anything. I’m good at pretty much everything that I do because of the hard work.

CUE 21 | Elite Level Athlete


You put your mind to it and almost manifest that success with them.

This is the one thing that I’ve seen with elite level athletes. There are only some of them that are good at all things. Only a select few, but the majority of them are good at their sport. They’re good at what they do, which shows how much they’ve been working towards it. I’m a natural athlete. I can go and play the guitar. I can go and be a cheerleader. I can do a split. I can do yoga. I can do sprinting. I can play basketball, baseball, and soccer. I can go and do all this. I played golf for a few years. I can do all these things because I’ve tapped into all of them, I’m pretty damn good at all of them but I’ve never been at that point where I’m the absolute best because I was always sprinkling around another thing.

I was wondering, and whoever is reading this, is there something like a small tidbit that they could take away from your experience with working with these elite level athletes and start implementing that into whatever. It’s like a daily routine, training or whatever it may be to get them to level up on the way they’re living their life. It’s like training or something to take themselves from where they’re at right now to a little bit closer to that elite level.

I would say, for instance, many people that are reading this are like, “I want to look better. I want to get more shredded. I want to make a little bit more money.” You might want to build your own business or whatever it is. If you don’t take everything seriously, you will never be elite. It’s the truth. Elite is like the 0.00000001%. I believe personally, I am elite when it comes to the psychology of people. I am elite when it comes to building businesses and brand development. I truly believe that. It’s because I work, work, work, and you see how hard I work on perfecting those skills. The reason why I say perfect them is that they’re never perfected, but I’m always there trying to perfect them.

That’s what it takes. It’s sleep. When I was playing football from high school through college for many years, I took a nap for fifteen minutes 365 days a year, every single day. It did not matter what day it was. Christmas or whatever it was, I took a nap. I took that nap because it rejuvenated me. These elite level athletes are not stupid. LeBron James pays $2 million a year to make sure his body is right. If you’re not willing to drink the proper water and spend $0.25 more per gallon to alkaline water, what are you doing? If you’re not willing to eat that extra asparagus, what are you doing? If you don’t want to take out dairy, then what are you doing?

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There are always different things. If it’s not dairy, whatever, but it’s an example. It’s even not willing to make that extra sprint. If you’re not willing to do this and this, but in all areas of your life, that’s what people get wrong. You’re either in it or you’re not. That’s why I’m an all-in type of guy. If you ever see me go to a club, I’m either dancing like crazy on all the tables. I’m drinking and I’m freaking wiling out or I’m chilling because I have a 0 to 100 personality and character. That’s my character. It’s represented right there. It’s everything. Don’t half-ass your sleep. If you’re giving your sleep 80%, it’s going to give you 80% during the day. If you sleep six hours instead of eight hours, it’s going to give you that.

It’s all about what you’re putting into it. That’s the biggest tip to anyone reading this, give your all with everything you do. If you show up to a meeting, show up on time, give it your all, write notes, create intentions, be intentional with your life, be intentional with what your goal is. These guys want to win a Super Bowl. They want to be in the Hall of Fame. They want to be the best to do it ever. They don’t fuck around with anything less. That’s why there’s a big difference between Jacoby Ford, who’s a good wide receiver that fell off to an Eric Berry and an Anquan Boldin who was on the all-star team and who did win a Super Bowl. There’s a big difference. Eric Berry is a pro bowler.

I also played with Matt Elam. There’s a big difference between Matt Elam and the rest of the guys. Matt Elam is a crazy good athlete. This man’s insane. He went through some injuries or whatever. He was a pro bowler but why did he never get to that next level? It’s that huge signing deal. It’s because some of these guys worked their fucking asses off all the fucking time. I keep on saying all the time because it’s literally every single second. It’s like getting your shoes tied quicker so you can get on the field and run. A lot of them don’t fuck around with smoking and drinking. Even the guys that end up in drugs and everything, you see everything comes to an end. You know when it happens.

Do you know Tyson Fury, the boxer? Everyone knows who he is. I’m starting to learn about him. I’ve been following for him for a while and Tyson Fury is the lineal heavyweight champion of the world. He used to drink, smoke and he was at the top of his drinking that he became an alcoholic. He went into depression and drugs, the whole thing. You saw he fell off. Now that he’s back and he’s not doing any of that shit, he puts everything and every ounce into this and everything in his mind manifests it. He’s the best in the world. That’s it. It’s all about putting it all in there. If you know it’s not good for you, don’t do it. If you know it’s not going to be beneficial to your future and your vision, don’t do it. That’s what CreateU is all about. That’s basically it. Taylor, I can’t wait to have you on again.

I’m excited and I love the opportunity.

CUE 21 | Elite Level Athlete


I want to bring Taylor on for a couple of topics just to chat. I want to talk about videography, cinematography, relationship. I want to talk about a lot of different things with you because I believe that we can bring a cool show. Guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, whoever you are, female, male, middle gender, I don’t know what it is anymore. I don’t know what anything is anymore, to tell you the truth. I don’t know what organic is. Thanks for reading another episode of Quick Time Friday. Greens Juice CreateU Nutrition, I’m super excited about it.

It’s coming at the beginning of July 2019, CreateU Nutrition Greens Juice. Not all the websites are up there yet but stay tuned for that. Remember, when you do review the podcast on iTunes, I’d appreciate that. I’m giving you seven free gifts as well. You put in your email, it’s safe with me, I promise. We’re going to update you via email once in a while about podcasts and stuff. All you got to do is review the podcast on iTunes and you get seven free gifts. Definitely go do that. Taylor, thanks for coming in and chiming in. I appreciate you.

Thank you for having me.

I appreciate you and I’ll see you next time.

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Episode 20: A Heartfelt Tragedy To A Social Media Success with Chloe Gottschalk


As you are creating your own path, you will encounter hurdles that would test your self-belief. Chloe Gottschalk from Iowa is a 23-year-old working full time as a Marketing Coordinator and a social media influencer. She literally went with her gut by deciding to turn down the full-ride scholarship offers for law school. A former soccer player in Eastern Illinois University Athletics, Chloe’s passion was tested when she discovered she had a mono. Nevertheless, she focused on fitness as her escape and decided to share her routines on social media. Now, she’s inspiring a lot of people across the world by sharing her unique story. In today’s episode, we dive into the value of overcoming adversities, getting out of your comfort zone, and adding value to your followers.

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A Heartfelt Tragedy To A Social Media Success with Chloe Gottschalk

On this episode, we did a HIIT workout and I’m sitting next to the person that put me through that HIIT workout. Her name is Chloe Gottschalk. She has a normal job but you’re also an influencer. Around all of that and separated from all of this, you have something that is so mind-blowing. Can you introduce yourself and then I will ask you this question that we need to uncover?

I’m Chloe Gottschalk and I am almost 23 years old. I work full-time as a marketing coordinator and do influencing on the side. I am from Iowa. I got two full-ride scholarship offers for law school and I got accepted into a top twenty law school. At the last minute, I decided to turn down my seat. I gave them my seat deposit and I applied for jobs in Denver and moved to Colorado.

This isn’t even the chunk of the story, but this is beautiful. She literally went with her gut.

It was scary though because my family is super close. I was going to law school in Iowa and I was going to be by my family. At the last minute, for some reason, I felt like applying to jobs in Denver. I hadn’t been to Denver in several years.

Do you like Denver?

I love it but I didn’t even come out and visit before moving here. I just moved here.

That’s so unlike Gottschalk. You took a stand for yourself and your vision and what you saw for yourself. Did you know that you were going to be an influencer?

No, I did not expect what my page has become to happen at all.

We don’t expect a lot of things in our lives. Let’s jump into the juicy stuff. I’m very blessed to have found this out. You went through some stuff. You’re a soccer player, you’re good and then you had mono.

I had it but the doctors told me I didn’t have it. I knew that I had it. My best friend in college had mono. She had to stop playing soccer for a month and then a week after, she got diagnosed. I got the same symptoms so I went to the doctor on our campus and was like, “My roommate has mono.” I got tested. They did a quick test and it came back negative. They’re like, “You don’t have it. You have to keep playing soccer.” They told me I didn’t have mono and I was practicing and lifting for eight months. I was playing soccer for two to three days when I had mono.

Tell everybody what came from it.

A heart problem. I could not play soccer and I couldn’t run. When you play soccer, you have to be in good shape. I would run a quarter of a mile and collapse. My legs couldn’t hold me up and I couldn’t breathe. It made my practicing soccer and my working out so hard while I had mono. It made my heart enlarged, which ended up causing a lot of rhythm issues and a ton of issues for me.

I’m an energy guy. I feel energy and right when you were saying that, you started to get emotional about it. It’s amazing that you’re going to cry because it means so much to you. You had passions and you had things that were so important to you. What’s so beautiful about this is you can cry. I’ll cry with you if I can get there. What’s so beautiful about this is that one problem turns into incredible solutions for thousands of women around the world. As you’re growing your social and you’re growing things, you’re going to be able to build a business and you’re going to have an incredible family eventually and you’re going to be able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do differently. Your life has called you on a different path and that’s okay.

I’m super happy about it now but at the time, it was hard.

Now it’s coming up because maybe you put it away and that’s what a lot of us do in our lives. We don’t want to confront it because it’s tough. I get it. I’ve had to do a lot of healing to myself with the things that I’ve gone through the things that were taken away. I was telling you about going to football at Vanderbilt. I was crying every single day. I had a severe concussion and I couldn’t play my last game in high school with all of my close friends at the time. I was mind-blown. It completely shifted me. It’s totally okay. She’s emotional because of how much this means to her. Many of us hold this back and we protect this side of us like, “We can’t get emotional in front of people.” This is powerful. This is what inspires people. This is what inspires me. This is what shows an incredible heart. You also have a big heart and even more than that, it’s completely transformed your quality of life. Here’s the thing, we trained. We did a HIIT workout.

I can do every workout, but I can’t play soccer and I love soccer.

Would you like to go to a soccer game?

What inspires people to continue on social media is the thought of what social media could become. Click To Tweet


We’ll go to a soccer game. Do you go to soccer games?

I went to my very first women’s national team soccer game and it makes me sad.

Here’s the thing. You get to plant yourself in those situations more often. Go to a recreational game and watch a young girl play soccer.

I want to coach. I’d love to coach soccer.

You get to be a volunteer for a soccer team. That will bring you so much happiness.

Even though I’m out of college and everything, I have to accept that I’m never going to be able to play again.

Don’t do that to yourself because you can and you will.

I could but I can’t play in a game.

You can. You have to come out quickly. I love football. It was my passion. I thought I was going to be in the NFL. I would train twice a day. Like what I did with my videos, YouTube and all my social media, I put everything into it. Your path is different. I don’t know if you believe in God or if anybody believes in God, but I do. I think we’re on a path that was given to us and you never know.

It led me to Denver, which I would have gotten playing soccer, I would have kept trying to play my life safe and I would have gone to law school. I wouldn’t have been that happy.

You have no clue. Let’s look at the positives. Let’s shift from that soccer and talk about what you deal with every day.

I have an Apple watch and I wear it every day while I work out. I keep an eye on it because I have to make sure that it’s not too high while I’m working out. I can’t make sprints anymore. I can make five to seven sprints, but if I do any more than that, I can almost pass out. I wear my watch to bed at night. I have a slow natural resting heart rate. It’s in the low 42 to 44, but when I fall asleep it gets into the twenties. My watch tries to wake me up at least fifteen times a night. It buzzes and vibrates because my heart rate fell below 40 and it thinks that I’m dying. It’s just the way my heart works. I got the watch but the first night I wore it, I woke up every single time. I was like, “What is going on?” I’d look at it and it was alerting me and trying to get me to go to the hospital because it was so low.

What’s so incredible about you is that you’re so happy. You create this positive outlook on everything. The first time I talked to you I was like, “She’s not as happy as she’s making it seem like.” You worry about this stuff. You have a lot of anxiety, but you get to transform it with the support from me, from people around you and from everyone. When you ask for support, you’ll receive more benefits than you could ever imagine. There are people that might be reading this and they’re like, “I know somebody that can help her. There might be something else that could help in a certain way.” You have no clue. The world works in mysterious ways. This show could introduce you to five other women that are like you.

