Episode 106: YouTube Mastery, Scale To 1M Subs With Stan Browney

CUE 106 | YouTube Mastery

CUE 106 | YouTube Mastery


Are you an aspiring YouTuber? Is creative content your passion? Check Brendan Meyers as he interviews Stan Browney. Listen how Stan, at 13 years old at that time, started to make videos and create online content out of passion. Learn how he scaled up to a million subscribers on YouTube in four years and what pushes him to pursue this kind of career. Plus, found out why he proved his parents wrong.

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YouTube Mastery, Scale To 1M Subs With Stan Browney

We are here with an amazing guest. I’m looking at him on Zoom and I’m like, “This dude is ten. This man is impacting people worldwide.” He is with Gymshark, MyProtein, and owns FORGED London. He has a million subscribers on YouTube. I can keep on going. I want an intro and I don’t even need to say anything about me. I want to intro him. Stan Browney, what’s up?

Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited. I watched your stuff back in the day. You get this a lot. The bar dancer stuff is a crazy workout. I know about your injury so that’s probably what got you injured as well.

I’m the old man, the legend, and the guy that’s like, “That’s that guy from twenty years ago.” That’s me.

“That’s the guy from back in the day, calisthenics.” That’s what people would say. I wouldn’t necessarily say that as an old or a bad thing. That’s pretty sick if people say that.

I’m going bald. I don’t have the flow like you. Stan, I’m excited to have you on here. Everyone that’s reading, I guarantee they are interested in for sure the million subscribers and how the heck you even built your social to that levels, but more so on who you are and where all this passion comes from because a lot of people are passionless. They can’t find their inner strength. They’re searching and they’re like, “I need to find this.” As you know and I know, a lot of this is patience and all this stuff, but Stan, I want you to reel it out. Tell us some stuff.

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I liked that you said patience. I started when I was young or at least thirteen years old. I started making videos in, not even my first language, English because I liked the English language. I was watching English series on TV and stuff. I liked the language a lot more. Broader audience impacting more people for a thirteen-year-old. I thought I could reach more people. I started as a video creator or content creator, making stuff that I thought was funny, epic, and fun to do like you do as a thirteen-year-old. That’s what you do. I kept doing that and got hooked on optimizing everything as fast as possible because if you make a video that you think is epic and cool. You want to optimize that because it would suck if that only gets ten views.

To be fair, my content back in the day wasn’t the best because I was thirteen. Who watches a thirteen-year-old? No one, probably. I had a few followers but it was a lot of fun. I did it with some friends and I kept doing it. I liked that you said patience because I chose something that I loved and that was creating content, making videos, filming, and recording. I’m a real camera geek. It’s patience but keep going with what you’re doing. I’ve built it out to something that I would’ve never thought of a few years ago.

A few years ago? You started years and years ago.

I started a long time ago and I have been doing badly until 2017. That’s years of doing, making content for no one.

You were setting the stage. During that time, what kept you going? I’m sure people that are reading are thinking, “I’ve been doing this for two years or I’ve been doing this for three months and I’m already exhausted.” How were you doing this for years?

That’s why I liked that you said patience because it comes down to that. For me, it was because you choose something that is so you, fun, and you like. It keeps going because you’re liking it and because there are some results. That’s where you get the most motivation from. You’re doing something that you like and love. You’re not going to stop doing it because there’s not a lot of stuff coming out of it. No profit or nothing.

In the first few years, I’m “lucky” because I was young. I was making no money from YouTube for the first few years. I didn’t care but my parents, at some point, cared. They liked what I was doing but they were like, “You need to start making some money because everyone around your age is now doing some side jobs. You should do something. Stop making those stupid videos, at least put less time into it, and start getting a real job for your age.”

