Episode 39: Building A Business… What They Don’t See (Frustration)


Some people only tend to see the surface of success of a business. The true behind-the-scenes of building a business is often lost to them. Taking over the driver’s seat and being the person at the top of the game is tough because you will have to through a couple of speed bumps. In this Quick Time episode, Brendan Meyers sheds light into the overlooked aspects of being a business owner – all the frustrations and the mess that people don’t see.

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Building A Business… What They Don’t See (Frustration)

A True Behind The Scenes

I want to talk about what you don’t see behind the scenes of building a business. When I talk about building a business, I’m talking about being in the driver’s seat. It’s the being the person at the top of the game, the one with the vision, the one who founded the company and wants to take it to the next level. Building a business is tough. Generally, you start as an entrepreneur. It’s you in business. You go through a couple of speed bumps and you try and hire someone. Maybe it doesn’t work. Your business plateaus. You grow a little bit. You lose money. It’s a whirlwind. It’s exhausting. It’s very stressful, but that’s the beauty of it. You’re working on your own terms. You’re building what you’ve built and then soon enough, you’re building what your team has built and you’re taking the visions of other people and putting it into your own vision to make it even greater. 

What people don’t see with businesses behind the scenes is all the frustrations between partners. It’s the miscommunication between the developer and the copywriter. What you don’t see is all of the mess behind the scenes. All you see is, “They have a support staff. I can get my product here for this amount. I can get this and that. I learned a little bit more about that by clicking this slider on my website.” What’s really happening is a lot of work. To launch a business is tough. I’ve launched eight businesses in the last few months. It’s pretty fast-paced, I’m not going to lie, but through this experience in building these businesses, I’ve learned a couple of things. 


CUE 39 | Building A Business


One is communication. If it’s not there, your product is going to shit the bed. A lot of people will see it on the front end. When I talk about the front end, I’m talking about the website or if you’re a brick and mortar, in your store. They’re going to see the small little errors. Maybe all of the sizing for these shirts are all mixed up with those shirts. Maybe this product has a price that’s wrong on the checkout page rather than what you saw on the sales page. There’s are a lot of different things that can come into play. 

Number two is trust. If you do not trust people, other businesses, contractors or your own team, you’re going to run into a lot of problems. What goes on behind the scenes? Let me give you a little example. We just launched a business for Brittany Lesser. She’s an incredible woman. It’s called 1HERA. I partnered with her. It’s all about pregnancy and building incredible lives for women that are pregnant, have had their babies or have been moms for quite some time or they’re just someone that wants to build their body or get healthier. 

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One of the main things that came with building this business was a lot of different automation. With this automation, what I mean is, for instance, ActiveCampaign. It’s like an email automator. We took a bunch of emails and a lot of different segments for different people that join in different areas and they get specific emails. Maybe it’s login credentials or for membership levels. There are different membership levels. In this one there are 110 membership levels. One of my partners went in there and he had to do a bunch of segments and created all these different tags. When someone comes in at this point, they’re tagged into this part of the membership. 

Once somebody comes in here and they finished this part of this membership, then they are getting moved over to this membership. It’s a mind fuck. It’s a lot to work with. There’s a lot of confusion. What you don’t see is the disorganization on the side of the business. All you see is what came out on the front side. What I’ve learned is that if I am not organized, my whole team will be disorganized. It starts with me. How am I waking up? What am I doing to structure my day? How am I eating? Am I structuring my macros correctly? Am I transforming the way that I want? Am I evolving? Am I paying for events to go check out this and that? What am I doing that will keep me organized, that will keep them organized? 

CUE 39 | Building A Business


A lot of it comes down to my stress levels. If I’m stressed, my entire team is going to be super stressed. That’s how it goes. What you don’t want is your team to calm you down when you’re the owner of a business. That’s the worst. You definitely do not want that because then you don’t seem capable. If you’re not capable, then how can anybody be compatible with you? What they’re looking for is a leader, someone to lead and take them to the next step, to breathe, to eat and to live out this vision that you’ve painted. If you’re not paying now this vision the way that you want, they’re not going to see it the same way. There’s going to be a lot of miscommunication and even more problems with organization and X, Y, and Z. What you don’t see is all of this organization that lacks on the backend and the miscommunication. 

If you’re going to start a business, I highly suggest you organize correctly and you start working on your communication now. You’ve got to diffuse situations. There are a lot of situations where someone’s frustrated and upset. Maybe they’re not making enough and they want to do more to make more and all these different things. You have to allow them to see the vision but also respect your own boundaries of how much you could pay someone, how much you want them to do, how much you trust them and all these different things. Trust is developed over time. There are different levels of trust. You trust someone. I always trust everyone that I meet and there are different levels of that trust like if I give you my baby and go to Arkansas. I got to trust you on that level. 

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There’s a lot that comes from that and that’s through communication and learning about one another. Be open, be vulnerable, communicate, be yourself. If you’re not yourself, your team won’t be yourself. Your vision will not be exactly what you want it to be. These are things that you don’t see behind the scenes, the stress and the exhaustion, but plan for it. Know that it’s coming because that’s business. It’s your business. It’s your vision. Visions aren’t meant to come to fruition just because. They come to fruition because you work hard and you fight through those battles. Have you ever watched 300? I love that freaking movie. Every single day it’s a 300 movie for me. I’m going to battle. I’m bringing my best. I’m getting to that next level. I’m creating me every single day and you can create you as well if you want to. 

That is pretty much it. That’s what I wanted to talk about, what you do not see behind the scenes. It’s all of the chaos and everything that’s going on. Whenever you look at somebody on social media, on YouTube or whatever, expect their life to be chaotic. The more you have, the more chaotic it becomes. The less you have, it might be the more chaotic it is, to be honest. Our lives are chaotic. That’s what life is all about. You go through things and you overcome them and then you go through something else, you overcome that and expect it. Prepare yourself and your mind to overcome battles because that’s what life is all about. 

CUE 39 | Building A Business


Thanks for tuning in. I just wanted to talk about the things that go behind the scenes of the business. It’s wild. There are a lot of lawsuits, legal things, this and that. There are a lot of different things that go on. Thanks for tuning in for another CreateU experience. I appreciate you so much more than you could ever imagine. The fact that you’ve stayed this long is a blessing. You should get a trophy for that one. If you want to be rewarded something or get an award, I’ll give you something if you review the podcast. Also, every Tuesday and Friday we have the podcast. We’re back, we’re getting live and we’re getting fun. We’re unfiltered. It brings more realness. I don’t want any bullshit. I don’t want them to cut this or that. If I say something bad, I say something bad. It came out of my mouth, I got to own it. I’ll take responsibility for it.  

Thanks for tuning in for another CreateU experience, Quick Time Friday. We’re here every Tuesday and Friday. Also with CreateU Nutrition, you can pick up your Greens and if you want to pick up the Creatine HCL. It’s a beautiful product. I love that product and so much more coming. That’s all I got for you. Have a great whatever day it is for you. Tell your family I said hello. Tell your employee I said, “Come see the CreateU experience.” I’ll see you next time. 

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When we see attractive people, we always assume that they had it all easy – good family, perfect relationships, and dream jobs. In this episode, host Brendan Meyers reveals how far this is from reality as he interviews Jacqueline Zuccherino, a hot influencer originally from Italy. Jacqueline opens up about her difficult childhood because of looking “different” and how that had an impact on her adult life. They discuss how having an open mind beyond the stereotypes can help you achieve your goals, the thrill of leading a life of spontaneity, and finally deciding what you want in life. Jacqueline also touches on using social media to create influence and change. As you listen in, learn how to accept the beauty we all have.

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Being A Hot Influencer, The Truth Behind Being Attractive, And The Misunderstanding That Comes With It with Jacqueline Zuccherino

More Than What Meets The Eye

I want to start off by saying I have hope you’re having a powerful day. Start off with some juice. What the CreateU Experience is all about is we take anyone and everyone, it could be a homeless person and it could be someone working at Chipotle. It could be someone owning a Fortune 500 company, anyone and everyone. We bring them on, but before we create an experience, we allow you to either learn something or see something incredible and empoweringMy guest, her name is Jacqueline. She’s from Italy. I wanted to bring someone doesn‘t have a massive following. She doesn’t own a massive business. She’s in the transformational process of her own life. 

It’s very interesting to me because I’ve seen society and the way these pictures are painted and judgments are thrown across this person to that person, “That person’s black, then he or she’s going to do this and that person’s white so they must be in this scenario, that scenario. Obviously, Jay here is gorgeous, but there’s so much more to that and that’s what’s empowering. Give a warm welcome to Jay. Where are you at in life? What are you doing? Tell us a little bit about yourself so people can understand where this episode is going to go because I definitely do want to get juicy with this. Who are you? Where are you from? 

I’m from Italy. I moved in 2001 to California and then I moved here to Colorado for about several years. I’m nothing special. 

You’re not special. You’re unique. 

I learned English when I was five, that’s my second language. I want to move back to California eventually. I lived in Italy for a couple of years when I turned eighteen for college. 

I met her and then I went to the bar that she works at and we got to talk more about herself and relationships and what she wants to do in her life. Giving back to the homeless was one of those big parts of what makes her and creates her and what she wants to build even in the future. Going from what you said and being someone who’s wanting to go to California and you’re working three different jobs. You’re working at RE/MAX, you work at a bar and then you’re also personal trainer. What makes you want to give back? Where does that come from? Not everybody wants to go and hand goodies out to homeless people. 

I’ve always wanted to help people and use social media to do it. Once I started getting more followers and notice that people were paying attention to what I was saying, I thought I would use it for a good thing instead of just posting half-naked pictures like a lot of us do and I do sometimes. 

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I want to tap into that because there are reasons why that’s happening. There are reasons why you are posting in that way and the direction where you truly want to be. It’s very interesting. I like to make these discussions. I like this to be no structure to it. Let’s have fun with itYou give back. Where does that come from? Does it come from your mom? Did your mom always give? Who is your dad? Who are your brothers? Explaining it a little bit more so we can get a clear picture of who you are. 

My whole family is in the military. My brothers finished with being Marines. They went overseas. My family was never well-off. We don’t have a lot of things, but we’ve had each other. They’ve always taught me to be humble. If I have $5, we don’t keep everything to ourselves. We always help people. 

Because definitely in the future when you do help someone else, it returns in your favor. 

That’s not why you do it. I don’t need a return. I like to see other people smile. I get not having things that you want or being at a low place in your life and if someone else can help you, then that’s what it is. 

I want to touch on something because what you said is that you don’t want a return. Are you saying that you literally do not want to return like when you give to someone, I don’t want anything back,” or is it something like, I don’t expect it?” 

CUE 38 | Truth Behind Being AttractiveNo, I don’t want anything back. 

I think that’s something that we can look at because I feel like the majority of people in this same sense, they don’t want the support and it all does come in full circle with that word support. I could almost bet that you don’t like the support of others around you too much. You like to do things more solely. You like to accomplish things on your own. What if opening up the mind to, “When I give, what else could come back and return? Because it could be a relationship, it could be something from that individual, it could be a job opportunity and it can be anything and everything. Keeping the open mind and the curiosity of like, I wonder what could come from this is,” is what will substantially take your life to a whole other level. Have you ever thought about it like that? 

No, but technically they do give back by humbling you. 

You are expecting something back. You’re expecting to be humbled. You’re expecting to have this feeling. How is it anything different with that support compared to someone handing you money or someone opening the door for you or someone truly getting to know you, sitting there, listening and creating the vision for yourself? Do you not like it? Tell us more because a lot of people that are reading are very similar. I could almost say that the majority of them are. Where does that come from? Why don’t you want support? 

My mom raised me to be strong by myself. She was a single mom. I don’t want to be a single mom but I want to be as strong as her. I don’t want people giving me things. I want to do it myself. I don’t want to take your things. Some people will hold it over your head. That’s one thing. 

Maybe it’s the people that you’re surrounding yourself with, and you get to choose with that as well. You get to choose in all situations. If you’ve noticed, I literally choose consistently. Someone was trying to get all mad that we weren’t leaving the spot. You got a little frustrated with it. I was just like, “Maybe I need to do this.” We always get to choose. What if all of this support that we’re talking about was going to bring your vision to life quicker? What if you could save the lives of a thousand of homeless people or something that you gave, let’s say it was $10 and someone gave you the $10 back in another way. What if it completely transformed your life? You’ve ever thought of it like that? 

I never put much thought into all of it. I just woke up one day and I was like, I’m going to do this. 

That’s beauty within itself, but what’s even more beautiful is opening up your mind to all possibilities. I challenge you to go out there and ask for support. If you notice, I‘ve texted you multiple times like, “How can I support you? How can I help you? What can I do? Someone needed a ride to the airport. I gave them a ride to the airport. My friend, Shannon, was like, “Why would you do that? I don’t get it. It’s super late at night. I’m like, “You need support. I got you. I don’t know what that relationship’s going to create. Do you ask for support in your actual relationships if you’re dating someone? 


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Do you feel like that might be something that gets in the way of that connection or that communication? 


What do you get to do? Ask for support. You get to be uncomfortable. You get to step outside of that box and be like, This shit feels weird. I don’t like it at all. I’m going to text that person or I’m going to call this person. I’m going to call my mom, my dad or my brother. want to move somewhere. I’m going to call my brother and ask for support. 

We were FaceTiming when I did that. 

You take one step and all of a sudden that baby step turns it to ten yards and 100 yards. Soon enough you’ve literally created you. That’s what CreateU is all about, tapping into that. Let’s pass the support. The support’s big for you. What type of things do you struggle with on a daily basis, whether it’s people around you? It could be relationships, it could be anything and everything. It could be you miss someone in your life. What is it that you struggle with? I already know what hit you. 

I think I’m very insecure about my looks. I hate it, that’s one. 

We’re not going to deflect. This is big time. You’re beautiful and this happens with all of us. I’ll give you an example. I’ll get vulnerable. It’s fine with me. One of my biggest insecurities my entire life, it will always be insecurity that I’ve secured very strongly and I’ve put in so much work to it, is my face. I have scars on my face. Women will literally tell me, “You’re so good-looking. The scars make you, they don’t break you.” I’ll look right past it. It wasn’t until when I was walking in a room, I was in a legacy program and every girl that I talked to you was like, You’re good-looking. I was like, “What is wrong with you? Are you blind? 