A girl reached out to me on Instagram and she’s like, “I just watched your YouTube video.” I had made a YouTube video where I talked about it a little bit. She’s like, “I had the exact same thing. I was playing soccer in college and I had mono. They didn’t diagnose me right and now I can’t play anymore.”

Have you been talking to her?

I’ve been talking to her and stuff and it’s cool. I posted about how my watch tries to wake me up at night because my heart rate is so low and I had at least 25 followers who are nurses respond to me. They’re telling me that’s still not normal and that I should still go to another doctor and stuff.

CUE 20 | Social Media Success


What holds you back from going to another doctor?

For a year, that’s all I did. All I did was go to the doctors. I spent four days in the hospital and I was missing so much school just to go to the doctor’s appointments every time. They didn’t figure it out. One told me I had asthma, one told me it was my anxiety, one wanted to put a pacemaker in me. They can’t figure it out and it’s not something that is so cut and dry that they can just be like, “This will help you. This will make it better.”

There’s a solution to everything. When you have the faith that there is, don’t give up on yourself.

I’m not giving up. I’m tired of doctors.

I told you my story about the six-month stint. I was in and out of a doctor’s office three times a week. Especially when you feel like you’re dying every day, it’s horrible. If anyone is reading right now and you have anything that can assist Chloe over here, send her a message. Look her up. You’re doing incredible things. Let’s come up with something that can transform you. I have something pushing on my throat all the time. I don’t know what it is. It started when I was crying one day and I have no clue what it is. That’s irritating as well. Everywhere I go, I feel like there are two fingers press up below my Adam’s apple. That’s what I feel every single day. I’ve almost given up on it. I go to the doctors and I get another CT scan and there’s something there and it’s something bad. We do that and then we’re all positive in all these different things. We’re just stuffing it away and we’re just like, “It’s too tough to continue.” Let’s shift away from that. Enough with the crying. I think you were nervous because you knew that it was going to go there.

As soon as I knew that we’re going to talk about my heart problem and soccer, I knew I was going to cry.

How many of us stuff away all the things that bother us in our lives? It comes down to communication. I’m somebody who is huge on communication. If we say, “We’re going to meet at 8:00 PM,” and you show up at 8:01, I’m like, “Why didn’t you tell me?” The small things add up to big things. If you’re always late at 8:01, 12:01, 12:05, 1:05, it then translates to everything else in your life. You’re late in your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You’re late with the work that you’re supposed to be doing. You’re late setting up. You’re late with your preparation. It goes back and back and all of a sudden, you’re late with your sleep, you’re late with your nutrition, you’re late with your fitness and you’re late with everything and what’s else is late is your vision. Your vision is wandering off because you were so late for so long. Instead of accomplishing everything that you wanted at first, they get further and further away and it takes longer. All of a sudden you’re like, “What happened? I wanted to do this. Now it’s going to take me three years and not a year.” That’s the incredible lesson that we can learn. You love fitness. You’re big in fitness. Why do you love fitness so much?

After I couldn’t play soccer anymore, it was my escape. For my entire life, I was playing soccer. I was lifting for soccer and I was always doing fitness-related things for someone else. It was never for myself. I wanted to get better at soccer and I wanted to get a soccer scholarship, but I was always listening to coaches telling me what to do. After I medically disqualified from soccer and after I was cleared to work out and stuff, I started working out on my own. I fell in love with it and then decided to start an Instagram and share it with people. I had a few people ask me what workouts I do and stuff and I was like, “I’ll just start an Instagram.”

What inspires you to continue on social media?

It’s the thought of what it could become. Every day, I have women messaging me telling me that they do my workout or they love my page or I’m motivating and inspiring them.

Go deeper because what you have gone through relates so much to what you’re creating. How amazing it would be if you could speak in front of a bunch of ladies and talk about it.

I would love it. I love talking and I love telling my story because I have a unique story. It’s being able to connect with so many different women across the world. It’s crazy and it’s surreal still.

What holds you back from talking more about busting through all the things that you’re going through?

I feel that some people might not care. They’ll be like, “Who does she think she is? She’s trying to say how hard her life is when she has all these followers.”

They do that because you have something that’s unique and a lot of things come up for them. It’s not you. It’s like, “She has things going for her and she’s progressing even though she’s going through a lot of things.” I bring this up all the time. My good friend, Nick Santonastasso, has one arm, one finger, no legs, and no arms. He is an example and I want him on the show. He exemplifies exactly what it means to go with his gut and keep on moving forward. He only has one arm and a finger. Even if someone says something to him like, “You’re having a heart.” They know he has a heart. At the same time, he doesn’t have a heart because this is what he knows. This is life. How do you bridge that gap so that people understand that? You can say, “I fought through this stuff. If you’re going through this or this, look what I’m doing now. I go through this all the time. I like to cry or I do cry.”

I know you cry on your own. You don’t show it to other people. You don’t show your emotions to other people and you get to. The more that you cry, the more that it will connect with other people. They’ll be able to relate to it and they’ll be able to cry. They’re also able to laugh with you because a lot of your laughs are protecting the cries. A lot of your laughs are protecting how you truly feel in that moment. We all do this. I might shift the conversation. I might be like, “Do you like Chipotle?” Someone asked me an uncomfortable question. Let me ask you something. What’s the difference between moving to Denver and being uncomfortable and talking about your true emotions and what’s coming up?

It’s the people’s responses to it. I have very little rudeness on my page.

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Don’t justify it.

I’m not justifying it. I’m just saying the thought of maybe someone being like, “She’s complaining when she has such a great life.” It’s scary.

What’s so beautiful about things that are scary is what’s on the other side of that. That’s the best part of it. The best part is when you show up for everybody else and yourself and you put it all out there then someone nibbles at you. At first, it might create a wound. The next time someone does it in the same area, it’s already scarred up. It’s not going to hurt. It’s going to be again and again and soon enough, it’s just like, “Do you think I have scars on my face? Do you want to come to fill them in with your make up?” I don’t care and I’ve experienced it all the time. Does it still affect me? If some dude was saying that I was a monster and all these different things, certain things would affect me out of nowhere, but then it’s up here. It’s like, “I get to choose whether or not this affects me.” I don’t want to call them haters.

We have talked about it on other episodes. Gary Vee also says this. He doesn’t call them haters. He calls them people that give feedback because it’s great feedback for us. It tells us exactly what comes up for us in our own lives. Where else are we afraid of sticking up for ourselves or saying things on our intimate relationships or even just friends or people at a grocery store or someone that didn’t hold the door for you? If someone doesn’t hold the door for me, I say, “Thanks. I appreciate it. I’ll grab the door for myself.” They usually look back and that’s even at an ego though. That’s ego but what if we could approach our lives without the ego and stand up for ourselves in all situations? There was a girl that didn’t respond to me in a certain way. She was playing or beating around the bush or it was multiple things. I had three choices. I could ignore text message that she texted me, I could send her a voice memo explaining how I felt or I could send her a text message and go on with a random conversation and hold this thing inside of me that will lead to even more issues with the relationship.

I sent a three-minute voice memo and I explained exactly how I felt and that’s it. It’s not because I’m only standing for myself, but I’m standing for what I want to create. If someone doesn’t open up a door for me, what it means is this doesn’t stand for what I’m creating in my life. I want people all around the world to open doors for other people. When a man goes on a date with a woman, I want them to open up the door, grab the seat and do things for their woman and vice versa. Those are the things that I want so I do not settle. Where can you stop settling in your life and start doing the same for yourself?

I shouldn’t talk about my full-time job because if they see this, they’re going to be like, “Chloe wants to quit.” I don’t want to quit but I feel that I’m settling by having a full-time job that I’m not fully passionate about.

You have the job and your social media is growing. If a business owner is holding you back from becoming bigger or growing, this goes with anything. This all comes into relationships with everything around us. I’ve had a videographer that I worked with that was from Iowa and he ended up working with NFL Network. He ended up working with LeBron James and now he has a Range Rover and that’s the beauty of it. I didn’t want to hold him back from doing any of that stuff. I’m thankful that I played a role in that. If they’re going to read this and be like, “We don’t need her, we’re going to fire her.” That’s great because they don’t need you and you don’t need them. You can make money anywhere.

That’s a scarcity mindset and that’s what holds people back from so many different things. If someone is in a relationship and they feel like, “I need that love. I need this.” They’re like, “I can’t leave that because if I leave that, then I’m not going to feel right here.” How do you expect to grow? How do you expect to build your own business one day if you’re not open enough and be like, “That’s not going to happen?” I went at the Beats by Dre. I went into a meeting. They were going to do this whole thing and it was an opportunity but at the same time, I was like, “I don’t want to do this. I’m going to go in there with the mindset that I don’t care what happens. They could either want me or not. I’m still going to walk out of there a badass. I’m going to create whatever I want in my life.” That’s exactly what happened. We ended up not working together for several reasons and I went and created another business and things started happening more and more. You never know what could happen. Trust that anything you say or anything that you do will align with what you want. If they don’t add up to what your par is, then bye. I said, “I will go work at 24 Hour Fitness as a personal trainer.” Could you work as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness?

Yeah, I think so.

What are you afraid of?

I’m afraid of the unknown and the possibility of not being able to pay my rent.

You can always pay your rent. If everything fell to pieces, do you have your parents?


Do you love your parents?

I love them more than anything.

Could you live at home until you figure things out?

I could if I had to.

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A lot of people don’t even have a safety net. At the same time, we all have a safety net. I can go live on the streets as long as I don’t do anything stupid. As long as I don’t get a felony or anything like that, I can live on the streets. That’s the beauty of life. Things are not supposed to be easy. Do you feel that life is in your favor?

Lately, yes.

Do you think that your heart issue is a blessing?

It’s a blessing in disguise. When it first started happening, I didn’t think it was but now I see that.

It is a blessing. From this, you get to create whatever you want. What’s one area of your life that is stagnant or you want to take that next step that held you back in some way or fashion?

Creating my own business of some sort. I’d love to work for myself and do the work I’m doing for myself.

What holds you back from that?

The fact that I have a full-time job and the fact that I don’t have the money to go into business.

You have time to work on your business. We always have time because time is always going. Time never stops. Your heart never stops. It keeps going. You’re alive and you’re healthy. A lot of people get this misconstrued in their life that time stops this is going to end, but it never ends. The relationship never ends. My ex-girlfriend and I were in love and that never ends. It transforms into something beautiful, something different and something spectacular. You get to work on it. When you don’t want to, remind yourself of why you’re doing it.

If it’s 8:00 PM and you’re exhausted and you know that there are a lot of things that you need to get done, make sure that it’s not going to affect your health. Look at it from a different perspective and know that this is something that’s supporting your vision. You were all invited to go out and you didn’t go because your vision involves your mom and the love that you have for your mom and your relationship and all these different things. That right there was support for yourself. Although you wanted to meet people or whatever may be, that was important to you. At the same time, there were networking possibilities.

That’s when the two worlds collide. I could choose between networking with people that would be great for helping me build my business or I could spend time with my mom who’s in town.

This is a tough subject for a lot of people. A lot of people don’t want to take things from people. They don’t want to take money and energy. They don’t want to take anything. You didn’t even ask for a tissue when you knew you wanted to tissue. We struggle with this support level. If you offer me something, thank you. I acknowledge that. If my dad wants to support me, I’ll take it. What’s going to come from that is I’m going to support you in more ways than you could ever imagine. My dad helped me out with financials for a while. Nobody knows that but he did. Some people were like, “I never take money from my dad.” I’ll be like, “I’m going to take money from my dad because it puts me in a better position to transform millions of lives.” He knows that and feels that. Would your mom understand if you said, “I want to go meet a couple of people. I’m new to Denver and I want to do all these different things.” Would she be okay with that?

She would be 100% okay with it. For me, my family will always come first.

