Episode 35: The Best Foods To Fit Your Macros… Explained with Megan Sherer

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health


While many of us eat to feel good, the food choices we often make only give us short-term satisfaction rather than better health in the long run. Coming over to talk about all things wellness and health is Megan Sherer, a holistic health and wellness coach and Founder of Empowered Bodies. In this episode, Megan breaks down the best foods to fit our macros that can optimize how we function in our daily lives. Learn a lot about the different kinds of food you need in your body to improve your lifelong health from the inside out.

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The Best Foods To Fit Your Macros… Explained with Megan Sherer

Giving Your Body What It Truly Needs

We are joined by Megan Sherer. Megan is someone who had helped me in the past when I was going through a very tough time in my life. She was assisting me and breaking through a lot of thatShe was one of the tactics in my toolbox that I grabbed and used to ignite my breakthroughCreateU can be attributed to you slightly because it was a huge point in my life where I broke through and now CreateU. Megan, tell us who you are. You’re a nutritionist, you’re a life coach. A damn good life coach, I’ll say thatIf you’re having trouble, follow her on Instagram. What’s your Instagram?  


Definitely follow her and check her out because she helped me. I’ll be honest with you. It’s not cheap, but I just want to prepare you. Tell us who you are 

You alluded to it. I practice all things wellnessMy background is I studied holistic nutrition and sports nutrition because I was at first concerned with helping people with their physical health and their physical bodies. I’ve practiced and taught yoga from a young age and physical fitness, personal training, all the thingscouple of years into that journey, I started my own practice working with people just on their nutrition and physical health. I started to see that there’s a lot more to it. Our mental and emotional health and even spiritual health are such an important part of our overall well-being and quality of lifeFrom there, I layered on a lot to what I doI say that I do all things wellness. You’ve got the nutrition and the movement piece, yoga, but then also meditation, breathwork, mindfulness-based practices, piano. 

Do you play the piano?  

I do play. I’m very dynamic.  

Do you play guitar?  

That’s the one thing that I wish I could. It’s very hard for me.  

Do you have the ukulele? 

That’s a little bit easier because it’s easier to put your fingers in the chord positions. 

I put my fingers in many positions. Whatever that means.  

This is why I like spending time with you. You just never know where the conversation will go.  

You’re big time in all things wellness. Our green juice is the best. Thank you.  

I haven’t tasted it yet, but ingredientswise it’s the best. 

That’s CreateU Juice. I want to dive into the nutrition side of things for now and then I’ll probably have you on for some more. Before we do, you had to go through your own struggles, trials and tribulations to get to where you are now even to be able to sit here with @TheBMeyers. Give us something that happened that was like headshot. 

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health


There are a lot of chapters for me, especially if we’re talking about my health journey in particular. The reason that I got so passionate about wellness in the body from a young age is I struggled with disorder eating like a teenager and was super underweight. thought I was doing everything right but was listening to diet magazines and diet advice and didn’t know how to nourish and fuel my body in a productive wayThat kick-started my passion for learning more about how I could take control of my health. The big one, I’d say, if we’re talking about big moments is in my early twenties when I was about 22 years old, I was in a pretty major car accident. That shook up my physical health, my mental health and my emotional healthThat is what led me down the path to discovering all these modalities, tools and resources to help me live my best quality of lifeThat’s what I share with other people. 

What people misunderstand is that a lot of the times, not just like you have been eating well for a long period of time. That does have an effect, but it’s emotional wellbeing and is where you are emotional? What things are you holding in? I think we’ve done an exercise where I was screaming. You told me to scream. You told me to start screaming. I couldn’t because I had herniations at the time. When I started screaming, it was great.  

Honestly, I have a lot of people come to me who they’re frustrated because they’re like, I eat perfectlyMy diet is great. I work out six days a week and I feel like I’m doing everything right and why is my health still not good? Why does my body not look how I want it to?” The answer is that it’s not just about what you’re eating and how much you’re working outThere are a lot of other layers to addressThat’s mental and emotional. 

A car accident, you got over something as wellYou’ve been working through with sushi. 

