Episode 24: How To Become A Sponsored Athlete


These days, social media has become one of the primary vehicles for success in business and even in sports. If you are a professional athlete and you want sponsorship, let host Brendan Meyers teach you how to become a sponsored athlete. Sponsorship should be giving the athlete more than 15% commission especially when you get to a significant height of fame. As Brendan walks you through the important elements that help get you to that point of success, he notes that you should be 100% yourself and be out of your comfort zone. He also emphasized the significance of staying within your niche, sending emails, transforming your social media, and documenting your progress. Follow the simple but effective steps in this insightful episode and you could be a sponsored athlete.

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How To Become A Sponsored Athlete

Don’t Be Fooled Influencers!

What I want to talk about is how to become a sponsored athlete, whether that’s for this company or that company. It could be for CreateU Nutrition. It could be for anyone and anything like Nike and Adidas but to become a sponsored athlete, it takes a lot. I will not lie but at the same time, it doesn’t take anything at all. Let me define a sponsored athlete for you and let’s give the definition of social media. A sponsored athlete is someone that has someone that sends you product and you basically rep it, you sell it and you make a little bit of a commission. Maybe it’s 5%, 10%, 15% or whatever it is but you make a little bit of a commission off of that product. That’s the definition of a sponsored athlete for most social media companies and influencers.

My definition of a sponsored athlete brings a lot more value and a lot more quality than what most may have it as. I look at a sponsored athlete as a partner and as someone who believes in the vision, which is long-term, who isn’t steering off the path, who has their stuff and their shit together. Someone who sees not only the vision of the company but the vision of themselves. Someone who stands for other people and someone who is a no bullshitter and tells you what it is and when it is. Someone who has a lot of trust from their audience and someone who is genuine, compassionate and grateful. For me, that’s what a sponsored athlete is and represents and then that partnership to me is getting a very generous percentage. I don’t mean 10% or 15%. Think a lot more like a partner, someone that is going to invest in your business with you. That’s what I look at as a sponsored “athlete”.

Let me say a few different things. If you are someone that doesn’t have a following and you want to become a sponsored athlete, take your time. Build your following, build your values, build your truth, understand yourself more than you can understand anything else and then be prepared for someone to scoop you up. If you’re someone that already has some followers, maybe you’re not getting any sponsorship requests or whatever it is, take your time but also reach out to the companies that you want to be a part of. You’d be very surprised at who’s willing to sponsor who. If you are getting requests for being a sponsored athlete and you do have some followers or whatever it is, be very careful. A lot of companies take advantage of the opportunity to have you selling stuff.

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Do not fool yourself for any of the little closet grabbers as I would say, that are out there with these companies that will grab into the closet and then you’re good. You’re held back from every other sponsorship that you could ever be a part of. If you are someone who’s getting sponsored or maybe you have sponsorship and maybe you’re not getting the money you deserve, you feel a little left out or you feel like, “I am making all the money that I need to be.” Pay close attention and be very careful with who you’re signing your contracts with.

A company should not be giving you 5% or 10% or 15% of commission if you are a sponsored athlete. They should be giving you more. Not only that, they should support you in your adventures. They should support you in everything that you want to create and everything that you’re doing. Someone who is going to “sponsor” you, give you a coupon code and send you some product. That’s not enough. Someone that sends you pre-workout unless that’s all you want from it, is not a sponsored athlete. A sponsored athlete is provided an income in some way, shape or form for the work that they put in. They are a sponsored athlete.

How do you get to that point? How do you even get there? Let’s talk about how to become a sponsored athlete. First off, what are you posting? What are you creating? Let’s take a step back from there. Who are you? Do you even know who you are? Do you even know what you’re trying to create, what you’re trying to portray on social media? Are you being yourself 100%? My highest suggestion and piece of advice for you is to get out of your comfort zone and be you. The majority of us, what we do is we put ourselves in this little bubble and we tell ourselves that we’re this or that. When we’re alone, we are completely ourselves. We’re singing in the car, screaming at the mirror and playing all these different games with ourselves. In an alone setting, maybe you fart out loud. You’re playing the fart game and joking around.

CUE 22 | Becoming A Sponsored Athlete


If you watch me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I don’t play around with me being myself. I’m my myself 100% and I play around all the time. That’s stuff that you got to start doing unless you want to be a part of some fake company, a company that has everyone on there that’s not true to themselves and that’s many companies, unfortunately, especially in the fitness industry and that’s the truth. People can shame me for saying that but that’s the truth. I’m unfiltered here. I say exactly how I feel and that’s it.

One thing that I highly suggest you take into account is how you’re showing up with people in your own life. It starts off with that. How are you preparing yourself online if you’re not showing up well in your regular life with people around you? The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Tap into the clarity of yourself; who you are, where you’re going and what you want to do. Next is where do you want to be in a year? Do you want to be a part of a company and be locked into a contract? Do you want to eventually build your own business? If you want to build your own business, then do something smaller with a company. Be like, “I’ll sign a month to month contract.” I would never suggest a six-month past contract. You have way too much to earn, way too much to grow, way too much to see and way too much to experience. To get to that point and to even get spot people looking at you, you’ve got to find content that represents you and it’s you.

Maybe you like making food. It’s one of your favorite things ever. Start dancing while making food. Start having fun and start doing it with people. Maybe you want to become a DJ, maybe start spinning all the time and putting all of your tracks, mash-ups, and mixes on the web and dance with it. Bring a little bit of the different side of you to the people that are watching you on that screen. Also use some hashtags, but not too many. Use about five different hashtags and also hashtag in your Instagram stories. That’s another big thing. Make sure you’re commenting on people’s stuff, especially within the same realm that you’re a part of, that same niche that you’re a part of. If that is cooking, great. Comment on other people’s cooking stuff and post cooking stuff.

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You want to stay within your niche up to a certain point and once you get to a certain point and you see that people are coming, start spreading into other niches that are like or synergistically involved with your own niche. For instance, for me, mine was bodyweight training and I would also go to gamers. I’ll get gamers to come in and want to do bodyweight training because they don’t want to go to the gym. They do a little bit, but they would rather work out with their bodyweight. There have been many gamers that I’ve worked with, thousands of them. That’s another way. It’s to tap into your own niche first and then when you’re ready, when you know people are coming, start tapping into the other niches. That’s a great way to get started.

Also, send emails. If you send an email to a company and then follow up with an Instagram message and be like, “I sent you a message. I love your brand. I’ve been taking your product for X amount of time or I’ve been wearing your product for X amount of time. I would love to represent it and work out an awesome opportunity for both of us.” Here’s the key. You don’t make it about you. You make it about their company and how they can make more money. I cannot tell you how many people have sent me messages, “I would love to wear your product. I would rep it so hard.” That’s not what we want. What we want is growth and that’s the truth.

When we talk about growth, what do we do? We bring on an athlete, an ambassador, a “partner” who is going to bring more eyes to the business. For you, what you can say to someone is, “I know I can sell this product for sure. I will get these many products. I’m going to push hard. I’m going to make sure that you’re seeing more customers.” Never put a number on it, but give them the motivation that they need or the inspiration that they are looking for in you. It’s also your mentality. If you keep on contacting them and they’re giving you sideways answers, if it’s a no, then don’t keep on contacting them or you can if you want to, but be persistent with these people.

CUE 22 | Becoming A Sponsored Athlete


Also, make sure you’re posting on all of your personal social media, that’s very important as well. Tap into all these different things and this will allow you to become a sponsored athlete. This is how you become a sponsored athlete. It’s the structure and strategies behind it. Transform yourself first and then start transforming your social media. It’s so that it associates with that transformation and amplify it. Amplify your transformation and that will be the next level. It’s very simple once you start getting the hang of it.

The document is another thing. Document your progress, your growth, share, be vulnerable and be compassionate. When there’s a big trend that’s going on, tap into it. Someone that does a very good job with this was used to be Bradley Martyn on YouTube. He would take YouTube stuff and he basically pulls some of this stuff that was happening and talk about it or do something about it that was hilarious. Keep all this stuff in mind. That’s how to become sponsored with emails, messages and everything. I gave you a little bit of brief of everything. Maybe in another time, I’ll dig a little bit deeper into it so you can get some more ideas. I believe this is a good start for you.

If you enjoyed, please I would love to see your review on iTunes. Go ahead and click that link. Also, you can check out the CreateU Nutrition line. I am so excited about this. The Greens Juice is officially live. This will be selling out pretty quickly and we’re going to be upgrading and creating new formula. This is a limited edition, the one that we have right now. We have a limited quantity and all that so definitely go grab that. It’s only $2 shipping, especially international. We have very low shipping rates. We wanted to make sure that you are taken care of.

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Episode 29: How To Regain Trust… Enemies Are Your Friends!

CUE 29 | How To Regain Trust

CUE 29 | How To Regain Trust


When you’ve lost trust in people, it usually means that the other person might’ve let you down. However, we may not realize it but a lot of the times, we are actually the ones at fault. We’re the ones that are so insecure that we lose trust with someone else. Trust is something tough to come by with people, especially with ourselves. How many of us actually trust ourselves? In this episode, get rid of the impossible and learn to trust yourself again so you can fully open to it and be present to the opportunity of regaining trust in people.

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How To Regain Trust… Enemies Are Your Friends!

Getting Rid Of “Impossible”

I’m super excited to be talking about a subject that most people don’t like to deal with or confront. I get to do what I want to do because this is the CreateU Experience. If you’re new here, every Tuesday and Friday we have a new episode. Sometimes it’s on YouTube, which is cool. Also when you review the episode, there’s a link and you get seven free gifts. You’re going to get meal plans. A lot of cool things including business builders and checklists. A lot of people love that part of it. Please, I would love to see your review. It’s only on iTunes, so make sure you put your email in there and it will be safe with me and safe with a team.

What did I do? I trained back. I’m on a higher carb, so I’m competing October 5th. I’m super excited about that. I would love to win first place and not just to beat everybody, but to prove to myself that I can do it naturally and compete at a very high level. I would love to go pro. I’d love to do a lot of different things, but with the Quicktime Friday, you have so many things going on. Maybe you’re reading this another day. Right now is a big-time because we have an opportunity to confront trust issues. That’s what we’re going to be talking about on this Quicktime Friday. The reason why I want to talk about trust issues is that I actually got a DM. I told you that I want to respond to your DMs and I want to take a stand for people that follow, read and that trust in this process, the CreateU Experience and everything.

This is the message I received, “I have big-time trust issues. Could you do a Quicktime Friday? Make a story or something to get the rest of your followers and me some strategies on how to regain trust in people. I love to get your insight on this.” When you’re regaining trust in people, that means that the other person might have let you down. A lot of the times, and actually we don’t even look at it from this perspective, but we are the ones at fault. Sometimes we’re the ones that are so insecure that we lose trust with someone else. Maybe someone is standing for us or someone is trusting us. The way that they’re trusting us, standing up for us or loving us is by telling us how it is. Maybe they’re saying, “You’re not talking to any of your friends anymore.”

CUE 29 | How To Regain Trust


You moved on and you get pissed off and you’re like, “Don’t tell me whatever.” These types of situations happen every single day and we get defensive. When we get defensive, it opens up this little wound. As more and more things are said, even small things that maybe didn’t even affect us in the past, it gets into that wound. It gets infected and soon enough, it’s something that we don’t want to deal with anymore and we lose trust. Trust is something tough to come by with people, especially with ourselves. How many of us trust ourselves and be real with yourself? Don’t lie and be like, “I trust myself so much and all these different things.” Actually, the majority don’t trust. It’s the truth, whether we don’t trust our relationship, we don’t trust our own intentions, we don’t trust how capable we are. That’s the number one thing that we don’t trust.

Before we do anything and discuss anything about advice and what you should do to regain trust with someone else, look at the mirror and look at yourself. Why aren’t you trusting that person anymore? Are you afraid? Are you looking at yourself and thinking, “I don’t think I can, I think it’s impossible?” If you think trusting someone else again is impossible, it means that you’re not trying hard enough. It means that you’re in a habit way too long telling yourself that the impossible is real and the impossible is just that. There is no possible from that. You’ve got to remember the word impossible was created first as the word possible. IM was before that. You have to think it like there are after that.

You have to think of it from the perspective, “I am possible. Everything is possible.” That’s what CreateU is all about. When you’re experiencing these feelings, number one, look at yourself in the mirror before you do anything and look at the situation. Is it something that is that aggressive and something that is taxing on your relationship with that person? Maybe it shouldn’t be and the majority of them shouldn’t be. There’s this one situation which I will not get into because this will have someone crying and I don’t want to do that, but I have brought it up with this person several times. Because this person didn’t do what this person said they were going to do, there’s a big tragedy.

The unknown is what destroys people. It brings anxiety, depression, and stress. Communicate with that person. Click To Tweet

It went to the downfall of that relationship with another person. This came from a mistake on their own. They didn’t fully look at that mistake and see where that wound started, it ended up with a bad relationship. Two people not wanting to talk to each other anymore and not being friends anymore. We don’t want that because everyone around us should be a friend. Whether someone’s in need or someone did something bad, we should see the good in every single person because it’s there, and that’s what CreateU is all about. When we talk about strategy, first of all, look at yourself in the mirror and then number two, ask a question.

