Episode 75: Birds Eye Awareness (Mindset!)


There are so many things in the world that we have no control over. In fact, you can even say there’s nothing we’re in control of. Exercising awareness is understanding this truth but also being acutely perceptive about the choices you have to make. Brendan Myers talks about keeping yourself aware in a busy world that you have no control over. You can’t be in the passenger seat your whole life. It’s time to take the reins of whatever things you have control of in your life.

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Birds Eye Awareness (Mindset!)

Making The Shift

CUE 75 | Exercising AwarenessI know that many times we get sucked into all this stuff around us. We lack all this focus and we get off track and this or that. All I need is a couple of minutes. You’re going to be presented with many different obstacles. You’re going to be able to choose a different path. You’re going to be able to take on this opportunity. Someone’s going to say something to you that might trigger something. You might break up with your girlfriend, boyfriend or be going on to a date. You might have something that’s going to bring a lot of anxiety or nervousness to your situation. I want you to take a step back and think of all that’s going to come in one way. You’re not in control of anything. The only thing you truly are in control of is the awareness that you bring. Think about that for a second. You are not in control of that person saying something to you. You are not in control of the weather outside. You are not in control if the water splashes on your foot and you got brand new shoes because the guy next to you is eating a Chipotle burrito. He spilled it on you.


CUE 75 | Exercising AwarenessYou are not in control, but what you are in control of is the awareness that you bring. When you have that little person, that Brendan Meyers 2.0, that Ashley 2.0 or that Christopher 2.0 in the back of your mind saying, “Don’t do that. That’s not a good idea. That’s going to push you off the path. This is sickening. This is nasty,” I want you to be aware of it and make your own decision. It’s an interesting state to be in. It’s a great state to be in where you could look at things and not even be impulsive about it or not even react to it. Imagine if you thought about it for a second. What is thought? What is this thought process that everyone talks about? The fact is you don’t control this earth. You don’t control the car in front of you. You don’t control the way your mom talks to you. You don’t control anything around you. You can control what you say, but even then, you’re not in control of a lot of your thoughts. A lot of it is the subconscious mind firing past experience.

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Take a step back. Bird’s eye view. Can you understand what’s going on the field if you’re standing on the ten-yard line? Can you know what’s going on at the 95-yard line in the corner of the end zone and what logos on the ground and all that? Can you do that? If you can, hit me up and I’d love to hire you and bring you on to CreateU. The fact is when you go up into the sky, you’re a drone, you’re looking at it from a bird’s eye view and you look down, you can see the entire field. You could see the logos. You can see the colors. You can see how this person’s running towards that way or that person’s running that way. You could see the formations and this and that.

CUE 75 | Exercising AwarenessImagine the field is your cautious mind. That’s the things that are being said in your mind and say, “This, that, worry, freak out, push yourself.” That is the field of play. You are a bird’s eye view, a drone looking down and setting up your day for success because you can see everything happening. You are aware. Have a great day and kick ass. Inside the mind of Brendan Meyers is coming through on YouTube soon. CreateU Nutrition, we have our mood, product, stress product and other things coming. I can’t wait for you to try them all out. I appreciate you and I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Episode 74: Awaken The Body And Unlock Awareness With Jen Esquer


Sometimes, it’s the little things that can have the biggest impacts on our life. In the creation of your optimal body, it’s important to be aware of yourself and your surroundings, no matter how common they may seem. Top 40 physical therapy influencer and owner of The Mobility Method, Jen Esquer, aka Dr. Jen Fit, tells the story of how she started out and grew to be one of the best fitness trainers on Instagram. She gives her insights on what an optimal body really is and talks about how you can achieve it. She shares and explains two easy and practical methods that she uses in shifting her state of being, whenever placed in a stressful situation or when you simply need to relax. Awaken the body and unlock awareness in this great episode that teaches you how to master your body to its optimal state.

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Awaken The Body And Unlock Awareness With Jen Esquer

Mastering Your Body

Here we are unfiltered, sitting down with a very good friend of mine. If you are new here, remember when you review the podcast, give us one star, I really appreciate it. I’m kidding, give us a five-star. The critical experience is all about igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life. It’s unfiltered. We don’t discuss beforehand what we’re going to talk about on the podcast when there’s a new guest. We like to tap into a whole different area of vision that can be created for yourself or even something that can help me or the guests that we’re with. Welcome, Dr. Jen Fit. She is super inspiring to me. She is the Owner of The Mobility Method and Optimal Body. She’s doing incredible things. She works with a lot of physical therapy. How about you explain who you are and what you do? I don’t like talking about who you are. You need to talk about yourself, go ahead.

I can do that. Thank you for having me here. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I’m working at a clinic I knew that wasn’t going to be my path. That wasn’t going to be the one place that I was going to be working. I knew that early on, even in my last year of graduate school, I saw a chiropractor who was working on someone and she was doing a physical therapy treatment. I didn’t see her doing a typical chiropractic adjustment. It was legit. She did soft tissue, breathing, and movement. Maybe one manipulation and I was like, “You have my job and you’re working for yourself, on your own time and seeing clients.” I started to ask her about that. I bought a table in PT school knowing that’s where it was going to be.

I worked at the clinic for a little bit and I realized that is not going to be the place that I was going to end up. I was working on clients on the side as well. I had proof of service that this can be done. I can work on my own. I can get my own clients and do what I am passionate about doing rather than being in the clinic. Even after I started doing that, I realized because my Instagram was growing and all the things that I was doing, there’s so much more that I can help people that aren’t here with me right now. How can I do that outside of Instagram? The algorithms are changing, so who is seeing my things? The posts that do well, new people are seeing it and so they didn’t see the old stuff. It’s like, “How can I maximize my benefit of what I’m providing online?” That’s when I decided to launch The Mobility Method.

A couple of steps back, Jen and I met on the beach in Santa Monica. I was doing bodyweight training and she was doing a lot of bodyweight training, hanging around the crew. If you’re reading this, to be a DPT is intense work, you really got to learn. Once you’re out of school, learning starts. What she’s been able to create and all the knowledge she has is extremely inspiring. That’s why you have a big social following and everything, but it all started somewhere. What got you to that level of passion? She owns these two things. They don’t understand what you’re doing or how you’re doing it. What they do know here is that you have a passion and that you know where you’re going. To bring some clarity to everyone reading, where did it start?

