Episode 87: People Come & Go… Accept It


People come and go. That’s just the simple truth of it. As you go through life, there will be friends that come in and out of it. On today’s show, Brendan Meyers talks about the reality of having to move on when the people around you don’t believe you or support your vision. Are there friends who are pointing fingers at you or teasing you or don’t want to deal with you? Maybe it’s time for you to move on and find new peeps to hang with to help you bring your vision to life. Think about how powerful you are and how much you can accomplish without these people holding you down.


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People Come & Go… Accept It

The Truth Behind The Vision

I have a lot of big things that are happening. I’ll tell you that much. Body Evolution is launching here. Body Evolution is a membership, $3 per month that you get daily different workouts, daily gym workouts, daily bodyweight workouts, daily cardio workouts, they’re all separate. You also get three AB workouts per week and daily custom meal plans by registered dieticians. They also have a cool muscle performance section where we have joint-specific rehab, joint-specific prehab warmups, and also educational videos to teach you about the human body and all that stuff, performance-wise, most muscle functionality.

I’m super excited about it because I feel like the world has been struggling for so long. It’s like a fast track. I was wanting to do something cool for peeps. If you want to sign up for that, go ahead and go to GoBodyEvo.com. What I want to talk about in this episode is something that’s been coming up for me time and time again and that’s loneliness. It’s not so much about the loneliness of not having specific friends around me. It’s nothing specific. It’s more so, “I’m building something big. I know I have to be lonely sometimes. I have to accept that I can’t go out. I can’t go drinking with these people. I can’t sacrifice this or that or surrender here because what my business, my brand, or my vision entails is something way bigger than myself.”

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Sometimes this is hard for other people to understand. Even for me to understand because when you’re lonely, you start thinking about all these extra things, you’re like, “I wish I had this,” or “I wish I could do this.” You get a little emotional. The stress adds up and it adds up. From my point of view, the way I perceive everything that goes on as you are developing something that you’re truly believing in is it’s the reality of it. It takes a lot and people will not understand you, but the right people will support you. Those are the ones that you want to keep around you.

The saying five people who you surround yourself with that’s how you end up acting or that’s who you become. That’s absolutely true. At the same time, even if it’s one person, even if it’s two people that truly understand you, there are going to be so many friends that come in and out of your life. You’re going to go through relationships and hardships. I’m telling you that most will not understand and they will question it. While one friend wants to hang out on the weekends and not do any work, there’s another side of those friends that don’t want to go and do fun stuff always every weekend. They want to relax. You have the third style of friends and those are the people, the 1, 2, 3, 4 friends that are grinding their asses off.

It’s not the weekend, it’s another day. Another day, another dollar, as I said. I have a very close friend named Roy. He owns a couple of different businesses. Raw Fitness is a gym here at Lafayette, Colorado. We’ve been training a lot together and we were talking about all this stuff. It doesn’t feel like the days are the same. It’s turning it over 24/7. He said, “That’s the name of the game.” We want to travel. We want to do a lot of fun and cool things. We want to spend money and do this and that.

The investment is not only the time, but it is the money as well into the future vision. As you’re reading this, maybe you’re one of those people or maybe you want to go and you want to become a doctor. That takes so much to get there. You’ve got to sacrifice something. I don’t even like saying the word sacrifice so much. Let’s call it to surrender, but come to the reality of it and express how you feel to the people around you and explain to them this is what it takes. If they don’t believe it, they don’t support you, they keep on pointing fingers at you, poking you, teasing you or they don’t want to deal with you. It’s time for you to move on. It’s time for you to find new peeps to hang with.

It’s like eating healthy as a bodybuilder. If you look at a bodybuilder, they’re so strict, the cardio, the food, everything. I’m a part of that crew as well in a certain way. The discipline aligns with the vision. It’s like, “This is the reality of my life and this is what I’ve got to do.” It’s the same with business. It’s the same with certain types of relationships even. Things go back and forth consistently in our lives and at the end of the day, the only thing that we can count on is how we show up our discipline, our consistency. I want to send some acknowledgment to you. If you’re reading this, think about how powerful you are and how much you can accomplish. It’s much more than you could ever imagine. Keep pushing. You might lose a lot of people. A lot of people will come in and out again because they don’t understand it.

They’re on that same wavelength as you, but they don’t have that same motivation. It’s okay. I’ve worked with so many people over the years. At the end of the day, I know that the majority of them will not be with me in five years down the line. Do I take it any less with the work that I put into them or the relationships? Absolutely not. I give them everything I’ve got. I listen to them. I speak for them. I stick up for them. I do all this stuff because I see the potential in them. I always remind myself, “Brendan, don’t get disappointed.” Disappointment is a choice at the end of the day. If you ever read The Four Agreements, it’s an assumption. You create this assumption in your life, in a relationship or something that you’re doing.

CUE 87 | Life Vision
People may not understand you, but the right people will support you. Those are the ones that you want to keep around.


