Episode 100: Fitness Saved My Life (An Untold Story)

CUE 100 | Fitness Saves Lives

CUE 100 | Fitness Saves Lives

In a time of rapid physical development and profound emotional changes, the teenage years are the hardest period of a person’s life. Coupled with peer pressure, it can be a confusing and uncomfortable time which, in a lot of cases, leads to a lot of problems such as teenage pregnancy, suicide, bullying, depression, drug and alcohol use, and many more. Brendan Meyers is no stranger to these problems, having grown up with severe acne that caused him anxiety and stress when he looked at himself in the mirror. In today’s show, he tells the untold story of how fitness saved his life and how he overcame the things that were holding him back. 

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Fitness Saved My Life (An Untold Story)

This is QuickTime Friday. I don’t know if you’re new here or you’ve been coming back for all the episodes and reading, but I suggest that you share this show with someone, or you go for a walk right now and prepare yourself because it is a story time. This is going to be ten minutes of powerful stuff that is led by passion. Let’s get it right into it. If you know me at all, I’ve been training and working out since I was 12, 13 years old. I remember I used to train beside my dad at LA Fitness in Boynton Beach, Florida. That is where I’m from. 

I also used to train with one of my closest friends, Chris GardnerAfter training, we used to then play some basketball. It was great time. I remember during that time of my life, I will also be training for something bigger, meaning not just bodybuilding or anything. I never was a bodybuilder, that was never my purpose. I wanted to train for a sport. I wanted to be the absolute hardest worker to ever live. I wanted people to recognize that. I wanted people to see that because I was hurting in my life. 

For many of my teen years, I was hurting and I didn’t feel heard. I didn’t feel seen. felt like this was the way. If people saw how hard I worked, they would want to work just as hard, and we would be one big happy family in the world. When I think about 12, 13 years old, when I was grinding, I was trying to figure it out. I wasn’t suicidal, I wasn’t depressed at this moment in time so much. I did have a lot of anxiety. I did go through a lot of different things. That’s where the journey began. Where fitness saved and transformed my life was when I was coming out of high school. 

Let me just into it. Between 12, 13, 14, 15, I had to dig deep. I had a lot of acne. I was having a lot of anxiety, I was stressed. I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror. I felt like I was the ugliest kid in the room, in school. Going into high schoolI felt like shit. I was 119 poundsI can get into this story another time because it’s significant how acne made me successful. That’s a book that I’m also writing at this time right now. 12, 13, 14, 15 was me about trying to train for something. It was football and wrestling. First, there was wrestling, then it was football. 

The reason why I was doing it is because I knew that I had a lot of talent, I just didn’t trust my talent at the time. I thought, “Let me outwork everybody. Let me train with professionals. Let me learn from people. I asked my dad, “Can I please train with this person? I would also train in my house. There was something about the process that I fell in love with that I can’t even explain. I didn’t even know or recognize back then. I didn’t realize why I was doing what I was doing. 

As I crossed into 15 and 16 years old, and I was finally starting to make the football team and I started to play a lot and to start, I fell even more in love with the process. I would train twice a day. I would drink 1,000-calorie shake in the morning and at night because I wanted to gain weight. That’s a story within itself, I’ll get into that another day. Sixteen and seventeen were some big years for me. As I was training with professionalsguys in the NFL and also in the NCAA Division 1 schools from University of Cincinnati, from Florida State University and local schools like Florida Atlantic University and FIU, Florida International University, I wanted to outwork everyone. 

When I went on to 7-on-7 camps in South Florida, and I was playing football and I was trying to learn, but also be the best in my class, even though many guys go to the NFL and stuff, I knew one thing. I knew that if I outworked everybody, then my talent would eventually show itself and people would recognize me. At 16 to 17, I was playing good football in high school. I had some colleges starting to look at me and they were interested in me. I went to a camp when I was 17 or 18, right at the beginning of my senior year during springtime. I went up to Vanderbilt and the coaches loved how well I’m performing, the hard work I was showing, and the coach wanted to offer me a scholarship.  

I went back to school and nobody was believing in me. I asked my assistant coach at the time, going into my senior year, “What division do you think I can go in college football? Do you think I can play? He said, “You could probably go D3.” I was super offended. I was like, “Do you even know what Vanderbilt did? Do you know that they want me to play for them? Florida Atlantic was interested in me.” People doubted me. They said, “You won’t be. It’s not possible. 

As the moments went by, I was training twice a day and I was working on my footwork and I was in the weight room and I was trainingwhat I didn’t realize is that I was falling in love with fitness. I was falling in love so much with the process that I was blinded by this football thing, wanting to be a professional thing and wanting to make a lot of money thing, and cars and girls. When I went into my senior year, I had a chip on my shoulder. I felt like I was going to be the best out of the state. I felt like I was going to be the best wide receiver, but things didn’t go as planned. Our quarterback wasn’t the best at throwing. He’s a very close friend of mine now and nothing against him at all, it’s just that we didn’t have the offense and our head coach didn’t trust our offense in many ways. We had one of the best running backs in the state, if not the absolute best and one of the best in the nation 

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My senior year fell off the last two games because I got injured. I remember I had this severe concussion at the beginning of my second to last game, senior year. I wasn’t the same. That was a scary moment. I’ve had plenty of concussions before then. I had a lot of injuries, tore my hip flexor, a lot of things that happened, but this concussion was bigVanderbilt was going to be coming out to see me at my last game of the seasonI had a lot of colleges looking at meI was told that I could not play in my last game of my senior year. It destroyed me. I got depressed. My anxiety was heightened. I was having a lot of brain fog and issues. Post-concussive syndrome, I had that for eight months. 

When I would look into the mirror, I couldn’t recognize myself. That’s how bad this concussion was. It’s almost as if I lost my identity because I also lost my opportunity to go play at Vanderbilt. They didn’t want to pursue me anymore after that point. I had to take a preferred walk-on spot, which means I still had to pay for school. I thankfully I didn’t have to pay for school because I got a scholarship academically. I got a preferred walk-on spot at Florida University because they couldn’t even offer me any scholarships because it was way past. I already told them like, I don’t want to go to your school. I’m going to go to Vanderbilt.  

I had nothing coming out of my senior year. I didn’t gain all area of honors. There was a bunch of things. My stats weren’t as good as I wanted them. My last two games, I was seeing some big things. I remember my second last game, I was playing Boca Raton. I took a sweep. I grabbed the ball and I went around, I was taken off to the end zone and a guy came out of nowhere. I had whiplashI bang my head against the grass. I went out and then I went back inI was dazed. It fucked me up. 

After that time, when I didn’t gain all these honors and I didn’t gain the scholarships and everything that I was working towards all my high school career, I didn’t get anything that I wanted. I felt so alone. felt in so much pain. I was sleeping all day. I couldn’t move. I was getting dizzy all the time. Post-concussive syndrome is real. It happens that my anxiety, my depression and everything was coming with it, which I believe was correlated directly to my concussion. 

During those eight months, I knew that I had to get ready for Florida Atlantic University. I had to go to a Division 1 Football school and make a name for myself even though I didn’t have a scholarship. I didn’t get that scholarship, but they knew who I was and how well I played. This is where the process comes back. This is where I recognized the process a little bit more in fitness. The only times that I could feel like myself is when I was training. It was so interesting. 

Outside of me training, I can remember so vividly going to 24-Hour Fitness in Boynton Beach, Florida, walking and feeling in a daze, feeling like I was a third person. It almost felt like I was someone on the outside looking at me from that third person point of view. It was like a peel view. It was very weird. When I walked into that gym and I started training, everything went away. My focus went directly to the weights. My focus went directly to my body weight training. My focus went directly to the process and the training, and I felt so alive. 

During this time, I was suicidal. I remember looking at the fan and thinking, “What if I ended my life? I remember crying every single day, morning, lunch and dinner and thinking to myself, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t live like this. I can’t feel like this. This concussion is destroying me.” I was extremely suicidal, I kid you not. I believe my mom was aware of this. My dad was aware of this to an extent, but I also tried to keep it in. I didn’t want people to know that I was suicidal because I lost everything. My health, I lost my mind, I lost my opportunities. I lost everything.  

What I didn’t realize is that the opportunities were right in front of me. This was everything I wanted and more. I wanted to prove to people that I could work the hardest, that I could be somebody that many others, if not all of others thought that I couldn’t be. Whether I was a 190pound guy, whether it was running a four 40yard dash, which I did. Whether it was starting and playing for a Division 1 school or it was having the most beautiful girlfriend or having beautiful cars or making it to the NFL when everybody said I couldn’t or speaking in front of 50,000 people, all of these things kept on going through my mind during these eight months. 

That’s what saved me, this fitness thing. When I grabbed my hands onto these weights, it wasn’t so much about working out. It was about pushing my mind to another level. It was the process of going somewhere. What was my purpose? Where am I going? Why am I going there? When I look back at it now, that was when I was nineteen years old. I was a young boy, 18, 19 years old going into college. It’s much clearer now. It always evolves and I’m learning more. If only I knew a little bit clearer why I was doing what I was doing, what I was pushing for. I recognize that I don’t care so much about what people think of me, which is crazy 

Several years ago, I was telling myself that I care about what every person says about me. I don’t care so much about the accolades. Before, I used to care everything about accolades. I don’t care about the cars. I don’t care about the girls. I don’t care about any of that shit. When several years ago, that’s all I cared about. I wanted the hottest chick. I want it to be surrounded by the bestlooking friends. I wanted to go to the parties. I wanted this and that, but now what I see is the process is beautiful. The process means so much to me. All the outside noise, all this shit that keeps on coming from different directions, whether it’s social media, whether it’s from people that I meet, whether it’s from my past, anything, none of it matters if I don’t love myself and I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing or what I’m even doing.  

I know that may be hard for some people to listen to because maybe fitness hasn’t saved your life, or maybe something is in your life that you only realize is saving your life. However, this is the most beautiful part. I didn’t recognize any of this stuff. I didn’t recognize my true passion. I didn’t recognize why I was doing what I was doing and all of the stuff that I talked about in this show until I got clear with myself, until I learned who I am is within itself specialunique and beautiful. 

CUE 100 | Fitness Saves Lives
Fitness Saves Lives: Fitness saved me. When I grabbed my hands onto those weights, it wasn’t so much about working out. It was about pushing my mind to another level.


What matters at the end of the day is that I canIt doesn’t matter if this girl rejects me. It doesn’t matter if I lose out on this business deal. It doesn’t matter if this person and this person are talking bad about me in my past. It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, if I cancel out the noise, I get one with myself and I learn more about myself, then I don’t need the fitness. I don’t need the business. I don’t need the relationship. I don’t need any of the outside stuff. All I need is myself to save my life. 

Once I get clear with myself, once I understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, all of these things, it becomes clear on why I’m living. I am who I am and where I’m going and the passions that are correlated with that. You may not have a passion and that’s okay, it will come. Or the passion is sitting right in front of you, then you should go out and grab it. You can’t give to people and you can’t give to a passion. You can’t give to all these things that you want to give to in your life energetically, unless you get clear with yourself and learn way more about who you are, why you are and where you are in life. That’s all I can say. 