CUE 38 | Truth Behind Being Attractive


Soon enough I confronted it and I said, “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am goodlooking. Maybe every person’s good-looking. Maybe we’re all the same. We’re born the same way. We all have blood. We all have hair, the majority of us but some people don’t. It‘s a blessing that we do have hair. It’s a blessing that we do have fingers and hands. We’re all beautiful in our own ways. I’m not attracted to your looks. You’re very beautiful. I’m attracted to what goes on up there. That’s what’s beautifulWhen I say all this shit, what comes up for you about your looks? If you don’t want to do this, say it and I won’t tap into it. 

It’s fine, but there are a lot of things I don’t like about my looks. 

Are your eyes too big? Do you have big ears? Are your lips weird? You have a weird nose. 

It’s my nose, my facial structure. It’s too defined. I don’t like my legs. I don’t like a lot of things. I like to nitpick all the time.  

Where do you think it comes from? 

It comes from my past or other people that have put me down. 

In what ways? 

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Mentally and physically. People will beat down on me because they think, “She’s a pretty girl and she knows she’s pretty, so let’s tell her negative things about herself.” When that’s constantly happening all throughout your life, then you’re like, “Maybe I’m not goodlooking or maybe something’s wrong with me. 

You get emotional about it because it’s affected your entire life. 

I had to drop out of high school because of it. 

Talk about that. 

I was a freshman and all of a sudden out of nowhere these girls started beating me up. I was locked in bathrooms. I was followed home. I was punched in the face. I was slapped in the face. Everything was torture for me that I had to leave, which created a mental and physical illness. I was in and out of the hospital because I ended up getting too stressed out and got surgery on my stomach because my body couldn’t handle the stress. Just having all of that happened to me, I don’t manage negativity and stress well or at least I didn’t as a kid. I think that’s where it stemmed from. 

Let’s go back to it and relive it because maybe those people were jealous. Maybe what you had was so amazing that they couldn’t understand it and it frustrated them. Maybe their parents were beating them. Maybe their brother said, “You look like shit, your nappy ass hair or this or that. Imagine if every word that is said to you from another person stems from something. 

I understood that as a kid, I’ve seen that. There’s sexual abuse as a kid and then you turn out to be a crappy person because of it. It all stems from something. As a kid, it was hard for me to hear because I am different. There are little things about me that are different. I have webbed toes and my arms are double jointed. I got made fun of that all the time because I was a cheerleader. Now I don’t care but as a kid, it sucked being a cheerleader coming up and then people making fun of me. 

CUE 38 | Truth Behind Being Attractive


Fucking own all this shit. 

I started to but when you’re fourteen and fifteen, sixteen when you’re finding yourself, that’s hard. 

You get past all of that and you got to surround yourself with the right people. You get to tap into a place in your own mind that you’ve probably never gone before. Go to dinner with someone that is maybe a little bit different than someone that you would go to dinner with. Do things, go dancing. 

I’ve done a lot of things that make me uncomfortable. I moved from here to Italy and then to Amsterdam. My family are my best friends, my brothers and my mom are my world. I took myself away from them to go experience life. I went out and I did things. I started doing little things that I didn’t like to do like traveling by myself or photoshoots. I’ve always hated photoshoots. I’ve been slowly starting to do those. Me going to California, that’s me getting out of my comfort zone. Colorado is a comfort zone for me. 

That’s amazing but there are different types of comfort. The ones that are so tough to get out of, to take the next step, that’s the one that you need to work on. There are specific points of comfort. If you don’t even think about changing it and when you do, it’s like, “That’s impossible. I couldn’t do that.” That’s the stuff that you need to confront. That’s the stuff you get to shift with. You were supposed to move into another apartment and I texted you like, “It’s going to work out exactly the way it’s supposed to. What do you know? You’re going to your apartment for another month. It’s a better decision because you’re thinking about moving to California and everything is going to be a lot better. Instead of getting a year lease and jumping in so quickly and impulsively like, I’m just going to settle for this life that I was given. I’ve traveled and I’ve done all this. 

I did that with past relationships where I was so sucked into the relationship that I constantly put everything that I wanted to do behind me. I would sign year leases, which is stupid. I got into a gym membership that I couldn’t get out of. When I had this opportunity, I can either sign this year lease and be miserable for a year because I know I don’t want to be here, or I can do this month to month and actually think about it. If I want to be here, then I will make that decision. 

What she’s saying is it’s okay to be impulsive but come from a place that is calculated a bit. It doesn’t have to be massively calculated. I do shit on a whim all the time. I went to Philadelphia in 24 hours. I ended up hanging out with this girl named Katrina. We were talking, we were hanging out. She’s a great person. Literally in a 24-hour period, I got a plane ticket to Philadelphia from Los Angeles and I’m partnered with her in a business that’s extremely successful nowwould have never, ever even tapped into that. I wouldn’t be sitting here in the same way if I didn’t take on that opportunity. That was impulsive but it was calculated. That’s something that I’m thinking. 

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I used to be like that. I used to be free, go out and do random things. 

About what? 

I got carried away with it a little bit financially. I bought a car. I got an apartment that can’t afford. 

What you can do is if you want to dance, you go dance or you go hiking. Those are the things. You see how uncomfortable you get about dancing. That’s the beauty. Why? 

I don’t know because I’m awkward. 

No, you’re not. 

I have no rhythm. 

That’s your rhythm. 

Do you want to know who taught me when I was in high school? 


I was dating this guy. This was when I was sixteen and he was the captain of the football team for that school. I wanted to be the prom queen but I didn’t go to school because I was homeschooled. This guy, he was so cute and I wanted to make sure I knew how to dance. Someone told me to spell my name and do my letters to dance on him. This was before twerking was a thing. They’re like, Do your name. I looked so stupid. 

What do you mean their name? Are you dancing on him? 

Do it with your butt. It was so bad. 

Do you feel like you can’t dance? 

I know I can’t dance. I even did Salsa lessons in Spain and failed. Everyone in the bar was like, “Girl. 

I would literally go out and dance with you and not give a fuck about what any other person is saying. I would dance for four hours straight. Do you know why I can dance? Do you know why I can do pretty much everything that I was talking? I’m confident. For me, just do it and express because you know how much expression you have that you don’t get. This is what happens when you don’t express yourself, whether it’s dancing, it’s singing, relationships, talking to people. It builds up in your body. Soon enough, that turns into serious stress, then it equates to something with your health getting off a little bit. It turns into something that’s fucking chronic. From those chronic issues, you start having acute issues. Soon enough you’re lying on your fucking death bed and you’re like, “Where did my life go? Where did my vision go? Where did my friends go? Why am I not here? Why am I not doing this?” It’s all because you didn’t express yourself in the first place. You get to express yourself. 

I was told by Jeffrey that I don’t show my emotions because I don’t cry in front of him or I don’t do certain things. It’s hard for me to be like that in front of men. 

You’ve gotten emotional multiple times. It’s also interesting how we all shift in those scenarios. One thing when we’re talking about something that we don’t want to talk over like“Did you hear about Sam? What’s going on with Sam? You shut the conversation all the time. 

You tell me, I do that a lot. 

It’s something that I notice and it’s an experience. I never tell people. 

All he does is, “Your hand, it moved this way and this means that. Your eye twitch, that means you’re lying. 

Am I right often? 


Let’s talk about your future and what you want to create. What is something that you would love to do? Let’s say it’s six months down the line that if you were in a perfect scenario, you had all the food in the world, you had all the money in the world. 

As a kid, I’ve always wanted to help people. My mom told me that when I was a child, instead of saying I wanted to be a nurse or do a vet thing, she said that I always wanted to be a server. Not serving food, but serving people. I would always do stuff for my family like massages or giving them food. As a kid, I’ve wanted to open up a homeless shelter. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Part of that stems from my brothers being in the military and then having no support after that. My mom is in Virginia and she’s opening up a dog kennel where she’s training dogs to pair with veterans. A lot of that has stemmed from that because they’re helping people in that aspect of the military and in life. I want to do it with homeless people. You saw how many homeless people. Imagine going through winter. Imagine going through what it was like. 

Would you want to do in Denver? 

I would want to do it everywhere. I would want to figure out how to open up one in every city. 

Let’s talk about a plan of action. Let’s figure out how to do this and I want to support that because I would love to be a part of something like that. That’s so empowering to live a life that you know you’re taking people off the streets or helping them. There are a lot of drug addicts. There are a lot of bad people as well, but that’s with everything that we do. We have to keep that in mind. 

Imagine living on the streets and having nothing. What are you going to turn to? Violence and drugs. 

If you choose though. 

It’s hard if you’re weak. I can only imagine sitting out in the cold. 

You can build that strength in other people. 

That’s the point. 

I believe there’s a start. In that start, what could you see yourself implementing? Maybe you start every Saturday or every two weeks, you give a lesson or you do a little boot camp for everybody that’s homeless. You evolve that boot camp into weekly boot camps and then all of a sudden you have people coming in to do the boot camps and now everyone’s this is nonprofit. You’re starting to build something exciting and different. You evolve into every couple of days, you have someone coming out and they’re speaking on a different topic. You get donations because of it. What started as a boot camp every two weeks is now a big place for people to donate, and you host events to be able to take people off the street. What things would you want to focus on as a nonprofit for homeless people? 

I would want to figure out a way to get them jobs and teach them things like hygiene. I don’t know exactly what they’re going through, so maybe hear from them and see what they need and go based off of that. 

What would be incredible is a nonprofit where it was almost like a group coaching. You could either volunteer because I’m not too familiar with nonprofits and how it works. It would be cool to see getting people out of their situation. It’s tough and it takes a lot of energy. What are some ways that you think that we can help people get off the streets starting small? 

What I have been doing is putting it on Instagram. I’ve had lots of people DM me like, “Thank you. I’m going to go do this. It’s passing it on. When someone buys you a Starbucks in front of you, you buy it for the person behind you. I told you while we were passing things out, I’ve never seen that many people volunteering before. When I first started making these goodie bags and handing out stuff to people, it was just me. The homeless people would tell me like, “We need this. Thank you for thinking of us and no one’s been out here and helping us. I’m not saying that I got all those people to volunteer, but maybe now that I’m posting and other people are reposting it and it’s word of mouth, more and more people know and they’re doing it. For a nonprofit, that’s something that we can do. Just keep telling people like, “This is a set time that we’re going to go do this. Let’s go. 

That’s amazingCreateU nonprofit. 

A few of my followers have been asking me for a set time that they can meet me and that we can all do it together. 

Why don’t we set something up? 

It’s been hard for me to figure out a way to do that by myself. I’m like, “I don’t know which ones of you are serious.” 

What you get to do is ask for support. 

I’m going to ask for your support. 

All of that stuff can happen and more. This is beautiful because it’s also interesting how the universe works in our favor. I always wanted to help homeless people. I believe that they all have a story to tell. They all have gone through something obviously to get to where they are and they can’t get out of it. Every person’s a good person. When I was thinking of the CreateU Experience and doing thisI was like, I want a homeless person talk about their story and then me literally map out a strategy for them to create themselves and hold them to it. 

That’s just one person. What I would want is to happen for more than one person. 

The universe works in mysterious ways because that was one of the things that I wanted to do and I’ve always wanted to do bigger and better things, just one person. I also think that one person, it trickles on just like you started and you’re seeing more people out there givingWhat I think about is I didn’t know you and then I saw my friend, Davey, you commented on Davey’s post. 

He did a shoutout for me. 

I saw it and I was like, “That’s interesting. Obviously I was like, “She’s hot. Beyond that, I clicked on the profile and I was thinking in my mind, What is the experience that I can create out of this? We talked a couple of times and I quickly learned about you doing everything with the homeless. We’re out there and we gave back to the homeless and we’re talking about, “There are possibilities of a nonprofit. What can we do to do this? The universe literally works in your favor when you just go out there and you trust yourself. I trusted myself. People don’t respond all the time. I can message you. I could message twenty other people and ten or five of them are going to respond. 

I usually never respond to my DMs. 

have a blue checkmark. 

You’re not the only blue checkmark on Instagram. 

We’re a very significant group, me, Justin Bieber and The Rock. 

We’re not even talking about that. 

Should we or should we not? 

One time, Justin Bieber was at Native and his staff people let me be in his table. He picked the girl next to me to take home and I was butt hurt about it because he literally touched me, walked past me and didn’t even acknowledge me. He chose the girl that looked like Selena Gomez. I was like, I didn’t even want to touch you but I wanted to be flattered enough that Justin Bieber wanted to talk to me.” If Justin Bieber wanted to bang, I would say no. 


I don’t touch athletes and I don’t touch anyone that’s famous. Those people usually have wives, children that they’re in a happy relationship and they just like to bang girls. Like the Golden State basketball team, some guy who’s very wellknown on that team had DMed me because he was in town. Then I researched him and he has a wife. I’m like, This is why I never touch anyone famous. 

I don’t want to put that out there. I’m not going to say who it was. 

I’m not telling anybody who it is. There are lots of famous people on Instagram and they use that because they’re blue checkmark. It’s true though. A lot of women go after guys with blue checkmarks, and it’s so sad that social media has that much of an impact. A girl will fuck a random guy who’s probably disgusting and probably she would never touch, but since he has a blue checkmark, it’s like, “He has something. I’m going to go fuck him. 

You’re saying you want to go on a date with me because of my blue checkmark? 

Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying. My point is that girls will sleep with random guys. It’s like the football team here. It’s a smaller city so everyone fucks the Broncos and it’s like, “Why? 

We’re jumping into something that I do want to talk about, and that is respecting yourself and respecting relationships with other people. For me, the way I grew up, I was abstinent for many years. I didn’t want to have sex until I was married. That was my goal. I did not accomplish my goal, not even close, but the truth is that came from a respect standpoint as well. I’m not just going to sleep with a girl and I don’t think that people should sleep with random people because there’s so much more to it. That connection is above all the most incredible connections you can have with another human being. If you’re a guy and you like another guy or girl on girl, whatever it is, that’s the most incredible connection. Why disrespect someone else? 