I said, “I can make some money here. Let me keep going.” I ignored it for a while and I had one video that popped off a little bit with a few hundred bucks and my parents were like, “You can make a little bit of money from it.” That dropped down again. Two years later, I’m still making $30 a month from YouTube. At some point, it finally started working in my favor. That was my ultimate goal. It’s to prove to my parents that I do not need to get a real job and I can keep making videos because this can also make a little bit of money. That’s how I went at it.

That’s inspiring the fact that you never stopped and you hustled for it. I can relate to that a lot. It wasn’t as long for me. It was much shorter but I studied the algorithm. I tried to make the right connections. I dove into the relationship side of it like, how do I build a relationship with each person that’s coming in? It’s like what you were saying, I had my intense workouts. I had my five-minute workouts and me going onto the bars and dancing in the air. That was something that I felt a passion for and I went with it. I trusted my gut. Trusting your gut to keep on going what was telling you, “This is going to work out.” What was that?

I’m not sure if this is any more motivating at all but you see people online doing it, you’re liking what you’re doing, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Why not? Why can’t I do it? I’m doing it right now and I need to do it a little better.” I’m there. I’m doing what I love and what I want plus it is a real job. At least that’s what I tried to convince my parents to. That’s what it was which is looking around me and thinking like, “Why not? Why wouldn’t it be possible if people don’t understand it?” YouTube is still to a lot of people, but in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, it’s like, “What is it?” Everyone above 30 years old was like, “What is it? What are you doing? Why are you wasting your time?” That’s what kept me going. I was thinking that I can do it. Why not? There are a lot of people doing it and I can do that as well in my own style.

Where did that come from inside? As a kid, were you challenged a lot? For me, I was bullied and I was picked on, but I was also an amazing athlete. I played American football. I don’t know if you ever heard of mossing, but I would moss people. I would jump over people, show a lot of speed, and they loved the fact that I was athletic. Where was it for you? Were you picked on? Was there anything that you went through when you were a kid?

A lot of people say I was picked on. I didn’t know exactly because I don’t think I’m coming from a bad background or whatever. If you want to go into the sobby stuff, I was put into special classes because I had anger management and stuff like that when I was young.

What do you mean special and anger management? What are these other things, if you don’t mind?

I was going to classes or a place. Every single time I came there, they were talking to me with stuff because I was getting angry fast. Back in the day, I had asthma. Luckily, I don’t right now, which is epic. I like that because it sucked. I used to get these attacks and they were the worst. At some point, I would wake up with some attack and run to a window in the middle of the night because I tried to breathe.

It’s like panic attacks. Did you have anxiety when growing up?

No. It was because of an asthma attack so I tried to run to a window. I don’t have that anymore for a long time so that’s cool. There were hard moments thinking I was different because I felt different.

I want to tap into that because I felt different as well.

It was looking from an outside perspective almost. I was like, “Why is everyone acting so different than I am? What do I need to do to fit in and not be the weird guy or the guy who always gets angry?” It’s not far out of the boat or something.

Do you know what’s interesting? You’re still an outlier. You’re a part of the 0.000001% who is impacting the world. You have a million subscribers, social media presence, and you have so many opportunities. You’re growing and you’re young. For the readers, don’t think that if you’re young, you’re 13, 14 or 15, you’re going through acne, bullying, skinny, overweight, and you feel different, it’s most likely going to be a positive if you turn it into a positive. You are literally an example of this and I admire that. It’s a powerful thing. It’s so empowering and you’re starting a podcast too. I’m sure you’re going to be able to talk and dabble into a lot of these subjects.

It’s not necessarily about specific topics, but it is going to be about teaching people with a guy who has a lot of knowledge. I’m not the 21-year-old trying to teach someone something and everyone is like, “You’re 21 years old. What are you talking about now?” It’s going to be about productivity, finance, and health. That’s going to be it. It’s the basic fundamentals of healthy life like financially independent but also being healthy, having great productivity, great mindset, and stuff like that. That’s what I’m into. That’s what the guy I’m doing it with is into. That’s going to be it.