At the end of the day, no matter what, whatever you assumed is not going to be 100% the same. You may be subconsciously disappointed in a small way or it could be something significant. You’re like, “I trusted this person to all these different things and I assume this, and I assumed that. It didn’t happen.” You’re shooting for your agenda. This is a reminder to keep pushing. Nobody can stop you at the end of the day. The only person that can is you. That’s what CreateU is all about, to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life.

Hopefully, this message found you well and it ignited something inside of you. Next time you’re going for a ride and you pick someone up, ask them a couple of questions, see how they feel about your path and what you want to accomplish, and all the things that you want to do. If they respond to you in a negative way or they have a lot of doubts or they’re not always there for you and you’re going to do something fun, remember at the end of the day, what type of person that is to you. There’s someone that you can have fun with.

They’re not going to be with you in the trenches when you’re grinding your ass off, trying to make that business be something that you’ve been wanting your whole life. They’re not to be in the trenches of you pursuing that professional career. They’re not going to be in the trenches of you learning a new language and trying to learn how to cook and trying to learn how to fight or be a boxer or MMA. They’re going to be at the point in that area when you’re celebrating. Keep that in mind. I appreciate you always. I don’t even know who you are. If you’re reading this, maybe I do know you.

It doesn’t matter because you’re here. This show is all about growth and to me that makes me understand a little bit more about the person you are, the person you want to be. Thanks for reading. I’m glad I could come on here. I hope the quarantine is treating you in a positive way. Remember, you are your thoughts. Your words is your world. Your actions are your world. Remember that everything, every step, everywhere you look, the way you speak, the way you move, it’s all a reflection of how you feel and where you’re going.

Follow me on Instagram @TheBMeyers. I’m excited for you to get started with Body Evolution and try that out. We launched our new Mood product. It’s a stress product. It’s all about calm, clarity, and focus. I love it. I use it for my stress. A lot of things are going on in my life. I work on meditation. I work on rehabilitation for my injuries. I also work on prehab. It was pre-habilitation before strategic to get my body to align structurally and all that stuff. I do like taking supplements, like the Greens and the Mood product to give me that extra boost. Check that out at CreateUNutrition.com. Thanks for reading. You can also check us out at Spotify and iTunes. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Episode 86: Beer Talk With A Doctor With Dr. Michael DellaCorte


The way people have been living life has changed since circumstances around the world shifted, but that shouldn’t stop you from living life anyway. Whether it’s fitness or relationships, life still goes on, and you still have the right to live it. Over a couple of beers, Brendan Myers and Dr. Michael DellaCorte, a chiropractor with Health Edge Family Spinal Care, have honest conversations about how they’ve been living life. If you’ve been craving the feeling of a truthful discussion covering a variety of relatable subjects, Brendan and Michael’s conversation is definitely for you.


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Beer Talk With A Doctor With Dr. Michael DellaCorte

I’m here with Dr. Michael DellaCorte.

It’s great to be here again.

Welcome to the CreateU Experience. Subscribe if you haven’t already. We’re in Denver, Colorado. You took a test for ART Certification.

I was in Colorado Springs. It was wonderful.

Mike, what’s going on in your life? How’s this quarantine been for you?

Everything’s going well and I’m very thankful for it. Chiropractic is considered an essential business. I’ve still been practicing. I cut my days in the office down from Monday through Friday to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday just to limit foot traffic because it’s Eileen and Armen in the office too. We try to stagger our days where there are only two providers in the office at a given time to try and limit foot traffic. It’s been going well. I’m thankful for that and I’m looking forward to getting back in Monday through Friday. You have to make value of your time. You have to use your time wisely. When it used to be seeing patients Monday through Friday, now on Mondays I’ll get an extra exercise session in, I’ll review material, whether it’s my ART.

You’re turning them into growth days?

Friday, I’ll do the same thing. You get an extra session in with exercise. I’ll train in my garage.

Do you want to know my schedule?

What is your routine? How is it different compared to normal?

I’ve been struggling with getting focused and waking up at the early times. I’m not going anywhere.

What time have you been getting up?

I’d be getting up anywhere between 7:00 and 8:00. That’s not me. I’m going to sleep super late.

How long before do you look at your phone?

The first thing I do is I look at my phone. We’re going through a bunch of launches and whenever I go through launches, it’s not good.

It’s different for me because I like the first 30 minutes to be technology-free, but it’s different because my business is in-person. I have set times where I check my email. I have set times where I check my messages. That’s why I like to get up early.

What time do you wake up?

At 4:00 AM.

Do you still get up at 4:00 AM?

Yes, I love it.

I’ve been going to sleep super late because I’m editing. I have a ton of launches. It’s exhausting. I do go into the sauna. What’s been affecting me is bulking.

Do you get tired of it or do you like it?

I hate it. I’ve been doing it for twelve weeks. I’m eating 4,700 calories a day. It’s absolutely exhausting. Yes, I’m complaining about it.

I was watching a YouTube video and somebody was asking the world’s strongest man, Hafthor Bjornsson, what’s the challenge about being the world’s strongest man? He said, “It’s the constant eating. You’re out of breath all the time.”

