Episode 50: Unlocking Your True Potential With Todd Abrams


Believing in yourself is the key to any kind of success. However, the people surrounding you are also key to how your goals will be achieved. In this episode, Brendan Meyers interviews Todd Abrams, the CEO of Icon Meals – one of the leading prepared food companies in the world – and the host of the podcast “The DadBod Show.” Todd talks about unlocking our true potential and walks us through his journey to becoming the entrepreneur that he is today, adding that it is important to have every single moment that you have aimed towards enjoying life to the fullest and not suppressing the fun factor. He shares the secrets as well as his adventure in building his unique company.

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Unlocking Your True Potential With Todd Abrams

Move With Power

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I appreciate you having me. Thanks for coming on.

I’m super excited for Todd to be here. Todd and I have known each other for quite some time. He is the owner of Icon Meals, a network that stretches beyond anything that you could ever imagine. He’s a great family man. How many kids do you have? 

I got three. It’s all good.

He’s also shredded, so that’s also a plus. You wake up every morning at what time? 

About 3:00 to 3:30 every day.

Every day at 3:30 AM, not PM? 


He takes care of a thriving business, his family, everything. You’re actually the godfather of Michael Hearn’s baby.

As you grow, there's always going to be someone who wants to come after you for something. Click To Tweet

It’s an incredible experience being part of that for them. It’s life-changing.

We’re on all audio platforms, Spotify, all of that. Definitely check us out there as you can see, or hear, he’s trusted. He’s developed something with so many people. I wanted to bring them on here to fucking chat about how you even got to where you are now. Let’s start off with that. How did you even develop Icon Meals? Can you even say how many meals per week? Do you mind saying that?

We went into a new facility and in that facility, we have a lot larger capacity. For the past few years, we’ve been doing roughly 50,000 to 60,000 meals a week. That was based on total max capacity rate, people sitting on top of people. We went from roughly 12,000 square feet to the new facility is 31,000 square feet.

It’s big like my house, minus the zero.

In that space, with current technology, we can do probably 200,000 to 250,000 meals. We’re not there yet. We’re hitting on still at 50, 60 quite a few different things that we could not do in the old facility, based on space constraints that are being spun up and teed up. That is in the works but I definitely have the capacity to grow.

Where were you before Icon Meals?

I’ve always never worked for anyone. I don’t know if I’m even employable, but from that standpoint, been entrepreneur, had three other businesses. The last business I had before, Icon was called Layered Technologies. Had that for fourteen years. I was in the software development data center space. Everyone probably knows WordPress. We were the guys that originally started hosting WordPress back in the day. They had two servers when they started with us. There’s lots of stories there. I had that business for fourteen years. My passion though is more in the healthy fitness space in different things. I’ve competed in Men’s Physique, got my Pro card in 2012. My wife is big in the yoga space, has also a healthy lifestyle and vegan.

From that standpoint, I had a couple of friends that owned another meal prep company and I didn’t exactly like what they were doing as far as the ingredients and how they’re made in different pieces. From there, we came up with the concept of Icon. We wanted to do kept doing custom meals as you get today, building them to your requirements, what you like, what you need for your diet. Fast forward, I met Danny, who’s my partner. Danny was the executive chef at Omni hotels in Dallas for quite a few years. He’s been a culinary guy all his life. He grew up in that. I put him up against the best of the best as far as culinary side, recipes and stuff. It’s worked well with him on the kitchen, recipes and ingredients and me on pretty much the front side of the business.

You’ve developed all of these different things. How do you organize your life? You have all this stuff going on and people I’m sure are like, “How did he do this? He’s very successful.” How do you organize all this stuff?

It goes back to priorities and different things where a lot of people say, “I don’t have time to do this and the time to do that.” I have a mindset the same as you pretty much. There are no excuses. It’s whatever it’s going to take to get it done. That’s always been in business. People say, “How do you work at and why do you get up?” People say, “You’re selfish working. You’re selfish doing this,” but it’s not. I wake up at 3:00 AM and to me working out, I call it my therapy, but it’s also my stress relief. It’s also the time before my family gets up. I need that to be a better individual so I can be better for my family. I can provide more value to my people at work and be present not only to my family, but my work. That’s a key thing. Going back what my priorities and goals are, people say, “There’s balance.” There’s no such thing as balance. It’s what are your goals and what are you driven by? We talked about this in the gym. You’re like, “I don’t need people telling me, ‘Do more sets and stuff.’” It’s internal motivation. It’s the same with me. I set my alarm every day. I set it at 3:00 3:15 and 3:30. I woke up at 2:55, it’s automatic. It’s a bad thing when I’m on the West Coast because I’m up before 12:00 or whatever.

CUE 50 | Unlocking Your True Potential
Unlocking Your True Potential: If you’re not moving forward, you’ve either stiffened or you’re dying.


What time do you usually go to sleep? 

Here’s the thing, which is weird for me. I have a nineteen, fifteen and three-year-old, so there’s a big gap there. I try to come home every night when I’m in town by 8:00 and put him to bed. When I put him to bed or whatever, I end up reading the books and then I’ll fall asleep. I get two hard hours in his bed if my wife doesn’t wake me up. When I wake up, maybe I’ll go back to bed. I got two hours there, so probably five to six hours a night.

Can you function off of that? 

That’s what I’ve always done. For me, if I’m sleeping for seven or eight hours, I feel groggy. Even when I’m in the islands, we were in Saint Lucian, I’m still getting up and trying to make myself sleep until 5:00. That’s me but I’m a guy that I feel like I get my best and most valuable content in different things. If I can do all of our podcasts and a lot of things with different people at 4:00 or 3:00, I would do it. For me, if I’m not going to the gym at that time, I’m going to knock you content or knock you whatever lists and things on my power list and stuff for that day first. I feel like I get a lot more done. Before even anyone gets into the office, I probably get three to four hours on them before going there.

I love what you’re doing. You said powerless and I want to get to that and second. It’s prioritizing and making sure that if you’re the boss, if you’re the man or a woman in charge, be ahead of the game with everyone else so they’re not surprised. Your employees aren’t surprised or are your team members. When you get ahead of the game, you know what’s coming for the day, you know how to structure and make sure that if anything does go down, I’ve already seen it three hours earlier. I know what’s going on or whatever and that’s important. What is this powerless that you said? Explain it.

A lot of different people use the term like they have a list or whatever. The powerless to me is getting three to five essential things that I need to have done in my business or my life. By the end of the day, that moves some needle forward. It’s not a task that I’m checking off. A lot of people get stuck. It’s the same thing as they go to the gym and they go see the reps because they’re going through the motions. They write down, five things or ten things on a list every day. They start checking them off and they feel like they’re accomplished, but did it move your business or your life or some piece forward? The things that you have to get done before the end of the day. You’ve got to win if you’ve got them. It’s accountability, responsibility, grading scheme but also it’s a habit. I’ve always had some list. It’s been refined over the years. Those are key things that allow me to make the needle move every day. If you’re not moving forward, you’re either stipend or you’re dying. That’s a big part. I’ve had that for a long time.

I like it. It’s like S’mores, you heat some marshmallows and it tastes good. There had to be some hard times in your life. What was the biggest shift in your life? There’s something there. 

There are few things. I’ve had a couple of different businesses. They have all been self-funded. I’ve gone through the raising hundreds of millions of dollars and stuff as well. I guess in my first business, one of the big shifts was I had a billionaire partner and he was like a second dad to me. He passed away in 2007. He’s a healthy individual but had an oversized heart. They call it the silent killer in a lot of athletes. It’s too much muscle around your heart. You don’t even go into cardiac arrest, it over floods. He passed away in his sleep. That was a turning point for me because a lot of things that I learned in business, I built up to that point where I didn’t have contracts in place. I didn’t have a lot of different things.

I had a business and it was going well and all of a sudden when that happened, he left his 27 and 30-year old children with a few billion dollars. He was my partner. They were funding the business and a bunch of different things happened. I had to bring in venture capital and all this. It’s a totally different shift. That’s one thing that made me step up and perform more in different areas and look at all the aspects of not life and not friendship, but businesses, business that was a shift for me. When you tell a had a few hard times, as an entrepreneur, depending on what you get, it’s hard times. I put a little video up, I do these little 30-second, three-minute videos in the morning, rambling. One of the things that somebody said to me the other day was, “Life’s so hard.” I’m like, “It’s so hard compared to what?” You’ve got a roof over your head. You woke up today, you’re blessed. You’ve got a job. Define hard.

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I’ll give you an example. We had Layered Technologies for several years. I got into that in 2014 when I started Icon Meals. We were talking about a support system and stuff and risk in different things. My wife, I told her, “I’m going to start another business.” We sold this. If you backtrack fourteen years or fifteen years, sixteen years actually, I had no money. I had credit card debt. I was having my first kid, and I started my first company. Almost fourteen years later where we found out that the writer is being born and I said, “I’m starting another business.” We had comfort before. We had $1 million-house, 6,000 square foot house. We had all this stuff and I said, “We’re selling the house.” I moved with two kids plus a brand new one being born.

“Babe, by the way, we’re selling the house.”

We sold all that. My point is I moved them into a four-bedroom condo. Imagine your wife and stuff like we’ve been together for many years, I have taken all the comfort away from your kids and stuff and move them into four-bedroom condo and took that money to start Icon. That’s risk. My point with her saying that was it was like a second coming for her because with us it was like, “This is another repeat of fourteen years ago.” “Why don’t you go take a normal job, make a couple $100,000, and then we’re all happy and stuff?” She knows that’s not me. That’s not how I tick. I thrive on risk, but it’s not risk to me because I know that it’s the whatever-it-takes mentality. I control that and as long as I’m in the driver’s seat, as far as my vision and stuff, I know what’s going to happen. When you ask about other lessons, there are lots of different lessons. The first person that ever tried to sue me in any business. I’m like, “What did I do?” As you grow, there’s always going to be someone that wants to come after you for something. I’m talking to my lawyer and I’m like, “What’s this?”

