Episode 79: Today Is The Day!


The majority of the world today is lacking authenticity. What most people don’t know is that authenticity will help you win the day today! In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Brendan Meyers explains why being your authentic self and sharing exactly how you feel can help you get through and win the day. Don’t unnecessarily burden yourself with feelings of frustration or resentment with the people you’re cooped up with. Release that burden and be on your journey to better relationships with your parents and loved ones.

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Today Is The Day!

If you do not know already, COVID-19 is a pandemic and you’re most likely quarantined. You should be self-quarantining and I’m not even sure if we’re in full martial law status. What I do know is the topic may help you not only in this instance but also in the future. I want to remind you that you have the power and control over yourself and the things that you do. If you can contribute to society and what’s going on in this world, do it. Put everything you have into it almost as if it’s your job. If we don’t have grocery stores, if we don’t have the things that we have around us, if we don’t have a roof over our head, it’s much harder to live and we’re going to have to hurt ourselves and we’re going to find water ourselves and we’re going to do everything ourselves.

CUE 79 | Authenticity

Be grateful for what you have and what we have in this world and do your part. It is your job. What I want to talk about is authenticity. Not just the word, authenticity, but this specific statement that I pretty much put out there whenever I’m working with someone or mentoring someone, even learning from someone. I say this one-liner, “Why does authenticity help you win the day?” I don’t want a rhetorical question. I don’t need anything back. How will it help you win the day? I want to talk about this because I feel like the majority of the world is lacking in that department.

We’re not as raw as we need to be and look at it from this perspective. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken photos before. If you take a camera and you take a photo outside and it’s in the raw format. You take another photo and it’s in the JPEG format. When you put them into Lightroom or editing software or anything and you look at those different profiles, the way that the photo was taken, the way it configures onto the card, you’ll notice something pretty significant. When you change the highlights, the exposure, all of these small colors and all this stuff on the JPEG shot photo, you can’t do as much with it. You’re limited. It’s almost as if you don’t have all the puzzle pieces to put together the most beautiful portrait or image that you could have if you had it raw.

Raw photos, the whole point of it is it’s neutral. It’s the rawest form of a product of our lives. That’s the way I relate our lives. Do we want to be raw or do we want to be a JPEG? In the raw format, if you don’t know, raw is all about being able to that specific image. Let’s say it’s shot on a Sony a7R III, 42 megapixels and you want to get all of that. You want to get all the colors, you want to be able to adjust the exposure, the highlights, everything. All you have to do is put it into Lightroom, put it into Photoshop and you have so much room to work with and you can finally get that portrait or that image that you want. That’s a big difference. I want to relate that to what I’m talking about its authenticity.

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Think of raw format of images equal or equated to the most authentic person you can be to this world. What do you want to offer? If you were authentic and you just shared exactly how you felt with the person that you’re in quarantine with, or maybe you call someone that you’ve had bad blood with or problems with or had frustrations with. Whoever it is, it could be family members, it could be a friendship, it could be your boss. Imagine what you’ll be getting off of your chest and off your shoulders. How much weight do you think we, as human beings, can honestly hold onto our shoulders without getting sick, building up more stress, without fucking up in certain areas?

How much can we handle as human beings? We can’t handle a crazy amount. The burden weighs much heavier than authenticity. That’s for sure. Burden and the things that we put on our shoulders from all the things that we are holding back from telling this world just only make our path to success, our journey to a beautiful relationship, our journey to better relationships with our parents even harder. What do you have to get off your chest? Why does authenticity help you win the day-to-day? I believe it’s because you’re showing everything and you’re putting everything on the plate, everything on the table. When someone looks at that table, there’s nothing that’s missing. The only reason why something may be missing to them is because of them, not because of you.CUE 79 | Authenticity