He wants me to keep on building. I’m inflamed to be honest. I wake up, I even talked to Jeremy about it. I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. I’m getting acne. I could only imagine what people are taking like TRT and stuff is like. I would not want to step into that room especially bulking.

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Are you at the size that you want to be?

That’s the thing is I don’t know. I’m new to this whole bodybuilding.

Maybe a cut will do you well and then you say, “I like this, but I want to be a little bigger.” That will fuel your vision. “I know the bulking is challenging, but I can see the end result.”

I’m 210.

That’s big.

I’ve been PRN on some stuff. I’m pretty good sized. I’m filling out in many areas. What about you? You’re cutting, right?

Yes. My friend, Meranda Mundy, is doing my macros for me. Check her out. She’s awesome.

Your fats are super high.

It’s the first time it’s ever been like that and I love it.

It’s super unique.

Yes, and I feel great.

Express it like what’s different?

It hit me when it was a Tuesday. I had been treating from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. All the time I’m very high energy because I love what I do. If you could see let’s say 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, I’m going. Once I’m done, I’m shut down completely. I could fall asleep. Now afterwards, putting in everything I have into my work and then when I get home and I’m still energized and ready to have a nice dinner with the queen, great conversation. Usually, it would have been grab something healthy on the way home, eat it while watching a show that we both love.

You feel like you have better energy. What’s your fats?

I can’t disclose that information. They’re like 168.

Mine are at 140, but I’m eating almost 600 carbs and 270 protein. We’re drinking beer so I don’t know if that’s coming any time soon. I’m not falling apart. I want to make sure everyone’s very clear. This is just me. I’m thriving. I do want a girlfriend. I want to experience life with a woman. You’ve got the queen and she’s amazing. Experiencing life with a woman. Someone that you care for. You want to celebrate the wins on both sides. You want to support. You want to see them grow. There’s nothing like love. When you hug your woman, your girl, right in that crease and you hold them, all of your stress goes away. That’s how I feel. You hug a woman and the girl that you love. It’s like stress-free because you know that you’re safe with them type of thing. That’s hard to come by.

The thing I like even more is she pushes me all the time. Let’s say each time we’d get pizza, I would grow, whether it was in business mindset or something, I would gain some value from it. We are having a great time.

Are you calling me your girl?

No, but I’m tying the two together. I’m not calling you a woman but imagine that all the time. I’ve got an advantage. I’ve got somebody that’s helping me grow all the time.

Always checking on you, you can trust them that they’re not going to judge you a certain way. I feel you.

She graduated from chiropractic school a couple of years before I did. She’s been a mentor to me as well. You have to find someone like that.

The unique thing about myself is I’m a go-getter and I want so much in my life. I don’t stand for anything less than what I believe in or where I want to go. The one thing that I’ve come across with my relationship struggle is someone on that same wavelength with myself that’s willing to do whatever it takes.

CUE 86 | Living Life
Living Life: When you hug your partner, something about the experience just makes all the stress go away.


There is someone out there though like that.

I was going to get something tatted behind my ear, the word patience. The number one word that keeps on smacking me in the face.

Why behind your ear?

It’s a constant reminder. It’s like, “My ear is there. To me, patience is embodied when you listen.” I’ll probably get that tat sooner than later. It’s hard. When you’ve experienced love, you’ve also experienced heartbreak. I’m not going to say heartbreak. It’s more like a wound that healed. It makes you stronger. You seek that and the old brain would be like find someone to hang out with. Date a little bit or date somebody for a month and then break up. I don’t want any of that. What I want is someone long-term and it’s like that. You have a good point. It will soon come after.

I’m doubtful in quarantine especially. What are you going to do? You’re trying to take a break from technology and Bumble, Tinder and Hinge only works on the phone.

At least I can be honest about my own relationship struggles. The one area that I struggle with most is with women like relationships.

It’s getting into them or making the move?

It’s putting myself in that uncomfortable position even though I’m so used to being uncomfortable when it comes to this. All these other areas, I’m great. When I’m out and about, I’m great. I’m super confident I’ll talk to any woman. There’s this 1% of time when I see a woman, you feel the energy immediately. It doesn’t matter how confident I am, I can’t say a single thing.

Think of what Tony Robbins teaches. One of the seven human needs is certainty. When we step into where there’s any uncertainty, it’s murky water.

I like murky waters sometimes, but not too often. I love being uncomfortable. That’s the thing. Relationships and everything, they’re all good. I’m not stressing crazy about it. It’s more so quarantine, social distancing, going to restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. It’s even the simple thing. It’s like, “I’m going to go into Starbucks and I’m going to get coffee.” I’m going to go, “How do we get these beers? We had to wipe them down and get to do all this stuff.” It’s exhausting. We’re meant to be communicated. We’re meant to be together. We’re meant to explore things.

What are you going to do once the quarantine is over? Are you going to start going out? What do you think? Maybe you’ll meet a nice lady at the gym?

I’m trying to learn Spanish. I’m thinking about going to Colombia or go to Spain.

What prompted that?