He’s like, “This isn’t going to stop as you grow and you’re building bigger and bigger and more people coming at you.” That was one of the things that you have to digest and internalize. To me nothing gets me off the track of my day. You’re going to come across speed bumps. It’s how we internalize them, how you deal with them. Maybe for a minute it gets you off your rocker, but then it’s back on course and we’re going to deal with things appropriately as we deal with. The other thing is don’t ever procrastinate. Don’t procrastinate. Someone’s like, whatever. The lawyer scenario deal had hit it head-on. Those are different things that a lot of people try to put behind and hope they go under the covers or they go away. That’s one of the biggest things I deal with.

I’ve taken that in. That was amazing. Everything that you said penetrated. It punctured. You and I are very similar. The way I look at situations, the way I look at like a risk, I don’t look at it as a risk, even my partner, Este. He’s more on the safer side. That’s what partners need. It’s like we always need someone else that’s going to be like, “Calm down. Don’t go too fast.” I’m in Denver, Colorado. I came into a place, I literally signed a lease before I talked to anybody about it. I signed it. I went back to LA and I moved three months later. I have a vision in my mind and no matter what, it doesn’t matter. Ten team members could drop off tomorrow and I know that I’ll find ten more people and I know that I can still take on all this stuff. I know in my gut and that’s what a lot of people lack, especially with asking for a raise. I’m trying to even build a business, trying to start a business, friendships, relationships, everything. It’s like communication with yourself and the trust within yourself.

A lot of people don’t have confidence in themselves. If you can’t believe in yourself, go find someone that can believe in you. That’s how it has to happen. One of the biggest things is a lack of confidence. I’ve had tons and tons and tons of people in my last company, Layered Tech, with 220 employees. Tons of people complain and they want more money in this and that, and then they say, “I’m going to start someday,” but they’re never going to start. I’m all for anyone that ever comes to me that works for me that says, “I want to go start my own business.” I’m 100% supportive. Go. I want you to make more money. I want you to have more success. I want you to find value in whatever purpose and your passion and stuff. A lot of people get hooked up on that and they complaining, complaining, complaining. To me, it’s a story.

I don’t know if you ever heard this story, but there’s a dog and he’s lying down and he’s moaning and moaning. We’re sitting on a patio and he’s moaning, I’m like, “What is he moaning about?” I’m looking over at this guy and this dog keeps moaning. He’s laying on a nail and I’m like, “Why doesn’t he get off the nail?” He’s like, “Because it only hurts enough for him to moan.” That’s like people in life. It only hurts enough to make them complain because they feel better complaining. Someone else listens. It’s just like that dog, but if that dog got up and moved on and lay on something where there was no nail, he’s not going to moan. He has nothing to complain about. That’s what a lot of people in life are in. They just look at it and they don’t move. They’re in that spot.

Where does this mindset come from for you? Did your parents have the same similar mindset or did you develop it through friendships?

It’s different for me. My parents think I’m weird. Not weird, but different. I could have had safety. My dad owns businesses and I grew up in a fairly stable business. My dad does very well. He owns funeral homes and cemeteries. I lived in a town in Northern Canada and it was a small town.

With polar bears? 

CUE 50 | Unlocking Your True Potential
Unlocking Your True Potential: If you can’t believe in yourself, go find someone who can believe in you.


No polar bears, just big bears. Honda came in there, the car company. I don’t know how many people we had. We had 15,000 before Honda came in and then you’re talking about 40,000, 50,000, 60,000, 100,000 people. When I was in college, everyone was like, “You’ve got to work at Honda.” It’s like everyone. There are people with PhDs and MBAs working there. Sure, it was good. It’s $20 an hour when I was seventeen years old. I lasted there two weeks and everyone’s like, “You quit Honda. You’re banned from here?” My mind can’t do that. Brendan, when we went there, they made us put on white jumpsuits. We walked between two yellow lines. You do four-shift tasks today, you screw bolts, you put steering wheels on, you do whatever. My mind can’t do that. What I did was I quit and I went network marketing door to door in downtown Toronto. Talk about an unsafe situation going knocking on these slum doors. That’s what I did for 80, 90, 100 hours a week. I wasn’t making the money I was making Honda, but that’s the stuff that got me going right my mind. I call it personal development in different things. I got associated with that and they’re like, “What did you do? You’re crazy.”

That’s what I had to do. For me, I want to be better every day in some aspect of my life. I’m a big reader. I love reading. I love personal development. Even in the gym, the gym is a pillar for life for me. People were like, “Why are you so crazy in the gym stuff?” I’ve done this a lot, in business and then before in different businesses. I take people into the gym. Let’s train. I have some people, I’ll come to a different city and we’re meeting. I go, “Let’s train,” and then all of a sudden I hear the stories, “Ten years ago I used to lift this much weight.” I already know what it’s going to be, but the people that come, we sit down in the gym. The guys that are not complaining, those are the guys that I want with me in business. I’ve had people that literally come in and then they’re in the bathroom and then I never see them again. It’s a parallel to life for me. That’s where me and O’Hearn and a couple of others have the same mindset.

You had the same understanding and that’s why you connect so well. That’s very important. You said the first person that shifted your mindset was that guy who was a billionaire that passed away. I firmly believed that if you find a mentor in your life, hold onto them as tight as possible because it’s like an employee that’s good.

You know one of my personal coaches and stuff and that’s a big shift for me because at my last business at Layered Technologies before, I wasn’t that top guy. There are guys that made more money than me even though I started it and own it, but they had much more life experience, publicly-traded and all this. I loved that because surrounds me and allows me room to grow. With Icon, it was a different animal for me because I’m used to being surrounded by C level tech people. Here I got 90 people, but let’s say about 67 is in the kitchen. It’s different. I call it a lot of the lid, like John Maxwell, if you had read his book. It’s hitting that top of the lid. I was hitting that top of the lid smacking and I was like, “I can’t get through these different barriers.” I went back and added a personal coach. Once a week, again on mentorship, I have a personal coach and got back into masterminds. Masterminds are a key thing for me.

Those are beautiful.

That’s where I thrive and where I strive in different things and people are like, “Why do you spend the money?” To me, I’m going to spend money on investing in myself. That’s another thing that people don’t do a lot of. You got to invest in yourself, too, to grow.

Where do you even start with that? Let’s help some people out. What are three big books that you really love?

Relentless by Tim Grover, that’s a good book. There are a couple of others, Todd Hermon, Alter Ego. I don’t know if you know much about that, but that’s one of the things that I’ve worked on a lot over the year with my coach and mentor. It’s having that alter ego, because there are certain elements of business. Here’s a thing that should resonate with a lot of people. For me, I can get shredded. I can get 4% body fat, 5% body fat with no issues. I used to be a fat kid but I know what to do. It’s like a challenge for me, a journey. If you listen to Andy, he compares it to financial. If Andy knows how to create $300 million, why can’t the same person have 5% body fat? If you’ve been successful in one area of your life, you know what it takes. It’s no different.

You don’t want to do it.

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If you implement that same regiment that you built getting 4% body fat to making $100 million, there’s no secret barrier that’s stopping you from making it, but you’re not doing it. You’re not confident enough in yourself or you have something holding you back. That alter ego has helped me. In junior hockey when I played hockey or I’m the nicest guy, I’m flexible, but then I fought a lot in hockey and it’s like something snaps. It’s like that alter ego when Todd comes out and it’s different.

You’ve got to control that.

You see a lot of football guys and stuff like NFL agents. NFL players, UFC Fighters are the nicest guys, but when they’re in that ring, it’s that alter ego. That’s a key component of what I learned from that book. Also from working with my mentor and it’s helped me in different areas grow and I’m still working on that.

I was thinking about football. I didn’t sleep at all and I had kept on having dreams and I wake up. I watched this football documentary on Amazon Prime or whatever. It goes through the season of Michigan, University of Michigan. It’s incredible because you watch it from that perspective and they’re like, “These are regular kids.” They’re playing in front of 110,000 people in their stadium and they’re traveling around. They’re growing but they’re eighteen, nineteen, twenty-year-old kids. Back when I was playing football, I didn’t know what was going on. I always was the hardest worker. I was always getting better. I was getting really good. One day I stopped playing. I didn’t love the game.

I was thinking about, “I quit and I stopped. I could have made it to the NFL and I could have played in front of 80,000 people, but I quit.” I keep on reminding myself that that’s my alter ego and that’s the other side of me saying, “You wanted the money, you wanted the fame, you loved football, but what did you want it for?” All these different things. I keep on telling myself, I’m like, “The reason why you stopped is that you didn’t love it anymore and you didn’t want to put the same strategy that you’re putting into it right now with business and stuff into that. You didn’t want to put the time in.” 

When it came down to it and I was on my eighteenth 100-yard sprint at practice, I didn’t want to do it. I would do it, but I hated it. That’s how you know whether or not you should perceive something is that gut feeling of like, “Where am I right now in this journey and do I enjoy it?” You love the hustle, you love waking up for the gym, and you love going and spending time with your family. You love going into work, you love going to masterminds and in that gut, if for one second you were like, “I don’t like this,” you wouldn’t do it.

For me, fun is a big component. If I’m not having fun, I’m not going to do it. I’ve had a lot of friends that haven’t lived the full life in different things. It’s important to me to have every single moment that you need to enjoy it because if you’re not, you’re just suppressing it somewhere else and that’s going to commit and you’re not performing in other areas of your life. For me, people will say, “I’m going to wait until this is the perfect moment.” There’s no perfect moment. I say better is perfect. If you’re bettering yourself in any area or anyone, there’s never going to be a perfect moment. I’ll give you an example. When I was on the development company before, Layered Technologies, we had a big customer. They spend $50,000 every month with us and stuff and we were building out a platform. It’s like, “This isn’t perfect yet.” The guy ran out of money, $1.3 million in, because he could have rolled it out a long time ago, but he’s waiting for that perfect moment. There’s no perfect moment.