I’ve been obsessed with movement because it’s been forced into my life in a way. My parents require that we be part of a sport all going through school. That force fell into love and passion for movement and for my body. Movement and working out were what I saw as part of life. My mom diligently works out like crazy. She’s probably still more active than I am today.

Shout out mom, #GetIt.

It’s early on instilled in me and that’s where I’m like, “If I have to go to college.” That’s one of my other parent’s requirements, “You don’t have to go to college, but then you’re out of the house, so figure it out.” I was like, “I do want to go to school and they’re going to help me through undergrad.” The only thing I’m passionate about is human movement, so I might as well do kinesiology because it’s literally the study of human movement. Through that process going into undergrad getting my Kinesiology degree, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It wasn’t until I started working at a physical therapy clinic and became obsessed with watching how physical therapists would watch movement or feel movement in their hands. How cool it was to be able to walk that journey with a client where you would build this real relationship with them. It’s not only with a body part and pain, but you’re literally getting them back into the mindset of how they can achieve things again, how they can get back to their sport, how they can get back into so many different areas. It made me feel like this is the path that I want to take because you’re walking on a journey with someone.

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You’re in the business of serving people.


You’re also in the business of showing people what’s possible.


A lot of the time, we think that in order to find fulfillment, success and all that stuff, we have to do what we want to do, but it’s actually about relationships. It’s serving others. That injunction as humans, we’re connected. In relationships, how we serve other people is a reflection of how we serve ourselves. That’s where people can get a lot of clarity. If you are reading, understand what she’s saying. You were put in a position to go like, “You got to be a part of a sport.” You didn’t get to choose in that moment when you’re a kid. Instead of saying, “I hate this,” you had a little bit of an open mind.

Even though you’re young like, “Let me play, and because I have to do it, let me see how it is.” A lot of people in the world today, they hold back because they’re afraid of going in with an open mind if they’re placed in a setting that they don’t want to be in. Sometimes you get invited out with some friends, you’re like, “You know, I’m going to sit it out tonight because I don’t feel like it.” What if you just went for an hour? You don’t know who you’re going to meet. That’s why I can correlate with functionality. It’s everything. It’s the optimal body. You’re finding a lot of success and you’re helping a lot of people. What keeps you going?

It’s knowing that I’m helping people. Seeing the change visibly and having people continue to tell me. It’s so powerful because it’s such a different way of being able to help people. Working with people in person, you get to see the changes every single day that you work with them. You get to feel that and be a part of their journey in person. It’s such a different experience doing it online. I value when people are receiving my stuff. Reaching out, DM-ing, commenting and emailing, and telling me the things that are they’re saying that they implemented into their lives and the real changes that they’re seeing within their body. That’s amazing.

Even when I’ve gotten stopped walking down the street and like, “I did your shoulder video you posted the other day, it really helps.” I’m like, “I only did an Instagram post.” That’s amazing. It’s so incredibly inspiring. Those are the things that I’m like, “I know that I’m helping people. I know that I’m unlocking this different level of awareness that they didn’t have in their body.” If I can even help with a little bit of awareness into the foundation within their body that they can build on outside of me, or in different ways, whatever it may be. If I can bring a layer of awareness back into their body, then I can unlock something that can open up different things.

CUE 74 | Awaken The Body


A lot of different doors for their life. Please understand what she’s saying. There’s so much that I can I’m digesting right now and then I also want to spew out. One of the main things I’m hearing is that you’re giving one piece to one person. Your goal isn’t to hit millions of people with a video, it’s to hit one person with the video. Because when I look into one person’s eyes, I see a million people. It’s a different way of thinking. It’s a different approach than most. We’re always thinking about the numbers, likes, and engagement. Correct me if I’m wrong, your goal is to work one person at a time, it just so happens that it’s becoming thousands at a time.


When do you stop? Do you stop? Do you keep learning? How’s that progression? Because you’ve mastered a lot of physical therapy, obviously there’s always room to grow, even as a master. Where else do you focus? Once you have your passion, you feel like, “This is beautiful.” Where are you going now so that people could understand this process? It’s a process.

I continue to listen to feedback. I bought a table in PT school knowing that I don’t see myself in a clinic now that I’ve seen what’s possible outside of that. Still, even going into PT school, I used to say, “Business? That’s over my head. I’ll never be an entrepreneur. I’ll work for someone else.” That is what I said. One, I didn’t believe it in myself. Two, I didn’t see it around me. My parents aren’t entrepreneurs. I didn’t grow up in this environment. I didn’t see the possibilities of what I could create on my own. It wasn’t a part of my mindset, which is so crazy because even when I was teaching Pilates through their school, I would have clients who would be like, “I see you on a billboard. I see you on this.” I’m like, “What?”

I want to dive into this. How did you find out that you had what it took to do these different things? I’ll give an example. I’m on a call with one of my right-hand men. It was very interesting, my conversation with him. A few years ago I said, “You’re going to be an incredible leader. You’re going to be running a business. You’re going to be doing all these different things and you’re going to have a team under you.” He does animation and development. This guy is a wizard in all these different areas. He said, “I don’t want people under me. I want to do a structure and like whatever.” During our last talk, he said to me, “I want people under me. I want to have people that can grow under me and that could do this.”

I said, “Do you remember a few years ago?” He started cracking up. He’s like, “I remember.” I asked him, “Where was that shift?” He said, “It got old, doing the same thing over and over again.” I said, “It’s incredible what life does, progression and time. It’s beautiful. Where was it for you, because it shifted?” People that are reading they’re probably thinking like, “I never want to do this or I never want to do that.” How do you know if you don’t want to be a CEO? How do you know if you’ve never been in the position? Does anybody know how I feel? I have so much gratitude. I’m so thankful. Every day, I feel empowered. I wake up I’m working with people. I say, “This is annoying,” but in the gist of it like a bird’s eye view, I’m like, “I love this.” What is it for you?

For me, it was continuing to step into, “How can I help more? What are people asking?” It’s been a natural progression. I took the time to listen to feedback and continue to say, “What are people looking for? What is missing? How can I serve? How can I give back? This is coming to me. How can I step in?” Rather than pushing it away. Even on Instagram, my handle was @Jen_es_care because that’s how you phonetically say my name. It was for friends and family. I didn’t create an Instagram to grow. I didn’t create an Instagram to have this. Zero mindsets and ideas that would happen until Ken, Progressive Calisthenics, found me on Instagram. He invited me back down to the beach and I started to build a following. It was seeing like, “People are coming to my page. Let me start posting about this calisthenic journey.”