I got a bad E. coli infection from sushi. 

What did you have though? Was it good?  

It was good, but here’s the thing, I don’t even eat sushi all that much. I only eat it maybe a few times a year because I’m not a big seafood personMy friend was like, “We should go get sushi. We went to a reputable restaurant in LA. My favorite things to get was that eel and avocado rolls.  

I’m a sushi king.  

I know. I feel bad telling people about this who loves sushi because it scares them or ruins it for them.  

Did you have stomachaches? 

The first two days felt like I had food poisoningI was wrecked and terrible fever, stomachache and not feeling well. I was sickFor the next few weeks, my digestion was off. I never felt back to normalIt got to the point where I had 105degree fever and was in terrible pain and ended up in urgent care 

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Were you sure an eel wasn’t just swimming in your stomach?  

It could be. 

Swimming through like, “What’s this? Poke 

In way, it’s grosswarning, iaddition to the E. coli infection, I had parasites from that sushi too 

What in the world were you eating? Are you sure it was an eel? Wasn’t it a pigeon from outside? 

Here’s the thing, it can be from raw or undercooked fish, but sometimes these bacterial infections can be transmitted through unwashed hands, somebody else who’s come in contact with a virus or bacteria and they’re preparing or serving you your food and they just didn’t wash their hands 

Now we’re here. You’ve given me a lot of modalities to combat what we thought was a metal deficiency or whatever. 

It’s heavy metal toxicity. 

Which I probably still have a little bit, I’m not going to lie. The main point is that you have so many modalities and things that you know, so I want to tap into if you go into the grocery store, you’re a regular human being. There are a lot of gut issues out there. Let’s just say for regular old people that don’t have gut issues. I talk to people every single day. I’m like, “Don’t you fart a bunch?” They’re like, “No,” I’m like, “For real? I’m the king of that. I got a trophy when I was sixteen for the fart contest 

Were there other competitors?  

No, it’s just me. I’ve got a sword. I bought the sword myself from Dollar TreeWhen you walk into a regular store, not a Dollar Tree, not a Whole Foods, I’m talking about a King Soopers, a Publix or whatever. You’re going through the aisles and let’s say carbs. Let’s start with carbs. You see all of this shit. You see popcorn, crackers, rice, brown rice, black rice. There are so many different types of carbohydrates, chips like gluten-free chips, gluten-free bagel, regular bagel, high-end, whole wheat bagel. It’s mind-blowingWhere do you stem away from things and where do you gravitate toward? 

It’s one that’s so relevant to so many people because whether you have health issues or not digestive issues or not everybody has to eat and everybody, for the most part, can benefit from optimizing their diet in a way that has them feel better. Even if you don’t have a health condition, you’d probably still benefit from more energy or just feeling that more vibrancy, the better quality of lifelot of that starts with your food choicesI’d say the number one thing, if we’re talking about carbohydrates or any food category, the biggest thing is usually if the ingredient list is long, if you’re looking at a paragraph worth of ingredients, that’s your first red flag. From there, there are specific things you can look out forIdepends on your particular body, but if you’ve got a healthy body, you’re not struggling with digestive issues or anything along those lines, it’s still beneficial for you to choose anti-inflammatory food optionsThat’s for longevity. longer, healthier quality of life.  

What would you say about corn? 

Corn is an interesting one. I’m glad you brought that up because it’s a controversial topic right now in the nutrition world and that is because on the surface, corn seems like it would be healthy. It’s grown from the ground. It’s a vegetable and it’s a whole food, which is not talking about the grocery store Whole Foods. That’s the first thing I recommend to people is fill your diet with whole foods, single-ingredient foods. However, corn growth and corn production in our country, in particular in the US, is a little bit shitty. It’s worth it, honestly, to let people know about this. It’s unfortunate because you’re taking this healthy food and cross-pollinating it with lots of GMOslots of pesticides and things used in corn production. Corn is in pretty much everything. You think about high fructose corn syrup, that’s a corn-based sugar that is used in a lot of processed foods. It can be a hidden ingredient in a lot of foods. Corn is just used as the basis of starch for a lot of the processed foods people eat that you see in grocery storesBecause of that, people are getting such high levels of exposure to this sort of Frankenstein corn. It’s not like the fresh stuff that you would get in the garden if you grew it yourself. 