The time is now.

You need to do it.

CUE 50 | Unlocking Your True Potential
Unlocking Your True Potential: You need to be the best version of you need to responsible and accountable for your actions.

Actually that’s another good book, Power of Now. If anybody wants to pick that up, the power is in now. You could be sick, you could be anxious, whatever. If you don’t talk to that person, it could be the last chance that you could talk to that person about that situation and things like that.

When you say books, I’m a big Grant Cardone fan. He’s a great guy. From the standpoint of 10X in your life, a lot of people hold back. If they took the 10X principles, you’re shooting high and you’re going to hit somewhere.

You’re going to hit, even if you 2X, it’s beautiful because it’s more than what you had before. I was reading that book when I was sick and I had everything not going for me. I was injured. I was shaking on the ground. I reading 10X. He empowered me. He ended up following me and started watching my stuff, which is empowering. It’s almost like the universe was talking to me. I always was afraid of what my gut was saying about where I wanted to go and I was like, “I want to be a $10 million business,” but then I’ll talk to other people and they would put it down. I started to hear the noise. It taught me that the noise does not matter because this is my opinion of it. If my opinion and my vision is that strong and powerful, there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, I’m doing more for the world society, then those other people telling me that I’m not going to do it.

There are people who put their own opinions. I say opinions don’t pay bills and stuff, but also those people often put those opinions right into your family, your friends and stuff because they’re scared. They know that they’re never going to do that. I call it the mediocre mindset and I freaking hate that. Being mediocre sucks, being average sucks. Be unique. You live life. Do you.

Glad you hate that, by the way. I’m sorry but I have the same opinion. Being mediocre, I don’t like it. Some people do and that’s completely fine if you’re honestly happy.

I’m going to argue with you and I’ll say it’s okay to some extent. If you’re an individual that’s not married and is not a parent. The side that I have a problem with is into the fatherhood or parents where you can’t be mediocre if you are a parent. You need to be the best version of you because every single thing that’s coming through there that your children are watching you, anything you do. Mediocre is the mindset that sucks.

From that perspective, I will agree with that. At the same time, I will debate that as an individual. Let’s say, you’re not married.

If you’re happy and healthy doing what you’re doing, then great. One of my biggest problems in business when I started was I wanted everyone to succeed like you, but I had to get over the bullshit of, “I can’t rip my head off and put it on someone else’s body.” That was my biggest thing. Why won’t this person do this? I can’t motivate him. I won’t get him personal family stuff, but my brother, I want to help him. He’s way overweight. He has two kids and stuff, but he gives excuses to the point where like, I can sit there for a little while, but it’s like we’re going to bar fight almost because I care for him so much, but I can’t rip my head off and put it on his body.

A lot of this comes down to the approaches and the communication of that because for instance, my cousin contacted me. I’m not going to go into the specifics but she’s dealing with like certain things with her health and all this stuff. I wanted to try and evolve her from that situation. She doesn’t have a lot of money. She has a specific job. It’s a salary, but that doesn’t pay a lot. I said, “Do you ask for support?” It’s clear, she doesn’t. I’m in the health and wellness space, but it’s the first time I’ve heard from her about this stuff. I’m her cousin and she’s struggling so much about this stuff. She has a couple of things that she went through and from my perspective, I’m like, “Have you asked your dad?” “My dad won’t give me any money.” I’m like, “For your health?” Maybe you’re not explaining properly or expressing how important your health is and where it’s actually at. 

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I feel like a lot of people actually hold themselves back and they end up being mediocre. Even though they have the growth mindset or they want to have the growth mindset, but they’re too afraid to be honest with themselves that, “Maybe I do need help. Maybe I do need support.” What I’ve learned is that when I can ask support from my team, even from people that maybe aren’t making as much money as me or aren’t as far along in their life, it’s empowering to me because then they have something that I didn’t even realize they had. Maybe it’s idea. Maybe it’s a relationship that they’re currently in. Maybe they’ve been through something similar but when I asked for support, it immediately takes me away from mediocracy.

That also goes back to business. Surround yourself with great people. The only way to build great businesses is to surround yourself with great people. 2019 for me has been a life-changing year based on some of the additional people we put into Icon. We hired a big CEO, a female and she’s crushing it. She ripped the nuts off an elephant. Those are the different things that you need in business.

By the way, I want to hold on that, “She ripped the nuts off an elephant.”

I don’t know if that’s a great terminology.

Those are some big nuts. I’ll tell you how much it’s a lot to rip off. You need big machetes. 

That’s the key thing. You surround yourself with great people building your team and that’s again, for any business person. I see a lot of people in business struggle with letting go. For me, I’m the opposite. That’s one of my downfalls where I’m not going to micromanage. I’m going to enable, I’m going to empower and I’m going to expect. That sometimes has failed for me because I expect and I don’t micromanage. I’ve gotten taken advantage of on those weak parts of me because I’m not the hard-ass. I’m not the guy who’s ever going to yell. I’m not the guy that’s going to be in everyone’s mess, managing it all the time. It’s like a fine line that you have to build and then you have to surround yourself with those other people. I’ve got screwed by me being trusting too much or too nice. Monetary standpoint, friendship level, getting screwed legally and a bunch of different things. Again, there’s that fine line, but it’s you growing. You probably couldn’t build what you built now if you were where you were five years ago. You have to develop yourself. For me in the gym, it’s personal development. It’s like me pushing myself on PRS and stuff equates to different things for me.

You keep on evolving and those small wins turned into a massive win.

It’s not like mediocre going to the gym and going through like, eight to ten reps in doing this in the same way. To me, don’t bother. If you’re not going to give it 100% and more, don’t even go in. It’s those kinds of challenges and things again, going back to better is perfect. Every single day, different things are stepping you forward. If you’re not moving forward, you got to re-evaluate.

What do you want in your life? I don’t know how to explain it. You either want something or you don’t and want when you want something, like imagine when you’re a kid, you went into the kitchen and you’re like, “Mom, I want a Tootsie Roll,” or whatever it was, a muffin, a cookie. You literally started screaming and crying because you didn’t get what you wanted. That’s the level of one.

CUE 50 | Unlocking Your True Potential
Unlocking Your True Potential: The only way to build a great business is to surround yourself with great people.


It goes back to the metaphor of the story of oxygen. It’s the story where the guy takes him in the water and then holds him underwater, “Why did you do that?” How bad do you want it? You want it bad enough to breathe. People go to the boiling point. They hit X but they never pushed it past that boiling point and it goes back for whatever internalizes but when you have a coach and you have different pieces and you bring in that they help you get through that, the boiling point. They help you focus in on your purpose or your passion. A lot of people are necessarily not confused, but they don’t necessarily know what their actual purpose in life is. For me, I have a good understanding but I’m still redefining and that’s constantly evolving for me as I’ve got older.

There’s always something new to that.

People are like, “When are you going to sell the company and retire?” I’m like, “I’ll never.” For me, that’s what keeps my mind going. I learned that from Bob, my partner like $2.6 billion. That guy came from no school and he built everything, tons of different like obstacles to overcome, but always something new. It’s your network and if you’re in the proper network of like-minded people with ideas and different things, you’re always going to want to chase more. It’s not necessarily more money. Money’s always going to come if you provide value. A lot of people chase the wrong thing. They chase money and if that’s what you’re after that fulfills you, but it’s not. I’ve had to learn to open my mind to that. The more value you provide, the more you’re going to get paid. That’s a common course of life.

One of the things that I do with CreateU and everything that we do with every influencer first is I tell them to look at their social media following and say, “How are you showing up to them? How many sponsors do you have and what are they paying these sponsors?” Once you look at how much you’re making and all these different things, why you are making what you’re making? How are you providing that? Is it a product that you enjoy? Icon Meals. I love the food. It saves me every single day. The value that I provide, I talk about this stuff and half the time I don’t even tag Icon Meals. I don’t tag anything. I don’t tell them to go buy it. It’s me loving it and representing it is what takes me to the next level. The same thing goes for anything that we’re creating. 

That’s where they CreateU takes the next step is that I’ve taken influencers and I’ve talked to them. I’m like, “Do you like where you’re at right now?” “No.” “Great.” “What do you want?” “I want to empower people.” “No, what do you want?” “I want to empower people.” They get deeper and deeper into what they truly want and then we develop a business out of it. When they talk about it on social media, people aren’t leaving and they’re not pissed off because they’re like, “This person loves this.” They want to see growth in it and because of that, I want to be a part of it. If anyone’s an influencer right now or you’re even just a person, you’re trying to have a couple of followers, whatever it is, look at the value that you’re bringing. Most of the time when you have a meal and you put it in the microwave and you put in, “Icon Meals code,” that does not work. “It looks tasty.” “There’s a coupon code.”

That’s why people when they become an affiliate or a partner and they say, “What standards do you have to post in this?” I say, “We don’t have any.” You’re not going to come to me and tell you this right away. If you’re coming and you’re looking for a big salary and stuff, that’s not Icon Meals. We want to partner with people that find value in using our product. To me in business and some people might disagree, but I always have to have two things when I’m going to start a business. One is recurring revenue and one is residual income. I mean to food, every five to seven days people eat. The second thing is you have to have a solution to a problem. Our solution is convenience. People live hectic lifestyles. I won’t get into naming names, but there are other companies out there that do meal kits and stuff and it’s all great to come home and cook, but at a certain point you live a busy, hectic lifestyle. You don’t have fifteen minutes to cook, you don’t have 30 minutes.