I don’t like talking about it. I’ve had married men or rich people asked to take care of me or to sleep with them and they’ll give me whatever I want. There’s one person that was happily married, have two kids and asked to sleep with meI’m like, “No, I would never ever touch someone that is married. I will never touch someone because they want to give me money. 


Because that’s not who I am. 

Go into that, why? Who is that in you? 

feel like I have more standards and morals. I believe in karma. That’s one aspect of why I don’t do that. I don’t ever want that to happen to me. I would hope a woman would say no to my husband if he was trying to sleep with them, which I would hope he would never want to do that. 

Where do you learn those principles of not to go there? 

My mother. 

You said she was a single mom. 

She obviously needed to do things to help us. She raised three of us on her own, bought her own house and did all these amazing things for us. I see that in her and I would never want to be a woman that has to lower herself to get something. 

Your mom didn’t do that. You’re saying that your mom was a single mother. I could almost bet you want to have an incredible husband one day and have a great family. 

One of my exes, I never wanted to be married. I just wanted to have a kid and be like my mom. I told her that. I was like, I want to be just like you. I don’t want to have a husband. I want to make my own money and I want to raise my own kids. I fell in love for the first time and I realized that marriage is a strong thing that I want. I want a huge family. I want that connection. I see old people that have been together for 60plus years and I’m like, I want that. I love what my mom did, but I would never want to go through that. 

Do you think you’re going to find that if you don’t find your own self to be attractive or beautiful, if you feel insecure in so many different ways of doing this or that and not going there for support? How do you think you can have an incredible marriage if you can’t even support yourself in the end? I literally was ready for marriage. I’m going to buy this house in Santa Monica. I have everything, all this stuff with this girl and then shit hit the fucking fan. My life flipped upside down and everything that could happen did happen plus some. 

It feels like that happened to all of us. 

These are downs that you’ve got to remember when you get to the peak. There’s always another side. Here’s the beautiful thing. You can create a manmade flat surface at that peak if you know how to choose. What you’re talking about here is something I want to learn a little bit more about that. You shifted, you felt what love is and you know that the majority of people don’t even truly understand what a real relationship is and what that looks like. Do what you want with your life, enjoy what you want with your life. You should not in a relationship have to take something away or just not do it anymore. You can align, this is something that people mistake in all the time. There’s a difference between aligning and letting go of. When you let go of something, you’re sacrificing something. When you’re aligning with something, you’re surrendering something. It’s your own free will. It’s like, I can meet you here because it’s okay.” 

When I first fell in love with my ex-boyfriend, it was one of the worst relationships ever. With the guy I’m seeing now, it’s completely different. He lets me go do things where before with my ex, I couldn’t go out. I couldn’t have my friendsI couldn’t talk to my mom. Whereas this one is like, “You go do your thing, I’ll do my thing, then we’ll meet here. We’re both building ourselves to be together. That’s what I feel like a lot of people don’t get to have in a relationship. It’s always like, “My boyfriend won’t let me do that. My girlfriend won’t let me do that. Why would you want to be with someone that’s not letting you live your life? 

used to be that guy who was doing all these different things. I would complain or I played the victim. I’d be like, “No, don’t do that, babe.” That was all insecurity. I was so insecure about myself and my relationship. I didn’t even understand what that type of relationship was. Another important thing is with that being said is what does that relationship provide to your vision and what you want to create? Because for me, I date but to be honest, it’s tough to find somebody that is on the same wave length. 

I know what you’re saying. 

Are you saying like, Brendan, you’re crazy person?” 

No, I’m saying I 100% agree. That’s so hard to find. I feel like physical attraction is so easy. It’s that mental attraction where you guys are both in tune with each other. 

Also, if you’re not impeccable with your word, you’re not going to find that. Being impeccable with your word is always like, what do you tell yourself up here and what comes out of your mouth? What are you saying? What are the words? If you’re always like, “I can’t, I have to, this, that’s stupid. I don’t like that. I’m weird. I’m awkward. I don’t do this. I can’t do that. It literally ends up being the story of your life. 

I wasn’t always this way. I was pretty good a few years ago. 

What happened? 

I had a shitty relationship. It sucks because poor Jeff doesn’t get to have the real me because of that other person. 

Would you say Jeff is enabling you to be able to do all this? 

Yes, 100%. He’s been sitting there trying so hard to get it out. Because of my ex, it was hard. I finally opened up to this person. I was finally myself. I was showing him everything. 

You’re showing your parade. You won the Super Bowl and then he shits everywhere. 

He controlled everything. 

Have you forgiven that? 

Yes, it’s taken a long time. 

Did you forgive him and the relationship?  


It’s the greatest blessing in your life because you wanted kids but you didn’t want to be married. 

I didn’t want a relationship. 

Now you know what’s capable. You can keep on using all of that, and if it’s Jeff and you want to pursue that and evolve with that relationship, you can. It’s all about just choosing. You get to choose. I was telling you over text message, “If someone doesn’t support you in your vision fully, that person should not be your right-hand man or woman. If I’m dating someone and they truly want to go somewhere, they want to move somewhere, they want to go to med school somewhere and it’s outside of where we are. Let’s say I’m in Denver, Colorado and I start dating someone and they want to go to Miami, FloridaI want to enable that or I enroll them in seeing a variation of that vision of some possibilities that are local. 

You did that to me. You’re like, “What if you had a better group here in Colorado? 

Everything that we’ve talked about and what we’ve already brought to the table is already enough for people to take action on. Not only them but yourself as well. Just like you said, you were joking a little bit, but you’re also serious because with every joke, there is truth behind it. You said, “It’s just like you were saying about Denver and bringing all the people here. 

I think you were just trying to show me Denver can still be my place. 

I’m allowing you the opportunity to be able to see what you are either running from or wanting change from or wanting that transformation from. Whatever that is, own it. Find it and see itWherever you go, if it’s California, if it’s Florida, if it’s Texas, it will follow you. Ipeople around you are assholes, look at yourself and how you’re communicating and how you’re showing up for those people around you. It will literally be clear as day once you see it. In Denver, you don’t know. You might get an awesome opportunity and all of sudden have all these incredible friends around you here in Denver, and you have a nonprofit that’s helping the homeless on the streets that you’ve lived on for so long. You’re like, “I wanted to move to LA. Why did I want to move to LA when I have all of this? I can still move to LA. Let me get this nonprofit squared away so I could go and do that in LA now. It’s that type of thinking, be open-minded as you go through this process of like, “When am I going to move to LA? What am I going to do in LA?” Look at your longterm future because you can make a massive impact on the streets because you’re already familiar. You know about this stuff. What’s more important right in your life? Is it to just live in California or is it to get into building that nonprofit that you might want or building that stuff? 

I’ve been going back and forth with myself and I think other people view it as me being indecisive. That’s a big decision. 

I don’t think it’s indecisive at all. I think you’re weighing your options and the options are both beautiful, big and visionary. You moving to California and experiencing it is so important. I think you need to do it. You get to do it 100%. Me coming here to Denver, people didn’t understand like, “Why? You have everything. What are you doing? You have a house on the top of the hills.” What’s your Instagram? 

It’s @JacqZucc. 

Definitely go follow her and see what she’s up to and encourage her to zone in on her vision because you do have something that’s incredible in you that you get to provide to the world on social media. I encourage you to do it more. 

They can even do a video of how to dance with your name. 

Thank you for tuning in for another episode of the CreateU Experience. We’re here all the time. We create experiences before we even jump into this. Guests by guests, we have an absolutely incredible time. Remember to write her review on iTunesTune in for the next episode and I’ll see you next time.

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About Jacqueline Zuccherino

CUE 38 | Truth Behind Being AttractiveWhen Jacqueline Zuccherino came to the United States and entered kindergarten, she spoke little English. In addition, there were no bilingual classes for Italian speakers. She lived with her grandmother at the time and was shy and reserved. She, however, quickly became fluent in English and familiar with all things American. Later, Jacqueline was reunited with the rest of her family, and they moved to Colorado. Jacqueline instantly fell in love with the majestic Rocky Mountains.

While attending public high school, Jacqueline worked part-time in retail sales. She was a party coordinator for children’s events and a hostess at several local eateries. Later, Jacqueline’s family decided to homeschool her to better suit their traveling lifestyle. She then traveled with her mother to Costa Rica and Mexico to provide aid to physically and mentally challenged children and adults who were living in local faith-based facilities.

Episode 37: Eat Unhealthy & Build Your Body!


With the wealth of information available to us today, we have a better understanding of what is good or bad for us in terms of our food choices. This level of comprehension about nutrients, carbs, and fats makes us realize how poorly we did in the past. Can we still make changes though? Brendan Meyers shares an effective but easy-to-do strategy for making healthier food choices that are enjoyable, because if you’re not enjoying, what’s the point, right?

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Eat Unhealthy & Build Your Body!

The 20% Rule Of Eating

I want to talk about the 20% rule of eating. Can you eat unhealthily? I come from a background where at first my journey was all about, “Eat as much as you can, Brendan. Get as big as possible. You need to get to this size. You need to play football. If you’re not 190 pounds, you’re not going to be able to.” It consumed my mind. I was like, “4,000 calories, 5,000 calories, 6,000 calories,” every single day. I remember way back in the day, I would have a 1,000-calorie shake called Russian Bear 5000. Usually, you’re supposed to put the whole thing in a gallon of milk and it’s 5,000 calories. There was deer antler in there; it’s wild. I would only take about 1,000 calories. I would do that two times a day. After my 1,000 calories shake, I would have a full breakfast meal and then at night I would finish off with my Russian Bear 5000.

It was mind-blowing to me how I even did it. I was 120 pounds, then 140, 150, 160 pounds. I was gaining weight like crazy, but it was very unhealthy. The way I was building my body was very unhealthy. I shifted from super unhealthy for so many years. I wasn’t super unhealthy but I didn’t care about it. I thought Chipotle with double chicken, double rice, double fajitas and double tortilla was the way to go. That was super healthy and I’m totally cool. I started to get into the nitty-gritty of things and I was like, “I didn’t know this oil wasn’t too good for you. I didn’t know that this much gluten for me personally wasn’t too good for me.” I started looking at my hormones and it opened up my mind to a whole different level. I went from eating okay to eating so refined like, “What is this? What is that?”

CUE 37 | Rule Of Eating


Now years and years after learning about nutrition and doing all these different things, I’m eating with the 80/20 Rule. I live by the 80/20 Rule and during prep, sometimes I go to 30%. I don’t care what’s in it, I just want it to taste good. I want to use that very loosely but also I want to be very specific with this. Loosely in the sense of I don’t always do this, you have to keep that in mind. Also, very pinpointed and direct that I stay away from things regardless, no matter what. High-fructose corn syrup, I’m not going to eat it. I just won’t. Maybe once or twice in a few months, that’s fine. I’m not going to eat it in day-to-day or even weekly or anything like that.

I stay away from a lot of dairy products, to be honest. That’s my personal preference because it doesn’t mess with my stomach too much, but it does affect my acne and stuff. I don’t like any flare-ups and I don’t want any of that stuff. My 20% rule of eating, that rule of thumb is if it fits my macros. I use this if let’s say I want a little waffle, I’ll get a waffle, but I’ll eat a healthier waffle. It’s not like a horrible waffle. I’ll get something that has a little bit better ingredients inside of it. For instance, I’ve had Rice Krispies Treats, but I didn’t have a regular Rice Krispies Treats. I had an organic and by the way organic is off and on, but it’s a little iffy. I can get into that another day.

I had a Rice Krispies Treats and it was from a place called Natural Grocers. If you have never been to one, it’s one of the best grocery stores that I’ve ever been to, honestly. It’s hands down one of the best here in Denver, Colorado. If you come into town, check it out, Natural Grocers. These Rice Krispies Treats, they didn’t have as much sugar, they didn’t have the same ingredients. It was made from more foods that are nutrient-dense. I was like, “Cool, this is sweet. I can have this. It’s in my 20%.” Generally, I have huge servings of vegetables. I’m having very delicious meats and wild game meats, things like wild boar. I’ll have a bison. I’ll have so many different types of fish. Sole is hands down one of the tastiest fish I’ve ever had and the lightest fish. I love that type of fish.

I stay away from chicken. I don’t eat chicken. I think it’s the dirtiest bird, to be honest. Anything that’s so mass-produced on that level, I’ll stay away from it in my 80%, generally. Sometimes I have chicken once in a while. I also don’t eat too many eggs and that’s more so in my 20% because it does affect my hormones a little bit in a way. I’m sensitive to consuming eggs and it might give me a little acne on my back or something like that. I stay away from that. Also bread, bagels is something that I put in my 20%. I generally have a cleaner bagel, something that’s a little bit better for me, not too shitty for me. That’s one of my 20% rules. I learned to adopt this into my lifestyle because since I’ve been prepping and I hop on stage for men’s physique. I don’t know if you know anything about that. You’re flexing on stage all your muscles and you’re looking fresh with all that nice tan and you’re so oiled up like a baby.

CUE 37 | Rule Of Eating


I have no clue about this, it’s my first ever show, but I’m getting pretty lean. I want to get down to 5% to 6% body fat. Who’s counting anyway? It’s all about the muscle. I learned that if I don’t enjoy myself, then I am going to have strong urges and I’m going to be brutal. I found some cool tips that I’m providing on my YouTube. It’s like twelve of the greatest tips for prep or losing fat, but also enjoying your foods. One of them was these noodles called Miracle Noodles where there are only two carbs in an entire bag. If you know me, I love pasta. If I can get a zero-calorie pasta, I am chopping up and down, I’m clapping. That’s not made out of anything pretty much bad. I’m able to say, “This is definitely on my 80% and I can have those as often as I want.”

There are a lot of different things that I’ve learned about this prep. It’s to enjoy yourself. You need to enjoy yourself because if you don’t enjoy yourself and you’re at 100% or 90%, it’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be brutal on your mind. You’re going to wish you don’t have the broccoli in front of you, you’re going to wish you don’t have this. Also sauces, I eat a lot of different foods with a lot of different sauces and seasoning. Seasoning is a big thing. With seasonings, you don’t have to worry about the 20%, but sauces, you definitely do. I have so many different, I couldn’t even look. My favorite sauce in the entire world is buffalo sauce, hands down. I found a buffalo sauce with a very low amount of carbs, like one carb in a tablespoon. I’ll have two tablespoons, there are two carbs and it’s delicious.