I’m in grad school and it was like, “People are liking this. People want to see how I’m learning these things. Let me show this kind of routine. People like this.” It just happened where I was listening. First of all, people are coming to my page to let me give them something valuable. Let me see, “What more do you want? What else do you want to see? How can I help more?” It transformed into that. Then once I graduated from PT, I was like, “I’m good at handstands. You guys get that.” Now I want people to understand that I have a degree. I’m a doctor now. I can help a little bit more, rather than just what I can do with my body. I took the leap of changing my name to Doc Jen fit and started to educate, which was so scary to me at first. Because coming out as a new PT, you’re like, “I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy. How do I actually help someone?”

Even with credentials, what was coming up for you? Were you thinking, “People might not want to listen to me?” Talk about whatever it was because it’s going to relate to people.

I have mentors that I follow and who follow me on this platform. I have other people that I respect and I look up to. I know they’re looking at me. If I post something stupid like, “Snoopy T, what the heck is she talking about?” I don’t want the judgment. I was so afraid of that. I took a step back and I talked to my friend, Vinnie Rehab. He said, “People think you’re a yogi because you’re upside down all the time. Take a pose and translate that to what you know about the body.” I’m like, “We’ll see how it goes.” I broke it down super simply. In a way in my mind, I thought everyone knew this information. I posted a video and the next morning, I woke up and had more views than my regular videos. I was like, “What? Do people care about this? Let me try it again.”

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The more that I try it again, the more it grew effortlessly. I remember when I posted a video that I didn’t like, I was like, “I need to get something out today.” I posted something I thought was BS and it got a million views. I grew 40,000 people that week. It doesn’t happen anymore, unfortunately. It’s insane. It continues to prove to me this is what people want. Let me lean in, let me continue to go. Rather than allowing my fears of what someone might say, to hold me back, I continue to lean into what I know people are getting value out of, what I know that I can share right now. This is what I do. It can change. It can adapt. I’m not attached, but I’m going to step in and be able to help with what I do have right now. When I continued to do that, I became friends with my mentors, with people that I looked up to, it was amazing.

You started to build confidence. You posted more and then you said, “This is going to be consistent.” You develop the discipline.

I was consistent because I am loyal to a default. If I know that someone is coming and relying on the information that I have, I want to show up for them. I want them to trust me in that, and that is the number one thing that anyone wanting to help people can do. You’ve got to show up for people.

At the same time, you have to show for yourself. I want to digest this with everybody as well because what you said has a lot of meat there. It’s more so about you, but this is your journey. You went from, “I’m going to go through this DPT program. I’m going to go through everything. I’m going to learn. I’m going to start posting a little bit here. This is a family thing and let me change my name. Let me do a little something more with this, but not with the end goal of like, ‘I need a million followers or I need this.’” It started growing a little bit. It caught a little bit of fire, then you met the right people but only because you took on the opportunity to talk to these people.

From there, once you graduated it was like, “Will people listen to me? Judgment.” This and that, and then you just did it. As you did it more and more, it became consistent. You built confidence. Soon enough, it was discipline and the discipline grew into more opportunity. You took on opportunity. You said hey, “This has happened again, it’s a cycle, right?” This is creating your best self. This is how you become the strongest version of yourself. All it took was that one post. All it took was that one time that anyone in this world, which is like, “Let me do it. Let me try it out.” Many of us were so afraid of being ourselves. We’re afraid of the judgment of other people. It’s like what you said before you came on here with your good side.

I joke about it.

There is always truth in that.

Preferably, if someone’s going to take my photo, take it on the side that I know. I have a difference in my face structure.

I feel the same way in certain ways about my body and certain things that I do. This interesting perspective, you can let me know what you think. What if everybody in this world said, “I like your left side better than your right.” You said, “I don’t want to do my left.” What would that mean to you? How would that make you feel? Would your perspective change? Would it be like, “No, I do like my left, now that I think about it.” How would your perspective change on that?

I think I would feel grateful, but I would still have my own opinion. That comes with so much work on myself. There’s nothing wrong with my left side. I’m grateful for me as a whole. That also took time. When I first got onto social media, and calisthenic started to take off I was like, “Let me never show my face and who I am as a person.” I have so many insecurities as far as the way I looked and judgment on that. I didn’t feel pretty enough. I didn’t feel skinny enough. Let me show what I can do with my body because then they’ll be cool. Once it turned into education, it was like, “Let me educate you and you never have to know who I am.” I can hide behind that really well.

It’s the mask.

Without getting too personal or without allowing people to dive in with me in that way. I remember I did a little Instagram challenge. Remember those little Instagram challenges?

Yeah. I used to do a lot of those.

I partnered with two girlfriends and we did a challenge where we talked about our insecurities. We talked about, “Let’s go through a seven-day challenge asking different questions about insecurities.” Asking people to post something they would never post because it highlights what in their mind is their insecurity. We did this whole challenge and it was amazing. It was the most connected at that time that I had ever gotten with my audience. I was like, “People really want to see this?”

The thing is that what we miss out in everyday life and what society tells us is that we’re not relatable. That’s what society is teaching people like, “You’re not relatable. If you are relatable, it’s not in the best way.” You need all these things like you need products you need, adjust your diet, adjust this. That’s the way you can relate to people, but the fact of the matter is, we can all relate when we’re sleeping, when we’re waking up, in the middle of the night. We all do the same things at the end of the day. It’s our version of them.

Society is complicating things when it’s really simple like how you wake up and take care of yourself. If you want to feel good, you got to put good things in your body, but then society says, “Don’t get confused over here because this is organic and this not.” If you eat healthily

, if you meditate, you’re going to live a very good, strong life. If you take the time to look at your judgment and to look at how you’re showing up, you’re going to live a very strong life. What you represent is the optimal body and it’s all of that in one, right?

Yeah. The optimal body for me is finding what optimal means within your own life, and within your own body. There is no one optimal way of doing anything. It is an individual. You are unique. You are beautiful. You are an individual, treat yourself like that. I get that in this world. It gets so confusing because you have so many people preaching so intensely on one side. This is the one thing that you have. There’re multiple sides. To me, the most important part of a conversation, I would say this over and over again, is the listening portion. Because you’re taking the time to listen to me and you’re saying, “You’re worth listening to,” and the most important thing that you can do is take that into yourself and say, “You are worth listening to.” You’ve got to get clear. You’ve got to create space in order to understand how to even listen and not how to mask.