Some people like to cook. That’s a stress reliever, like the gym. 

It goes back to time as well. I’m saying. When a busy executive mom comes home, she got four kids, she can feed the soccer team on paper plates, chef-prepared meals or you can have the same meal chef-prepared on bone China with a glass of wine with your husband quick in one to three minutes. Convenience-wise, anywhere in the US overnight. What kind of value do you provide? Who do you partner with? I’m not looking for the people that put the meal and they put it next to their bench or they’re sitting in their kitchen with their fork. We’re going to go back to them. We’re going to say, “That’s not what we’re after.” If we’re going to work with something, it’s going to be organic and it’s going to be finding value in what I believe we provide adds value to people’s lives.

l had to focus on what their core and purpose is in life because everyone has to eat and people say, “There’s this company.” I don’t care about any of that. We’re drama-free because we provide food.” Everyone needs to eat. Go back to look at exactly what you said. If you’re looking at any part of the business, even if you’re a salesperson or you’re marketing person in business, are you adding value to that company you’re working for? Are you or are you going through the motions? That’s key. A lot of influencers I see is hilarious to me. They’re posting this creatine or this or that and they’re beside a bench with their shaker cup.

If you’re in the proper network of like-minded people with ideas of different things, you’re always going to want to chase more. Click To Tweet

That’s like Shreds but they’re no longer in business. You wonder why. One of the main things that I do with every influencer that’s a part of CreateU Nutrition or CreateU in general, I get on strategy calls with them. As an influencer and also the owner of the company, I sit there for 30 minutes and all my Tuesdays filled up. I sit there and I teach them how to properly do it because you love the product and If you don’t love the product, I tell you please do not be a part of this if you do not represent CreateU properly in the way that you love it. If you don’t love it, don’t post about it.

The personal development aspect builds an individual. I won’t name the name of this big company or its franchise and they do fitness bootcamps. There are a few of them. The reason I even say that is because of their strategy and how they do it is incredible. They bring all their new franchisees a couple of times a year. They sit down and these guys are thinking, “We’re going to learn the exercise. We’re going to learn how to sell supplements. We’re going to learn how to get people in.” It’s none of that. The whole thing is the first two sentences he says, “Welcome to the two days of your personal development starting over you.” People are like, “What? It’s totally different.” The whole first two-days is all personal development, building you because if not you, you’re not going to be able to build the brand, you’re not going to be able to grow. You need to overcome probably personal obstacles in different things. I love that. That’s the key thing. It’s pretty cool.

One of the coolest responses that I’ve had so far is, “I didn’t even know I was capable of doing this. I didn’t know that I could post this type of video or a post.”

That goes back to what I said earlier. A lot of those people either don’t know or they don’t have confidence in what you’ve done. You’ve either helped them see that vision or you’ve instilled confidence in them they didn’t have because you’ve put that in them. That’s key.

What’s cool about that is that once you unlock someone’s potential, not only it’s unlimited but you’ve unlocked the dream.

It goes back to that word, value. You’ve provided so much value to that individual that’s allowed them to be so much.

That’s what CreateU is all about. That’s a lot to digest. That’s a lot of stuff. To summarize, you’ve worked with several different companies. You started with a mentor. This mentor was everything to you. Actually way before then, way before all of this stuff, you went to go work at Honda or wherever you’re working at and then you started to do some network marketing and stuff door-to-door.

I started in business when I came out of college and I was going to go be a ski bum. Being from Canada, we could go to Cuba. I was in Cuba. Me and my wife now, we’re planning to go to Whistler and we’re going to be there and who knew when we were coming back, we’re going to be ski bum. I needed a job because it needs some money. I was going to be a driver for this computer company and they called me. They called actually my mom when I was in Cuba and they said, “Can you sell?” I’m like, “I’m not sure.” I came in and had a marketing and some other degree. Anyways, this company was young. It was from Sydney, Australia.

I was a computer company. I started with them and it was crazy. That’s where I started selling. It was me and another 21-year-old, but it was $1 billion company. We took that and I grew that to a couple of $100 million in Canada. That’s how I got down to the States. That was my introduction. I never worked for anyone because that was the only time I’ve ever worked for anyone but it wasn’t working for anyone because it was another guy running everything. From that standpoint, my mindset is built, drive and I’ve learned everything. I won’t say it was self-made but from that standpoint, everything’s been learned.

It’s starting with your mindset.

CUE 50 | Unlocking Your True Potential
Unlocking Your True Potential: Look at any part of the business, whatever your position is, and see if you’re adding value to the company you’re working for.


There’s nothing that I would say that ever changed me because I’ve never worked anywhere. From day one, I had some internal drive. I don’t know where that comes from, but that has evolved and growing and growing stronger.

That’s a whole other podcast. I bet I could find out where that internal drive comes, but we’re not going to get into it. Sometimes we do. I’ve had some pretty awesome guests on here that have really opened up, gotten emotional, a lot of different things. They evolved which is cool. I want to say thanks for coming on here. 

I appreciate you having us. It was great talking to you.

That was awesome, the evolution of your life and the consistency of your mindset. That’s what I’m going to say right now. Focus on the evolution and the transformation of not only your mindset, but everything in your life, your relationships, your communication, everything. Stay consistent with your mindset. That is always, “I am going to evolve.” It’s your self-talk. It’s how you talk to yourself. Yes, I’m sure you have anxiety. I have a lot of anxiety and generally people with this type of a personality and this mindset do, but because we were so successful in certain areas of our mindset and stuff,

We know how to also deal with anxiety and work with our anxiety because we’re always willing to grow and get better at stuff. If you’re out there right now and you’re trying to take the next step in your life, just go. Take the steps. Take one step and see who you meet. Take one step outside and see who actually stumbles on your feet and who you talked to. The relationship you build and the opportunity that grows from it. You’d be so surprised at who you talk to on a daily basis when you ask or talk or open up your mouth. Take the next step. That’s what CreateU is all about. Thank you, Todd. Where can people find you?

Everywhere it’s at @IconMeals. Me personally, it’s @ToddAbrams on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I appreciate the time.

Icon Meals hands down is one of the best. They have a lot of functional foods. Discuss some of those foods. 

A lot of people know the protein popcorn cookies. We have our new chips, high protein, vegan chip, which has a nice clean ingredient deck. We have a lot of other fun stuff coming in, so you will see other products dropping in soon.

Make sure you check out Icon Meals and Todd Abrams. Thank you so much for coming on here. We have fun. I dive into questions and I evolve your mindset through my own thinking and my own strategies, my own structures here on YouTube sometimes. Definitely check us out. Subscribe if you haven’t already across all audio platforms, CreateU Experience. We’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Todd Abrams

CUE 50 | Unlocking Your True PotentialTodd Abrams is the CEO of Icon Meals which is one of the leading prepared food companies in the world. Icon Meals delivers healthy pre packaged meal all across the world at a very affordable rate. Todd is also the host of the podcast “The DadBod Show”.

Episode 49: It’s Okay To Quit


Giving up and quitting are two very different things. In this short but powerful episode, Brendan Meyers differentiates to us, through his life experiences, what it means to give up or quit. He shares some useful advice on how to let go of relationships that are not serving you for the better. Brendan then reminds you that if you feel lost in life, do not let yourself suffer because you can always let go of how you feel and change your mindset.

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It’s Okay To Quit

See The Bigger Picture

It is a QuickTime Friday special. We tap into something new. It could be extravagant. It could be something that I learned. They’re things that I’m very knowledgeable on and experiences that might motivate you. It might be a speech or a strategy that you can implement into your own vision to break through and bring everything to life. A lot of us go through times where we feel like giving up or we feel like quitting. There’s a huge difference between giving up and quitting. You can give up in so many different ways, whether you’re training for a physique show like myself, October 5th here in Denver, Colorado. That’s my first ever physique show. I could quit and be like, “I’m not going to finish eight days out.” I could give up on the last rep, my nutrition, on my relationship and so many different things. That’s not the right thing. You don’t want to give up on something.

If something doesn't serve you, you absolutely do not have to stay. Just wing it out and push through. Click To Tweet

Quitting can go in many different ways. That’s an opinion I formed because I’ve quit things before because they didn’t serve me. The way I look at quitting is yes, you can give up and quit. It’s a combination or you can quit because it doesn’t serve you. That’s what I want to remind you. If something doesn’t serve you, you absolutely do not have to stay, wing it out, and push through. You don’t always have to do that. Sometimes there are certain situations where you got to put your head down, go and do what you got to do. If the end result isn’t what you want and it’s something that is a planned behavior, it’s a strategy, you’re aiming for a goal, then you don’t have to continue. If you hate your job and you don’t want to do X, Y and Z.

CUE 49 | Giving Up Versus Quitting


You don’t have to let go of the job immediately, but find another job and then quit. Your ego, my ego is what interferes with a lot of our choices in our lives. It’s okay to let go of your relationship. You have to let them go. You’re surrendering. In every area of your life when you feel like giving up, it’s a different story.

CUE 49 | Giving Up Versus QuittingWhen you see that it’s not serving you, the plan, the strategy, and the structure are affecting your health, other opportunities in your life, other goals, or other dreams, end it. You don’t need to hold onto a thread. Many times when you hold on by strings, you end up accumulating so many different strings that it becomes extremely heavy on your heart, on your shoulders and it’s exhausting. You become more stressed. Who wants to live a painful life? Nobody. You don’t and I don’t.

This should get you moving in the right direction. If you don’t know where that direction or path is, that’s okay as well. You can let go. Just because you’re blind to what the future holds that does not make it okay for you to suffer. Tell a friend, tell your teacher, tell your employee or whoever it is that you want to say that it’s okay to let go. You’re not giving up on yourself. If you’re sticking up for yourself, you’re sticking up for your vision.

