Episode 66: Who Are You?


Who are you? In today’s episode, Brendan Meyers asks himself the same question. Brendan believes that if you want growth, you have to constantly discover who you truly are. Listen to Brendan as he reminds you to focus on the areas that allows you to grow and continue learning about who you are.

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Who Are You?

Only One Way To Find Out

I hope you’re having a good day. I was faced with an extremely tough question. It was hard to understand. I was confused. At first, I was like, “I have the answer. This is the answer.” As I thought a little bit deeper and I started to think about my past, my future, time, the world, society and all of these different things, I immediately was humbled and more grateful than anything. The question is, “Who are you, Brendan? Who is Brendan Meyers?”

CUE 66 | Knowing Who You Are


The interesting response to that question is a lot of people think that they have me figured out. It seems to me that someone makes a YouTube video of me and they’re like, “He does this. This is why he did it. This is his profit. This is why he did this business.” Someone else over here is like, “He gives. He’s a man of this and a man of that.” Another person is like, “He’s a Christian and who he represents is this and this.” It’s interesting to me because many people believe they have me figured out when I don’t even have myself figured out. Read that very closely and say that same thing to yourself.

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A lot of people believe my significant other, my best friend, my cousin, my mom, my dad, everyone believes they have me figured out. I don’t even have me figured out. The truth of the matter is life is always going to continue whether for me, for you, another person. Time is going to continue whether it’s for me, for another person in this world. It will continue no matter what. Every second that we are alive, we’re always growing. We’re always learning.

CUE 66 | Knowing Who You Are


There’s always a new experience. How do you know exactly who you are if you go up to a DJ stand and you learn how to DJ for the first time? How do you know who you are if you PR on your bench press the first time ever? How do you know who you are if you buy a car and you’re not satisfied? How do you know who you are if you go on a date and you say something wrong and you’re upset at yourself? How do you know who you are if you don’t even know who you are? The simple fact is we’re confused but that’s okay. We are uncomfortable at all times but that’s okay. We don’t know who we are because life is a work in progress and that’s it.

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When you go up to someone and they make it seem like they literally know everything, every single thing under the sun, ask them this, “Who are you?” If they tell you exactly who they are and say, “Do you truly know who you are?” Listen to their answers. The second we figure ourselves out is the second that humankind goes, “It’s over.” Without growth, there is nothing. Without transformation, there is no next step. If you need to get to the top of the mountain and there’s a staircase going all the way to the top.

CUE 66 | Knowing Who You Are


That’s the only way to the top of the mountain and the staircase stops, what happens? The only way to the top of the mountain is using that staircase. You can’t get to the top and that’s the same exact thing in our lives. The second you stop growing is the second that you die. Whether that’s physically, in the gym or nutritionally, the way you’re eating, the way you’re drinking. The supplements that you’re taking or mentally, the way that you’re thinking. As you think a little bit more about this question, I want you to look at all areas of your life and where you have room to grow. Focus on those areas and keep moving forward and watch what happens. Who is Brendan Meyers? I’ll let you know when I found out.

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Episode 65: Painful Days… MY TRUTH


Many things can happen to the human body behind closed doors without anyone else realizing, including injuries. The temptation to keep training while injured will always be there, but you must also be able to prioritize long-term health. Brendan Meyers opens up about the days when his body pain was intense and how he was able to get through those days. Giving yourself days to heal is an important part of the training process and arguably just as important as the actual training. Listen to Brendan’s story and see how allowing yourself that resting time helps you out in the long run.

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Painful Days… MY TRUTH

Behind Closed Doors

This is a QuickTime Friday. Every single Friday, we release a short episode that ignites your breakthrough and brings your vision to life. If you’ve not picked up any of your CreateU Nutrition needs, we’re coming out with new all-natural products. We’re doing a Natural Low Stimulant Pre-Workout and High Stimulant Pre-Workout. We have a Vegan Protein. We have a Whey Protein. We have a female hormone balancing product. We also have our Greens powder, our Creatine and our Probiotics. That’s 80 billion CFU with probiotics. Take advantage of those opportunities at CreateUNutrition.com.