CUE 74 | Awaken The Body


I was somebody that used to never listen. I used to only talk and talk because it was my own fears. That’s all it was. My own fears consistently. I would sit down with somebody, and I would talk and talk, and then as I looked at their facial expressions, I didn’t know how to understand them. I didn’t even understand myself at the time and I’ll be like, “I’ve got to keep ongoing. I have to save myself.” “I said the wrong thing. Let me keep on going.” “I said something wrong again. Let me keep going.” Soon enough, I dug such a big hole and then the person at the end is like, “I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe this.” Everything was opinionated. I was throwing things and I wasn’t listening. How do you get to that point where you can listen fully, digest, talk, converse and connect?

You have to allow the space in your life where you’re going to get real and it’s not easy. We have been taught that there is a solution to everything. “This hurts? Take this.” “This is happening? Take this.” What we’re conditioned on in a society is how to mask anything. Mask how we’re feeling, mask whatever it may be. We’re not taught to be open with it and to be real with like, “I feel sad right now. I want to cry,” and that’s not bad like, “I get to do that or I’m angry.” I don’t need to do it in public, but I need to leave this space right now and release anger in a healthy way. Whatever it may be, you get to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling, but you have to create space and be real with that.

For me listening within my body, I’ve had constant stomach aches growing up. That was what I lived with. I had Tums and Gas-x and lived with those. For 24/7, I would carry them around with me because I had no idea. I thought, “I get bad stomach aches, it’s genetic.” I didn’t know that there could be a real solution to that and you can do something. I didn’t know that my food, the way that I ate and moved, could be a factor in how I felt. I just thought I had to deal with that. I need to take things on top of it to make it go away, rather than listening, becoming aware, changing and adapting things within my lifestyle.

Band-Aid over Band-Aid, layers over layers and then soon enough, you’re twenty years down the line, you’re like, “Shit.”

Twisted colon in three places. That was me.

I didn’t know what happened, but you hit the nail on the head in so many different areas, like how we struggle. We’re so fearful of what’s happened in the past and it hurts us. There’s so much pain and it holds us back from doing all these other things. I’m honestly speechless by all the stuff that you said. The way my mind works is you say all these things and I’m like, “This person or this person. What’s capable? What does this person hold back from and all this stuff?” What’s something that you can give the audience that can guide them a little bit. Take them to the next step because a lot of people that are reading might be working a 9:00 to 5:00 job that they hate, or they could not even have a full-time job but a part-time job. Maybe they’re in high school, or maybe they’re a teacher and they don’t want to be a teacher, they want to own a tire shop. You don’t know. What could you say to somebody right now?

I believe one of the main ways that we’re going to create space is getting within our bodies. You have to take the time to do that. One easy way you can do it is journaling. A lot of people feel weird about that like, “What am I journaling about? What is this? A diary?” Honestly, there is something even called white pages or whatever. You take three blank pages in the morning and you write out whatever emotion, whatever you’re feeling, whatever it is and then you can throw them away after that. There are so many times I will start journaling something and then I will come to a realization by the end that I had no idea what it was like underneath some of the things that I was feeling. If I’ve had a dream that I’m like,What does this mean? Why is this coming up for me?” I will journal about it first thing in the morning and it helps to clear up so much space. The other thing is we need to be in sunlight, in nature, in the earth and we need grounding in order to ground into our bodies.

For a lot of people that are reading, you could be like, “What is that? That’s a little weird.” Even when you say, “Create Space,” people are like, “Whatever.” Listen to what she’s saying because I used to be that guy that was so judgmental, that was pointing the finger with a big ego like, “That’s weird.” Now, because I’ve experienced all this stuff and the words you use and like how that informed in mind and stuff, I’m blessed. I’m grateful. I’m thankful. I’m way more open. Keep going with that.

Journaling is one thing that helped me even when I was going through like shifting my self-talk. I have negative self-talk. I get ready in the mornings like, “This is awful. This looks bad.” Whatever it may be, that’s how I get ready in the morning. If I take a photo with a friend like, “I look horrible.” That was the first thing I saw. It’s not the people in the photo, not the place that we’re at, so it took shifting and working on that. I would journal every day two to three things I loved about myself. On top of that, I asked for accountability, “If I say something negative about myself, can you please catch me and make me turn it around? If I hear you say anything negative about yourself, I’m going to make you catch it and turn it around as well.” Creating that environment, not only internally, but with the people that are around me and surrounding me as well. That is incredibly important.

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There are studies that you can look up to going outside, getting sunlight on your face first thing in the morning, even if it’s a cloudy day. Getting sunlight into your eyes, it starts our circadian rhythm. It is going to create this healthier place that we’re living in within our bodies. Even if we start to do that first thing in the morning, whether it’s through a window or whether it’s stepping outside, 5 to 10 minutes before you get on your phone. It’s something so easy and practical that we can start doing right now to kick off the systems within our bodies. Rebalance hormones within our body. This is studied stuff. This isn’t just woo-woo. I do believe in meditation practice and I don’t think it has to be meditation. A lot of my clients even if they’re not open to that woo-woo word, I would go back into the body again. How can I get you to feel what’s happening with your diaphragm, or your rib cage? Literally, feel it with your hands. Where am I breathing from? Am I breathing from my shoulders? Am I breathing from different muscles? How can I get back into my body, so I clear out the space of all the to-do list and things that are happening?

If you change the way that you’re breathing, we can literally change the way that our brain is responding to situations, which shifts us into this moment of, between something that happens, we have the choice to react to it or to respond to it. Based on the way that I even breathe can set me into a different path. Even if I start to tap in and understand and learn these practices, I can start to change things within my environment, with the way I respond, take on stress, hold stress within my body, and then you can also create space of like, “Do I feel full right now? Am I hungry? Why am I bloated? What could it be that I was eating? This feels tight. What could it have been in my workout or what have I not been doing in my workout?” I like to say I bring awareness to the things that you’re neglecting. What are you neglecting that you can start to add in?

Simplicity. Looking at the small things that we do in everyday life. How are you walking? How are you breathing? That’s what you’re saying. It’s like to think about your senses. Taste, what are you eating? What are you listening to? It’s all these different things. How are your mannerisms? How are you feeling things? What are you grabbing? It’s the senses. It all starts there.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated. I hate when people overcomplicate the crap out of everything. It creates a stagnant place where we’re not going to move forward because there’s too much to do and then you’re like, “I can’t.”