That’s something that we also struggle within our lives. Me personally, sometimes I’ll put everything on the table and some react, “You’re missing this. I didn’t hear you say this. This didn’t mean whatever that to me.” I’m like, “I didn’t communicate fully.” A lot of the time it’s because the other person is assuming, it’s because the other person is creating judgment. It’s because the other person is taking things personally and not wanting to come to a middle ground or a growth phase in that relationship or that communication sequence or whatever it is. It’s your time to be authentic because I feel it could ignite your success more than you could ever imagine. Ever since I became rawer and more authentic and I moved away from that JPEG life, the people that walk into my life and out of my life are for the right reasons. I know that if someone leaves my life, I put everything on the line. Yes, I could have communicated better. Yes, I could have done this. I take responsibility but also look at it from a very objective standpoint. I can just gather enough information to reason. This isn’t going to affect me too much. I’m the one that allowed them into my life and they’re the ones that are choosing to leave my life. That’s another way to look at this entire situation.

CUE 79 | AuthenticityAre you ready to be authentic? Are you ready to be raw? Do you want to change the exposure, the highlights, and the color? Do you want to change all these different things to make it perfect in your world? Do you want to be stuck with something that’s missing other components, opportunity, structure, organization, or the right people in your life? Don’t live that JPEG life. Live raw life. If you want to check out any daily workouts on my Instagram, go to @TheBMeyers. I’m giving you home workouts and gym workouts every single day. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

We’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Episode 78: Coronavirus & Life Today!


The Coronavirus pandemic is front and center in every news outlet and as a result, the world has entered an almost-eerie silence. But throughout the threat of COVID-19 is an opportunity to step yourself up: there is time to learn and to improve before the panic inevitably settles. Brendan Myers dives into the health crisis that has the world on its knees, and what you can do to turn the situation around for yourself. This event can be a learning experience if you let it. Look for the positives, and you just might find yourself in a much better place.

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Coronavirus & Life Today!

We have COVID-19 and pandemic is going on. There are a lot of things that are closed. Schools are closed, especially here domestically in the United States. The NBA has shut down, sporting events, concerts, this and that. I have friends in Italy that are going through it. They haven’t been able to leave their houses very much at all. There’s a lot going on. I want to bring this podcast with a little bit of spice and personality so that you can lighten up a little bit as everything is a little hectic around you. First of all, I’m going to say that you are not in control of anything but yourself. Start treating what’s happening now as just that. You’re in control of you. What do you do? You wash your hands. Do everything you can like tune in to more podcasts. Stay in a little bit more. Be alone. Be isolated because maybe you struggle with that. This is the time to work on things and for overall growth. If you need to make money and you’re having hard times because you can’t work, your job shut down for a little while or you work at games or whatever, look at the positives in that. You get to take a step back and evaluate everything.

CUE 78 | Coronavirus Pandemic

Everywhere that you’re working, you get to evaluate how you’re showing up. It is a big time and a crucial part for money. You can do other jobs. There are ways to make some money online. There are ways outside of the job you had to be able to make some money. You could sell some things but just know that it’s not going to last forever. The economy may take a hit but if you’re in control of you and the way that you’re thinking, your positive thoughts and everything, then you will be able to come out even stronger. Tragedies cause a lot of flustered beings. There are a lot of human beings that freak out. They’re like, “What’s going on?” If you’re that 1% or the minority who is working to learn something from the situation, be better and be stronger so you can show up better, it will be very bright for you long-term. Take that perspective and run with it or don’t run with it at all. It’s completely fine.

CUE 78 | Coronavirus Pandemic

Everything around you is going to be hectic. What can you do right now in the moment? I’ve been practicing a few different things. Wim Hof Meditation, it’s super cool. I love doing that. I was waking up every morning at 5:00 for about 30 days and now I’m going to switch it to 5:30 AM because I was feeling a little bit more tired and exhausted. I’m taking my training a little bit differently instead of going to the gym. I’m going to do some bodyweight training. I’m not freaking out about anything. I need to learn how to be alone. That’s one of my biggest problems is being around so many people. That’s what I want. I have a fear of missing out. It’s a learning experience for me. Take it or leave it. How are you? Ask yourself. Are you feeling anxious? Are you excited for your future? Are you excited to take a couple of days or weeks off and relax a little more? Where are you with your fitness? Look at everything in your life. Is it good? Is it bad?