There is a time where you build other families and it’s not about something coming first. It’s about what’s coming next. It’s not about, “My dad is here. I need to see him.” People are going to come and go in our lives, including our parents. They will one day be gone. It’s the truth of the matter. I love my mom, I love my dad, I love my brother and I love my sister. I love the people around me. At the same time, there are people in India that are struggling. There are people in Japan, there are people in Egypt and there are people all around this world that are struggling every single day. Your mom wants you to not only transform into the beautiful woman that you’re going to be and are, but she wants you to impact the world in a way that maybe she didn’t. That’s the beauty of it.

This thing is so beautiful. If my dad was on his deathbed and I had one of the biggest meetings of my entire life, he would say, “Brendan, I love you so much and I love what you’ve done. You’ve represented me and what I’ve always wanted for you times 1,000. Now, it’s time for you to bring the legacy to life that I’ve always wanted to leave. You were my legacy. That’s what transforms the world. Go to that meeting.” I would go, I would fight it but I’d be like, “I know I need to go down. I love you so much. This meeting is going to make me $20 million and that $20 million is going to build parks all around the world. There are going to be kids that don’t have a father that is now going to look at these parks and the people that are working at these parks and they’re going to be like, “I feel like I have a father now in this park.” Imagine how much more there is. You’re a source of everything and we forget that every single day. What did you take from all of that?

I get what you’re saying, but the meetings don’t matter. I’ll always choose my family.

If your mom was like, “You need to go.”

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I wouldn’t.


It’s because my family is my entire world. As bad as I want to succeed and grow a business, I want to enjoy the time I have with them even more.

Where does that come from? Everybody wants this feeling. Your love for your parents isn’t any different than my love from my parents. Where is this different? Some people would be like, “Brendan, you’re crazy.” I see my being so much. I’ve done so much transformational work. I was laying on the ground and felt I was dying every single day. My mom and dad would stay up all night. This gets me emotional because this is crazy. My heart rate is at 100 beats per minute and every second, I’m screaming in pain and not being able to sleep 30 minutes every night. They would not move a muscle, “Brendan, what do you need?” I know that they live inside of me, but you never know when. You never know when the opportunity that you’ve always wanted to build everything in your life and more for your future kids, for future kids around the world and for everything. It also comes down to different purposes. You have a different purpose in your life than me. My purpose is to impact a million lives and touch just so they get the good feeling of a billion lives. What’s your purpose?

I don’t know what my purpose is yet. I’m still trying to figure that out.

This is what’s interesting. What if your purpose was to stand in front of 20,000 ladies who are struggling from a mental illness and they needed this in their life? They wanted to see you speak on a stage and they’re so passionate about going to see Chloe and your mom said go. Think of it on that level because that’s how valuable your purpose is and your passion. You might not know it now, but I think you do know it. We all know it. It’s all inside. It’s just not clear enough yet because there’s so much dust on the table. Once we can tap into ourselves more and more and recognize it in all aspect like, “Why do I do this?” After that awareness, you can start transforming and break those habits and then see with clear vision everything that you wanted to create. How are you going to show up for all of the people that follow you now?

I’m going to continue posting and giving them the content that they want or that they need.

Give them not what they want, but what you want. That’s how you create you. That’s how you create your vision. You look at what you want and you go full throttle. People are going to tag along. You represent millions of lives. I represent millions of lives. I might be having a bad day but I’ll dance. I’m literally me. I tell Mike what it is all the time because I stand for him and I stand for what he wants to create. He said the same thing about his family. He said about how important family is and relationships and stuff. I look at it from a huge picture because I’m so clear on my vision and that’s what you get to do. You get to provide for yourself through your posting and bring that happiness. Let’s shift from all the crying and the emotions because a lot of people probably took all this in. I would still go if my dad said this to me. I make guarantees only when I feel in my gut and my intuition that this same feeling is going to come to you one day. You deny it in your mind. I already know it but it’s cool. Wait until you have kids.

When I have kids, that will change things.

Outside of all this stuff, outside of soccer, outside of fitness, what else do you enjoy to do? What do you like to do?

I like to be outside. I love nature. I love going into the mountains. When I’m in Iowa, I love being on earth. I love the mountains. I love going to the mountains. I don’t like the city very much. I’m not going to lie. I hate living in the city because there’s not enough grass or trees. It’s all concrete and I hate it.

What do you like so much about nature?

It makes me happy. Being in the woods or the mountains makes me happy.

What other things do you like to do? Do you like watching movies?

I don’t like movies. I like the shows.

What’s your favorite show right now?

I love The Office.

CUE 20 | Social Media Success

You seem like an Office person like, “Let’s watch The Office tonight.”

I could watch it for hours. I’m on my fifth time watching the entire thing and I still sit there and laugh to myself.

What else?

I like Desperate Housewives. I’m watching that. It’s my third time through.

Have you ever watched The Real Housewives of Orange County?


I know Tamra and I know her husband. When I had sponsorship for this company called 361˚, I met Tamra. This is the way I meet people. I’m like, “It’s nice to meet you.” They’re like, “Have you ever heard of the show?” I’m like, “No, I haven’t.” Even though I knew everything about it, I’m like, “No, I don’t know who you are.” I met her husband and we started getting to be out of work in and I was like, “I have 15,000 views on YouTube. Subscribe now if you can.” You don’t like to live in the city. Let me ask you something. Do you like to travel?

Yeah, but I haven’t traveled that much though.

How about going to Thailand?

I would love to go to Thailand. I was looking at Phi Phi Islands.

Do you want to go to Phi Phi?

I would love to go to Phi Phi.

I could feel that you are adventurous, but you hold back from your full adventure side. Why? Are you afraid of what’s on the other side? How can you challenge yourself from going outside of the box? What’s something that you can do that’s adventurous? I wouldn’t say jump out of an airplane.

I should have booked a trip somewhere for sure.

Where do you want to go?

I don’t know where I want to go. That’s the thing. I didn’t even know where I would go.

Why don’t you go to Hawaii?

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My friends are getting married in Hawaii this summer.

Are you going?

I don’t think so.

Why not?

It’s a very expensive trip.

You can always make it happen.

I’m torn between being a reckless young adult and saving my money. I’m trying to build a stable life.

What you said to me was like, “I don’t have much money.” Then you said, “I can go on a trip somewhere.” Is it that you don’t have money or is it all the other things that are holding you back?

I want to save my money.

For what?

For my life and for a house.

Why are you in so much of a rush to get a house? I thought I wanted a beautiful house in Santa Monica. I was like, “I’m getting married.” I’m in Denver, Colorado. I’m in an apartment. I got a wallpaper that I’m going to get charged thousands of dollars for it to take it off. What would you tell people that are reading this and maybe are young and thinking about going to college or pursue something that they’re not sure of? They have a couple of opportunities to get outside of the box and take on maybe moving or take another job. What would you say? What’s something that you would give them?

I’m going to tell them to do it. Do whatever makes them the most uncomfortable.

What’s the company that you’re a part of?

I never talk about my company.

Why don’t you talk about it?

I don’t want to combine the two things. I want to have my own separate life.

CUE 20 | Social Media Success

In your launch plan that we create once we create your business, the main thing is you’re transitioning. You’re taking the next step and following your dreams. In your launch plan, what you can do is tap into that and relate to other ladies like, “I did not pursue this because I had a passion in this. I focused on this rather than this. I went from working this job to doing this.” It’s important to share like, “I work in marketing and I’m going to continue to do that full-time but I’m also creating this.” You had the possibility to not only do the same for yourself but even more, you can build the body that you want. You can have the relationships that you want because you don’t want just to be a fitness coach. I know you don’t.

I’ve been through a lot in my life that I can relate to.

That’s what your launch plan consists of. You can tap into those different areas of your life that relate to other people and that’s where your social media should go. That’s how you should post on your stories and on everything. You can be like, “This is a great one.” You can grab your phone and you can be like, “I’m having a bad day, but I’m going to smile and I’m going to dance. Watch how stupid I look.” You can go put it over there and you dance. You’d be like, “I lost $1,000. I hope you’re having a great day. I’m going to go get a workout.” That stuff will make people laugh and they’ll be able to relate to you and be like, “She’s making light of it.” Maybe you could take a picture of you crying. Everything you get to relate as you post more and more, you’re going to be a real influence. All these influencers are like, “I’m a travel influencer. I go all the way.” They influence you to travel, but they don’t tell you how they travel. I don’t even understand how they travel, to be honest. They’re all the way in Fiji and then they’re in a massive LA mansion. I’m like, “You’re eighteen.” We’ve had a great time here.

I’ve had a lot of fun.

Is there anything that you want to give to people that are reading this?

The biggest thing I can tell people and what I tell my followers is not to care what other people think. I was scared to make an Instagram because I was still in college. In my college town, people are judgmental. I was like, “I don’t even care what people say about me or think about me.”

You do and that’s okay.

I do but to an extent. I care if they think that I’m conceited or that I’m fishing for attention. I care if they think that I’m talking about the hardships that I’m going through when I’m just trying to relate. I’m not afraid if they think I’m stupid or they think my workouts suck or they think that my page is dumb.

It’s because you’re so confident in those areas. You need to build confidence across those other boards just like everyone else. They find it and they’re uncomfortable with like, “I’m afraid of this. I’m afraid of that.” I’m afraid of rejection sometimes from women and that’s normal but I get to bust through that gate because it’s holding me back from my relationships that I could possibly have. Take it in, suck it in, allow it to breath into your mind and use it. I have one last question. If you were at a dinner table and you can invite three people, who would it be? I’m the butler and you’re having a beautiful dinner and you were allowed to have three people at that dinner. No one from your family. You can’t pick your family.

I’m going to invite Krissy Cela on Instagram. She’s amazing. She’s a major reason that my page took off. She’s a fitness influencer and she did a YouTube video. She’s like, “I’ll try one of my followers’ workouts,” and she picked me. She has a million followers and she picked to do one of my workouts. She posted that and then after that, I went from 9,000 followers to 13,000 followers and then people started seeing me.

Are you friends with her?

Yeah, she follows me and we talk in the DM. She’s from the UK.

Who’s number two?

The second one is Barack Obama.

Do you like the way he talks? He’s very smart. He’s articulate.

I love Obama.

Why do you love him?

I like Obama. I don’t love Obama.

Who’s number three?

I’m thinking of Steve Carell.

Can you explain that to me? I’m bad with names. Could you refresh my memory of Steve Carell?

He’s in The Office.


He’s hilarious. He’d be a fun little addition to that.

How would they all talk to each other and all that stuff? It would be very interesting. Thank you for coming on here. I appreciate you so much and thank you for getting vulnerable and creating you. You’re one step closer to creating you. People that are reading this, all of them got something from this. Where can they find you?

I’m on Instagram, @ChloeGottsfit.

Look her up and follow her. She’s an incredible human being and she’s going to be building incredible things. She’s going to launch her own business. She’s going to have people that support her in that. She’s got a great launch plan. Thank you for the marketing strategy right there. Thank you for reading yet another episode of the show. I spoke a lot in this episode, but I wanted to bring your vision a little bit clearer to you and I hope I helped a little bit. I hope I guided in a small manner because as I created you, I was also creating myself. I was able to reminisce on certain things that I’ve been through. I thank you for that and I acknowledge you for going there because not many people go where you just went. That is something to take on with you for the rest of your life and what you create. Thank you, Chloe, for being here.

Thank you for having me.

Remember, you have the opportunity to change. You have the opportunity to transform. If you don’t recognize it by now, just create it. Create that recognition for yourself and acknowledge yourself for how far you’ve come and how far you can go because your vision is endless. There’s no ceiling. You can go anywhere and everywhere that you’ve ever thought of and further. As soon as you start realizing that and as soon as you start implementing some of the strategies and the structures that we talk about on this episode, the sooner you’re going to be happy and back to that joyous self that you’ve always meant to be. Thank you for reading yet another episode of the show.

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My brand is both Fitness & Lifestyle, so I love collabing with brands that fall under both categories. Former college soccer player at Eastern Illinois University with a late discovery of an enlarged heart.