Let’s take a little shift to YouTube algorithm. I want to tap into this a little bit because I’m sure you know a lot. You say that it’s simple. For me, personally, I dabble in and out. I have 800,000 subscribers and it’s been stagnant for years because I separated. Express a little bit more to me. Tell me a little bit about this algorithm of 2021.

One of my favorite topics when it comes to YouTube or, in general, is algorithm is interesting. People think it’s a big and scary thing and you need to do it for this in that reason or you need to do this in that to fit in, which is true when you look at it from the outside, but when you look at it from the core basics, an algorithm is designed for a platform to make sure that the platform is healthy. It’s to make sure that there are a lot of people on there, the platform is earning some money, and keeping their audience. Not that someone’s clicking the video and thinking, “This video sucks,” and they’re going to do Instagram instead of YouTube. That’s not happening.

CUE 106 | YouTube Mastery
YouTube Mastery: Write down 10 things that you need to do that are non-negotiables every single day and recognize the life that you’re feeling is the best.


What do you need to do as a content creator? You need to be making those videos that are good with good content that people are watching and clicking on as well. If your content is good, if people are watching every single minute of your content but your thumbnail sucks and your title sucks, no one’s going to click it so there’s no one to stay and watch the video. Simply put and make great content that stands out and not as clickbait when people click on it and think, “I didn’t expect this. This sucks. This is a bit of an underwhelming video.” The core is attracting people in the right way and even overwhelming them in the video as well. Making the video even more epic, as I call it, than they expect.

Can you give us some examples of a couple of video names that you’ve utilized? Thumbnails and the name of the video are important so people can click in. How do you relate all of that together?

There’s also the audience side. If I could write the formula, I would write it differently than when I would do in 2020. The audience shifts. People are liking frames more now. Frames when it comes to the thumbnail so when you look at the thumbnail and think, “That’s a frame,” instead of an edited photo with a lot of text on it. The best thumbnails now are frames that are not frames. They’re frames, but they’re pictures with a lot of editing but when you look at it, you think, “That’s a fun photo,” but there’s a lot of editing into it. There’s a restaurant edited behind you with free food on it.

That’s what MrBeast is doing a lot. He’s one of the fastest-growing creators on the platform. When it comes to workout-related content, you could do a million pushups and write one million push-ups in the title and do a pushup below it, for example. You could also have a fun photo where you only do a pushup and have something else happen in the background, which looks like a photo or someone holding a board or whatever. It looks more like a photo instead of an edited thumbnail.

Do you put a lot of text on your thumbnails anymore or not?

I’m uploading and there are quite a lot of texts but it also depends on the audience you’re trying to target and also on previous results. When I’m making a video about a challenge that is popping and exploding right now, you can see which videos are exploding. These thumbnails all have something in common and most of the time it is for workout-related videos. Every single one of them has this type of push-up in this type of weight. It depends on the angle so you can be completely below or extended with a pushup. All of these thumbnails have a weird phase in them. Everyone is looking at the camera straight and making a lot of weird faces.

You can be like, “That’s in the thumbnail and now I need to do exactly that. You can hop on a trend.” That’s how you can start your channel to grow. At some point, when you’ve built an audience and you’re trying to build that out as well, you can start new challenges yourself, which is what made my channel in 2020 pop and explode. It’s with some push-up challenges. I found an old video from 2015 from a guy in Ukraine doing a certain amount of push-ups in 30 seconds. I was like, “I can beat that. I’m going to do that. I can make a challenge around it and challenge other people to do it as well.” In 2020, that challenge on my channel alone got twenty million views or something.

I’m looking at a few of these. One has 8.2 million. You tried the hardest TikTok challenges in the world.

I made a lot of videos around it. In total, it blew up like crazy.