Why are you reading this blog? Hopefully, because you know that I’m going to be 100% unfiltered. Actually, the whole entire CreateU brand will be unfiltered, authentic and vulnerable for you. That’s exactly what I’m going to be with you. I’ve been going through a lot of different stuff for several years. To be honest, it’s been tough. I’ve had to practice patience throughout this process. If you haven’t read the blog on QuickTime Friday about patience, you lack it. I highly suggest you do. My low back, this is something that scared me a long time ago when I first herniated two discs of the spine. I have two severe herniations, my L4-L5 and my L5-S1, which is the lowest part of my spine. This happened about a few years ago. It forever transformed my life. I looked at life completely different. I looked at my physical body completely different. At the same time, a lot of other things happen. If you want to, go read that episode way back about my story of how I was suicidal. It encompasses not only my herniations but my shoulder, my breakup and a lot of other things.

My back has been causing me many issues. A lot of it is because I don’t coach myself the way that I coach other people. I see this everywhere in my life, not only with myself, other people around me. They’ll support others. They’re people pleasers. I want to please people. I want to make sure that other people are growing and transforming all this stuff but sometimes, I forget about myself and that’s not okay. I don’t believe sacrificing yourself for someone else’s being is okay. You might have an opinion otherwise and that’s fine. For me, I don’t think that sacrificing ourselves for the people is okay. Can we surrender some of our power? Can we surrender some of the things that we love in our lives because we know that we’re willingly able to give this away, but we’re still going to be happy and positive? I look at surrender and sacrifice a little bit differently, but it’s not about those words.

It’s about the pain that I’ve been in. I couldn’t even stand. I couldn’t sit. The only thing that I felt a little bit better on my back was walking. I tried to walk as much as possible in a 24-hour period. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t do anything. This is a few years removed from the injury itself. What goes through my mind is a myriad of things. I couldn’t even work. I tried to pull up my laptop and I was trying to work. I was trying to get myself in many different positions. As I was driving, the pain was excruciating. It feels like an aching pain all the way at the top of my pelvis consistently, sharp and then pulling. It’s like the muscles are inflamed. It will calm down two days later and then it will come back up and it will flare-up.

CUE 65 | Prioritizing Long Term Health


When I went through my prep, it wasn’t affecting me as much but after my preparation for my bodybuilding competition. I did my first ever on October 5th of 2019. It was extremely inspirational and motivational for myself. I had experienced a lot of discipline to get through that, especially building the CreateU brand and other businesses. I made it happen. After the prep, my back was destroyed. I don’t know why. I don’t know if all the stress came down on me after dieting for so long and getting so lean. Ever since then, my back has been an excruciating pain and it will get a little bit better and then it’ll get a lot worse.

I’ve had to look at myself in the mirror and I finally made the decision to take a couple of steps back from training so hard. That’s your passion. If you’re working towards something, you want to give your all. You want to give every single bit that’s been beneficial for you, but I had to say and put my ego down. “It’s okay, Brendan. Your long-term health is more important than acute.” That’s something that I’ve struggled with majorly. I’m very impulsive. I’m impatient. I like to get things done and get shit happening extremely quick. I believe that every single thing that you put in affects your overall growth, your long-term growth. If I’m missing a leg day per week and you might be reading this and you’ll be like, “This is stupid. I’m going to shut this off.” Hear me out because we do this in life everywhere else. I do two legs a week. If I let go of one leg day a week, I feel like it will affect how much my upper body grows, which is what’s most important for Men’s Physique bodybuilding in my 2020 career. If I feel that, is it going to affect my motivation? Is it going to affect my discipline? Is it going to affect X, Y and Z? That’s what goes through my mind every single second.

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For you, it could be a relationship with somebody. It could be video games. It could be school and maybe you have to take one class next semester and you’re thinking to yourself, “That means I’m not going to graduate as quickly. What’s going to happen? If I don’t take this with all my friends, will I be able to be as good in the class because I won’t have study buddies?” These are the things that we go through every single day but look at it from this perspective. What if you do back off a little bit? What does that provide to your body? What does that give your body? It gives your body an opportunity to grow. It’s called growth. It gives your body the opportunity to rest. What is the number one thing that develops and heals the human body? It’s rest, because it’s stress-free.