Did fitness save my life? Yes, it did. You know who saved my life at the end of the day? Myself, me. Back when I was 18 or 19, I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t figure it out. Back when I was 22, 23, I couldn’t figure it out. When I was 24 and 25, I went through a series of events. I was confronted by death. I was confronted by the scariest times of my life. It was the first time ever that I got clear with myself, that I unraveled all the shit that has been holding me back in my life. 

This is when I got clear with my intentions of playing in the NFL, making a lot of money, having cars, being famous, I realized that none of it was worth it. None of it correlated with where my life was going. None of it represented me. That was the pivotal moment in my life. It’s your turn to get clear with yourself. It’s your turn to unravel all of the shit. It’s your turn to get focused. It’s your turn to get one with yourself, and that’s it. Thanks for tuning in for this episode. I‘ll see you in the next one. Peace. 

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Episode 99: Get More Buyers & Followers (Funnel Hacking)

CUE 99 | Funnel Hacking

CUE 99 | Funnel Hacking


Regardless of what your business is or the kind of offers you have, the way you connect with people is still the most impactful factor in any marketing strategy. By learning the right way to funnel hacking, entrepreneurs can determine which business holes to patch and how to properly show up to their target market. Brendan Meyers delves into the three parts of the business funnel and how to approach each one: the top ones, who may not have heard of you ever; the middle ones, who are starting to show interest in your business and are just waiting to be entertained; and the bottom ones, who are on their last stage of becoming buyers and even regular patrons. If handled well, this funnel can provide the smoothest operations and cash flow any business owner could ever wish for.

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Get More Buyers & Followers (Funnel Hacking)

If you want to follow me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers and by the way, if you have not gotten started on Clubhouse, I believe it’s only an Apple application now. It’s not on Android but get on there. Follow me, @BrendanMeyers. I host a lot of rooms. I’m in a lot of rooms and it’s like a podcast app. It’s cool. Don’t worry. I’m not making any money from telling you about this. It’s honestly one of the coolest apps I’ve ever been on and you can go into rooms and listen to new things. You’ll learn all about it. Now, let’s jump into this episode.

I want to talk about advertising top, middle and bottom of funnel, how to get customers, how to get them long-term and how to get them to be buyers from maybe people that you don’t even know about. Like if you are selling some ice cream online and someone stumbles upon your website, how do you get them from something up on your website to buying? If you’re a fitness coach or online trainer and someone is interested in your work or they’ve heard about you and they go to your page and they like a post or whatever, how do you get them to buy? I want to give you a little bit of the psychology behind this so that you can get these types of interests into a buyer. Let’s bridge that gap.

Before I go anywhere, CreateU, what the heck is CreateU? We have this tagline, Ignite Your Breakthrough and Bring Your Vision to Life. It’s all about is being innovative and helping people take the next step in their careers, in their life and experience a lot more than they’ve ever experienced before. That’s what the show is about. We want to tap into the minds. We want to get vulnerable, authentic and not so much focus on the word business but focus a little bit more on our intentions, mindsets and at the end of the day one-word psychology.

It's not about how good you are at business. It's how good you are with people. Click To Tweet

Remember, it’s not about how good you are at business. It’s how good you are with people. How good can you sell? How much can you relate? How well can you communicate? Keep that in mind, as you progress through your business or create whatever you’re trying to create in your life whether that is a family, a relationship with your dad or your mom, a new girlfriend, boyfriend, business or whatever, you’re trying to get engaged in. Remember, when you get vulnerable and you ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life, it starts with you.

The Funnel Process

Once you do that, it’s an absolute, beautiful thing. If you want to learn a little bit more about any type of software for health and wellness and you’re a coach or an online personal trainer or anything like that. You want to bring in a little bit more efficiency to your business and create more and do a little bit less but also impact more, shoot me a DM, @TheBMeyers on Instagram and we can get chatting. Let’s jump into the sales process, the funnel process. I want you to imagine this entire conversation is about taking one scoop of protein, pouring it down a funnel and going into, let’s say, a water bottle.

The whole purpose of getting this protein into the water bottle is to get that 22 grams of protein. We want to get that 22 grams of protein so we can build muscle and correlated to that. Building muscle, is building our business, building our customer base, building lifetime value with whatever we’re trying to create that could even be social media. This water bottle now, there’s no powder in it. The way that business works and this is the sales process that most people online have been following, engaging with and fine-tuning from the top all the way to the bottom.

CUE 99 | Funnel Hacking
Funnel Hacking: If you’re not giving potential buyers the information they need about their offers, they’re not going to understand what’s going on and become less interested.


When we look at this funnel and we look at this protein powder, what many people are missing is that there are big holes all over this funnel. If you were to take protein and pour it into this funnel and there’s a bunch of holes, what’s going to happen? Not all of the protein powder is going to make it down to the water bottle. What we try and do in business, when you start, you have a shit ton of holes everywhere in your funnel. Sometimes the funnel is so broken that you don’t even get any protein into the water bottle, also known as, get any buyers, any consumers.

The reason why we try and repair things from the bottom up is so that anybody that is trickling down, even close to buying, we are figuring out that process. You can do both ways and you can start from the top if you want. Anybody that is so close to buying but they haven’t, even if it’s 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, we want to try and figure that out as quickly as possible so that we start getting some type of consumer inside our platform, buying our product, giving us feedback, referrals or joining the community. The community, at the end of the day, builds businesses. We see it all the time.

We see it with Nike. The community is massive. We see it with Adidas. We see it with being on Instagram and everyone’s using it. We see it on Clubhouse, this new application. We see it with supplements. We see it with apparel. We see it in every vertical in this world and in the economy now. We want to try and repair those holes and how do we do this? How do we figure this out? We can ask questions. We can test different headlines. We can test different videos, creatives. We can test different texts and social media platforms.

The most important thing is never to lose sight of your vision. This is where a lot of people go wrong is that the bottom of the funnel, they’re trying to get somebody in, so they lose the vision of whatever they’re creating and they develop something that is going to get them the sale. At the end of the day, when you’re getting the sale, it’s okay. It can be okay. However, many times you’re shooting yourself in the foot for long-term growth and long-term success. Passion, psychology and relationships build businesses. In the end, communication and community build businesses.

From the bottom up, we want to figure out what is going on. “Why aren’t people coming into our coffee shop? Why are people coming into our sporting goods store? Why are people coming into our Japanese restaurant and looking at the menu but not buying? What is it?” Maybe you have a few customers, a few online training clients, whoever it is, “Why are people also buying something, coming in and not renewing with us? Why are they not continuously getting engaged with us and becoming lifetime customers with us? What is it?” You want to try and figure that out first.

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Let’s then take a step back. Why are people not buying? What is it? Why am I getting the protein all the way down to the funnel but I still don’t have any protein going into my water bottle? I need to get my protein, my 22 grams. Where’re my 22 grams? At the end of the day, if you don’t figure that out, you’re never going to get customers. You can be so good at getting people in the door at the top of your funnel, meaning cold traffic, new people, maybe you’re good at communicating when you first meet someone but then you fall off after a month.

You can’t build anything from that because the relationship ends up dying. You can be good at the top of funnel. You can be good in the middle of your funnel meaning people that have already learned a little bit more about your product or have been approached by your product or senior service. In the middle of the funnel, what that is, let’s say someone is learning a little bit about the product but they don’t buy still. That’s what middle of funnel is talking about there. Top of funnel is people that have never seen your product or service before. It’s the first time ever.

Middle Of The Funnel

They’re discovering who you are, what you are. You have middle of funnel, which is learning a little bit more about the product, “I know who this person is. I know what they are. Now. Let me learn a little bit more.” Bottom of funnel, they’re interested in buying the actual product. They’re close to buying the product. Maybe they went to the checkout page or they signed on a call with you and they didn’t have enough money, whatever it is. That’s when you’d get down to the nitty-gritty of pain points and frustrations of customers and this is where you cancel all of them out and you get them in as buyers.

You then have reoccurring, which has already passed bottom of funnel. It’s another section of the bottom of funnel, also known as, retargeting, where you’re taking in the customers and you’re figuring out more and more ways to bring a little bit more financial gain to your company and your brand through those customers. Also, bringing a little bit more fulfillment and happiness to them and the community that they’re a part of, if that makes sense. Bottom of funnel, get that squared away, figure out what is going on. It could be the price. It could be the headline. It could be something that maybe there are no reviews.

Maybe there’s no community behind the product that you have or the service that you’re providing. Maybe your own insecurities are holding you back from the confidence the client is looking for, especially online coaches and personal trainers. A lot of the times, we focus so much on ourselves and we talk about all this stuff that we don’t even bring any confidence to the potential client in being able to accomplish their own goals. I’ll give you an example. I was speaking to an online trainer one day and I told them, “You’re pushing too much of what you want for the customer and you’re not listening enough to what the customer is asking for.”

That could be an example of, “I want you to drink a gallon a day and I want you to work out at 5:30 AM. I want you to do X, Y and Z.” The client’s saying, “I like waking up a little bit later. I like to drink some soda once in a while. I like to have some cheat meals once in a while.” If you bypass what the customer is asking for at the bottom of the funnel, many times you’re going to miss out on those customers. You could be leaving thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on that table and hurting yourself in the long run so pay close attention.

Middle of funnel, this is something that I’ve discovered for years and years of selling a lot of content online and also products and services. You got to make sure that the person understands what the heck you’re selling. If you’re not giving them the information that they need and it’s like everybody else, they’re not going to understand what’s going on. They’re not even going to be interested in buying that product. Middle of funnel is generally it’s the warmed-up crew. Maybe they’ve seen you once or twice and they’re warming up a little bit more and they’re doing a little more research.

Let’s say they’re buying coaching from Brendan Meyers. By the way, I do not offer online coaching. If this person has already seen an ad of me and I’m talking about the three tips to build muscle and then the next ad that they see is, “Brendan Meyers is offering coaching.” They are going to go and click. If I’m literally like, “I offer coaching, I will get you healthier. I will make you feel better.” That’s it. I didn’t explain what I’m offering to them and how they are going to see results from it. Instead of saying, “I’m going to get you healthier and I’m going to get you whatever the hell it is.”

That’s how much it didn’t even make any sense. What we then have to do is say, “I’m going to sit down with you and every single week, we’re going to be focusing on a call to bring optimal health to you. What does optimal health look like? This is going to be your physique level. Like, how are you happy with your physique? Are you confident in your physique? Are you making the goals that you set forth? Number two is your nutrition. How is your relationship with food? Three is your mindset. How are we going to help you in your business and your employment to make more money, to be more fulfilled and to be happier with the finances that are coming in.”

Do you notice that difference in the middle of funnel? How I gave a little bit more about what the person was clicking on with coaching? There’s one side that’s saying, “You can offer all of this,” explain stuff. “It’s for you, the customer. This is what we are going to discover.” The other side is generalized like, “This is what I offer.” You can’t make it so dull that people don’t understand it because then they’re never going to get to the bottom of the funnel. The middle of the funnel is extremely important. Give them a little bit more information so they can understand it but also be flashy with it. Be exciting about it.