It’s as simple as that. Sit down and ask an open-ended question with an open mind. That’s what an open-ended question is. It’s whatever comes at the end of that answer is welcomed. It’s going to be looked at. There’s going to be insight, there’s going to be the analytics, and there’s going to be the marketing behind it. What I generally do, before I jump into conclusions sometimes to be honest, if I’m low-calorie because I’m prepping, I jumped to conclusions quickly and I ignite, I say something quickly. The reality is when we take a step back and maybe we’ll be cooled down, maybe when we walk away for a little bit or we just ask a question, we learn way more than we gain much more insight as to why maybe we would find his trust.

More times than not, when we communicate, trust is always there. Imagine if someone doesn’t show up. Does that hurt your trust or does that gain trust? Obviously, it hurts your trust and then you feel like what are the true intentions behind that? Let me ask you something about this. What if someone is pretty nasty to you but they always show up for you time and time again? Will you have trust in that person? Most likely. Honestly, when I think about it and people in my life, the people that don’t show up, it’s hard to trust them, but the people that do show up and they might be foul language to me or whatever it is, I know they care.

CUE 29 | How To Regain Trust


I know that their intentions are to help me, is to stand for me, is to be there for me even when maybe I don’t want them to be there for me and that’s a beautiful thing. That’s another tactic to ask the question about that. Are they showing up for me? Do they show up? How do their actions speak? If they’re not showing up, then rightfully so there are some trust issues there. In order to gain that trust back, that person used to show up and they need to show up in your way, not in their way. That’s so important. This is another aspect of regaining trust with someone. You have to communicate. Sit down with them. Communicate with them. If you do not communicate, you’ll never know. If you never know, the unknown is what kills people.

The unknown is what destroys people. The unknown is what brings anxiety, depression and stress. You know what happens when you have increased cortisol levels and stress comes, disease comes in a lot more. Relationships fall and so much that you do not want to deal with. Communicate with that person, that partner, that relationship, that influencer, that boss, that leader, that mom, that dad, that cousin. Ask the question and see if they’re showing up. If they don’t show up for you in the way obviously because if they hurt your trust, then it’s because they did something after looking at the situation like, “For sure it wasn’t me.” There are always things that we can work on of course, but if the majority was somebody else and you’ve tried to do everything in your power except for communicating because generally, that’s why a lot of people have these issues.

You see that person will show up in your “love language” because everything’s a relationship. Everything’s a marriage. A relationship is marriage. Your friendships are marriages. You’re signing on the dotted line when you say, “You’re my friend. You are someone that I care about. You’re someone I want to go to bat with. I respect you.” These are marriage qualities: communication, relationship, the whole thing. If that person does not show up and you see it time and time again, the first fault is, “I’ll give you another chance.” The second fault, the mistake, “I’ll give you another opportunity to rehash.” The third time you strike out and shame on you. That’s the truth because that means that there is something that’s not there between that relationship, that communication.

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There’s something that’s missing even within yourself. Sometimes you have to walk away and move on. If it keeps on happening time and time again, that person is not right for you in your life. You cannot change someone. The person needs to change themselves. Don’t try and control the situation. Allow the situation to unfold the way it’s going to unfold and you be in the driver’s seat of your own side. If someone cheats on you and you want to earn trust back, let that person show up for you until you feel in your gut that you could trust them again. Because until you trust them again, there’s not going to be any trust and that’s not going to be great in a relationship.

The same thing with the business partner. If a business partner does something to you in order to gain back trust and that’s difficult. That is one of the most difficult things because a business partnership is a marriage 100%. You sign on the dotted line, you guys could be great friends, but you involve money, and money moves the world. It’s unfortunate, but bunny money moves countries and moves cities. It moves trains it moves. It moves things around us, everything. Where we’re living our environment. The people around us, it sucks, but that is the truth. If it moves, then be prepared. That’s all I can say. Be prepared to work hard because if you’re not willing to open those doors to regain the trust, then it’s never going to happen.

Even in a business relationship as difficult as it is, if someone does something wrong, maybe take some money, look at the root. Ask why? Be there for them. If you’re there for somebody that you lost trust for, you’d be so surprised at how much more trust gained, regains and solidifies over a period of time. It’s beautiful, especially have you ever seen those people that blowing to me, but when they’re in court and the other person killed their daughter, their son or their friend, they forgive them. It’s the most empowering thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t even know if I would be able to do that. Honestly, no, I would want to kill the other person. There are people that have actually done it.

CUE 29 | How To Regain Trust


How many of them are honest? I don’t know, but some of them have been completely honest. They forgive this person and they try and help this person. Try to get this person to be better. When you do that, you show up for someone that is lacking. You’ve got to remember if they did something to you, there’s something going on deeper in the roots of all of that evilness that has come up for them, the anxiety, the stress. There’s something, maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe it’s their mom, maybe it’s their dad, maybe they saw something horrific or they were beaten. Imagine if you stand for them more than you could ever imagine. That right there, you’ll see a different transformation in that person and the trust will regain.

It’s a hard process, it’s a tough process but to summarize, first you’ve got to look at yourself. Number two, you’ve got to communicate. Number three, it goes in with communication. You’ve got to ask questions before you jumped to conclusions. Number four, you just have to stand for that person. Number five, you have to make sure they know how to regain trust and showing up for yourself. Whatever your love language is. It could be certain things like certain words that they’re using or how they’re showing up. There are so many different ways. Number six, be fully open to it and be present to the opportunity of regaining trust. That’s what I got for you.

Regaining trust here on a Quicktime Friday. That was super exciting. Thank you so much for reading for another episode of the CreateU Experience. Quicktime Fridays are one of my favorites. There are so many exciting opportunities and things going on. I love you so much. October 5th, I am stepping on stage. Also, CreateU Nutrition is launching on July 30th and then September 10th, around the Olympia dates. That’s when we’re going to have even more bottles. We’re starting off with 2,500 pieces of greens, 2,000 creatine. We’re going to be bumping up to 5,000 greens, 4,000 probiotics and prebiotics, which we’ve created and formulated all of these things, incredible pricing.

$2 shipping domestic and $7 in international. Don’t quote me on that, but that’s what we’re working towards, the packaging, everything, the influencers. They’re making so much more money. I’m super excited about them. That consumer, you’re going to be able to get a product that’s so high quality for such a beautiful and reasonable price. You’ll know that not only are you aiding in the success of other influencers and aiding them making money for living for themselves, but you’re also going to be taking a product that you can trust, you can love, you can consistently follow because you know it’s always going to be upgraded. It’s always going to be better and better every single time you take it. Thanks so much for reading for another episode. I appreciate you so much and I’ll see you next time.

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Episode 28: Thoughts On Performance Enhancing Drugs, Anxiety, And Growing A Following with Dylan McKenna


Anxiety often takes over a lot of us. We fidget here and there, moving restlessly on towards or away from the next thing. American-born fitness model and online coach Dylan McKenna is familiar with this struggle. He shares with us his story of overcoming anxiety along with his thoughts on performance-enhancing drugs. Dylan talks about how he got into bodybuilding and how it helped with his anxiety. With a great following behind him on YouTube and social media, he shares great nuggets of wisdom about growing a following and putting out content while sharing how he deals with haters. Join in on this rollercoaster ride of a conversation with host Brendan Meyers and Dylan McKenna and learn a thing or two about fitness, health, relationships, and more.

Review this podcast on iTunes using this link — http://www.createuagency.com/podcast-giveaway — and receive 7 FREE gifts —

Listen to the podcast here:

Thoughts On Performance Enhancing Drugs, Anxiety, And Growing A Following with Dylan McKenna

My Untold Secrets

We have Dylan McKenna joining us. Dylan, what’s up?

What’s going on? I’m excited to be here in Denver, Colorado. I love it here.

Dylan McKenna is a business owner and a Gymshark athlete. He’s building an incredible audience on YouTube and social media. He does a lot and he travels a lot and I’m super excited to jump into a lot and peel back all the layers because he’s interesting. He’s younger, but at the same time you got that old soul mind.

I’m 21 in the flesh but 40 in mind now.

Welcome to the CreateU Experience where we dive in deep and we go off of the tip of our tongues. We say what we feel and we do what we do. Does that make any sense?

It doesn’t make that much sense.

Dylan, who are you?

Who are we all? I don’t even know who I am, honestly. As a brief description, I would say how I got into social media and how I got into lifting, all that type of stuff. I started out as a super skinny teenager. I played sports my entire life. I was always super insecure, then I was extremely skinny. People would make comments, this, that and the other thing. I fell in love with the gym in my freshman year of high school when I played football. I quit all sports from there and I started lifting weights and it became a huge passion for me. It changed my life. When I started changing physically, it changed my mindset and everything mentally. I started enjoying helping my friends who were overweight, little underweight feel more confident in themselves. It transitioned over into social media and I don’t know how. All the cheese is melting and I gained some followers and people like to watch me and I have no idea why, honestly. I have a little bit of an idea.

I would say that it’s not his beard, it’s how funny he is. Let’s unravel that because you’re not just funny all the time because you’re a funny person. You are, but there’s a lot more to it. Let’s get serious because you went through some serious shit in your life and you don’t talk about it for sure. Tell us what happened then?

Honestly, I feel like I do joke a lot all the time and on social media, I do as well. I wouldn’t say it’s a persona because I am like that in person, but at the same time, I feel like a lot of people on my social media don’t know the real true me. They take me as a joke a little bit or that because I am always joking and stuff. I don’t get too serious.

You’ve gone through some serious hardships. What’s something that you can get vulnerable because a lot of people that follow you are reading? Let’s get vulnerable and open that door up for you in the growth of your businesses and what you want to create.

What I would say is the number one thing is I struggle with anxiety pretty bad, especially growing up. When I was ten years old, my dad passed away and I would say that’s when the anxiety for me started in getting bad. I think that that’s what made me become the jokester that I am in a sense. I’ve gone through so many hardships. My dad passed away when I was ten. I have a little sister who’s ten years younger than me. Just growing up with that, my mom’s always been amazing in taking care of us, but it’s difficult losing your dad at that age for sure. That caused a good amount of anxiety, I think. I still struggle with it to this day, but I try to make light of life and just every situation in a sense.

What do you feel holds you back? Being so serious, what if you were so serious in your life? Is there anything that you’re fearful of or you’re like, “I don’t really like that.” What makes you uncomfortable in that sense?

I think a lot of the times, a lot of things are going to make me uncomfortable. Anything that does make me uncomfortable, I am prone to steer clear of it. Whether that be a girl, whether it be like a relationship, whether it be a business opportunity, whether it be anything. When I was in high school, I couldn’t even sleep over at my friend’s house because I was too anxious, I was too scared to leave my own bed and my own comfort zone. What I would say and what I’m learning is that it’s always good to make yourself uncomfortable. I would say that the number one thing that holds me back is staying in my comfort zones. That’s with business, that’s friendships and where I live. For example, I definitely have the opportunity to move anywhere that I want to move but it is difficult for me to take off from my hometown where, I’m from and where my family’s from. As you can see, I still struggle with it for sure but I am conscious of it and I try to make myself uncomfortable as much as possible. I am even traveling and things of that nature, which I do frequently makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s sometimes baby steps, I would say.

That anxiety, I love how you touched on that and you’re open with it because your dad passing, that’s something so hard to deal with. It’s not even about just dealing with it. It’s not “struggle,” but it’s something that you have to work through your entire life and you want to show up for your kids one day. You want kids one day and you want to be there for them. How do you show up? I want to get jump back into anxiety. How do you show up for your audience in that way? Maybe people who are reading that they don’t know what that looks like. Where do you feel like you’re showing up for them?

To be honest, I feel like I show up for my audience in the way that other people have shown up for me in a sense. In that way is that just providing an outlet for someone to come and get some entertainment from. I do provide a lot of educational stuff as well, but I think just giving people a break from their day to come to my channel and laugh and enjoy like me and my friends’ dynamics and feel like they’re a part of that in a sense. I remember watching Christian Guzman’s videos back in the day. I would watch his videos and he was someone who definitely, when I was feeling like shit, feeling anxious, sitting in my room not knowing what I wanted to do, I’d watch those videos and it would just give me some type of light or motivation and entertainment. It would take me away from that shitty anxious space that I was in. I like to think that that’s what I provide for people the most honestly.

What happens when you’re anxious? What are some symptoms that you experience?

The physical symptoms of it and it’s funny because even the other night before I went to bed, I had a little bit of anxiety. Physically, you’ll have like sweaty hands. The heartbeat will go up. You literally feel like you’re sometimes dying.

Do you ever have a hard time breathing?

It will start. You’ll have a hard time breathing because your heart rate’s elevated. It’s almost like your body is going to the mode that you’re about to get attacked by a bear, but you’re sitting on a fucking bed trying to go to sleep. You’re like, “I don’t think this is supposed to happen.” You start getting in your head and then your anxiety preys on it. You have a little panic attack for 30 minutes. You get over it, you go to bed.

I want to touch on this because I think anxiety takes over a lot of us. I’ve had anxiety my entire life. I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve talked about it a little bit. I had a hard time breathing, seeing stars. I have sweaty palms but also my hands, I couldn’t feel my hands.

