Episode 62: Mentality Of An Olympic Athlete (12 Years Old) With Holden McNeil


Sports, especially in a professional setting, demand so much of athletes at any age, but that’s especially true for young athletes. The sheer determination of young athletes always make for powerful, inspiring stories of passion. Such is the story for twelve-year-old Olympic athlete Holden McNeil. From the very beginning, Holden has been laser-focused, keeping his eyes on the prize, and now he’s reaping his reward: a shot at the world’s biggest sporting event at such a young age. Holden displays wisdom beyond his years, and demonstrates the purity of passion stoked in one’s childhood.

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Mentality Of An Olympic Athlete (12 Years Old) With Holden McNeil

Focused From The Start

I’m sitting here with a grown old mature man. His name is Holden McNeil. He’s twelve. He’s here for a competition. That’s why you came out here to Denver, Colorado. How was that? How did that go?

It went pretty well. I was competing for future star nationals and this only happens once a year. You have to qualify to go to nationals.

You made it happen. You’re also on the national team.

The Olympic Development Team.

The reason why I wanted to bring Holden on here is one, his age, he’s twelve years old and what he’s accomplished already in life is absolutely incredible. I’m inspired by you. Also his drive, he works so hard. He’s consistently working. You’ve been doing gymnastics since four. You started competing when you were six. I believe that not only you could personally get some inspiration from him or you can even show this or bring this to your son or your daughter to read to. Holden has accomplished a lot and his drive is unparalleled. What drives you? What makes you want to be the best gymnast ever? Where does that come from?

CUE 62 | Young Athlete

When people say, “You can’t do this. You can’t do that.” It’s like, “No, I can. You back off.”

Where does that drive come from, where you’re like, “This person said I can’t do this. This person said I can’t do that. I think I can?”

When people are trying to put me down, I’m like, “I’ll use that anger and all that jealousy and turn it into power, turn it into a reason why I should do the things I do.”

When did that start?

It’s not only with gymnastics, but it’s also with everything. Gymnastics, I had a passion for it since I was four. I’ve been athletic all twelve years of my life.

Where does all of this come from? Why do you like gymnastics?

First of all, I like gymnastics because it’s a very physical sport. There’s a lot of dedication. It’s extremely difficult and it teaches you a lot of self-control.

It teaches you to overcome fears, obstacles and the things that are in front of you. Your hard work contributes to where you are now, but also you have to be very strategic. You have to be smart with everything that you’re doing. How does gymnastics compare to your life? What grade are you in right now?

Gymnastics is an extremely difficult sport that teaches you a lot of self-control. Click To Tweet

It’s seventh grade.

You’re going through seventh grade. You’re walking the halls in middle school, how does gymnastics prep you for your life to be more confident? What does it do? What are the things that contribute?

Maybe it’s hard showing off.

Would you say confidence?

It helps a lot with confidence. It’s cool to know that you can do something well and that people can do it. If you do it well enough and if you put enough work into it, people will start noticing it.

CUE 62 | Young AthleteYou enjoy when people notice what you’re doing. Would you say that you’re shaping your life to be one that others will be inspired by? You want to show what’s possible. Is that part of your drive?


Let’s say you’re twenty years old, what would you say, who is Holden McNeil at that point in your life? Who is the twenty-year-old Holden McNeil?

That’s hard. Maybe like a competitive gymnast.

What does competitive gymnast mean to you?

College gymnastics, trying to go forward with gymnastics.

You’re saying to be an Olympic athlete, correct?


In a competition, to do the things you do, you need to be physically and mentally strong. Click To Tweet

What else do you see twenty-year-old Holden doing? Are you acting? Holden is not only into gymnastics and good at that, but he’s also an actor. You’ve also done Ninja Warrior. You’ve been around the block a few times. You have more in your life than I have in two of my lifetimes so respect. Twenty years old, are you teaching other people how to do it? Are you winning at the Olympic level? Where are you? Do you feel like you’re going to still be in California?

I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far yet.

Yeah, because you’re twelve. When you look at your parents, is there anything that you can thank them for? How have they inspired you to be able to be such a great gymnast and be a great person to the people around you and evolve as much as you have?

Maybe everything they do. I have a room. That’s awesome. I have a house.

CUE 62 | Young AthleteWhat else? What did they instill in you that you idolize, you admire and you appreciate?

Teaching me everything.

What are some things that they’ve taught you in your life?

Stand up for myself.

It’s to work hard, to always accomplish whatever is in front of you, to be unique. As you continue throughout your life and you’re 12 years old, 13, 14 and 15. You’re going to lose some, you’re going to win some. What’s one thing that you’re learning right now that you’re starting to see like, “This is what it takes. I need to do this in order to be extremely successful?”

I’m learning right now how to film a podcast.

Notice how easy it is for you to speak on the mic. You were like, “This is crazy. What?” A lot of us, even at a young age, if we don’t do, we end up missing out. You don’t realize how strong and powerful you are. Your confidence level has allowed you to sit in the seat and to be able to be on this show. It all contributes. It’s all correlated. If you’re confident on the bar and doing gymnastics, you’re confident sitting down and talking. You’re confident to meet new people. You had a girlfriend. You’re confident to build relationships with future girlfriends when you get older and it gets serious. What’s one thing that you could tell everyone right now to do, to bring their confidence up, one last thing?

This is something that we went over in the clinics after my competition. It was a clinic and there’s a lady named Elizabeth. She runs this thing. It’s basically like how to be mentally strong because you need to be physically strong and mentally strong. She says that just saying, “I can do this,” five times a day, makes a major difference. Also, if you do any sports or you’re nervous about school, she told us to try to bring yourself up, thinking about something makes your mood change. It makes your body language change.

If you lose, if you fail, what are you going to say to yourself?

I may not have done it this time, but I’ll train even harder next time to win. I want to feel that feeling of victory.

If you do something well, and you puts a lot of work into it, people notice. Click To Tweet

That’s some strong advice from a twelve-year-old, I’m not going to lie that hit me. Essentially, if you say you can, you will. Your whole life you’ve been telling yourself, “I can.” You’ve lost some matches. You’ve lost competitions. It makes you want it even harder.

“I’m a mentally tough athlete,” you say that five times before you walk into the gym and supposedly you are more likely to have a better competition if you say that to yourself five times.