A friend of mine recommended that I go on Tinder in Colombia or wherever I want to go and start chatting with different women that are from that country. Talk to a bunch of these ladies in Spanish. You’re setting your location and you get to experience a whole different way of life. These ladies experienced something. I take things to the next level on Tinder.

Which one do you like the best?

This is the way I am. I get on Tinder, match with however many women, say hello. I ended up deleting my Tinder in 24 hours. I don’t know why. I feel ashamed about having Tinder. I want to meet a woman in person. How has this turned into my dating life?

What do you want to talk about?

When did we meet?

You crashed your drone and at the Hollywood sign.

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Would you say I’m a pretty crazy guy?

Yes, why?

When you’re walking somewhere and you’re like, “I’m Brendan,” I’m a normal guy coming to the restaurant. I’m going to order some food. When you hear it from outside perspective, it’s like, “This is why people think I’m a little bit out there.”

I don’t have the greatest answer for that. If I was speaking to someone else and he said, “What’s Brendan like?” It’s like a bar talk, which is crazy.

Is it a good crazy like Joe Rogan crazy?

Joe Rogan is the man. You’re the man too.

Joe Rogan is the man and I’m the crazy.

You’re the man too.

That’s more binary what you just gave me. You’re always smashing the game with your college shirts.

Do you want to make me a nice CreateU?

Do you want one? Are you sure?

Yes, definitely.

What do you guys think about Michael DellaCorte? Look him up on Instagram.

Give me a shout out if you have any questions. I don’t have Tinder. I don’t need any of those. I have the queen.

You’re blessed.

You too.

Look at my screaming picture. I’m so blessed.

That’s an aggressive picture.

Do you think so? It’s just me screaming a couple of veins. Someone painted it for me.

Isn’t that on your Body Evo site?

Have you been to my Body Evo site?

Yes. You showed it to me right as you were about to buy the McLaren 600LT and go to New York.

I’ve had some quite many financial breakdowns.

That can fuel it. You said, “I’m going to go to New York.” I said, “No, you won’t.” You said, “Yes, I am.”

I’m in Philadelphia on the same day.

That’s right, you went. You were also looking at a McLaren 600LT. The color was questionable, the Model Two. I would go with the 720S.

CUE 86 | Living Life
Living Life: One of the seven fundamental human needs is certainty.


I was going for the 520.

You weren’t looking at the 600 LT?

No, I’m better than that. Do you remember when I was test driving the McLaren and the Porsche? You don’t remember? That’s right. I didn’t tell anybody, I forgot. I almost bought it when I was there.

Did you take the GT2 RS for a spin? I love that car.

I didn’t. I went to look at the GT3 and then he was like, “We also have a GT2 RS. I was like, “You need to stop playing with me because I should not buy this right now.”

You can get a GT2 RS MR, which I believe Motley racing. They put a completely different package on it. That car, I’ve watched YouTube videos on it because I would love to own one one day. Everything from the emblem on the front. They did a sticker as opposed to, I’m not sure what they would use, metal maybe. If you look on the interior, the door handles are rope. They did that to save weight.

Isn’t it crazy how they look at the smallest things, but it makes a difference? It’s so relatable, just like in life. Even like bodybuilding, people don’t understand why.

The smallest things add up huge results.

Did you know I didn’t have alcohol for six months the last time when I prepped?

Did you make a conscious choice to not or did you go a couple of weeks without it and then say, “I’m going to keep this going?”

I was like, “I’m not going to drink any alcohol for six months.”

What was the last drink you had before you stopped? What was the first one you broke it with? What were you doing?

I was dancing on the dance floor. I was in Vegas on my birthday less than three weeks out so I was dead. I couldn’t drink. I felt like such a nerd. You were there. The 48-hour wonder, Mr. Michael DellaCorte. Talk about staying up, he’s not sleeping if he goes to Vegas ever.

We were there for the Mr. Olympia competition. It was a good time.

Eileen didn’t like the good time, does she or she didn’t care?

She’s the best.

This man, if he’s out vacation or maybe he’s working, will carry around a half gallon of coffee. I don’t even get it. I’m over here carrying a gallon of water. Everyone’s celebrating everything. People are like playing music. I’m like, “Shut up. All of you are too loud.” They’re like, “Brendan, the music isn’t even on.” “You guys are still too loud.”

That was a great example of you have to do what you have to do. You were prepping for a show. We were all there, not prepping for a show. You were still running your business. You had your team with you and say, “Before we do this, we have to get this and this done.” You had a plan.

Everybody left that and they were like, “I never want to go on vacation with Brendan.”

We drove. It was great. I drove in the car with Este and Sahara. It’s a great time.

How was that?

I drove on the way there.

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Those are some good people to ride with.

Taylor is with us too. We made one stop and he was flying his drone around.

I’m going to have my own little drone one day fly on top of it.

We met when you crashed one. Maybe you’ll meet your lady when you crash your next one.

Do you see the relationship issues with Brendan Meyers?

I can see it now. You crash it and say, “Excuse me, Miss. I’m sorry.” She says, “Are you Brendan Meyers?” You go, “Yes, I am.” “I love your greens. Your greens are so tasty. Your green greens are fantastic.” I like the greens. I have them every day. I love them. I have some in my suitcase.