You’ve certainly had panic attacks in a sense.

I have anxiety all the time. I had my friend, Sarah, here and we were watching my vlog back and I was taking a big deep breath consistently. She was like, “Are you having trouble breathing?” I’m like, “No, I’m a little anxious right now.” “Why?” We started going into it. It’s like, “I feel like you’re watching my video and I want it to be perfect and all these different things.” I created it for myself, but I don’t feel like it’s wrong. I don’t feel like it’s wrong that we have anxiety. I think it’s how we deal with it. A lot of high performers have a lot of anxiety and it’s because they hold themselves to such a high standard. Do you hold yourself to a high standard?


You always want to do more and more.

They are always thinking, always having ideas, 100%. The mind, it can be good and bad because a lot of successful people are people who are anxious people because they’re always moving. They could go to bed at a 3:00 in the morning, wake up at 6:00 and their mind’s immediately moving right when they’re up in bed. They’re always ready. They’re thinking and that’s how I am.

I think if you’re reading, there are some remedies that you can take from this and I think you could take some remedies from this. It’s drinking tea. I noticed that you drank some tea since you’ve been here. What type of tea is that? Is it chamomile or is it more Earl Grey or caffeinated?

I don’t feel caffeinated is good for me. It was that fruit tea.

Passion fruit.

That’s what it was. I do think that can help 100% with anxiety. A lot of it is mental too. If you feel that it helps you, it might. It is a little bit of placebo. If for you drinking tea or CBD, if you feel that it helps you.

The other thing is using some products and not all of them, because here’s the thing, sometimes you’ll take in some products and there’s so much shit in them that it ignites things outside. If you ever eat anything bad, do you feel like you get anxiety sometimes? Does it depend on the food?

I think now I’m more conscious of it that I understand what putting different foods in your body and different disgusting chemicals can do to you. I think I do now. I did notice it.

Do you cause a lot of the anxiety for yourself then? Outside of going to sleep and you’re getting like anxious and telling yourself in your mind, but the foods that you eat. Maybe the hours that you’re going asleep, do you feel like you caused that and can other people who relate to that?

Absolutely and this is something huge. This is massive. When I was suffering from anxiety at my worst point in high school, I literally was doing nothing. I wasn’t even training to how I wanted to train. I was doing nothing right. I was letting that anxiety eat me up. There are times where, this is for depression too, you’re so low that you don’t see the light in a sense. You don’t see the light in the tunnel at all. What I’ve noticed is when you’re in that state, you still have to do all the things that you know you should be doing to be successful and to make yourself happy. If you’re not going to the gym, if you’re not reading, if you need to read or being active, going to hang out with friends, working on your business or whatever it is. If you’re not doing those, when you feel like shit, when are you not going to feel like shit? Because one day there’s going to be like just a little needle of light that you’ll see and you’ll feel fulfilled from what you’ve done in that day and it stacks on.

More and more it opens up. That’s an amazing point because I feel like it’s even the small wins while you’re anxious. If you’re so used to it getting worse and worse, your anxiety or every single night when you go to sleep at the same thing and you freak out more and more and you can start getting more symptoms. Maybe it’s just a shift of, “I’m here. Let me embrace this feeling. Why am I feeling this? I ate this shit. Or I am going to sleep and it’s 3:00 AM. I didn’t talk to my ex about this. I didn’t talk to my friend about this. I didn’t finish this project.” A lot of it comes down and stems from sources that we should be aware of. It’s like we were late all day and we didn’t even realize it. By the time it hits nighttime, it’s like, “I’ve been late all day. It’s making me anxious because it’s been stress on top of me because people around me are telling me why you are late? Why’d you done this? Why did you show up like this?” It’s the tip of the iceberg. It all goes back to being present and being aware of our situations and what we’re doing. That’s amazing. I’m glad we could talk on anxiety. Now let’s talk about some haters. This is the shit that I like. All the big cheese haters. Where does big cheese come from?

I and my good friend, David Laid, we come up with weird, different catchphrases that we say all the time. It’s what do ever since we were younger. I don’t even know where it comes from. We’re just weird people.

Why big cheese?

I think because there’s a lot of fat content in cheese. I have a lot of fat content in Dave’s eyes. It’s like in a nice way, he’s calling me fat. Now, I have tens of thousands of people calling me Big Cheese every day.

Are you going to be called shredded cheese?

I’ll be shredded cheese once I’m shredded.

CUE 28 | Growing A FollowingAre you more dairy or are you vegan?

I would sound dairy.

Are you dairy? You’re dairy cheese. Are you ever going to be non-dairy cheese?

Once I start doing yoga more, I get more in touch with myself. I realize how bad dairy is for me. I probably will then not be a dairy cheese.

Big Cheese or whatever but the haters, let’s be real. You’re Dylan McKenna. You get a lot of people, and I don’t like to call them haters and shit, but the people that throw jabs at you.

Honestly, people get upset. I first started experiencing hate and it’s funny because I’ve probably gotten 30,000 DMs in my life directly about that.

Did you count it?

No, I’m saying just about this one time. That’s an over-exaggeration. I’ve had a load of DMs about people specifically saying this, “I’m in high school, I’m in college. I’m at work,” wherever it is. They start doing something good for themselves. Whether it be business, whether it be lifting or whatever, most people come to me for lifting and there’ll be like, “Everyone’s making fun of me for going to the gym all the time. I’m scared to post a picture on my Instagram of the progress that I made and all that type of stuff.” I remember for sure, when I started getting into the gym and stuff like that, in high school, people would throw jabs at me. They’d call me like Maxed Out McKenna, D1-Dyl. They just fucked with me.

What’s D1-Dyl?

It’s like a D1 football player, running back Dyl. They’d fuck with me. That was playful and stuff, but behind my back they’d be like, “Why is he going to the gym all the time? What is this kid’s problem? He’s obsessed with himself.” All this stuff and they didn’t get it. They were jealous. Maybe some of the girls were like, “He looks good.” Some of the guys were upset about it or whatever it is. I think that goes for anything. Once you start doing well in anything, you’re going to have people who are not happy with themselves. They’re then going to be upset that you’re happy with yourself and that you’re doing something good.

How do you deal with it? Do you throw some funny emojis back at the comments?

Sometimes I will make other people laugh that understand that person’s hating. In reality, I don’t respond to haters in a serious way 99% of the time, unless someone says something so nasty that I will DM them. Like, “I’m honestly here for you. This is fucked up. You understand what you’re saying right now?” Every time I’ve ever done that, someone will say the hardest shit you could ever think of about your family and all these things. Then they’re like, “I’m actually a fan. I didn’t mean it that way.” They want attention.

This is very interesting because I’ve hated on you a little bit on your page and you blocked me. 24 hours later, you unblocked me. What’s up with that?

With you specifically, I don’t like you personally.

That’s super fair that you unfollow me now. He’s literally unfollowing me as we speak.

This will make my follow ratio better.

Follow back. This is literally how his emotions go with me.

To be honest though, I don’t let people like that bother me and it’s easy to say this, but I truly believe that it’s like if someone is taking the time to hate on me, then it means nothing to me. Because honestly, there’s no reason that someone should be hitting on me for the stuff that I put out. I’m putting out positive and motivating. Whatever the case, people get upset, they push narratives on you. I don’t let it bother me because I realized that that person is of absolutely no value to me if they’re just going to point out negative shit. Constructive criticism is one thing and that’s something you have to be able to take. If you’re maybe misleading people or you’re saying some stupid shit on the internet or whatever the cases and people call you out for it, you don’t block them and start crying about it, then you apologize for it. That’s perfectly fine. If someone gives you constructive criticism, that’s one thing, but when someone’s blatantly hating, saying whatever the fuck it may be about you, there’s absolutely no reason to be upset about it in my opinion.

Long story short, if someone hates on you or you feel like they’re “hating” on you, shift and either support them or keep on walking forward because it’s most likely something that’s funny.

The more insecure you are with yourself, the more the haters are going to bother you. It’s not the haters that are bothering you, you feel that way about yourself. When someone’s literally could look me in the eye or write comments or something negative and I’m confident in myself enough to know who I am, what I’m about and those types of things. Obviously, everyone has flaws. At the end of the day, it’s all good. I’ve got a tattoo on my wrist that says, “It’s all good.”

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Why did you get into the gym? What does the gym mean to you especially when you were a teenager?

I saw I had to get into the gym because I did sports in high school. I was almost forced into the gym. I was the kid sitting in the weight room. I was like, “This is stupid, whatever.” I didn’t like it because I see all these other dudes throwing around heavy weight. I’m like, “I’m more athletic. I don’t need the stupid shit,” or whatever. I started lifting one day. “I’m going to take this seriously. I’m going to lift.” I started seeing changes in my body that I never thought I would see. I started feeling confident. I could wear a tee shirt without feeling like scrawny or girls pointing things out and stuff. It gave me this massive confidence. I think at the beginning with lifting, my motivation derived from wanting to get validation from other people, getting compliments, all that type of stuff. That’s why I think I got so into it in the beginning, but then it just became a passion. It became something that regardless of anyone noticed anything or said anything, I love to go to the gym every day. It became like literally my form of meditation to be honest. When I go to the gym, I don’t feel anxious. I can relieve that.

Don’t you feel any anxiety? What if you’re going for a PR?

When I’m going for a PR, and it’s interesting because I’m an anxious person, I don’t feel any anxiety. I feel like I’m at home. I feel good.

Why do you feel like you can’t bring that calmness to the rest of your life?

To be honest, I don’t know where I would be without lifting. I have transitioned like that mentality a little bit into my life through working out. Through working out, I learned to keep that calmness in a sense. Lifting weights taught me that and brought me to that meditative space where I felt confident. I felt comfortable. I didn’t feel anxious and I think that it played a huge role in the fact that I am sitting here in Denver. I traveled by myself on a plane. I was in the hospital over panic attacks in my hometown because I was still that uncomfortable going to school. I think that lifting has shifted my mindset so much and showed me that I could have that calmness, I can have that happy space. It came into other areas of my life and made me a better person and it shifted my mindset a lot.

Readers, take in these words because we all suffer from anxiety in some way, shape or form. I’m a stress eater. When I’m stressed, I eat and it’s all about managing that stress and getting the proper sleep, putting the right nutrients in your body. If you need to count your macros and cut your calories for that, do it. Don’t be that jackass that’s only eating Sour Patch Kids all day or whatever thinking that you’re going to feel amazing off it. There are consequences with that and also moderation. Moderation is so important. If someone’s reading this and they’re like, “I’m trying to do this YouTube thing. I’m trying to do the social media thing.” I know this is a cliché question, but let’s throw some juice into this shit because this is going to be big time. Let’s make this shit moist. What type of advice would you give to someone with content, with creation?

This is a question that I definitely get all the time. What I would say is there are the cliché answers, but everyone’s going to tell you is you be consistent with your posting. Make sure that you’re always consistent, make sure that you know your unique and all those types of things. In my personal opinion, the best way to go about gaining a following or anything like that is simply being yourself and not trying to be somebody else. Honestly, if people like it to the point where they want to follow, the cold truth is a lot of times people want to follow someone because they’re getting something from that person that they’re not getting from other people. They want to go and they want to get that, whether they want to laugh, get entertainment, whether they want to get educated or whatever it might be. They want to go to that person. If you’re yourself and a lot of people start liking what you do, then they’re going to follow you. It’s not about you getting the best camera and the best laptop set up and posting.

Literally, document who you are.

There are people who could grow a million subscribers in a year that still don’t know how to edit. They use their own iPhone and they never planned on gaining a following. What I would say is just literally be yourself. Upload shit that is fun to you, unique to you and doesn’t try to be anybody else. I see it all the time. People pop up in fitness and they’ll try to model, let’s say how Dave films videos or how iPhone videos or how this person does or that person. In reality, it’s not them. You’re doing what they do, but you’re just doing it in a little bit lower of a form.

Sometimes you can grow from that. In reality, if you’re not you 100% of the time, don’t expect your business to grow. Don’t expect your relationships to grow.

People buy into them. I think people just want to see you being authentically you. That’s the truth.

They want to relate to you. You have a lot of friends in real life and because you’re so you on social media, you have a lot of friends on social media. It works wonders, just like me. I’m super famous. I have a following on social media, but the way I show up in person, sometimes it’s different. Sometimes I’m even goofier and that’s why I’m trying to get out there and be like, “What’s up? What’s going on?” That’s who I am but it translates. I’m very motivational. My motivational side and my work ethic translates to my social media. What do you know? People want to listen to me and follow me. It’s the same thing in person. I surround myself with motivation.

Let’s say if there’s someone out there who you’re very introverted, you may not have that many friends. It obviously doesn’t mean like you can’t put yourself out there on social media and do well. For one, Dave’s introverted. You might like David Laid. He’s very introverted at heart person but he, but he feels more comfortable, he’s more passionate about editing, filming the videos and that type of stuff. He just loves it, which is super interesting. I’m friends with Connor Murphy, if you know who that is. He does a bunch of viral skits all over the internet and stuff. I spoke to him about it and like he’s very introverted. He had to work so hard to do these videos that he does in a sense, but he’s a naturally an introverted guy.