There's nothing better than the feeling and knowing that you're growing healthy and thriving. Click To Tweet

That goes into my 20% and because it’s such a minimal amount of calories, that 20% is pretty high. I can use a lot of those sauces in a lot of my foods. If you switch them, you know what happens in the bathroom. You don’t want to fuck with that. In all seriousness, when you summarize everything that we’re talking about, it’s enjoy yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy and if that’s a cookie, if that is chocolate, if that is a sour gummy bear, if that’s mac and cheese, I love mac and cheese. If that’s ribs to you, if that’s beef, whatever you think that’s unhealthy for you, it’s okay. You could have it absolutely, just don’t go overboard and look at your overall day and what you’re consuming and everything and take care of yourself. Take care of yourself from A to Z.

CUE 37 | Rule Of EatingGet those micronutrients in every single day. Stay on track with your macronutrients. You got to know what your macronutrients, proteins, carbs and fats and you’ll be golden, especially if you’re counting your calories and you’re on board every single day. There’s nothing better and not a better feeling than knowing you’ve hit every single macro and you’re fulfilled and they’re all filled with incredible micronutrients and also other foods that you enjoy. There’s nothing better than that feeling and knowing that you’re growing, that you’re healthy and that you’re thriving. That’s what it’s all about. It will also help your mental health. It helps with stress, what you’re consuming, being on a regimen, strategizing and structure. It’s a beautiful thing.

That’s all I wanted to talk about was the 20% rule. Enjoy yourself. This is confirmation for you. If you came here for that, go ahead and have those Costco muffins. I’m prepping. This is what the tough part is, cookies, waffle, pancakes, IHOP, bison burger, chicken wings. Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the CreateU Experience. This is a Quick Time Friday. Remember, CreateU Greens and CreateU Nutrition is officially launched. Go check that out. We have incredible reviews.

We’ve received so many reviews on this product saying that it tastes ten out of ten. They thought it was going to be so earthy, it smells earthy, but when they tasted it, it was like, “This isn’t too sweet. This isn’t too bland. It’s perfect.” It’s that perfect taste. We’ve been testing this over months and months. There are 40-plus ingredients, superfoods, all these micronutrients. We have prebiotic in the Greens itself. They’re also coming out with a very incredible high-grade probiotic and prebiotic all in one here very soon. Also, Creatine HCL is going to be out here, which I’m super excited about. A lot of cool things are happening and I want you to be a part of it.

CUE 37 | Rule Of Eating


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Episode 36: Coming Out Of A Dark Place, Flexible Coaching, And Leveling Up Daily with Ben Green


In many stories of redemption and finding your purpose, there is a certain breaking point that makes us rethink about the life we currently live. For Ben Green, before becoming a health and fitness professional, it was coming out from a dark place of drug addiction and destructive habits. In this episode, he inspires us to get out of our dark places and enhance our life with the help of fitness. Ben shares some of his successful coaching strategies and structures that you can implement in your own life. At the end of the day, only you can truly transform yourself and build that leveled-up life.

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Coming Out Of A Dark Place, Flexible Coaching, And Leveling Up Daily with Ben Green

Find Your Purpose And Run With It

We’re on SpotifyGoogle Store and all of those things. Type us in on any audio platform, especially iTunes. We’re also on YouTube. Remember when you join us on YouTube, we create an experience before the actual show begins so that we can get you a little bit amped up and excited for the guest who’s joining us and also learn something for yourself. We do this so that you can take the next step in your life as well and maybe relate or gain some inspiration. That was super exciting. 

We actually went through a bodybuilding leg workout. I’m not a bodybuilder or anything like that, but it was definitely exciting and I’ve been getting more and more intrigued by bodybuilding, especially when I trained with guys like Ben here. Also rememberwhen you review the podcast on iTunes, give us your email. Make sure you put the review on iTunes so we know and you get seven incredible free gifts from us like meal plans, workout plans and business builders checklists and everything. 

I want to introduce you to Ben Green. This is my friend who came all the way out from South WestUK from Exeter, England. Not only is he jacked and he destroyed me as we did some functional movements. He’s yatted. He has a family. He’s a coach. He is going through some transitions in his life. The cool thing about him is he’s willing to get uncomfortable and that’s what I enjoy most. You have a following on social media. It’s not a million, it’s not a hundred, but you have a good following and you also have a good base in your life and you’re like me. We’re ordinary dudes rolling through life and we have some cool things that have happened in our lives. What’s up? 

I’m good. I’m excited to be invited out by Brendan. 

Ben, I told you not to tell me your story when we were sitting down. By the way, we just met. He came out here, he flew out here to take the opportunity. I’m grateful for that. I didn’t ask what happened and I told you to stop telling me what happened in your life because I wanted everyone else to hear it. Tell us the rough patches and then tell us where you are now. 

The reason I’m here is finding a passion through fitness. I didn’t always have that passion. I lived a dark life. I’ve been through drug addictions more than anything. I started with a little bit of weed when I was twelve years old. 

When I was twelve, I was rolling down the hills with my friends. 

It was a little bit different then. It escalated from there. In my late teens, I got into my biggest addiction, which was cocaine. 

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By the way, you can be extremely vulnerable on this. This is the one place. The thing is that all this stuff lives inside of you. This is what people don’t express. This is shit that holds you back in the areas of your life. You getting these stories out there is going to relate to so many people, not only with my social and the people in the audience, but also your social. This is stuff that people want to hear. They want to hear, “What’s the story?” Get vulnerable. 

Pretty much my drug addictions spanned from the age of twelve right through my mid-twenties. I created some very destructive habits which were no longer serving me. Fitness gave me a purpose. I found my passion and it gave me some drive and discipline. It made me the person who I am. The person I was several years ago was a mess. I had no drive, no ambition. 

When you say a mess, who were you? People need to relate to this. They need a way to relate to this. 

I wasn’t even living in for the weekend. I was doing it any chance I could. It was an escape. 

Cocaine, alcohol, weed and everything. Have you ever done any serious hard drugs? 


Actually, cocaine’s pretty rough. 

In the society I live, it was like an everyday thing. 

Like London? 

Yeah. There’s still a big scene down there for it. I didn’t get forced on it. I just chose the wrong path. 

Now you’ve chosen a different path and that’s the beauty of it. I don’t want to skip over where they quickly and be like whatever, because there’s a lot of stuff in there. There’s a lot of stuff that someone in the audience or we know someone, I know someone that may be going something through something similar. I want to be able to understand where your mindset was and in that bridge. Let’s bridge that gap to where you took that next step and got into fitness and even more, because I want to actually talk about some strategies and structures to your coaching and how you’re so successful with it so that people can take this in and implement it into their own lives to be a coach themselves. Let’s paint this picture for them of who you were. Paint the picture for us. 

I was basically trying to escape the life I was living because I didn’t have a drive, ambition and purpose. I was a general builder at the time. I was getting good money.  

It’s the construction in the United States, that’s what you call it. 

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It got to a point where I hit some dark times. Some of my lowest times, I locked myself in my room and shut myself off from the world and get high. In time, something switched inside of me and at the time I was dabbling with training but never taken it seriously. I like the way training made me feel good and I started to create some healthier habits. 

You started to create you. 

Yeah, but I couldn’t kick what got a hold on me. 

What did you feel like that hold was? 

The minute I thought about it, I pretty much already done it in my eyes. 

When you thought about getting high, when you thought about doing something, immediately you thought you had no discipline and no consistency. 

It gets to the point where you do it and you beat yourself up because you are doing it. 

You do it again because you’re so stressed. You keep on going. It’s a rabbit hole. 

It comes to the point where I thought, “Ben, you’re a fucking shit.” You start to think, “Where am I going to be five years from now continuing on this journey I’m on?” I’ve told my story never indepth like this but on social media and some places and people have reached out to me and said they can relate. It’s about creating habits, which supercharge your life or enhance your life or enhance your quality of living involved in these destructive habits which you cannot break off. You can break out of anything. You’ve just got to want to end it. You’ve got to want it bad enough. 

What was the breaking point for you? Was it a certain scenario, something that happened?  

Being on a week-long bender getting on it. 

I don’t want you to hold back because it’s this blocker in your life. It’s like, “I just forgot about it.” The truth is you never forgot about this stuff because it comes up again and again. You also need to control yourself still. It’s lifelong of control. You control the situation now and forever in your mind by going there, embracing it, saying, “During this week I did this on Monday. I did this on Wednesday. I did this and this and I was fucked up. The way I got through it was blah, blah, blah.” Tell us because I want you to get uncomfortable with it. I asked the questions so I know you’re there. Walk us through that week. 

BasicallyI actually skipped off work and got a load of stuff and locked myself out. I locked myself in my room. It wasn’t Monday that I did that or Tuesday. It was a whole week I’d done. It was every day. 

You would wake up and you would start going. 

I wasn’t waking up. I wasn’t sleeping. That shit keeps you up. 

Were you playing video games at the time? 

Yeah, I was doing pretty much nothing. I wasn’t even doing it to be social. That’s when you realize that you have a serious problem. This is an addiction. This isn’t just going out with your friends and having a good time. This is something much darker than that. That’s when I talked a little while to myself. 

What was that facing yourself in the mirror like? 

I didn’t like what I see. I didn’t like what I essentially created. 

What did you create at that point?  

I created a waste of space. I didn’t have anything to me. 

I got chills. How many people are wasting space in their life? How many clients do you have that all the insecurities, the selfdoubt and the self-talk come up and they’re wasting space? That’s something that I’m going to put on the wall in my room, “Stop wasting space.” 

It’s easy to get caught up in our daytoday living and go on autopilot, but my autopilot was not something which I wanted to be. 

It wasn’t your autopilot, it was a drugs autopilot and it was the mental side of it and the discipline that wasn’t actually in autopilot. What I’m guessing and from what I’m hearing is you learned, “No one’s going to be able to transform myself unless I truly want it.” You took the stand for yourself. Let’s bridge the gap. During this time, that week was brutal. Where was it? What did you do to get out of this?  

I made the list of all the shit that wasn’t serving me: Oreos, Cheetos, cocaine, weed and alcohol. 

I started with Cheetos and Oreo. 

I wasn’t even eating at the time, but then I started to make a list of all the stuff that made me happy and brought me up. 

CUE 36 | Fitness And Coaching
Fitness And Coaching: You’re not going to be able to transform yourself unless you truly want it 100%.


Do you remember some of those?  

It was definitely the gym because I was already dabbling in it but never taken it seriously. It was the gym. ObviouslyI’ve got a very addictive personality. I felt like I’ve got to put this effort I’m doing into destroying my life and making it a bit more of a positive thing. Fitness gave me that. It made me feel good. It gave me purpose, it gave me passion and it gave me drive and discipline, which is something I never had before. It was something that I didn’t think I had because I was always looking for the escape room. 

Let me ask you, where does this escape route come from? How’s your relationship with your mom and dad? 

We’ve got a good relationship. I’ve had a very good upbringing as well. It’s literally the fight or flight shows. It was more so my self-belief and my self-worth about myself. 

It’s all derived from somewhere. You’ve got to understand that. I bring this up all the time, your mom and dad. What’s your relationship with your mom? What’s your relationship with your dad? Is your relationship good with both of them?  


You love them to death. You’d do anything for them. They would do anything for you. You had a good upbringingDo you have a brother? 


Do you have a sister? 

No, just a younger brother.  

When you were growing up, did you feel any type of way with that relationship where maybe your parents were giving him a little bit more attention or anything like that? 

No. I had good upbringing. Obviouslyyou speak to people with violent upbringings, who are from broken families. My family’s not broken. 

That’s not what I’m getting at. What I’m getting at is some people have broken families, some people have a broken father or mother, brother or they’re jealous of whatever. I was bullied my whole childhood. I have my own things. Some of people’s issues isn’t their family. It’s actually the people that were around them that surrounded them. It might have been one of your best friends that started having that. He had a bad upbringing and you realized that you were around him but you cared about him. You wanted to be best friends with him and he went through something. It’s something. 

For me growing up, I never felt like I fit in. I don’t know why, but I felt like I didn’t fit in with the crowds. When I go into a circle of friends who we will be doing it, it’s a bit of a laugh, but it was the first time you felt acknowledged. I felt like I fit in. I felt like I had a good group of friends. 

Do you remember that first group of friends? 

Yeah. A lot of them I still stay in touch with now, but I don’t hang around with him as much as I used to because I’m not in that circle. I got myself away from that. 

This is the shit that I love. Why are you still holding onto some of those relationships? Do they serve you? Have you actually sat down and thought, “These people that were in my life served me?” You’re going through a stagnant period where it’s like, “What exactly am I doing with social and stuff?” A lot of this could have a big effect from that. It could be you’re holding on to things that you don’t want to let go of like fitting in. It could be that you’re still holding on to that little thread of fitting in because you have those friends, when the friends that you want around you are right in front of you and you might not even see it. What are your thoughts about that? Do those friends serve you and your life and what you’re creating? 

They’re my friends. They don‘t serve me and I don’t serve them. 

Do you know that you don’t serve them? Serving isn’t about giving. It’s about, do they inspire you? Do they motivate you? Are they on a similar path as you? Are they in a growth mindset? Are they doing this and that? It’s cool to still have them as people in your life in some way, shape or fashion, but not as people that are close to you and growing and growingOnce you surround yourself with those people that are growing and growing at every stage of their life, it’s so empowering. I’ve been through this where I let go of all those other people in my life and I’m still friends with them, but I don’t associate myself very much with them at all. I don’t talk to them very often. I don’t actually at all. It’s because I have people in my life that I know are in the growth mindset. I can inspire them and I send blessings to them all the time, but I know that it doesn’t serve me. When I hang around them or whatever it is, I get it pulled back a little bit and like, “This is bringing up all the shit.” That’s very important to think about. With that being said, do you feel like you surround yourself with the people that are in this growth mindset and focusing on the same type of things that you are? 