Those three things, and what else would you say? If someone wants to repattern themselves because that’s a big deal?

I always would start with the breath, 100%. Even if that is starting to observe what was happening with your breath. Even if you’re just, “I don’t know how to breathe. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” You’re breathing so what if you had five minutes before you went to bed every night? Where am I feeling my breath coming from? Do I feel it up in my chest, or feel like it goes into my back? How do I breathe? Do I take a longer to inhale? Do I take longer exhales? Do I like to breathe in and out through my nose from my mouth? Even just becoming aware of where we’re breathing and then obviously continuing to learn the tools.

CUE 74 | Awaken The Body


You can’t dive into the tools unless you have the awareness down. That is the toolbox. Are you going to travel across the country with 150 different tools with no box? No, you’re going to put the tools in the toolbox, you’re going to grab the entire toolbox and go and go wherever you need to be. I like to say that, awareness is number one. What are a couple of tools for even breathing? What are some things that people can take in right now?

A super-easy way to start to think about the breath is that we can think about it in the inhalation phase and the exhalation phase. The inhalation phase is, if we break it into the two of those, think about when someone scares you. What do you immediately do?

I punch them in the face.

If something scares you immediately, typically, the reaction is what though?

If I get scared, I run typically.

What is the breath pattern that usually happens?

It’s like I’m hyperventilating.

The reaction is this heightened state of like, “What happened?” It is a focus on the inhalation typically. That’s normal and that’s good. We need that automatic system, so it’s an autonomic nervous system is what we’re talking about. Autonomic usually means automatic. If we think about it, it’s our automatic system that takes us into a fight, flight, freeze. We all heard of that. Sympathetic or parasympathetic, rest, relax, digest. We have these two different areas that we can move into. As automatic as that is, we do know now there are studies that we have the ability to control a lot of that. We have a choice over what happens within our automatic nervous system. It’s crazy. If we can start to learn how to do that and our diaphragm is the place that we can start to create that choice. We can pattern what happens with your diaphragm.

If we think about that, then inhalation phase, longer, sharper inhales thinking of more of that inhalation state, then I know that I’m staying more in the sympathetic. If I can get more into the parasympathetic that I went and got a massage and how do I feel? What’s my breath pattern usually like? When someone thinks of a massage, it’s just a nice sigh. That is the exhalation phase. That’s that parasympathetic. The easiest thing that you can start to do now increases your exhalation face. Shorter inhalation phase, longer exhalation phase, that is the first thing that you can start to do. If you don’t take anything else away, you don’t understand how to breathe from the diaphragm, whatever that may mean. Simply increase your exhalation state.

Inhale a little bit shorter.

That’s for four seconds.

Exhale longer and that’s some breathwork.

That’s the first step to starting to think about it. Especially we’re anxious walking around, especially in the world today. We have so much stimulus coming on us all the time. It’s normal to be at this heightened state a lot. First thing in the morning, what do I want to do?

This is great. The first step is to breathe in four and breathe out eight. I did this when I first started. I was doing this over and over again. Whenever I got stressed, four in, eight out. Even if it’s like four in, four out then four in, five out. It’s a progression. You don’t need to put stress on yourself.

Start to listen to it. Start to observe. That’s what I’m saying, you could start to observe the breath and start to observe, “What do I normally do? Do I normally take longer inhales? Do I normally take longer exhales?” Especially in a moment of working at your desk, where are you feeling like you’re breathing from? Are your shoulders all of a sudden going up to your neck and you’re feeling like, “I need that massage again.” You can get that massage but if you’re going to continue to breathe into your shoulders, and then to your chest, it’s not going to make that big of a difference.

If you continue to get headaches over and over again, or if you’re having constant pain that happens over and over again, these constant things that continue to nag at you, your body talking to you, it’s probably your body running at a higher state over and over again. The greatest piece that I can give you to take away your reoccurring back pain that continues to happen is breathed. I have seen people cry on my table, then five years of back pain gone. There’s so much value in starting to learn this and focus on it, especially in the times when you have more of that stress.

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Let’s say you’re in the car and you’re in traffic, “How can I focus on longer exhales?” You have your kids screaming at you, “How can you find longer exhales?” Whatever it may be, find your times in those moments of stress, “How can I find longer exhales?” The other thing is, our vision is highly tied to the systems as well. Think about the difference between looking at a sunset and the difference between looking at your phone. It’s two different states. A sunset you’re looking at one place and you’re taking in the entire view. It’s a panoramic view that you’re now increasing. Do you ever look at a sunset and be mad?

No. In a sense, I’m like, “This sucks. All these colors, beautiful colors, stupid. Beauty? Stupid. I’m stressed, I’m out.”

Usually, it’s a place to drop you out of stress. It’s a panoramic view. Even if you’re inside, even If we’re in here, “How can I look out and actually take in my ceiling and my surroundings and create more of a panoramic view within my periphery, rather than just focusing on my phone?”

You’re saying there are two things. I want you to make it a very strong statement here. Two of the main things that are going to help with your pain, with all these aches, with the way you’re feeling, with you living your optimal life, like holding you back. One, breathing. Two, seeing your vision. Make a powerful statement with those so that it’s not just me trying to summarize it. I want to hear this. This is it going to be a beauty. Doc Jen Fit, follow it now.

The way that you’re going to drop into the system in order to clear out the stimulus and have the awareness so that we can feel, we understand what we’re interpreting, we can be even more creative. We can start to build on things. We can get the clarity and where we need to go is creating more of a parasympathetic state within your body. That starts with the breath. That starts with the understanding I can take longer exhales and I can shift. I can take two inhales and then a long sigh. The vision is 100%. Just understand, you’re going to be on your computer. You’re going to be on the phone, understand you’re in a focused, more sympathetic driven state, so how am I going to increase those moments of stepping into the panoramic view? How can I even change it if I’m in a place where I’m feeling stressed out? Whether it’s in the room because I can’t leave the room or I’m stepping out for a moment and taking in my surroundings and changing my vision for that moment can shift your state of being.

That’s a beautiful point to close on. You can talk about so many different things, but from the majority of this podcast and this conversation, from my perspective, you’ve used a lot of your breakthroughs. After that, you’ve created tools from these breakthroughs and realizations are provided and then you build off of that. You don’t stop growing. That’s what I feel and I hope that everyone reading feels that as well and understands that. You can create yourself in so many different ways, but it starts with yourself and it starts with the small tools.