You do a lot of challenges. I see what you’re saying about almost making it a screenshot and having something that is explaining what’s going on. It’s not a bunch of big text or a glow around your body and stuff. If you’re on YouTube and you’re reading this blog, check out Stan Browney on that platform because he has a lot of great examples. If you’re trying to get started, go all the way back to see how he’s evolved this. In the last few years, it’s changed big time. He won’t even be poking but he eats in a day to get shredded. There are a lot of cool things. Where do a lot of these topics come from? Do you do research? Give us the secrets.

For the secrets, that is one of the hardest things that I’m still trying to figure out. I have a lot of answers especially to algorithms and how you should focus on stuff but for creating content, you need to be in your space. You need to know your stuff. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing so people can be like, “This guy is doing pusher challenges. He’s exploding. Let me hop on a trend.” They blow up as well and they’re not interested in the pushup scene in general, but they’re like, “I hopped on that trend.” They’re not going to expand anymore because they have no clue what’s happening in the scene anymore. Most of the time, they see it when it’s already over.

You need to be on a trend fast. I would say that I’m definitely into whatever I’m doing so I know what’s going on and what’s going viral and because I have a following as well, I’m getting a lot of direct messages every single day saying, “You should try this.” Sometimes, there are a lot of fun challenges there. Most of the videos I’m trying to do now that I’m recording are based on either the things that have gone viral, and I make a completely different switch or I give it my own twist. It’s completely different. I’ll make it to the next level, times three. You’ve got these 200 pushups a day for 30 days challenges, I’m taking that, and I’m letting three guys do that and letting them do their max push-ups. After 30 days, every single push-up, if they do more, it’s worth $10. I’m telling them after they did their maxes.

That’s sick.

I’m trying to take everything to the next level of stuff that has already gone viral. That takes so much time but it’s worth it. That takes its toll on your upload schedule but I always say, “I’d rather upload one video that gets ten million views than ten videos that get a few hundred thousand views. It makes no sense to focus on ten videos to get them out instead of one video that’s insanely good that people know, “This is going to be epic.” You have a lot of creators online that do that. You have a lot of creators aligned. It gets 20 million, 30 million, 40 million views a month but only uploads once a month.

They do well because they come with a bang and not posting all the time as well with the frequency can also create suspense for people and curiosity. Where a lot of us go wrong is we’re thinking, “I am seventeen years old and I want to be a big YouTuber.” “I’m 25 years old. I’m working a 9:00 to 5:00 and I want to be a big YouTuber so I’m going to post every single day or I’m going to post five days a week.” We don’t even test what works best for us in our audience and for our friends. We don’t even listen to our audience. That’s something that I’m sure you’ve had to do overtime. You’re listening to your audience because it’s a relationship. You’ve formed a relationship with your viewers. Talk a little bit about that relationship and what it means to your content creation.

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I know my audience well but when you grow fast, which happened to me in 2020, then there are so many people that ask something different from you that you have to cancel out a lot of stuff and think about what got me here in the first place. That was my own decisions, style, and stuff. Let’s keep doing that and see where it goes. There are a lot of great voices coming out of my audience, saying, “You should definitely try this and this.”

That part is mainly a funnel to Instagram. They went to my Instagram because those are the guys and girls that are like, “I like this guy’s content. Let’s follow him on more platforms as well.” These people know my content and they watch all my videos. They give me the best feedback. That’s what it means for me. On YouTube, when you have a million subscribers, there could be a lot of people or insane viral videos. There are a lot of people in the comments that, at some point, your comment section doesn’t even matter anymore because there’s 1% that is readable.

You have to cancel out the noise but also pay attention to the right people. The other thing is creating a business out of what you’re doing. For you, it’s FORGED London and having sponsorship opportunities. How do you balance everything out when you’re going into a podcast? Do you schedule things you use anything for organization? How’s your sleep schedule? Are you drinking a certain amount? Tell us a little bit more in-depth on that.