Yeah, 100%. My circle of friends now are people who want to be better, who want to do more, who want to learn more, who want to aim higher. Stephanie helped me become even more driven and disciplined. Now, I do tend to socialize with more people who are on the same mindset as me and want more life.  

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Are they mostly fitness people? 

No, more like business people as well. I’ve got businesspeople close. As much as I like fitness, I want to be able to build a business, which is helping other people achieve their goals in fitness and trying to help transform their lives. I need to be able to learn about business in order for me to impact more people.  

Your business is doing well, you’re doing well. This is very interesting. You told me about your parents and everything like that moving there. Let’s bridge that gap from when you were going through that tough time to training again and finding a passion. How did you get into coaching?  

Funnily enough, I’ll give a shout out to Luke Woods. He started working at a gym I started going to and he befriended me. He said, “What are you doing?” I was like, I’m just training.” He’s probably challenging me. I got in good shape and I’ve got the bug. That was the first time I’ve got good results. He gave me structure as well, what to train, what to eat. I’ve got a passion for it. It gave me the passion. At the timeI had my own plaster business. I’ve been in construction all my life. You call it drywalling. I got to a point in my life where I was like, “Where am I going to be five years from now? 

I do ask myself these questions. It wasn’t plastering and I didn’t want to do that. I was like, “What can I do? went straight for like, “What earns good money?” That was what I went for straight. It’s what a lot of people do. It could be a lawyer or a solicitor. I was like, “I’m not that person. What am I passionate about and what have I learned about? What can I give back to others?” It was standing in front of me, fitness. I went on and at the time I got back from traveling with my then Mrs. She just became my fiancée. 

You call her a Mrs. before they are a fiancée? What do you say once they’re married to you? 


This is going to be gold for me. I’m dating. I’m going to be on the streets and be like, “Hello, Mrs. Do you want to be my Mrs.?” Then you say wifey. You don’t just say wife. 

The minute she’s my fiancée but I call her my wifeytobe. We found out we were going to have a little boy. I was coming up to being 30 years old and I was like, I’ve got to do something about this now.” At the same time, the Mrs. is pregnant, I have my own plastering thing going on and then I was studying to be a personal trainer as well. It was hectic but it gave me focus. I get up at 4:00 in the morning. I prep my food and get to the gym at 6:00. I go to a full day on the site. I then come home, spend a bit on my boy, put him to bed and then study. 

Soon enough you started training more people. How did you take that transition online? 

Transitioning online was a lot harder than I thought. It came down to having a message and trying to put that message out to a certain group of people and say, “I’ve walked this path. I’ve gone from somebody who is out of shape, someone who didn’t have habits and routines to being able to build the habits and routines to stay in shape. 

How do you survive in a saturated market? 

Be yourself. Too many people are trying to copy other people. I also followed that in the beginning because you look around and you see what other people are doing and you try and copy them, but you just become a commodity. You’ve got to do your own thing and have your own message and be passionate about what you do. Know your shit as wellbecause there are too many people out there I see. They can get all the people in, but they’re like a client farm churning them over. I want to be able to build a real relationship with my clients and help them become the person that they want to become. I like to think about it as creating a new identity like I had to create a new identity from the person who I was to the person I am now. 

People do need to do this in order for you to truly transform, not just in the mirror. It needs to start uwith your mindset on it. What most people do is they look at what they don’t like to see in the mirror and then that’s the pain point, that trigger point to do something to it. At the same time, they feel like working out is a chore, eating healthy is a chore when it shouldn’t be. That shit gives you a quality of life when you fully embrace it. That’s what I’m trying to get across to people and not trying to brainwash you. You’ve got to want to do it. I can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. I’m not going to force you to do ten squats, but does that mean you’re going to do it when I’m not there? No. 

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How do you structure your coaching in a way that people feel very comfortable to continue with you and they know that they have this growth with you? 

For me, the first phase is stripping them back to basics and getting them to understand a bit more about that body and how it works. Realize that I do actually give a shit about them and I’m here to help them get the quality of life that they’ve not necessarily had or they’ve had it but not stuck it. It’s trying to be out in green hobbies and routines. 

Do you have Facebook group with that? 

Yes. I run a Facebook group, take on so many people and we do it like that. We try to work more closely with people. 

Do you do check-ins?  

I do check-ins. Obviously, I have a lot more online clients. I check in with them weekly. I try to teach them a bit about mindset, habits and routines. I believe getting in shape and staying in shape comes down to habits and routines at the end of the day. It’s like business as well. It’s like having certain habits or routines. People lack that daytoday structure. They get up, go to work, eat whatever they want and they feel shit for it. 

What’s one habit that you teach? 

I try to install a good morning routine, setting yourself up for the day. It’s simple little things like even getting up, making your beds and then try to do a little bit of meditation. It’s something we always were very skeptical about. It was a waste of time. 

Me too, I thought so at one point. 

It wasn’t until about a week in, I started to actually be able to create space and it shifted my mindset even more and allowed me to focus more as well. I always try to write down the three most important tasks I want to accomplish that day and cold showers as well. I do cold showers every morning. 

Do you tell a lot of your clients to do the same thing? 


As you experiment and you test and you figure out things about yourself, you then bring it to people and you’re like, “I know this. 

I’m always the guinea pig, so to speak. I’m the one who will try it and if it works for me, I will suggest it. I don’t say you have to do this because everyone’s different but at the same time, if it works for me, it might work for you. What’s the harm? What happens if it doesn’t work for you? You drop out. 

This is very interesting because this comes up very often. Coaches, mentors or people that are running businesses, they become stagnant with their own growth. I’m a testament of this sometimes. I’m like, “I don’t need to read any books. Remember we were in the car and I was like, “I don’t need to read any psychology books. It’s from experience for me.” That’s like an ego thing. What you’re basically saying is, “I’m willing to learn. I’m willing to go through some trial periods so that I can find ways to level up you as my client. Where does that come from? Why do you even do that? Is it because your vision is so powerful? Is it because you want to make sure that you show up for your client? Is it that you’re interested?  

The way I look at this is I like to obviously give back. I like working with people. I like helping them be more. The sheer factor is pretty much in my twenties, a big chunk of it was wasted time. I wasted my life. I feel like I’m almost making up for it and it’s not making up like giving back to other people, it’s because it’s what I generally want to do. Life to me now is like a game of leveling up. You level up your mindset. I think you need to keep leveling up daily and aim to be 1% better each day. Not every day is going to go according to plan, but make sure you’re giving it your all. Don’t leave anything to chance and don’t live a life of regret. For example, you offered me out on this show and could have said no, but then at the same time I knew that if I did say, I would have regretted it. It’s an opportunity. 

You have to be with Meyers. I’m one of the most handsome guys on the internet. I have these glasses that just purchased. You can’t say no to that. 

At the same time, a lot of people write certain things off and I know deep down they regret it. I made a pact to myself never to live life with regret. 

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This is cool. You look at leveling up and everything, but nowadays you’ve been talking about, I’m feeling a little stagnant in different ways.” What is this feeling? I want to work through this. 

I wasn’t someone who do social media. I started doing it obviously for our business, to try and get my message out to people and start to get a bit of a following. I don’t know. 

It didn’t resonate with you, right? 


I already know. What it feels like is you’re not going there with your social media. You’re not passionate about it. The vulnerability isn’t there because if you’re feeling stagnant with your social media especially, a lot of it comes down to you’re not expressing yourself 100%. 

I’ve got a habit of shutting it down, but shutting it down and going into my own little thing. 

I want to acknowledge you by the way, you went there with this show. When I was like, “I’m going to hold you, hold yourself to a high standard. I can only hold so many other people and hold space for other people for so long. I’m exhausted to be honest because I hold space for people all the time. I’m like, “You’re better than that. You can do way better than that. You’re not being present enough. You’re not showing up enough.” You start doing that with yourself. You took that stand for yourself with drug abuse and all of that and then going into fitness and now building a family and all of this stuff. Actually, you said that you’re moving back with your parents before you buy house. 

We move back in with the parents. It threw me out of my routines. I’m a sucker for routines and first week there, I’ve done a whole big Instagram Story around nutrition as well because I wanted to give back to other people and teach them how to build meal plans. After that, my focus shifted elsewhere more so around training my clients and put the old content on the back burner. I found it hard to get back into this time around. At the time, I was just taking breaks. 

You’re back in a setting that started the thing in your life that happened. 

I’m back in the same room as well. 

You’re dealing with it. You’re embracing it. It’s not going to be easy. What you should be doing is meditating in that room. What you should be doing is embracing being in that room. Work your ass off in that room, transform that room into what it actually is. You’re doing that, but being stagnant while you’re in that room, this is where you need to level up. In all seriousness, this is the time that you need to level up. You get to level up and you find ways. Don’t settle for not posting. Keep posting. The thing is that once you get out and buy that house, this is another acknowledgment for you. The fact that you moved back at home with your soontobewife and your child, it’s a testament to your growth and what you’re willing to do to build what you want and your vision. That’s beautiful.  

I acknowledge you for that and going there was a big step. You getting vulnerable and talking about this stuff, talking about this room and talking about the things that happened in your life, you’re going to relate to so many people. You’re going to see your social media grow 100% if you’re consistent with it as well. Share workouts. You’re in shape. You’re a good-looking dude. You’ve got tatts. People like to see this stuff. You’ve got a full beard, I’ve got half-ass. That’s what I’ve got. You’re so blessed to have what you have and to have a family and parents. Take that as a stepping stone. 

always feel like I’m taking a back step at the minute. It’s actually the next step to where I ultimately want to get to. 

Stop telling yourself that it’s a backstep because it’s not a backstep. This is not a reverse launch. It’s a forward launch and we’re doing 70pound dumbbells on each side. That’s warmup. This is not a step back. This is a huge step forward. The way I see it is that your vision is so strong and you moving back in is a massive testament. That’s all I see it. Embrace who you are. Talk about it. To our audience, pay close attention to this. Social media is a platform to be social. It’s not a post a photo and be like, “What’s up, dude?” with a fire Emoji and then get 10,000 likes. You can do that, but you’re failing yourself, you’re failing society, you’re failing the growth of society. You’re not adding value to anybody.  

A lot of those texts and stuff comes from ego. I have friends that do it, like I’m not going to bullshit and be like, “I’m going to protect my friendship for this,” or whatever. I love all my friends. The fact of the matter is it comes from the ego spot. I’ve done it in the past. I’ll put something up because I know I’m going to get a bunch of likes and comments and stuff, but that’s not serving anyone. I would rather get 5,000 likes instead of 10,000 likes and know that I’m serving 4,000 people rather than only serving 500 people that get motivated or inspired to go train. I have people all around the world that trust me with all they have and that will always stay. Even if they don’t comment on my stuff or like on my stuff, if they see me, they come up to me like, “Thank you for allowing me to see what was greater in my life and the vision that I could create.” They created it and that’s why maybe they don’t even need to follow me anymore. I did my due diligence. 

I never set out with the intention of inspiring or motivating people, but I found that I had people reaching out to me and saying, I’ve got back into the gym because of what I’ve seen. You’re very motivating and inspiring.” Motivation is one of those things that comes and goes. If that’s a thing to get you going, then use it and then rely on building discipline after. Social media is that double-edged sword. People say, “It’s fake,” and all this. I was like, “It’s fake if you want it to be fake or if you want to go down and connect with people, network with people and help inspire and educate people, then it’s an awesome tool to use.” This is something which I’m still getting my head around. 

CUE 36 | Fitness And Coaching


This is what I want you to do and anybody else that’s struggling with this stuff too, take the next step as well. I want you to schedule out how many times are you going to post over the next week. I would love to see you post every other day and bring it back. You‘re in Denver, Colorado. Take some videos or photos and post them. Take your shirt off, get some workouts in and literally write a long caption for each of them. Can you do that, honestly?  


I’ll see you posting. Post every other day. 

It’s always getting into this where I was doing it every day, but it goes to point where I didn’t schedule and it’s become, “What am I going to do now?” You start not bringing value. 

You said that you struggle with structure, strategies and stuff like that when you’re not structured. You’re like, “I don’t like that.” 

I’m not an off the cuff person. 

You are. This is the thing. You doing the thing is embracing that you are all of it. I never thought I was adventurous. I thought I was a structured guy like you. I’m living in Denver, Colorado. NowI train however I want without somebody telling me what I needed to do or what I want. I played collegiate football, American football. I wanted to go to the NFL. It was my dream. What I realized is that it wasn’t a dream that I wanted. It was a dream that other people wanted and I saw that and I knew that it would give me validation, so I shifted. We are more than we even think. We’re all born the same way. I say this all the time, we are all born the same way. Where is the disconnect? It’s the things that we’ve went through that we’ve experienced and we’re like, “I’m not this way,” the truth is as you start experiencing those types of things, watch how much thrill you gained from it. 

You don’t need to. It’s not a need. You get to. You have a luxury of posting on social media. My engagement stuff has gone down a little bit. It’s because I’ve transitioned from fitness. People didn’t even know that I owned businesses. People didn’t know what I did. They don’t know all these different things and so I’m in a big transition in my businesses and my social media game and everything like that. I’m not going to settle because other people were like, “What is going on?” No. This is something that I feel inside of me is the right path for me. If there’s something for you that you feel like is the right path for you, and that’s posting in a way where you get your story out there and you enjoy this part of it, do it and not needing a crazy structure to it. Just post. You have a kid, you have a baby, right?  

Yeah, my little boy. 

Do some squats with him on your shoulders. You want those memories and talk about what it means to have somebody in your life like that. The ideas are there. It’s just that you’re clouded. 

Showing who I am and what I’m about is very important. There’s no point in being fake because people always see through that shit. In the first thing of social media, I thought I’d post what other people want to see, but the minute I was starting to transition into being who I am, I am who I am and I will never change up then it’s these past few weeks moving back in with your parents. 