Top Of The Funnel

This is where marketing plays a huge part and creative juices. At the end of the day, if you are creative in this approach, in the middle of the funnel with your coaching, maybe it’s a video explaining it. You’re funny and you’re bringing a personality, “This is when you do it.” Bring that personality out so they can catch their attention even more. They want to learn more and they’re extremely intrigued. We have the bottom of the funnel with some ideas. We have the middle of the funnel. Now, let’s go to the top of funnel. This is something that you can take in immediately read very closely.

If you’re trying to get new customers, you’re trying to get new people, buying your product, your service business, whatever it could be, even supplements, by the way, buyer products, great nutrition. If you want to white label, holler at me, @TheBMeyers on Instagram. This is a little plug for myself. What we need to do is provide something that is beneficial to them and their journey, whatever it is. I’ll give you an example. I have an ad that’s up now where I’m teaching people a little bit of the process and I’m going down to 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade level with this. You never want to get too complicated because then people can’t understand.

You got to remember the people that you’re selling to are the general population. The general population is essentially trying to learn more about whatever you’re talking about or they have a frustration that they’re confronted with that they can’t figure out because it’s not their niche. Now, if you’re selling something a little bit that is niche-oriented and, for instance, this person that’s coming in is already a coach then at the top of funnel, you can already get right into middle funnel stuff, what you’re offering and bring a little excitement and how it helps them.

CUE 99 | Funnel Hacking
Funnel Hacking: You can’t make your offers so dull that people don’t understand it because then they’re never going to get to the bottom of the funnel.


At this top of the funnel, what I’m discussing is losing fat and some of the mistakes that you may be missing. I dumb it down. I say, “One of the biggest problems that I see in people and clients that are coming to me and people that are following our program, Body Evolution, and all the other systems that we have is that they don’t know how to count their calories.” They don’t even know what calories are all about. They hear about it. They hear it’s a unit of measurement for energy and they know that you should be eating less to lose fat or lose weight but they don’t know the aspects of it like, “How do I even get there?” In this ad, I explain pretty much the baseline, the foundation of losing fat.

Our body is meant to exert energy and these calories that are coming in and out of our bodies is a unit of measurement that we take into account when we are exerting this energy throughout the day. We’re also consuming it in ways of food or solids and liquids. Once I create that, that’s almost the potential customer or the audience is coming in and being like, “This helped me.” I appreciate that. Now, I’m going to follow him and I’m going to learn a little bit more about him. He has a program. Cool. Middle of the funnel, by the way, hit hint. “He has a program. That’s cool.

Bottom Of The Funnel

Let me learn a little bit more about that.” They then go to the bottom of the funnel, hit hint. They’re like, “This is a good program.” They then go and they buy it after a couple of months of checking it out. That took you from the top of the funnel, middle funnel to the bottom of the funnel. I brought them in by giving them a tip. I was an expert and I brought a lot of confidence and I helped them with something small. They found out who I was and what I was doing. They then went to the middle of the funnel and they found out that I offered something and it was something cool when it associated with that loss. They said, “I want to see what this is all about.”

Once they got into that, they piqued their interest. They wanted to learn more and they wanted to buy it potentially but they weren’t sure because of pricing and all the things. At that point, I need to take away all their pain points, take all the frustrations that are coming up for them. I offered them the opportunity and then they eventually take it. That’s where the bottom of the funnel is so important. That’s where you’re going to make most of your money. You’re not going to make most of your money at the top of the funnel. In the middle of the funnel, you’ll make some money but then the bottom of the funnel is where you’re going to kill it.

If you have thousands of people come to your page, you get thousands of people going to your ad. You’re going to your product, whatever it is, that is where you can capitalize. Get clear on your messaging, yourself, the pain points, the frustrations that are coming up for your customer, and then nail that stuff to a wall so that they are seeing it. They’re also attributing all those pain points, frustrations, and confusion for themselves, with the path towards least resistance and success for them. If we’re going to be selling a greens product from CreateU Nutrition, if you want to private label or white label holler at us, CreateU Nutrition, message me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers.

If you’re going to be selling greens products, the way that you’re going to succeed at the end of the day is by bringing an understanding to why you would even drink a greens product. What’s the purpose of greens products? Many people are already past the top of the funnel. They’ve already learned a little bit about greens product. They don’t know who your brand is or what you’re selling. When you go down to it and you’re hitting the middle of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel, the most important thing is informing them and knocking out all those pinpoints, “I have bad digestion.” Greens can help with that.

The funnel is a relationship dealing with the psychology of the buyer. Click To Tweet

They can help with digestion, especially if you’re getting this vitamin and this vitamin and your diet. You’re also getting because of our green product, we have a little bit of selenium and we have zinc sulfate, vitamin C and we have all these different things. These are all things that can do X, Y and Z. I’m giving you a quick example, not necessarily our greens but that’s how you lead them down the right path. You knock out all of their second guesses like, “The price point. If you look at it, our green is $36 for 35 servings. If you take other greens over here, it’s $43 for 30 servings. If you look at the ingredients on top of that, we may not have this specific organic banana,” which we do have an organic banana, by the way. “We may not have an organic banana. However, we do have a banana in there and we do know it’s from a great source and we know that you’re going to be saving money and you’re getting five more servings. This is going to help you significantly.” That is taking pain points and throwing them out the window and allowing them a path towards least resistance or the path success for them. They end up buying the greens product. They do renewals and then you can start selling them other products behind it.

That is a short episode around the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. What I want to do is create a series off of funnels and talk about the bottom of the funnel in one in one episode. If you’d like that then let me know, send me a DM on Instagram, @TheBMeyers. I also want to do one in the middle of the funnel. I want to do one at the top of the funnel because it’s important to understand that the funnel is a relationship dealing with the psychology of the buyer and you’re working on knocking out all of the weeds so that they can essentially exit the garden and get into a field of success, happiness and fulfillment.

All these weeds are in front of them to get there. We need to be the ones that are chopping it in front of them, figuring out ways to get them closer and closer to that field of success and field of fulfillment and that’s our jobs. That’s what I would love to talk about in future episodes, especially that middle and top of the funnel that could be big time. The whole thing is at the end of the day. Hopefully, you enjoyed this show. Remember you can follow me on Clubhouse, @BrendanMeyers, my Instagram, @TheBMeyers.

Also, if you are a coach, earn online personal trainer or a personal trainer in general or you own a gym or anything and you want to work with some of the most powerful software that has scaled many businesses that we were a part of with CreateU has opened up that field of fulfillment and success that we’re talking about in this show and deals with the top middle and bottom of the funnel and everything then go ahead and send me an Instagram DM, @TheBMeyers, send me the word Software. Thanks for tuning in. This is the CreateU Experience. We are back pretty often and I’m super excited to continue this show now that it was 2021. It took a little break but we are back and we’re rolling. I’m Brendan and I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Ep 98: The Big 3 To Scaling Your Coaching/Training Business With Mathew Park


The biggest difference between growing and scaling is impact and nowhere does it apply more than in the coaching world. A leading high-performance coach and professional bodybuilder, Mathew Park, joins Brendan Meyers to show the biggest things that contribute to scaling a coaching business. Mathew shares his journey of becoming a coach that led him to help people become successful. He reveals the truth about making an impact on people and having a thousand to none followers bring revenue. Mathew emphasizes the importance of being in a mission to serve others, even when confronted with limitations. Dive in into this conversation and bring home three big nuggets of wisdom that you can start applying in your own business now!

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Listen to the podcast here:

Ep 98: The Big 3 To Scaling Your Coaching/Training Business With Mathew Park

We are here to talk all things training, coaching, how to level up and scale up not only your business but also your mind. Give a warm welcome to Mathew Park. He is the CEO of Trainer Revenue Multiplier. He is an amazing guy. He’s a family man. He has two children and he’s got a beautiful woman by his side leading every step of the way. I can’t hype him up enough. I’m going to get right into him. What’s up?

It’s so good to catch up, buddy.

Mat and I met a long time ago. We have a good friend named Todd Abrams. He is the Owner and Founder of ICON Meals. We went out there in Dallas, Texas. We ended up chopping it up and we were like, “This is a friendship that’s going to last a long time.” Even when we don’t talk much at all, we still come back and it feels so normal.

I remember the time we were talking in the car a few years ago about fitness and football. It felt like yesterday.

Mat is someone who lives in Canada and through the hard and challenging times that we’re going through, he’s living the lifestyle and taking his business to the next level helping coaches and trainers not only in the United States, I’m assuming. You’ve worked with coaches worldwide. I really want to talk about how you’ve structured your business. You don’t have a big following at all, however, you have a very successful business that is continuously bringing in revenue but also helping people. I can’t say consistently enough, you are helping people. Let’s dive right in and tell me more.

CUE 98 | Scaling A Coaching Business
Scaling A Coaching Business: It’s literally relationships, transparency, and vulnerability. It’s bringing something to your clients that they’re yearning for.


I’m a regular guy from good old, small-town Alberta. It’s a town of 100 people. I’ve always believed that when you dream big and you go for the big things, this is no cliché. It’s the truth because I moved from 18 to 19 to California with no money. Now, I’m talking to this amazing dude, Brendan Meyers, from good old Colorado and I’m over in Montreal. We’re catching up and now I’m living a big part of my dream. I got a wonderful family. I got a beautiful business model. I’m in this wonderful office in Montreal. I’m doing great things in the world but the cool thing is the freedom that comes with it.

It’s beautiful. It’s awesome. I’m helping people. You mentioned something interesting because you mentioned my following, which my following isn’t very big but here are the two things I focus on with my people. Number one is an experience they will never forget and number two is to treat them and build a relationship. Relationships and experience work hand-in-hand. With that, we’ve built 500-some plus coaches around the world in our model over the past 2 or 3 years that are coming to our program and they keep coming back over again referring people. I spend minimal on Facebook ads, maybe $2,000 or $3,000 a month. All of our business comes from referrals and people talking about us because we focus on people not just getting our ad in front of people all the time. It’s about the people in general.

Just so anyone reading can understand a little bit more, you coach coaches and trainers on how to bring an experience to their clients and also build a successful business.

We help personal and online trainers grow three things. Basically, building a strong foundation on lead generation, increasing income, charging on sales and marketing and systemizing for scale, freedom and fun. It’s all about creating a wealth-based model that creates massive, wonderful impact whether it’s $10,000 a month to $50,000 a month, whatever it is in their model but having time with their family, kids, loved ones, buddies, clients and not be a slave to their schedule all day long.

A beautiful life is about saving lives. Click To Tweet

I can’t help but smile when I’m hearing you talk about this. Matt is somebody who has been doing this for so long and he knows best. I always say that relationships build a business. It’s not even about being the greatest businessman or businesswoman or having the most followers or anything. It’s literally the relationships, transparency and vulnerability. It’s bringing something to your clients, to people that they’re looking for, that they’re yearning for. That have maybe crossed thousands, so many other opportunities but it was difficult and it seems so hard from the client experience all the way to the actual coaching experience. Matt, when you first got started with this, how did it come to be? Were you a trainer? What happened?