If you don’t have a lot of things going on around you and you’re relaxing, it provides a stress-free environment and it is a huge evolution in your transformation. What I’ve had to do and being in pain every single day. It is very hard to concentrate, but I pushed through every single day. I started to take a couple of steps back and I’m okay with it. I’m not fully 100% bought into it, but I’m 80% okay with it. That 20% will come as I continue with this new structure. What did I do? I shifted up my training per week. Now, I’m doing one leg day a week and I’m getting a day of rest. I’m amping up one of my upper body days. I know without a doubt that because of this, I’m going to be able to grow the way I want. I can give 80% and 20% will come.

CUE 65 | Prioritizing Long Term Health


I wanted to share this because it may look amazing from the outside like I’m living the life. I have all these people around me and influencers. I have twenty-plus people team. I have products coming in, investments, I’m making money and all these different things, but I’m a normal human like you. I go through depressive states. I go through a lot of anxiety. I overthink many different things. I get nervous. I get scared. I get happy. I get sad, I cry. I get angry. I get upset. I get offended. You are not alone. You and I are not different by any means. We are humans. I just continued on my path, no matter what.

Any situation that ever came across me, I said, “I’m going to get through it, 100%.” That’s what separates me from a lot of people. If that’s you, think about this. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? What if you attempted every single opportunity that was presented to you? Do you know who you’re going to meet? Do you know what situation you’re going to be placed in? Do you know if you’re going to make money from it? Do you know if you’re going to meet the woman or the man of your life?

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You don’t know these things. Why not take it a day at a time? That’s why when I’m in pain all day with my back, excruciating. I can barely think. I’m getting emotional. I want to talk to this person. I want this person around me. I want this and I want that. I try to be by myself. I allow myself to embrace it and push through. I say, “Tomorrow is a new day and the next day after that as a new day.” What adjustments can I make in my life that will make it a brand-new day without this pain? What will make a week from now the most incredible step in my life? What can I do?

For me, it’s taking a break from doing legs. I know it sounds so small, but my life has been around fitness, nutrition and training. I played collegiate football. I love sports. I’m active. I’m a physical guy. I’m huge into the mental awareness and mental growth and all of that, but I am huge into physical. It is important to me. This is like a dagger to the heart. It affects me so much. Hopefully, me getting vulnerable with you and peeling back the onion on myself, allows you to see a little bit more about yourself and the things that you’re struggling in your life that maybe you don’t want to embrace and accept.

CUE 65 | Prioritizing Long Term Health


The greatest thing you can do in life is accepting things, especially things that you do not want to accept. Maybe someone passed away in your life. Maybe you went through a breakup. Maybe some other tragedy happened. Maybe you got in a car accident and you lost the function of this or that or you lost your business. Imagine if you can accept what has happened, embrace what has happened and grow from it. If you’re at rock bottom, how much lower can you go? That’s the way I look at it. When I’m in pain I’m like, “How much lower can I go?” I can be paralyzed, but I’m not going to be paralyzed from laying on a couch. I know that there’s only progression from here and that’s where you’ve got to start looking at your life.

Thanks for reading another episode of the QuickTime Friday. For any of your nutritional needs, go to CreateUNutrition.com. We’re doing some incredible things. That Natural Pre-Workout, Natural Vegan Protein and Natural Whey Protein. Everything is coming soon. We also have our Greens that are already out. Do not miss that. We have on point pricing and it’s because we are not greedy about our profits. We want you to share the wealth of us and that’s through your progression in your health and mental awareness. Ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. That is the CreateU tagline. I’ll see you next time.

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Episode 64: You Lack PATIENCE!


Patience can be a bigger key to success. In this episode, Brendan Meyers tackles the importance of patience in achieving long-term success. Believing in the impossible can lead you to greater things, especially when you find a way to achieve it with patience. More brief influential notes from Brendan as he talks about the benefits of being patient, how being impatient hurts relationships, and how to control stress.

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This Takes Time

What we’re going to do is get vulnerable and be unfiltered like every other day. It’s not anything different. My purpose in this and for CreateU is to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. There could be one word that you read that completely transforms your mindset. It could be a phrase or it could be the entire episode. Whatever it is, it gives you an idea and that’s what CreateU is all about igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life. What I want to talk about is patience. This is something that I’ve struggled with a lot in my life and for good reason, because I’m a go-getter, I want to get things done. I want to build. I’m a visionary. I’m an entrepreneur. I want things to happen before it’s even possible that they can happen. I’ll give you an example, one of my manufacturers in the past said, “There’s no way that we can get this product out in six weeks.” I said, “I know you can.” They said, “No, it’s not possible. You have to be patient with this and be patient with us.” I said, “I highly believe that it is possible.”