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I’ll tell you this much. A lot of weird things have been happening in my life. I’m trying to keep up with it. We’re recording inside my mind. This is a new series and small film that will be coming out. I’m trying to figure out how to organize everything in my life and make it “perfect.” Here’s the thing. A lot of the times we try and make everything perfect even with fighting a virus, a disease, this or that. We’re trying to be perfect the way that we look and everything and it’s impossible. We’re working towards something that’s just impossible. We have to remind ourselves that, “It’s okay if you’re not painting that picture perfectly. It’s okay if you didn’t hit that PR in the gym perfectly the way that you thought you could.” All these things are okay because mistakes and failures are a part of growth. As we look at COVID-19 and we look at our lives and even me inside my mind trying to release this and organize everything perfectly, I know it’s never going to be perfect. There are always going to be setbacks but I’m going to continue to strive for growth and perfectionism. That’s the fewest words that I can use to represent how I feel of what I’m trying to do.

CUE 78 | Coronavirus Pandemic

I’m always motivated. How can you stay motivated through all these things that are happening? Look at the end goal. In a year from now, where is the United States or other countries or everyone going to be? Are we going to be thinking about COVID-19 as much? Are we going to be thinking about the little project that we have for school? Are we going to be thinking about the NBA game that we missed the past few days because it’s been shut down temporarily? Are we going to be thinking about these things? Are we going to be thinking about the things that we set forth at the beginning of the year like, “I want to make X amount this year, I want to do this and that?” It’s a setback in our lives right now and we have the power to control our motivations, learning process, energy and everything that we’re putting into now.

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That’s a reminder that you can get after whatever you want to get after. It has just shifted a little bit to the left or to the right. Every path isn’t beautiful and paved. You’re going to trek through some rough times and your path is going to shift all the time. Sometimes you’re going to even have to create your own path. That’s where you’re at now, in the moment with everything going on. If not and you’re still chuckling along, most likely you’ve been pushed off your path slightly still. Look at grocery stores, everyone’s jumping out there and getting as much food as possible. If you go to gyms, it’s a ghost land out there, not as many people going. Things have changed right now for the temporary and hopefully not for the future and the long-term. That’s the way we’ve got to think of it. Your goals, perfectionism, and everything that you’re wanting can still happen. This is just a bump in the road.

CUE 78 | Coronavirus Pandemic

If this podcast, if this little Quick Time Friday amps you up, but I know it’s all over the place and I’m not even making sense half the time, I’m just speaking from the heart, then great. If not and it was something that by-pass sometimes, then great. Why not? As I continue to grind, organize things, structure and be alone, listen to some music, change the scope of CreateU a little bit for the future, and the vision of this, I hope you’re doing the same. Don’t use this time to eat shitty foods, chill, and sit on a casual time. You can get a little workout in. Go for a walk. Get out there. You can talk to people still. If they’re sick, wash your hands and stay a little bit far away from them. “This too shall pass,” I love that statement. I hope this QuickTime Friday found you at a good time. I’m speaking from the heart. I didn’t want to talk about too much and what is going on, COVID-19 and all of that. I hope you have an incredible day and week. Keep your loved ones safe, your elderly, the people that have underlying health conditions. Keep them in your prayers and respect their boundaries. Stop taking all the toilet paper from grocery stores. We’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Episode 77: Three Tiers To Life!


We go on this life evolving towards our dreams and aspirations. As we take that journey, we arrive at certain points that either become the destination or simply just another pitstop. In this episode, Brendan Myers walks us through the three levels to life. He shares with us the different levels of where we possibly are in our own journeys of finding that comfortable place or that wanted transformation. Find inspiration here as you reassess where you are between great and legendary.

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Three Tiers To Life!