You would recommend it if you’re growing it yourself or like a farmers market. 

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health


Like farmer’s market corn, absolutely. I’d say the only exception is, people with specific digestive issues or inflammatory condition. It can be sensitive for some people, but you definitely want to watch out for conventionally grown corn.  

You’re going down the aisle and there’s a corn-based chip does not necessarily mean that it’s great for you. You probably should look and stay away from it. I generally do. What about rice chips? 

Rice chips can be a good option if you’re trying to stay away from cornIt’s the same thing there, though. We want to look at the ingredient list. It’s because a chip bag says that it’s made with brown rice and whole grains doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for you. There are a whole host of different brands out there. Some of them you’ll look at the ingredients and it will literally be brown rice and some cooking oil and sea salt 

What cooking oil would you stay away from?  

Number one, stay away from canola oil. It is highly inflammatory. Even if you’re a healthy person, canola oil is not doing your body any favors. Any highly refined oilsIf you see the word refined, try and stay away from it. Safflower oil is another one. It’s used in a lot of processed foods. It’s not greatI’ll put out the disclaimer that it’s not like you’re going to die if you eat a product with canola or safflower oil in itI don’t want to make people feel they can’t eat their favorite foods or treats ever againIf it’s a food that you’re consuming on a daily basis and it contains these ingredients, that’s something to take a look at. 

Those oils, the sodium content, if it has a shit ton of sodium, I generally stay away from thatTurkey meat, we’ll get to protein, but that’s sodium. I want to get to thatIt’s crazyCarbs, brown rice or rice chips. What about tortilla chips? 

Tortilla chips are typically corn-based. There are different kinds that are coming out now and there’s this awesome brand. There are a couple of brands that’ll say that make grain-free tortilla chips, which are a phenomenal option. Especially for people who are trying to lower their grain intake because of inflammation or just dietary preference. One brand is called CFA Foods. 

They also have the flour tortilla. The cassava flour.  

Cassava flour, they make almond flour tortillas and they make coconut flour tortillas. This one is exciting. They came out with chickpea flour tortillas. They’re high in protein. sound like a rep for this. This is not sponsored. I just love this. There’s another brand. It’s called The Real CoconutThey make coconut flour tortilla chipsThey’re very good. They taste a little coconut-yIn terms of ingredients, they’re super clean and they’re a good choice. I’ve made nachos with them before. 

Nachos, not now. I’m not low carb, but I wanted to say I’m low carb.  

That’s what’s awesome about the coconut chips is that they’re high fat, low carbThey’re a good option.  

I only have so much fat that I can. We can talk later about that. People have some ideas. How about potato chips? Avocado oil potato chips. 

The reason that I would say it’s a nogo is that they’re typically fried in some sort of oil. That’s not great. Avocado oil is a better choice, but again, you’re taking in a high amount of refined oils, so it shouldn’t be like an everyday thing. What would be way better is if you could get an air fryer, get a little mandolin, thin slice the potatoes yourself, and make homemade potato chips. That would be that delicious. Anytime you can use fresh ingredients, that’s better. 

Also raw and wholesome ingredients.  

You can control what goes into it, this sodium content salt.  

Pour half the bottle of salt on it.  

Himalayan sea salt.  

I’m a mountain guy though. I like mountain salt.  

The Himalayas are a mountain. 

Himalayan pink sea salt, but you can’t combine all of them. I wanted to make sure. I’m a mountain goat. I had yak. It was a freaking yak.  

Did it taste like buffalo?  