It was funny because I’ve been in fitness now for several years, I began as a personal trainer for a few. I was basically broke for the first couple of years making $500 a month. I’m making $20,000 when I was 24 with no social media, zero at all. I moved over to build a beverage company, a bodybuilding federation and helping launch Super League. Now, I’m back into coaching but coaching trainers. I began with business coaching and I realized I don’t enjoy business coaching with corporate people. I hate it. They’re not grateful. They don’t really appreciate what you’re putting into the business. I moved back into fitness and I realized that trainers don’t realize that they have one of the most beautiful and impactful careers on the planet. They get to change people’s lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How cool is that?

Tell me more about that. Why are training and coaching such a privilege? Why is so awesome? You said you could change lives in so many different ways. Can you explain that a little bit more?

I would change the word from privilege to a need now, a necessity because now with all that’s happening in the world, I feel that people are needing to be physically fit or needing to have mental health and mental clarity or needing to be emotionally and spiritually intact. We were talking about what happened with the CreateU stuff on your end. What you’re creating is fantastic. We’re helping trainers realize that they have a beautiful job but we don’t want you to be broke doing it.

We want you to have the financial abundance, so you can serve more people with what you want to do and not be making $2,000, $3,000 a month and barely can pay your bills. I feel that’s saving lives. That’s part of my big mission in this world is my grand vision is to help one million personal trainers over the next few years generate freedom in their life whether they got kids, have a relationship or they’re doing it on their own. It’s a beautiful life. That’s going to save lives.

CUE 98 | Scaling A Coaching Business
Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition

True impact starts with one, not 1,000 people. Eventually, it gets to 1,000 people but those 1,000 people, if you create relationships with each one of them, I always say that when you look into someone’s eyes, you see a million people or impact you. Each person that you look into the eyes of, that’s a million people. I don’t see one person because that’s the truth of it. Your relationship with yourself is going to generate relationships around you and those are generating more relationships. I can talk about that all day. I want to talk about what coaches and trainers are struggling with the most. I believe trusting that you are an expert, that you are qualified to help someone. On the other side is how do I structure this thing so that I can build it? The third is how do I scale this thing? Let’s dive into number one, trusting that you are an expert, that you know it so that you can coach and teach it.

It starts with you. You may have a certificate. You may have an education. You may have a four-year degree but I have seen trainers come in our program who got a four-year and they still didn’t think they need to have four more degrees before they’re qualified to coach clients. It’s so unreal. Building an authority comes into, first off, serving one person first. Help them achieve something. That one person may tell three more people and then they’re going to tell ten more people. The paper on the wall is education. I believe in education on all levels but you got to serve people and help solve a problem.

You can self-educate yourself every single day by reading blogs like this, go reading some amazing books, getting some mentor or coach to help serve you and level you up, whatever it is. If you help people genuinely, you keep learning, growing and you start working on yourself from the inside out, that’s where that charging your worth comes from. We can give you the recipe business-wise but if you don’t believe in it or believe in yourself, it’s useless.

Being an expert in something doesn’t mean that you know it all. That’s not what it means. Being an expert in your field, who the hell tells you that you’re the expert? If you were able to transform people’s lives, you could be a personal trainer and you’d only know 10% of what any other coach or a straight conditioning coach knows but you’re way better with the therapy of the mind and speaking to them. Bringing love to their emotions and more happiness to them, they will be more successful than anybody else. You know that to be true because we try and think, “I need this certification. I know this.” At the end of the day, scalability is directly correlated not to your certification but the product and the relationships that you’re developing and bringing to your clients.

Real impact starts at one. It's not a thousand people. Click To Tweet

Here’s the funny thing. I have no paper on the wall saying that I’m a certified coach or personal trainer but I got several years of grit and glory of being in the trenches building businesses for companies to be exact in fitness, not all personal training-related and I’ve gone through being broke twice. You can’t go to school for that. I’m sure you’ve gone through the very same things for your businesses. You pull the lessons from all those things when you help people all over the world doing this but here’s the thing, I’ve learned the most with the coaches that we work with.

I began as a business coach and I realized you can’t help every business from what I call an everybody thinking mindset. What I did is I niched myself down to where I know I can serve, help and really impact. The crazy part was when I did that, things exploded. When you go from trying to be the coach for everybody to the coach of this niche or you can serve those people, it’s like the heart surgeon. You can charge four times more and you can impact that much better.

What’s one of the books that you would suggest to read that have to do with all this?

There are a couple of books but I would say a mentor that I’ve read and I enjoy is Jay Abraham. He’s an old school marketing business guy. His work is phenomenal. He always talks about clients being your dear friends. Treat your clients like your dear friend. You always have to have boundaries but when people know that you know, like and care for them, not just trust you but care for them, they will come back over. They will tell you their problems even if they are paying you for the two months and they’ll come back in six months and spend $5,000 on the next coaching package, they still know you care about them. They’re not going to go to coach B or coach C. I work about quality over quantity. I’m all about my team like, “How can we improve the experience better than we did last month? We’re going to get twenty leads in this month but how can we improve what we’ve already got?”

Most coaches always want more leads and I’m like, “Are you nurturing what you currently have in front of you in your backyard? Do you have a process in place where you can take care of the SMSs, phone calls, courtesy calls and Facebook Lives? Give them a touching base and ask them how are they doing? How are the kids doing?” It’s not like, “Buy my next program again.” That’s what I call quality. When you build a business model, they’re going to come back to you in a year from now. They’re not going to forget you.

Let’s walk over this bridge from, how do you get this thing started and all this stuff and trust that you’re an expert. Let’s walk over to tip number two and focus point number two and that is, how you structure this thing. How do you get this thing so that it is generating money so that you can essentially skip to the scaling part, which is number three?

I began personal coaching in the start and I got so busy in personal coaching, I had to make a move into scaling my own business a few years ago, which was having our TRM 10K group. We now launched our fifteenth group as of March 2nd, 2020. What we do is we take our trainers through an intimate live experience where they get to learn every step of the way for ten weeks on the three pillars of building a business. They get to get live training, live accountability support and live personal coaching. It’s not recorded. We believe that’s been a real recipe for growth for us in our business model but here’s the crazy part. What I had built a few years ago, I’ve changed our program for every single group a little more.

I’m always innovating to make things as you are with your app. You’re always innovating to make things better. What scaled me is finding how we can serve by helping people in a group setting. I wasn’t looking for a big, massive 1,000-course. I was looking for how we can have a group setting for a premium price but gives the results that they truly are looking for they’re like, “I didn’t pay $10,000 for it, but that’s amazing. I quadrupled my whole business in life and I feel like I could have paid three times the price for this but my life has all changed.”

CUE 98 | Scaling A Coaching Business
Scaling A Coaching Business: What scaled me is really finding how we can serve by helping people in a group setting.


What is that structure that you teach? We don’t want to explain too much on here but some nuggets that people can establish themselves with. When you first thought of trusting yourself, this is how you become an expert and feel a little bit better with the relationships of your clients. Number two is how do you even structure this thing? What are some non-negotiables that you’re going to need in order to get clients and to keep them on? Do they have referrals continuously coming in? What are some of this stuff?

I’m going to give you some nitty-gritty stuff. Forgive me for going on this one but here’s a really important thing. We have this ten-week process. It used to be twelve weeks, now it’s ten weeks but we give more in ten weeks. We had a problem when we first began this program. People would come on our program, we give them a live training and they would finish at the very beginning of our first year but it was so much information on a live coach. They were like, “I need more time to absorb and ask questions.” I brought in live accountability. The funny part is we now have six leaders who come into our program every single time over and over again.

It’s myself, Jamie and our leaders. We do live training, live accountability calls but here’s the important part. What happens in between? Most do a live call or coaching call and that’s it. We make sure there are emails coming through. There are courtesy calls. There are welcome calls. There’s, “How are you doing calls?” I’m paying out of my pocket for that because I know when people miss a call, they’re getting a text saying, “Where are you? What are you doing? Why aren’t you on this call?” We’re paying attention. I’m very detailed. What I’ll do is map out a process on paper whenever I build a model like this and I’ll always keep improving the quality of the inside.

We can bring leads in all day long but I always want to ask myself, “How can we keep improving retention?” Retention is nurturing. It’s how do you show you keep caring? The crazy part is we began our latest group a few weeks ago and our numbers are exactly the same in week seven as they were in week one. Most programs, half is gone halfway through, but not us because we’re paying attention. We’re nurturing. We have a really important sales process in between that keeps everyone nurtured on a process in between.

What about for trainers and coaches? What I’m hearing from these cool opportunities that you could put into this focus point number two is SMS. SMS is just messaging system for texting and stuff. You can text your clients if you’re a trainer or coach to say, “How are you doing?” A quick text is going to go a long way. If you’re an in-person trainer and you have clients that are paying $60 a session and they’re coming twice a week, they most likely can come three times a week. They most likely can come four times a week. How do you get to that point? Sending those extra messages. What are a couple of suggestions that you have in place that can help nurture your clients?

What I would tell a coach, maybe they’re advanced, beginning or whatever level they’re at. First, you got to map out what you currently do and then you can add in nuggets to nurture in between. You mentioned SMS. It’s a good one but you want first off to know what you’re doing. If you take a month and you have a client twice a week in the gym or virtually online, whatever it is. You ask yourself, “My points of contact, is it in the gym or virtual? How do my check-ins work? How does my email go on Friday out? How does my SMS go on a Wednesday? I’m putting it out on Thursday, whatever it is.” You want to ask the question like go to your client and ask, “Is this really what you’re looking for?” I always get feedback from the clientele. Asking for feedback allows you to tweak your model and we keep making it better. Most trainers train a client virtually or in-person, have a great day, give them a check-in. We’ll talk to you at your next session.

It’s very important for feedback, to ask, “How can I serve you? How can I do better?” Put that into focus point number two. The last point that I want to jump into is scalability. We’ve already talked a little bit about it but how do we make things a little more efficient for ourselves? How do we reduce the amount of time that we’re working with our clients but also get them to the results that they’re wanting so that we can bring on more clients? How do we spend more time with our families if we want to spend more time with our families or go and travel more while also keeping all of these clients and scaling? What is your biggest tip or two tips for that?

Work backwards. As a trainer, you are trading time for money when you first start your business. If you trade time for money for an undervalued return, you’ll be very unfulfilled in the months to come. You want to work backward and build out your ideal calendar in a week based on what are you valuing every hour that you are working in your business on? If you want to make $20,000 a month and you’re making $4,000 and you’re working 30 hours a week, you’re probably averaging $40 some an hour in the course of a workweek. You can’t scale with that model.

First, they have to work backwards, if I want to work three days a week and make $30,000 or $20,000 a month, whatever the month is, scalability can be a challenge. It can be whatever. There are many things you can throw at a coach but they have to understand first off what they want by working backwards first. When they get that clarity, then you can reverse engineer and build the scalability from there.

Back planning is something used significantly in Corporate America too. All these big brands and businesses and you know this because you’ve worked in management, you’ve worked with a lot of businesses. At the end of the day, if you don’t know what you want and you don’t work back from there, how the heck do you know if you’re even going to be going down the right track or path? Make sure you aren’t back planning. Give us one last tip. Is there anything else that you would recommend for scalability? What did they need to do to get more clients, to get more people more referrals? What’s something that they can do?