Episode 19: The Biggest Mistakes I Made At 23 Years Old

Your biggest mistakes can be the greatest source of lessons in your life. Brendan talks about the biggest life mistakes he made at age 23. Going back to his past, he shares some things he came across with at an early age that he didn’t know how to deal with, confront, or embrace. He says mistakes are like a double-edged sword – half of the time it works against you, half of the time it’s great. At the end of the day, you just have to take advantage of where you are and trust the process. When you can adapt and create that relatability with anything in your life, you will find more success than you could ever imagine.

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The Biggest Mistakes I Made At 23 Years Old

Lessons Learned Along The Way

CUE 19 | Life MistakesWe’re diving into this Quicktime Friday with some spice, with some memories, with something that I learned a long time ago that I’ve never truly shared with the internet. I’m excited for a couple of reasons. Number one, Friday’s a new week. I like to say that because many of us go into Fridays like, “I have two days off. I can relax all and all these different things.” The truth is every day is a new day, which means it’s a new start. It’s a new seven days. Every moment is a new opportunity. What if you went into Friday as a new week? “Let’s start fresh. I feel renewed.” Do something that you wouldn’t. Number two, the reason why I’m so excited is not only because it’s Friday and it’s a new week, but I get to tap into some stuff that makes me uncomfortable. It’s very important for all of us to tap into that extra side of us because that’s where we grow and that’s where we expand. I’m a bodybuilder. I’m competing on October 5th, 2019. I got Creatine HCL gains. You know about all of that from my Instagram and my social media. I’ve been taking Creatine HCL. I’m releasing a whole CreateU nutrition line. There are a lot of fun things happening.

I want to talk about the biggest mistakes that I made at age 23. This makes me uncomfortable. I’ve been hustling for a long time and I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve built a lot of relationships and many of which those people are not around anymore. It’s for many different reasons and that’s why it makes me so uncomfortable. Not only that, but I go back to my past when I wasn’t as confident as I am. I wasn’t as respectful. I was actually more spiteful. I was prideful. There are a lot of different things that came across in my life at this early age that I didn’t know how to deal with and I didn’t know how to confront or embrace. Let me explain a couple of mistakes at the age of 23.

Number one, 100% was thinking that I had it all figured out. I thought I’m building a team. I have a team, I have a girlfriend, everything is solid. I have a Corvette. I live a block from the Santa Monica Pier. I’m building an apparel line. My apparel is doing well. With my program, I made $40,000. I was thinking of all these different things and it was such an interesting point in my life because when I thought I had it all figured out, what it meant was I didn’t have much of anything figured out. When you don’t have anything figured out, that’s the truth of it. You have zero figured out. You can’t have a little bit of your future figured out. That doesn’t make sense when you look at where you currently are.

If you want to build an empire and you’re going to have 25 people working for you and you’re saying, “I have a business now and I have everything. I know I’m on the right path. I know exactly how to get there,” you’re not experienced and you’ve never done it before. You actually don’t have anything figured out. You’re figuring out as it goes. It might just be working out for you. Back at this point, I had seventeen members. Now, I have fifteen, which is remarkable. It’s amazing. It warms my heart that people believe in my vision as much as I do. Back then, I was working everybody to death. I was like, “I don’t want you to take any breaks. I want you to do this. I want you to do that.” I started to learn that because I didn’t have it figured out, I was actually hurting my relationships, not only with my business but with what I was wanting to create.

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Remember, CreateU is all about creating your vision, bringing your vision to life. I was definitely defying that in every ounce that I was giving. To be honest, I wasn’t even very giving and I wasn’t compassionate. My number two biggest mistake during this time was I wasn’t compassionate. I didn’t feel for others. If someone was tired, I was like, “Suck it up.” It was something that I would play in my mind. I wouldn’t say that to the person. I would say it in a different way. When I look at it, it’s a weakness within myself. I was looking at that from the standpoint of, “I’ve done it, so you can too.” I was in a conversation with a friend about our character. They’re like, “If I see you like this, this is your true character.” The truth is your true character is one that is relatable. It’s one that can correlate with everyone. My character, your character, all of our characters started at ground zero. How can you say that one building is the same as the other if it looks different? The foundation is the same.

When we look at it from this perspective and me not being compassionate or caring about it, at one point I did care. At one point I was compassionate. That’s why me, you, everyone else in this world, we are the same because that’s how we came into this world. We cared about people. We probably still do, actually most of us do. That’s my second mistake. I did this through working my team to death, or if my girlfriend at the time had a problem, I was like, “Figure it out,” rather than supporting and asking, “What can I do to support you?” or asking more questions and finding out more about that particular person’s situation. I wish I did that but I didn’t. Because of it, I have learned and have grown. Most importantly, I have evolved. That’s the big word right there, evolved.

My number three, one of my biggest mistakes is not trusting people. During this time, with the relationship, if she went out and went with someone somewhere. I’m putting this all out there because I feel like it’s very important for you to learn. I don’t know if I trusted it. I don’t know if she was hanging out with another guy, I was like, “I don’t trust that,” especially if it was a good-looking guy. It came to a point where I did allow it and I was like, “Yes, go ahead. That’s fine.” I started trusting it and that’s when things started to evolve for myself and I started to see things a little bit differently. The same thing with not trusting my own team. Now, I can trust my team and it’s beautiful and I trust other people in my life. Even those who do wrong by me or do wrong by other people, before I would put them in a bank and be like, “You’re the worst person. You don’t care about me. You want nothing good for me.”

CUE 19 | Life Mistakes


Now I look at it and I’m like, “You made a mistake. Who are you? Who is the true you? Why did you make that mistake? How did you make that mistake? When did it trigger? When did it start? Where did it come from?” When you ask the right questions, all of those trust and distrust and all that stuff, it goes out the window. Because then you learn at the root of it what the cause is. There are so many reasons for things going wrong, like someone betraying you. It’s also the way you look at it and the way you perceive it. Someone could use one of my forks and not wash it and I can go over there and clean it and there are two ways I can look at it. I could look at it like, “What the hell? Why did you do that? You’re not a good friend. You betrayed me. You don’t care. You just throw shit into my sink and you don’t give a fuck about me.” I could say, “You are hungry. I’m curious, do you do that at your own house?” “Yeah, I usually throw it in the sink,” and I’m like, “This is how I do it here in my household.”

When you provide that perspective for someone else, they can see it as well and then make adjustments and respect that. If they don’t know where that respect even lies or their character is built in a different way, then you can’t blame them. You can’t get pissed off at them especially for the first time, maybe not even the second time. The third time, you can get a little bit more frustrated and be like, “What can we do to fix this? Please do not eat at my house.” Those are the types of things that we can look at.

Number four is trying to move too fast and trying to do too much too quickly. It’s as simple as that. I looked at my apparel business and we were creating everything downtown in LA and I was like, “We need to build this. Let’s bring in an apparel guy full-time. You’re going to manage that. We’re going to pay you a salary.” I ran over here and I go, “We need a designer. You can do 3D animation. You do this. Let’s hurry up and get this posted. I didn’t post. I need to post this now, quick, hurry up.” All of these different things actually worked against me half of the time. I say half of the time because half of the time it was great. It’s like a double-edged sword. It’s a beautiful characteristic of mine where I always want to get as much done as quickly as possible. Because I don’t take my time on certain things, some things might be overlooked. Some things might not have been seen or whatever the case may be.

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The point is moving too fast is a blessing, but when you’re not experienced with moving fast, it becomes too fast. That’s where that word amplifies that mistake in my life. One of the mistakes was releasing my BodyEvo program. I also had supplements and then immediately I released the apparel. Because I wanted to get this apparel out because of the certain time of the month and all these different things, my apparel didn’t do as well as I wanted it to. It did well, don’t get me wrong, but I moved so quickly. I wasn’t able to advertise it in the manner that I wanted. I didn’t look at the projections of six months or a year. Although the clothing was top notch and although we had 10,000 sold in a certain month, it doesn’t matter because what matters is that it ended up fizzling off. Because of all these four mistakes specifically, I’ve been able to create more than I could have ever imagined when I was 23 years old.

You can tell me about anything now that I’m owning these businesses and I’m building these businesses. CreateU Nutrition’s coming, we have all these things coming and it’s so masterful and strategized and structure. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome. It’s because I finally took a step back and started to slow down a little bit. If you talk to one of my partners, one of my very close friends, Este, he’ll tell you, “Brendan moves fast. Sometimes I need to slow him down.” At the same time, he moves fast sometimes and I need to slow him down. It’s all in different areas. You talk to my attorney and she’s like, “Brendan? That man is moving to one thing to another and building things. I need to put a leash on him.” It all comes down to what you’re creating and also who’s around you. Trust the people around you. That’s why the fourth mistake is so big. If you trust people around you and you have compassion and you have all these other things, you can’t move too fast because if you move too fast, people will get sick, you’ll lose your team, you’ll lose money, you’ll lose your opportunity, your vision will crumble in front of your eyes. A lot of things will happen.

The moral of the story to summarize is to take advantage of where you are now. Have compassion, love, take it slow and trust the process. When you could trust the process, you will create you. That’s a guarantee. Sometimes the process isn’t the way that you wanted it to unfold. Sometimes the goal or the reward isn’t the same as you thought it was going to be, but it’s different. When you can adapt and you can relate, create that relatability with anything in your life and you’re creating you, that’s all it’s about. You will find more success than you could ever imagine.

CUE 19 | Life Mistakes


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Building authority and creating influence are achievable if you can establish yourself strong enough to gain massive followers. Fitness competitor and powerlifter Jorge Rosado reveals the hack to starting from nothing to winning an immense amount of followers. Owning the first ever fitness infographic account that grew 200,000 followers in just a month or two, he dives into the art of showing up and turning lead into gold. There is a load of gold nuggets in this episode. Don’t miss out on Jorge’s take on combatting negativity, getting out your comfort zone, and thriving for success without excuses.

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From NOTHING to 300k Followers, Inside The Philosophical Mind of Jorge Rosado

First Ever Fitness Infographics Account

Jorge Rosado, you could say it however you want, but he is a pioneer on Instagram, a very large following, an insane transformation, a powerlifter, a very beautiful beard, and an incredibly powerful man who has shown up time and time again for people around him and especially himself. Jorge, welcome.

Thank you. I appreciate the intro. That was touching.

This is going to be very funny. Before we even jump into any type of anything that we talk about. Jorge, uncover what is going on in your mind right now because I know that you’ve got a lot of shit cooking up.

I feel like my mind is always racing. I’m always thinking about life. We were talking about meditation. That’s why it’s such a crucial part of my day to be able to create that stillness.

I know, especially because you’re near me and I’m talking all the time. You have so much energy in certain places, but you’re also very calm when it counts. Where does that come from? You’re a powerlifter. You’re a national champion. You’ve done bodybuilding and you’ve won very often. Where does all this stillness come with the energy?

Some of you guys might know me as @Fitness_IQ on Instagram. I started the infographics, the do’s and don’ts and stuff like that, to provide them value. Competitive powerlifting, I’ve been doing that for years. I’ve also done bodybuilding. I come from that background growing up, playing competitive sports from baseball to powerlifting. I have always been a very calm individual in the sense that I can’t get hyped. I could get high, but I can’t hype myself up externally. Some people, for example, like yourself, you are out there versus me, I do everything more internally. This calmness is not something that I’ve always had per se. It’s something that I’ve been able to manifest and work on because of the chaos that we live in. I grew up not very fortunate.

You can only connect the dots moving backwards. You can’t connect them moving forward. At that point in my life, let’s say when I was younger, I grew up poor. My mother wasn’t able to take care of me and I had to live with my grandmother for a good portion of my life. My mother had me when she was only eighteen years young. She wasn’t mature enough to take care of me. My grandma took me under her wing and raised me, and even then, we were very poor. I remember struggling to get sneakers and running around my neighborhood barefooted and shirtless. It was that bad. I was taking cold showers all the time, having to heat up the water on the stove in order to be able to take a hot bath.

You’re very fashionable. You show up for people all the time. You create incredible content. You’re always learning. You grew so fast. Where does that side of you come from?