It’s very interesting because it’s higher in fatIf you have eight ounces of meat, you’re getting about twelve grams of fat. You’re getting 48 grams of protein, so it’s pretty caloric. I’m not going to lie. That’s dense. They are not a monster though. They’re beautiful. They’re very interesting creatures, I’ll say thatWe’re done with carbsLet’s go to some fatsWhat people don’t realize is that fats are extremely caloriedense, so caloric.  

very small amount of food volume-wise, if it’s fat-based is a lot of calories, which can be great. It can be in your favor if you’re trying to gain weight, but if you’re not, it’s something to look out forYou want to watch out if you have a lot of sugar in your diet and a lot of fat, that can be a precursor to insulin sensitivity and diabetes. 

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That’s longterm 

That’s something to watch out for, but they’re also important to have in your diet.  

What are some good fat sources that you would say in the fat aisle? Welcome to the fat aisle. Nobody would go down. I want no fat. Do you like cheese?  

I used to love cheese. My dad grew up on a farm in Illinois, so we were like Midwestern cheeseMy body doesn’t necessarily love cheese so I don’t eat it all that muchWhen the whole E. coli thing happened, I went completely plant-based after that to start focusing on healing the digestive issues and inflammation that it causedcut out all dairy and stuff at that point. I wouldn’t say cheese is a great fat source if we’re talking about what are the best ones.  

There is some type of fat, like some cheese that is way higher quality, buffalo burrata cheese.  

Some people who have issues with lactose can do well with harder cheeses like fresh parmesan, not the Kraft kind. In general, whole food options are always the bestIf we’re talking about fats like avocados, awesome. If you can get fresh coconut meats, fresh coconut cream that’s a great option. Depending on if you have got any sensitivities, nuts and nut butter can be good.  

If you have never heard of it, NuttZo, you eat it and you’re good. I just got sponsored with that. That was a push towards getting sponsored 

If they send you some jars, let me know.  

I should have mentioned them on Instagram. lot of seeds.  

Tahini is a good one. I’ve been using that a lot. Peanuts are another controversial one like corn. My perspective on peanuts is that a lot of it is moldy. It’s a moldy nut because of the way it’s grown. There are certain types of peanuts and peanut butter that are lower moisture contentThey have lower mold content 

How do you find that?  

That’s the thing. You wouldn’t find that at a typical grocery store. You would find your Skippy and your Jif and all that, those kinds of peanut butter. The problem with those two is that they have palm oil and sugar added to them. If you’re going to get peanut butter, get one that has great ingredients. The ingredients are just peanuts.  

No Skippy or Jiffy.  

I’m sorry. I know I hate to ruin or crush everybody’s childhood dreams. 

How about jelly?  

Jelly is a fun one. It’s the same thing. Most conventional store-bought jellies are high in sugarJelly is easy to make yourself at homeIf you get fresh raspberries, you can make a raspberry chia jelly super easily. Chia seeds are very binding and they give that gelatinous effect and that is so good because you can control what goes into it. You don’t have to do pounds of cane sugar. 

We got fats knocked down. Let’s go to proteinDo you want to go to protein? like some oils. It’s because burn points also have a very big case in thisGo ahead 

The same thing with what we were talking about before, stay away from processed foods. Oils, even though they are singleingredient food, they are processedEven if you’re talking about coconut oil, it’s a highlyrefined version of coconutIt’s not the best way to get nutrients. If you’re trying to up your calorie intake, then oils are great. If you’re trying to watch out for your fats and trying to lower your inflammation, cooking with as little oil as possible is honestly the best way to go. Coconut, olive, avocado, those are good ones. If you’re somebody who uses butter, make sure to get grass-fed butter or use ghee, which is clarified butter.  

Butter is one of those things that’s good for you if you do it right.  

You don’t want the conventional storebought butter because it goes back to what we were talking about. 

That’s oils. Let’s go to the protein. With protein, I want to say this, that when you go into the store and you’re going to get your lunch meat, the amount of sodium that is in that stuff is fucking mind-blowing. The majority of all of these. First of all, they have nitrates. They’re trying to preserve the food to make the high quality, the texture and everything longterm. Second of all, sodium. You’ll see in two slices, it’s 500 milligrams of sodium. It’s insane. Let me put it into perspective. I’m supposed to be consuming about 1,500 to 1,800 milligrams of sodium per day. If I were to have two slices of freaking turkey lunch meat, it’s 500.  