I want to keep on shifting because I like having random-ass conversations. What are your thoughts on the whole industry, this whole steroid stuff and everyone’s like, “This person’s taking it,” it’s everywhere? What does it mean to you?

Honestly, I can understand it. This is why I can understand it. I was at one point watching all these social media channels. I already mentioned Christian. I knew everybody, Bradley, whoever the fuck it is. I watch every channel like Maddow and Chris Lavado. I watch all these fitness YouTubers. For some weird reason, I think it’s an innate thing where you’re like, “Is this person taking something? Is this person not?” It’s just something that you care so much about in a sense. I remember myself caring so much, wanting to know if this person natural or not natural or whatever the case may be.


I don’t know exactly why. I think it probably stems from in my high school, a lot of kids would like to take prohormones or not take prohormones or take this or take that. You want to stack yourself up against someone. You’re like, “If they’re on steroids, I’m natural.” They’re on steroids, “Fuck them or whatever.” You’re upset about it. I understand it. Also, I can understand how a lot of people don’t like the fact that someone can claim natural and they’re not natural. They’re going to have young kids think that they’re natural

Do you think it truly matters?

CUE 28 | Growing A FollowingAt the end of the day, you could look at it from the token that like, “These kids are not going to limit themselves.” They’re going to see this person who they think is natural. They’re not natural and now they’re going to shoot. They’re going to train and eat hard and they’re going to be like, “I’d like to look like that.”

Could it be a good thing and a bad thing?

It could be a good thing or a bad thing. At the end of the day, I think people get a little bit too caught up in it, to be honest. I don’t like directly lying about it. I don’t think it is good at all. At the same time, I don’t think it’s going to change someone’s life. Whether if they’re watching someone and they’re driving motivation, they’re getting educated, all these things and that person does take something, it doesn’t change anything. If that person who’s a young kid, if they think someone’s natural, it’s not going to hurt them. Now they’re going to fucking stay natural because they’re going to think that they’re going to be there. You shouldn’t take anything, especially as a young teen. I don’t know that it’s truly hurting those people.

This is very interesting because I have some friends that understand steroid use and let’s put it out there. There’s a difference between hardcore steroids. I don’t understand it very well, but like a Winstrol or what was it called?

There’s SARMS, like different types of SARMS.

There’s a huge difference and let’s put it out there from SARMS and a steroid and testosterone.

They’re all performance-enhancing drugs. Some of them have much worse side effects than others. Some are way more aggressive. Another thing is a lot of people, they may take a little something but they’re like, “I only take a little something. Technically, I’m not taking anything and it is what it is. You’re always going to have that, period.

Do you look at someone differently if they’re on something or not?

Personally, I would never look at somebody differently if they’re on something at all.

One person that talks about it all the time is Brandon Harding. I’m friends with them as well. I think what he does is he’s so dedicated to a sport. It’s like, if he’s doing that, let him do it. He knows the side effects. He knows what he’s going through. I think this goes for anyone and everyone. I have friends that do it so consistently, but they go to the doctors and they know exactly what they’re doing. I don’t think anybody should take it. It’s not healthy for you.

There’s a more optimal way to take things like that, but there’s no healthy way.

If you’re reading and you’re like, “Should I take something?” Go natural and just go down the natural train and enjoy that. If you decide one day that you want to compete or you want to do this or you want to do that on a different stage.

Even then because I see a lot of people where they train for eight months and like, “I want to do a show,” they use the show as an excuse to go take something. I promise you this, if you want to take steroids and the truth of the matter, the real true core of the matter is you want to impress other people, then you’re going to fuck yourself.

You’re shooting yourself down the wrong street.

You’re not impressing the girl that you just picked up at the bar when you know your dick doesn’t work anymore because you’re taking something.

I don’t think that’s a side effect though.

It absolutely is.

Are you sure?

Absolutely. Some of them can have the reverse effect. They call it deca dick. There are different steroids that literally calls the reverse effect. Even then, so are you going to stay on steroids for the rest of your life? You don’t want the double Ds. You want the double Ds on the girl. You don’t want double Ds in the bedroom with your dick. You don’t want it. It’s how it is. When you come off all that fucking great shit, you’re feeling like Superman. Your dick’s three inches longer. You’re doing all these great things in the bedroom, good for you. Now, you come off and for the next year, your hair is falling out. You have two baseballs onto your nipples because you have gynecomastia. You literally have, for the rest of your life, acne scars on your back, acne scars in your chest, acne scars in your face that you would’ve never had. Was it worth it for that six-month cycle that you did? Also on top of that, you’re shooting Russian roulette with it because if you do come off, there’s a chance that you’ll never be normal again without continuing to stay on it for the rest of your life.

That’s a delicate thing. Women as well because a lot of women takes that shit. Let’s be real.

Every girl that I know that’s taking a shit, they get messed up.

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From this discussion right here, if you’re going to take something, consult with a doctor that knows about this stuff. Obviously, it’s illegal. Certain things are illegal and there are certain things that aren’t illegal as well. Be smart about it. Don’t be stupid and going in and be like, “I’m going to take out this Trembuterol.” I literally to say that all the time because that’s the only one that I know. Is it wrong?

It’s Clenbuterol and then there’s Trenbolone acetate or Trenbolone enanthate.

Is it not Trembuterol?

It’s called Clenbuterol.

Be smart about it and do it for the reasons like if you want to become a pro bodybuilder, do it. I’m not condoning it. I’m saying be smart about it. If you are going to do it, I don’t suggest it and that’s all. Dylan, outside of all this shit, what do you like to do? Do you like to play the piano? Are you a piano player? Are you a MOG gamer like myself?

I wish I was. I see you have MLG back there. Why is there a MOG thing up there?

How come everybody that walks in here, people will keep on coming in here, they’re like, “Why do you have MOG?” It’s literally in the corner.

There are a few things in here that I’m super confused about.

Ask me.

The surfer?

I’m a skim-boarder. I’ve skim-boarded for years. While I was playing collegiate football, I had long hair. I was about to dread it up.

Just so you could do your skim-board?

I love the waves. I can ride waves.

I’ll teach you how to surf.

What else? What else should you confuse about?

World of Warcraft?

I played World of Warcraft for years. I had multiple characters that Level 70 and that was when it was the top head. I would go on raids all the time. I’ve got all my besties on there. What else? What else are you curious about? I’m more curious about you, but that’s cool if you want to ask.

Everything else fits.

Majorly gaming, I played Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3 professionally.

For me, I would say the things I’ve always been passionate about, I’ve grown up snowboarding, surfing skateboard. I love snowboarding. My aunt and uncle always had a house up in Vermont, which is about six hours from me in New Jersey. I’ve done that. I’m super passionate about that. Action sports just in general I love. I started surfing and learned when I was three. I was snowboarding at three years old. Other than that, I would say honestly helping people for sure but I think that that ties into what I do.

CUE 28 | Growing A FollowingI feel like you’re going to be a guest speaker one day. One day, you’re going to hold a stage and have a lot of people. Honestly, out of all the jokes and stuff, I see half of you in me.

The other half’s good and the other half I have of you is bad and I have a good.

Honestly, I see you as being very successful long-term and I see you showing up for not only for yourself and other people around you. I’ve seen that with your business. We worked on some things together and it is cool to even see your growth, just like where at now. Would you ever want to guest speak? Where does that for you?

I think I would. It’s funny because I’ll watch guys like Ed Mylett and Tony Robbins and some other people even Brendan Meyers. I don’t need to watch you because I can call you anytime I want.

Maybe I should put that on like a block?

Block my number? I don’t want to watch because I’ll just give you a call and I can ask whatever I want, all my specific questions, whatever. I could see that. I think that’d be super cool. I think that me sitting down and articulating everything well to be able to present it to people would be something I’d be interested in doing. I think a lot of the times, I have all these thoughts and I’ve been through some stuff and whatever. I think that I could help a lot of people, but sometimes I’m not super articulate with my thoughts.

You’ll go in a circle. Have you ever seen a dog in the street chasing its own tail?

It is me. If I stopped chasing the tail, imagine how far it’s going to go.

This is a huge lesson. Stop chasing your own tail and you’re going to go far in life.

It would be cool. I would love to do that.

What’s one of your favorite foods?


It’s so basic. Do you like lamb?

I like lamb. I introduced you to lamb, didn’t I?


We were in Boulder, Colorado and we were at Whole Foods. I was like, “You should try this lamb,” and now you’re on it.

I think I introduced you to lamb.

It’s the exact opposite of what I just said.

I’m so glad you tried the lamb. Do you see how we just did that? That’s him chasing his own tail. There you go.

Nobody knew that. The straight faith I had saying that, nobody knew.

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Dylan, you shouldn’t talk about that. You shouldn’t be like, “I can do a straight face and tell you that I have three nipples and I have two noses and I also own this business called Expedia.com.” Where does your comedic side come from?

I don’t know. I’m naturally probably one of the funniest people that ever lived.

You’re naughty funny. Are you funny naughty?

I don’t know. I don’t take myself too seriously. I’m always willing to be self-deprecating and stuff. I feel like I always like to have fun.

Let me ask you, when you’re in a relationship with a woman, how does that shift? There are a lot of people that are reading that are like, “I’m either searching for someone to date or they might not even know it. They’re not even ready to date. Are you ready to date right now, to be in a serious relationship?

Honestly, this is the truth, I’ll tell you right now. When you meet the right person, you’re always ready. If you meet the 100% right person, you’re always ready.

How do you meet the 100% right person if you’re not growing within yourself yet? No, you can’t do that.

I guess that’s the case. In my opinion, I would say that regardless of what growth phase you’re at or whatever, if you find someone else that’s truly right for you, they’re in that same growth phase at the same time that you might both be going through shit, that person might be able to help you tremendously grow and you help them grow. That’s how people build marriages that last 30 years is growing together. I would say if you meet the right person, then you’re always ready. Also I’m not actively seeking.

If someone’s reading and they’re like, “I’m trying to find somebody in my life. It’s not working. I can’t find a girlfriend. I can’t find a boyfriend.” What would you say?

What I would say to that is to literally be yourself around women or men or whatever sex you are. I used to be nervous about being myself around women. You know how I am towards you, how I am in general? I wouldn’t be myself around women because I was nervous. I felt scared. I didn’t know how they would take it, whatever it was. Now that I truly am myself, I don’t give a fuck. I feel like this is when women just come into your life.

Be you and don’t bring any expectation with that. Don’t create any assumptions. Literally be you and go through your life and someone’s going to walk in. It’s the same thing for me. I am dating. I have some incredible people in my life. I’m also not rushing anything and I’m open. I keep my mind open and allow everything to progress the way it should and bring my vision to life. Remember, your vision, when you create you, it’s not about only creating you like your business. You’re creating your relationship with a woman or a male or however you roll, it’s about you. We’re going to shift the conversation. What type of music do you like? Do you say, “Kill the family?”

You know the Screamos, which is all sad and dark and like, “I want to kill them all.”

I don’t think they say that though.

Are you sure? Honestly, I like everything. I like rock and alternative. I like Post Malone, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and I like Migos.

Come on. Let’s get vulnerable.

I don’t do that for free.

Are you payment system now? Like Snapchat premium. There’s a premium for Snapchat. It’s a cryptocurrency. You pay with Bitcoin. I’m kidding. Come on. It’s not on the blockchain yet.

You probably lost a lot of money in that. You seem to like that type of guy.

Bitcoin? Did you invest?

I put $11,000 into it in one day and then pulled it out seven days later. I put $11,0000 in when it was at $13,000 and it was that week that it spiked to $19,000 and I made $5,000 in a week.

CUE 28 | Growing A FollowingThat wouldn’t be $5,000. That would be a lot more.

No, it was $5,000.

It would be like $7,000.

I put $11,000 in at $13,000 and sold it at $17,000. That’s the truth of the matter. I remortgaged my mom’s house to get that $11,000.

Do you believe in Bitcoin?

I don’t think it’s a steady long-term thing. I think that there’s not enough out there about it to be honest for it to be something that I would ever invest in. Think about other things like real estate, other stock market things are things that there are people out there who can educate you on. It could be great.

That’s like Gary Vee talking about Uber and how he had an opportunity and he fucked up. You bought it for $13,000. That was so high.

It went up to $21,000. I was like, “I’m going to put it in rich.”

Is it $6,000 right now or something like that? You would have literally lost half of that money. You’d be at $6,000 and the mortgage that you were talking about, your mom, shit would not have happened.

She loves me though. She’d be like, “It is what it is.” She wants me to remortgage again.

What do you think about buying a house anywhere in the world? Where would you buy a house?

It’s funny. I’d never been there.

Antarctica? New Zealand?

Out in Malibu, California.

You’re about Cali. I’m trying to get you to move here to Denver.

I’m horny for California.

You’re horny for Cali. You could build a business, HornyForCalifornia.com.

I have a sexual attraction for California.

Do you really? What is this? Is it the sun?

It’s the women honestly.

When you meet the right person, you're always ready. Click To Tweet

Is it?

No, I’m just kidding.

Every kidding there’s a little bit of truth.

There are some gorgeous women.

Just a few. There are beautiful women everywhere. Literally, I’m going to walk outside of my house and there are beautiful women.

