Episode 92: Build Your Network (LIFE HACK)

CUE 92 | Build Your Network

CUE 92 | Build Your Network


Your network is your net worth. We keep hearing this saying every now and then, no matter what business you are in. True enough, if you want to succeed, then you should surround yourself with successful people and learn from them. In this episode, host, Brendan Meyers, dives deep into this great life hack of building your network. He shares with us his experiences of finding the people who inspire him to reach his goals, imparting some great wisdom to help us in our own journey.

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Build Your Network (LIFE HACK)

I was playing some golf, the first time in years. It’s been a while. I did hit the ball pretty nice. I got off the driving range and I was watching my swing. I recorded myself. I wanted to see where I was at. A couple of things hit me. This saying kept on popping up again as I was hitting the balls on the driving range, “Your network is your net worth.” I’m sure you’ve heard of that statement. I started thinking about it. This saying has been popping up in my head since I was 8 or 9 years old. I didn’t understand it too much until I was about 11, 12 or 13 years old.

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It’s true. When you think about it, a lot of the most successful people in this world, however you attribute that on you, whether that’s financial or with relationships or whatever, they have a high-quality network. A lot of times we think, “We need as many people as possible in our lives. We need to talk to everyone,” but it is even more than that. It’s about relating to each person in your network. That’s where your network turns into your net worth because you have the opportunities and the success that comes from that because you’re a hard worker. You know the type of energy that you put into things.

When I think about it more specifically, it’s something that I’ve been following since I was a kid. Maybe it’s a little bit different, but for me, the way I approach it is I would try and be the best at every sport, every class that I walked into, whether it was math, reading, even gaming and playing the piano. I wanted to be the best. I didn’t understand what the best look like or felt like per se. All I knew was if I want to be an Olympian, I’m going to have to train on that level or even higher than that level. I don’t want to become an Olympian, but the way that I train is I do want to become an Olympian. In my mind, every single training session was like, “I have to be the best.”

Because I always have that mindset, I’m able to connect and build relationships with training partners and people that I’ve met through in that industry, whether it was gaming. I placed number eighteen in Orlando, Florida as a Major League gamer in Halo a long time ago. I met a lot of people in many different industries and I’ve attempted many different things. Boxing, for instance, I trained for a year and a half. I trained extremely hard every single day as if I was a professional. I was able to develop a network in that industry, in that niche. Even in online marketing, there are many different departments of online marketing. You have organic ads, SEO, which plays in a little bit with organic traffic.

CUE 92 | Build Your Network


You have native ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, email marketing and copywriting. On the other hand, the content creation side, you have content creators themselves, so videographers, photographers, editors, animators and all these are people. The way that I’ve approached everything, maybe you could take this into your own life and implement it, is I want it to be the best everything. I wanted to try as much as possible. I’ve even read The ONE Thing. People would tell me to focus on one thing and become the best at that and then move forward. In reality, my focus isn’t to be the absolute best bodybuilder in the world. I don’t want to be the best football player in the world, even though that’s the way you’ve trained.

I don’t want to be the best at all these specific things. I want to be the best me. I want to be the greatest human I can be. I want to be the most impactful human possible. How do I do that? I’ve got to understand things. I can’t talk on things unless I’ve lived it. I can’t talk about living in a bad area unless I lived in a bad area. I can’t talk about living in a beautiful mansion and being a part of Yacht Club if I’m not a part of a Yacht Club and I’m not living in a beautiful mansion. There are a lot of different things that I take in that I have been since I was eight years old that have developed this network.

CUE 92 | Build Your Network
Build Your Network: Create more value in your life by surrounding yourself with the right people. Do that by working at a higher caliber.


The next time someone says, “Focus on one thing,” be like, “I want to focus on a lot of things. I want to be the best at a lot of things.” You could tell them, “I’m going to focus on this now, but this going to only last a certain amount of time because I want to move to something else.” I’ll give you an example. My first ever boxing match or sparring session, I told my coach, “I’m not going to be very good, but I want to be the absolute best. I want to be a professional fighter. I want to be a guy that goes to the Olympics and beats everybody.” He didn’t understand that at first, but then he started understanding my mentality and the way I was training and all this stuff.

I trained every single day. I shadowbox when I was traveling. I brought my gloves everywhere I went. I found boxing, bags and sparring partners. I found everything I needed to train on that level and I did it for 1.5 years. After that, I moved to Denver and I said, “I want to be the best bodybuilder. I want to be a professional bodybuilder.” Ever since, I’ve been training that way. I have done my first ever competition. I’m going to do another competition and hopefully, I go pro in that. If I don’t go pro, that’s okay because I also want to become a runner. I also want to become even better at golf and even compete. I want to do many different things in my life.

As I pursue more, I get to meet more and more people. I get to meet golf influencers. I get to meet different pros. I get to meet even average peeps that are trying it out for the first time for themselves. That could be pool, soccer or baseball. I was very close friends growing up with Trea Turner. He’s the shortstop for the Washington Nationals. I don’t know if you guys know who he is. I played football and I was friends with Tre Mason. That’s another guy that was playing football and made it far into the league. He played for the St. Louis Rams. I have a lot of other friends outside of that.

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I have a close friend named Lucky Whitehead and he’s in the CFL. He played for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. There are many people that I’ve met. Yoshi Sudarso is someone that is a well-known actor. He’s growing more and I met him because of calisthenics. It’s like, “How did I meet all these people to the outside eye?” It was simple. I tried to be the best that I could be at that sport or the best possible. What are you going to do? How are you going to challenge yourself? Think about it. How are you going to step outside of the box, perform even better and push for the stars and push for the things that people say you’re not capable of doing?

What are you going to do? My suggestion is discipline. Set up a schedule for yourself. Say in your mind like, “I can’t go to these parties. I can’t go here because it doesn’t serve exactly what I want to do.” I’m studying these Facebook Ads because I want to be the absolute best at them. I’m never going to be the absolute best because to be the best, you’ve got to be like LeBron James. He lives, eats and breathes this for many years. Think about that. If I do Facebook Ads for two years and I treat it as if I’m a professional and the best at it, I’m going to be extremely talented, but I’m not going to be the best and that’s okay because as I develop more, my network will grow. Eventually, because of all the opportunities, all the business opportunities, all the investments, everything my net worth will grow.

CUE 92 | Build Your Network


Create more value in your life by surrounding yourself with the right people and do that by working at a higher caliber. Be someone you want to be. Don’t be that guy or girl that’s like, “I’m going to try this out and hang out.” If you don’t want to fail, if you don’t want to make the mistakes, if you don’t want to become the best you can be, if you want to do that, you have to put in the work. You have to challenge yourself. Challenge breeds results because you dig deep. The 99% of anything is the easiest. Of that 1%, how much percent are you able to accomplish? I tell people that all the time, “You can be the best security guard 364 days out of the year, but one day when shit hits the fan, how are you showing up? How are you protecting that place?” At the end of the day when things are good, you’re good. When things are bad, are you still good? Your network is your net worth. This is a QuickTime Friday. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next time.

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