That’s a big loaded question. I want to go back and finish one thing here. I call this opportunity time. Most trainers account for the time they work with a client. Opportunity time could be 3 or 4 hours a day that they’re maybe eating their food or driving their car. Do you realize if you take two of those hours and use opportunity time towards leveraging in your business, you will scale like an animal? Most trainers waste opportunity time and only account for training or virtual coaching time. That is a massive opportunity for them to scale and double their revenue, which could be reading a blog like this. It could be working on their back planning. It could be planning their content map for the next month or whatever it could be. That’s leveling up. It’s a little off-center but I want to put that one in first.

I want to say that, especially with scalability, doing personal training is still fine. You can also raise your prices and start working with a client that has more money, has a little bit more economics or capital on their side. You can also have some partners, whether it’s a registered dietician. You can charge a little bit more for these other services. Maybe it’s massage therapy or whatever the heck it is. It can be anything from PT, a doctor in Physical Therapy, all the way to nutrition for them. At the end of the day, if you’re able to provide more services, they’re going to be going out getting their nails done. They’re going to go out probably and some of them are going to get plastic surgery. Some of them are going to go out to eat at certain places.

Start Believing In Yourself:

If you can find ways to partner with all these other people, remember sharing the wealth is really what creates wealth. Sharing the wealth and creating relationships outside of where you’re at can also be of extreme benefit. The three things we talked about, Matt, number one, you got to start believing in yourself and trusting that you’re the expert. How do you do that? There are a couple of different ways but one of the main ways is knowing that it’s okay if you’re wrong sometimes. Experts don’t know everything. The reason why there are experts is because they are students as well as the coach and as the leader.

Start Your Business Structure:

Number two, to start your business structure, you can start checking in and building those relationships with your clients a little bit better. To get referrals, you can send them text messages and say, “How are you doing? Are you doing well? Are you feeling good off our plan,” and asking for feedback? That’s how you can start. Get on hosting, creating Facebook Lives and getting out there. Putting yourself out there, get vulnerable, express your story and why you love where you are, why you’re in love with fitness, health and wellness. I guarantee you, your followers and the people around you are going to be intrigued with what you’re doing. They’re going to ask you some questions because they almost want to go down a similar path. They want to be happy. Number three is scalability and you touched on this. Matt, give us a little recap on scalability.

Trade time for money for an undervalued return, and you will be unfulfilled in the months to come. Click To Tweet


Scalability comes down to building tiers. You mentioned partnerships and also tiers. When a trainer first comes to me, they’re usually in a gym or they’re doing online coaching and they want to triple their revenue. Scalability is you can build tiers, which could be your hybrid model of coaching. It could be your group coaching platform. It could be your online course platform for virtual coaching. You can keep tiering this model up but here’s what I always coach is you cannot forget all your tiers. When you build a second one, most trainers forget the first one. They lose money.

It’s building a process and system in that first model, so even when you put more focus into number two, you aren’t losing money on number one. It should be compounding. Most trainers are like, “I want to get that. I want to do this.” I’m like, “Hold your horses for a second.” Get your process built for number one then go to number two. You’ll easily double and compound. As you mentioned, get partners or help or a VA or whatever you want to do to help build and run your first one and number two, three and four. That’s how you can scale to six, seven figures and more.

Those are your three focus points for 2021. Focus on those three things and figure it out. It takes time. There are a lot of bumps. There are a lot of challenges. Every time I get on a call with Matt, I have something’s popping up in my business. Our meal plan, our workouts are down and one of our systems and I have to go get it fixed. Shit’s going to happen. Trust the process and you’ll be able to scale and build a life of fulfillment and happiness. Matt, where can they find you if a coach or a trainer wants to start utilizing your systems and things that you’re doing. We have the software on my side for a lot of that and I’m sure we’re going to end up working together in that regard. If they want to learn how to really structure things and take the next step in their coaching and the personal training scale, where can they find you?

I’m at MathewPark.com and my Instagram is @Mindset_Matt. That’s where you get me.

This is Mathew Park. He’s the CEO of an amazing company called Trainer Revenue Multiplier. Definitely check him out. You can shoot me a DM at any point in time. My Instagram is @TheBMeyers. We also have a lot of things happening with software. If you’re a coach, trainer and you want to utilize software to take it to the next level and you need efficiency, you want scalability, you want all these different things, then holler at me on Instagram. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

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About Mathew Park

CUE 98 | Scaling A Coaching BusinessMy name is Mathew Park and I’m known as the mindset guy in fitness and I am a leading high-performance coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, pro natural bodybuilder, confidence-building expert, and family man, who grew up in a small town of 100 people in the middle of nowhere in Canada and never gave up on his dreams.

I’ve been known for my unique ability to dig deep within the confines of the mind to truly bring out the powerful being waiting to be unleashed inside. Whether I’m on stage, seeing you in person, online or your watching one of my video’s, I truly love sharing messages of belief, inspiration and incite that will positively impact you.

Episode 97: You Don’t Fear Selling, You Fear Opinions!

CUE 97 | Fear Of Opinions

CUE 97 | Fear Of Opinions


Many entrepreneurs offer the most sophisticated products and yet are still unable to grow, expand, or move forward. One of the most probable reasons that this is so is because of their strong fear of opinions. By always concentrating on the negative feedback you receive from customers alone, your offers would not see the light of day no matter what. Brendan Meyers aims to change this stigma by presenting a simple eight-day journaling process to deliver the best products and continue engaging with clients instead of simply falling into the abyss of insecurity. He also shares a simple process of self-awareness check for entrepreneurs to be able to understand their experiences and trauma that may be hindering them to come across customers in the most engaging ways.

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You Don’t Fear Selling, You Fear Opinions!

It’s your boy, B. Meyers, @TheBMeyers on Instagram. That’s probably where you might know me. My real name is Brendan Meyers. If you have not checked out CreateU and what we’re all about, you won’t even find out unless you read the show. Let me explain. We ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. We have a gym. We have a nutrition line if you want a white label. We have greens products. We also have different memberships, agency and also software that is the heart of our entire brand. If you’re an online coach trainer or a corporation, anybody and anyone can utilize our software. Holler at me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers. If you are on Clubhouse, give me a follow. I’m always talking and chatting with other people in the industry whether it’s health and wellness, building businesses or even psychology. I’m huge into psychology. I feel like if you know psychology, then the business will thrive for you at the end of the day. It’s going to thrive for you when you understand people, understand relationships and communicate, it’s absolutely beautiful. Clubhouse, follow me, @BrendanMeyers.

The reason why I titled the show like this is because I’m talking to you. If you’re here, then you fear selling, or at least you think you fear selling. That’s where I say you don’t fear selling, you fear opinions. If you think about selling, what the heck is selling? Some of us can define it as the process of getting a product into someone else’s hands. It’s persuasion. It’s communicating to someone. At the end of the day, it’s a relationship and communication. Selling is a way of communication so that you can provide a service, product or anything to someone who is in need or who was wanting something. If you can’t bridge that gap, it’s going to be a long swim because that river is wide, and you definitely need a bridge to get there.

CUE 97 | Fear Of Opinions
Fear Of Opinions: The less you understand yourself, the harder it is to communicate, especially from a place of passion, excitement, and authority.

Not Selling, But Opinions

Let’s jump right in. Why do I say you don’t fear selling but you fear opinions? At the end of the day, if we never cared what anybody thought in a negative manner and we didn’t think if this person is hearing me pitch an idea that they’re going to judge me or they’re going to think that I’m this type of person or that type of person, then you wouldn’t be able to sell all day every day and come from passion, organic feel and energy that is very welcoming and warming to our peers, even if we’re on a panel or customers walking into a store. If you’re having trouble selling, you may want to tap a little bit deeper into your own shit.

What I mean by that is un-layer yourself. You’re like this onion or avocado. To get to the middle of this avocado, you’ve got to get through the shell and the green stuff to get to the actual root, the pit. In order to take these layers away, you have to get real with yourself. You have to practice. I’m going to give you some exercises that you can utilize. One exercise that I like that you can implement now or tomorrow and move through the next seven days and test yourself, but understand this. The less that you understand yourself, the harder and the more difficult it is to communicate, especially to communicate from a place of passion, love, excitement, and check this word out, authority.

If you’re selling something, I hope that you are an expert. If you’re not an expert, then that’s maybe why you’re not willing to sell because of your fear. People are not acknowledging you as an expert. Here is where a lot of people go wrong. If you are an expert and you fear selling to other people, then at the end of the day, you’re worried more about the judgment and the opinions that they’re going to create around you expressing your passion. Let’s say you’re a registered dietician and you want to get a couple of clients. People want help with their nutrition. People need help with their nutrition in many different areas. It could be someone that found out they have diabetes. It could be someone who is having GI issues or having IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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These are people that want something. If you are an authority or expert, you are not even selling. It’s meeting someone halfway. Think about that. It’s not about selling, it’s about meeting the person halfway. It’s about a relationship and communicating what you have to offer in a way that the person doesn’t feel offended, attacked or you’re pushing something onto them, but rather you’re expressing yourself and you’re giving them the opportunity. You can do this in conversations. One way that I like to engage in conversations when I’m selling them is I like to ask them questions, and I ask them more and more questions about their journey. Where are they at? Where do they want to go?

I get down to the nitty-gritty, “What are your pains? What are your goals? What are you doing to get there? Are you currently enrolled in something similar to this?” After all of it, I say, “Next time we chat, I can tell you about my coaching services. I help people work through a lot like you. I acknowledge definitely where you’re coming from,” and then I relate to them, then I walk away. If you’re not hard selling immediately, you’re going to bring a lot of comfort to the other person that you’re talking to because people don’t like to be sold to however they like to be sold to.

I know it’s tricky. People don’t like to be sold to in a hard fashion, meaning if they don’t have a relationship with you, if they haven’t communicated anything with you, if they haven’t expressed anything to you, if they haven’t opened up to you, they don’t want you to sell anything. When you do build that relationship and rapport, they trust you, you know what they want and you have something for them that is an exceptional offer, that’s amazing. That’s going to help them tremendously. You express it in a way where they make the decision at the end of it, then they want you to continue to sell to them.

CUE 97 | Fear Of Opinions
Fear Of Opinions: If you are an expert who fears selling to other people, then you’re just worried about the judgment that they’re going to create around you.


It shocks me so many times when coaches specifically hop on a call with a client and ask them for $100 a month. The client is head over heels like, “Yes, $100 a month for coaching services.” When in reality they could be offering $200, $250, $300 a month. This is another form of fear in selling because we’re afraid of the opinions or what this other person is going to say, whether it’s, “No, that’s a little bit too much money,” or whatever it is. We have to remember something. As an expert, our time is valuable. As humans, our time is valuable whether you are a client or you are an expert teaching something, you’re a coach or a business leader. Whoever you are, whatever you are, your time is valuable.

Once we start acknowledging that as well and we start acknowledging all the insecurities that are coming up for us and all this stuff, then you’re going to be able to bridge that gap even easier, more efficiently, and more clearly to the client so that they can get to the promised land and see the transformation that they want, whether that is with coaching in the health and fitness industry. It can be you’re an employee and you’re selling your boss on why you need a raise. That’s bridging the gap to the Promised Land.