What Level Are You At?

I’m in my new home. All I can say is I am so thankful for the people that are around me, that support me, but also you, the audience, whoever you are. I want to say thank you. I hope you’re having an incredible day. I hope that you are smashing through life and that your goals are becoming realities. Because here on the CreatU Experience with CreateU and everything that we’re doing, that’s what we want from you. We want you to level up. We want you to transform and ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life every single day. I’m sending my blessings to you as I move into my new home. I’m with new people and we’re starting Inside The Mind, the new series and the new nutritional products are coming out, the Pre-Workouts and things like that at CreateUNutrition.com.


I’m thankful. My discipline and my hard work are never going to stop because it’s ingrained in me. I want too much for this world and my vision is way too big for it to stop. It’s a little inspiration right there. Hopefully, that’s stung you a little bit on the ass and gets you going. What I want to talk about is the three tiers to life. This may be something that you’ve heard before. Maybe you want nothing to do with or whatever you feel or whatever you think about it. I want you to keep an open mind and be open to possibilities, not only for yourself but for the people around you. Maybe this could help a friend in need or maybe they’re not in need at all and they need to take it to the next level or your family or co-worker.

Baseline Comfortability Level

CUE 77 | Three Tiers To Life

Three tiers to life. This is how I organize everything in my own life and who I work with. This comes from a business perspective and also a relationship perspective. Remember relationship, bridges the gap for business so that you can be successful in those regards. Number one is the baseline mindset or the baseline comfortability level in your life. These are a lot of people that they don’t feel like a lot of things are possible and they’re content with where they are. They’re okay with being at that point for a long time. There’s no problem with that. The majority of the world is in this situation where they have the ceilings in their lives and situations. If I talked to this girl or this guy, it’s not going to be a good result.

Being Great

There’s a lot of negativity there and there’s a lot of self-work that needs to be done in many areas. At the same time, many people that are at that baseline level have done the work and they just choose to be content in that area of their life long-term, which is completely fun. Two are being great. You could say being good, whatever. They’re too close in the same, but being great, there are people that like to push but only to a certain point. There’s a difference between someone great and someone legendary. You look at Michael Jordan and then you look at other players that are amazing below him. You could even say Derrick Rose or other people that are good and great players, but they were never that transformational player. The person that just completely transformed people around them or the game or X, Y and Z. I represent the great in a way that hopefully, you can understand.

CUE 77 | Three Tiers To Life

It doesn’t mean that you don’t work hard. It doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be the best. It means that you get to a certain point and you become content with that. Let’s say you could be training in the gym or on the basketball court six days a week or seven days a week. Even two of those days could be slow motions with one arm. It can be very simple, low impact, not even affecting you, but then you have other people that are doing it seven days a week nonstop. They’re studying the game on the computer, studying the game and talking to coaches, studying the game and asking questions, wanting to be the best and never stops. There’s a different level of discipline when it comes to that.

Transformational Tier

There’s no problem with that. There’s no problem with someone wanting to be great or good at something. This is how I look at the tiers. They’re a little bit different. Third, the last and final tier is the transformational tier. There are very few people in this world that ever reached this. I say very few. I’m talking about probably thousands of people because there are billions of people in this world. I put myself in this category and I hope that you one day put yourself in this category as well. Maybe you’d put yourself in that category now. It doesn’t have an age limit. It’s not about the experience level. It has nothing to do with that. It’s about being transformational. Tier three is all about pushing, no matter what.

Your word is your world. You say something and you do it. If you don’t do it, you take responsibility for it. You keep on working towards it and you never stop. You don’t stop because content is not even in your nature. At a certain point, yes. I’ll give you another example. When Kobe Bryant walked away from the game at a certain point because he knew it was his time, “This is the end,” but he was transformational. He was legendary. There’s not many Kobe Bryant’s to ever walk the Earth. That’s the truth. You look at LeBron James and Michael Jordan. We can go over to football. You could look at Emmitt Smith and Tom Brady, you can look at certain people from every sport.