That’s important. Anything positive that you say to yourself five times before you do anything is going to be beneficial for your success and whatever you’re doing, competition, relationships, friendships, everything. Holden, thanks for coming on. I appreciate it. Holden McNeil, you can look him up on Instagram. What’s your Instagram?

It’s @HurricaneHoldy.

CUE 62 | Young AthleteHe is going to be shocking the world as he comes up even further and further into not only a greater competition but hopefully one day in college and the Olympics. Holden, thanks again for coming on here. Remember CreateU is all about igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life. If you are struggling out there, if you’re unsure of yourself, whatever it is, your vision is powerful. If you keep on pushing, you can make it happen. Trust yourself, be positive and make now your absolute success. Thanks for tuning in for the episode of CreateU Experience. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Holden McNeil

CUE 62 | Young AthleteL9 Gymnast State & 2X Regional Champ, Official Junior Ninja on #ANWJR – Season 1 & 2, Calisthenics and Parkour Athlete.


Episode 61: 3 Ways To Level Up Your Performance


Maximizing your personal performance can be tricky. This is especially true when you’re just starting out in your career. One will inevitably get swept up in the rush of whatever field they’ve decided to dive into headfirst. On today’s show, host Brendan Meyers reveals the three secrets that will help you perform your best in whatever career path you’ve chosen. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? Ground yourself in these three ways to level up your performance.

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3 Ways To Level Up Your Performance

The Secret To Growth And Success

We’re going to be talking about taking our lives to the next level, the big three to performing at your highest level. First, we have a Quick Time Friday. We talk unfiltered. We have a conversation. We provide strategy, structure and you can evolve from that, which is exciting. If you haven’t picked up any of your products from CreateUNutrition.com, we work with many different influencers, nutritionists and formulators. We are all about innovation and bringing the highest quality to affordability ratio in the world. We want the highest quality product at the lowest price possible for you, the consumer. Grab your stuff there.

I want to talk about the big three to performing at your highest level. What does the highest level mean? For you, it could be showing up for your kids and being there when someone’s performing at their school. If there’s a school play or they’re having a sport, you want to make sure that you’re there. Performing at your highest level could also be supporting someone else. At the same time, you don’t want to forget about yourself performing at your highest level. Does that mean feeling like you’re super healthy? When you’re walking upstairs, you’re not out of breath, but more so you feel like you worked a little bit. Maybe the highest level for you is working six hours a day in this business that you’ve been trying to get up and running for the longest time. Is it posting content on social media all the time and getting vulnerable and communicating with people? Whatever it is to you. I want to discuss these big three that will help you perform at your highest level. It will definitely aid in some ways you perform. These are all things and strategies that I’ve used to absolutely take my life to the next level.

CUE 61 | Maximizing Personal Performance



Number one, communicate with everyone around you. This might seem simple or you might shrug it off and be like, “Communicate with everyone around me. It’s not a big deal,” but I see this time and time again. Communication develops that relationship, whether it is with everyone around you or even with yourself. If you don’t talk to yourself, you don’t get real with yourself or people around you, you’re going to run into some issues time and time again. If you want to perform at your highest level, how do you get to that high level and then perform? You’ve got to communicate. If you tell someone how you feel, it will create an opening for you guys to discuss and that will be performing at your highest level. Communication lacks everywhere in this world. To be honest, it’s a sad thing, and many of us take it for granted. The fact that we can talk, that we can listen, it’s incredible if you think about it. Use words and be very direct. Do not be afraid. This will take you to the next level.

If you don't get real with yourself or the people around you, you're going to run into same issues time and time again. Click To Tweet


Number two, meditate to become better at being with yourself. This is a very interesting perspective. When it says being with yourself, many times we don’t like being alone. We like to at least be texting someone or at least be having someone on Instagram that we’re talking to or DM. We’re always trying to interact. We’re always trying to “communicate,” not fully communicate. We sometimes lose ourselves in the process. I’ve learned to meditate so that I could become better at being with me. I allow time for myself so I can feel. That’s what’s important. If you feel all that’s going on, whether it’s physically or mentally in your body, and you look at it from a neutral perspective, you’ll be able to see things in a whole new light. If someone does something mean to you, don’t look at it from the perspective that, “I have to be defensive. That offended me. I feel disrespected.” Back up, look at it from your friend’s point of view or even look at it from the point of view of a person on the street that is like, “This happened? Interesting.” When you meditate to become better at being with yourself, you’ll realize that when situations come up, you can deal with all of them better. Performing at your highest level has a lot of correlation with being with yourself and communication because number one was communication. If you can communicate and you can be with yourself, you will level up.

CUE 61 | Maximizing Personal Performance



Number three, invest without worrying about money. I do not want you to take this out of perspective or move this into your own context and be like, “I’m going to spend $20,000 on this and that.” I’m someone that cares about money. Everyone does. They should. You may want to have a roof over your head. You want a bed. You want to wake up and be able to eat food and all these different things. It’s necessary. It’s a necessity in our lives, but I’m always willing to invest. They’re calculated investments, some of them are not as calculated as others. When I’m spending a lot of money, it’s absolutely calculated, but I’m not too worried about losing my money. That’s where the risk comes in. If you’re not willing to risk the amount of money that it takes to invest in something, then who goes to say that you’re willing to put every single bit that you have into building whatever you’re investing in?

If you’re going to invest in a relationship, you decide, “I’m going to put all my time in no matter what happens.” Let’s say you’ve had past relationships where you’ve been in love and you had a broken heart and you decide, “I’m going to invest all my time in this relationship, whatever comes from it. Even if I do fall in love and my heart gets broken again, I’m going all in.” It’s the same exact thing with investments when it comes to money and financials. If you’re willing to fully invest, not holding back, a relationship is strategic. I look at investment as a relationship with somebody or something. Your eyes are going to open up a bit more so you could see a little bit more light than you have been.

CUE 61 | Maximizing Personal Performance


At the beginning of my career, I invested $8,000 to $10,000 on an apparel business called All Core Society. I was already blogging every single day. I was already posting on my Facebook every single day. I decided, “Let me start an apparel business and let’s see what happens.” I was thinking of all the rewards, the opportunity and the potential. The logo was absolutely horrible. The clothing, it was bad. I went with it anyway and I put all that I had into it. I said, “I am not going to allow my worry to take over my goal.”