Most people would have more than that.  

Most people would have four, five or six. You have that, you’re already at 1,500 milligrams of sodium. Sodium is incredible for you. It’s very important for you. Too much of it is going to fuck you up, I will say that. Longterm, that’s what gets you. Remember, a long time ago, sodium was a huge thing. You can’t be putting salt on all this stuff because of whatever. They were like, Himalayan pink salt. It’s also the quality of that sodium 

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health


There’s a huge difference between table salt and highquality sea salt or Himalayan salt. Those salts have an immense amount of minerals and chemical compounds that are so good for your body and help you to balance your electrolytes. Whereas, generic table salt or the salt that’s in a lot of these processed foods is going to contribute to higher blood pressure, hypertension, inflammation.  

It’s more farts. 

I don’t know about that. I think that’s just you. 

Ladies, I don’t fart as much. If you would like to take me on a date, you can. I have a little squeaker. 

I don’t know about that. I just spent the day with him. 

What the heck? Are you throwing it out there like that?  

I’m kidding. He’s awesome. Go on a date with him. 

I had 220 grams of protein. What do you want me to do? I’m prepping for a show. I’m freaking out. Help meAnywaygreat sources of proteins. What about eggs? Here’s the thing, I stopped eating eggs for the longest time because I felt it gave me acne on my back and it didn’t make me feel well. I started eating eggs, but they’re specific type of eggs. They’re the highest grade eggsOn top of that, there are two certifications on them. It’s certified organic and then it’s humane-certified, then there’s one more that’s organic or whatever.  

Hormone and antibiotic-free. 

It was the highest and it’s way more expensive. It’s $6.99 for a carton rather than $2.49. What do you recommend? 

I want to address two things when we’re talking about protein. The people who eat animal protein and people who don’t because I want everybody to feel they can get something out of thisIf we’re talking about animal protein in particular, that’s all your meats, your eggs and dairy-based products. Anytime you’re consuming animal protein, you want to make sure that it is organic and that it is humanelyraised, pastureraised, grass-fed if it’s beefThe reason for that is because a lot of the animals that are conventionally raised, they are injected with hormones to make them grow bigger, faster, and antibiotics to keep them from getting sick as they’re growing bigger, faster and in these confined conditionsThe problem with that is when you then go and eat that meat, whether it’s chicken, turkey, beef, anything, you’re consuming those hormones and antibiotics too. That can mess with your body’s system. Your body is not meant to consume all those. 

I want to stop right therebecause there’s this huge thing about organic and how a lot of organic is not even organicWhat’s up with all that? 

The USDA organic label is an expensive label or certification to get. It’s tied up in governmental regulationsI’m not saying that it’s a corrupt label. There’s a lot of value in organic foods, but a lot of times, some farmers can’t afford to certify their food as organic and that doesn’t make it any less organic or healthy. It doesn’t have the label on itSometimes foods that are labeled organic might still also find loopholes and be using pesticides and things like thatThat’s why I added those other qualifiers like your eggs. You’re looking for free-range chickens and hormone and antibiotic-free because that way you’re guaranteed that not only is it organic, but those chickens had a good quality of life. They weren’t stressed out when they were producing their eggs because that’s another thing. If the animal is stressed, their body is producing adrenaline and cortisol and then you’re consuming thatThat’s why a lot of people are experiencing adrenal fatigue and high cortisol levels and burnout.  

What I want to say is if a lot of people don’t have a lot of money to spend on the organic, if you are going to eat any meats, I personally stay away from chicken. I don’t eat chicken. I think it’s the dirtiest bird in the sea. I do recommend turkey over chicken any day. If you want to stay away from turkey and chicken, then I recommend cod. I recommend salmon. I recommend any type of fish except for tilapia. If you’re going to have any shrimp, have West Atlantic shrimp. You don’t want Pacific shrimp, you don’t want to need any of that nasty crapGenerally, I don’t eat any beef. I personally don’t eat any ground beef, but I have wild game meats. Bison is a little bit more expensive. If you can’t eat that, that’s completely fineYou want to eat beef, then make sure that you’re getting good cuts. Personally, I believe that the fattier the meat, honestly the more shit that’ll be in there because it’s close to the surface of the bodyInjection sites, whatever, however they do itFor me, when you talk about natural, you see natural, just like you’re saying is that it is expensive to get organic. That label, organic USDA or whatever approved or certified, I recommend looking for how they’re raised. You can’t always buy organic because you don’t have enough money or sometimes they don’t even have it. Find something that is as close to possible as high quality and that’s it. 