No, there are beautiful women everywhere. Especially in cities like this, but what I like about California mainly is the weather. Out of everything, it’s the weather. Obviously, there are business connections. I have a lot of friends there. There’s a lot of collaboration opportunity and there’s management opportunity. There are a million different opportunities. Also on top of that, it’s better content for my YouTube. California’s the shit because every day you can wake up and fucking go outside in a t-shirt in Southern California. I primarily like Malibu.

What about taxes though? Ladies and gentlemen, please pay your taxes. I highly encourage that. That’s a number one in the bucket list. You should literally have a bucket list about skydiving, you should go snorkel with sharks and then pay your taxes. Do you pay quarterly?

No, I say fuck it and slam it and get a little fee if I don’t feel like paying.

This needs to be said. Pay your taxes quarterly. Create a projection for how much you earn. At the end of the year, what usually happens is sometimes you get a big fat tax return.

You don’t get it. Anyway, 99% of people don’t. They get their money pulled out of the fucking paycheck. If you’re an entrepreneur, if you want to become something, if you want to be an entrepreneur and you’re a savage, you just fucking pay it at the end of the year.

Was that like a Logan Paul reference?

Savage. It’s Maverick.

Are you a Maverick? I thought you were a Gymshark.

No. Honestly, I’m also a Maverick.

I’m a Jake Paul-er.

Are you serious? We’ll fight about it. Who would win the fight, Logan or Jake?


Logan or Jake? Who would win?

Logan, but I fuck with Jake. Jake’s cool. That’s super interesting. Where do you see yourself here in the next year or two years honestly?

First, I want to preface, I like how you said here. “Where do you see yourself here in Denver, Colorado, preferably living in this building?” Where do I see myself in one or two years? I don’t know. I see myself growing my business into something that I know that it’s going to be. Literally getting my business from where it is now to where I know that it’s going to be. I know that there’s a lot of work that’s going to come with that 100% but doing that and honestly being able to help my mom out more with my sister. Personal growth, growing myself, getting better with my anxiety and being more conscious of things.

CUE 28 | Growing A FollowingYou want to grow. You’re in the growth phase. I always ask this question. If you were at a dinner table and everyone was coming to eat and you could have any three people, any three people at all, it could be four if you want, who would they be?

100% number one would be Tony Robbins. I didn’t know who he was until lately. It’d be Tony Robbins. The reason why for him, because not only business-wise but as a human being, I feel that he’s amazing. He truly cares about people.

What if he had so much anxiety and what if he didn’t treat his wife the right way? Here’s the thing, it’s like the only reason why I’m putting it out there is he doesn’t. He’s in control of his life and he inspires me. He’s like one of my motivators. I’ve been inspired, but like a lot of people, they have this great life and they’re such motivators. I’m thinking in general, everyone thinks you have a perfect life and then you’re going through shit. You have issues that you’re going through. What would you say about that?

What I would say is I wouldn’t even be surprised. At the end of the day, I would hope and I would think that if he’s going through something like that, he would be young about it in the best way that he could go about it. That’s all you can do as a human being. He’s a very strong person, great mindset and all those things. Obviously, people are going to go through the shit periods.

Just know that not everyone’s perfect. Even someone like Tony Robbins, I guarantee you he goes through things.

He preaches all these things and he helps so many people, but there are definitely times in his life where he’s down or he’s like, “Fuck,” a little confused. He says, “What am I doing? Am I not feeding enough people and not doing this?” He’s a billionaire. Everyone looks up to him. It is what it is.

There’s always more for growth, so don’t stop growing.

I would say Tony Robbins. Another one would probably be LeBron James.


The reason why I would say LeBron James is because I believe he’s literally the biggest sports icon in the world. I would want to pick his brain, “How do you do this shit? How are you like this? What the fuck’s wrong? Where were you made? What happened?” I would also say another person, Shaun White. Shaun White was an idol of mine growing up. He is a professional snowboarder. For him, it’s more so the fact that he’s been an idol since I was like a little kid snowboarding and stuff like that.

Who’s number four? Give me someone that you follow on social media. Is there anybody that you always tune into? You’re like, “What is he doing? How did he do this?”

Maybe like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone and Ed Mylett. Those are the guys that I watch all the time. I watch all their podcasts and all their videos. That’s who I watch. You can’t ask Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone in the same room.

That’s the whole point. See how you’re overthinking this? How else do you do this in your life?

Where does this show up in my life? Absolutely everywhere. Grant Cardone, done. He’s the fourth.

Now, it creates like, “This is who you want to be in your life.” Grant Cardone is incredible in investing. Do you know what you’ll talk about? Investing.

Never buy a single-family home. He literally says that a million times.

It’s interesting how you said all these different things like Grant Cardone, you have Tony Robbins and you have Shaun White. All these people encompass who you are becoming and who you are right now. Maybe you weren’t always interested in them growing up but now you are. Shaun White was somebody that came from your fun mindset and it is incredible. If you are reading, take it into your own hands and look at that the same way. I don’t have much else to say.

Who were your four people?

I always talk about it. I like to change it up a little bit, Ben Francis. Honestly, I would like to have dinner with him. I like to see big or small, everybody. I’d love to see Jake Paul 100%. I want to tap into the mind of him. Can you have three or four?


I 100% want to sit down with Obama because of his stillness and his calmness and everything. It’s incredible. Also, I would like to sit down with Justin Bieber. The reason why I say all these people, I’m in this mindset now where there’s one person I would want to learn from and all of that and that’s Obama. That’s who I’d like to learn. The other three people, I would like to study them and sit there and get in, tap into their minds and see how we relate in certain ways. See what makes them so different or unique. That’s what I would like to focus on. Those are my four people for now. I think that’s it. Any other questions you have for me?

There are no other questions.

Where can people find you, Dylan?

People can find me on Instagram, @McKenna_Dylan or type my name on Instagram. I’m that popular or whatever. It will show up and then on YouTube.

Everywhere, Dylan McKenna on YouTube and Instagram. Do you post all the time?

I post pretty much every day on Instagram.

You have your businesses and everything in LinkedIn. Definitely go check out Dylan. Thank you so much. You can get seven free products absolutely free. Meals plans and you get the ab program. This stuff will hold you over for a little bit. Also, you have access to Starting Your Business Online checklist and those types of guides. Remember, the CreateU Experience isn’t just the experience of the show, it is the actual experience before the show begins. Always tune in when you can. Tell your friends about it and tag Dylan or me after you read this. I’ll see you next time.

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About Dylan McKenna

CUE 28 | Growing A FollowingDylan McKenna is an American-born fitness model and online coach. Initially, Dylan became interested in bodybuilding to improve his performance in high school sports.

However, after noticing improvements in his physique from lifting weights, Dylan’s mindset completely changed. He went on to leave high school sports to fully dedicate himself to bodybuilding.

Over time, Dylan built a strong and ripped physique. Furthermore, people around him began praising his progress. This, in turn, motivated Dylan to share his transformational story with as many people as possible – uploading his progress pictures on the internet.

Since then, Dylan has grown in success and recognition. He remains dedicated to his quest, which is “to help people feel confident about themselves, and learn that they can still have a life while also looking great, and being strong as an ox.”

Episode 27: What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up


Humans as we are, we encounter certain points in our life where it feels like we took on more than we should. As a result, we feel like giving up because everything seems to be crumbling around us. Brendan Meyers taps into this completely human moment and shares what to do to overcome it. Those who have done unimaginable things, the superhumans in the world, are who they are because they never have up. Follow suit and take a step towards success.

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Listen to the podcast here:

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

The Steps To Success

I hope you’re having an incredible day. The CreateU Experience is here to take your vision and ignite everything, ignite your breakthrough, ignite the process, ignite the strategies maybe that are creeping up in your mind that you’re not putting into play. I want you to take the next step and to be able to achieve everything that you’ve ever thought possible. It’s going to be an incredible day so just believe. Let’s get right into it. If you’re anyone that’s reading, remember if you do review the podcast on iTunes, throw your email in there. I am going to send you access to my meal plans, all free. A bunch of different things, a business builder, a checklist and so much more. We’re also across all audio platforms. On YouTube, we try to be there every Tuesday. What we’re going to do every Quicktime Friday is tap into some new topics, something different, something exciting.

CUE 27 | Steps To Success


I want to tap into when you feel like giving up. Do you ever feel so heart wrenched? Do you ever feel your heart’s just beating out of your chest because you’re afraid, you’re fearful? Maybe you’re exhausted, you feel like giving up. Everything is crumbling around you. Maybe someone betrayed you, your mom left you, your dad wasn’t there, whatever it is you’re going into anything. You’re going into a big test. You want to become a doctor and this is the last thing you have to pass and you feel like giving up. All of the hard work, the losses, the mistakes, the failures, they’re right there in front of your face. What are you going to do? I know I felt that in so many different aspects of my life. I made an investment into an apparel company a long time ago at $5,000 to $10,000 and it failed. I spent $27,000 on an app and it failed. Year after year I’ve been trying to build a team and it failed again and again. When I felt like giving up, I tapped in a little deeper.

Your vision is more important than anything else in your life. Click To Tweet

When I felt like giving up, I looked at all the mistakes and right there at that moment I asked myself, “Why has this happened? Why do I feel like giving up? Why do I feel like I can’t make it right now?” The truth is I didn’t think that I could make it at certain points and I felt like giving up in certain points in time because it took a lot. It took a lot of energy. It took a lot of friendships, trust and things that just made me uncomfortable. The truth is once you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, the “un” of the uncomfortable is no longer there and never will be there in any aspect of your life because you’re familiar. You’ve created a habit. When you feel like giving up, I want you to do something.

CUE 27 | Steps To Success


I want you to tap in a little deeper and ask yourself one question, “Why do I feel like this?” It could be you don’t want to disappoint someone. It could be you’ve been doing this for so long and you’re exhausted. It could be whatever comes up for you, but you’ve got to remember your vision is more important than anything else in your life. I say that very loosely because if you’re going to save someone’s life, there’s a complete different side of things right there. I want you to engrain this message into your mind. I’m going to ask you a question. What would you attempt to do if you could not fail? Remember, this question isn’t meant to be answered with a direct response.

When you give up, your vision dies. Click To Tweet

“I would be a clown hanging from the Empire State Building.” No, it’s nothing like that. It is day-by-day. For me, I’d wake up every single morning at 5:30. For me, I’d spend all day writing out my plans, testing the market, risking my money and investing. If someone told me there’s a cool opportunity in Pennsylvania right now, I’d be there. If someone said there’s a cool opportunity in Austin, Texas, in Dallas, Texas, in Houston, Texas, I’d be there. If someone said there’s a great opportunity in Denver, Colorado, I’d be there. The truth is this all has happened and it’s because I looked at my situation, my life, and I’ve lived by something every single day and it’s literally that question to myself, “Brendan, what would you attempt to do if you could not fail?”

CUE 27 | Steps To Success


When you feel like giving up, you push further. When you feel like giving up, you achieve something new. When you feel like giving up, you learn more. When you feel like giving up, you don’t fucking give up. You keep going and going. That difference between the absolute greatest “superhuman” people in this world, the guys and the girls that have accomplished things that are unimaginable compared to the great ones is one factor. They never stop. They keep going and going and they experience something that they’ve never experienced before because they’ve tested new waters. There is no ceiling. They’re not living in an apartment building with a ceiling above their head. No, they’re living outdoors. They’re grounded.

They’re feeling every ounce of their power and exceeding all expectations, even their own expectations. It’s just because they keep going. I cannot explain to you how many times in my life I’ve been tested or failed or I’ve made a mistake and I kept on pushing through. I kept on pushing through it. Even when I first started on Facebook and I was posting every single day a new blog post. I had my website, All Core Society. I was super excited. I was like, “I love bodyweight training. I want everybody to hear about this.” Nobody was going to it. Very few 20, 30 views on my blog posts a day, but I kept going. When I kept on going, one person at a time started to keep up with it and they told their friend. They said, “Remember that Brendan kid, what’s he doing?”

CUE 27 | Steps To Success


As people were asking questions, it went from 30, 40, 50, 100, 150, 1,000, 5,000 to 10,000 views. It kept on going up and up. It’s because I never stopped. When you feel like giving up, remember this. When you give up, your vision dies. You can resurrect your vision but it’s going to be a lot tougher than if you just went through that pain, that frustration or that setback in your life. When you feel like giving up, you take the next step. When you feel like giving up, you push that much harder. When you feel like giving up, you take another step on that StairMaster. When you feel like giving up, you go and take your greens in the morning.

When you feel like giving up, you talk to your mom. When you feel like giving up, you talk to someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, something that puts you in this weird situation. When you feel like giving up, you post more, you show up more, you bring more value. It’s the only way to do it. Your vision is in front of you and it’s ignited, but what are you going to do with that ignition? Are you just going to sit there or are you going to keep on adding wood to the fire? I say you keep on adding weight to the fire and go get some marshmallows because we’re about to toast some great shit up. You have the opportunity right in front of you with everything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a mom, if you don’t have a dad. It doesn’t matter if you got broken up with or you were diagnosed with a serious disease or illness.