An investment is a strategic relationship with somebody or something. Click To Tweet

Because I did that, I didn’t make any money from it. I lost thousands of dollars, but I learned through the process. People did buy some of the clothing and that proved to me that one, I can sell something. Two, people believe in me. Three, I can create whatever I want, even an apparel business if I wanted to. Number four was more like, “Let’s do it again.” It taught me that, “I can keep on doing this and I know that it will work out. Trust in yourself, Brendan, because it will work out.” I lost thousands of dollars, but who cares? I believe that I could make double that which I did. I thought, “I could make triple that the next year, which I did. I can make it 10, 15, 20, 100 times, which I did.” It all started with that first opportunity that was presented to me. I communicated. I became good at being with myself in many instances over the years. I invested without so much worry. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but machines do create money. If you don’t think that machines can keep on making this money and if you think the money is going to die, you’re highly mistaken. You can make money in any way, shape or form. Trust the process.

Those are my three quick tips on how to level up to perform at your highest level. I’d love to know your three. Send me a DM on Instagram, @TheBMeyers, or simply write it in a review. Talk about this episode, whatever it is. I would love to know what you have to say or go to Instagram, @CreateU, to check out other shows and stuff. Write reviews on there or tell me what your thoughts are. I would love to know how you’re leveling up, if these three pieces of advice have taken you to that level that you’ve always been yearning for. Thanks for reading another episode of the CreateU Experience. I’ll see you next time.

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Episode 60: Free Services, Big Business With Michael DellaCorte


When you give something from the heart, the rewards you reap will be more than you deserve. Today, Brendan Meyers interviews Dr. Michael DellaCorte, a chiropractic at Health Edge, to talk about how giving has created his business. As someone who focuses on healing and helping others, Dr. Michael believes that through continuous self-upgrade and research, one can become more confident in helping others and growing as a professional. Join this powerful and inspiring discussion about how giving can be a power tool for business success.

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Listen to the podcast here:

Free Services, Big Business With Michael DellaCorte

Dr. Michael DellaCorte is going to be joining us on this show.

Thanks for having me. It’s great to be here.

He’s one of my very close friends. He lives in Los Angeles, California. We’re going to be talking about a lot in this show. First, I got to finish this welcoming. The CreateU Experience is all about igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life, which means getting out of your comfort zone, becoming an optimal individual, whether it is with your nutrition. It’s with the things that you’re doing in your morning routines, literally anything and everything. If you want to build a business, if you want to transform your body, if you want to have a better relationship with your parents, whatever it is, that’s what our focus is to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life.

Dr. Michael DellaCorte is someone that inspires me. He motivates me. He inspires many people around not only the Los Angeles area but also the United States and around the world. That’s the truth. He’s flexing his cross. He’s a man of God. He serves the Lord. That also means he serves for me and you and everyone around us. What makes him so unique is how much he’s willing to learn, how important research is to him and how important giving is. That’s what we’re going to be talking about and that is how giving created his business. It developed something that will never fail. Honestly, from my perspective, I believe Dr. Michael DellaCorte, who is a chiropractor. He specializes in ART and works on functionality and all that. I don’t think he’ll ever fail. He’d always going to have a successful business because of who he is and what he does. Mike, from that intro, what can you tell about yourself to the audience so they get a better understanding of who you are?

Thank you for your kind words. I’m Mike. I’m from Connecticut. I moved out to California to pursue a career as a chiropractor and met some incredible people along the way. What built my business the most was giving and serving from day one. Most of it was for free. Everything that I’ve ever done for free has come back tenfold. Looking at it as giving without expecting anything in return has brought tenfold in return, which is a very powerful thing.

How do you even get to that point where you’re like, “I’m okay with not getting anything in return.” Where did you learn this source of giving in your life that’s so powerful?

It’s a mix of studying scripture, going to church and I do have outstanding mentors all over the world. Dr. Yong Kim in Sacramento, Dr. Maher Rice in Long Beach, California, Dr. Sebastian Gonzales in Huntington Beach, California. They’re all incredible. You see these gentlemen and they’re willing to give. At first, it was a lot of personal experience going into it as well. When I first started taking care of people, I wouldn’t charge because I was in chiropractic school. I’d taken my first Act of Release Technique course. I wanted to do it and practice. My friend, Amanda Bucci, came and I was practicing on her. This was when she had moved out to California and so had I. We became friends. I would watch her and everything that she would do that built her to who she is and what she represents. She did it authentically and starting with her. I was practicing on her. Eventually, our friendship grew more and more, her audience grew more and more. Now from her I get many referrals and I was trying to practice to get better, to be able to serve more people. In that, as I grew, I would get referrals left and right.

They’re like, “This guy gives. He cares. He wants to see you succeed.” Essentially where you found this understanding of giving was first like, “I want to practice.” That’s number one I want to practice. Once you got through that part of it, and this is something that our audience can take into their own lives, is first you got to practice and then you had more and more mentors. These mentors were showing you some techniques or explaining like, “This is how you want to go about it this way or go about it this way.” You also saw Amanda Bucci. You saw how she was going about her life and she’s always willing to learn and all these other things.

This is my perspective that it isn’t that you’re only giving and that’s all you’re worried about. It’s more so you’re always learning. From that learning, you always want to implement something or someone in practice but your learning never ends. What are you doing now? You were doing a lot of free work, but also you’re getting paid for many sessions that you were doing at the time as well. As you evolved more and more referrals and things kept on coming again and again. How did you get to where you are where you have a lot of people coming into your office and you partnered? How did you make that leap of giving to full-time work?

It was a lot of free stuff. It was a lot of doing for free. Eventually, I met my girlfriend, my future wife and she is in practice with her brother-in-law. One day they asked me to take a look at their sister-in-law’s shoulder. I went into their office, took a look at her. Not every case is like this, but thank God it went away in one shot. They had one session. From there, they asked me, “Can you see this other person?” It was a case of sciatica and three visits it was gone. It got to a point where I said, “There’s a lot of value behind this.” Different mentors almost gave me permission to say, “It’s worth it what you’re doing.” There’s much value behind it because now the more that I get paid, the more that I can do for free. We’ve done volunteer events where we get to treat homeless Army veterans. Thank you for your service, everyone. They’re called the Stand-Down events. I did one in Long Beach. I did one in Compton.