The thing now is that I’m setting up a lot of stuff and I need to find a proper way. For my sleep schedule, I’m trying to hit that 7 or 8 hours but by doing that, I have no social life at all. I am waking up after a normal night’s sleep and I go to a new studio that I also bought because of YouTube so that’s sick. I’m sitting in a studio now, which I completely built from scratch. It’s my dream studio with everything in it. I’m going there every single morning with a lot of motivation and I am here until 11:00 PM.

It’s the entire day and I’m doing everything that I need to do. I always miss a deadline every single day. It’s a miracle that I’m here on time because I’m now known as the guy who’s not on time. I like to push the boundaries when it comes to the timelines then I can spend a little bit more time, a few more minutes every single day on working on something. If I’m five minutes late for dinner, those five minutes will add up in a year’s time.

How’s your mental health? Are you doing good? Are you happy? Are you stressed?

I would say that I’ve always been on top of that. When it’s not going well, I do stick a step back but right now, I would say I’m a little too stressed because I also got a girlfriend and everything going around. When I’m here 24/7, you’re not making everyone happy. I would like to be here a little bit less so I can also get my workouts properly. Some weeks, I have five workouts and some weeks, I have two. I like to have a proper workout and sometimes I’ve got to get it in quickly and I’m like, “That was a mad workout. That was not too good.” I want to get the most out of it and I want to do everything I want to do. I don’t know if it’s going to stop. It’s a lot of stress.

Patience is a virtue. I got Patience tatted behind my ear. I recorded a show with this guy named Tyler Holt. He’s also an influencer and he’s an extremely patient person. All of us want things now. We want the visions to come true. We want dreams to become a reality now. I want to give you an experience of myself and maybe you can relate to it. I was in a relationship at the height of my YouTube career. I was daily vlogging for 8 or 9 months. From the viewer, it was amazing. However, I was in your shoes. I was trying to figure out how I balance loving to create, wanting to push the boundaries, doing more and more, filming out of a door, and taking four different angles. I was one of the early fitness YouTubers doing that.

I was trying to make it like a movie with drones. The thing that I learned is the less stressed I am, the more time that I do give to my relationship, and the more time that I do give to myself, the more creativity and the more optimal I am in everything that I’m trying to do with my path. Whether it’s an extra 1 or 2 hours, I started cutting off times, especially after the relationship ended. I couldn’t understand it during that time, but after I was like, “Oh shoot.”

I’ve learned to, “At 7:00 PM, I cannot get on a meeting. It doesn’t matter if you are across the world in China or not. I have to have my me time.” It might be Netflix or if I’m eating food, no one can talk to me. I don’t look at Slack or talk to my business. I eat and I watch some YouTube. These are things that you can do for yourself and meditate in the morning. It’s non-negotiable. I will not take any calls before 8:00 AM. It’s non-negotiable. I wake up at 5:00 AM or 5:30 AM. When I see myself not doing the specific things that I want to do during the good times of my life, I feel like shit. I feel overwhelmed. I don’t know where I’m going. I’m going down different paths. It doesn’t even make any sense.

That’s what I’m having.

I’m doing the same things every day, I recognize them, I’m on a schedule and I’m giving my boundaries and stuff, my relationships are amazing. My businesses are amazing. I start doing well on social media and I can hold it all in. I don’t know if that gives you or anyone reading something to tap into, but that’s big time.

I’ve been looking at that as well, of having a structure. When you’re doing that and you’re building stuff as well and that’s why you’re saying patience because you can say, “No. I’m not going to be working from this time to this time.” If it’s going to take a project longer to finish, then so be it as long as your mental health and everything is right. That’s what you’re saying.

What I’m saying is you have the audience. You have the opportunities and for everyone listen. It’s going to come to be if you stay consistent with it. Trying to put too much energy into something can affect the creativity and optimization behind that creation. It can hold you back further. It’s like the rabbit is racing the snail or whatever. Essentially winning the race isn’t about being so fast. It’s about taking each step in a manner that you can understand, you can digest, and you can know where you’re going because you can go so fast, you spend an extra week, and you hit a wall rather than spending a week and a half on something and that’s the path to victory.