I got off the phone with my very good friend. He had brain cancer. He survived. He has 150,000 followers. I believe he’s going to be a part of CreateU Nutrition and I am so inspired by his story because he never fucking gave up. When he got the diagnosis, he said, “It’s time to push. It’s time to be great. It’s time to do things that the doctors are saying aren’t possible.” He fought through chemo and he made that shit happen. Not only has he made it happen for himself, but he’s made it happen for hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. When you feel like giving up, just put your hand out and grab. It’s as simple as that. Do the uncomfortable. Get used to the uncomfortable and form a new habit. It’s in you. It’s in your DNA. You’ve got to recognize it. It’s ignited, and now it’s your breakthrough to be had. Thanks for reading another episode of the CreateU Experience. This is another Quicktime Friday, one of my favorites. Go be great, would you? We’ll talk next time.

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Episode 26: A Passion To A Dream Job with Founder And CEO Of Ink Monstr, Reed Silberman

Once you go beyond the thinking that everything is all about money, you’ll find yourself finally living the life you most want to live. This is what Reed Silberman discovered. From being a Wall Street broker for five years that wore his soul out, Reed quit his job and went for his passion as a snowboarder. Soon after, he found himself becoming a successful professional at it and a coach that made his sponsors and students happy, leading him to learn about vinyl graphics, graphic design, and printing which eventually became his company, Ink Monstr. As he went through this familiar story of leaving the corporate world towards becoming his own boss, discover some unique insights about what it means to be passionate about something and how pursuing it makes money follow.

Review this podcast on iTunes using this link — http://www.createuagency.com/podcast-giveaway — and receive 7 FREE gifts —

Listen to the podcast here:

A Passion To A Dream Job with Founder And CEO Of Ink Monstr, Reed Silberman

Professional Snowboarder To CEO

We have someone special and unique. For some reason I always start off as special, but we’re not special. We’re fucking unique.

I feel special and unique.

Yes, because your name is Reed Silberman. Reed is the owner of Ink Monstr and he’s a former snowboarder. You would say professional.

I would say sponsored snowboarder and a professional coach.

He’s a professional snowboarder. That sounds fantastical.

I was snowboarding for a living for many years.

Reed is someone that I reached out to because I wanted to get my wall done, but I started to learn more about what he has created. I was inspired and I was like, “I need you on my show.” Welcome, Reed.

Thank you for having me. It’s great to be here. It’s a pleasure.

Reed and I have had the opportunity to connect in different ways. We both went through a similar program for transformational work. He’s an incredible guy. He puts aside all of his judgment and all of his negativity. He’s learned how to shift and create not only himself but people around him. That’s why Ink Monstr is successful. You’ve been on TV. You’ve been traveling a lot. Tell them what Ink Monstr is all about.

Ink Monstr is a creative graphic design studio. We do graphic design, custom printing, large format wraps, windows, walls, floors, buildings, trade show. We do custom sublimation, fabric printing, custom cut and sew apparel. We have our own sew shop. We’re a lifestyle brand. We’re the first lifestyle brand in my industry. What does that mean? You have your FASTSIGNS, your Kinko’s, different types of printing companies. I was the first person in my industry to create an artistic lifestyle brand with a consumer following and we work with businesses. That doesn’t even make sense in my industry. No one has ever tried it. I didn’t even know if it was possible or it could be created. Many years later, we’re known as the artistic lifestyle brand in the printing industry nationwide.

If you do what you love and what you're passionate about, the money will follow. Click To Tweet

That is inspiring. You started in a car or a truck, where was it?

When I left NewYork, I was a Wall Street broker for five years. I was in that game, the whole Wolf of Wall Street ring.

Tell us about that.

That was a period in my life where I was extremely hungry. I was money-driven and motivated by money only. I would do anything to make money. I had the opportunity to get my Series 7 license, become a stockbroker, work on Wall Street and I lived that lifestyle. It was exactly like the movie. Jordan Belfort nailed it as executive producer. That’s the guy that started all of that.

That reminds me of my life because I go to sleep at 9:00 every night. I’m definitely Wolf of Wall Street guy.

It was a rock star lifestyle but it also had an inverse effect on me. All my negative attributes and everything that would be considered faults was virtues in that job. It made me great at it. At the exact same time, it wore on my soul. It wore on my consciousness. Meaning I started to create one. It was igniting all that shit that came up for you in your life. It made me not want to be that person anymore. I immediately quit my job. I bought a one-way ticket to Colorado. I have never been here before. I heard it was the best place to snowboard on the planet. I made a commitment to myself that I would never take a job again solely for the money. It had to be passion, purpose, something that I love to do. That’s it and that’s all that mattered. Prior to that, my entire life was about money. I got on a plane. I packed a bag. I had no job and no place to live. It was do or die.

What you can gather from what he said is stop thinking that everything is about money. It’s mind-blowing what you went through and how many people can relate to that in a way that they’re like, “I want that?” The truth is number one, what holds you back? Number two, are your goals falsifying your true vision and what you want to create? If it is, then you need to shift like you did. When you started to get into snowboarding and then it transferred over from snowboarding more into Ink Monstr and building that, where was that?

I was doing everything out of passion and because of the love for what I was doing, I loved it so much I’m willing to commit, sacrifice, and do what it takes. There is no such thing as, “No, I’m not willing to do that.” Whatever it was, I was all in. Because of that, it made me a very successful snowboarder. It made me a successful coach. It made my sponsors happy. I made all the people I was working with happy. I made my students happy. I would always go above and beyond. I’m willing to do what everybody else wasn’t because I loved it so much. I didn’t even think twice. I developed all these relationships. You don’t make much money as a snowboarder. I was coaching the Aspen High School snowboard team at the time.

Is there a high school snowboarding team?

CUE 26 | Pursuing Your Passion


Colorado has high school teams and college teams. I coached the CU college team as well. Where that came from was I was a coach at Windells Snowboard Camp in Oregon. It’s a glacier. I was spending my winters in Colorado and my summers in Oregon working on the glacier. I became the head coach of that camp. That’s where I was introduced to vinyl graphics, graphic design and printing. I started working for the camp as a part-time graphic installer for their sponsors.

I want to focus in on your unique approach to what you’ve created and more importantly, how your passion is much different than other people or so we may think as a society.

I wouldn’t say different. Passion is passion. That’s subjective to the person who’s passionate about what they’re passionate about. It’s not that my passion is different. It’s just that I know what I’m passionate about and I took the steps to make it my lifestyle and make it my living. My purpose was to make what I’m passionate about my living. I believe that if you do what you love and do what you’re passionate about, the money will follow. If you’re not making it about the money and you’re making it about passion, you can make money doing anything on this planet in this day and age. That’s when I was living in my van. I was saving money living in my van. I’m trying to start the business and trying to save money. I’ve been living in my van in Oregon. Whatever the season was, there’s traveling in the van to specifically save money to start the business because the snowboarder income was great. It paid for beers and some food.

You started in your car and you were renting a piece of the driveway.

That’s what happened. In the first couple of months in Aspen, I got invited to coach the Aspen High School team. Aspen is an expensive place to live and I was trying to launch a business. This is where passion and commitment come in. What are you willing to do? People say, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes.” What does that mean these days?

Everything except for that.

I was willing to do whatever it took. If that meant living in my car, renting a driveway, having my little sticker machine on my friend’s kitchen, that’s great. I don’t even think twice. I just do it.

Was it a dirt driveway or was it paved?

It was paved. Before that, there was no driveway. There were two months of living in my van with no heat. I was keeping the car running, 27 blankets, and my puffy coat.

What you’re saying is get the fuck up and do what you love if you want to do it. Do it with all that you have because it will come true.

Turn your brain off and turn your heart on. Stop thinking about what is not possible and everything that could go wrong. Stay on track with what you’re passionate about and what your focus is. Stay focused and keep connecting to your vision.

Figure out what you don't want and what you don't like. That will lead you to your path. Click To Tweet

It’s very hard to stay focused and to stay on track.

That’s why you need a vision and a passion because when it gets hard, what are you going to connect to? When it gets hard, this is my vision. Is this in line with my vision? Is this in line with my purpose and my passion? Yes or no, then I’ve got to do it. The rest falls in place. That’s how all the doors for Ink Monstr opened.

What if someone doesn’t know what their passion is or doesn’t know how to discover it?

I love this question because I talk with high school kids, elementary school kids and college kids. You’re not a product of your environment. You’re not a victim to your circumstances. Follow your dreams. I get this question a lot, “I don’t know what I’m passionate about. I don’t know what my purpose is. I don’t know what I love.” That’s great. Go try a million different things. It’s important that you figure out what you don’t want and you figure out what you don’t like. That will lead you to your path. I did many different jobs. I was a landscaper. I worked in a restaurant. I cleaned the toilets. I was a janitor. I worked in the fashion industry. I sold clothes. I did this and I did that. People are so afraid to try something new. “What if I don’t like it?” How are you going to know? It’s putting myself out there. I knew what I didn’t want and that led me to feeling confident and knowing what I do want. People aren’t willing to spend that time commitment, that time scarcity like, “What if I waste my time doing that?”

What if you waste your time not doing it?

You’re never going to know. Especially these days when everything is happening lightning fast. Everything is internet-based. People’s patience and willingness to spend time and invest time, they’re so focused on figuring out what they want, they don’t find out what they don’t want. That’s a key component. Try a million different things. That’s why our school system is broken because they force you to figure out what you want. Pick your major. People should be taking a sabbatical, going off for two years, trying twenty different internships, traveling the world and getting some experiences.

They do that in European countries and around the world. It’s interesting because when I’m in Santa Monica or Venice Beach and people come to visit, they’re like, “Brendan, I’m so glad I’m here. I’m on holiday. I just graduated from grade school,” or whatever they call it there and “I’m going to a university.” They have a year to figure things out. People in Israel have those two years that they have to go to the military. After they’re out, they travel and they experience, even though they’re 23 to 24 years old when they’re getting out.

I was so blessed to be forced. I had my first job at eleven. I cleaned toilets and I made cash. I didn’t care. There was a lot of shit on the walls and on the floor. I’m like, “How does shit get on the roof of this? How does that happen?” I had cash. We grew up super poor, dirt poor. I had nothing. Broken home, my father was working two jobs supporting the family. If I wanted it, I had to buy it myself. Instead of waiting around or being the victim, I got a job. I was blessed to have that work ethic and willingness to do anything at a very young age. I was blessed because I had a lot of different jobs. I was a computer technician before I was a stockbroker. I worked in the warehouse. I went to tech school.

You were basically the United States of America. That’s very interesting. That’s a big job.

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I did IT work and I thought, “This is going to be what I do for the rest of my life.” I became a broker and I thought, “This is what I’m going to be for the rest of my life.” I did a little bit of a fashion sales. I was a rep for some fashion companies as a freelance.

You’ve experienced so much so you could see what you don’t want. Now you own a business that’s very successful and you have all these other opportunities. I believe that because of the experiences that you’ve been through and all the things that you don’t want to do, you’ve made these connections that’s now allowed this business that you’re passionate about to succeed even more than you could think of.

It’s when you know what you know. You talked about relationships. How many girls have you dated your entire life? I’m sure we’ve all had a few relationships in our lives. Let’s say you had ten. You learn something from every one of those relationships and then you know what you want and you know what you don’t want. The next person you meet, you’re thinking to yourself, “This person has what I want or not want.” Maybe you learn stuff about yourself like how you act in a relationship or treat other people. It’s important that you’re willing to do that in relationships. Why not with your career? How you do one thing is how you do everything.

In order for you to have these perspectives on life, business and relationship, because relationship is everything, what type of work did you get to do that shifted these mindsets and all this negativity that was in your mind to a whole new level? What are some things that you had to learn about yourself and get uncomfortable with?

The main things that kept me going for a long time have been perseverance, dedication, commitment, one day at a time, and a lot of faith. I don’t believe in luck. I believe on put in the work and God blesses you. I don’t believe in, “That guy got lucky.” They say that overnight successes were in the making for ten or fifteen years. There was a lot of heartaches, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. I called myself the Tasmanian Devil of destruction in relationships. I lost a lot of great relationships and a lot of great friends. I had to sacrifice my family. Everybody’s going out doing all the fun things and I’m focused. I’m staying up until 2:00 to 4:00 in the morning, working three jobs, committing to my business and doing whatever it took.

Without suffering and sacrifice, there’s no joy and reward. It’s yin and yang. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t have a perfect life and then appreciate everything that has come to you? There was a lot of pain, suffering, sacrifice and commitment. As the business grew, I have three employees, six employees, then we have fourteen employees. We’re a seven-figure business. We’re working with the biggest corporations in the world: Red Bull, GoPro, MTV, Brendan Meyers and doing beautiful murals for him and everybody in between. We were working with Lockheed Martin doing stuff that’s going into space, all these projects and all these pressure. I’m now managing staff. The big turning point for me is I never learned how to be in a relationship. I was isolated my whole life. I was disconnected and shut down. I had no vulnerability.