What I did was to create this opportunity in this “impossibility” is I allowed them to believe in our vision, in my vision. When I shared that vision with them, they immediately said, “Let me see what I can do.” They came back with, “We can make it happen.” I’ve always lived through that. The impossibilities are possible absolutely. I still believe that. I truly believe that. Even though something could take 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, whatever it is, it might be best to be patient with it. I’ll give you another example. I was dating this girl in the past and she wanted to take things slow. I’m super speed. I’m like, “I like you. It is what it is. Let’s go on dates every day.” I started to realize that I’m not in a rush, “What am I rushing to do? Why am I rushing to fall in love? Why am I rushing to maybe one day build a family, which I’m not rushing anymore? Why am I rushing to make $10 million? Why am I rushing to have this car and to move here, to live here and travel here and do all these different things all the time?”

CUE 64 | Lacking Patience


I started to dig a little bit deeper and I found myself being very insecure in many ways. I wanted to fall in love because I felt what love is like. Maybe being alone isn’t the best thing for me long-term. I’d rather it not be. All of this deals with patience. What happens if you actually wait it out a little bit? I started to think about not only relationships but manufacturing and all the things that I’m doing in my life and I recognized something. There’s a time and place to be a go-getter and make it happen. Do the impossible and make it possible and allow everyone else to see that vision. There’s also a time and place to take things slow because during this process, this whole structure, the whole strategy of patience, you learn so much. You learn how to control yourself. You learn the ins and outs of whatever you’re trying to accomplish. You build relationship and connection.

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How quickly can you build specific connections with a girl if you’re in a relationship with them in two weeks? It’s pretty tough. You can establish and learn while you’re in the relationship, but why not take it slow and take a different perspective? What would happen? What I’m getting at is there’s so much to learn in that process, in that time period of taking things slow whether it’s a launch, whether it is scheduling your traveling plans. I’m the type of person that if you bet me to go fly to Australia, I will literally do it. What’s wrong with waiting six months? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it and what I thought was wrong with it, more so what I thought. If I wait, what if I won’t want it anymore? That’s an insecurity. It’s interesting because I feel like many of us do this, we’re very impulsive. Whether it’s buying a piece of cloth, getting a tattoo, you’re buying a car. It could be taking somebody out for dinner. What happens if you wait? Life happens and that’s the truth of it. It’s as simple as that. You don’t know what’s going to happen and it sounds like a control mechanism.

CUE 64 | Lacking Patience


We’re utilizing being very impatient to our “advantage,” but it’s actually a disadvantage. We’re trying to control situations when we have zero control of anything around us. The truth of the matter is we can only control ourselves and trying to get something in play as quickly as possible so it could be in your possession or in your mind or whatever it is could hurt you further in the long run. I’m reading a book that has to do with attachment. Many relationships struggle because of how quickly they move. One of my very close friends, Caroline, was explaining this to me. Would you rather drive a Jeep at 1,000 miles per hour and hit a pothole or would you rather drive at twenty miles per hour and hit a pothole? The truth is in our lives, what we do is get in this Jeep and we drive really fast. We try and get through everything. We’re trying to move here. We’re not being patient. We’re being impulsive. We’re building this, we’re building that and then it crashes. It’s hard to recover from 1,000 miles per hour Jeep hitting a pothole. It’s not impossible. It’s built into the Jeep to go twenty miles per hour and run over a pothole, 50 miles per hour and run over a pothole. Sixty, 70 miles per hour and run over pothole, 90, 100, 120, you’re risking in a little bit more. If you know what I’m saying and you’ll take it into your own life, take this into account.

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You have the opportunity every single day to be patient, to develop your discipline with patience. That could be healing your heart, healing your back. For me, it’s my back. I’ve been patient and sometimes it gets away from me, but I know that I’m not in control. The only thing I can control is my stretching, my water intake, my food, my sleeping and it’s hard to say that you can control your stress. You can control the other things that may provide stress, but you can’t fully control stress but that’s where I focus my life on. What’s coming up for me? These are the things that I think, “What’s coming up for me right now?” Let me embrace the feeling that I’m having and why I want to do this immediately. “Why do I want to go to Vail immediately? Why do I want to go snowboard now? Why do I want to fly down to Florida immediately? Why do I want this tattoo?”