It comes from a place of fear. When I say fear, I mean fear in the sense of not wanting to be like, let’s say my father. My father never showed up for me in my life. I’ve known that he’s always been into drugs, but I actually ended up finding out that he’s a full-time drug addict. Cocaine, heroin and all that. My grandmother raised me and it’s just her. My grandpa wasn’t in the picture. She was a single grandmother. Once my grandmother died, my mother had no choice but to take me in. At that point, she already had my younger sister. That’s nothing. I’ve been through some shit.

Tell me more.

My mother took me in and she pretty much did the best that she could as a single parent, both mother and father. As a young child, I remember when living with my grandmother and I’ve always had this ambition. I always wanted to do more because I remember our neighbors across the street from me when I was young. I think I was around seven or eight or so. They owned a van that they sold vegetables out of. They used to grow their own vegetables, so they used to sell vegetables, fruits, stuff like that. I remember I would wake up every day at 5:00 AM so I can go with my neighbor and announced the vegetables like, “We have vegetables for $2 a pop.” I was the announcer in the van. I remember he only used to pay me $2 a day and they buy me lunch. To me I was like, “$2?” At that point I was like, “Do you know how much bubble gum I could buy with that?”

It’s so interesting because everyone knows you for workout and guidance stuff, and I know you way more than that. I know a lot of these stories, not all of them. You’re very intuitive. You’re very in touch with your own body, you’re in touch with other people and their emotions, and how they feel and what they’re saying. Where does that come from?

I was raised by all women. I was pretty much the only boy in my family. Growing up in a house full of women with my grandmother first and then all my cousins who were also girls, and then my mother and my sister, I’ve learned to be compassionate and try to be there for them. I saw myself and even now still do actually see myself as the king of my kingdom. By my kingdom, I mean my household and my family, I feel like I’ve always had to protect them. Even when I was young, when I was ten, I used to be super protective.

Do you feel it’s because you had to like you were forced to?

Yes. I feel like I had to. My father was never in the picture. At that time I didn’t know it, but looking back that was a sign of my masculine energy.

The feminine energy that you learned about and you grew up in because it was all around you, do you feel it transformed how your masculine energy is and how that’s represented across all of your relationships?

Yes. Me being able to look back at it, I definitely would say so because that could’ve gone either way. I could’ve completely had all that feminine energy or I could’ve had purely masculine energy because I want it.

Would you have even had that masculine energy because you’ve never experienced it before?

That’s my exact thought. I was like, “Where did I get that from?” I think it comes from a primal thing, a primal sense.

Was it from society? Was it like you saw movies, you saw TV shows, you played video games, you saw these things and then it created that?

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No. If anything I would say my own grandmother and my aunts always told me, “You have to protect your cousins, you have to protect your sister, you have to protect your mother. You’re the man of the house.” Now that I put some thought into it, I do remember this when my grandmother would tell me these things, “You’re the man of the house.” That point in my life would get to me like, “I am the man of the house.”

What were your thoughts back then of, “This is what the man of the house does?” That’s a big difference from an experiential side of, “I’m in a feminine energy place and this is where I’m learning about being the man of the house,” and someone else that maybe has learned from their father and this is how to be the man of the house. What is your understanding and experience of that?

Honestly, then it was a matter of protecting my family, which were my mom, my sister and my aunt. It was that, being able to be strong enough to be able to protect them in and essentially carry some of the burdens that they might’ve potentially been going through, not being able to provide for me as much as I would’ve liked to. At that point I was like, “Being the man of the house means being understanding, not being ungrateful and not trying to compare myself to other kids that are more fortunate than me. Not putting that additional stress on them.”

This is huge. This is a big thing to talk about because a lot of people that are reading this, they might know someone very similar and in a situation the same as you. We get that confused with what’s showing up for someone is and we’re like, “I need to lead, I need to do this, I need to do that.” The truth is we get to. That’s first of all, we have that opportunity to do that. Second of all, when we are standing for someone else, we are protecting or supporting someone, sometimes it’s, “You do it alone because that’s how you’re going to be able to grow.” They need to learn how to protect themselves because you’re not always going to be there. What are your thoughts on that point of view of protecting? That was when you were younger, but how are you now? Do you feel that burden of, “If I’m not there, if I’m not taking control of this, if I’m not holding on whether it’s financially, anything, everything, then it’s going to all fall apart?” What are your thoughts on that?

Even to this point, my mom lives with me. She’s not financially dependable, so she can’t take care of herself. She’s a rather ill woman at such a young age. She’s only 45 years old, but she has lupus. She wouldn’t be able to support herself if it wasn’t for me. I am all she has. It’s funny because looking back, all that was priming me to be the man that I am. What if this is my why? What if this is part of my why? What if this is my purpose? As Viktor Frankl in his book Man’s Search For Meaning says, “A person who has a why can bear almost any how.” I think a huge part of why I’ve been able to thrive, succeed and not give up has been because of that. I know that I have to lead. For me, a good leader, especially when it comes to your household, means to be able to carry the burden of those who cannot carry it for themselves. I know my mother is not strong enough to do that, but I am.

I love where this is going. It’s also very fucking tricky because as you feel, “I’m able to carry this,” it’s not about carrying. I don’t want to use that word carry because they feel like it is creating a burden. You have that opportunity, so let’s use that.

To be truthful and transparent, at first I would beat myself about it. “This sucks. I’ll never be able to do this.” Especially when I started getting into social media, we’re always like, “Only if I didn’t have this burden.” The more I got in tune with myself and was able to do deep work, I was like, “I’m fucking grateful that I can provide for my family. Not many people can do this and if they do, they have to sacrifice so much.” My mother has sacrificed so much for me that it would be a shame if I weren’t able to look at this in a positive mindset. Essentially saying I’m showing up for those that need me the most. If I can show up for people on Instagram, if I can show up for my friends, and I can’t show for my immediate family, what shit is that?

Let me ask you, are you showing up for yourself? Do you feel like you’re sacrificing things in your life during this process as well?

Of course, my ego would want to save things like that, but I try to nip it in the bud as fast as possible.

What do you mean your ego? I look at it from the perspective that if you’re sacrificing something, then you’re actually cutting off part of your vision that’s in your own life. How could you live in the both, do both, be grateful for both and pursue both full on?

CUE 18 | Gaining Followers


I’ve been able to do it until this point. I never thought I would be where I am and I’ve been able to do so while being in the position that I’ve been. I think a huge part of why I’ve been able to do so is because of that. My back has been against the wall. I’ve had no fucking choice. It’s either that or literally have no roof over my head. It’s either that or not have any food on the table. It’s either that or not be able to pay for a mom’s medicine. That’s the thing, even to this point, when we talked, I said fear and I’ve been able to transform fear into a friend. What I mean by that is I use that to my advantage. I let that shit catapult me. The fear of not being able to pay for my rent, I better go out there and hustle, I better go out there and do what I need to do in order to provide for my family. To answer your question, I don’t feel it’s holding me back, but if anything, it’s adding more fuel to my fire to do the things that I do.

You want to be able to use what’s happening in your life as not a victim story, but more so as something that’s igniting.

That’s what I said. Your ego loves to play the victim. Your ego loves to look at adversity, look at situations and say, “Because of that, I wasn’t able to do this. Because of that, I can’t do this.” I think a huge part of that is because of being afraid of taking that away and being able to enact in positive life changes. Be an alchemist of your fucking life. Be able to turn lead into gold. That’s what I’ve been able to do.

That’s some serious shit. Literally, you’ve turned lead into gold. I will invest in that company. I’d invest in that shit.

That’s what an alchemist does. It takes negative energy and transform that shit into positive energy. There’s always a positive in something. I think about this every day or whenever I’m going through something that’s rather not pleasant. It’s that there’s somebody out there right now in this world that has it worse than you. Not only that, but there’s somebody out there that has it worse than you and is thriving. There’s somebody that has had it worse than you and yet they’ve been able to thrive.

I’ve heard of some stories like people in Africa, they get rice, they get water. They’re obviously the most minimalist of all of them. I’ve heard stories of people, and actually my sister I believe went to Kenya and Nigeria, one of the two, and said that those people over there are so happy when they’re eating. They’re fucking screaming at the top of their lungs like, “This is amazing.” They’re happy. They’re all laughing with each other and it puts these things into perspective. What is it in our lives, what is it in our society, in the United States specifically, that allows our ego to get pumped up so big that number one, we complain, number two, we judge, number three, we’re not happy, and number four, we fall off the path? We allow fear to cave us in. What is it?

We’re fucking spoiled. Think about how comfortable we live. Think about the opportunities that are in America. Even if you’re not able to take care of yourself, the government will take care of you. The government enables some of these people. Granted, sometimes people can’t actually take care of themselves. There are people out there who are well and capable, fully functional human beings who create these stories in their head and they choose to live that reality because it’s easy and they wouldn’t know who they are without these stories. I think that’s a huge part of the reason why a lot of people stay in bad relationships.

They’re afraid of their true self.

They identify themselves with that.

They create this person in their mind, 100% who they are and then they’re fucking afraid of who they are and what they’re capable of and the things that they can actually overcome.

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They use things such as a crutch. They’re playing the victim like because of this, because of that or because of my disability or whatever it may be. They like using that as a crutch because if they don’t, they literally have no fucking excuse.

This reminds me of Nick S. from Tampa, Florida. He has one arm, literally one finger. He’s one of the most incredible humans. He will be on CreateU Experience for sure. Victim to Victor is his book. It’s like you look at somebody with not even fucking legs, one arm, he can go up and talk. He can ride a skateboard, go snowboarding and do all these different things. Do you know what he does on social media? He talks about the good shit. He doesn’t bitch. He doesn’t complain. He doesn’t say, “I wish I had two legs.” I’m sure that goes on in his head sometimes. Let’s look at our circumstances. We don’t have those circumstances.

What is the benefit of actually to come into those thoughts though? Nick is a perfect example of an alchemist. He’s turning negativity into positivity. I feel like that’s the difference between those who succeed in life and those that don’t. Are you going to be a victim of your circumstances or are you going to take responsibility for your fucking life and be an influential person? Influential for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be for a million people.

No. That’s what I said, for one’s self. Be an influential person for one’s self. Are you somebody that you would like to be? Are you somebody that you look up to? Do you look up to yourself?

Would you hire yourself at a job? Would you leave $100 cash on a table and trust that you would not fucking steal it?

Be the person that you would like to meet. Think about that for a second. Take a piece of paper out and write down what kind of person would you like to meet? If you were to be in a relationship with somebody else, what are the values of this person? What do they do as a hobby? What are their manners? A lot of the times, it’s a direct reflection of you. This is what I tell people, like in the book The Four Agreements, which is one of my favorite books. He’s talking about not taking things personally because a lot of the times your perception of me is a direct reflection of you. That’s why I don’t take things personally.

Even if I catch myself being judgmental or seen anything or comparing myself, I stop myself for a second and I look, why is that? I ask myself, “Why is that? Why is this happening? Who speaking?” Who is this voice in my head speaking right now? If you’re able to do that, it creates immense self-awareness. It’s not comfortable, so your ego is going to do everything in his power to pull you back to that comfort zone. Your ego loves being in the dark. When you create self-awareness, it’s like shining a light in a dark place. It’s like shining light on a shadow.

Get all on those skinny branches in your life. Stop holding onto the big ass tree trunk and climb up that shit.

It’s your fucking garden and you have to go in there and clean out all those weeds from time to time, all those negative people that are trying to pull you down or trying to hold you back from growing and flourishing to what you’re more than capable of. Everything that we want is here right now. Everything that you are, you’re more than capable of it here right now.

CUE 18 | Gaining Followers
Gaining Followers: “A person who has a why can bear almost any how.”


How do we combat all those negative thoughts? I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life. I’ve gone through shit my entire life. When you’re in that instant, what do you do? Do you go to a quiet place? Do you read a book? There’s a lot of shit that we combat every single day.