CUE 49 | Giving Up Versus Quitting


That’s what I wanted to bring to you. I hope this finds a special place in your heart and in your mind. Your mindset is everything. Your body can be destroyed, but your mind can’t give up if you train it to be so. Discipline and consistency is everything. I appreciate you so much. If you have any questions please send me a message on Instagram @TheBMeyers. Send me an email Brendan@CreateUAgency.com or you can check out CreateUNutrition.com for some supplements. Some Greens powder. We have so many reviews. Our Probiotics and Creatine HCL, they are all booming and people are loving them.

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Episode 48: Passion Defined: The Road To A Million Dollar Life with Tony Grebmeier


The usual way of introducing ourselves is stating what we do for a living. For Tony Grebmeier, the Co-founder of ShipOffers, he goes about it by telling people that he is a husband and father first before anything else. Today, Brendan Meyers sits down with him to talk about the importance of relationships not only to our personal lives but professionally as well. As an entrepreneur, podcast host, journal creator, and host of the BEFULFILLED community, Tony believes that relationships come first before business, and his success across his multiple ventures is a testament to how he values that. He shares his journey and some great nuggets of wisdom on being passionate, developing relationships, and stepping out to be phenomenal. Learn more about Tony’s road to a million-dollar life in this episode.

Review this podcast on iTunes using this link — http://www.createuagency.com/podcast-giveaway — and receive 7 FREE gifts —

Listen to the podcast here:

Passion Defined: The Road To A Million Dollar Life with Tony Grebmeier

Without Relationships Nothing Else Matters

We’re also on YouTube. If you are new, we create experiences before. We like to give you everything, not only with myself and the subject at hand or the topic of the day, but also with the guest and dive into who they are, what they are and take it to the next level so sit down and relax. We are also on Spotify and iTunes and all audio platforms. Check us out there. We’re everywhere and we really make it happen every single time. We are joined by my friend, Tony G. We’ve worked together on many different projects. He’s an incredible guy. He runs ShipOffers. He’s a very interesting man. He has a beautiful voice. He’s got Mickey Mouse all the way up to a radio announcer. Tony, what’s up?

I like it but I don’t do Mickey Mouse. I hang with the radio guy.

Tony is a very interesting man. I’m going to say that he is very mellow, but he’s also a go-getter. He’s very hardworking. You started ShipOffers, which is a multimillion-dollar business that started in your garage. What is ShipOffers all about?

ShipOffers started as a business to go to provide products and services to online marketers. It has evolved over the years. If you have an idea or a dream around formulating a product, we can help you do that. We can print your digital eBook and turn it into a physical book for you. We service the survival clients in the industry. It’s about using your imagination and vision. Whatever you can think of, we can probably figure out a way with all of our manufacturing arms to come up with a delivery system that works. It’s about you being passionate about what it is that you want to do.

That’s what ShipOffers is all about. I’ve been working with him for quite some time and all of these new businesses that I’m developing a product with, he does everything. Do you do some distribution or do you do it all?

If you have a product and you’re like, “I’m cool with the manufacturing,” send it to me. We’ll ship it for you. I like customers who are thinking about, “I’m building a brand and I’m bringing culture to it. I’m doing something bigger than just selling products. I want to create the community, the connection. I want you to have that authenticity because that creates integrity.”

He’s not here to bullshit with you. If you’re coming out with some bullshit stuff and you’re not passionate, he doesn’t want to work on that. He wants a visionary. That represents a lot of who he is because he is not just ShipOffers. He has to be fulfilled. Explain where you came from and why you are where you are right now. Tell them the pitch.

I grew up in a small town in Santa Cruz, California in the ‘70s. When you’re born in the ‘70s, you’ve seen a lot of things. My vision when I grew up, all the pictures that I had was the husband came home from work and the wife ran to the door and handed the slippers. The husband sat down and got a cocktail. The wife went back in and put her apron on and went into the kitchen to cook dinner. That’s the picture I had in my mind from watching the TV shows of the ‘60s and ‘70s. That wasn’t my reality. My reality was my dad was gay. My parents divorced when I was three months old. I grew up lying, stealing and trying to figure out how to survive because I was embarrassed. I was ashamed that what my dad was is a reflection of me. I grew up quick. I don’t care about your sexual orientation or your preference. I don’t care what you do. At the end of the day, I care about people who love people. That’s what I care about. I grew up in the ‘70s fast, like every other kid. I was hustling. I was trying to figure out how to make money, but I lied a lot and I remember why. It’s because they would come to me and go, “Your dad’s gay.” I’m like, “No, he’s not. He’s a jockey.” I was always in protective mode.

Things happen to you, but it's what you do about them that ultimately shapes who you are as a human being. Click To Tweet

Now, I’m in observation mode. It is a big difference for me. I’m always looking around and seeing how I can make improvements. Before, I would never allow you to finish. I used that to jump into my career. My career was a radio broadcaster. What do you do? You get yourself locked in a booth. You’re in a studio for 48 hours and you tell stories. Part of my upbringing was protecting myself. I got picked on and beat up in 5th and 6th grade. I threw a record and blinded somebody. At the end of 5th grade and the 6th, I didn’t really know what I did. I hurt somebody really bad but I didn’t know what it would do with myself, let alone the individual. He used to say, “It was a total accident.” My whole entire 6th grade I was getting beat up, but he was blind in one eye.

It all stems from being picked on.

That was what caused the next level for me to go even deeper into my darkness. First, I had my father being gay. The second piece happened in the summer where it was a totally random accident. The interesting part was I had a girlfriend. She was the one who would fight my arguments for me. I’d get picked on and someone would call me out and go, “Let’s go fight.” We’d go out to the playground and then instead of me fighting, she would come in and do my dirty work for me.

Are you still friends with this girl?

No, but I remember one day, Danny said something, “Get your girlfriend out of here. She’s a bitch.” The next thing I know, he fell down and the whole school ran after him. That was the beginning of what I knew was possible. Things happen to you, but it’s what you do about what happens to you that ultimately shapes who you are as a human being. Even at an early age, I started understanding. I fast move through high school. I was an all-American in water polo.

You do not hear that often, “I was an all-American in water polo.” Water polo is a hard game. How long are you swimming in the water, treading water?

I was a goalie. I treaded the entire game. I never touched the ground. My average practice was four hours a day of treading water. Here’s the thing that I’ve been able to reflect back on, being in the cage as a goalie. I was an isolator. It was all about me protecting myself, protecting the team and then I had a fight for what I believed. Going from childhood into high school into a young adult, those are the things that I remember looking back. I’m like, “They were the protective measures that kept me safe.” From not being able to discuss the real issues that we bury you as people, we bury the shit and we hope that it goes away. Instead, it’s like knocking on your door and it’s going to show up one day. You’re going to learn that you need to deal with that stuff.

It’s true that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Everyone wants to put up these shields and like, “It has nothing to do with that.” That’s an example. You were a goalie. You isolated yourself. I’ve done very similar things like taking a photo. It explained my insecurities. It was like a painting. All I had to do was see the origin of it and how it was painted. That’s where we missed out on exponentially growing and evolving the way that we want and should.

Our society is set up for this. It’s protective. The moment you’re born, you say to God, “I’ve got this. Thanks so much for helping get this miracle baby here. We’ll take over.” Your parents are the ones who tried their best to protect you and give you everything that they fought for or were picked on or bullied to protect you from facing that stuff in your life. My mom was an only child. My dad had four sisters and grew up with that as his upbringing. My dad was an interior designer. He has produced the Miss California pageant for many years. He was always around entertainment and that’s why I loved your show. I love the whole concept behind it, the experience, the ideas and really getting to know who it is that you’re interviewing, but then how to make it a production. You’ve been to our dinners, it’s all about getting the right people in the room, but then having a lot of fun.

CUE 48 | Million Dollar Life


My upbringing was basic. I have an older sister who’s six years older than me. I only saw her for a very short period of time growing up because she was six years ahead. She’s one of my best friends. We talk every single day on the phone. We have an amazing relationship, but I grew up. I got into radio broadcasting at an early age of eleven, twelve and thirteen, FCC-licensed then. You don’t need one anymore. I saw for myself the opportunity that lied, that you have to be the person who creates you and not anybody else. The biggest problem that you’re going to face is being judged because everybody’s a hater. At some form at their core, they’re jealous of people’s success. They may say, “I’m not.” You show somebody a bunch of wins consecutively and they do not involve you, you’re going to turn. I’m the opposite. I want to know what’s making you win. I want to figure out what can I do to learn from you. Everybody’s a teacher.

It doesn’t matter the age. It doesn’t matter the ethnicity. It doesn’t matter where you’re from.

Watching you, seeing the evolution of you has been amazing. I’m seeing you with one of your old business partners, seeing how your mind would go and then how you were learning. You have two options. You can take the elevator or the stairs. I think there’s an in-between level for you. You just fucking climbed. You went really fast and you figured it out. Most people don’t do that because they’re stuck in observation mode. They’re learning, but they’re never applying or doing. I feel that you have to fail. You have to try. You have to get up in the morning and say, “My eyes woke up. I’m ready to go. What could I learn now? What is it that’s available?”

Thank you very much for the compliment to myself because I do take a lot of pride. Some people say, “Don’t be prideful,” but fuck that. I’m very prideful of what I’ve accomplished. I’ve always learned. Even when I first came to you and I was working with you, we weren’t doing big numbers at all, but it evolved into all these other companies. What I’m doing now, it took something. When did it shift for you? When did you start to notice what it took to get to the next level?

A little bit about growing up and tons of jobs. By the time I was eighteen, I had sixteen jobs. That means like, “Working at Domino’s, working at Goodwill, working at the liquor store.” I was busting my ass pulling weeds or painting houses. I did stuff to figure out what I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life. You need to try a bunch of stuff to figure it out. The concept that you’re after is the same thing every individual is after. Give me an example of a time in your life that you were saying, “I want to go do that,” and then tell me how you did it. Let me ask you a question, “Why did you stop?” People don’t stay consistent.