CUE 64 | Lacking Patience


I’ve done so many impulsive things in my life. It’s because I’m afraid of what happens when I don’t control the situation. Now as I’m growing, as I’m aging, and so are you aging and so are you growing and you’re learning more, your experience, you can see it from a different perspective. If you take the time to look at it from three different areas or 1,000-foot view, you’d be very surprised at what you see. That’s what I wanted to talk about patience. I’m talking to someone and it requires a lot of patience. If I’m not patient through this process, it could hurt the potential of a relationship or a very strong or even stronger connection. It not only happens with who I’m dating, but it also happens with my friendships and the people that I’m working with. If I bring on a coder or a developer and I say, “I’m going to give you all of this stuff to code. I need you to do this and this.” He starts and then I message him three hours later, I’m like, “Are you done?” How does that make him feel? He feels overwhelmed.

If you are giving another person stress or overwhelming someone else, it’s going to create stress in their own life. If they start creating stress, then they’re going to lack communication. They’re going to lack the things that they’re best at. Some people work incredibly in high stressful situations. The majority of people do not. There are not many LeBron James in the NBA. There’s only one and that’s a fact and there’s a reason behind it. It’s very rare. Allow people to be comfortable, meet them halfway and take it one step at a time. That’s what patience is all about. It’s about trusting the process. When you can trust the process, no matter the process, the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter than ever.

If you want any of your supplements, any of your nutritional needs, go to CreateUNutrition.com. We are a brand for the people. We have the best pricing. We’re also starting to give 35 servings per product in the future. Our vegan protein, our whey protein, we’re going to be doing our natural pre-workouts. Our natural pre-workouts are coming. Stay tuned for that. Wild blueberry is the low stimulant and the high stimulant is sour gummy. We are excited for what we’re doing. We are going to transform the way consumers look at products and I’m going to personally transform the lives of many influencers who are not making as much as they deserve and not getting the support that they deserve. Thanks for reading another episode of CreateU Experience. Follow our Instagram, @CreateU whenever you get a chance. You can find me everywhere on social media, just type in my name. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Episode 63: How To CLOSE The DEAL!


Closing deals, whether it’s with a personal relationship, automotive dealerships, or dealing with clients, needs to start and end with a good connection between you and the one you’re closing the deal with. Communication is key, as a successful deal is usually a result of good emotion and energy passed between both parties. In this episode, host Brendan Meyers shares some strategies on successfully closing deals.

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Listen to the podcast here:


The Most Important Moves

This is another QuickTime Friday. I don’t know if you’re new here, but every single Friday what we do is we come in here and have a little bit of fun. We grab a topic. Maybe it’s an experience that I went through or it’s something that was requested through a review. We give you a couple of gifts for reviewing us. I appreciate that and we love hearing your feedback. Let’s jump right in. What I want to talk about, and it’s going to be a little shorter one, is closing the deal. How do you close the deal? Whether it is you picking up a car, you signing a client on, it could be a relationship, it could be anything and everything, closing the deal takes precedence. I talk about closing the deal as in everyone’s very vulnerable, emotional and completely bought in and it’s almost there. Whether it is that relationship where a person still has a couple of trust issues or they’re questioning couple things and give them those correct answers so that they feel solidified. Maybe a car where you’re negotiating about a deal and it’s coming down to that last bit. You guys both shake on it and you’re like, “Let’s make it happen.”

That’s what I’m talking about closing the deal. I wanted to throw in a couple of examples here. Base it around not emotional relationship, not a car dealership or going into it. I’m talking about bringing on a client. When you’re bringing on a client, one of the most important things ever is to connect. We as human beings are meant to connect. Whether it’s the person that’s serving you your food or it’s your mom, your dad, it could be your cousin, it could be whoever and anyone. The whole point of being a human being, my thoughts at the whole point, is so that you can connect with others. That you can experience life. Number one, connect. How do you connect? You have to communicate. To close the deal, you are going to have to communicate and be vulnerable. If you do not communicate correctly, then you will not close the deal. If you do close the deal, you are a lucky bastard. Closing the deal is all about how you are showing up with that communication, number one.