Mood had launched. You’ve got to have everything. You need everything. You’ve been gypped from the fitness industry for so long. We’re launching Body Evolution. It’s a $3 membership. You’re a part of this. You’re coming in. You want a couple of cool things, talking about rehab and rehab. We’re teaching people daily workouts like gym, body weight, cardio workouts, three ab workouts. If you want to check it out, Body Evolution or GoBodyEvo.com.

Thanks for having me on.

Thanks for tuning in, everyone. It’s great talking to you all. CreateU Experience. Mood product has officially launched. I love this product. I take it every single morning and night. You take two a day and it’s good for stress and cortisol levels, all of that. Jeremy’s been taken it as well and sleeping better. It helps different people in different ways. For me, it makes me a little bit more positive. It helps you with that. I have a couple of our videographers that are taking it as well from CreateU and we absolutely love it. Also, Body Evolution is coming soon. That will be at GoBodyEvo.com whenever it’s live. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening.

We’re in the process of searching for certain things. I can’t say too much until a couple of videos go live. You will be one of the first to know about it. We’re looking at some spaces. Those are some updates. Maybe you can subscribe. We’re all over all the audio platforms and remember YouTube is also there for my personal stuff and @CreateU. You can check out the media team. They do incredible work, videography, photography, all of it. Our influencers are amazing and our products are high quality, low price so definitely check them out, CreateUNutrition.com. Anything else you want to say, Mike?

Thank you for having me on. If I can be of help or service to anybody, shoot me a message on Instagram and if you have a more long-form question. My email is on my Instagram and it’s also MDellaCorte@Gmail.com. My Instagram is @Dr.Michael.DellaCorte.

Go and check him out. He’s more than generous. He’s an incredible blessing in my life. Thanks for tuning in for the CreateU Experience. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Dr. Michael DellaCorte

CUE 86 | Living LifeDr. Michael DellaCorte was born in Shelton, CT, and moved to California to attend Southern California University of Health Sciences, where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Before moving to California, Dr. DellaCorte received his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Rhode Island.

He has a true passion for helping others get out of pain, and get back to what they love to do. He is a certified Active Release Techniques provider for the entire body, and specializes in movement therapy.

Dr. DellaCorte is also a certified personal trainer, and wanted to be able to do even more for the wonderful people he was fortunate to train. He has trained, and still does train elite athletes, weekend warriors, and people of all ages. The desire to be able to do even more for his clients was the driving force behind pursuing becoming a Chiropractor.

When clients would come in with pain, Dr. DellaCorte wanted to be able to not only help them achieve their fitness goals, but also to help them become pain free., and get back to what they love to do. Everything is aimed at enhancing performance in life as a whole, whether it is playing with their kids free of pain, coaching sports, getting back on the field, and much more. Each patient is treated with a specific course of care, and no two treatments are the same. Extensive studies of human biomechanics, anatomy, and much more both in and out of school are what enabled this dream to become a reality.

Dr. DellaCorte has a passion for ice hockey, and baseball. He played baseball from a very young age and in college as well. He also played ice hockey from 10 years of age, up through high school. His love for sports and movement have always been a large driving force towards becoming a Chiropractor.

Dr. DellaCorte has been fortunate to have many mentors around the world that he has learned from who have developed him into the clinician that he is. In addition to his love of serving others, Dr. DellaCorte also has a love for snowboarding, reading, exercising, music, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with his wonderful family.

Episode 85: The Market Is SHIFTING!


So much has been happening with the current COVID-19 situation that it can be challenging to think about what’s next. Still, even with what we have to face now, it is necessary to look at the future because the reality is that people are going to be affected the most once we get out of the quarantine. In the middle of this is the shift in the market. Brendan Meyers guides us in confronting what is ahead by talking about the changes that are starting to surface and will impact us soon. Take to heart what Brendan is going to share because, at the end of the day, the businesses that shift with the market are the same ones that will stay.


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Listen to the podcast here:

The Market Is SHIFTING!

You’ll want to know everything I’m going to talk about because it’s about the market, what’s shifting, pricing and all that fun stuff that a lot of us don’t want to confront. Here’s the new reality. We have COVID-19. We have this pandemic and a lot of people are out of work. We have higher unemployment rates that I don’t even know since when. It’s bad. When everyone looks at what’s going on, there’s so much focus on our freedom and how many people are sick. I have to wear a mask. I have to do this and do that.

In reality, where people are going to be affected most is once we get out of this pandemic and quarantine. A lot of things have been lifted. When it comes to actual ways of life like going to the grocery store, going to restaurants, having your job, buying something new, everything is going to shift a little bit if not a lot a bit. There are some things that I’ve gathered over the past couple of years that could be of use during this show.

Number one is the market has been shifting for a long time and people are wanting higher quality for a lower price. It’s not even just about one. They expect that a little bit more except for specific industries. These specific industries, you could look at the clothing industry, certain styles of clothing. When you look at these things, the way that we perceive them is higher quality. I’m going to spend the money because I know it’s going to be awesome good, but that’s not going to fly anymore. Other industries have gone down significantly.