Even if someone takes how to breathe or use your eyes and see the panoramic view, if that’s all they take, to know that can create so much change in the state of being, that’s great. That’s what you did. You saw with your own eyes, who you could be by seeing what other people are doing and other opportunities and stuff. You also took a breath and you’re able to get into a simple, relaxed state so you can see, embrace and be able to create. That’s beauty. I love it. Is there anything else you’d like to touch on?

When we can tap into that state, we tap into who it is we are because in a society right now, especially with social media and everything else, we are pulled in so many directions because of what this person and that person is doing. You’re like, “I need to do this. They have this, so I need to do that.” It even happened to me like, “Everyone wants to be the best speaker. What stages can I get?” I was chasing what other people were doing rather than getting clear with what is it that I want to do. When you can create that space, step into that parasympathetic and rest, relax and take it in the journal. You can get down to the root of, “If I didn’t have society, social media, my spouse, my significant other, my whatever it may be, all my friends’ opinion around me, what is it that I want? How is it that I want to affect people? How is it that I want to show up in the world? Who is it that I want to be in order to create what I want to do?”

You have to get back into this being and 100% fully accept you. Know that it’s going to be accepted when you start to make the choice of stepping into exactly who you are. When I made that choice of, “This is me, this is how I’m going to show up,” and I am unapologetically who I am, I’m so proud of it. My people are going to follow and I’m going to be able to help so many. Being unapologetic, stepping into that, understanding and listening to my intuition so that even means like, I’m not vibing with someone. Not good, bad, right, wrong. It’s different and that’s okay. Maybe we’ll vibe more in the future but like, “How can I step into what feels good for me? What’s in alignment for me? What do I want to create that’s Jen and not based on the comparison in other people?”

CUE 74 | Awaken The Body
Awaken The Body: We’re our biggest critics all the time. No one else is judging you so stop holding back. Listen, lean in and follow through.


Create you, that’s what I got from it. Once you create you, yourself, we’re talking about I, from an I perspective, if you’re reading, say it in your mind, “I need to create myself before I create anyone else so I can be around other creation.” You won’t be able to be as creative as you want until you understand yourself fully and you embrace yourself.

Embrace it 100%. Trust yourself. That was the greatest lesson I ever got. Those feelings and things inside of me like, “I can trust myself.” It’s so powerful. You can. Any little slight feeling that you’re not feeling it. You’re not leaning in, it’s okay. Trust yourself. Still, be open and explore 100%. Trust what you’re feeling. Trust what’s coming up for you. Trust where you’re feeling like you need to lean into and where you need to go, and the rest will follow.

Trust the process. I happen to be the process and I have to trust that. This is a baller and I hope that you come to visit sometime again soon. We’re here in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for coming on and sharing a little bit about who you are, who you’ve become, what you’ve broken through and like what inspires you because I’m inspired. If you follow Jen’s Instagram, what is it?

It’s @DocJenFit.

You’ll be able to connect with where her mindset is and where she’s going because you’re very vulnerable for sure on your social.

I’ve stepped into it in a big way and I love it. It’s very connecting.

One last statement you can give them about stepping into their power and stuff. Something motivational. Give them something to walk away with so that they can forever create what they want to create.

I’m going to come back into, “You are worth listening to, and you are worth whatever that leads you to.” No judgment aside, we’re our biggest critics all the time. No one else is judging us to stop holding back. Listen, lean in and follow through.

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You basically said ask for support when you need support, and the support is not only for yourself, it’s with other people. The second you can let go of your ego, you’ll create you. Thank you so much for coming on. Besides Instagram where can they find you? Do you have a website?

It’s DocJenFit.com, YouTube is DocJenFit, Facebook is @DocJenFit.

Thank you so much for coming on. Follow her. Buy any program or memberships she has. She’s a badass. I’m inspired. I’m going to meditate on this. Thank you for coming on. Breathe and vision. CreateU Experience, ignite your breakthrough, bring your vision to life. We are here every single week. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

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About Jen Esquer

CUE 74 | Awaken The BodyJen Esquer is a top-40 physical therapy influencer. With a Doctorate in physical therapy, she is ranked as one of the Best Fitness Trainers on IG by Shape Magazine and has been featured in Self Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness as well as a select interview guest on CBS and on the RISE podcast with Mogul CEO Rachel Hollis.

Episode 73: Master Instagram Stories (Try this!)


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Master Instagram Stories (Try this!)

Simple And Effective

If you don’t know, I was a Major League Gamer back in the day. It was seventh grade going into eighth grade. I played Halo 2 and Halo 3. I also played World of Warcraft. A little fun fact about me, but QuickTime Friday, I want to dive right in. I don’t even want to skip a beat. I want you to be in and out reading this so you can incorporate it into your social media. I want to talk about videos, photos, text and using it all, utilizing all of them when you’re on social media and the most important part, stories. I want to dive into stories because stories are coming around everywhere. It’s a way to connect with your audience and to share with intention. Facebook did a great job of incorporating it from the actual Facebook stories, Instagram stories.

Snapchat was the original where they came out. They had these stories and it was amazing. Instagram took it over and Snapchat fell off a little bit. We have TikTok. I wouldn’t be surprised if TikTok does incorporate stories soon enough and that’ll be extremely interesting. A lot of people will migrate even more towards TikTok, especially when they start monetizing or providing ways to monetize on TikTok. If you have not gone to TikTok yet, I’m not too big in TikTok because I know that the Instagram platform for me is enough. I’m not trying to grow my social media crazy, but YouTube as well. YouTube is the number one social media platform in my eyes that can develop a loyal following that understands you.

CUE 73 | Instagram Stories


That’s what texts and stories and all of that is all about. That’s what I want to get into. When you post a story, you’ll notice that let’s say 10, 20 or 500 people view it, it doesn’t matter. A lot of people, when you go through stories, tap through. What catches their attention? This is random. This is not a statistic or anything like that or a fact, but let’s say 50% of people click through and they go as fast as possible. Let’s say 30% then another 30% or 40% of people click through, but they don’t have sound on because let’s say they’re in the car, in school. They shouldn’t be on their phone if they’re in school. Let’s say they’re with friends or at a club or at a family dinner, whatever it is, and they’re going through Instagram. They’re clicking without any sound. You then have the remaining majority which does have audio on, puts audio on and watches the stories but not fully. How do you catch their attention? How do you get someone to say, “Let me turn on my audio?” If they have their audio on, “Let me relate to this a little bit longer,” or “Let me watch the entire stories or the entire duration of the all-day of the stories.”