CUE 60 | Free Services


He has an office in Glendale. If anybody wants to go out there, you can contact him.

A friend that we have here with us is part of the AIDS/LifeCycle where the riders go for 545 miles. They go from San Francisco to Fairfax High School in Hollywood. When I did it, they’d raised $15.9 million. They gave us this statistic where with that amount of money, anyone who contracts HIV or AIDS, no one knew that gets it should die from the disease. That’s how far the research is coming. You look at it like they need the money to do more research to help more people. Now charging for services allows me to do more.

You’re saying you went from giving and doing things for free and a little bit of money on the side to now you’re charging. Now you’re like, “This is what my services are because I find the value of myself.” A lot of people have trouble selling. They feel like they don’t have the worth, they don’t have this or that. From my perspective, it’s confidence with themselves and how much work are they putting in to be able to sell something. If you feel like you’re not learning, you’re not researching, you’re not growing within whatever you’re charging, I don’t think you’ll feel well. What are your thoughts on that?

Always keep improving because at the beginning as I was improving and improving, I would get a phone call and say this person is coming in to see me at 1:00. I’d be quite nervous beforehand. Am I going to be able to help this person? You keep learning and you go to many courses. You can piece together many bits of information from this course, that course. It gets to the point where I know I can help this person. There are some times where my friend, Dr. Marco here can confirm as well. There are some where you may not be able to take the discomfort away that they are feeling. You may have to refer them out for a surgical consult or something like that. Even if you said something to them that turns them on to a meditative practice, you can impact somebody always. You can help 98% of the people that come in get rid of their discomfort. The other 2%, you’ve even still made an impact.

When someone comes in now, whether it’s Active Release Technique or whether it’s with words, it’s all coming from above. We’re facilitators. The more that I learned, the more confident I became. I give you guys a lot of credit to selling products because, with mine, I can do Active Release Techniques anywhere. I’ve done it on a park bench. I’ve done it in my office. I’ve done it on your couch. With the Active Release Technique, it’s easy to make an immediate change. I’ve been on a subway before and somebody told me that they had unbelievable wrist pain when their wrist would bend back. We took it away in two minutes. It was in New York. I did that for free, but it was riding a subway.

Practice to get better and to be able to serve more people. Click To Tweet

The point is that you’ve learned so much that you’re confident in your skills that no matter what, you’re going to provide. That’s why you can charge more and more. Everyone that’s reading, you got to understand this, whether you go into the grocery store and a cashier rings you out or you’re working in a corporate job, wherever you are in life, money is the thing. Money provides for us to be able to live.

If you can show someone value immediately, what I do and what you do, you show people value with your Greens and your Creatine and things like that. From my perspective, what I would do is if someone said, “My neck hurts when I do this.” Let’s figure it out. If we nail the cause, we’re going to have you feeling better instantly. It’s not going to go away permanently, but if in 30 seconds I can help you go from a 9 out of 10 discomforts to maybe a 5. One of the many things that I learned from Amanda and also from you, Brendan, is let’s say I do that for somebody and they say, “This guy did that for me for free.” I tell him in my office, “I like to set aside 60 minutes for our initial evaluation so we can talk, do an examination and treatment.” They think, “If he did that in 30 seconds, imagine what he can do when I pay him for his time and his service.”

I want to touch on that because if you can provide someone, it could even be a relationship like you’re dating someone. If you could provide value to that person, remember, value that’s provided off of people’s needs and wants. Generally, it’s more wants. No one needs anything in their life too often, some do. It’s very minimal. When it comes down to it, if you can provide a want, provide something that fits that want, they will want to talk with you and learn so much more. If it is a girl that you want to date or it is your parents or it is a teacher or it is your coach or whoever it is. If you want them to pay attention to you more and build a relationship with you, I truly believe if you provide all that you know within that 30 seconds, the future is bright.

One thing that I’ve noticed is even with coaches online or people that are working online, they get stuck because they feel like they’re not providing anything. Here’s the thing, you are. In 30 seconds, you’re saying if you could provide a story in 30 seconds and you get two messages out of 100,000 people that are like, “You helped me to do it.” You have inspired hundreds of people. You don’t see it because a lot of people don’t speak up. Believe and trust that what you’re doing is of value. If it is for free, like those 30 seconds, it could be 30 seconds for you, sometimes it’s 30 minutes or an hour, that translates to twelve hours of being paid. That translates to 30 hours of being paid.

That’s what’s important. Michael, now that you’re established, what makes you want to charge more and more? Why do you feel like it’s okay for yourself to do that? This is also important. A lot of people, they launch a business or they go work somewhere and they’re making X amount of dollars. They feel like, “I don’t know if I’m more valuable than this,” but in reality, many of us suppress how much we’re supposed to be making. We’re like, “It’s okay. We settle.” What makes it okay for you to take the next step and be like instead of let’s say $70, $50, whatever it is. Why can’t I charge $80 right now? Why can’t I charge $100 a month from now?

CUE 60 | Free Services


It’s skillset and value. I increased mine. The more and more people that I started to help and the more and more money that I invested in myself, the more money I made. These courses, they’re pretty penny. They’re worth every second and every dollar and every second of school.

What’s an example of how much the course costs?

For a weekend was $2,500 for three days. It’s worth it. You said somebody posts something on Instagram and they impact 1 or 2 people. That’s awesome. That’s what they want. If I got a course and it can help even one person let alone helping the thousands that I’ve already seen. When I would get people that have said, “Yes, I’ve been to this person, this person.” Now they come to me and say, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve seen many other people. This is never going to go away,” then we help them in any way immediately especially if we can bring their discomfort or pain level down, that’s worth so much. As I learned too from mentors, it’s a service but what if somebody says, “My leg or my knee or my back hurts so bad, I can’t get down to the ground to play with my grandkid.” My child had their first child, what’s a high initial fee and a few follow-ups for the rest of your life.

What is $500 for spending time with somebody? That’s what I say is that we’re too consumed by this money thing that society has conformed us to. It’s like, “This TV costs X amount of dollars, but do you know how much TV people watch?” Do you think that a $200, $300 or $400 TV isn’t worth it? If you love watching this show, learning about this on National Geographic and watching your favorite football team, that brings you excitement, that brings friends around you. It’s worth it.