If you’re trying to buy something online, any other type of good, you’re expecting a quick shipment and cheap shipping prices. That’s one example. Transferring one product to a warehouse or distribution or even your own house, that industry within itself has changed significantly. When we look at it, Amazon came onto the scene. They started to shift some things around like crazy. They started doing books and creating their own products. People coming on and using their services and distribution. They took over even more distribution and how quickly things are sent to the customers.

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They reduced the pricing of shipments. They started taking over more and more, now groceries. Pretty much everything that you need you can get from Amazon, but not everything. With this shift over the last number of years, the way things are distributed, goods, pricing and all that stuff has been looking for a fast track because it was going to happen regardless of whether COVID-19 hit us or not. It so happens that we are now in this situation where you better adjust or you will not survive.

Survive not about life in general. It could be correlated to life, but you won’t be able to survive as far as building your own business. Financially, working for other people is going to be at an all-time high because you’re going to see small businesses struggling outside of the quarantine. I know a lot of us too know that, but I’m talking about on the scale of the pricing of products, goods and services. At the end of the day, if you go and buy a $70 legging from a company, you think you’re going to be able to get away with that for the next few years. A couple of companies can, but the majority will not be able to, like they have.

As these industries adjust, people will first look at the pricing and think it needs to be lowered, especially small businesses. This is my opinion. With those lower prices, they’re going to try and get away with lower quality. Here’s the thing. There are many businesses out there that can provide higher quality and reduce the profit a little bit with the shift of the economy and the shift of the market. A lot of these small businesses because of ego are going to struggle and even go out of business because they don’t want to bring in the higher quality at a lower price. The ones that do after the fact, it may be a little bit too late.

I’m saying get ahead of the game now. I have a new membership coming out. It’s called Body Evolution. It’s going to be daily gym workouts, daily bodyweight workout, three ab workouts a week, a muscle performance section that’s going to go through rehab, prehab, all this stuff with a doctor and physical therapy. Also, custom meal plans daily for $3 a month. Think about that for a second. When could you have found that anywhere? It’s almost like Dollar Shave Club. It comes into the game. For $1, you’re getting this and that. There are upsells and you can get some extra things added in. When you look at Dollar Shave Club, who would have ever thought that you could get shipping from Amazon or any place within a day?

I’m getting ahead of the game. I want to bring a service. I want to bring a product. I want to bring something that can significantly help people like crazy, just like our nutritional products, $36 for our 35-serving pre-workout. We’re coming out with our greens very soon, 35 servings for $36. Right now, they’re $35 for 30 servings. We sell like crazy. What are we doing here? We are adjusting more and more with the market. In reality, we’re ahead of the market because this is what’s going on. The reason why I’m telling you to lower your prices and bring in higher quality is because it’s going to happen and things are happening.

Get focused on what you want to create and what you are developing and everything. Take advantage of this time for maybe that small business that you want to create. Whatever it is, lower your prices. Do you know what’s going to happen? This is one of my thoughts about the market and how everything’s shifting and stuff. I believe a lot of corporations are going to go out of business. Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy and reported 30 of their locations are shutting down. Isn’t that interesting? Everyone has heard of Gold’s Gym. 24-Hour Fitness and LA Fitness are there, but when are people going to feel like, “This is worth what I’m going here for?” When is that going to happen?

CUE 85 | Market Shift
Market Shift: In reality, where people are going to be affected most is once we get out of quarantine.


It may take another year. It may take a couple more years. It may take just a month out of quarantine and this pandemic, but Gold’s Gym shut down? Remember RadioShack was there. They couldn’t compete because their pricing was too high and they weren’t launching on eCommerce the way that they could have. They weren’t ahead of the curve. You look at all these companies and the ones that survive are the ones that shift with the economy, with technology, with the market, with the consumer. What are you going to be?

Influencers making a ton of money is also what I predict. This is an interesting one. Influencers are going to be making more money from these companies and brands at first. Once these brands and companies realize that their products are too high price and their sales have dropped, they’re then going to be like, “It’s just the influencers that aren’t getting us the money.” They’re going to put the influencers at a lower price point. “Influencers, this is what you’re worth to us. Instead of $1,000, it’s going to be $500.” Influencers are going to be like, “What the heck? I used to make this much.” The companies are going to realize that it’s not even just the influencers. It’s the fact that our prices are too high. It may be too late at that point.

For the businesses that are able to take advantage, they will realize quickly that we got to lower these prices. We have to. We’ve got to increase the quality. Kevin Hart, I saw an ad on Facebook. I do a lot of Facebook ads, $39 for two pairs of shorts. That’s already cheaper than the majority. You go to Ross or TJ Maxx or go to one of those quick and easy businesses and you’re going to see quickly that you can get those same prices there $10, $12, $13 for shorts. You’ll see those companies thrive and even lower their prices slightly. If not, keep the prices where they are because they’re already inexpensive enough and you can get some high-quality stuff at those places. If you don’t think you can, you might want to walk into Ross or TJ Maxx to find out for yourself. That’s my perspective on what’s going on.