How do you get somebody to do that? You have to utilize all of it. I suggest hashtags once in a while. Not as much that you need all the time but utilize hashtags like a hashtag that you always use because then people can relate to it. They see it again and again and it feels familiar. What do people do when something’s familiar? They lean in towards it and they want it around them. It’s comfortable for them. Hashtags, utilize them in your stories. It is valuable and sometimes you’re even tagged in the hashtags. You get even more story views and then your social media can grow. Number two, look at the text that you’re putting on the screen. This is important. If you have 30 words on there, it’s going to be hard for people to listen, watch and read. They don’t want to do all three. What people want is a stepping stone to understanding what you’re going to be talking about and if it interests them. What do you do? You summarize what you’re saying in that slide that gets them excited.

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I’ll give you an example for myself. If I did four-stories, that’s a minute-long story. I was talking about how to increase your bench practice by five pounds every single month or every two weeks. What I would do is over those four slides, the first slide, I would put something like, “Alert, increase bench here.” That way, people know, “This is about increasing my bench here. I’m going to listen and put the sound button on because it’s going to boom. I need to be listening to this. This is important stuff.” The second slide, depending on what I’m saying in that slide, I’ll summarize and I’d be like “Five pounds every two weeks. Big ups or #BigUps.” Something that people could relate to in the third one.

In the fourth one, I would summarize it, you can do it whatever and I would even give a call to action if I want to send them to a video. If I want to send them somewhere, I will send them there. Many times, I want to throw this in here. We miss out because we try to throw a call to action all way in the first video. The problem with that is you turn away the majority because it feels salesy. Even if it’s something for free, it still feels salesy. If there’s a Swipe Up or LinkedIn bio, it feels salesy. That’s what everyone does on social media. Rather than a lot of texts, let’s bring it down. Let’s bring it up to five words, that’s it. Summarize each slide. Sometimes I only put one word. Sometimes I put three words. Sometimes I put a big paragraph, but it generally is only a photo because I don’t want to pull their attention with me talking and then to put a bunch of texts.

CUE 73 | Instagram Stories


You have people that are confused or trying to read both. They’re trying to read and listen to you. You don’t want that. You want to pick and choose what you want to utilize. Sometimes I do take a photo and I’ll be a little bit smaller in the photo and it’ll have a feel to it. When you look at the photo, it might be sad or it might be happy. It might be motivational or inspiring, whatever it is. I bring that texture behind the text through the digital, the photo and whatever that looks like. I did one where it was me in a mirror and I was far away, but you could see the vibe was inspiring.

I put a big text box and I explain myself a little bit more on the right-hand side of the screen. When you do these things, people want to read. If there’s big text on one slide, then the next slide, then the third slide on the fourth side, there are many words. That’s when you see the majority peering off and continuing to another story. These are a couple of tips that you can utilize. Stop writing much unless it’s once in a while and it’s a photo. The video summarizes what you’re saying so people can listen. Makes you put that sound on a little emoji and don’t put too much on the screen. I’m talking about GIFs, I’m talking about this emoji and that. They have all of these different logos and icons that you can utilize. Don’t do too much on the screen. Simplify. Everything is much simpler than we make it or the way we make it seem.

CUE 73 | Instagram Stories


Take a step back. Be patient with it. Be patient with the words you’re utilizing. Think about it for a second. Don’t post it quickly and then see what happens if it works for you, great. I know a thing or two. If it doesn’t work for you, look why. Look to see what’s going on with your social and why people aren’t interacting the way that they wouldn’t interact. Ask questions. Put a message box, put a poll. If you don’t know what your consumer is feeling or your audience is feeling, then you’re going to run into these barriers. It’s the consumer who’s going to start creating boundaries for themselves that you can’t get across because you haven’t figured it out. You haven’t asked them the questions.

You keep on digging yourself into a hole because people don’t want to watch or listen to the same stuff that you’re talking about. Figure it out. Try the texting first, one step at a time. If it doesn’t work, ask questions. You should ask questions at any point in time. Hopefully, that helped you a little bit and gave you a little bit more guidance or clarity on something that you may be doing that’s a little bit off, a little bit overwhelming for people. Remember, psychology is much simpler than it seems. We want much simpler things than what we seem to want and it’s that. Try it out for yourself. Hopefully, you enjoyed this QuickTime Friday.

If you have any questions, you can always Instagram DM me @TheBMeyers. You also can go ahead and send questions or send DMs to @CreateU at any point in time if you want to see videos and show us some engagement. I appreciate you showing up on our Instagram. I love hearing what you have to say, good or bad. If you don’t like our product, let me know. Let us know so we can make it even more innovative and better, whatever. If it’s tasting, with affordability, whatever it is, we’re here for you. Thanks for reading another episode of the show. This is your boy B Meyers, also known as BShooks I’m only going to use this for this episode. Maybe another one day. Thanks for tuning in. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Episode 72: Repattern Your Mind


With change as the only constant thing in the world, transformation in life is possible. In this Quick Time Friday episode, Brendan Meyers carries on CreateU’s mission of igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life starting with your mind. Transformation begins with what you think. Thus, you need to transform your thoughts and repattern your mind—to see that what you want to be, you can become. Join Brendan in this brief yet very inspiring episode where he shows you the techniques that help you gain the clarity to remove the negativities of the past and focus on the future.

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Repattern Your Mind

Transform Your Thoughts

This is a QuickTime Friday. If you are new here, first of all, when you review and you click on the link, you put your email in and everything, we give you seven free gifts as a courtesy in appreciation to you supporting the channel. Also if you’re new here, every Friday what we do is we go into the reviews, we go into DMs, messages, comments or a topic that I’ve wanted to discuss or something that I’ve experienced for the past couple of weeks. We dive into it. Generally, it’s a little bit short. That’s why it’s a quick amount of time. Welcome. If you have not checked out CreateU Nutrition, this is the CreateU Experience.