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I agree with all of thatIn a perfect world, you would be able to get your fish and your meats from a farmer’s market, from a grower, provider who can guarantee you the source. That will be a little bit more expensiveIf you are going to incorporate these foods in your diet and you can’t afford the more natural options, I would say just to reduce the consumption of them so that you’re not getting quite as high of levels of all those things. We talked about the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and supplement with more plant-based proteins.  

What do you think about gummy bears?  

I think they’re delicious. 

We know they’re not very good for youDo you recommend staying away from sugar?  

Processed sugar, yes, but there’s a caveat to that. Not all sugars are created equal.  

A lot of people say to stay away from fruit too because the sugar is not going to be bueno for youBueno means good in Spanish.  

Thank you for translating.  

No worries. I started translating, it’s a lot of work.  

I only speak French.  

I’m Italian. Bon jour 

That was French.  

I know. I’m fucking with you.  

Processed sugar is a no-goIf we’re talking about cane sugar, I think that most people know it’s addictive. The fruit is a great conversation to have because a lot of people out there have fruit fear. They’ve been told that all sugar is bad, all sugar is created equal, so they can’t even have fruit in their diet. For a lot of people, that’s not true. A lot of people, especially with inflammatory conditions, would benefit from the fruit in their diet because the sugar in it is bonded to fiber and to critical nutrients and phytochemical compounds that are so healing for your body. There’s a lot of water content as well. If we’re talking about watermelon, for example, that’s a hydrating fruit. Melon in general is hydratingFun fact about melon, it is pre-digested. It already has the enzymes in it that your body would have needed to break it down. When you eat it, it’s best to eat on an empty stomach so that it doesn’t get caught behind fats and proteins, which are slower to digest. If you ever experienced indigestion or discomfort eating melon, it might be because you’re eating it with other foods. 

I eat about fifteen melons a day.  

That’s good. You should push it up to twenty.  

I got super upset one day. I was always in my fields. I went to a lake on my own. This is true story and Taylor knows this. I grabbed half of the watermelon. The people that packaged the watermelon because they didn’t tell me all the nutritional facts. When I looked up the nutritional facts after I ate the watermelon, I found out that I ate 130 carbohydrates. It was a massive watermelon. It was very bigI’m exaggerating. It was 62 carbs. I was so upset and to be honest, it was 75. It’s just coming to my mind. Here’s the thing, Megan, let me tell you something about carbohydrates and sitting by a lake. It’s the 4th of July, sitting by a lake on your own, eating watermelon and all you want is to eat more and the watermelon tastes so good, refreshingYou go back and it’s only 1:00 PM and you find out you have no more carbs to eat for the rest of the day because you ate the watermelon, it’s upsetting. Go ahead.  

Let’s put out a disclaimer that you’re competing, you’re training to compete, so you have to be limited with.  

I was kidding. Zucchini is great.  

Zucchini is great. That’s very low carbohydrate.  

You could have 400 grams of zucchini and it’s literally eleven grams of carbs. It’s beautiful, green, big, thick. You add a little sea salt on there, Himalayan pink salt.  

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Back to the sugar, a lot of people would benefit from more fruit in their diet because it is healingThat being said, like we talked about before, if you have high fats in your diet too, then that’s where you run into an issue. High sugar and high fat can cause issues with your insulin resistance or sensitivity, but it’s still a healthy part of the dietIn that same vein, other natural sugars like honey and maple syrup, if you’re going to use sugar as a sweetener, those are the two I would use over cane sugar any day. 

How about agave? 