I’m not talking about the stock right now. I’m not talking about anything else. I’m not talking about unemployment. I’m talking about strictly the market and what people are willing to spend. It’s interesting that people said that the dollar’s value is decreasing significantly because there’s so much money printed. At the same time, is the dollar going to become more valuable because of what’s going on with the economy and market shift? I don’t know. I’m bringing it up there for discussion and I would love to hear your debate.

Send me a DM on Instagram at @TheBMeyers or even send us a DM on @CreateU where we post a lot of our content. That’s my perspective on what’s going on and what’s happening. Lower your prices. The market is shifting. We better wake up. Follow us on Instagram and also at Create Nutrition. We have our mood stress product that’s coming out for a very limited quantity here. You can pick up your creatine, your pre-workout, your greens, your probiotics. We’re leveling up and we’re excited about it. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next time.

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Episode 84: Judgment Breeds Failure


With everything that is going on in the world, it is so easy to fall into a place of judgment. We allow our initial reactions to get the best of us that we fail to take a step back and look carefully into the situation. We judge things and other people too quickly; we forget to assess, understand, and learn. In this episode, Brendan Meyers talks about judgment and how it breeds failure. He talks about it in the context of our egos, highlighting the way judgment gets us nowhere. In a world where negativity runs high, challenge yourself to be better. Brendan tells you how.


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Judgment Breeds Failure

We’re going to be talking about judgment like judging other people and stuff. First, tell me how are you doing? I know it’s been super stressful. There’s so much going on. The unemployment rate in the United States is over 26 million. They’re saying that the death rates of COVID-19 are more like 0.4% to 0.5%. I don’t even know what’s going on. I go on the news and one person is saying one thing. I go to another news network and they’re saying one thing. The President says one thing and then social media says one thing. I’m at the point where I’m just focusing on me and giving back in many ways that I can.

If you haven’t tried my 30 for 30 new workout series on YouTube, I highly suggest you do. I also posted it on my Facebook. Every single day, there is pretty much a new workout. It’s a bodyweight program at home. You don’t have to pay me anything for that. I want to get back in any way that I can. Hopefully, that helps you. Also, the CreateU Low Stim Naturally Colored Flavored and Sweetened Pre Workout Wild Blueberry have already been launched. I’m excited about that. A lot of people have picked it up. I’m excited because there’s this one compound that we have in there called PeakO2. Go and look at the labels, the epic, short ingredient list. We took a lot of time on that. I’m excited where CreateU is going. Everything from what we did at the LA Fit Expo to the new people that are on, working with us, and partnered with us, the designs, the media team, and all the teams. I’m thankful.

A few years ago, I was sick. I didn’t even know if I was ever going to be able to do social media or if I was ever going to do anything. I didn’t realize that I was going to be taking the back seat. I didn’t think that my face wasn’t going to be the brand of anything. I always thought I’m just the influencer. I have a lot of followers, 800,000 on YouTube, and people want to watch me. I learned that when you can take the step back, look at it from a different perspective, and take the ego out of it, you grow so much more than you could ever imagine. That leads me to growing and judgment. Judgment falls into our lives and everything quickly.

The quarantine is happening. We’re super stressed. I’ve been up and down with my stress and anxiety levels. I’ve learned to stay steady with my meditation, my morning routines, and eating a certain way. I’m staying as structured as possible and it’s helped me a lot. It’s funny because we at CreateU started formulating a stress product called Mood Boost. We went into manufacturing for it and it’s coming out. It just so happens that many people are stressed. That might be something that you want to pick up as well. Keep that on the back burner for yourself. I’m going to be using it consistently once it hits our distribution center. I’m excited about that.

Let’s jump right into a judgment. What’s going on? What’s going on with this world? What’s going on with social media? What’s going on with us? Let’s look at ourselves in the mirror. Before we can point fingers at social media, the news, this or that, how are we showing up? That’s the type of stuff that I ask myself all day, every day, especially when I wake up. “How are you going to show up, Brendan? Do you want to be just a prick? Do you want your ego to take hold of all your learning, education, and everything you’ve worked towards to be the man you are now? Do you want that ego?” I’m like, “I don’t want that.” It’s like I’m having a conversation with myself. You have that critic, that guy or girl in the back of your mind that’s like, “Do that. Don’t do that.” It’s talking all day. That’s who I’m talking to.

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When it comes to judgment, this is something I used to struggle with majorly. I used to judge people all the time. In reality, I wasn’t looking in the mirror. Why was I judging these people? Because I thought I was the best. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I was the only one that worked hard. It’s always I was the one. It’s a big ego trip. Judgment gets us nowhere. If anything, learning, asking questions, understanding, creating respect, all of these things get us to vast places and in many myriads of places. It was a young age of the B. Meyers where when I was 13, 14, I was picked on. At fifteen, I started playing sports in high school football. I played collegiate football. At sixteen, I started getting a little bit more fame in my school. At seventeen, I was more of a popular kid playing football in my junior year. At eighteen, I was a senior year playing football. I’m going to be going to college to play football.