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Even rappers. You look at Eminem and Lil Wayne. You look at people that have never stopped and their discipline is on a whole different level. Yes, in certain areas, they could slack off, but they choose to slack off because they don’t want it. That’s where I look at these tiers. What do you want? Where do you want to be and how much are you willing? Tier one is all about being baseline and your content, and that’s completely fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you are baseline, you don’t want to be baseline, then there’s a problem. If you lack discipline, then truly ask yourself, how badly do you want it? If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone that you love and maybe they don’t want it, it’s not right for them at the moment. It’s that type of want.

You’ll do anything in your power to make that relationship happen. This also pushes into tier two, being great. You may not be content, you may work hard and you want to push, but there’s a certain point where you just slack off. I have enough here at this point. That is okay. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what do you truly want and how much are you willing to work? If you become an MVP once in your league, if you’re playing high school basketball or high school goal for badminton, it doesn’t matter. Do you want to become MVP again? Are you content with that one MVP? That’s the difference between being great, transformational and legendary. Transformational, you want to win MVP every single year because you hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone around you and that’s okay as well. Which tier are you? Where are you going in your life?

CUE 77 | Three Tiers To Life

I would love to know what you have to say in a review. Send a message to me on Instagram. Send a message on @CreateU wherever you go. I want to remind you, it’s okay whatever tear you are. It’s okay where you are currently in your life. It’s okay if you’re hurting. It’s okay if you’re happy. It’s okay if you got a raise and your friend didn’t get a raise. It’s okay if your friend is sick and you can’t be there for them for one day. Sometimes we overthink and we look at all of our situations this and that, and we blame ourselves because at that moment it’s not possible. It can’t happen. You got to be patient. If a friend that’s in need or you, that’s a need or the heartbreak, all of this encompasses time. Allow time to open up the doors for your true path and your true journey. It starts with you. CreateU now, ignite your breakthrough, bring your vision to life. I hope this QuickTime Friday ignited you a little bit.

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Episode 76: You Are Holding Yourself Back!


Vulnerability is a quality that gets talked about a lot, but no matter how liberating the feeling of true vulnerability, of authenticity, is, people are afraid that any expression of vulnerability is grounds for judgment from others. But preventing yourself from being vulnerable might also be the one thing that’s stopping you from fully enjoying everything the world has to offer. Brendan Myers explores the feeling of vulnerability: what stops people from being vulnerable and how to get over the barrier. Sooner or later, you’ll be trapped in a cage of your own making. Learn how to get out of that cage, and open yourself up to the experience of vulnerability and authenticity.

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You Are Holding Yourself Back!

Completely Let Go

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I’m going to even skip the intro and dive right in because this is something that I see in society time and time again with all people and even myself. I want to make sure that we dive right in and jump through the hurdles, the pain and the frustration, the barriers and all these shit. Create these bridges in our lives so we can be evolutionary with our thinking, our love and our vulnerability. I want to use that word vulnerability time and time again because it’s important for our own growth and our vision at the end of the day. Ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life, that’s what CreateU is all about. I was on three phone calls and all were very similar. It’s very interesting. It was like the show was calling my name, like, “Do an episode on this.”

CUE 76 | Being Vulnerable
Being Vulnerable: People put up barriers because they don’t want other people seeing the real them, and they fear the judgment they will get.

They were surrounded by all these barriers that these specific individuals have up in their lives and how they don’t like to get vulnerable with people. I sat there and listened. I had many questions pop up in my own mind. I was like, “Ask this question,” but instead, I listened. It was interesting because what all of these three people have in common and I loved them deeply. I care a lot about them. A couple of them I don’t know even too much, but I still care much about them is that it was coming from a place of pain. I could feel it by the way they were talking and the way they were shifting. I could feel it within myself how much pain that I had a long time ago before I made the proper steps and transformation in my life to be who I am now.