We have many different departments under the brand, CreateU, that we value. Our mission is to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. Whether that is for you, your friend, your mom, your co-worker, whoever it is. We want to inspire that transformation in that life because we know what’s possible. I don’t know what day it is for you, but I know now is a day for me where I’m going to re-pattern my mind and that’s what I want to talk about. I feel like we’re in this day and age in a society where when we wake up, the first thing we think about is the negative patterns that we’ve created. Patterns are something that aren’t created off of one day.

CUE 72 | Repattern Your Mind


You do it one day, you do it the next. It’s almost like a negative discipline, which is something obviously that we don’t want. What I noticed when I go through any relationship stuff, let’s say I’m dating a girl and something happens. Maybe I have to let her be, aka let it go, and break up or let go of the dating scene, whatever it is. I have trouble with attachment and this attachment creates a lot of negative patterns that show up again and again. They’re created to be even stronger and stronger. It wasn’t until I started to learn how to re-pattern my mind when the initial first time where I let go and I started feeling those things that I transformed. I was able to not only, and I don’t even want to say deal with it because I haven’t been able to deal with it. It’s more so being able to thrive from it, learn from it and utilize it in other areas of my life.

How do you re-pattern? How do you even get into that zone and shift big time when it’s eating up at you inside? Do things that calm the mind. You can meditate, read, tell yourself positive affirmations. You can look at your gratitude. If you don’t have one, I highly suggest you do. You can journal. You can mind dump. There are a lot of different things that you can do. Maybe you’re a boxer and you want to go box. Maybe you’re someone that’s behind a desk all day at work and letting things go or letting it be is going to run on a treadmill. There are many different ways that you can do, but the most important thing is consistency.

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I’m going to give you a couple of examples of how I’ve been able to re-pattern my mind and maybe you’re going to be able to take these examples and utilize them for yourself in your own way. When I wake up, the first thing I ever do is I make my bed. During this process, the first thing I do, I don’t think of anything else. I need to make my bed. When I go and make my bed, immediately after, I generally have, “This is what happened in the past. I have to do this. I remember this was supposed to be done. This girl did this to me.” I go through these negative patterns. I keep on telling myself all about the past.

What I’ve been doing for the last few months that has helped me much is right when I do that, I say, “This doesn’t serve me. This isn’t positive. Re-pattern your mind, Brendan.” When I say that, almost immediately, it’s crazy, I start thinking positive thoughts. Right when I say re-pattern your mind, that’s my tool of saying, “You’re out of control and you’re creating these negative thought patterns. You don’t want to go in that loop. That negative loop, you don’t want that, Brendan.” What do I start thinking about? I think about the future. I think about the car that I want. I think about all the schools that I want to develop for people. I think about all the communities that I want to help.

CUE 72 | Repattern Your Mind


I think about the person that I’m going to transform. I think about my business partners. I think about the pre-workouts coming out for CreateU Nutrition. I think about all the different products that we’re developing and innovation. Immediately, it shifts. I go and use the restroom. I brush my teeth. I have my morning routine. I meditate for ten minutes and when I meditate for ten minutes, and this is huge, what I’ve realized is it completely re-patterns the entire day. There’s a lot of research behind this. I’m not going to go into it, but I was watching a YouTube video about re-patterning and unleashing your true power. It was talking about how meditation is powerful. It calms your mind. When your mind is calm, you don’t think it’s much of the negative stuff in the past.

You’re thinking about the present and you’re filled with this almost subconscious gratitude and subconscious being here in the moment, which allows you to live almost like you’re living in the future. What else I’ve been doing and this is another example that you can maybe put into your toolbox for re-patterning, but after I get the morning started, whatever, whenever things come up. Maybe I someone that I don’t want to see and I’m healing from or maybe a business opportunity comes through and it’s dropped. It’s bothering me big time over there, whatever it is. When it happens, I think about the future. That’s it. I tell myself that’s who I am. That’s where I am. That’s my environment. Rather than thinking about the negatives in the past that caused anxiety and stress that I have zero control over, I do have a lot of control over my future. If I live like I make $100 million, if I live like I am changing the lives or transforming the lives and impacting the lives of one billion people.

If I’m living the life that every person that I come in contact with, they want to be around me, they want to talk and we build incredible relationships. If I’m living a life of connection, love and transparency, which is authenticity, hardworking, discipline and visionary. If I’m living that life, then what is my life going to be? It’s that and it might not be making $100 million or impacting one billion people yet, but if I live in the now, it’s almost like I’m 10x-ing my life in every moment. When you 10x your life at every moment, you start transforming faster than you could ever imagine and things start to find you. You don’t need to find them. It’s mind-blowing how your mind works. The brain is much simpler than you think.

CUE 72 | Repattern Your Mind


This is what I say is it’s much simpler than you think. In some ways, it could be a little bit complicated but your word is your world. Not only is your word your world, but your actions are your world. How are you showing up? How are you feeling in that moment? What are you focusing on? If something doesn’t serve you at that moment, shift your focus. If it’s hard to shift your focus, good because you’re creating a new discipline and that discipline is going to be extremely difficult to master but it will happen if you make it consistent. Those are two ways that you can re-pattern your mind. First thing when you wake up, when you think negative thoughts, go ahead and start telling yourself, “That doesn’t serve me. That’s not good. That’s not what I want to be,” all these different things and then meditate.

Number two, start living like you are in the future. Those two things can ignite much more. Those are the two things that I recommend. You can also talk to people. Therapy is big. Reading books. I’m reading The Untethered Soul. I read What Every Body is Doing. That’s a great book. It’s a fun book to see hand movements, leg movements, and all that fun stuff in between. Learn a little bit more about psychology and when you can, you’ll start to understand yourself and people more. The relationships around you will be much easier and much more fulfilling. Soon enough, there’s no choice but you’re going to live a life full of happiness and that’s that.

I hope that gave you a little bit of direction. I’m telling you, if you show up this way, you will re-pattern your mind and life will be different, fulfilling. Trust me in that process. If you ever want to come out to Denver, Colorado, holler at your boy on Instagram, maybe we can get a workout and maybe we can set up a mastermind. I want to do free events domestically. I want to help people. If you do come to Denver, Colorado, shoot me a DM and I’d love to see if I can make something work. Maybe you’ll meet some of the team, whatever it is. I want to make CreateU personable because I feel like if there’s no culture, if there’s no love and family atmosphere with what we’re doing, then how are we going to build as big as we want to build? I think it starts there. Thanks for reading another Quick Time Friday. Follow me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers. I’ll have a little texting thing at the top that you can text me if you want. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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