I feel like a lot of the times, the majority of our thoughts, I would say at least 90% of our thoughts are negative thoughts. Even with myself, shit creeps in there. I’ll be doing something and all of a sudden I’ll start thinking. Something completely random will pop in my head like, “Where the fuck did this come from?” I am happy. I’m having the best time of my life.

You’re then like, “No. Fuck you, peanut butter. I’m an almond butter type of guy.”

I am an almond butter guy. 100% organic almonds specifically.

Something different. We’re joking, but it’s real shit. Something nasty comes in your mind.

All of a sudden, you feel like your body temperature change or your whole demeanor will change. Have you ever walked into a room and you feel this negative energy? Have you ever met in person and you’d be like, “I haven’t even talked to you and I already feel drained as fuck.” Energy is a real thing. Everything is an energy exchange. That’s why like I feel like we’re not careful enough of how we spend our energy, who we give our energy to and who we take energy to because we are what we consume.

Is this how you talk to women? That’s some fucking bullshit. No, the way you talk to women is the same way and that’s beautiful. The way you’re talking is how you should show up for someone else that you want a relationship with, male or female.

Most importantly, real talk though, this is how you need to talk with yourself. The longest relationship that you will ever have in your life will be the relationship with yourself.

I’m dead serious too because that shit is powerful. That hits hard because that’s the truth. We go to sleep with ourselves at every single night. We brush our teeth hopefully twice a day. Even when you’re pooping, everything, hard, easy, strong, whatever it is, and it’s so important.

This is why you need to not stop, but you need to create more of a habit of being there for yourself. I know this make some people uncomfortable, and it did at first, but when I’m going through a tough time, I’ll dead ass look myself in the mirror. I’d be like, “I got you.” I’ve gotten myself out of these situations before. Myself, that’s the thing. Majority of my life, I’ve thought like that. If not me, then who? What I mean by that is that if I won’t do this for myself, who is going to do this for me? There’s no magical time, there’s no magical person. There are mentors along the way and people that give you certain things, expand your horizon and magnify certain things that you might not know that you had within yourself, but all the answers are already within ourselves.

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We just have to go there. We have to go deep, but we don’t. We’re afraid of it and it’s uncomfortable as fuck. I will tell you from firsthand experience because even after all that I’ve done over the last couple of years of deep work, it’s a continuous thing because I think this is a never-ending journey. This is not something that you do as a twelve-week program or an eight-week program and then that’s it, you’re good for the rest of your life. No, this is something that you have to show up every single day, every single minute and every single moment of your life. You have to be your own mentor. You have to be your own coach because at the end of the day, you’re the one that’s with you 24/7.

You’re making this easy for me, by the way. I don’t even have to speak. This is great. I’m listening. This is beauty. I have a lot of respect for this because I knew this is the type of person you are and this is how you like to show up. It’s very interesting to me. I’m going to call it as I see it, and this is the experience that I have. I feel like you don’t show this side of you on social media, and it’s funny that you’re saying, “Show up for yourself,” but are you truly showing up for yourself on social media?

I don’t feel I need to show up for myself to that degree if I’m actually doing it. I don’t need anybody’s approval.

I understand. I totally get it. I’m on board with that, but like I asked, are you showing up for yourself in the way that you want to show up for other people on social media? Are you going there on social media? Are you diving into each post with something more philosophical? Are you going and fucking speaking at places? Are you getting invited in places and going or putting yourself out there to speak on this level because this is powerful shit? Not everyone was born to speak like this, to be able to tap into the heartstrings of each and every individual in front of us.

I do incorporate a lot of my thoughts and experiences. It’s almost as if I had a public diary or a public journal. I try to be rather open.

On your story?

No. In my Instagram as well with my captions. If you take a second to read my captions, my captions are usually pretty deep. I try to provide value and try to show up in the sense of being vulnerable, letting people know that because you see me, I have 10,000 followers and I’m always positive. I go through the shit all the time. It’s either because I’ve been through it, I’m going through it or I’m going to go through it because life is ebbs and flows. All this stuff, this is why it’s so important to live in the present. We have to appreciate the now for what it is because it’s essentially all we have in reality. If we’re continuously sitting in our sorrow, negative thoughts and comparison, what happens when all these happy, joyful moments come in your life? You’ve made a habit of trying to find the fucking bad out of every situation. This is happy, but when is the next time something bad is going to happen?

I used to do that all the time. If something bad happened, I’d be like, “When is that going to happen again? How’s that going to happen? How will I react?” That’s that fear creeping in and the ego grabbing onto the fear and being like, “That shit is fucking strong.” The evil side of us is like, “You won’t be able to accomplish this. You won’t be able to succeed through this. This is going to bring you down.”

It’s funny that you say that and you talk about reacting because that’s what it is all about. I feel like our society reacts for the sake of reacting. You don’t need to react to everything. Let people do the dumb shit they do.

There’s a way to communicate how you feel with them acknowledging it though.

CUE 18 | Gaining Followers
Gaining Followers: The longest relationship that you will ever have in your life will be the relationship with yourself.


Not even that. Mind your business.

I’ve loved everything you said, but I will disagree in that regard where I believe it’s very important with relationships and communication to be able to touch on something that may bother someone else by just asking a question or asking if like, “Is it okay?”

I agree 100%. That’s a different topic. We’re talking about relationships. You know I’m all about that. I’m talking about people in our society react to the sake of reacting. To the news in Florida, why do you need to react to that man? How does this play a role in your life? What does this add to your life? Kylie Jenner did this and she cheated on Tyga. Why do you need to react to that?

Did she?

I don’t fucking know. I don’t care. I’m saying.

This might be news, according to my source on the CreateU Experience, Kylie Jenner has cheated on Tyga.

That’s what I mean. Stephen Covey talks about this in his book a lot. “Between a stimulus and your response, you have the ability to choose,” and that’s very powerful if you think about that. Most people, something will happen and they’ll immediately react based on their emotions.

It’s the discipline of a bad habit.

If you take a second to find that space in between and actually choose the response you want, that can be very powerful because that’s all we can control. It’s essentially our response to things. How are we going to respond to that adversity that happened to us in life? Are we going to be reactive or are we going to be proactive? Are we going to let the weather dictate whether we’re going to go into the gym or not?

Get some reading glasses, get a nice pen. I’m talking about the one that you fucking dip into the ink and write a book. This is real. You’re turning lead into gold. Do you understand? This is Einstein-type shit. In all seriousness, when we look at all these situations, we choose at all moments of our life. Whether or not we want to believe it, you choose what time you want to sleep, you choose where you take your mind, you choose this peanut butter or almond butter. You choose reading glasses or stylish glasses. Big, small, chunky, thin, whatever it is we choose.

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We always have a choice. Granted some of these choices have certain repercussions that you might not necessarily like, but all in all we always have a choice. Somebody will say, “That’s easy for you to say when you don’t have three kids and you have to provide for them.” I get it. I know where you’re coming from. It’s still a choice. You’re choosing to do that because you need to provide for your family. In essence, yes. We always have a choice. Its certain choices don’t necessarily have the outcome that we need in this season of life. That’s what life is.

What season?

It’s independent on each individual. There are seasons of life. Sometimes we’re going through winter, sometimes we go through summer and we have to understand that’s life.

I’m going to lighten up the mood a little bit, but it’s already light. It’s beautiful. Lights are shining bright, but it’s almost like different seasonings with your fucking food. What are you going to choose? What can you create out of what you have in front of you? If you have salt, pepper, basil, oregano. By the way, ladies, I am a chef.

You said you hate cooking.

That’s fucked up. I cook. My thoughts on that actually, we can shift a little bit of talking about the seasons of life and everything. Cooking, obviously it takes time. My thought on cooking is it takes time away from my overall vision of what I’m looking to create. That’s for me. I think it’s the same thing with laundry. It’s the same thing with cleaning up things, even though it’s discipline, you don’t need to clean if things are already clean. You’re already cleaning up after yourself. For me, and I advise this to other people, I’m like, “If you have the means to be able to bypass cooking and either hire a chef or spend more money on this or that, or pre-made meals or whatever it is, do it.” It’s the same thing with the laundry. It’s the same thing with so many different areas of your life. If you can, do it because then you have more time to focus on your vision, being creative and building what you want to build.

I see where you’re going with that. That’s the beauty of having the resource of money. It allows you to actually buy time because now you’re paying a meal prep company to send you food. Therefore you’re saving yourself an hour each and every day, which over the course of weeks and months save you a lot of time that you can put it into your business, into your vision. I love cooking. I see it as an art. It’s something that’s meditative to me and that I know what I’m putting into my body when I’m cooking it and I genuinely love it. That comes to choices.

Who are you? What’s your vision? It’s the same thing. While you could say that, playing basketball is meditative for me or boxing is meditative for me. Playing guitars are meditative for me, meditating is meditative for me. With cooking for me, I look at it as fun to do every once in a while and I have the means to be able to pay for it. The majority of people don’t. Let’s be real. It’s a huge luxury in my life that I’m so fucking grateful for. The reason why I wanted to bring that up is that I feel we almost are afraid of doing things like that, paying for something so that it’s serviced for us. We won’t even pay that extra $2 for a tip for someone to maybe wash our car, fill our gas or whatever it is. Is it actually our ego pulling us back? What is it?

That’s going to vary person to person. Some people are legitimately financially tight as shit. They’re one fucking flat tire away from being broke.

I’m not talking about only financial. I get that. That’s also support.

CUE 18 | Gaining Followers
Gaining Followers: There are seasons of life. Sometimes we go through winter, sometimes we go through summer. We have to understand that’s life.


That’s why I say it’s going to vary person to person. There’s going to be that individual who’s legitimately tight on money and it is going to be that individual who has the money but still is living in a scarcity mindset.

What if it has nothing to do with money? This has nothing to do with money, but it’s all about support.

What do you mean support?

If you’re getting someone, you’re going to hire to cook your meals, they’re supporting you by cooking your meals and supporting your vision. In reality, you’re spending money on something, so you don’t have to focus on it and you can focus elsewhere. Grind towards your vision, strategize or whatever it is. In different areas of our lives, I see this all the time, you’re walking down the street and certain people don’t want support, they don’t want help. They don’t want anyone to interfere with what they’re doing because they think it’s going to affect them or they create these scenarios and stuff. This comes down to society teaching us as we grow and age and stuff, being a baby all the way up until now that you can’t ask for support. You’ve got to grind yourself. You’ve got to make it happen yourself. It’s the me attitude. If I don’t make it happen, no one else can help me make it happen. Do you think that’s interfering with society nowadays? Do you think that’s what the issue is with the world in a sense?

That’s an interesting question because that can branch off to many other things. I would say yes and no. I would say yes because I’ve personally been through that where my whole life, I’ve had to support myself and my family. I’ve always, for the most part, let my ego lead from that sense of, “I have to do this for myself. Nobody’s going to do this for me. I can’t ask for help.” As of the last couple of years, I’ve had to be more vulnerable in the sense of like, “I can’t wear all the hats.” What is it they say? Trying to be a master of all, be a master of none. I’ve had to essentially ask for help in areas that I know that it’s going to be a win-win situation. If you can help me with this, I can help you with this. We’re creating a win-win situation.

You’re actually supporting their vision, supporting what they want to create.

I think some people don’t know how to communicate well as well. “How can you help me?” Not only that but because of that, because they don’t know how to communicate that to somebody else, it originates because you don’t know how to communicate that with yourself. How can you ask somebody for help when you don’t even know what it is that you need help with?

How are you supposed to ask for support when you don’t know how to communicate with yourself? This is how I support myself. This is why I drink so much water.

What is it that you want or what is it that you’re thriving for? What is your vision? A lot of people don’t have clarity and stuff.

In the Creative Fitness Academy, which you’re a part of as well, the first section teaches you how to build your business online. Go to CreativeFitnessAcademy.com if you want to check it out. It always talks about when you first start a business, what you should do is learn about your own story, learn about who you are, your wants, your needs. Why this? What does this look like? You can then branch off into seeing what different departments you may need help on or what you even want to create or what that strategy is in your life that you’re going to implement.