Stop talking about that. The way you talk about it immediately, did you see the shift in demeanor? Literally, whenever you’re on a roll, you go back toI moved back with my parents,” rather than, “I fucking moved back in my parents. I’m excited to be around my parents that aren’t going to live forever, that aren’t going to see my baby be 40 years old.” It’s that type of thinking, so it’s time to shift. That’s all it is. It’s time to post. It’s time to do what you do and stop settling for anything less. What it sounds like is that you aren’t surrounding yourself with the right people because the people that are right for you, stand for that. They stand for you posting. They stand for you taking the next step. 

It’s hard to find those people unfortunately because a lot of people are wasting space, but that people around you that you want are there, you’ve got to talk to them. You’ve got to go to a random guy in the gym, go out to a client. You can even talk to a client about the shit that you’re going through sometimes. I’m sure you do. I’m sure you have a couple of relationships here and there that you talked about. When you surround yourself with people that are in this growth mindset, they do not hold you to a lower standard. My food, at certain points in my life like I would eat bad because I’m a stress eater. I would eat, I would get a voice memo from my very good friend, Gotham, very close friend, “What did you eat? 

Why is he taking the next step to hold me to a higher standard? It’s because I do the same thing for him and we’re on the same path together. We’re here to grow and create us, create you. That’s the thing. It’s surrounding yourself with those people. Everyone says, “Surround yourself with the best five people you want to be,” whatever you want to grow into or whatever it is. The truth is a lot of us don’t even know when we have those people around us.  

We always take it for granted. 

It comes out of support. How much you want to bet you do not ask for support from people? 

It’s the amount of thing. 

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That’s society. What you said, that statement, it’s a man thing. Fuck, it’s a man thing. I don’t believe in that. What I believe in is that if you’re not asking for support, you’re not serving anything. You’re not serving society. You’re not serving your family. You’re not serving your vision. You’re wasting space when you don’t ask for support. Until we grasp that, we’ll never know. You’re coaching. You want to level it up, start posting a little bit more. You already have a successful coaching business. You already have systems in place. You’ve already explained it to everybody, they’ve heard it. 

Now it’s time for you to level up in a different way where they even see the same benefits that you’re receiving. Because once you level up in this way, trust me, when you’re coaching people, they know that you’re stagnant. It’s a feeling. When I’m stagnant, when I’m exhausted, my team knows when I’m exhausted. I’m not there as much. I’m not present, “Where is your mind at? Are you okay? Are you good? I’m a little all over the place. Why didn’t you ask to talk?” That’s the man thing to do, don’t talk like, “I got this, but the truth is I’m failing myself.” Do you feel me?  

Yeah. I’ve never been too proud to admit when I’m wrong or admit when I need help, but it gets to that point. It gets to them a little bit later than they should. You’re prolonging it a little bit more than that you should. 

Those are some of the things that you get to work on now and the audience gets to work on that. It’s writing some things down that they want to accomplish first, knowing that they have that and they set the intention, My intention is to start working towards this.” Let’s speak in form of a coaching business. Let’s say you want to get ten more clients or whatever it is. You want to hire an assistant coach, whatever it is. It’s putting that on paper, knowing that it‘s there and then saying, “I’m going to get this no matter what. What are the steps to get there? I need to post every other day. It might take anywhere from three to six months to grow my following to X amount or to get these many people in.” What it comes down to is the value that you’re bringing your audience and if you’re hitting those pain points. It’s step-by-step. It’s like those baby steps that you don’t even see. You take that first step and you forgot about those three baby steps that you need to take. 

It’s those little baby steps over time. I try to set myself a big yearly goal and then try to chunk it down into smaller 90-day goals. 

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Let’s go smaller. It should be a daily goal. One thing that I do recommend for your social media is words. Words are everything. Words are powerful. Use specific words, whatever it is, whatever is the word that you use all the time. Who does a good job at this is Jordan SyattHe trains Gary Vee. He has 450,000 on Instagram. He’s a great guy. One of my buddies, Rico, actually films for him. He’s a great dude. One thing that he does is this Unicorn stuff. It’s hilarious. It’s great. He does this unicorn coffee and he uses specific words that have this magical feeling to it. If you think of Harry Potter or a unicorn or whatever, you think of these weird words that we heard in movies. We’re like, “That’s cool. That’s shifting. It takes you away to this magical place to this separate place where they can relate and so that’s what I suggest you do. That’s my piece of advice. If you take it, great. If not, it’s totally fine. My advice is to find a few words that represent what you’re all about and talk about it all the time. 

Gary Vee always says, “Hustle. Don’t you want to hustle? You’ve got to hustle. This is the hustle. This is the grind. Fuck off.” He says the word fuck all the time. These words relate to people consistently. When you say hustle, you’re upgraded. Up this person, up Tony Robbins. When you think of capital or 10X, when you’re leveling up, you think Grant Cardone in many instances. He owns 10X and Cardone Capital. He makes a lot of money and he holds the conferences 10Xyou’ve heard of the 10X Conferences. Whenever you hear 10X, he used the 10X everywhere. It’s on his jet. He uses it everywhere. For me, I say, “Good morning.” You’ve heard it. When someone says, “Good morning, immediately you shift, “Brendan, let me go look at his Instagram.” It’s subconscious.  

All these subconscious words dive into all the pain points that people have and ignites an inspirational feel and motivation to their vision and what they’re creating. That’s what levels up your coaching business and that’s what levels up your family. That’s what levels up your relationships is using those words. Your word is your world. If someone is always saying these words, they’re not going to forget about you. In every post, hashtag those words or like #BenGreenFitness or whatever it is, whatever your coaching program is. Always hashtag it anywhere and everywhere, literally in the smallest places. 

I used to do something. I used to be in my backyard in a house in Sherman Oaks. It’s a beautiful house. It’s a house that overlooked LA. It’s awesome. I had some great roommates, close friends. I did an hour presentation for the Creative Fitness Academy. I would go through and I would flip each page and I’ll talk about whatever’s on the page or whatever. On one of them, there was a world. People don’t know this. This is the shit that I do that people have no clue about. I truly believe that everything that we plant in our world will be our world. We weren’t selling the Creative Fitness Academy until the end of the entire hour protocol for the presentation. Behind that globe, I had to create a Fitness Academy logo. That’s it. 

Nobody could ever see it. No one would ever see it, but the only people that could know that it was there was me and one of my business partners. It’s there because we’re creating it. We’re creating bias. It’s everywhere and they don’t even see it. It’s subconscious. It’s in the air. It’s in the energy. When people look at the globe, the Creative Fitness Academy is behind it. They don’t see it. They’re just looking at the globe, but we’re the world. We’re creating the world, Creative Fitness Academy. It’s those types of things. I’ll hide things that you have no clue, but you saw it and you didn’t even realize you saw it. 

Every time you see it slightly, even the Nike swoosh, you’ll walk around and there’s a random Nike swoosh somewhere. You don’t even realize it because it’s so ingrained in your mind. You know what a Nike swoosh is going to look like. You know all those phrases, “Just dit. You read something on a magazine or you’re reading an article that says, “Just dit,” immediately you think Nike. Now you‘re looking at a commercial, a Nike thing comes on. It’s everywhere. Make your words stand out everywhere, even if they’re hidden. Use those same words in your life. Use the same words to current clients. They’ll start using the words and then all of a sudden you’ll have people joining on that are using the words. 

CUE 36 | Fitness And Coaching


You’re creating a movement. 

That’s how you create movement. Business isn’t built just off of being a smart guy. It’s not off of working hard. It’s creating value that evolves into community and trust, communication, love. That’s what community is. That’s my biggest takeaway or that I’ve learned in my life. What’s one of the words that you can use? Do you have anything? 

Devonshire Viking. 

What’s that? 

It’s a hashtag. Someone called me in a gym one time and it’s a hashtag that I use a lot on my social. 

Literally sign out like that. This would literally make me want to watch your shit. Use it more. You’re not using it enough. People look at you as Conor McGregor. Go out and literally be Conor McGregor for a day and film it. If you want followers, if you want people to see you, if you want people to hear you, go out as Conor McGregor. You’ve got all the tatts. You can get that covered up. Trust me, this will bring you people to see your page, hear your story and hear the things. You’re starting to ignite these things and these ideas. That’s where it starts. Look at what you have and utilize it all. If someone offers me money, sure, I’ll take it. You offered it. I would like to support, sure. Even if I have a lot of money, I’ll take the support. Why not? We’re so accustomed to saying no that we forget about the yes. Do you know how much weight the word yes hold? Do you know how valuable that is? It’s 22.4 kilos. That’s a big fucking yes. “Will you go on a date with me? Yes.” It’s the most amazing thing ever. Who said that yes is worth a lot more than all the other yeses in our world? That’s all I’ve got to say. Good shit. I feel like you took this in. 

I’m learning. I never stopped learning. I never stopped growing.  

Are there any questions you have for me?  

How do you manage your stuff being so busy? You have so much on your plate. 

I’ve learned that there’s never enough on my plate. When the plate is overflowing, it’s still not enough because my vision and what I want is so valuable to me and it means so much to me that all this stuff is training for what it’s going to be. If I have to take on this job or that job, I do complain sometimes. I’m not going to bullshit. At 3:00 AM, I was complaining. I was editing a video that I didn’t want to edit and I was exhausted. I acknowledged my own annoyances, but that even taught me something. It taught me to not do this, to not do that, to put more focus in this area of my editing or to work with my videographer a little bit differently here.  

I look at it from my own perspective. This is a learning experience. When I put everything on my plate and even though there’s so much going on and when it’s tough, I’ll complain sometimes. I’ll allow myself to complain. I literally will allow myself to complain and then once I’m done, I’ll be like, “Get all the shit out and let’s grind. That’s it because it serves me. It all serves me. I’d rather stay up until 3:00 AM working on a video editing, knowing that everyone else is sleeping than going out with friends and getting fucked up. At 3:00 AM, I’m coming home drunk throwing up. That right there is how I deal with it. I don’t deal with a heavy plate. I work with it. I enjoy it. I embrace it. There have been times in my life where I didn’t have shit on my plate and I couldn’t eat anything. It was bones. That’s my thought. That’s my perspective on it. What else have you got for me? 

What’s your vision five years from now? 

My vision five years from now always shifts. Five years from now, I want to own a very big gym and I want to have my entire team in the warehouse section of it. I want to own 30 companies. It’s a start to where I want to be. I also want to work very closely with a massive nonprofit and maybe even my own nonprofit. I want to give back to people around the world, homeless people and then also mental illnesses. People that are going through a tough time, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Also in five years, we’d love to start building parks around the world. That’s one of the things. Also in five years, I want to have already spoken in front of 20,000 to 25,000 people. I also would love to be settling down and get married or with the woman that I love, getting ready for marriage. I want to have multiple houses. I want to have a house in LA. I want to have a house in Florida. 

I want to have a house in New York. I want to have a house here in Colorado. I want to have a house in Sydney, Australia. I want to have all those as investment properties. Not just a house, but there are people that live there and be able to take all this money that I am making and put it into helping people left and right. I have a lot of things that I want to do and a lot of things that I don’t even talk about. There are more things to this. I want to transform the world. That’s my motivation. I cannot stop. I won’t stop. I can stop whenever I want. I won’t stop until this world is transformed. There’s so much shit that’s corrupt. 

I want to be able to walk into two countries. I want to walk into a meeting and they’re at war. I want to walk into the meeting and they ask my opinion on it and then they end the war. That’s what I want. The day I stop is the day I die. That’s it. Those are my thoughts. A lot of people talk about it. I did this show. I talked about I fucking did it. Someone said that I wasn’t going to release the Creative Fitness Academy in 30 days. I did it. I did it less than that. It’s not about proving people wrong. It’s about creating what I have in my mind. There’s so much and some people can hear this and be like, “This is motivational. How do you do it?” I’m just clear on myself. I’ve embraced my mistakes. I’ve embraced my failures. I’ve embraced my insecurities. I’ve embraced my lack of connection in so many areas. I’ve embraced how cold I’ve been over the years. I’ve embraced my ego. I’ve embraced everything.  

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Because I’ve embraced my sexuality, I’ve embraced everything and now it creates this clear path to what I’m creating. I don’t have any fog in my life because I’m in a beautiful place. I don’t have this fog. I have annoyances. I have things that come up. I have this health issue. I have that health issue. I have this in our relationship. I miscommunicate here. It hurts, it affects this person, but I acknowledged those things. I embrace those things and I always take responsibility for these things. That’s where the growth comes and that’s why everything’s going to transform the way I want it to. That’s my favorite, that’s what I’ve learned from this guy named Chris Lee and went through a transformational program. Can you take anything from that? 

Be always driven and always hungry and be humble. 

I’m always hungry, never backing down. To me, it’s a waste. What is the word, humble? How does that serve anybody? How does cocky serve anybody? Being humble means you’re not cocky or it’s an ego thing. It’s like, “I’m humble.” Who cares if you’re humble? How about you do what you say you’re going to do and be a man of your word? That’s all it means, a woman or a man of your word. These words are a waste of space, just like you said it. Humble, cocky, this, that, judgment, all this stuff is a waste of energy. Don’t put the words in the world and they won’t be there. Let’s be all these words. These blessed, creative, determination, giving, focused, vulnerable, visionary, hardworking, loving, you’ve got all of them. Energized, grateful, let’s be those words. Let’s represent them and not have to talk about them. Did you enjoy it?  

Yeah. It was pretty good. 

Anything else you want to say to the audience? 

Whatever you want to do in life, make sure that you enjoy it. Don’t do it just to pay the bills or to get by. Make sure you fully embrace it and you fully love what you’re doing. Life is too short to be doing shit that you don’t want to be doing. While we’ve all got to be doing certain things, it’s that overall bigger picture. Give back and help other people. Help the people around you. Try and bring people up and never quit. 

That’s it. There you have it. Stop wasting space and start serving the space around you with all that you have because it’s worth it. You’re worth it and your vision is so bright. I hope you enjoyed this show. Ben, thank you so much for coming through here and sharing your story to inspire others but also to create yourself and to sit here. Also, to acknowledge yourself and to see what you’re creating and take it from a different perspective. I am humbled. I’m excited and happy to have played a role in your life and that’s what CreateU is all about. Thank you for tuning in. Where can they find you?  

You can follow me on Instagram, @BenGreenFitness. 