There are many ways that we can transform and evolve from the situations that we’re in with whether it’s clients or we’re business leaders. If we’re a flip flop, we are the employer, the client or we are someone asking for something. When you look back on all the situations where you felt like you had the opportunity to sell, start your business, make some money, build that relationship, scale your greens powder that you started many years ago, build your brick and mortar, or maybe you’re currently stuck and these things aren’t happening. Think about these situations. What is holding you back?

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An Exercise

From there, I want to tap into an exercise that you can do. First, acknowledge that you don’t fear selling, you fear opinions. What if someone says something negative about you? Who cares at the end of the day? We’ve all been through things when we were younger. I was bullied. I’ve been in fights. I’ve been picked on. I’ve had my ass kicked. I’ve been in situations that I definitely fear. It’s natural though. Acknowledge that but I fear a lot. That’s okay. That’s the power of acknowledgment and the power of understanding that you’re not fearing selling, you’re fearing the opinions when you’re expressing yourself.

Here’s an exercise. I want you to try to sell in one video on your Instagram Story. If you don’t have Instagram, try the YouTube video. If not, try in person. Sell one time but I don’t want you to just sell. I want you to give value first, then ask if anybody wants X, Y and Z. “Do you want to lose weight in 2021 in the next three months?” Ask that question. It might be a poll, a little message box or if you’re at the gym and you have your little COVID mask on, go up to somebody and start a conversation with them. Evolve that conversation. That’s why I’m saying bring value, number one, build that relationship and rapport, and then ask them a question because then that question is going to almost allow you to enter into their space, their “energy field” per se.

Number three, from there, I want you to relate to them. This is the start of the exercise. After you relate to them and after this entire conversation happens, I want you to sell to them. If it’s on your Instagram Story, you’re going to relate to them by saying, “To answer the question, I’ve wanted to lose a bunch of weight. I finally did it. I’ve been feeling the best I ever have in three years.” You could do that. If you’re in person, you can relate to them in any way. Whatever product you’re selling, relate to them in the question that you asked, then I want you to sell them.

CUE 97 | Fear Of Opinions
Fear Of Opinions: If you’re not hard selling immediately, you will bring a lot of comfort to the other person.


Selling them means to offer them an opportunity. Offer them something, but be passive about it. I don’t want you to be so direct. An example would be I brought value to the conversation and I introduced myself, we started building a relationship. I asked them a question. They opened up to me. I opened up to them. I offered something but in the way that I offered was like this, “I’ve worked with many women like yourself. We’d love to chat a little bit more about your weight loss journey. Since you were talking about your goals in 2021, it would be cool if we connect over that. I am Samantha. Nice to meet you. Here’s my number so we can connect next time,” and you leave. That right there, you have created a relationship where they also know your service that you provide and they don’t feel like you attack them or you were very direct with them, “I want you to sign up for my stuff, that’s why I’m talking to you.” It made it seem you cared. You created that connection.

Grab A Journal

This is where the actual exercise begins from that point on your own. This is a tangible exercise. You’re going to grab a journal. When you leave from that conversation, I want you to write in your journal. Everything that you felt in that moment when you were selling, only in the moment of selling, I want you to write down the response that you had. Did you feel bad? Why did you do it? Why did you think that you were selling? Were you sweaty palms? Was your heart racing? Did you feel uneasy? Connect all of that in your journal, all that writing at the beginning of your paragraph and finish it off with why it was happening or why you felt it was happening? You didn’t want them to judge you. You didn’t want them to feel like you were a bad person, you were selling something to them, or that you were not an expert. You didn’t want them to walk away and make you feel alone. I want you to write in this journal.

The first part of it is going to be what were your responses. Were you nervous? Sweaty palms? Did you feel bad? What was all the stuff that was going on for you and then bridge it to the thoughts that were coming across your mind about how they would feel based on your conversation? I want you to write in your journal for seven days straight about this stuff. Every day, I want you to unravel or peel back a layer, get to that pit or root. In these journal responses, I suggest doing it first thing in the morning when you’re getting started with your day, get deeper and further along into your childhood.

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Where does it come from? What other situations came up for you in these journal prompts? Is it the sweaty palms that are associated with maybe an abusive relationship five years ago? Then go even deeper than that. Keep on pushing back, “My mom used to yell at me for doing this or in school, I would feel like this and I didn’t the popular kids to say something negative to me, make me feel alone, call me a loser or I used to get in fights, I would speak up and I would get angry. I don’t want people to think I’m angry or mean anymore.”

Do you see what I’m saying? I want you to take this one step at a time. How did that conversation with somebody? On your Instagram Story, whatever it is, initiate it, build that value, connect with them, sell whatever you’re selling, whether it’s service or product but do it passively. Immediately, go to your journal, write down all of the emotional symptoms that you were feeling whether it was sweaty palms or heart racing. You’re going to experience something. Then bridge the gap in that same journal prompt about what came up for you, what you felt like that person was judging you on, and then work through those journal prompts for seven days.

On the eighth day, because you’re going to get deeper into this, I want you to try and sell again. You can do this with the same person or you can refresh and do the entire thing again. You’re going to get two different responses if you do this right. One, if you go to the person that you already sold to, more shit is going to come up for you. New stuff is going to come up for you or even heightened stuff because now you built a little bit of a relationship. Maybe you’re going to say, “Let’s go for coffee.” You’re going to sit down for coffee, you’re going to have to build value and relationship again. You’re either going to figure it out in that moment or you’re going to end up choosing to go back into your old path or ways, and not even talk about the sale or the opportunity that you’re going to provide to the person at coffee. It could be anything from a greens product to coaching, anything. Try it out on the eighth day.

CUE 97 | Fear Of Opinions
Fear Of Opinions: Judgment is half of the pie that was not made by you. All you have to do is make your own pie and deliver it.


The second thing that could happen is you try it with someone new and you already feel more confident because you’ve tried it before and you journaled for seven days. By the end of the second conversation or the second time selling, whether it’s on your Story, somebody in person or it’s somebody at a coffee shop, whatever it is, you will feel more confident. What we are building here is almost a neural pathway of understanding because when you understand more, you end up being more confident in those moments.

Building Neuropathways

If you were to go and study a bunch and then your teacher calls you up to the front of the class and you studied it like crazy, how much more confident would you be in that moment because you understood what they were talking about in the class rather than not studying at all? We’ve all been there, we didn’t study, we got called on and we’re like, “This is not good.” The whole purpose of this is to build those neural pathways with who we are now and who we’ve always been up to now and the future. Let’s build these pathways. Let’s get into places that we’ve never even reached before. Build this confidence and no longer fear sell it and fear opinions. Let’s start acknowledging ourselves on a whole different level.

Let’s appreciate the work that we’ve put in, the fact that we’re even standing up, that we even have a product, that we’re even asking for a raise, that we’re trying to build a connection or relationship and providing a service to somebody that is in need of something or is wanting something. At the end of that journaling, after the eighth day, I want you to write down again the conversation about selling. Then read what you wrote right after that, associate it and compare it with the first day you tried selling. Let me know on Instagram what you discovered.

It’s an interesting exercise. I’ve done it, millions of people have done it and I’m sure, you’re going to see a difference. At the end of the day, it does not matter if you’re a controller, meaning you don’t like losing control. You get anxious because you don’t know if people are buying or not, you’re trying to figure out a way to control a situation, or you’re a promoter and you hate selling. If you’re an analyzer and you’re thinking about things times ten, it amplifies whatever it is. Even if you’re a supporter and you’re always supporting others, so you’re giving discounts and you’re always trying to make sure that everyone is happy around you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your characteristics are defined by. What matters is the choices that you’re going to make after these eight days and the choices that you were going to make to no longer fear selling.

People’s opinions are only one side of the story. Remember, if you have half a book, is there a conclusion to that story? There is not. Is there a conclusion to that book? There is not. That’s like giving you the Bible and skipping out on one page every three pages. If you don’t have the full story, you can’t come from confidence, expertise or a place of a full understanding. It’s impossible. If you take the other half out of the equation and you build your own half, it becomes one whole pie. Let’s talk about pizza here. If you deliver a pizza with half of it gone, do you think people are going to like that? No, they’re going to want their money back. If you deliver a pizza full and created by you, they’re going to be happy, then they’re going to be able to create an opinion on that because of the services provided. The sale has happened. There’s a customer there. Something has been created out of your own mind, the neural pathways that you’ve developed over the years even in that instance.

At the end of the day, look at it as judgment is half of the pie that was not made by you. All you have to do is make your own pie and deliver it. The pie is already made. The neural pathways have already been created. Everything that you could ever need is already there. Now, you’ve bridged the gap. I go back to that phrase all the time. The river is the one thing you have to get over, and the bridge is already there. The pizza is already there, just make the delivery.

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Hopefully, you take this show a little seriously for yourself and you take the next step. I’m not the most politically correct. I’ll be real. I go on rambles but I’m passionate, I’m confident and I trust myself. I know what I’m talking about, I’m educated, I learn, I grow and I’m always willing to accept criticism. Since I know all those things, I can talk on a show for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes, however amount of time the duration is, it doesn’t matter, and I could walk away with confidence. If someone doesn’t like me or they say, “That guy is stupid or this or that,” that’s not my problem because I make my own pie. My delivery came from passion, love and where I want this world to be.

Take this exercise and put it into play. In Brendan, welcome to the CreateU Experience. If you’re a coach or a trainer and you want to utilize our software for health and wellness, go ahead and send me a DM at @TheBMeyers on Instagram. You can also utilize our nutrition products. It’s absolutely delicious greens, if you want to have a scoop of the best thing in the world, 40-plus superfoods, herbs and extracts, help boost your immune system. It’s been known to help people with their gut big-time like people with IBS and stuff.

It’s been rewarding hearing all those testimonials and reviews. We have a lot. If you need an agency for your marketing to build your business, we have everything from copywriters, to design, to development. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff at CreateU. If you have not tried out the CreateU Gym or any of the memberships that are a part of CreateU, make sure you get on that. Follow me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers and at Clubhouse, @BrendanMeyers. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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Episode 96: Running Through Life’s Hurdles With Jonnie Ellis

CUE 96: Creating Success

CUE 96: Creating Success


The pandemic seems to have turned the whole world upside down and has torn down many businesses in its path. One company that is flourishing despite it, though, is Fit Sol, the brainchild of Jonnie Ellis and the premier provider of virtual and in-person corporate wellness and personal training. Jonnie’s story is a story of transformation. Five years ago, he wasn’t even in the fitness industry but owned a dispensary in Denver. He relates how his falling out with a business partner led him to create success in the fitness space and the opportunity to serve some of the largest tech corporations in the world, especially with the pandemic restrictions now where basically everything has to be virtual.

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Running Through Life’s Hurdles With Jonnie Ellis

Creating Success Out of Nothing

I am super excited for this show. The motto for this show is ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. I can feel it, we’re going to be going deep on this show. Jonnie Ellis is sitting here with me. He is going to be the guest for the show. He is the Founder of Fit Sol. They do a lot of virtual corporate wellness in person as well. Jonnie, what’s up?