I’ve been literally working on the business for a few years online. It’s no joke that I’m exactly where I am and how I’m supposed to be here. That’s the same with you.

I started in 1996 online.

What were you doing online?

I was selling and building websites.

Where did that lead to?

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It led to opportunities. What’s crazy is that you don’t know when that post, that text message, that email, that opportunity is going to captivate you and be an opportunity in front of you. One night, I was working on a radio on a laptop in the studio. That was crazy because I figured out some things that most people didn’t realize. In between the songs, you’re sitting there. You’re either dancing or singing. You’re doing something so why not captivate and learn something? I’m living in Silicon Valley and I received a message one night from a gentleman in Southern California. He said, “I would love to partner with you.” I picked up the phone and called him. I’m a young kid. I’m 25, 26 years old. I said, “Sure, what do I have to lose?” The next thing I know he said, “I know this person and this person, we can build a business together.” In a few months or a year later, I was going from San Jose to Southern California. It’s all because someone wrote a message and then I took action.

People ask me, “How are you still connected in Denver?” When I go outside, I talk to somebody. When I go to the grocery store, I talk to somebody. I meet people. I’d go to the Colorado Rockies game, I talk to the security. They get me better seats. I go to the Avalanche game. I talk to the security. I talk to this person. They have a connection with one of the players. I go into the Jacuzzi when I feel going into the Jacuzzi, I see a basketball player. Now I know MPJ very closely. It’s all these types of situations and from this I’ve built businesses. The show is here. One of the reasons is one, to inspire, number two is to provide as many strategies and structures for people but number three, it’s also advertising. It’s an opportunity with new people that come on. If I’m able to build a relationship with you, we start seeing a connection and all these opportunities is a networking thing.

I don’t want to mess it up, but I want to help people get it right. It’s all connection then communication. Then the opportunity presents itself. I tell people and I probably even told you this in our journey, I’m more interested in building a relationship with you than doing business with you. Business comes after the relationship and then after the connection. If we don’t have a connection or I’m jiving with what you’re doing, I’m like, “No. I’m moving on.”

The relationship is everything.

It’s been a few years that we’ve known each other and I’m always, “Whatever you need. Let’s figure it out.” I’m not here to sell you. I want people to know what’s possible as anything. The mind is the thing that plays the worst games with you. They tell you you’re not good enough, it’ll never amount, no one will buy your shit, it’ll never get there. I’ve surrounded myself and that was one of the biggest changes in my life. I had a pivotal moment in my life on October 9th, 2008. I’ll get dark to bring you the light. I had a conversation with my wife at the time and she said something, “She dropped me off.” We’d been separated for a few years and she said, “I don’t love you anymore.” She needed to say it for herself, not necessarily to me. She needed to say it to herself so she could regain the power that she was giving me.

She took power back and I said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal.” I’m up in my apartment a few minutes later and I got all my shit out and I decided that day was the day I was going to quit. I started typing my suicide note and my phone rang during that process. A buddy of mine, John Montazeri said, “I’m coming to see you.” I’m like, “Why?” on my head but I said okay to him. I put everything away. He knocked on my door and he gave me the life-changing conversation. he said, “Tony, your life has meaning and purpose, but what you’re doing now doesn’t.”

In my head, the conversation was no shit but to him I’m like, “Thanks, do you want to have a seat? I’m doing nothing.” We do that a lot in life. We’re not 100% open and we’re almost fronting instead of saying where you’re at. It’s saying, “I’m struggling in life or whatnot.” For 45 minutes, he had a conversation with me. He gave me hope. He instilled some things in me that I really needed to hear. The next thing I know, a couple of days later, my pastor buddy came by and I said, “I’m trying to figure out some stuff with my life.” It took me 45 days until finally I get to the moment that has taken the rest of everything that I’ve done and made it okay.

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What’s that?

I said I needed help that I was an alcoholic and an addict. I couldn’t live on my own anymore. I needed support. When I walked into the rooms on 12/15 of ‘08, I heard somebody say something like, “You don’t have to do it by yourself anymore.” I started thinking to myself, “I’ve been trying to do everything on my own.” My mom worked three jobs to put food on the table for my sister. She was never there. I made the story up that my mom didn’t care about me. She didn’t love me. It was totally the opposite. My mom is my first mentor, my coach, my biggest fan, somebody who’s always there no matter what. She was doing anything she could to make it happen for herself and for the family. My dad loved me, but he was always busy. He was always on the road. He’s always trying to look good. He’s trying to make everything around him perfect. He was millionaire and lost it all. What did I do as a kid? I modeled what I saw. We do that in society. You get better by studying somebody who’s done it before you because everybody’s gone before you that I’m following now.

Nothing that we’re creating anymore is new.

From that moment of seeing what an opportunity was, I walked into the rooms and I realized my life would forever change if I can do these couple things. If I can be honest, I can be open and I can be willing. That’s the biggest takeaway. I had to find my version of a higher power. I had to do those things for myself because I knew that there was no accident that my buddy John knocked on my door. There was no accident when he called me on the phone. I wanted to die and someone was saying, “No, you need to live and let me show you a better way.”

You never know who’s going through something like that and being honest, open and willing, those three words are powerful.

You may have somebody in your life who’s at that moment and you’re not so sure what you should do. My biggest piece of advice is to be that person to make that phone call to that friend.

Even if someone’s going through something small because you never know. It always starts somewhere. Suicide rates are way higher than it’s ever been, especially with teenagers and people in their twenties. We’re getting to an age where there’s the online space and then there’s the brick and mortar space. People don’t even know what the fuck to do. Do you want to work for a Fortune 500 company? Do you want to build your own thing and work really hard? Tapping into that and evolving from what you went through because you’ve built a business, what would you recommend for someone that’s in that mindset of, “What’s next? What should I do? Should I go to this school? Should I go do this whole route? Should I go to online marketing? Should I learn the online systems?”

I went for two years in junior college. I was thirteen units short of completing my degree. I quit because I found the radio was a great vehicle. Podcasting is a great vehicle. I said in the very beginning, passion. If you don’t have passion, none of this shit matters. It’s all going to go fall by the wayside. Anybody who wants to run something, go find something that makes you come alive, gets you super excited. Something that you think about when you wake up and when you go to bed, you can’t wait to get up in the morning and go do it.

You can make money selling anything. People are millionaires off of fucking selling Silly Putty. It’s the truth.

For someone who is highly passionate about it, a little bit of, “I want to figure out a way to play and make things.” Back in the days when there was silly putty, you could take your penny or nickel out of your pocket and you could press it in and said, “Look what I made.” Somebody decided they needed it and they put it out there. I don’t really care what people create. I care what people do about what they create. Does it impact them? Does it impact the world? Why would Silly Putty be something so successful? When you’re stressed out, you can grab a Silly Putty and take a few minutes and play with it.

Even spinners, people made much money off of that. That’s the truth. There are many ways to make money. If you’re stressed about the money, go get a fucking side job and have something pay for your passion. That passion is going to outweigh how hard you’re working. It’s going to be worth it towards whatever you’re doing on the side. That’s something very big to take into account. Tony, you went through the radio and you developed ShipOffers. You’ve made a name for yourself in this industry and not just for yourself but for your team. We were not anything without the people who we are surrounded with. What is your first step in developing a strong relationship?

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This is something that I’ve experienced with Tony. You can be a little aggressive sometimes. We have the same type of personalities. I can feel it. What inspired me a shit ton and motivated me a lot is we went to dinner and on the way there, someone from ShipOffers called. A woman called and your tone of voice completely shifted. When we were at dinner, your wife called and you were at one tone of voice and it shifted in a blink of an eye. When we were outside, one of the guys called, immediately your tone of voice changed but something different. That spectrum of how you talk to each person, I’ve started developing and pulling into my own life and my own business with how I talk to people. That’s a beautiful example of relationships. How are you able to be a chameleon in a sense to shift with each personality in the way they want to be talked to? How do you do that? What’s the first step to getting there?

Modeling is a big piece that nobody takes into consideration. Your phone rings and two things happen. “I don’t want to talk to that person or I want to answer that call.” The phone message comes, you’re like, “I don’t want to message that person back. I’m not going to look like I even viewed their message.” We do that all day. If the email comes, it’s not the email you want. One of the things that I have learned through this entire process is I surround myself with people that I want to be around. When my wife calls, nothing else matters. She is the single most important person in my life. It’s my partner. It’s the person I’m doing life. We just celebrated many years of marriage. Let me finish the rest of the story and answer the rest of the question.

We were three years separated. Most people get to hard times and they quit. They break up. They move on. My wife and I figured it out. Love is a decision. It’s a choice. It’s something that you have to do. You have to work through it. My wife and I were able to repair our marriage and then be able to go and help others to do the same. That’s why I get out of bed in the morning is to go help. When my phone rings from my wife, my tone shifts, “What’s up, Baby? How are you doing?” It’s like, “How are you?” “I’m good.” When I was driving here, I was brutally honest with her. I was like, “I’ve been struggling a little bit lately. I’m working on launching an event. I’ve got tons of stuff going on. I’m not sleeping well. My mind’s racing.” She is like, “I love you. We’ll get through this.”

When someone calls, it’s like a business call or it’s a different call, I’m thinking about them from their point of view. What are they going through? What are they thinking? What do they need? What is it that I’m offering them? Either I was a soundboard, that’s most of what we’re going to be doing as humans are listening. I’m listening to that person. Maybe that person for two minutes just needed to get some stuff off their chest. Josh called and said, “Numbers, let’s go.” I know what his role is and he knows what my role is. I’m like, “Tell me numbers. How are we doing? Are we on track? Are we off? What do we need? Are we out of stock? Where are we getting the product? How are we doing this?” You have to know your people. You have to know what people do so that you know how you can help them. I’m a conduit so that you can get what you need and get through me as fast as you possibly can to get to where you want to go. I’m not here trying to clog the thing. I’m here to help flush it out.