If you’re providing a service or if you’re for providing a product, as long as it can help somebody, there’s value. I’ll never forget one where a mom came in and said that her daughter kept making playful jokes, but they hurt her because the daughter learned how to ride a bike. She wanted her mom to ride a bike with her. She had knee, hip and back pain and she couldn’t even get on the bike. The daughter didn’t understand mommy is in a lot of pain. Mommy can’t do this. She didn’t understand. It looks like mom doesn’t want to. She goes to school and says, “Mommy won’t ride the bike with me” because she doesn’t understand that she gets pins and needles going down her leg the minute she tries to pedal.

She’s doing well now. I stay in touch with everybody. What’s a high fee worth to be able to ride with your mom? It’s even more, the daughter goes to school and says, “My mom finally rode a bike with me and it’s great.” I want to relate this to as much of an audience as I can. If your product changes the game for someone, if your service, if your word, it’s worth it. You’re absolutely shredded. You have a nice little picture up on the Gram as @TheBMeyers does. They have been struggling to stick to a diet for a while. Your words resonate with them.

Whether you say, “This is the best I’ve felt. This is the most confidence I’ve ever had. It’s a lifelong transformation.” Instagram doesn’t cost anything. They see that and they see that you’re consistently doing things. They say, “Instagram is completely free. What If I hire this guy and it’s worth it?” I have coaches for many aspects of my life. In business, it’s Mike Zeller, my nutrition, Brian DeCosta, a good friend of ours. I have a great Muay Thai coach. His name is Serg. Megan Hayes, my strength and conditioning coach, she’s fantastic. I invest in all of them.

The point is give at first and don’t be afraid of it. After you give, I guarantee, I’m sure Mike can guarantee it too, you are going to have people asking for your services or products or whatever it is. Even if you’re making a lot of money, keep giving. One of the things that I want to do is I want to build parks around the world. No one is going to pay me to build a park somewhere in Indonesia or somewhere in Egypt or somewhere in Sweden or somewhere in Romania. No one’s going to pay me to do that. They potentially could, but my goal is to put build parks all around the world so people can come, workout and swipe through workouts on a screen and do all these cool things. That power is going to evolve by creating a nutrition business. It’s going to evolve CreateU as a brand. It’s going to evolve me as a man because I’m going to be in new projects. It’s going to develop relationships in these cities and you never know what comes from it.

I still do a ton of stuff for free. I pay for my Greens too. You better believe it.

It’s important to pay for services as well.

CUE 60 | Free Services


I’m not saying to people, “Go do all this for free.” It’s to have an open mind. If I meet somebody and we’re on an airplane or something like that, I’ll give them a couple of minutes even if it’s words. When we were traveling from Colorado Springs to here, we stopped at Garden of the Gods, which was fantastic. I forget the gentleman’s name on the sign, but it said “In honor of this person. Honoring his request that this place be free forever.” If that gentleman was alive, rest in peace, if he had a product, I would buy it. He’s letting me into this cool place completely free. What if I buy something from this guy? That’s why I like the CreateU Greens a lot.

Don’t give knowing that you’re going to get something in return, but do know that you are going to get something in return later on in your life. That’s where faith comes into play. Have faith in your abilities and if you’re always learning and you’re transforming, you’re researching and you’re like, “I want to do better.” It will come around and give you a nice metal in the end. That’s the truth. Mike, thanks so much for coming in. I appreciate it so much.

Thanks for having me.

Please don’t hit him up and be like, “Can I have this for free?” His skillset is extremely high level. He’s good at what he does. Pay for his services now. If you’re in pain, is your pain worth the money? Can you go buy a pair of shoes for free? No. You’re going to buy a pair of shoes because you need to wear shoes, when you’re walking outside so you don’t tear up your feet. It’s the same type of thing, pay for services. Mike, where can they find you?

Feel free to send me an email, MDellaCorteDC@gmail.com.

Check him out via email. Also, you can look him up on Instagram. You can also go to my Instagram @TheBMeyers and go to my following and who I follow and he’s there. Definitely check him out. He’s always providing some awesome value. His stories are freaking hilarious.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Mike, I do appreciate you coming on here because this source of giving is beautiful. It’s very inspiring for people that are reading right now so that they can implement into their own life. If you’re reading this and you haven’t shared this with your mom, your dad, whoever it is, your coworkers, even a very close friend, I highly suggest you do because this is the way, this is the path, one of the paths to making not only a lot of money but a huge impact in the world. It truly is. Ignite your breakthrough, bring your vision to life. Thank you so much, Mike, for coming.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the CreateU Experience. I’m happy that this CreateU Experience is around and also CreateU Nutrition. If you go to CreateUNutrition.com, you can learn more about what we are and what we represent and why we’re pushing for the highest quality to the affordable ratio in the world. It means we like to come out with the best ingredients possible, the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. The reason why we do that is that not only do we want influencers to know their worth, but we also want the consumer to be able to level up and transform. Why would we ever release a product that’s expensive that 90% of people can’t buy? It’s bullshit. I don’t believe in it. Mike doesn’t believe in it. No one from the team believes in it. We are a family. We’re growing the vision and remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. Thanks for reading another episode of the CreateU Experience. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Dr. Michael DellaCorte

CUE 60 | Free ServicesDr. Michael DellaCorte is qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), licensed by the State and who practices chiropractic medicine -that discipline within the healing arts which deals with the nervous system and its relationship to the spinal column and its interrelationship with other body systems.

Episode 59: Why You Should Buy Your Favorite Car & Then Sell It


Have you ever achieved something you have long wanted and ended up letting it go thereafter? The feeling sucks but gives more meaning to life than you can imagine. Today, Brendan Meyers shares a short story about buying his favorite car and then selling it. The decision to do so was heartbreaking but it is all about self-trust. Learn the importance of trusting your vision and trusting the opportunities in front of you in this episode.

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Listen to the podcast here:

Why You Should Buy Your Favorite Car & Then Sell It

Why You Should Buy Your Favorite Car & Then Sell It


If you’re at work reading a blog, you probably might get fired. Take a couple of steps back there, but every Friday I come with a banger. It could be an unfiltered show with a guest sometimes or could be answering a review or a topic that I’ve wanted to discuss for quite some time. The point is I love Quick Time Friday because you and I get to connect. We get to live out our tag line, “Igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life of CreateU.” If you have no clue what CreateU is all about, we are a brand. We are a business. We are a family.