I’m still growing, but I used to have so many barriers up in my life. Why did I have all these barriers? I didn’t want people to see the true me because if they saw the true me, if they saw the real Brendan Meyers, they could judge me and they could form factual opinions. I mean factual, the opinions are based on factual stuff about myself and then they would know everything about me. I almost felt like if I was giving up all that I had through letting people know who I am through my demeanor, through my vision, through the people I like to be around, the sports that I liked, the hobbies and everything, then I feel like I wouldn’t have anything left to offer. I felt like if I told someone how I felt about them, that they would take it wrong and immediately, my image would be damaged.

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How often do all of us do this in our lives? Thankfully I’ve been able to evolve from that way of thinking and transform and be myself 100% of the time because I know deep down, all we want to be is happy. How do we get to happiness? Remember, there are many layers over happiness. True happiness is down to the core, the soul and the heart. It’s down to love. It’s down to vulnerability and authenticity. How do we get to that point? In these conversations, I asked the same thing. I was like, what’s holding you back? What’s making you feel that way? What’s this? What’s that? It always led to insecurities and images. We don’t want to be judged in a negative way. I don’t want to fucking be judged in a negative way.

CUE 76 | Being Vulnerable
Being Vulnerable: No one wants to be judged in a negative way so they don’t show the parts of themselves that they’re insecure about.

I used to like care so much, but do I take it to heart if someone judges me in a certain way? No, because I know who I am and if I expressed it in the wrong manner, that’s on me. That doesn’t change who I am or what I want to do or what I want to accomplish. Does that make sense? I want to ask you a question. Where in your life are you creating barriers? Remember, the barriers aren’t only there to protect for people coming in, but they’re also holding you back from getting out, from going places, for adventure, for opportunities and for everything in between. What are you going to do? You’re still going to have barriers. We’ve developed them over our entire lives but what are you going to do so that you can break free?

I say build a bridge. Build something that you can climb, something that you can utilize consistently. Start it off with a ladder. It takes a little bit longer to jump over those barriers. You got to climb. It’s one hand after another, but then evolve and built an actual bridge. First, it’s not going to have any real nice cement. Every time you’re walking, it’s going to hurt your feet. Maybe it’s dirty and there are many issues. From there, create the cement and make a pavement, so it’s smooth. That bridge over your barriers from your heart and from your soul to the opportunities, to your future, to your vision, to your relationships and to the people around you is smooth sailing and easy. Soon enough, you’re going to recognize that these barriers have been doing nothing but holding you back.

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You not being vulnerable, open and honest with people around you have been holding you back. There’s this phrase that gets me every time, “I don’t care what people think. I don’t care about this.” Have you ever asked yourself, “Really?” Is that fucking true? I’ll tell you this much when I say I don’t care, I care. Because I say I don’t care, it puts me in this frame of mind of like, “I’m going to be myself,” but I care. The truth is the majority of us care. We all care. At the end of the day, we care about us, we care about me.

CUE 76 | Being Vulnerable
Being Vulnerable: Soon enough, you’ll recognize that your barriers are just holding you back. You not being vulnerable and honest and open with the people around you is just holding you back.

It’s the me, that’s who we care about. This image stuff, this deflection, the defense mechanisms and all of these things that pop up time and time again in situations. When you have the opportunity to ask for support, when you have the opportunity to ask if someone loves you, when you have the opportunity to help someone else, when you have the opportunity to work in a job that maybe you don’t even know if you’re going to like or not because of the boss and this and that. When you have this opportunity, that opportunity, that path and this and that.

Take full ownership of it. Ownership looks like this, happiness. Because happiness is at our core and vulnerability is the one thing that allows other people and the environment in this world to see what’s at our core. When people can see what’s at our core, we can see other people. Thanks for tuning in for this episode. Check out CreateU Nutrition. We got awesome and incredible products coming out. I’m also going into prep and I have a big series called Inside My Mind coming out. It’s going to be big time. Thanks for tuning in. I’ll see you next time. Peace.


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