It was all working out and it went from being the life of the party when I was young to not being the life of any party or being the laughingstock of the party, then to being the life of the party again and just fizzling out. I’ve resulted in judgment like, “This is the way I can show up for people. This is the way that I can make people feel they’re less than me.” At the end of the day, that’s not fair to anyone. Maybe this show is for you to recognize that Brendan used to have a major ego trip and created a lot of problems in his life because of it. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. It’s not one bit worth it. Imagine if you held your tongue and instead of the judgment of someone else, you ask them a question. I don’t know if you’ve ever read The Four Agreements. It’s a great book. A lot of people have read that book.

Imagine someone comes up to you and you guys start talking or debating. When you leave your classroom, you noticed that your pen is missing. Immediately you assume that the person sitting next to you, the person that you were talking to the entire time, took your pen. I know many of us have done this in school a long time ago. “That dude straight up stole my pen for his own good.” You start saying things to him the next time you see him like, “Why did you steal my pen? You’re this way, you steal. You’re not a good person.” That’s all judgment. Imagine if we asked, “Did you happen to see a pen when you left?” They said, “Yeah, I picked it up. I didn’t know whose it was, but I grabbed it. Is this it right here?” How does that show up for us now? It creates not even a better connection with that person, but a better connection with our own mind and the way that we think positively towards people.

CUE 84 | Judgment And Failure
Judgment And Failure: Searching for something negative creates more negative things around.


The truth of the matter is when we’re searching for a reason or a negative connotation, when you’re searching for something negative, that’s what you’re going to get. It creates more negative things around it. It’s like an energy field. You’re not just going to walk into an energy field and there’s only one part of it that’s buzzing off like crazy. It’s the whole thing. Stop thinking that assumptions, if anything, is getting you close to the conclusion. It’s only a hypothesis with a lot of negative shit behind it. I’ve been in many scenarios where even my ex-girlfriend, this is when I was trying to learn more about myself. I would say negative things about other people behind their backs. I’d be like, “That person is this.” I wouldn’t say it to anyone else. I’d only say it to her. She told me, “You shouldn’t talk about people.” I didn’t understand until it blew up in my face one day. I was like, “Now I understand.” It does no good and at the end of the day, it makes me look like a fool more than anyone else.

Hold it back. I know you want to judge people. Let’s say you’re very serious about this quarantine. You’re very serious about COVID-19, which I believe we should in many regards. Let’s say you’re like, “Do not go out. Do not see people,” and then you see a friend on your story and they’re with a friend. You immediately assumed this person shows true colors of who this person is. Maybe they’re drinking some beer together, hanging out, or drinking a shot. Later you find out that that’s their roommate. Maybe they’re dating and they’ve been dating and seeing each other even before then. They know they’re both quarantining and decided to quarantine together. These judgments come with the assumption. It correlates so well and it’s so negative. It doesn’t help.

What can you change for yourself? How can you be better? Ask yourself that. How can you be better when you wake up in the morning and you want to judge somebody or you want to throw something out there? Who are you judging? At the end of the day, you’re judging yourself. You judge someone else and you judge yourself. Your word is your word. Everything you put out is going to be coming right back at you in different ways and forms. That felt good to get all of that off my chest. I feel like we as humans can do better, especially socially.

What’s there to miss out on if we’re not trying to always draw conclusions? That we have to discover things naturally? That we have to be patient? The thing that’s destroyed me my entire life is patience. “Brendan, be patient. This girl that you’re dating, be patient.” I’m not patient, she falls through. “Brendan, this business deal, be patient. Don’t say anything.” I have to say it, ego. It falls through. “Brendan, be patient. YouTube, you’re growing.” It’s the same thing over and over again. It’s the story of not only my life, but I believe the majority of us.

This is my opinion and you can see me as being right or wrong, but I believe the majority of the world isn’t patient and they’re judgmental. Social media creates a platform where we can create a judgment. Swiping right or left on a Tinder profile or a Bumble profile for instance. You’re judging and you’re able to judge at that moment. If anything, it feeds us like we’re babies and we’re learning a new language. Let’s step away. Let’s take this language away. We can understand the language, but we don’t have to speak it though. It’s on us whether or not we speak that language. Take a different perspective. I hope this gave a little bit of love out to the universe. I don’t know if you’re religious if you’re Muslim, Jewish, Christian. I try to love everybody.

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Hopefully, this gave you some clarity and allowed you to think a little bit differently than you do. The judgment doesn’t get you anywhere. I’m living proof of it. Once I shifted away from that, my life transformed forever. I appreciate you so much. Thanks for tuning in. It’s a little bit short. I had some fun with this one just chatting it up with you. If you have any ideas for podcasts, go ahead and send me a message on Instagram @TheBMeyers and also follow us @CreateU. Check out our Low Stim Pre Workout and also our stress product, Mood, is coming out soon. Thanks for tuning in. I’ll see you next time.

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