We want to develop not only our own visions but your vision. We want to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. That’s what it’s all about, which means we are going to be developing many incredible different businesses that have the best affordability to quality ratio in the world. That’s our goal. Until we hit that, we’re not going to stop. We want to be extremely innovative in nutritional products. We want to have clean, natural products. The majority of natural products and keep on growing there. We want to be in stores. We want to have our own store one day. We want to develop expos and free masterminds so you can learn how to build your business or your life. We want to have retreats. We also want to build parks around the world. We want to develop schools. There are many things that we’re working on. I will talk about the vision one day.

CUE 59 | Buying Your Favorite Car


What I want to talk about is why you should buy your favorite car and then sell it. It’s an interesting show. For me, it’s normal because I am a little looney sometimes. It’s cool. I respect people’s opinions, but why should you do it? Let me give you a story. Back when I was in Los Angeles. I live in Denver, Colorado now. That’s where the headquarters is. That’s where we are developing CreateU. Back when I lived in LA, I had an Infiniti G35. That’s the car that I drove all the way across the country from West Palm Beach, South Florida. That’s where I’m from, Boynton Beach to be specific. I was living in LA, Santa Monica, for years. During those years, I would see cars passing by. I was like, “I want that car.” Eventually, I had a dream car that I’ve always wanted. One of them was a nice Corvette, a convertible was my go-to. On top of that, I wanted to make sure it was blue.

I went through the process of trying to find a car. I was going to get a Z06, but I decided not to get a Z06 because I don’t want to spend $120,000 on a car. I stumbled upon, and this is through a long process of looking for cars. I told myself, “Don’t buy it. Have a successful business. I’m losing my money and then making my money.” I found a car in San Diego. I drove down the same day. I bought the car. I like the feeling of sitting in that car. It didn’t feel real. It was my first-ever supercar. That’s what I call it. A supercar for me is my dream car. It’s something that I created favoritism around for the majority of my life. Porsche is another one of my favorite cars. I have a couple of them but this is the thing. This is the car. When I sat in it, I felt my life was on cloud nine. I was confident. I felt sexy. I felt like a badass. I invested in this car not only because I wanted it, but it was also going to be cool for my YouTube. I thought, “A lot of people would like it for my vlogs. It’s a convertible so I can film outside of it.” If you go to my YouTube, Brendan Meyers, you’ll see all of the videos of my Corvette, me doing funny things with it and filming it from many different directions.

CUE 59 | Buying Your Favorite Car


That car meant so much to me and many things happened to me and my life over the next couple of years. I enjoyed it for years. Finally, I decided to let it go. You’ve got to understand, I did not want to let go of this car. It was one of my favorite cars in the world. It was my dream car. I would drive it everywhere in Santa Monica. It was like you put them on top and it’s beautiful out. You’re like, “My life is the perfect type of thing.” I went through a breakup. I went through some harsh conditions physically because of injuries and things like that. Also mentally, I was going through a lot. I was depressed. I was going in and out of depression. This is where I found a lot more about myself than I ever thought possible, to be honest.

I felt that this car was something that I was holding on to, the last thing that I was holding onto. I decided to sell it. I was thinking, “I’m going to get this X amount of dollars.” It was $60,000, it went down to $50,000, and then it went down to $40,000. Everyone was selling it for $38,000. I was like, “I’m going to lose so much money on this thing.” I ended up selling it for $45,000. I was super thankful and blessed even to be able to do that. As the guy, the older fellow was driving away and it felt surreal. It was my baby. I called him Blaze. It’s funny because I called my car Blaze, Blue, Beautiful. I felt like I lost a part of me, but at the same time, I felt like I gained something.

Finally buying something you have longed for and then selling it teaches you more than you could imagine. Click To Tweet

Have you ever let go of things in your life that you know you should, possibly that you could see would make you a stronger person? Have you ever lost something and you were destroyed? It was a tragedy in your life and you couldn’t get over it. It still bothers you to this day. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to transform in all areas. One being mental with materialistic items. I wanted to let go of everything. I went to it in my closet. I gave all my clothes to Goodwill and I bought all new clothes. I was able to do that because I’m financially well-off, but it was a choice.

I let go of my car and I got a Fiat. That’s the car of my choice. I wanted to get uncomfortable so that my future, my life could be comfortable. That’s a lesson. When I let go of that car, I felt beautiful. That’s the word that I would choose. It doesn’t matter what the outside of my body looks like, what I’m driving, how fit I am or anything like that. What matters is I’m happy whether I have something or not, whether I have two legs or not, whether I have a heart or not. You get the point. This was way more than I’m selling my car. I want money. I want to invest in other businesses.

CUE 59 | Buying Your Favorite Car


There were some points behind that, but one of the main points was I want to learn how to let go. Do you ever feel like you’re not letting go? Do you ever feel like you’re leaving something, but you’re not entirely leaving it behind? Does that make sense? Do you feel like you’re driving away, but that stigma, the energy, or the object is still in the car with you? Imagine if you broke up with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. One of the things you wanted to do was to move across the country. That was essentially the breakup. What if that girlfriend or boyfriend, you guys both knew that you weren’t supposed to be together, but they came with you and they lived with you? How much did you leave behind? You left behind the environment that you guys started in or the environment that you lived in or whatever the case may be, but you didn’t leave it all behind. That’s what is the reason for this title. Why should you buy your favorite car and then sell it? It teaches you more than you could ever imagine. It’s even more than that phrase. This is why you should end the relationship that you feel is toxic. This is why you should pursue a lifelong opportunity to work in New York City. This is why you should go on that trip last minute even though you don’t have everything in order and you don’t know exactly how the whole trip is going to be planned.

These are all the reasons why you take the next step because once you’re uncomfortable, comfortability will be so much easier. Imagine if you’re always uncomfortable, there’s only one thing that you can do and that’s to adapt. When you’re training in the gym and you’re training a new exercise. You’re crazy sore for the first week and then all of a sudden, you’re adapting. You’re like, “I love this movement and I’m getting stronger.” That’s what life is all about. That’s why you should buy your favorite car and then sell it. Buying the car requires a lot. You need the capital. You need financial. You need to be responsible not to scratch the car as you have it. You need to get oil changes. Especially if it’s your favorite car, you have to do a lot to that car to make sure it’s pretty and it looks the same as you bought it, but when you sell it, you’ve got to let go.