You and I, both. That’s why we connect so much because the truth for me is in order to get to where I am now, what I’m planning, the strategies, and everything, to be honest, it was the greatest benefit that I’ve gotten out of my life up to a certain point. I was able to see that my relationships are out of whack. My best friends who I thought were my best friends, they were not my best friends because I was not showing up as a best friend. It’s not about them. It’s a mirror all over and around us. It’s everything about teams. For me, at first, I was trying to build my team for six years and I couldn’t grasp it. I was like, “What am I doing wrong?” Once I started to tap into myself and see why things are wrong around me, that they were in myself, I started to succeed. What would you say about that as far as your business and growing?

I had to fail before I can be successful again. I thought I was successful. 2016 was the turning point. I won Colorado State Small Business Person of the Year out of 600,000 businesses. That was a tremendous feat. I was blessed with that award. We won best print shop in Denver three years in a row. We’re getting write ups. We’re in five covers of magazines. We won 2017 Colorado Companies to Watch, Top 50 Companies in Colorado. We’re still a small business. It’s a second stage business. There are way bigger businesses than us and we’re still getting these accolades. My ego and my image was through the roof and what people thought about me. I didn’t know how to communicate well with people. I didn’t have the skills to express myself. The lack of vulnerability, not being able to express myself or communicate what I want effectively or how I treated people.

Can you give an example of struggling with the authenticity of vulnerability from a standpoint? Any type of example.

I never show my feelings and my emotions. I’m tough and condescending to people. I have very high expectations for myself. When people didn’t live up to my expectations, I got very short with people. I wasn’t inspiring, encouraging and motivating. I ruled with an iron fist. I ruled by fear instead of positivity, acknowledgement and encouragement. That was the change. The business started to fail. Everything was downward spiraling. I was sitting on my high horse with all these awards. I was thinking that I don’t have to work as hard anymore. I let my team do this or that and I could sit back and reap the benefits of my labor for the past X amount of years. Since 2004 is when I started the business. That was my downfall. Everything was spiraling out of control. We were losing business and we were not making numbers. Things were not going well.

That’s what brought me to transformational work and building awareness around who I am, why, and what’s holding me back from being successful? My fears are what made me successful, but also my lack of feeling worthy enough to be more successful held me back and caused me to sabotage every relationship. That’s why I called myself the Tasmanian Devil of destruction in relationships. I had to get knocked off my pedestal. I feel like God was humbling me at the time and teaching me very valuable lessons. Now we’re back on the way up. In the past few months, we’ve been on the rise again. I’m finding the balance of not being the iron fist because I went from iron fist to Gandhi as I’m going through this work. I was like, “Everything’s great.” I’m trying to be positive and encouraging to everybody and everything’s okay. My worst fears came to reality because then I was getting taken advantage of. When you’re not vulnerable, your fear is, “People will take advantage of me.”

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When you’re vulnerable, you’re like, “No one’s going to take advantage of me.”

The true growth has been coming in and finding that balance between the two.

I think where the biggest fear lies, and I can attest to this myself, is when you’re going through life, you’re creating this passion, you’re trying to work on this vision. Let’s say things are going very well and all of a sudden, it starts peering off. Maybe you plateau a little bit in your life or your relationship or whatever that’s happening. All of a sudden, you’re going down a slippery slope. It’s going so fast down, you’re like, “What’s happening in my business? What’s happening in my relationship? What’s going on?” People are telling you, “You’ve got to work on yourself in order to get out of this.” That is super scary because you’re like, “You’re telling me to take time off of my business, my relationship and my passion in order to work on myself and one of the most crucial parts of me focusing.” Where’s that shift? How do you go with it? Do you just go with it and say, “Fuck it. I’m all in,” or what?

To sum it up, you do. I was ready. I was at the bottom. I hit rock bottom emotionally. My girlfriend dumped me. I was pointing the finger at everybody else. I lost my entire staff. I had a full turnover. Even though we’re this award-winning company and it takes a certain type of excellence to get to that point, I worked until the point where we were successful but they weren’t happy. Everything was falling apart in my life, my relationships, my employees. I didn’t know who I was. I was frustrated. I was emotionally rock bottom. I was pointing the finger like, “It’s my girlfriend, it’s not me. It’s my employees, they can’t handle it. They’re weak and soft. It’s not me, it’s them.”

It took a rude awakening to realize that I do have to take a good hard look at myself and change from within. I’ve got to say I had a Jesus moment. I grew up as a Christian and I was begging Jesus. I was crying out, “I can’t take this anymore. Please change my heart from the inside because I can’t feel this way anymore. I’m sick and tired.” I realized that I wasn’t able to feel His love because I was so filled with bitterness, resentment, anger, holding onto the past and unforgiveness. I needed to release a lot of what was going on in my life and forgive a lot of people in my life and circumstances. I needed to forgive myself for things that I’ve done to people or to myself and empty my cup of all that hatred to be able to fill it up again with God’s love to move on with my life and start over again. That’s where I’ve been. It’s these crossroads of what’s next and learning how to be a different leader, a better leader, a better boss. I don’t even allow my employees to use the word boss. I sit and work right next to them. It’s a team.

You’re successful and it’s mind-blowing that you’re doing what people might think like, “This is absurd. Why would I focus on myself? I’m trying to build a business. I need to focus on the business.”

Extreme circumstances take extreme measures. What are you willing to do? How far are you willing to go? How far outside your comfort zone are you willing to be?

Are you going to have that conversation with your mom that you’ve always needed to? The person that molested you, will you have a conversation and forgive them? It’s like going to the deepest of the deep in your life.

It’s a dark and scary place. You have to go to the closet, all the skeletons, all the scary things, everything you’ve been suppressing and burying. You want the next level of what’s possible for your life. The past will change you from your future. That’s what’s going to hold you back. Until you’re willing to do whatever it takes. As an employer, I interview a lot of people. We talk about expectations, positive attitude, commitment and sacrifice. This is a lifestyle. We live, breathe and eat this. This isn’t clock in, clock out, 9 to 5. What are you willing to do? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? They’re like, “Yeah, I’ll do anything.” They begged me for the job and they tell me everything I want to hear. If you’re interviewing, just be honest and real because I could see right through people’s bullshit. They get the job and they crumble almost immediately.

CUE 26 | Pursuing Your Passion


In my opinion, when people come in for a lot of interviews, they’re coming from scarcity immediately. They’re sitting down and they’re like, “I love videography. I love to code. I love graphic design. I love putting murals on the wall or wallpapers. I love designing this. I love creating that.” Either they have never experienced how hard it is to do it themselves to a certain point where they’re like, “Maybe I don’t know this,” or they’re coming from a place of, “I need money. I need a job. I need something and I do like this but I don’t love it.” That’s the big difference in building a massive vision and a massive business. Something that you’re so proud of impacting people is when it comes down to what you’re truly passionate about and if you believe the vision.

It’s the number one thing. Without passion, there is no commitment, no sacrifice, no energy, no joy, no excitement, no fired up. Ink Monstr was built from the word of mouth and referral-based business. We never advertised. We never did any promotion. We did events but it’s the word of mouth and referral. People wanted to work with me because they were drawn to my passion, excitement and commitment. I didn’t have billboards or do target marketing or everything that you do for your people and your clients. I didn’t know anything about any of that. For many years, it was all built off of how much I loved it. They’re like, “Reed’s the best,” and it showed in my craft. It’s all passion.

It’s very similar to me. I’m passionate about most things that I touch. I care so much about it. Not everything but many things like a guitar. If I pick up a guitar, I’m like, “I love this.” Sometimes it gets to a point where I can’t do it all. I need to focus on one thing, provide for myself in that way, and bring that fulfillment in myself to accomplish the things that I want in that direction. For instance, boxing was something where now I would say that I’m pretty good and I’m smooth. I spar and I want to fight whatever. It’s that focus level. Have you read the book The ONE Thing?

No, I have not. Does it have to do with flow state?

In a way. It touches on that because when you’re in a flow state, you’re creative and you’re like, “This is what I’m doing.” You’re going along in that direction and everything in your life falls into place. That’s where I am in my life. If I go to a restaurant and even if I’m like, “I don’t want to go to that restaurant,” I still go and I end up talking to someone. Somehow, some way, I meet someone that is going to be beneficial to me in my future in my relationships. It was like how I met you. I was looking for someone to put the wallpaper on or the mural on my wall and I was searching. I called this person and that person. This person gave me this deal and that person gave me this deal. I finally found someone online. They were sending it to me and they were like, “You’ve got to watch out for copyright. We can’t print this.” I’m like, “What the fuck do you mean? I have the word creative and vulnerable on there and there’s a copyright?” All of a sudden, I found myself in your office.

No, I don’t think you were. You were excited about what you’re doing.

I was super excited. I was talking about the copyrights. I was like, “That doesn’t make any sense. I need to get this done.” I was almost getting to the point of scarcity. I was like, “I need to find someone immediately or everything’s going to be fucked. I’m not going to be able to do this.” I was able to shift and look very slowly at different places in Denver and then I met you. I met Ink Monstr and I started to learn more about you. What do you know? You did something similar to me, transformational work. Now we’re sitting here and what you have to offer to everyone that’s reading is valuable and you’re creating them. It’s all about the beginning.

I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. I never thought about this before in my life and I never thought that it was a real thing. I thought it was hokey and it’s for the hippies. The Law of Attraction is what you put out there is what comes back to you. I think that the universe brought us together for a reason.

Everyone can make it seem like they have everything on their shoulder. They’re perfect and their life is great, whatever. You’re vulnerable, you’re authentic, you go through stuff, and I go through stuff every single day. What’s one thing that you get vulnerable with a little bit and put out there that, “I struggle with this a little bit.” It could be a relationship or it could be whatever. What is that something for you?

I’ve been going through this transformational work and it’s changed my life and I still struggle. This is a constant practice in every single day of your entire life and the rest of your life. I stumble, fall and struggle. I have fears, anxiety and stresses. The number one thing that I still have a lot of practice to go through is being sensitive, empathetic and putting myself in other people’s shoes, getting to know them and not making everything about me. I’ve been alone my whole life. I’ve been a survivor my whole life. I’ve been doing all of this my whole life on my own and by myself. There has never been somebody who helped me along the way. I’m used to being shut down, isolated, an island, “I’ve got this, I can do it by myself.” I’m learning how to not make everything about me, care about others, be sensitive, be empathetic and compassionate to others. Honestly, my awareness level of who I am, why I do what I do or where that comes from is on such a high level now, I see myself doing it. It doesn’t make it any easier to shift, but the more I keep practicing, it’s getting better. You can’t give up like anything else. Nothing worthwhile is easy ever in every aspect of life.

I’ll get vulnerable with you. In my entire life and up until now to a certain point, to certain extent, anybody that would call me a name could say anything to my face. It would go in one ear and out the other. It would pass through a little tally in my head like I remember that, I remember you, I remember all these things throughout my entire life, all the negative shit. All I see in my mind is this person, when they called me a crater face and I was sitting in the football locker room. I can remember the curls in his hair. I can remember everything. I can remember the person that was right down the bench and he overheard it and the lockers were all blue. That’s what I remember. It’s like you, the transformational work is busting through all of that bullshit that has held me back. This is stuff that adds and adds up. It comes to a point where you’re distraught. Maybe not yourself so much but your heart. Your heart’s fucked up.

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Now you recognize it. I recognized it because people would say nasty things to me and it didn’t affect me. That’s even emotion within itself. Some people feel they don’t have a passion, whatever. There’s a lot of passion in not having a passion. It means you’re very adventurous or you have something new to discover. It’s like for me, when someone would say something negative to me, there’s a lot to say within that. I didn’t take anything in because of frustration and anger. This person in my life, my brother, my sister maybe, this friend down the block. That’s the beauty in discovering. It’s because you become aware first. You become aware again, second. You really become aware, third, then you start shifting with small things. Soon enough, those shifts turn into habits and discipline and then you change.

It’s a rewiring or reprogramming. It’s a muscle memory. I love to make these gym analogies because we don’t think about fitness. It doesn’t have this emotional attachment like, “That’s going to hurt my feelings when I go to the gym.” Maybe your ego, your pride, your image a little bit, but not the way we put our guard up in relationships or trying to take risk in life. Life is all about risk. Muscle memory. You’re not going to bench 250 pounds your first day. You start off with 50, 60, 80, whatever and work your way up and build that muscle memory. Everything else in life is exactly like that. How you treat people and relationships is all about practice. Your schedule, all of it. It takes a lot of practice. Changing from within isn’t an overnight success. It takes time and tons of effort. It takes risking, failing, stumbling, falling, getting up and trying again. That’s why I say how you do one thing is how you do everything. How you show up in one area of your life is how that’s going to spill over into every area of your life. Keep trying and keep practicing. Keep stumbling, falling, risking, making mistakes and trying again. The most successful people on this planet failed dozens of times.

Make sure that you’re surrendering a lot that you have. Don’t sacrifice things but surrender. Be the person that you know what you’re doing. You’re giving some of your power away. When you’re giving power to someone else, you’re bringing a lot more power to yourself. You’re your own machine. You’re oiling your machine when you’re giving to someone else. It’s very interesting. It’s like a magnetic field.