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It allows you to analyze things. If you’re able to like have that why and have more of a clear vision, you’re not out there shooting darts in the dark. You have a precise target. That allows you to say no more often to the things that don’t necessarily serve you. That’s even with yourself, like, “This habit is not serving me. How can I implement new habits that are going to allow me to get closer to my goal on a moment to moment basis or day-to-day basis?”

When you came on here, you were lead and now you’re fucking gold. That’s alchemy right there.

It’s because I work hard at it. I practice it. I see everything as an opportunity for me to either grow or not.

You have this soft and gentle side with all the women and everyone in your life. You’re very comfortable around people, you make people feel comfortable and you’re very philosophical. Let’s talk about the fun you because I’ve been dancing with you. I always talk about this, not many people like to twerk, but you know how to twerk sometimes.

I like to twerk.

Thank the Lord that someone else that’s joining the CreateU Experience actually twerks.

Dancing, it’s a fantastic way to express yourself. I feel like I see life through a different lens. People who watch my IG story know about it. I’d be dancing. I promise you, next time you’re in a bad mood, literally turn on your favorite song and dance like nobody is watching. It is not possible for you to be upset or negative and do that at the same time. Every time I do feel like that, that’s another form of me trying to get myself in the mood. If I catch myself in this rut, I’ll straight up stop and play, blast music. You’ve seen me on my IG stories. I’d be dancing.

I had to mute you because you danced too much.

I go through a lot of overthinking, a lot of exotic and stuff like that. I feel a lot of this comes from overthinking. It’s built up energy. I feel we don’t exert ourselves enough throughout the day. We live in a very sedentary society nowadays. Fitness, going for a ten-minute walk, the amount of clarity that you get from something like that, it’s because you’re actually taking that energy that you have built up inside you and you are exerting that.

Express yourself in any way possible.

CUE 18 | Gaining Followers
Gaining Followers: Dancing is a fantastic way to express yourself. Next time you’re in a bad mood, turn on your favorite song and dance like nobody is watching.


However, that is, whether it’s art, cooking, singing. Whatever that may be for you, go out there.

Don’t be fearful of it. For me, yoga is something new I was getting into and doing boxing.

I’ve done yoga one time and I almost died. My body, it’s weak.

Yoga is literally a mindset. That’s what yoga is about.

We live in a very comfortable place in society. We’re comfortable with everything. We have this circle right here. Within this circle right here, it’s all the things that we’re comfortable with, whether that’s crossing the street, our relationship, putting food into the microwave. Outside of the circle right here, it’s all of the things that are outside of our comfort zone. I feel like we don’t do that enough. That’s the reason for me taking cold showers because I felt like I was getting too complacent and too comfortable with my life. I was like, “Is this it?” I’m waking up, doing my morning routine.

Can I challenge you to a couple of things? On your Instagram, I would love to see you be a little bit more philosophical and touch in on different topics a little bit more. I actually watch it. I watch your stories, I read your post and stuff. I do think that has a lot more to do with your vision long-term. We’re not talking about powerlifting right now. We’re talking about so many different sides of or different elements of life and how do we evolve, how to create you. How to create the true meaning of your vision and everything that you want. That’s my first challenge. My second challenge is to go try yoga again and do more of a beginner. Do you accept those challenges?

I accept those challenges.

He’s going to try yoga.

I already do incorporate the philosophical thing into my Instagram. With the yoga, and this is where I was trying to drive across, was that I remember when I was in that class, I was literally so present because this was completely new to me. Powerlifting, for the most part, I’m mindful, but it’s something I do. Fitness is something I do. It’s like brushing my teeth. You don’t have to necessarily think about brushing your teeth with the hand that you usually brush your teeth with. I’m a righty. Whoever’s a right out there, try to brush your teeth with your left hand and try to not be present. I promise you that it’s not possible because you have to focus so much that it brings you into the present moment.

That’s what happened with this yoga class. It was so meditative, it brought me to such a presence because it was completely new to me. Now it’s like a novice thing. I want to do more of it because it released dopamine and made me feel good. Now I want to progress in that. I can actually see that versus powerlifting. I’ve been lifting for years. At this point, I’ve mastered the craft to a certain sense and I just have to sharpen the saw from time to time or every session. That’s what it is. It’s another opportunity for me to continue to sharpen my sword.

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What I got out of that was that you need to use both hands in life with everything that you do. If you grabbed the bread out of your cabinet, grab it with your left and grab it with your right sometimes. If you brush your teeth, use your left and use your right sometimes.

I’m confused as fuck right now. We talked about Nick. He didn’t have arms.

We’re going to shift. You threw that shit in there. You ignited a fire. You’re very serious right now. I love that part of you. I was fucking around but at the same time, I’m not fucking around because when you look at it from that perspective, because you mentioned that, try it with your other hand. When you’re doing yoga, that’s a whole different thing that you’re doing. The analogy was literally, “Use both hands in your life.” Use both sides. Try both sides. Don’t just box on your right side, box on your left side. Don’t just choose this, choose that. Spread open your mind a little bit more to learn a different way of doing it because each way is different. One way you write with your right hand, it’s going to be different than your left hand.

I feel we’re over complicating this particular topic right here. What I’m trying to say is that make it a habit to expose yourself to more things that are uncomfortable, whether that’s using your left hand or your right hand, going outside on a run without a jacket, sleeping on the floor even though you have a bed. Trying to eat everything that’s in your food instead of trying to eat based on your impulses and your emotions when you have a full fridge.

I don’t even think that we’re talking too much on the subject because the truth is that we don’t get out of our comfort zone. The majority of people do not get out of their comfort zone and they don’t try these different things in their life and they settle all the time.

We like the known. The ego loves the known, likes staying in the known.

We understand that. Everyone knows that. The fact of the matter is if you keep on doing the same shit over and over again, you don’t evolve. You don’t learn from it, you don’t experience. That was my point of honing it while trying to be a little bit funny. By the way, sometimes it’s not funny and that’s totally cool, but at the same point, there’s a lot of value in that. That’s why it’s an important subject. I could literally talk for hours about getting out of your comfort zone and doing this and that. That’s where you’ve evolved. That’s like powerlifting.

That’s how you grow. If you’re not growing, you’re done. Not to be morbid, but you’re actually regressing. It’s literally all about continuous growth. That’s what life is. Each and every day, you have to choose to grow in some way, shape or form. That doesn’t have to be this grandiose thing where you’re changing the world. It can be the smallest thing in the world, literally choosing to meditate for two minutes. Two minutes out of your entire day can mean growth.

Some people can’t even quiet down their mind.

That’s what I’m saying. It’s anything that you normally don’t do that you know that will benefit you. I want you to think about this. What’s one habit that you can incorporate right now that would move you closer to your goals or will add benefit to your life? What is that? Think about that.

CUE 18 | Gaining Followers
Gaining Followers: Make it a habit to expose yourself to more things that are uncomfortable.


For me, it would be the way I eat. If I could have a green juice every single day, I lacked discipline in that way. When I feel I do want it, I’m like, “It’s all the way over there in the cabinet.” First world problems. For me, I’m going to create that challenge for myself and have a green juice every single day for a month, for 30 days.

Do you know what’s funny? That’s something that I’m bad with as well. Honestly, I don’t prefer vegetables and I know people are going to freak out a little bit, but I don’t know.

Which ones do you like?

I can’t even tell you. Baby spinach. These habits. Using the analogy of a mechanics, think about these Formula One drivers. They are moving literally on all engines, but every couple of laps they have to stop and they have a full support system that literally within seconds gets them back up and running. We’ll take it 100%. Not even that, just your habits, the shit that you think. We were talking about it. These are all your support system. These are all the things that energize you. This is where you have to come to clarify these things for you. What are the things in your life that you can do each and every day to express yourself in the best manner possible and run on all engines?

For me, it’s greens. What’s one thing for you? We’re not going to end this without you fucking telling me what you’re going to know for the next 30 days.

One habit that I’ve been trying to instill a little bit more is also drinking more greens juice. I don’t feel like I get enough micronutrients or essential vitamins and minerals, and I know how beneficial that can be for your health, your vitality. I’m literally working on six habits right now.

You’re green juice with me, you’re doing the cold showers, and you’re actually finishing that. You’re doing all these different things. If you’re reading, I want you to create something for yourself. It would be a challenge probably for the first couple of weeks, but it would turn into a habit. Are you going to keep on doing cold showers?

Yes. I’ve seen what they’ve been able to do for me. I definitely want to continue.

It’s incredible. We talked about going through tough times.

On that habit, because I know how hard habits are to break, I want to provide you more values. You want to create a system around that. What I mean by that is you have to pay attention to the triggers. You have to create a trigger for this particular habit. By a trigger, for example, when I wake up in the morning, for me, coffee is a trigger that in my mind I’m like, “I smell coffee. It’s time for me to read.” It’s actually my cue. You have to create a cue for yourself, coffee means read. Read means meditate. You can stack habits.

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Caffeine actually gets you ignited.

That’s for me, my cue.

It would fuck me up. I’ll start banging my head against the wall.

You don’t need coffee. You’re high of life.

Amen. I’m actually going to close because we could talk forever. Hands down.

We should do a part two.

There’s 100% going to be a part two.

This is a lot that people need to think about with this one already. I don’t feel like we need to overwhelm them.

There were a lot of funny things said it was here and there, so many different things. Let’s summarize. You grew up in a rough spot. Everything wasn’t easy. Things were difficult for you. You had to go through shit, but you persevered. You kept on pushing. You took the next step in your life and you learned more about yourself. You learned how to talk to people. You built relationships. From that, you formed the awareness of the people around you and what you were doing in your life. You kept on evolving and you got into powerlifting. You became very successful with that. Bodybuilding, you even were successful with that before. Now you’re in a place where you’re doing this for others and you’re showing up for not only yourself, but your mother and also people around you, and you created you. Not only did you create you, but now you’re fucking creating other people. That’s the beauty in this. Every single day you choose. You get to choose and you create these habits and the discipline. You have a shirt that literally says what?

Discipline or motivation.

It’s so funny with how the universe works. It goes back and forth. Energy exchange is everywhere around us. That’s pretty much the summary of what we talked about. Also remember, when you’re brushing your teeth, use your right hand and your left hand. That’s the most important part.

Use your opposite hand. Whatever hand you use, use the opposite hand to that.

The beautiful thing is that you’ve literally learned how to turn lead into gold. There you have it. This is beautiful. It’s beautiful shit.

Real talk, be alchemists in your life. You’re ready to take responsibility.

If you want to follow Jorge, where do they follow you?

They could find me on Instagram, which is my main platform, @Fitness_IQ.

He has a beautiful beard. He does not wear prescription glasses.

I’m going to change my name to The Bearded Zen Dude or something like that.

Bearded Zen Dude, I fuck with that. People are going to probably buy that domain right now.

You better fucking hurry. GoDaddy.com and see if it’s available.

You can check out seven free products when you review the CreateU Experience. If you want to follow Jorge, go ahead to @Fitness_IQ. You do coaching, if anybody wants powerlifting coaching.

I mainly focus on assisting others and coming together, whether it’s to help them with their powerlifting journey or their bodybuilding journey or general fitness. They want to increase their frequency and elevate at a higher frequency.

Definitely go follow him. Check out all of this stuff. Remember the CreateU Experience is coming every single week. We have so many different types of guests. You have homeless people all the way up to people like Jorge that are at a high frequency.

You’re on a high frequency.

I pretty am buzzing all the time. I don’t have anything else to say. We’ll see you next time and take some of these golden nuggets, and fucking eat them, digest them, and move on through life and create you.

Have a blessed day.