CUE 59 | Buying Your Favorite Car


I make it a fact to let go of it when you don’t want to let go of it. That’s where you grow. That’s all I’m saying. I went through the experience and I want to share it. I wanted to share it. I still love that blue Corvette. It’s one of the most beautiful cars I’ve seen, honestly. I still can’t fathom about like, “Let me sell the car.” It’s like telling me to sell all my cameras. I am like, “I can do it, but it’s not going to give me any reward on the other side. I’m going to sell my cameras and then I can’t produce content.” I can let go of anything now in my life, such as relationships, friendships, especially if they’re toxic. You’ve got to do what’s best for you. You’ve got to be selfish sometimes. All I’m going to end on is this note.

It’s not only about being selfish. It’s not only about letting go of the things that are toxic in your life. It’s about trusting yourself. It’s about trusting your vision, trusting whatever is in front of you, and the fact that you can bust through it with all your might and strength. If that involves love, if that involves communication, whatever that involves to make that happen, do it. That’s the note, do it. Like Nike says, “Just do it.” Why not? With that being said and, on that note, I want to wish you an absolutely incredible day. I don’t know where you are in this world. What you’re going through in your life but ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life by changing something, by transforming something. Screw change, let’s transform. Why are our qualities not good enough to transform from? All of our qualities are good enough to transform from. It’s your day to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. This is the CreateU Experience. Thanks for reading and until next time. Peace.

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Episode 58: The Net Carb Gimmick With Megan Sherer


Whether you’re prepping or you’re trying to lose some weight, you might have seen some label in the grocery store or some ad on the good old TV about net carbs. Holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach Megan Sherer talks about the net carb gimmick. The reasoning behind net carbs is taking the total amount of carbohydrates in a food item, discounting the fiber. With fiber being digested more slowly and differently than simple carbohydrates, this gives people a false sense of how much calories they’re taking in and how much energy they’re expending. Learn more about net carbs and the truth behind the label in this special episode.

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Listen to the podcast here:

The Net Carb Gimmick With Megan Sherer

The Truth Behind The Label

Megan next to me is cracking up a little bit. Did you know that I was going to come out here with fire?

I didn’t know that you were going to drop fire.

I’m dropping fire. Welcome to the CreateU Experience. More importantly, welcome to Quicktime Friday, which means if you’re new here, we go into a random topic. Maybe a question that we received via overview or something that I got in my DMs or something that has pissed me off during the week. No, I’m kidding most likely. This one definitely pissed me off. Let’s jump right into it. I want to talk about net carbs. If you’re reading this and you count macros, I don’t know who you are. Maybe you’re prepping or you’re trying to lose some weight or gain some weight, you go to the grocery store or you see an ad on the good old TV screen. I don’t know if anybody has TV left anymore, but it says, “Buy this special waffle with the net carbs one gram.” That shit pisses me off. 

We’re going to have a little debate here. The reasoning behind net carbs is because the fiber is discounted. When you see net carbs, it takes the total amount of carbohydrates in the waffle. For example, it’s ten grams of carbs total that’s probably a Paleo waffle because that’s pretty low. The net carbs are 1 or 2. That means there are 8 or 9 grams of fiber in there that are being discounted from the total amount of carbohydrates. Fiber is digested more slowly. It’s digested differently than simple carbohydrates. While the total carbs are still ten grams, the way your body processes those ten grams are going to be really different than ten grams of white rice.

Maybe what they should do is put on the label, “Eight grams of these are going to be contributed to fiber.” Write a paragraph about what fiber does. To me, from my perspective, if you’re trying to lose weight and you go in, you’re like, “Two grams of carbs,” you’re not going to lose weight if you keep on eating and eating the same exact macronutrients that you’ve been telling yourself you’re not supposed to be eating.

The benefit there is that you are getting more fiber in your diet.

You’re not losing weight. 

CUE 58 | Net Carbs
Net Carbs: In the fitness industry, “calories in, calories out” is the Bible.


You might be because people lose weight for different reasons. It’s not just calories in, calories out.

That’s huge.

It makes a difference but it’s not the end all be all, especially for women.

It’s all attributed to energy. It’s all attributed to your body and how one, yes, it digests food. That’s very important. Two, how much energy you’re expending walking around every single day when you’re sleeping, how hard you’re working out, your cardio. It is literally like calories in, calories out though.

Theoretically it should be, the science of the way our bodies work should be calories in, calories out. How much energy are you expending and how much are you taking in? Because of all the complications of our modern society, there are so many reasons why people’s bodies aren’t operating at optimum efficiency. If you have digestive issues, if you have hormonal imbalances, then you might be eating at a caloric deficit, but your body isn’t properly metabolizing those calories. They’re still getting stored as fat or your body is not in ketosis. It’s not using fat as fuel. You’re not burning fat. The food that you’re eating is essentially getting stored. The nutrients aren’t being absorbed properly.

At the same time, people can eat hamburgers every single day and still lose weight.

Some people can.

The reasoning behind net carbs is that the fiber is discounted. Click To Tweet

It’s calories in, calories out. 

This is going to be a hot debate. It should be calories in, calories out. In the fitness industry, that’s absolutely like the Bible. People track their macros so religiously because they think it should be calories in, calories out.

People check their macros though. What you said is contradicting.

Macros add up to a total amount of calories.

People look at macros. Macros have a huge to do with whether or not you’re going to lose weight or gain weight, especially if you can’t absorb fats as well as other people. You don’t work well off of carbohydrates or protein affects your body differently. How is your entire body digesting each of these foods?

Let me give you this as an example. Having competed in a bodybuilding show, you know the intense work and how rigid and strict you have to be with tracking what you’re in taking and training right to cut body fat like that. It’s a problem we see a lot more so with female competitors than male but it happens with guys too. Look at the female competitors who have recently done a show or even are doing 2nd show, 3rd show. Their calories are super low and their coach has them on super high cardio and high training protocols. Their calories in are way lower than their calories out. Theoretically, they should be losing crazy amounts of weight but they’re not, they’re gaining weight. How do you explain that then? It’s not calories in, calories out.

It absolutely is.