No, it’s the same thing. Throw your agave out. It has a big impact on your blood sugars. That’s like a marketing thing. That’s one of these labels that they’ve led us to believe it’s good for us.  

I bought a twopack at Costco. I haven’t used it yet in a few months. I use it but I don’t. 

The reason honey and maple syrup are so much better than agave is the same thing. They have those phytochemical compounds. They have nutrients that are healing to your body and honey in particular is antibacterial. It’s anti-microbial.  

I get a stomachache if I eat too much of it.  

How much honey are you eating?  

I guess quite a lot, when I have gluten-free pancakes. Red Castle or Red Mill, I have honey on top and I’m good.  

You don’t necessarily know that it’s the honey.  

I was using agave before and I felt greatWhat’s the issue with this freaking raw honey? It was raw honey. 

Was it raw honey?  

It was a good amountTo be honest, I was like, “This is tasty, but I need more.  

Raw honey is the best kind to doThe cool thing about honey is that it‘s produced in different parts of the world or parts of the country has different nutrients and local pollens and stuff in itIf you’re somebody who struggles with seasonal allergies, one of the best things you can do, especially if you’re moving to a new city, is to eat some local raw honey. Think about it, those bees flew all around to local plants and local flowersIf you’re consuming those raw nutrients, it’s like an immune system boost to help your body assimilate to the local flora and stuffIt’s the same thing. I don’t know what was in your pancakesI’m sure they’re amazing. I’m sure they’re delicious, but it might’ve just been the honey in combination. Try raw honey in your tea at night. That’s a nice one. Honey and warm lemon water in the morning. That’s a good one.  

Lemon water. Lemons are great for detoxifying the freaking liver.  

They’re good for your liver and your digestive system.  

I feel like we’ve covered a lot. Is there anything else that you want to bring up? 

As far as nutrition goes, that’s a good place to start. Being more of a conscious consumer and being aware of what you’re putting in your body. Sometimes it’s difficult if you’re traveling or you’re in a situation where you don’t have control over the food. Give yourself permission to not always eat perfectly. As much as you can, choose foods that are going to serve your health longterm. It makes such a differenceIt’s an important foundational step in building lifelong health. 

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Thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad we could have this little fun conversation. I like to make it unfiltered. It’s funny. The people that work for me that put it all together, I tell them do not edit out the ums, don’t edit out the curse words. In the beginning they were like, “No curse words,” and I was like, “Are you fucking kidding me? This is who I am.” They’re greatThey’ve been such a big helpThat’s awesomeWe’re doing well. I’m glad you’re on here and you could be a part of the growth. If anybody wants to follow you, where can they find you?  

They can follow me on Instagram, @MeganShererIt’s just my nameIf you want to learn more about the work that I do or some of these topics that I talked about, I also have a website and that’s Empowered-Bodies.com. I’ve got a blog on there and I also have a podcast of my own, it’s called Life in Yoga PantsI posted about that on my blog and Instagram. We talk about all things wellness. 

CUE 35 | Macros For Lifelong Health


Definitely check her out. Subscribe to her podcastIf you want any life coaching or nutritional advice, anything like that, hit her up. She knows her stuff. Thank you so much for coming on here. Remember that it all starts with you in the mindset that you haveDon’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to take advice and be like, “Maybe this is the right way to go. Keep an open mind and that will ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. That’s what we do here at CreateU and CreateU Experience, CreateU Nutrition, everything wellness and taking you to the next step in business and everythingWe want you to be successful.  

If you could be successful, then we’re going to be successfulIt’s the truth. It’s businessAt the same time, we’re here to grow with you and I can’t wait to see your vision come to life. Let me know on Instagram @TheBMeyers or wherever if it has or if these have been helping you. I’ve been doing this for a few years. It’s been an absolute honor and I’m inspired every day and motivated to keep on goingMegan, one more time thank you so much for coming. Thank you for reading. Fridays are extremely fun. This is Quick Time Friday. I talk about everything from sex to Buddha to Christianity to my political views, just kidding, to what pissed me off. I talk about everything. It’s great. Check it out.  

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