CUE 63 | Closing Deals


Number two, listening. That’s what communication is all about. You’ve got to show up and be vulnerable and allow yourself to ask the right questions. Allow yourself to trust your gut. You’ve got to listen. People that don’t feel like you’re listening have been through that pretty much their entire lives. How many of us or you feel like you’re not heard sometimes in your life. I know, I don’t feel heard sometimes. I haven’t felt heard in certain instances in my life and it affected me for the majority of my life. I know so many of my friends and people that work on the team and all these different businesses that I’ve worked with, they all deal with the same thing. People just want to be heard. They want to be seen, they want to feel important in some way shape or form. There are so many examples that I could give you and tell you this. This person like to see, they want to feel important but you get the gist of it. If you’re not communicating and listening, not speaking all the time but listening, you may not hear what you need to know about that person on closing that deal.

Let’s take it from a personal trainer perspective. You’re in a gym and you want to close a client. You want two more clients by the end of the month. If you’re that person specifically, let’s move to three because I want to push you a little bit further. Let’s say you meet someone. You go through and you start talking to them. You start communicating with them. You’re saying a few things to them. You’re listening to their responses. This is where it’s so important. I gave you the two tips of A, need to communicate and stand for them and be there. Number two, you have to listen to them. What’s most important is that you share something about yourself so that they can relate. If they are not able to relate to your situation, then how are they going to relate to the conversation? Think about that.

CUE 63 | Closing Deals


When people are in communication with each other and they’re developing a relationship because everything is actually relationship short-term. It is like you’re talking to a potential client. You guys are asking questions back and forth and you’re talking about things. You’re getting to know them, they got to relate to you. How does someone relate to you? They can’t relate to you if they don’t know anything about you. Why would someone else get super vulnerable and sign on and spend money? Remember, money is very close to people’s hearts. It’s a means of living. If you want something over your head, a house, an apartment, a condo, whatever it is, you need to be able to have the money. If you want to be able to eat, you got to have the money. If you want electronics, you’ve got to have the money. It’s unfortunate.

Even nowadays, a lot of the times, if you want any clean water, you’ve got to spend money. It’s shitty, but it is what it is. Money is close to people’s hearts. What do you think people are going to do if they’re not relating to anything that you’re saying? If they’re not relating to your situation, if you’re not being vulnerable, they’re not going to give you their money. It’s so easy for someone to pay you for something. You got to start looking at it from the intuitive perspective. If you feel like you should ask the question, ask the question. If you feel like if you express something that they’re going to express something back, then express it.

When you're bringing on a client, one of the most important things ever is to connect because we, as human beings, are meant to connect. Click To Tweet

You can’t expect there will be dollar signs in your bank account if you’re not being vulnerable. You can try and communicate all day. By the way, this is all pretty much on our communication. Relating to someone is communication. Listening to someone is communication. Allowing them to understand something is communication. This is all communication. Life is surrounded by how you communicate with yourself, with other people. It’s everywhere. Be vulnerable, share something and ask questions. If you ask a question, make it a little more superficial. When they respond, respond to that with their response with something a little bit more in depth. Something that shares a little bit more about your life, a little bit more vulnerable.

I’ll give you an example. I was talking to someone and I was telling him about a situation and I don’t want to use any names or anything like that because they’re probably reading this. There was someone that grew up with something specific that bothered. In their way, it’s blocking them from communicating with people. I asked them and I said, “How do you feel about your life? What do you want in your life?” They said, “I want to make X amount of dollars. I want to have an apartment here. I want to be able to work for this company and this company, but more importantly, I want to be happy.” I said, “What’s holding you back?” They said, “On social media, I’m afraid to sell. I’m afraid to say too much. Even being on camera is tough for me.” I said, “Where does that come from?” They went into where it came from. I gave them an example of my life and I said, “I’ve been stuck in so many ways. Let me give you an example.” Immediately, they were able to understand where I was coming from. It enabled me to ask them another question. We got deeper and deeper. All it was were insecurities.