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On the first string was me, Brendan Meyers. That was going into the First University of Florida game. That was during fall camp and we had a little bit more time before the actual University of Florida and playing at the Gators that year, but it was still that point. He said to me, “I know you’re going to be successful and if this is the choice that you want and you’re making, then I’m all behind it. Remember who you could have been and the all-star that you’re working towards if that’s who you truly want to be.” I walked out of the office with not even a shrug, not even a feeling of anything. I was like, “That’s cool. I appreciate it. Thanks, Coach Sims. Thanks for everything and I’ll see you later. I’ll catch you later.” After that first week, I started freaking out. I was like, “What did I do? I want to play. What is happening?” I ended up going and emailing about 150 colleges, ended up going to North Carolina A&T on a scholarship. I drove all the way up there for twelve and a half hours. I was sitting in my dorm room about a week after I was there and the coaches said, “You need to come to the office to sign your paperwork for the scholarship.”

To YouTube

It was Division I-AA. It was a very good school. I simply said, “No thanks. I’m going home.” On my way home, they called me and they’re like, “You came all the way up here. You started playing football at FAU and now you’re literally going home? Seriously, we had a whole game plan. You were going to be one of our leading receivers.” I said, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” I literally fell out of love with the game. Sometimes we go through these relapses in our lives, whether it’s a relationship or anything. Even someone, let’s say a relationship that a girl that we’re dating or a guy that we’re dating and you’re like, “I miss that person. I can’t believe I broke up with them.” When you get back with them and you’re like, “This is the reason why I broke up with them.” That was the same thing for football for me. I ended up going home and I was sitting at my computer one day and I was like, “What am I going to do?” I have no clue what to do. All I know is that I love fitness. I love working out and I love doing all this stuff.

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I kept on training for some reason. It’s almost as if like I wanted to go play in the NFL or something. I was just trying to hold on. I remembered one of my best friends is named Jimmy Shipley. We actually met. I was a major league gamer at a point playing Halo 2 and Halo 3. We met during that time and we spent so much time together. I remember going to Sal’s Pizzeria with him. He’s a close friend of mine. Right before he went into the Air Force, he’s been in the Air Force for many years, we were in my room during summer conditioning for football at FAU, Florida Atlantic University. We started doing these front levers, back levers and hanging from these pull up bars. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, it’s calisthenics. We started hanging from these pull up bars in my room and it was like a way of expressing our strength and stuff, but we couldn’t because it was way too hard. We used to call ourselves, we joke around, the Boynton Barstarzz. If you guys don’t know who Barstarzz is, go ahead and go on YouTube and look them up. They’re all calisthenics athletes. They do all body weight training. They do crazy stuff like 360s and handstands and all this stuff.

When I was trying to do that, I remembered sitting at the computer about that time when I called myself the Boynton Barstarzz. I decided to get up and I went to the park to do a muscle up. I was like, “I’ve always wanted to do a muscle up. I’m going to try one.” I went to go do a muscle up and I slipped on the first one. I remember, it’s so funny. There were wood chips and I fell on my back. It was so embarrassing. I went back up and I completed a muscle up and I was like, “I can do some of this stuff.” I started working at it again and again and I put everything I had into it. Soon enough, I fell in love with my training and the way I could move my body at 200 pounds, bodyweight training only. I was doing a human flagpole. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that. You hang and pull sideways, those sorts of things. It was empowering. I felt like I found something. This is my calling, this is it. I know this is it. As I pursued that, I started to train people. As I was training people, I went from valet and I was working at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I started training people. My brother opened up a gym. I was like, “I’m opening up a gym.” I really never opened up a gym. That was my brother’s gym.

It was an insecurity of mine. I’ve always wanted a gym. I saw big potential and I started looking up people like Bar Brothers and Barstarzz and all of these different athletes that were doing bodyweight training and I could see it. It was on the up and up. I saw it. I could feel it. What I started to do was do some research. Research, social media research, Facebook pages, because back then it was when Facebook Pages were blowing up. Each of these pages had one million followers or 150,000 followers or 250,000 followers or 400,000. They were posting and they were all ran by people from India. They were all ran from people that were foreign. They were posting because they really enjoyed fitness and they were making a lot of money from it. As I started developing my YouTube, it was failing. I built a business called Awkward Society. I failed. I was blogging every single day. It failed. I learned how to create a website. It failed. It was never-ending. I felt like if I didn’t keep on going that I would have never found out what was next.

A little inside story about and disclaimer. Everything that I do is from good intention and I want to make sure everyone understands that. I always thought that manipulation was an okay thing. It wasn’t ever manipulation. It was always strategy. Sometimes we get that confused. What is strategy and what is manipulation? Manipulation is coming from a bad place. It’s coming from, “I’m going to manipulate this person so I can get exactly what I want.” It’s an egocentric base or foundation. When you talk about strategy and progression, that’s a whole different story. Strategy is, “I want to get to where I want to go for the greater good.” Whether that is for you or if it is for people around you, whatever it is, strategy is putting things in play, putting structure in play and working towards that end goal. I think maybe manipulation and strategy are different words. I don’t like to misconstrue those, but I thought for the longest time I was manipulating. In all honesty, I wasn’t. This is exactly what happened.

CUE 17 | One Million Followers
One Million Followers: Manipulation comes from an egocentric base. Strategy is about the greater good.


I started my YouTube, I was getting a little bit more followers and I started editing. What I would do is I’ll take other people’s stuff and I would edit all of it, put it together and people would be like, “That’s cool editing.” I also remember and this scarred me, is whenever I edited too much. I was trying to do all this stuff and it got 8,000 views and I was like, “This is insane.” All the people were like, “This is way too much editing. You need to chill. I don’t want to watch this stuff.” It opened up my eyes even more. Each time I heard something or critique, I would go in and make some changes, transformed from it immediately. I would go and edit more and more videos. As I became more friends with all these Facebook guys, I’m not going to go into an explanation of how I got in contact with all of them, I developed my own page.

It was called Fitness Motivation. I got in with all of these guys from India, started paying for shout-outs like $5 here to build my fitness motivation page. As I developed that, I then created my Brendan Meyers Facebook page. As I was building my Fitness Motivation page, I got up to about 150,000, I started to trickle people over to my Brendan Myers page. I did it in a way where it wasn’t overwhelming and people really still enjoyed my stuff and how I was moving everybody over. Slowly but surely, people started to recognize my name and they’re like, “Who is this guy? He’s everywhere.” I would get deals with this guy and this guy. It was $5 a piece because I was good friends with all these peeps that were growing these pages.

When I would spend $5, I would get 5,000 followers. It was mind-blowing at how pure everything was working. My strategy was working perfectly. One day I decided to go down to Miami and I remember Bar Brothers, Dusan and Lazar. I look at them as friends and maybe I’m closer with Dusan. I’m not as close with Lazar anymore. When I think of them, it’s like I gained so much inspiration from them and I still do. I think they’re very motivating. I think what they have is so unique. They have something called Bar Brothers where everyone wants to follow them. They want to listen to everything. There’s #BarBrothers everywhere. They’re just die hard. As I started to learn more about them, I saw all that potential in not only our relationship, but a potential opportunity with us collaborating in the future and then also for me to grow my social.

I went down to Miami one time and pretended like I didn’t know who they were. I was in a perfect place, perfect time. I eventually told them, “I knew who you guys were.” I got introduced to them because they were visiting from Washington, DC and I started to develop a friendship. From that friendship, I ended up going to Washington, DC at one point and I was like, “You guys want to film a video from my channel?” We filmed the video and then they ended up releasing it on their Facebook page and they had a lot of followers. It was like everything was working so perfectly across the board. My Fitness Motivation page, I was sending people. I started blogging even more and a little bit more people were going to look. My personal Facebook page, people were wanting to look. I didn’t have Instagram for the longest time actually. Everything was working. It was all flooding to my Facebook page.

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Slowly but surely, actually pretty rapidly, I was growing at a rate that I can never explain to anyone. I’m talking about 100,000 a month, 150,000 a month, and I grew to one million in six months. That’s right, one million people in six months. It’s because I was strategic. Everything that I posted was so consistent. Everything that I posted was relatable. I was doing everything I could and more. On top of that, I was flooding everybody to my YouTube.

Then Attacking Social Media

My YouTube has 820,000 and then I was also releasing programs. I was developing that business. As I grew and grew, I saw more and more potential and opportunity to do other things. I started to create my following on different platforms as separate people. I didn’t want the same exact following over my YouTube. I didn’t want the same exact falling over on my Instagram. I didn’t want the same exact falling on my Twitter.

Twitter, I’m not going to lie, I gave up on. I went to about 16,500 and obviously, it’s a lot harder to get followers there, but I grew 13,000 in a week. It was a quick bump but it took time, it took energy in and I didn’t have the time or energy as a single person to complete that. The main point of all of this is being strategic, putting in structures and not being afraid to ask for support and ask for anything. Even if that’s a shout-out or anything, go and talk to people. You’d be so surprised at how many others would love to help you. They want to help you with your business. They want to help you with your personal growth. They want to help you with your relationships. They want to help you get a ride to the airport. It’s so surprising to me because where I come from in Florida, it’s not really like that. The majority of people don’t like to help each other because they’re all out for themselves. It upsets me that I’m saying it that way and I’m sure that some friends are reading right now back from home and they’re like, “That’s fucked up.” It is true and that’s the fact.

In many parts of Florida from my experience, and this is my experience in my opinion of it, is that I don’t know if it’s the weather or the diversity, I have no clue. What I do know is that they’re worrying about themselves. I don’t know if that’s the rest of the world. From my experience, it is not. I’ve been to Australia, Israel, so many places in Texas, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, DC, Philadelphia, Miami, LA, Colorado, up and down in Nevada, all these different places. Even in Ohio, I felt like people cared a little bit more about your well-being. When I was always in Florida, I felt like people didn’t care so much about my well-being. Honestly, I think it does have a lot to do with the environment, the weather and how bipolar that is. When it’s raining one second and it’s humid as hell the next and there’s no real winter. I actually think that has an effect on the way people live and how people act, especially if people are not big on self-growth. I don’t think Florida is massive on self-growth. That’s my opinion. I believe like LA, you think of people that want to grow, the majority go to LA or New York.

You don’t hear people, “I’m going to grow a little bit more and I’m going to West Palm Beach.” It’s more so retirement. It’s more so laid back, build a family, stay there. That’s not a bad thing. I don’t want to put that out there. My point is that is the strategy and the structure to making it happen no matter what, where your situation is, where you’re living or anything, you can grow and all you’ve got to do is ask for support. That’s all you’ve got to do. That’s the main message here. Strategy. It’s not manipulation. When you’re meeting somebody and you’re looking to grow your following, if it’s coming from a good intention and you care more about the person’s well-being than your own following, then you’re good. If someone tells me, “I don’t want to post this about you.” I’m like, “No problem. I was wondering. It’s totally cool.” I’m not going to get salty. I’m not going to be upset. I’m not going to be pointing fingers, “You’re this person. That represents who you truly are.” No, because I believe truthfully that we’re all coming from the same place, joyful, happy and we want relationship, a connection. I honestly believe that. That’s my thought.

CUE 17 | One Million Followers
One Million Followers: Go and talk to people. You’d be so surprised at how many others would love to help you.


That’s my story of how I went from being an athlete college student to building one million followers on Facebook. That has nothing to do with my Instagram. Wait until I create a Quick Time Friday and explain how I grew my Instagram. You’ll be very surprised. Make sure you go on Instagram. I’m always posting. I’m going from a never attempting bodybuilding and even before that, never attempting boxing. I keep on going through stuff to see how far my body can go and what I’m capable of doing. I want to become a student of all sports in all ways of being, to be honest, and ways of everything. I want to learn how to DJ better. I want to be a better cook. I want all this stuff. It’s really fascinating to me. I’m going through a full journey onstage on October 5th of 2019. I’m super excited on where that leads me.

Definitely tune in to Instagram, @TheBMeyers and also my YouTube whenever you want. I appreciate you so much. Thanks for tuning in for another episode. Remember, if you’re new here and you’ve not reviewed the podcast yet, go ahead to the link in the description on my YouTube videos and you can click and get seven free gifts from me. It comes with meal plans. It comes with the whole shebang: how to start your business, the checklist, a grocery list, my Shred Fast Program. I give you a lot of stuff. Honestly, it’s $200 worth of stuff for absolutely free when you review the podcast on iTunes. Thanks for tuning in for another episode.

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