How’s it going? Jonnie Ellis here, Founder of Fit Sol, Fitness Solutions LLC. We are the premier provider of virtual and in-person corporate wellness and personal training based out of Denver, Colorado serving some of the largest tech corporations in the world. Seeing an opportunity in 2020 with all this mayhem that we’ve been going through, adapted, overcame and we’ve become a staple in the wellness industry.

Let’s not talk about too much of what’s happening now because it’s been a shit show. Jonnie and I met at the gym and we started chopping it up and I said, I want to bring you on this show. I don’t even know the story but I know it’s deep. Before we even get started, what are we going to expect out of this? What can we see from this story of transformation? What can you expect?

You don’t always know where you’re going until you get there. Life comes at you in many different ways. You have a vision, you have a plan of action but life comes at you and it comes on its own terms. You have to adapt and overcome. Several years ago, I wasn’t even in the fitness industry. In fact, I owned a dispensary in Denver.


THC. I started in 2013, 2014, that led me to the fitness industry through a horrible circumstance. I had a bad falling out with a business partner, I took a lot of time to sort that out but in that time, experiencing that loss and that feeling of helplessness and hopelessness gave me the power that I have now. That’s what brought me to where I am.

Let’s back up all the way. First of all, you have a successful business. You’ve been running it for quite some time now. How many years have you been doing what you’re doing now?

Fit Sol has been going for a few years. I’ve been training professionally for a few years.

You have a lot of groundwork that you’ve already made and you’ve developed the incredible foundation, you’ve able to scale things right. Let’s jump all the way back because we all start from a little happy baby, a little sad baby, a little sparkle in the eyes but now we’re here. This transformation and evolution that we go through called life, this game we call life, starts somewhere. Tell us a bit about your childhood and how you came to a dispensary. I don’t know if that was your first business or not but tell us.

I was born in New Hampshire. I moved to New York, I grew up in New York on Orange County outside of New York city. My senior year of high school, I went to Mountain School.

In New York?

No, in the White Mountains, in New Hampshire. I went from New York for my senior year high school to Mountain School, a prep school essentially where we got to go to a couple hours of class every day and then we get to feed our passions, which I think is important. My passions there were competitive snowboarding and rock climbing. In that time, what brought me out to Colorado was my search to find the best place to snowboard in Rockland and also find a good school. I made my way out to CU. After college I moved, I worked for a tech industry consulting firm called Forrester Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I worked there for a few years and then decided that I wasn’t happy.

CUE 96: Creating Success
Creating Success: Life comes at you in many different ways. You may have a vision or a plan of action, but life comes at you and it comes on its own terms, so you have to adapt.


I felt like I was waking up every day living someone else’s dream, working to make someone else’s dream come true and it wasn’t fulfilling to me. Fulfillment became the center of my life. How do you find fulfillment? How do you define that? What is it? Why have we been talking about it for thousands of years? How do I find that? I took a big chance. I went to the University of Colorado and back in the day, that was the Wild West when dispensaries were popping up everywhere. You had to know someone in the industry if you’re going to college at CU. When I found out that recreational was legalized in 2013, on a whim, I quit my job. I took a flight out to Colorado, I started taking meetings, I found a partner, I bought a business, I opened a dispensary and we were rocking and rolling.

You went out full send mode. #FULLSEND, some TikTok shit here.

Lots of people told me how crazy I was quitting my job., You always feel like you’re following this roadmap that’s been put out to you. You got to have the white picket fence. You want to have the 9:00 to 5:00 job. You need to have insurance, retirement plan, this and that. I started to get in the way of thinking that our set point as children, we take what a teacher or a priest or whoever this person that we see and we look up to as children, when they tell us what is expected and what is, we take that as fact but it’s someone’s feeling. Science or math, those are facts. To tell me that I need to lead my life a certain way isn’t true.

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When I finally realized that I had the power of choice to leave that path and go to where my passion was, to try to take a chance, be a part of something new, be a pioneer in an industry that’s beginning not knowing where it’s going to end up or how it’s going to unfold. That was one of the most empowering things in my life to take that chance when everyone around me was telling me how crazy I was to quit my great job that I had, that I went to four years of college so I could get it and then to leave that behind to go chase after a dream. It didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it to but in the end it’s a win. I am where I am now. That’s what matters.

You’re talking about societal means and what society tells us that paints a picture for us like, “You got to follow this path. You got to follow that path because these are the ones that we’ve paved for you.” In reality, these paved paths go down some interesting places and dark roads that don’t even align with the way that our visions have developed in our minds. When you’re talking about taking that leap of faith from working somewhere for a couple of years and being like, “I’m going to take a flight and I’m going to go and do a recreational dispensary.” What were some of the fears that you came across? Were there any fears? I’m sure there was something in there that was like, “What if it doesn’t work out?”

At that time, there was no fear. There was nothing that could stop me. When people told me how crazy I was, it was not even a thought. I knew this was going to work. In the end, the picture that was painted is not as pretty as I would’ve liked it to be but it all worked out fine. The adventure and the journey were what brought me to where I am now. Being present and realizing that at this moment it is the only moment and if we can trust that the universe is going to give to us exactly what we need to get to where we’re supposed to be, when you can believe that anything’s possible. You can accept what is. That’s a powerful thing.

I love how this is evolving into igniting people’s breakthroughs because I feel like we’re limited by what people are telling us and what we even tell ourselves. Many of the readers are like, “How do I take that leap? How do I fucking go for it?” Maybe over the next several of years of your story, we’re going to discover a bit more of an understanding of that. You went from dispensary. What happened with that dispensary? Where did it push you to? You said you felt lost at a certain point and you were like, “What the fuck do I do?” That’s a big gap that we haven’t bridged yet. What’s going on there?

Not only did I feel lost but I had also lost everything. Every dime that I had to my name, my partner took everything from me. Me being young, eager and not doing my due diligence, not getting all my ducks in a row and being too eager to get into a deal which will be a lesson that will forever be with me put me in a position where I was vulnerable and I was able to be taken advantage of. I found myself at a point where everything was gone. I was at the top of the world one day and the next day it was all lost. That was a hard pill to swallow. I wasn’t okay with that. At first, I had a lot of anger, fears and resentment, a lot of things that were holding me back.

CUE 96: Creating Success
Creating Success: Everything’s not always going to be great and perfect, but we need to slow down and take the time to appreciate the small wins that we may have.


It was a long road to be able to make that right and get back what was mine but in that time, experiencing those lows gave me the ability to find my way and appreciate the wins. To slow down and understand that everything’s not always going to be great and perfect but we need to slow down and take the time to appreciate the small wins that we may have. After all this was lost, I was looking to find a new way. I always had a passion in fitness. At the time, my brother was struggling with addiction and mental health issues. I wanted to try to find a way because in my pain, I found power in fitness and finding my strength empowered me. Empowerment through strength is a huge thing for me that I preached to all my clients. When you find your strength and the ability to transform your body, it makes all things seem possible.

I thought that I could help my brother and other people in this way. From my rock bottom, I could come out and on the other side I could bring others with me. What I wanted to do and what my dream was to start a sober living house that used fitness to help people reclaim their sobriety and to reclaim their lives. That’s what brought me into the fitness industry. I never worked in a gym before. I knew how to work out but I didn’t know how it worked. I started training clients. It was more of a hobby as I was in court trying to get my business back. I started out that way.

I started saying, “I’m going to make this work.” I got in touch with a buddy who was opening up an F45 over at Sloan’s Lake. I took on the task of launching that business with him. Within about 6 to 9 months, we were ranked the number one F45 in the nation for sales and customer retention. At that point, I thought I figured this out. I think group fitness is the best way to get me the most exposure to build a thriving personal training business that can then give me the opportunity and the means to go after my passion project, which was going to be the sober living house to try to help people through fitness.

Things evolved from there. Every day in class, my thought was, how many people can I get in front of every day? I don’t have a large social media presence. I work organically through relationships. What I want to do is touch as many people and help as many people as I can in each day. The dichotomy here in our industry is that we’re encouraged to display ourselves online to get traction. However, something that I believe in is not to explicitly tell people who I am or to show that too much because it then gives people the opportunity to see themselves in me. That’s a true human connection. That’s powerful. Finding real connection and truly helping people to transform their lives was what got me going on all this.

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You said something interesting there about human connection and relationship. I personally believe and I say this every time, I don’t know business, I know people, relationships are what build businesses. If the readers were like, “I don’t have a social media presence. I don’t know what the fuck to do. I want to build a business. I want to make money.” At the end of the day, we have our own reasons to why we want to make money. It generally isn’t because I want to make money and have money in my bank account and own cars.

It’s more like, “When I was younger, I didn’t have money and we couldn’t put a lot of food on the table, so I like to be fulfilled in that way. I want money to be able to afford for my family.” We do those types of things. What would you tell someone who is trying to figure it out for themselves? Maybe they don’t have a social media connection anywhere, they don’t have many followers, they’re trying to build a business for themselves in person. What’s the number one tool you’ve used to develop these connections and to evolve your business?

Being authentic and truly trying to listen rather than be heard to try not to display yourself, to give other people the opportunity to see themselves in you.

What do you mean by that?

If I allow people to make their own judgments about who I am, they’ll find some connection somewhere. If I tell you exactly who I am, I am A, B, C, D and E.

They’re going to paint a picture in their own minds and then try to relate to that.

Yes. I want to lead my life with acceptance. I want to lead my life with love, with passion. I want to try to help people. Beyond that, I don’t define myself in many other ways. It’s giving people the opportunity to see you as they see you and find something we haven’t come through.

A relationship through action and communication rather than expressing your story to someone else and be like, “I relate to you in that way,” but more so experience with that person. It’s the relationship bond. It’s huge. You went into fitness, started developing your business, started personal training people. Tell us the rest. Where are you now? Let’s bridge this so we can get rolling. I want to learn more.

After the personal training business took off, I left the group fitness realm and that’s when I launched Fit Sol. Fit Sol had taken off. We had a full book of clients, trainers taken clients that I can’t put fit on my schedule. I started looking into the corporate wellness industry, the opportunity right there that corporations have budgets. They have teams that are disconnected and this was even when people were still in offices. I started out with in-person corporate wellness. I had clients like Prologis, McWhinney, Apple, tons of big-name companies based in Denver. I go in a couple of days a week at the teams together, we’d work out, do our thing and that was going great for a time.

When COVID slowed things down, everybody left the offices. It’s a funny thing when I was stuck in the house for a few months, as a way to hold myself accountable was approached by ClassPass. They asked me, “Do you want to stream virtual classes on ClassPass?” “I’m not doing anything else anyway, I’m taking walks, I’m going on bike rides. I might as well do this. At least I’ll do my work out every day.” This started as a way to hold myself accountable. Next thing you know, 90 days later, I was ranked number four virtual trainers in the world on the ClassPass platform, accidentally trying to hold myself accountable.

That was through the authenticity, the connection and my ability to connect with people through this new virtual space. In that time, this all developed into a whole new market for me. The offices weren’t coming back online. What I started to do was reach out to corporations to see how they wanted to keep and retain their talent in their top condition. Mostly, tech companies are the target market. They’re always looking for unique ways to keep their people engage their teams connected and find something more that they can offer. That has led me into this virtual space. Now we have clients like Microsoft, Intel, Dell, LG, ViewSonic, CDW.