CUE 63 | Closing Deals


That’s what was holding that person back from closing the deal with other people. They didn’t get vulnerable with themselves. They didn’t communicate with themselves. Potential customers couldn’t communicate in that possible relationship. If you want to make $300 a month from a client, you’ve got to get them to buy into your vision. It’s only about your vision because your vision should surround their vision. If you can’t allow them to buy into their own vision, you are not going to bridge that gap between potential customer and customer. Closing the deal is breaking back the barriers is taking off all of those layers. It’s like an onion. You’ve got to get to the root. You’ve got to get to the middle and you’re going to pull, there’s going to be more shit that comes up. Once you get everyone vulnerable and open and there’s emotion attached to it. This is what marketing is all about. It’s about emotion. You need to get your potential customer emotional. Once you get them there, then you offer the opportunity. Opportunity is presented in the most vulnerable states and it’s extremely successful.

Black Friday. What do we do on Black Friday? From my perspective, this is what we do on Black Friday. We amp up this day of the year. We’re thankful. We’re thankful for everyone because of Thanksgiving. I’m not mocking Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. I’m mocking Black Friday. I play into it and everyone plays into it. All businesses do because if you don’t, you’re not going to get any sales and people are going to stock up on other product and you’re going to be screwed. It shifted the entire market where everyone has to pretty much do a discount for sure and no one has to do everything. They don’t have anything that they don’t want to. It would be smart if you do. My point is that the market has shifted. Everything has shifted with Black Friday and it’s in an emotional state. You’re very thankful. You’re grateful. You ate a bunch of food earlier in the day because remember Black Friday also starts late at night.

CUE 63 | Closing Deals


You have been ramping up for Black Friday sale, “I’m going to be able to get this. I’m going to be able to get that and I’m going to be able to save money.” Again, saving money. Money is close to the heart. When you could save money, you feel like you’re doing something right. It’s okay, it’s allowed. You’re thankful. You’re grateful at that time. You’re very emotional. What do people do? They buy just because they are vulnerable in this state. They feel like they’re doing right by everyone else. It’s okay if I go into a little bit of debt, everyone else is going into a little bit debt. What do I want to feel? I want to feel safe. I want to feel okay. This is the right thing to do. This presents the opportunity for anyone to do something even though they shouldn’t. Isn’t that interesting? To me, it’s very interesting.

If you’re able to get someone emotional and put them in a state where this makes sense. I love this so much. My passion behind this is great. It will happen. If you tell someone that they are able to lose fat 100%, they’re able to lose fat and you paint the picture for them. They walked down in. They experience all their pain points coming up and you acknowledged their pain points. You’re supporting them and you give them examples of your own life and other people and what they went through. At the end of it, they are going to give you their money because it’s closest to their heart. Allow someone to feel heard, allow someone to be seen and view their vision with them. I guarantee you, you close them. That’s all about closing the deal. It’s emotion, communication, that’s all it’s based off.

People just want to be heard and seen. They want to feel important in some way, shape, or form. Click To Tweet

This is a little bit all jumbled around. I have a million things that I’m thinking about right now. It’s Black Friday over here. There’s a lot of opportunity. I have phone call after phone call, but I felt like I needed to come on here because I had a conversation now and I had a conversation yesterday and the day before. Four days in a row about closing the deal with people and it’s a fucking vulnerability. That’s what it is. It’s communication. If you can’t communicate, you’re not going to get anything. Be vulnerable, be open with them. If you’re not open, you should not expect them to be open. It doesn’t happen that way.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this QuickTime Friday CreateU Experience. CreateUNutrition.com, we are coming out with our low stim and high stim pre-workout, our vegan protein and even our whey protein we’re looking at and we’re working with EAA, Essential Amino Acids full-spectrum BCAAs. Also, a female hormone balancing product that we’re working on. We’re also trying to work with some mood products. That’s important to me like the stress products. I’m extremely stressed. I do a lot of different tactics and I engage in a lot of strategies to be able to counter that stress. A supplementation is definitely one of the ways to do it.

I use something called Calm from Revive, which is really cool. It helped me. I bought it. I’ve heard a lot of cool things. I have a coach for bodybuilding. He presented it to me and I said, “I’ll try it.” I liked it so far. CreateU is definitely going to develop a product similar and hopefully something that is extremely effective. If you have any questions or anything, send us a message on Instagram, @CreateU. If you want to follow me on Instagram, it’s @TheBMeyers and remember CreateUNutrition.com. We’re also working on some apparel and we’re working on some big things. Stay tuned. I appreciate you and I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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