Ben Green, if you want to work with him, clearly he knows what he’s talking about. Sign up for him. He is a great guy. He shows up and that’s what you want in a coach. We have coaches that come on here all the time. It’s great. You’re going to sign up with any of them. Ben’s a great guy. Check them out, look at his Instagram. Send him a message. Please, I’d love to enjoy a nice read of a review on iTunes. It would be an awesome thing to see five stars especially. That woulbe beautiful. If you have any questions, anything at all, send me a DM. You can also send me a DM on Instagram, @TheBMeyersBen, I appreciate you. Another handshake all the way from the UK. We’ll see you next time. Peace. 

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About Ben Green

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Episode 35: The Best Foods To Fit Your Macros… Explained with Megan Sherer

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health


While many of us eat to feel good, the food choices we often make only give us short-term satisfaction rather than better health in the long run. Coming over to talk about all things wellness and health is Megan Sherer, a holistic health and wellness coach and Founder of Empowered Bodies. In this episode, Megan breaks down the best foods to fit our macros that can optimize how we function in our daily lives. Learn a lot about the different kinds of food you need in your body to improve your lifelong health from the inside out.

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Listen to the podcast here:

The Best Foods To Fit Your Macros… Explained with Megan Sherer

Giving Your Body What It Truly Needs

We are joined by Megan Sherer. Megan is someone who had helped me in the past when I was going through a very tough time in my life. She was assisting me and breaking through a lot of thatShe was one of the tactics in my toolbox that I grabbed and used to ignite my breakthroughCreateU can be attributed to you slightly because it was a huge point in my life where I broke through and now CreateU. Megan, tell us who you are. You’re a nutritionist, you’re a life coach. A damn good life coach, I’ll say thatIf you’re having trouble, follow her on Instagram. What’s your Instagram?  


Definitely follow her and check her out because she helped me. I’ll be honest with you. It’s not cheap, but I just want to prepare you. Tell us who you are 

You alluded to it. I practice all things wellnessMy background is I studied holistic nutrition and sports nutrition because I was at first concerned with helping people with their physical health and their physical bodies. I’ve practiced and taught yoga from a young age and physical fitness, personal training, all the thingscouple of years into that journey, I started my own practice working with people just on their nutrition and physical health. I started to see that there’s a lot more to it. Our mental and emotional health and even spiritual health are such an important part of our overall well-being and quality of lifeFrom there, I layered on a lot to what I doI say that I do all things wellness. You’ve got the nutrition and the movement piece, yoga, but then also meditation, breathwork, mindfulness-based practices, piano. 

Do you play the piano?  

I do play. I’m very dynamic.  

Do you play guitar?  

That’s the one thing that I wish I could. It’s very hard for me.  

Do you have the ukulele? 

That’s a little bit easier because it’s easier to put your fingers in the chord positions. 

I put my fingers in many positions. Whatever that means.  

This is why I like spending time with you. You just never know where the conversation will go.  

You’re big time in all things wellness. Our green juice is the best. Thank you.  

I haven’t tasted it yet, but ingredientswise it’s the best. 

That’s CreateU Juice. I want to dive into the nutrition side of things for now and then I’ll probably have you on for some more. Before we do, you had to go through your own struggles, trials and tribulations to get to where you are now even to be able to sit here with @TheBMeyers. Give us something that happened that was like headshot. 

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health


There are a lot of chapters for me, especially if we’re talking about my health journey in particular. The reason that I got so passionate about wellness in the body from a young age is I struggled with disorder eating like a teenager and was super underweight. thought I was doing everything right but was listening to diet magazines and diet advice and didn’t know how to nourish and fuel my body in a productive wayThat kick-started my passion for learning more about how I could take control of my health. The big one, I’d say, if we’re talking about big moments is in my early twenties when I was about 22 years old, I was in a pretty major car accident. That shook up my physical health, my mental health and my emotional healthThat is what led me down the path to discovering all these modalities, tools and resources to help me live my best quality of lifeThat’s what I share with other people. 

What people misunderstand is that a lot of the times, not just like you have been eating well for a long period of time. That does have an effect, but it’s emotional wellbeing and is where you are emotional? What things are you holding in? I think we’ve done an exercise where I was screaming. You told me to scream. You told me to start screaming. I couldn’t because I had herniations at the time. When I started screaming, it was great.  

Honestly, I have a lot of people come to me who they’re frustrated because they’re like, I eat perfectlyMy diet is great. I work out six days a week and I feel like I’m doing everything right and why is my health still not good? Why does my body not look how I want it to?” The answer is that it’s not just about what you’re eating and how much you’re working outThere are a lot of other layers to addressThat’s mental and emotional. 

A car accident, you got over something as wellYou’ve been working through with sushi. 

I got a bad E. coli infection from sushi. 

What did you have though? Was it good?  

It was good, but here’s the thing, I don’t even eat sushi all that much. I only eat it maybe a few times a year because I’m not a big seafood personMy friend was like, “We should go get sushi. We went to a reputable restaurant in LA. My favorite things to get was that eel and avocado rolls.  

I’m a sushi king.  

I know. I feel bad telling people about this who loves sushi because it scares them or ruins it for them.  

Did you have stomachaches? 

The first two days felt like I had food poisoningI was wrecked and terrible fever, stomachache and not feeling well. I was sickFor the next few weeks, my digestion was off. I never felt back to normalIt got to the point where I had 105degree fever and was in terrible pain and ended up in urgent care 

Our mental, emotional, and spiritual health are such an important part of our overall well-being and quality of life. Click To Tweet

Were you sure an eel wasn’t just swimming in your stomach?  

It could be. 

Swimming through like, “What’s this? Poke 

In way, it’s grosswarning, iaddition to the E. coli infection, I had parasites from that sushi too 

What in the world were you eating? Are you sure it was an eel? Wasn’t it a pigeon from outside? 

Here’s the thing, it can be from raw or undercooked fish, but sometimes these bacterial infections can be transmitted through unwashed hands, somebody else who’s come in contact with a virus or bacteria and they’re preparing or serving you your food and they just didn’t wash their hands 

Now we’re here. You’ve given me a lot of modalities to combat what we thought was a metal deficiency or whatever. 

It’s heavy metal toxicity. 

Which I probably still have a little bit, I’m not going to lie. The main point is that you have so many modalities and things that you know, so I want to tap into if you go into the grocery store, you’re a regular human being. There are a lot of gut issues out there. Let’s just say for regular old people that don’t have gut issues. I talk to people every single day. I’m like, “Don’t you fart a bunch?” They’re like, “No,” I’m like, “For real? I’m the king of that. I got a trophy when I was sixteen for the fart contest 

Were there other competitors?  

No, it’s just me. I’ve got a sword. I bought the sword myself from Dollar TreeWhen you walk into a regular store, not a Dollar Tree, not a Whole Foods, I’m talking about a King Soopers, a Publix or whatever. You’re going through the aisles and let’s say carbs. Let’s start with carbs. You see all of this shit. You see popcorn, crackers, rice, brown rice, black rice. There are so many different types of carbohydrates, chips like gluten-free chips, gluten-free bagel, regular bagel, high-end, whole wheat bagel. It’s mind-blowingWhere do you stem away from things and where do you gravitate toward? 

It’s one that’s so relevant to so many people because whether you have health issues or not digestive issues or not everybody has to eat and everybody, for the most part, can benefit from optimizing their diet in a way that has them feel better. Even if you don’t have a health condition, you’d probably still benefit from more energy or just feeling that more vibrancy, the better quality of lifelot of that starts with your food choicesI’d say the number one thing, if we’re talking about carbohydrates or any food category, the biggest thing is usually if the ingredient list is long, if you’re looking at a paragraph worth of ingredients, that’s your first red flag. From there, there are specific things you can look out forIdepends on your particular body, but if you’ve got a healthy body, you’re not struggling with digestive issues or anything along those lines, it’s still beneficial for you to choose anti-inflammatory food optionsThat’s for longevity. longer, healthier quality of life.  

What would you say about corn? 

Corn is an interesting one. I’m glad you brought that up because it’s a controversial topic right now in the nutrition world and that is because on the surface, corn seems like it would be healthy. It’s grown from the ground. It’s a vegetable and it’s a whole food, which is not talking about the grocery store Whole Foods. That’s the first thing I recommend to people is fill your diet with whole foods, single-ingredient foods. However, corn growth and corn production in our country, in particular in the US, is a little bit shitty. It’s worth it, honestly, to let people know about this. It’s unfortunate because you’re taking this healthy food and cross-pollinating it with lots of GMOslots of pesticides and things used in corn production. Corn is in pretty much everything. You think about high fructose corn syrup, that’s a corn-based sugar that is used in a lot of processed foods. It can be a hidden ingredient in a lot of foods. Corn is just used as the basis of starch for a lot of the processed foods people eat that you see in grocery storesBecause of that, people are getting such high levels of exposure to this sort of Frankenstein corn. It’s not like the fresh stuff that you would get in the garden if you grew it yourself. 

You would recommend it if you’re growing it yourself or like a farmers market. 

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Like farmer’s market corn, absolutely. I’d say the only exception is, people with specific digestive issues or inflammatory condition. It can be sensitive for some people, but you definitely want to watch out for conventionally grown corn.  

You’re going down the aisle and there’s a corn-based chip does not necessarily mean that it’s great for you. You probably should look and stay away from it. I generally do. What about rice chips? 

Rice chips can be a good option if you’re trying to stay away from cornIt’s the same thing there, though. We want to look at the ingredient list. It’s because a chip bag says that it’s made with brown rice and whole grains doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for you. There are a whole host of different brands out there. Some of them you’ll look at the ingredients and it will literally be brown rice and some cooking oil and sea salt 

What cooking oil would you stay away from?  

Number one, stay away from canola oil. It is highly inflammatory. Even if you’re a healthy person, canola oil is not doing your body any favors. Any highly refined oilsIf you see the word refined, try and stay away from it. Safflower oil is another one. It’s used in a lot of processed foods. It’s not greatI’ll put out the disclaimer that it’s not like you’re going to die if you eat a product with canola or safflower oil in itI don’t want to make people feel they can’t eat their favorite foods or treats ever againIf it’s a food that you’re consuming on a daily basis and it contains these ingredients, that’s something to take a look at. 

Those oils, the sodium content, if it has a shit ton of sodium, I generally stay away from thatTurkey meat, we’ll get to protein, but that’s sodium. I want to get to thatIt’s crazyCarbs, brown rice or rice chips. What about tortilla chips? 

Tortilla chips are typically corn-based. There are different kinds that are coming out now and there’s this awesome brand. There are a couple of brands that’ll say that make grain-free tortilla chips, which are a phenomenal option. Especially for people who are trying to lower their grain intake because of inflammation or just dietary preference. One brand is called CFA Foods. 

They also have the flour tortilla. The cassava flour.  

Cassava flour, they make almond flour tortillas and they make coconut flour tortillas. This one is exciting. They came out with chickpea flour tortillas. They’re high in protein. sound like a rep for this. This is not sponsored. I just love this. There’s another brand. It’s called The Real CoconutThey make coconut flour tortilla chipsThey’re very good. They taste a little coconut-yIn terms of ingredients, they’re super clean and they’re a good choice. I’ve made nachos with them before. 

Nachos, not now. I’m not low carb, but I wanted to say I’m low carb.  

That’s what’s awesome about the coconut chips is that they’re high fat, low carbThey’re a good option.  

I only have so much fat that I can. We can talk later about that. People have some ideas. How about potato chips? Avocado oil potato chips. 

The reason that I would say it’s a nogo is that they’re typically fried in some sort of oil. That’s not great. Avocado oil is a better choice, but again, you’re taking in a high amount of refined oils, so it shouldn’t be like an everyday thing. What would be way better is if you could get an air fryer, get a little mandolin, thin slice the potatoes yourself, and make homemade potato chips. That would be that delicious. Anytime you can use fresh ingredients, that’s better. 

Also raw and wholesome ingredients.  

You can control what goes into it, this sodium content salt.  

Pour half the bottle of salt on it.  

Himalayan sea salt.  

I’m a mountain guy though. I like mountain salt.  

The Himalayas are a mountain. 

Himalayan pink sea salt, but you can’t combine all of them. I wanted to make sure. I’m a mountain goat. I had yak. It was a freaking yak.  

Did it taste like buffalo?  

It’s very interesting because it’s higher in fatIf you have eight ounces of meat, you’re getting about twelve grams of fat. You’re getting 48 grams of protein, so it’s pretty caloric. I’m not going to lie. That’s dense. They are not a monster though. They’re beautiful. They’re very interesting creatures, I’ll say thatWe’re done with carbsLet’s go to some fatsWhat people don’t realize is that fats are extremely caloriedense, so caloric.  

very small amount of food volume-wise, if it’s fat-based is a lot of calories, which can be great. It can be in your favor if you’re trying to gain weight, but if you’re not, it’s something to look out forYou want to watch out if you have a lot of sugar in your diet and a lot of fat, that can be a precursor to insulin sensitivity and diabetes. 

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That’s longterm 

That’s something to watch out for, but they’re also important to have in your diet.  

What are some good fat sources that you would say in the fat aisle? Welcome to the fat aisle. Nobody would go down. I want no fat. Do you like cheese?  

I used to love cheese. My dad grew up on a farm in Illinois, so we were like Midwestern cheeseMy body doesn’t necessarily love cheese so I don’t eat it all that muchWhen the whole E. coli thing happened, I went completely plant-based after that to start focusing on healing the digestive issues and inflammation that it causedcut out all dairy and stuff at that point. I wouldn’t say cheese is a great fat source if we’re talking about what are the best ones.  

There is some type of fat, like some cheese that is way higher quality, buffalo burrata cheese.  

Some people who have issues with lactose can do well with harder cheeses like fresh parmesan, not the Kraft kind. In general, whole food options are always the bestIf we’re talking about fats like avocados, awesome. If you can get fresh coconut meats, fresh coconut cream that’s a great option. Depending on if you have got any sensitivities, nuts and nut butter can be good.  

If you have never heard of it, NuttZo, you eat it and you’re good. I just got sponsored with that. That was a push towards getting sponsored 

If they send you some jars, let me know.  

I should have mentioned them on Instagram. lot of seeds.  