We live in a society where it’s all about me. Everything is about me. My Instagram, my Facebook, my followers, my likes, my selfies. Everything is about me and taking care of me. We’re so focused on this survival mode mentality and comparison mode from generations of marketing, branding, society, MTV and social media, all of it. It’s reality shows. It’s the society and what we’re taught to believe. It’s how we’re taught, wired and programmed to think, feel and act. It makes us feel like if we have these certain things, then we’ll be good enough. If I have the right clothes, the right car, the right girlfriend, right this, the right that, the right job, I will be good enough. We’re programmed to think that we’re not good enough and maybe we think that from our mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters that we’re not worthy to even have all of those things. We spend our whole life sabotaging and self-destructing. Where does it come from? Our families, society and all this sociological programming where it’s all bullshit. None of it matters. When we stop making everything about us or me, that’s where the growth comes in.

Where do people start? Where should people go? Should it be reading a book? Should it be start becoming aware of the things that you’re doing to people around you? How about this? I’ll give something. When you’re around your closest friends, look at when there’s an argument that proceeds or something happens where there’s a weird mixture of energy. Look at that situation and see what’s going on and see why it arise. Maybe you were late. Maybe the other person was late. Maybe they said something about another friend that bothered you and you didn’t even recognize it, but now you do. You’re like, “This person said something about my friend. This is my best friend. Is he saying this about me or is she saying this about me? I said something about this. I said something about Chris. I said something about Alexa.” Soon enough you look at it and you’re like, “I do the same thing and I need to not talk about people.” What’s one thing that you would recommend outside of just seeing and being aware of it around your best friends?

I’m definitely a firm believer in the people you surround yourself with. You look at your closest friends and that’s a reflection of who you are. I also believe in surrounding yourself with people that will always improve who you are. We have a tendency to surround ourselves with people that aren’t necessarily beneficial. It’s the comfort zone to push you, motivate you, inspire you and encourage you. I’ve read many self-help books and motivational books and this and that, but the change came from within. You’ve got to take a good hard look at your past. Who did what to you when? What happened? What circumstance? What experience in life gave you that wall, that trigger, that reactive behavior, that, “I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. That’s good for them. That can’t happen to me. That can’t happen to me. That’s only good for them?” How do people become movie stars, rock stars and billionaires? We’re all just people. Why do we put people on a pedestal? We can’t be that person. What’s holding you back? It’s taking a good hard look at those things. I had to do the work. You’ve got to put in the work. You’ve got to be willing, humble, courageous and open.

Don’t fucking bullshit yourself and be like, “I’m good.”

Get a coach. Have an accountability buddy. You can’t do this on your own.

You don’t have it figured out. Do you think Muhammad Ali always had boxing figured out? Do you think Michael Jordan always had basketball figured out? They all have coaches.

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Shaun White has a coach. I’m friends with Shaun White’s coach.

Do you know his PT, Esther Lee? They’re very close. She did a lot of body work with me and she even has a different perspective on life. She’s traveled with these people that are crazy athletes and also big movie stars and they have coaches.

My coaches have coaches. They’re coaching movie stars, famous athletes and very successful people, millionaires, billionaires, and they have coaches and their coaches have coaches. The minute you think you know it all, you’re done. You’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting. People think, “I’m good where I’m at.” Are you good? I’m not good. We’re not good. You’re never good.

I want to start winding it down because you can go on forever about what to change and what to do, whatever. My question to you, and this is a very serious question. If you’re reading this, I want you to take a close look. Let’s create this crazy scenario. You’re in the grocery store and you’re walking through the fruit in the vegetable section. You see someone there. They’re grabbing an avocado and they take the top of it and they open it up and it’s green. They don’t know that it’s not ripe. What do you do?

I tell them it’s ripe. Make a connection. Go talk to them.

There it is. That right there is how the CreateU experience happens.

How many people will just not say anything?

This is my point behind it. I’m fucking around but I’m creating something out of the avocado joke. Look at your life because this is going to imprint in people’s minds. They’re going to think of this avocado scenario.

I would say “Hi, Samantha. I’m Reed. I’m just letting you know that when you pop the top of that avocado, if it’s brown, it’s perfect.” We live in such a disconnected world. I read a statistic. This is the most disconnected and lonely generation in the history of people, the least amount of communication skills. That’s great but what got me was we’re the loneliest society that has ever lived. We’re the most disconnected and shut down. We don’t know how to talk to each other. Everybody’s in defense mode. Everybody’s in survival mode. Everybody lives behind a screen. We’re not able to use your words and open your mouth. Everyone is so afraid of rejection, the fear of being rejected and fear of what people think about you.

Just open up. What’s scary is that when you look at retirement homes, imagine what we’re going to look like in retirement homes. That shit’s going to be isolated that we’re fucking dying and there’s zero happiness because the truth is, at the end of the day, it comes down to how you communicate with yourself and the relationships that are around you. The money’s not going to be there. You might have money to be able to be in that retirement home or whatever. You’re going to have Sally, Chris, John, Chrisma, that’s a new name that I created, Chrisma. You’re going to have all these people around you and everyone’s going to be isolated as fuck.

People are afraid to be honest with each other. We’re so afraid to offend people and not share how we feel. It’s not what you say but how you say it. We can talk to people and share and not be worried if we’re offending somebody or what they’re going to think about us. Just be honest and be you. That’s all we’re missing in this society. We have to live up to this certain image. I have a friend who has everything. She is beautiful. She’s extremely smart. She speaks six languages. She’s amazing. Her family has all the wealth they could possibly need. She is brilliant. She’s adventurous. She does a lot of different things. She has it all and yet she’s paralyzed in fear of what people think about her or acting a certain way or doing a certain thing. She’s very closed and shut down. She can’t express herself. She sabotages her relationships because she doesn’t want to let people in and get close to her. Her identity is in what people think.

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It’s like, “You have it all. You’re already created and you’re already you. Why do we feel like we’re not enough, being you is not enough, being the authentic and genuine version of yourself isn’t enough?” When you can shift and realize that I am enough, I am good enough and smart enough, the comparison to me versus everybody else, I’m just me and that’s great. We can start being honest with each other and start communicating. We can start being open and vulnerable. That has been what has taken my business from going here, the rise, the fall and the rise again. That’s why the Law of Attraction. What I’m putting out there, I’m attracting a completely different person in my life. I attracted you into my life. The universe brought us together. We attracted each other. That’s how it works. What you put out there is what you’re going to get back. It took a lot of change from within. It took a lot of work. It’s not took, it’s taking.

It’s going to continuously do so. I want to ask you one last question and I try and ask this to most guests. If you’re at a dinner table and you can invite three people to that dinner table with you, who would they be?

Jesus, for one. He would be at my dinner table if that was possible.

Would it be Gandhi? Would it be Muhammad Ali? Would it be an athlete?

I’m particular impartial to athletes like Michael Jordan. What got him to that level? He wasn’t the best athlete.

Who is your third one? Give us something. It could be a snowboarder. It could be a mentor to you. It could be someone big time, small, it doesn’t matter. It could be a guy at the local grocery store. Who would it be?

There’s a guy I’ve never met before in real life. His name is Wilbur. A friend of mine talks to me about this person on a regular basis. He’s suffered great tragedy in life. He’s in his 80s. He lost his wife of like 50 years. Everything I hear about this guy is the most positive, inspirational, encouraging, motivating thing. I like to surround myself with people who aren’t the victim and aren’t pointing the finger. He’s turned tragedy into purpose. He’s reinvented himself and created a new life for himself. I thought of another person by telling this story, Redman, the Funk Doctor, Reggie Noble.

Isn’t it interesting? When you talk about all these people, especially Jesus, it explains who you are. It shows who you are and where you’re looking to go. You’re influenced by more than just you. You’re influenced by other people’s stories, what they created and what they can create. Even when they said they couldn’t create something, they still did. You’re interested in all of these different things. It shows your growth and your transformation. I’m the same way. I invite certain people to my table and it’s people that I don’t want to say that I’m inspired by. I don’t want to say it. It makes me uncomfortable because I feel like I’m on the same wavelength as them. I don’t want to say it but the truth is it’s like Gary Vee and Tony Robbins. I would love Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. All these people are so influential to me.

Even like Nipsey that passed. All of these people. I would love to have Tupac here. I would love to dive into each and every one of these souls because I think it’s amazing. Ed Sheeran, when you think about all these people, even Selena Gomez, Arianna Grande, I would love to have dinner. I would also like to take Ariana Grande on a date. If you’re reading right now, remember, it all starts from within and you have a choice. You can transform any way that you want. That’s the truth. You just choose. That’s what it is. You get to choose who’s at your table. That table is in your mind. That’s what you’re creating everything in your heart. Remember that as you go through life and you keep pushing towards your passion and you create your vision. You have something in there, 100%. Don’t hold back. Don’t create this scenario in your life that you feel like there’s nothing there and then it will never happen in your life. Trust the process and keep on chugging.

CUE 26 | Pursuing Your Passion


Talking about this table, Redman has become a good friend of mine over the past few years. We worked together and we did some shows together. We instantly bonded. We had this connection like you and I. We know that we’re inspirational, motivational and positive people. We’re living life a certain way. Over the years, I got to know him as a friend. First, I was a fan and now we’re friends. He is probably one of the most inspirational people in my life. We could talk about Jordan, we could talk about Gandhi, all these people that we know of, but who in my life is the most inspirational and motivating? This man encourages me every day. He challenges me. The trials, tribulations and struggles the man has been up and down a hundred times over. He’s been successful. He’s lost it all. He’s been successful. He still at 40-something years old, traveling the world, touring the world, still making albums.

He’s committed to his family. He’s committed to his faith. He’s constantly reinventing himself. He’s adapting, shifting and changing. Even he is realizing that his ego is not running the show. His pride is not running the show. He is the epitome of passion and purpose and doing what he loves because longevity does not exist without passion and purpose. If you look at his Instagram, his Facebook and all his social media, everything is all about personal development, personal growth, motivating, constantly inspiring and encouraging. He has more albums than Tupac and Dre. He has more albums than most any rapper in history. I don’t know the numbers. It’s close. He has like twelve albums. He treats every single person with respect and gratitude. I’ve never seen him turn any fan away or do anything to make somebody feel bad about themselves.

I look at myself and I’ve realized how much growth there is for me and how much improvement there could be for me. When I look at somebody who I could have put on a pedestal at one point and use as an inspirational leader in my life or somebody I look up to. He says the same thing to me. He’s like, “I look up to you because of what you’re doing in your life.” It’s who you surround yourself with. We are fueling each other. It’s not one-sided. We’re surrounding each other with people who are inspiring each other, encouraging each other, motivating each other, lifting each other up when we’re down. That’s who I’d want at my table.

Surround yourself with the people that you want. Point blank, the people that you would like around you. It’s as simple as that. If you want someone famous around you, surround yourself with that mentality. Maybe not the bad things that they have or whatever but look at the positives and why you want that. Work towards yourself because you’re going to attract exactly what you want. You will by being that person for yourself. If you’re all about money, then you’re going to attract other people that are all about money and it might not be the best thing for you. Be focused on what you truly want in your life and the vision that you set forth. I almost guarantee it’s not money. It’s way deeper than that. Money that attraction, that’s just a relationship. What you’re looking at is a relationship, that love, that feeling of gratitude, and all of those other feelings that come with having something that you love and brings a lot of enjoyment. Stay focused, stay purpose-driven and keep on pushing towards your vision. Remember, CreateU. Welcome again to the CreateU experience. If this your first time, go ahead and subscribe. Reed, where can they find you?

InkMonstr.com. @InkMonstr, check out our Instagram. We have a great YouTube channel. We have tons of cool videos, concerts, events, parties that we’ve done to create the brand, all the custom projects we have done, time lapses.

Thank you, Reed, for joining us.

Brendan, I love this stuff. I was looking forward. When you asked me, I was stoked. It’s a privilege and an honor to be on.

Thank you, Reed. We appreciate it.

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About Reed Silberman

CUE 26 | Pursuing Your PassionOwner and CEO of Ink Monstr. Founder Reed Silberman is making big banners and wraps for household-name companies and growing the company with customers in a wide range of industries.
Silberman has parlayed his business savvy and a passion for snowboarding into Ink Monstr, a 10-year-old marketing, graphic design, and print production company in the heart of Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood.
Ink Monstr specializes in graphic design and print production and installation of large-scale vinyl banners and vehicle wraps for companies like Burton, Oakley, Red Bull, and GoPro all have used Ink Monstr’s large-scale vinyl graphic banners, signs and vehicle wraps during events and trade shows.
“I was in the search for the ultimate dream of if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” Silberman says.
Silberman left his job as a stockbroker in New York to pursue his dream of becoming a professional snowboarder. He lined up sponsors and coached a snowboarding team. He had two other jobs to help make ends meet.
“I got paid to snowboard, but it didn’t pay a lot of money, so I started doing these print and wrap projects on the side,” says Silberman, who lived in his van in Aspen so he could save money to buy his first piece of equipment. “I did it as a side job. It allowed me to be extremely creative. I learned a great deal about marketing and advertising in the snowboard industry and I was able to use my business background.”
Silberman says his snowboarding career helped him make the connections he need for Ink Monstr to succeed. Today, he also works with restaurants, hotels, art galleries, and even the oil and gas industry.
“If it wasn’t for that life, I wouldn’t have this life,” he says. “Action sports and snow industry clients are the ones that started with Ink Monstr. Now we work with any industry in any season.”