CUE 58 | Net Carbs
Net Carbs: Net carbs is a marketing gimmick because no matter what, 10 carbs is 10 carbs. You should look at the net total which equates to the amount of calories that you’re taking.


How? The math of that situation doesn’t add up. They’re in taking 1,200 calories a day and they’re burning 25.

Who’s intaking 1,200 calories a day, doing a crazy amount of cardio and doing all these different things? They’re not going to gain any weight. If anything, it’s between shows where they’re gaining a pound or they’re up a pound or they’re a little bit more full or the carbohydrates or whatever they’re consuming is going straight to the muscle for their actual show day. I could see that. I don’t know anyone that is eating way less, increasing their cardio and gaining actual weight because weight is also attributed to water. How much salt are you taking in a day? Sodium has a huge effect on what it’s holding. I look at it from a different perspective. Let’s say you’re reverse dieting. If no one knows what reverse dieting is, basically you go through and you diet down. You’re in a deficit for so long. You go on stage as a bodybuilder, whoever you are, bikini or whatever. You slowly introduce food back into your diet. You reduce the cardio as it goes. You’re essentially there to be anabolic, to build muscle in the areas that you’re not and also make sure your hormones are all set and balanced long-term. Reverse dieting, I don’t know anyone that gets done with their show and eats the same amount or less and gains weight. I’ve never seen that.

You haven’t. I’ve seen it a lot with female competitors who have terrible coaches honestly, who don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the female body. The reason for a lot of that is their hormone balance has been thrown off from however many months or weeks they’ve been dieting and training to compete. They’re not the rule. They’re more the exception. There are more people than not function with calories in, calories out. What I’m saying is that hormonal imbalances and digestive issues have huge effect on whether or not you’re losing or gaining weight.

At the same time, it’s also about when you’re weighing yourself. This actually has everything to do with net carbs by the way. We started with net carbs. We can talk about this another time. I still believe it’s deficit. People overcomplicate things. As a matter of fact, most people don’t count their macros. One day they’re eating 100 grams of fat and the next day they’re eating 30 grams of fat. One day they’re eating 200 grams of protein. The next day they’re eating 100 grams of protein. How can your body ever stabilize?

I also know women who have religiously count their macros and their calories. They’re like in a low number in deficit and then you finally get them to start reverse dieting to start increasing their calories. When they increase, they lose weight.

A lot of it has to do with metabolism, but the reverse dieting phase improves the strength of your metabolism. I’m talking about it for a general person that is literally going to count their calories. If you go into a deficit, you are going to lose weight. If you take somebody from Whole Foods, you say, “You’re going to eat this and this amount of fat, this amount of protein, this amount of carbohydrates.” They weigh themselves in the morning for the first week. They find a balance of a specific weight that they’re at. The calories are about 300 to 500 calories in a deficit. You are going to lose weight.

Assuming the rest of the systems of their body are healthy, yes.

CUE 58 | Net Carbs


Even if they are all over the place, it all comes down to how much energy they’re expending throughout the day. That’s literally what weight is. It’s a simplified scientific thing that people mindfuck each other with like, “What’s your fat intake?” “It’s 65.” “We need to increase it to 75 because you’re not metabolizing properly so you’re going to gain so much weight.” I swear people overcomplicate it.

That is overcomplicated. I totally agree. I’m speaking more from a holistic nutrition perspective. When people have chronic illness, internal conditions or inflammation they’re dealing with.

If you’re reading this, you’re normal. 

I hope you’re normal. I hope you don’t have any digestive issues or illnesses.

I have some digestive issues and speaking issues too. I don’t have any problems. Actually this is funny because I’m in an extreme surplus for my reverse diet. I’m not really gaining that much weight. I weigh 194 pounds. My stage weight when I was on stage with a deficit, I cut everything, is 190 pounds. I gained four pounds in a month. 

Which is a healthy rate.

It’s super healthy. I’m eating more and more. My metabolism is working like wildfire. Some people need a higher surplus or a little bit more of an extreme deficit but not too extreme. You never want to do that.

Due to the complications of our modern society, there are so many reasons why people's bodies aren't operating at optimum efficiency. Click To Tweet

You don’t want to put your body in starvation mode.

My point behind net carbs is it’s a marketing gimmick because no matter what, ten carbs is ten carbs. In the end, it’s ten grams of carbs equals 40 calories. That’s four calories per gram of carbohydrate. If someone’s taking net carbs and they’re like two grams, “This is all I’ve eaten,” they are going to be very confused with what they’re actually consuming. That’s my problem.

You want to look at that net total for sure. That equates to the number of calories that you’re taking. That’s the fitness perspective. I would rather have you have ten grams of carbs that are filled with eight grams of fiber because from a holistic nutrition perspective, that’s going to be better for your body.

Absolutely and your hormones react way better through that because it’s digestion.

It fuels the probiotics in your gut. Hopefully it’s healthy fiber that you’re intaking.

We can agree to disagree that we’re basically saying the same thing.

Exactly from different lenses.

All I’m saying is fiber is so important. You should have a lot of it in your diet. A lot of your carbohydrates should be from fibrous carbs. You do need to start your carbs in certain instances. Fibrous carbs, if you want a healthy gut, definitely. You’re not going to eat fruit and you’re going to be like, “I ate fruit 150 grams of carbs.” That’s a lot of fruit. It’s cool. 

CUE 58 | Net Carbs


I could do it though.

By the way, we are developing a natural pre-workout and vegan protein, a mood product and full-spectrum BCAA, which is really EAAs. That’s basically what full spectrum BCAA is. 

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They’re very important in your body for so many reasons.

You maybe consuming once in a while. 

Maybe once a month, I’ll take one amino.

That’s all I wanted to come on here and talk about for the Quicktime Friday. Thanks for tuning in for another episode. It is the CreateU Experience and what did we do here? We CreateU, me, him and everybody else reading. By the way, one more time and you can find her on Instagram. Where can they find you? 


Follow me on Instagram @TheBMeyers, ask me any questions. Maybe we’ll do a podcast about your answer. Share with your friends. Share it with your mom, your dad, your coworker, your employer, who you’re about to quit your job. 

Follow your passion.

Pinnacle. I don’t know why I said pinnacle, because pinnacle is like life. It’s the peak of CreateU. Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the CreateU Experience, it’s Quicktime Friday. We’ll see you next time. Peace.

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