Tahini is a good one. I’ve been using that a lot. Peanuts are another controversial one like corn. My perspective on peanuts is that a lot of it is moldy. It’s a moldy nut because of the way it’s grown. There are certain types of peanuts and peanut butter that are lower moisture contentThey have lower mold content 

How do you find that?  

That’s the thing. You wouldn’t find that at a typical grocery store. You would find your Skippy and your Jif and all that, those kinds of peanut butter. The problem with those two is that they have palm oil and sugar added to them. If you’re going to get peanut butter, get one that has great ingredients. The ingredients are just peanuts.  

No Skippy or Jiffy.  

I’m sorry. I know I hate to ruin or crush everybody’s childhood dreams. 

How about jelly?  

Jelly is a fun one. It’s the same thing. Most conventional store-bought jellies are high in sugarJelly is easy to make yourself at homeIf you get fresh raspberries, you can make a raspberry chia jelly super easily. Chia seeds are very binding and they give that gelatinous effect and that is so good because you can control what goes into it. You don’t have to do pounds of cane sugar. 

We got fats knocked down. Let’s go to proteinDo you want to go to protein? like some oils. It’s because burn points also have a very big case in thisGo ahead 

The same thing with what we were talking about before, stay away from processed foods. Oils, even though they are singleingredient food, they are processedEven if you’re talking about coconut oil, it’s a highlyrefined version of coconutIt’s not the best way to get nutrients. If you’re trying to up your calorie intake, then oils are great. If you’re trying to watch out for your fats and trying to lower your inflammation, cooking with as little oil as possible is honestly the best way to go. Coconut, olive, avocado, those are good ones. If you’re somebody who uses butter, make sure to get grass-fed butter or use ghee, which is clarified butter.  

Butter is one of those things that’s good for you if you do it right.  

You don’t want the conventional storebought butter because it goes back to what we were talking about. 

That’s oils. Let’s go to the protein. With protein, I want to say this, that when you go into the store and you’re going to get your lunch meat, the amount of sodium that is in that stuff is fucking mind-blowing. The majority of all of these. First of all, they have nitrates. They’re trying to preserve the food to make the high quality, the texture and everything longterm. Second of all, sodium. You’ll see in two slices, it’s 500 milligrams of sodium. It’s insane. Let me put it into perspective. I’m supposed to be consuming about 1,500 to 1,800 milligrams of sodium per day. If I were to have two slices of freaking turkey lunch meat, it’s 500.  

Most people would have more than that.  

Most people would have four, five or six. You have that, you’re already at 1,500 milligrams of sodium. Sodium is incredible for you. It’s very important for you. Too much of it is going to fuck you up, I will say that. Longterm, that’s what gets you. Remember, a long time ago, sodium was a huge thing. You can’t be putting salt on all this stuff because of whatever. They were like, Himalayan pink salt. It’s also the quality of that sodium 

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There’s a huge difference between table salt and highquality sea salt or Himalayan salt. Those salts have an immense amount of minerals and chemical compounds that are so good for your body and help you to balance your electrolytes. Whereas, generic table salt or the salt that’s in a lot of these processed foods is going to contribute to higher blood pressure, hypertension, inflammation.  

It’s more farts. 

I don’t know about that. I think that’s just you. 

Ladies, I don’t fart as much. If you would like to take me on a date, you can. I have a little squeaker. 

I don’t know about that. I just spent the day with him. 

What the heck? Are you throwing it out there like that?  

I’m kidding. He’s awesome. Go on a date with him. 

I had 220 grams of protein. What do you want me to do? I’m prepping for a show. I’m freaking out. Help meAnywaygreat sources of proteins. What about eggs? Here’s the thing, I stopped eating eggs for the longest time because I felt it gave me acne on my back and it didn’t make me feel well. I started eating eggs, but they’re specific type of eggs. They’re the highest grade eggsOn top of that, there are two certifications on them. It’s certified organic and then it’s humane-certified, then there’s one more that’s organic or whatever.  

Hormone and antibiotic-free. 

It was the highest and it’s way more expensive. It’s $6.99 for a carton rather than $2.49. What do you recommend? 

I want to address two things when we’re talking about protein. The people who eat animal protein and people who don’t because I want everybody to feel they can get something out of thisIf we’re talking about animal protein in particular, that’s all your meats, your eggs and dairy-based products. Anytime you’re consuming animal protein, you want to make sure that it is organic and that it is humanelyraised, pastureraised, grass-fed if it’s beefThe reason for that is because a lot of the animals that are conventionally raised, they are injected with hormones to make them grow bigger, faster, and antibiotics to keep them from getting sick as they’re growing bigger, faster and in these confined conditionsThe problem with that is when you then go and eat that meat, whether it’s chicken, turkey, beef, anything, you’re consuming those hormones and antibiotics too. That can mess with your body’s system. Your body is not meant to consume all those. 

I want to stop right therebecause there’s this huge thing about organic and how a lot of organic is not even organicWhat’s up with all that? 

The USDA organic label is an expensive label or certification to get. It’s tied up in governmental regulationsI’m not saying that it’s a corrupt label. There’s a lot of value in organic foods, but a lot of times, some farmers can’t afford to certify their food as organic and that doesn’t make it any less organic or healthy. It doesn’t have the label on itSometimes foods that are labeled organic might still also find loopholes and be using pesticides and things like thatThat’s why I added those other qualifiers like your eggs. You’re looking for free-range chickens and hormone and antibiotic-free because that way you’re guaranteed that not only is it organic, but those chickens had a good quality of life. They weren’t stressed out when they were producing their eggs because that’s another thing. If the animal is stressed, their body is producing adrenaline and cortisol and then you’re consuming thatThat’s why a lot of people are experiencing adrenal fatigue and high cortisol levels and burnout.  

What I want to say is if a lot of people don’t have a lot of money to spend on the organic, if you are going to eat any meats, I personally stay away from chicken. I don’t eat chicken. I think it’s the dirtiest bird in the sea. I do recommend turkey over chicken any day. If you want to stay away from turkey and chicken, then I recommend cod. I recommend salmon. I recommend any type of fish except for tilapia. If you’re going to have any shrimp, have West Atlantic shrimp. You don’t want Pacific shrimp, you don’t want to need any of that nasty crapGenerally, I don’t eat any beef. I personally don’t eat any ground beef, but I have wild game meats. Bison is a little bit more expensive. If you can’t eat that, that’s completely fineYou want to eat beef, then make sure that you’re getting good cuts. Personally, I believe that the fattier the meat, honestly the more shit that’ll be in there because it’s close to the surface of the bodyInjection sites, whatever, however they do itFor me, when you talk about natural, you see natural, just like you’re saying is that it is expensive to get organic. That label, organic USDA or whatever approved or certified, I recommend looking for how they’re raised. You can’t always buy organic because you don’t have enough money or sometimes they don’t even have it. Find something that is as close to possible as high quality and that’s it. 

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I agree with all of thatIn a perfect world, you would be able to get your fish and your meats from a farmer’s market, from a grower, provider who can guarantee you the source. That will be a little bit more expensiveIf you are going to incorporate these foods in your diet and you can’t afford the more natural options, I would say just to reduce the consumption of them so that you’re not getting quite as high of levels of all those things. We talked about the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and supplement with more plant-based proteins.  

What do you think about gummy bears?  

I think they’re delicious. 

We know they’re not very good for youDo you recommend staying away from sugar?  

Processed sugar, yes, but there’s a caveat to that. Not all sugars are created equal.  

A lot of people say to stay away from fruit too because the sugar is not going to be bueno for youBueno means good in Spanish.  

Thank you for translating.  

No worries. I started translating, it’s a lot of work.  

I only speak French.  

I’m Italian. Bon jour 

That was French.  

I know. I’m fucking with you.  

Processed sugar is a no-goIf we’re talking about cane sugar, I think that most people know it’s addictive. The fruit is a great conversation to have because a lot of people out there have fruit fear. They’ve been told that all sugar is bad, all sugar is created equal, so they can’t even have fruit in their diet. For a lot of people, that’s not true. A lot of people, especially with inflammatory conditions, would benefit from the fruit in their diet because the sugar in it is bonded to fiber and to critical nutrients and phytochemical compounds that are so healing for your body. There’s a lot of water content as well. If we’re talking about watermelon, for example, that’s a hydrating fruit. Melon in general is hydratingFun fact about melon, it is pre-digested. It already has the enzymes in it that your body would have needed to break it down. When you eat it, it’s best to eat on an empty stomach so that it doesn’t get caught behind fats and proteins, which are slower to digest. If you ever experienced indigestion or discomfort eating melon, it might be because you’re eating it with other foods. 

I eat about fifteen melons a day.  

That’s good. You should push it up to twenty.  

I got super upset one day. I was always in my fields. I went to a lake on my own. This is true story and Taylor knows this. I grabbed half of the watermelon. The people that packaged the watermelon because they didn’t tell me all the nutritional facts. When I looked up the nutritional facts after I ate the watermelon, I found out that I ate 130 carbohydrates. It was a massive watermelon. It was very bigI’m exaggerating. It was 62 carbs. I was so upset and to be honest, it was 75. It’s just coming to my mind. Here’s the thing, Megan, let me tell you something about carbohydrates and sitting by a lake. It’s the 4th of July, sitting by a lake on your own, eating watermelon and all you want is to eat more and the watermelon tastes so good, refreshingYou go back and it’s only 1:00 PM and you find out you have no more carbs to eat for the rest of the day because you ate the watermelon, it’s upsetting. Go ahead.  

Let’s put out a disclaimer that you’re competing, you’re training to compete, so you have to be limited with.  

I was kidding. Zucchini is great.  

Zucchini is great. That’s very low carbohydrate.  

You could have 400 grams of zucchini and it’s literally eleven grams of carbs. It’s beautiful, green, big, thick. You add a little sea salt on there, Himalayan pink salt.  

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Back to the sugar, a lot of people would benefit from more fruit in their diet because it is healingThat being said, like we talked about before, if you have high fats in your diet too, then that’s where you run into an issue. High sugar and high fat can cause issues with your insulin resistance or sensitivity, but it’s still a healthy part of the dietIn that same vein, other natural sugars like honey and maple syrup, if you’re going to use sugar as a sweetener, those are the two I would use over cane sugar any day. 

How about agave? 

No, it’s the same thing. Throw your agave out. It has a big impact on your blood sugars. That’s like a marketing thing. That’s one of these labels that they’ve led us to believe it’s good for us.  

I bought a twopack at Costco. I haven’t used it yet in a few months. I use it but I don’t. 

The reason honey and maple syrup are so much better than agave is the same thing. They have those phytochemical compounds. They have nutrients that are healing to your body and honey in particular is antibacterial. It’s anti-microbial.  

I get a stomachache if I eat too much of it.  

How much honey are you eating?  

I guess quite a lot, when I have gluten-free pancakes. Red Castle or Red Mill, I have honey on top and I’m good.  

You don’t necessarily know that it’s the honey.  

I was using agave before and I felt greatWhat’s the issue with this freaking raw honey? It was raw honey. 

Was it raw honey?  

It was a good amountTo be honest, I was like, “This is tasty, but I need more.  

Raw honey is the best kind to doThe cool thing about honey is that it‘s produced in different parts of the world or parts of the country has different nutrients and local pollens and stuff in itIf you’re somebody who struggles with seasonal allergies, one of the best things you can do, especially if you’re moving to a new city, is to eat some local raw honey. Think about it, those bees flew all around to local plants and local flowersIf you’re consuming those raw nutrients, it’s like an immune system boost to help your body assimilate to the local flora and stuffIt’s the same thing. I don’t know what was in your pancakesI’m sure they’re amazing. I’m sure they’re delicious, but it might’ve just been the honey in combination. Try raw honey in your tea at night. That’s a nice one. Honey and warm lemon water in the morning. That’s a good one.  

Lemon water. Lemons are great for detoxifying the freaking liver.  

They’re good for your liver and your digestive system.  

I feel like we’ve covered a lot. Is there anything else that you want to bring up? 

As far as nutrition goes, that’s a good place to start. Being more of a conscious consumer and being aware of what you’re putting in your body. Sometimes it’s difficult if you’re traveling or you’re in a situation where you don’t have control over the food. Give yourself permission to not always eat perfectly. As much as you can, choose foods that are going to serve your health longterm. It makes such a differenceIt’s an important foundational step in building lifelong health. 

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Thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad we could have this little fun conversation. I like to make it unfiltered. It’s funny. The people that work for me that put it all together, I tell them do not edit out the ums, don’t edit out the curse words. In the beginning they were like, “No curse words,” and I was like, “Are you fucking kidding me? This is who I am.” They’re greatThey’ve been such a big helpThat’s awesomeWe’re doing well. I’m glad you’re on here and you could be a part of the growth. If anybody wants to follow you, where can they find you?  

They can follow me on Instagram, @MeganShererIt’s just my nameIf you want to learn more about the work that I do or some of these topics that I talked about, I also have a website and that’s Empowered-Bodies.com. I’ve got a blog on there and I also have a podcast of my own, it’s called Life in Yoga PantsI posted about that on my blog and Instagram. We talk about all things wellness. 

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Definitely check her out. Subscribe to her podcastIf you want any life coaching or nutritional advice, anything like that, hit her up. She knows her stuff. Thank you so much for coming on here. Remember that it all starts with you in the mindset that you haveDon’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to take advice and be like, “Maybe this is the right way to go. Keep an open mind and that will ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. That’s what we do here at CreateU and CreateU Experience, CreateU Nutrition, everything wellness and taking you to the next step in business and everythingWe want you to be successful.  

If you could be successful, then we’re going to be successfulIt’s the truth. It’s businessAt the same time, we’re here to grow with you and I can’t wait to see your vision come to life. Let me know on Instagram @TheBMeyers or wherever if it has or if these have been helping you. I’ve been doing this for a few years. It’s been an absolute honor and I’m inspired every day and motivated to keep on goingMegan, one more time thank you so much for coming. Thank you for reading. Fridays are extremely fun. This is Quick Time Friday. I talk about everything from sex to Buddha to Christianity to my political views, just kidding, to what pissed me off. I talk about everything. It’s great. Check it out.  

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