I want to go back to the discipline of it. It’s a discipline to be able to respond in a tone of voice.

Let’s try so that our audience can understand exactly what that looks like.

For me, it’s taking the next step.

Let me ask you a question. What is it that’s holding you back from going all-in on you? Maybe you’re afraid of failure. Just take the Japanese proverb and use it every single day for the rest of your life, “Fail seven and get up eight.” You have to be good at falling down and getting back up. Do pushups. Remember what the pushup looks like. You fall down, you push yourself back up. You got to keep training your brain never to quit.

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Million Dollar Life: You’re a product of your environment and your mindset.


This is interesting stuff because this is one thing that I struggle with is, whether it’s the videographer that I work with or the editor or this guy. I’ve evolved a ton. To build a team of fourteen people is not easy. It’s tough. I think it’s one of the toughest things with the business. It’s building a team. Second is one thing that I’ve struggled with it and I always combat that feeling, that urge to ignite and say what you have to say and then keep on walking. That lacks compassion, that shows the painting of the lack of self-control. That’s where my struggles have evolved the most is when someone like, “I could be as frustrated as possible.” It doesn’t matter. It’s like a consumer. It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation. It doesn’t matter if you made $10 million. If you’re the consumer and you don’t get your product, you didn’t get your product, that’s it. If you’re on vacation, they don’t give a fuck if you’re on vacation. It’s the same thing. It’s like if I’m talking to someone, they don’t know what I just went through that I’m pissed off. If I can shift that completely every time, to them I’m going to be like a saint in their life.

The CEO of Ritz-Carlton, they have a philosophy. You have an unlimited amount of money up to a certain point to take care of any guest, any customer for no matter the reason you take care of them. If you don’t get a five-star, you’ve got work to do. Four, three, two or one star is not good enough. If you’re not getting five stars from your customers or the experiences, start with you. It doesn’t start with anybody else. That’s why I love Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change.” It tells me that it starts with me. It doesn’t start with you. How do we do that in today’s society where everything’s Instagram, YouTube, Snap and whatever. It’s like, “I’m one of the biggest failures you’re ever going to meet but I’m also one of the biggest successes you’ll ever meet because I won’t quit.” You all stay up late to say, “I stayed out later than you so I can get up earlier than you because I will.” I’ll do things that people won’t do because they don’t think it’s necessary. I was like, “Until somebody tells me it’s not, that’s making ten times the amount of money I’m making, I’m going to pay attention.” I think the question could be restated. What is the biggest thing that people fail at that they continue to do? That’s observation.

They never look at where they’ve come from. They’re thinking about, “I’ll pick up some new skill or new trade or something to help me get to the next level.” I’m like, “It’s in your habits. It’s in your patterns.” How you do anything is how you do everything. You have to be in observation mode so that the whole process has come back in reflecting. Every day when you wake up in the morning, you should reflect on what you did yesterday. You should talk about it. You should put it down and you need to say, “Did that serve me?” I call it MMA, Money-Making Activities. For my business, if you’re not working on making money, here’s how you make money. Take your good care of your customers and never let them complain. We had a transition with a person who worked with us and there was a piece that we didn’t take care of for you. There was a miscommunication. There was a gap. You got to go take care of that.

My team jumps on the phone and figures it out. They keep working and make it right. Most people won’t talk about that stuff because they’re afraid. The fear of failure is what got me to this point. I spent a lifetime trying to look good to avoid looking bad. That’s what we have to take into an advantage. All of my faults have brought me to this conversation with you. All of my ups and my downs, all of my successes brought me to this conversation. If you want to go launch a product, you want to go be passionate about something that you want to do. If you want to go be an influencer, you want to say something to the world, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m ready for whatever’s coming my way.” You have to prepare yourself so that you can go launch into this next platform. I’m trying to get better every single day. I hate fucking videos. Video is the most uncomfortable thing for me.

You’re very comfortable now.

It’s radio. This is totally me. I know my element. When you see me on my iPhone, I’ve got a selfie stick built-in. I’m fine. You take all of this stuff away from me and I’ll be like, “Interesting.”

It’s a different story.

That’s why I love podcasting.

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I want to go on topics with you about podcasts and have you on consistently. I would love to do that. I want to say something about what you said. It’s not what you’re doing, it’s how you’re doing it and that’s what develops over time and the how is developed from the day you’re born as you said, with your family.

Do you want something simple? It may or may not affect you, but it will have a big impact when you reflect back on it. Do you have socks on?

I don’t have socks on.

Left or right foot when you put them on?

We’re talking to you, Taylor.

Where do you think you learned that from?

I bet your parents put your socks on you for your right foot first.

You should ask your parents when you get a chance and say, “Why did you do this?” Are you right or left? Why do you think you are? Your parents feed you, teach you and mold you. My job was to say, “That’s great. I’m a lefty but I’m also a righty.” I throw a water polo ball with my left hand. I’ll punch you with my right. I’ll kick you with my right. I write with my right. I’m goofy. I have had to learn to adapt and that’s what we need to do as creatures are be adaptable.

We don’t want to be one-sided and that’s how we grew up. We grew up one side and the second side is society. What’s the new stuff that we don’t see? It’s not society itself. It’s the things that we didn’t see like going to India and going to see how they live. You can see that other side and it always shifts you, even going to different states.

You’re a product of your environment and your mindset.

You can tell yourself you’re the fucking hood of everything. I can walk outside and there are two couple pieces of rubble on the floor and he’d be like, “I’m from the hood.” It’s all about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it to yourself. Being impeccable with your words, I always talk about this, is the greatest thing.

It’s the only thing you have. My word was to be here. If I don’t show up and I call you and say, “I couldn’t make it.” I’m not my word. Here’s what I learned from some classes and some stuff that I’ve done. I can clean up my mess before I’m late. Fifteen minutes prior, if I’m running behind, call and tell somebody, “Brendan, I’m going to be a few minutes late. I want to let you know.” I don’t want to let you know at 10:05, I want to let you know at 9:45.

Trust is every relationship. This is what builds relationships to the next level.

Your systems all automated. It creates the urgency of making sure you’re not late. Why do people show up late to all things in life? It wasn’t a priority.

They were thinking about people showed up late for themselves before or because people haven’t worked on themselves. Once you realize why you’re late, it’s mind-blowing because it’s not because there was traffic.

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You know there’s traffic every day. Even on the weekends, there’s traffic.

What happened was I didn’t eat healthily and then I went to sleep super late because I was out and I was doing X, Y, and Z. Because I felt sorry for myself in this situation, I woke up the next day a little bit late. I felt groggy and then all of a sudden, I’m late. Do you know what my football coach used to say? He used to say, “I don’t give a fuck if your tire goes flat. I don’t care where you are around Boca Raton, Florida.” That’s where I played football at Florida Atlantic University. “I don’t care if you’re late, you’re rolling.” We basically had to roll all the way down a football field, about 100 yards and 100 yards back. That was just one time. I loved it.

We had a guy, his tire went flat. He was already going to be only five minutes early so he ended up showing up 45 minutes late. Ten minutes after he gets to call my coach and he said, “I can’t make it to the meeting. My tire went out.” He’s like, “Why didn’t you run here? You have time. Why are you calling me right now?” What he taught me was that no matter what happens, it doesn’t matter if you’re sick. It doesn’t matter if you get a call from someone and it’s bad. If you don’t let somebody know, all you have to do is let them know. That’s the most respect that you need. That’s all you need.

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, they all played when they’re sick. They’ve had accidents on the freeway. They found a way. That’s something that you have to ask yourself, “What’s the bullshit story you keep telling yourself because it keeps showing up for you?” Integrity is number one in my book. If you want to win with Tony, just be your word and if you don’t clean up your mess as fast as possible and let’s get back down to it. We all have problems. Shit happens. It’s what you do about what happens that ultimately matters. The success that you’re talking about your coach, the whole time you’re talking about it. When I was late or I got in trouble playing water polo, do you know what my coach made me do? “Grab the water polo ball in your Speedo, walk out to the football track while the football players were there and the cheerleaders and run the track.”

You didn’t want to get in trouble because it was embarrassing. You’re running the track and you’re like, “I got to go back to being the best.” I want to develop those skills. Those skills have got me to where I’m at now. I want people to, for a moment, acknowledge where you’re at. Take a deep breath and acknowledge where you’re at. Say to yourself, “I may not be where I want to be, but it’s way better than where I was and I have the opportunity to create where I want to go.” It starts with you saying, “Today’s the day.” If you have to say it again tomorrow, say it again tomorrow.

You have to be your biggest fan. You can’t have your mommy and your daddy be your biggest fan. One day they’re not going to be there when you’re running the track of life. When you look up into the stands and they’re gone. You’re going to build new people that are going to be in your life to support you, but you have to become your biggest fan. When I get up in the morning, my wife’s usually asleep. My two dogs lay beside us. I’m big on personal development. It’s probably the number one thing that has helped me to get to where I’m at. Wayne Dyer wakes up every morning and he stretches and he puts his feet out in front of him and he says, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” It’s gratitude.

Your attitude has to be filled with gratitude because when you get that call from your friend who’s late, your first thing is, “What the fuck? You’re supposed to be here.” The second thing that you have to do is lose the first thought and go to passion first and say, “Is everything all right? Is anybody injured? Do you need my help? I’ll be there in a minute if you need me.” “I got it. I should be ten minutes late.” “I really appreciate you letting me know.” What you did is you shifted the conversation and the situation. You dismantled him or her and then what you get to work on is the integrity behind the conversation afterward, “I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so thankful you made it.” After the interview or whatever it is you’re doing, go back and talk about that piece, “My coach used to tell me this. I wanted to pass this on to you.”