From a technology standpoint, do you like Microsoft, Dell, Apple?

I’m an Apple guy but I haven’t quite gotten to lock them down.

Your brother played a huge role and you wanted to develop something for rehab centers. Tell me more about that. Do you still want to do that? What happened with that idea and that story behind there?

That is still my passion project. When I’m able to build out a facility and I have the means to do those things, that’s what I will do. My connection with that is after my brother passed away in July 2020, rather than having a traditional memorial service for him, my family and I got together and we decided it would be more meaningful to find some organization that we could raise money for and donate to. We were talking about dual diagnosis, rehab facilities, it seemed a little cheap to me to write a check and pass it off to someone. I wanted to do something that I could stay connected to and that would also keep me close to my passion of wanting to one day use fitness to help people come out of dark places and find a way out to the other side.

We found Phoenix Multisport, which is a national organization. Now it’s a sober active community, a free gym for anyone with 24 hours of sobriety. I reached out to Phoenix Multisport and told them about my brother and his struggles with mental health and addiction. We put together a workout fundraiser and I got together with them. I invited out my network and we were able to raise about $20,000 to buy them new equipment for their gym. I try to stay connected with those guys to get over there when I can to do some workouts with people and show my support and keep that vision and passion alive.

Sometimes we push some of our big passions in our lives down and we suppress. We’re like, “I don’t want to serve that. It’s not the right time to serve that. It’s too difficult to serve that.” It seems like you keep on pushing with your passions no matter what, that’s a huge strength. The majority of us aren’t able to find those passions in us and to be able to pursue it and trust the process. Where do you find that strength to be able to keep on pushing forward and to keep on achieving new things and to keep on discovering new things? I may be wrong but it doesn’t seem like you’re the type of person to sit on a couch and watch some TV and Netflix and go to work and be good. What’s missing for most people you think?

CUE 96: Creating Success
Creating Success: We sell ourselves short thinking we don’t have everything we need inside of ourselves right now.


I wouldn’t necessarily say there’s something missing for people, it may be something that they haven’t discovered inside themselves yet. I think we all have it. We all know like we know right from wrong. We’ve learned lessons through our life that we have deep down there somewhere and we know the answer but we need to reconnect with that somehow. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a lot of pain and loss and suffering to be able to dig deep and find those answers inside yourself. A lot of people call self-help books. I like to think of it more as self-rediscovery. These are truths that we’ve had all along inside ourselves. We sell ourselves short thinking we don’t have everything we need inside of ourselves. For a long time for me, I was codependent.

I needed people around me all the time. I needed things or titles or something to define myself with. The biggest milestone or transformation for me was when I realized I have everything I need inside myself. Imagine yourself in a white room with nothing, if you were there and you found herself without anything, how would you define yourself? If you couldn’t use any words or things that you had or that you do, who are you? That is a powerful thing when you’re able to define who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in without anything outside of yourself. When we all realize we have everything we need to take over the world if we want to then that’s what’s going to set us off to the next level.

At the end of the day, I’m someone that I express myself on social media. I don’t know if you see any of my stories. I’m goofy as shit. I’m like full send all the time. If I want to go like this with my lips, I’m going to do that with my lips. If I’m going to twerk on camera, I’m going to twerk on camera. I’m not going to do what I want to do right now on this table. Authenticity and what you’re talking about, transparency and self-expression is what “self-help” is all about. What are you about to grab? You’re about to pull some something out. Is this magic?

One thing where if we’re taking a step back and if I’m telling people, “How do we define who we are without looking outside of ourselves?” I had some practices that got me to that point. That’s not an easy question to answer, but it’s important to have daily questions to ask yourself and these questions I wrote in 2014. I still ask these to myself every day because you can forget to do these things when you get out of practice, you need to practice presence. You don’t have that. These things take practice.

I learned something from Eric Stevenson. He passed away. He was a shorter guy. He was in a wheelchair. He said, “When your life is working, I want you to write down ten things. Those ten things that you’re doing every day that makes your life good work.” For me, I drink a gallon a day. I meditate every morning. I am eating the right amount of foods that I want to each day, those types of ten things. I call my dad or my mom. When things are not going good, look at those ten things and see how many of them you’re doing. I did that practice. What I discovered was whenever my days were not going good, I was not doing my ten things. Many times, it starts with doing one thing. Maybe you are an addict. Maybe you are going through tough times or you’re going through codependency and you’re leaving that situation. That’s addiction as well.

When you’re exiting those types of relations, when you’re in a tough place, go back to ten things that you feel like can do good for you during that day and structure your day around that. What I learned is when I did those ten things right, anything that came in that wasn’t those ten things, I always say, your life is a choice, I chose no, I don’t want that. Whether it was going to drink with friends, that doesn’t work for me. On a Wednesday, that doesn’t work for me. This hamburger, should I eat? No, that’s not working for me on my diet. It’s such an interesting topic. With that being said and leading into it, tell me about these daily questions.

These can lead to being able to another important thing that we can touch on, we should be able to write our life’s curriculum. What do we stand for? What do we believe in? That goes into how we define ourselves as who we are. The daily questions, how would I live this day if I knew it was my last? Number two, what do I have to be grateful for in my life? Number three, what’s one thing I could do now to make my life extraordinary? What can I do to make now incredibly fun? Number five, how can I help someone else now? Those are the five questions that I start every day with.

It’s like a ladder of gratitude and affirmations. It’s like recognizing yourself but recognizing the connections you have with the world and how you can give that off to other people, almost share the energy that you’re feeling. Is that what it is?

It’s a positive reinforcement loop.

You do this every morning?

Every morning, like reviewing your goals.

Do you read it or do you write it in an actual journal?

I read and think on it. Make your questions, I encourage everyone to have those hard questions that you ask yourself. You’re not always going to have an answer. That’s the challenge, to search deep down inside yourself. How do you answer these tough questions? It’s easy to give the simple answer but give it some thought, dig deep and think about what matters, where you want to be, how you’re living each day to get yourself there. Are you going against what you want? You need to make sure that your actions are congruent with your aspirations. If we have a goal in sight, we need to have a plan of action and we need to execute on that plan of action. If we don’t keep ourselves focused day in and day out, it’s easy to go off in the wrong direction and lose focus.

I’m going to correlate this to something that we experience in everyday life. If you’re eating and you’re trying to be optimal with your health, you know that every day you should be eating fruits and vegetables, you can eat something bad here and there. Are you someone who is having a cheat meal every single day or are you not? That’s almost like our visions and the path that we’re trying to create. Do you want to keep on putting hurdles in front of you and running through them and then hurts, it’s uncomfortable and it creates discomfort? Do you want to pave the way towards your future and success?

For many of us it’s like, “I want to look good naked in the mirror. I want to look in the mirror and I want to smile. I want to be happy. The cars are cool and the house is cool. I want to be fulfilled. I want to feel great.” It almost starts with that. How are you eating? Are you doing the essentials of your life? Are you living? Are you drinking water? Are you putting food in your system? Calories, it’s a unit of energy. It correlates so well. For you, it seems like you’re structured, you get a lot done, you’re motivated and you’re continuously pushing forward. Tell me the quirky side of you, the fun side, who is Jonnie Ellis at its flesh? If you could do anything in the world, who are you? Who is this guy?

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I am open, accepting, willing to try new things, unafraid, willing to fail and learn, always finding a way through trying times, leaning on the people around me for help knowing that I can’t do it all on my own and trying to be present in each moment and lead my life with passion and love.

Do you like to dance?

I love to dance.

Do you like to rap?

I used to rap in college. I performed a couple of shows.

Can you freestyle?

I can a bit if we had a beat or something. Here we sit. B. Meyer, CreateU, let me see you. Tell me a bit about yourself. I can’t do it now.

My beat was good. Your rapping wasn’t good.

It is bad. I retired years and years ago.

This was cool to sit down with you and to tap in and learn. It’s interesting because we look at people around us and we’re like, “He is this. He is that.” Assumptions. Have you ever heard of the four agreements?


Never make assumptions. Your word’s your world type thing. Don’t take yourself too seriously because at the end of the day, we’re all quirky, trying, living and dealing with shit. The world isn’t like one person at a time is going to be feeling the energy of the world. No, everyone at the same time, it’s like, “I’ve got to make sure of my finances. I’ve got to look over here.” We all have fears. We all are challenged with things. You represent that but it’s even hard, from the outside-in we make these assumptions. I didn’t know this about you. I didn’t know the things that you’ve been through or the come up that you have but everybody has a story.

The most detrimental thing that we can do is suppress our story, to try and say, “No, my story doesn’t matter. My past doesn’t matter. That doesn’t matter.” At the end of the day, how much is the matter? It’s your vision. People are like, “I don’t have a passion.” Have you uncovered who you are? Do you know who you are? You’ve done work. When you first started, was it easy?

No. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and daily work to get to where you want to be.

How do you get started with that? What would you suggest?

Take an inventory of your life, being honest with yourself, taking responsibility for your actions for one, taking responsibility for the place you are in the world, that’s step number one. If we understand that we act with intention, then we cannot be surprised by the results. If we’re acting with intention and we have a goal in mind and we have our curriculum that we live by, results shouldn’t be unexpected. Everything is not going to work out perfectly. If your vision stays clear, a success or a failure is another thing, we have to carry on and keep that vision alive. You can’t change what your motivations are because of the roadblocks that you encounter. Believe that you have to stay true and know who you are and what you stand for. That is, at the bottom line, the most important thing for every individual to try to define who you are, what you stand for and what’s important to you.

Have you ever seen that guy that runs straight through all the hurdles to the finish line, sprinting through?

All go.

That’s me. What you’re saying is that. Let’s run through the hurdles. Maybe you should duck under a couple of them because shit hurts or jump over a couple of them, there’s got to be hurdles in your life, fucking smash through them. Jonnie, thank you for joining me. Thank you for hopping on the show. We ignited some breakthroughs, brought some visions to life. Get started. The path is never easy, you’re going to be challenged. Take an inventory of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a corporate and you’re an employee or you’re an entrepreneur and you’re struggling, if you get started and you stay consistent with the positivity in your life, remember your word’s your world the way that you’re thinking. You start choosing that much more. You start choosing yes instead of no. You start choosing what’s next instead of what came before. You start choosing the root or the path to success and you never stop. You will find what you’re looking for.

Take a chance, bet on yourself.

Jonnie, thank you for joining us. Where can they find you?

You can find me on Instagram @Jonnie_Ellis. I’ll be out there looking for you.

If you have a question, send him a direct message like a couple of his posts. The man’s all yadded. I didn’t even go into the stories of that but I’m sure we’ll have you on another show. We can chat about it, bring you on the YouTube. Thank you, Jonnie. I appreciate you. Thank you for getting vulnerable and authentic with everyone. If you’re struggling, we got you. Keep on reading on all the shows that we have. We’re on iTunes. We’re on Spotify. We’re everywhere. We’re here for you. We want you to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. Know that your vision is there. At the end of the day, go out and reach for it. It’s in front of you. Sometimes we’re blocking it off ourselves. You can find me on Instagram @TheBMeyers. We also have our CreateU Instagram. We got our greens. We got a lot of stuff. You can always holler at me. Remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life.

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