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They learn. That’s a different approach. I love that approach and sometimes I lack it. I think we all have these hiccups or speed bumps. If you go relax for a second, it’s like a deep breath. I have this necklace that this girl gave to me. Whenever I want to say something really quick, I’ll put it in my mouth. I’ll do a big deep breath and then I’ll blow out, but it controls my blowing out on the actual necklace. It allows me to breathe out for eight seconds and that allows me to calm down, then to respond with something very subtle. After whatever the event is there anything, that’s when all the fun happened, then you’re like, “This happened and to be honest, this is how I felt. I wanted to let you know.” That’s a different approach.

You have to tell people how you feel. Nobody’s a mind reader. You have to tell people how you feel and then you also to be one to listen to others and not be the person who’s always speaking. When I got out of bed, it wasn’t a come to do this interview. It wasn’t to see my wife. It wasn’t to see my son. It was to remind me of who and what I get to be every single day. The person of change, the person of opportunity and somebody who is filled with gratitude. When I get here, I get to be with you. I don’t need my phone. I don’t need anything else. Everybody knows who’s important in my life, knows where I’m at. I let people know and you have to tell people what you’re up to.

A lot of us are afraid because then you’re like, “What happens if it doesn’t happen?” I’m like, “There’s going to be a lot of things you’re going to do in life that isn’t going to happen. If you can tell people what you’re up to, they’re going to be able to support you.” You need people in your life to support you more than anything else. You need people around you to constantly be encouraging you. If you’re hanging around with people that are taking you away from the dream that you have or that idea or that goal, that’s probably a gentle hint to maybe remove them from your life.

In some cases, you have to remove them. The person who used to sell me drugs or the person who I’d go drink with, I’ve got to remove them. It’s not like they’re going to change. I’ve got to go change. If I’m not getting the results that I’m looking for, I’ve got to look first at my environment. What am I doing? What are things happening? How am I going to flip that script and change it? You could talk to me about business, you can ask me about hacks and you can ask me about all tips. None of that matters unless the person is right. The relationship only gets better by the person being activated in the right response. When you call me, what I do is, “What’s up? How are you doing? What do you need?” I know you because you’re like me, but in 30 seconds we can be hanging up the phone and moving on. You don’t need the short talk. You need the results.

I want to tap on into something and then close the show. You said, “Remove and let go,” and I want to tap into that. It’s like get and have to. You get to do something and you have to do something. You remove and you let go. I look at it from the sacrifice and surrender standpoint. When I’m going to remove someone, they are in my life and they are causing havoc and I literally need to be, “You are out of my life. I am removing you. I am blocking you. You are out.” Letting go, I feel like this is what we do more often. This is what we should be doing. This is how we should look at it. Letting go is just surrendering and knowing that I’m only in control of myself. For me to remove someone, that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to come back. They can keep on coming back like at a club. You remove someone out of the club, they keep on coming back. You get arrested and then all of a sudden, they’re back at the same club a week later. I look at it from the perspective, “I’m going to let go of the situation. I’m going to let go of that relationship.” The relationship really is nothing if there’s no connection and there’s no communication. Once I’m out, that’s my choice and that’s all I have control over. What is your thought about that?

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I like your perspective. I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong. The thing that’s most important is one variable that has really come into play is to be a conduit. I don’t let anything stick with me. I don’t let any of this stuff last. It was a moment. I let it breathe and I go move on to the next thing. I’ve had some of the best relationships in life. I’ve had some of the greatest friendships and they’re all still there. They’re not as like in front of me as they used to be. I like your deal. Where you’re going and what you’re up to, the world needs to hear. Many people are afraid to speak their truth because they’re afraid of being judged. I’m going to let what you said go. I’m going to remove everything that has happened and anything that has gone on and say, “It’s all been a learning experience.”

There’s nothing holding you or me back from where we want to go except for what we say in between our two ears, but the gangster part of you, the thing that I want you to get more, is you weren’t created to be average. You are created to be phenomenal. You have a choice to play small or to go for it. When you feel like you’re not making an impact, go watch this episode. Go look at the comments. Go read the reviews. See the lives that you touched. Go look at some old footage of you. See all the people, saying, “I’ve been following you for seven to eight years when you were doing this and when you were doing that. Thank you for the inspiration and the hustle. Thank you for reminding me of what’s possible.”

We need people to remind us of our struggles and our journey. That’s why it’s so important for you to keep good company people who will call you out on your bullshit and who will be there to promote you. They’ll be there to pull you up. I posted a photo the other day of Derrick Rose playing for the Timberwolves. I was pulling up Derrick Rose playing for the Bulls. It may take a moment or a day to remember this, but you’ve got what it takes to create new experiences. You weren’t designed to be average. You are designed to be phenomenal. Step into that greatness and play full out. Don’t make excuses.

Derrick Rose does that. If you don’t know who Derrick Rose is, he’s a basketball player. He was an MVP and he had a gruesome injury. Within a blink of an eye, he wasn’t himself the next couple of years. The thing is that he keeps on pushing for it and it keeps on pushing to be that top dog. Although he has never been the same, he’s still a very high-quality player in the NBA. He’s able to show up for people in his life so much differently. I bet he’s a completely different man.

If you go back to this little clip with Derrick and you go look at the NBA, he had a phenomenal game. He scored 50, 60points. All of the people came out of the woodwork saying, “Congratulations. You’ve done what you said you could do again.” That’s the thing that we have to remind ourselves. You can do it. The only thing holding you back is Jordan Belfort, it’s the bullshit story you keep telling yourself. Out of everything that I’ve come here to experience and learn, I’m reminded of the same things. I have to be honest, I have to be open and I have to be willing. It’s the how of it. It teaches me every single day that “If you want to get to where you want to go, start putting people in your life and tell them what you’re up to.” If they’re like, “I can’t help you.” I’m like, “That’s fine. Do you know somebody who can?” That’s the thing that none of us are really doing is we’re not asking for what we want. We’re expecting it and when we don’t get it, we have what I call resentments. Ask yourself this big question, “What’s the biggest thing you need in your life? What’s the biggest thing that you need help with?”

I’ll love the answer to that. For me, it’s rest. It’s taking breaks and getting away from all the noise.

A 90-day sprint is what I would recommend.

What’s the 90-day sprint?

You go to work really hard for 90 days and go give yourself a couple of days. When you go on vacation, go work out, go exercise and go walk on the beach. Don’t be lazy and stupid. Give yourself that recharge. It can be a staycation. It could be you walking out of here, go get a night at a hotel and just deep sleep. It’s turning off your phone and turning off everything. I make 90-day sprints. That’s how I was able to last as long as I am. I’m in burnout mode. I’m really close to being burnout. I’m off to Japan with my family. I’m home for an event. The next thing I know, 30 days, 60 days later, I’m going to go live in Europe for a month.

I’m always thinking to myself like, “How can I keep moving so I don’t get to the burnout?” I know when I’m about to be in burnout mode, I’m tired. I’m not getting the right food intake. I’m grumpy. You have to be vulnerable enough with yourself to say, “I’ve got things to do.” I would tell you the thing that you probably don’t do enough, even though I think you live in a cool area, is just to go sit across the street with a glass of water, lime and take it all in. You can fuel for ten minutes and come back. Vitamin D is free. You don’t have to pay for it. It’s right across the street.

I am going on vacation for a few days. All I need is a few days to relax. No work and just kickback. I appreciate that advice. I appreciate everything that you’ve said because it’s so crucial. There was so much gold. To recap what we talked about. Tony and his upbringing, he found out that his father was gay. I don’t think you understand how much weight that is on you as a kid or even at any age.

If you are gay, what you feel inside and the judgment that you feel that’s going on around you. Once again, it’s love. You weren’t born into this world and you weren’t able to pick your parents on the way in, but you can pick who you hang out with for the rest of your way.

It’s your choice. He made a choice to be a better man and to grow and be stronger. He went into radio and then developed ShipOffers from his garage, built relationships and really took that into account from A to Z. He’s taken his own life and also his team’s life, ShipOffers, to the next level. He’s built an incredible business. More importantly, he never gave up. When he was going to give up, all you did was ask for support. What happened? He got better. He went to the next step. Tony, where can they find you? Are there any last words that you want to say?

First off, thank you. Thank you for the opportunity. There are two places you can go and check out what I’m doing. It’s ShipOffers.com. It’s my company. It’s my life. It’s given me the freedom and flexibility to do everything that I do. Then second is you can visit TonyGrebmeier.com. At the end of the day, you can connect it to what I do. I have a podcast myself. I have a side hustle that I love, which is my journal. All of it comes down to two things for me: connection and community. I’m asking you to find a connection in your life that builds who you are and helps you to get to where you want to go, then surround yourself with a community. Most people are scared of being around others. I’m asking you to reach your handout, go introduce yourself to five random strangers this month, this week, now. Start saying hi to others. Everybody’s trying to figure this thing out. No one’s got it all figured out. There’s not a single person, even the richest people in the world. We’re figuring it out. Why are you any different?

I appreciate it, Tony. Thanks so much for coming. Go check him out, Tony G. If you’re ever in Denver, Colorado, definitely reach out to Tony if you want to check out his facility. Even if you’re in town with me, check me out wherever I am. I’m somewhere running around. If you are new here and you enjoyed it, go ahead and review it. I’ll give you seven free incredible gifts. I’ll give you some programs. I’ll give you business builders with checklists. I’ll give you a grocery list, meal plans, the whole shebang when you write the review only on iTunes. Tony, thank you so much for coming on. Remember, your purpose is much greater than you could ever imagine and your passion is there. You’ve got to keep on digging and keep on working. Thanks for reading. I will see you next time. Peace.

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