Imagine if you’re going to hit that wall in a week and you have to take a complete U-turn, it takes another half a week or another week to get back to where you were in square one. It takes another week and now it’s three weeks for any of your projects. You know what I’m talking about with this because we want things to happen. There’s a book called The Power of Now. It talks about how living in the moment is so important but also allowing time to transgress in the manner that it does and how powerful it is.

That’s a lot of great info. For some reason, I know it but it’s doing it. It’s so hard when I’m thinking about it and saying, “From now, after 9:00 PM, I’m not going to edit any more or something like that.”

That’s late.

That’s late but that’s two hours less than I’m doing right now.

Start small. I’m telling you from experience, I’ve been on the platform for a few years at a high level. I grew a million in six months on Facebook when Facebook was popping and now I have 1.5 million. I gained 35,000 followers every single month. For me, I wish I knew this sooner. I wish I trusted the process sooner. I wish that I took things easy. Do you know why I had herniated discs, tore my shoulder in four places, got so injured, and now have spinal injuries and so many issues? It’s because I did not take my time. I could have warmed up but I wanted to get on the bar and start doing crazy tricks. I wanted to do a swing 360, a swing 720, or swing 540. I wanted to do it now and that was my lesson that I had to digest. That’s cool and it seems like you’re a normal person. People who are reading are like, “Oh shit.” I need to slow down. All of us do. What’s the rush?

We’ve got the time. I feel like I know it, but it’s hard to put the steps and make it real because we got to do it but it’s hard.

Do you know what you should do? I’ve said this in another podcast before, and I’ve done this myself. I need to do this myself now so we can do this together. Write down ten things that you know are things that you need to do and they’re non-negotiables every single day that you recognize in your life during the times that your life is optimal and you’re feeling the best. When you’re getting enough sleep and you’re feeling great. I’ll give you five for me. One is drinking a gallon of water. Two is waking up at 5:30 AM. Three is meditating every morning. Four is doing yoga at least three times a week. Five is calling my parents every single day.

When I’m doing at least those five, I am winning. I am winning in life and I’m not as stressed. Figure out some five for you. If you’re reading, figure out five to get started for yourself but look at that. My other five are, past 7:00 PM, I will not take any meetings. I have to stop looking at my phone past 8:00 PM. I won’t go on Instagram only but two times in the day. In the morning and in the evening. That’s when I’ll post my stories. There are a lot of different things.

Do you know what’s interesting? I’ve recognized, when I’m doing these ten things, you can see the 11, 12, 13, 14, and the 15 things that come into your life that don’t serve you, and you always get a choice. In that moment, it’s so clear. It’s like, “Does this podcast serve them?” At 7:00 PM, does it serve you? You can recognize it so easily and you’re like, “No. This doesn’t serve me now so I’m not going to schedule it in my day to day because I know I’m going to overwhelm myself. Even though I’m a nice guy and I want to please people and I want to please my stuff but I want to get to this next level. Do you see what I’m saying?

It’s exactly what you’re saying. That’s a lot of great things. I’m going to write them down.

What are five things that you could do? When your life is working, what are five things that are non-negotiable for you?

It’s definitely proper food and water intake, having more time with my family, girlfriend, and stuff like that.

What does more time mean? Here’s the thing about these ten things, you have to get specific. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before where, let’s say, someone wants to collab with you and they’re like, “Let’s collab in a couple of weeks.” A couple of weeks go by and you never collab. You’re like, “Let’s meet next week then,” and you guys never meet. That’s something that I’ve learned in my business. I have nineteen people on my team so I have to figure shit out pretty quick and put structure. I’ll say, “I need this done by 4:00 PM on Thursday,” or I ask them, “You said that you’re going to get this done by when. When is the exact time?” Specifics are so important for this. It’s cool because I can talk about this with you but I learned so much from you from the algorithm on what you said. I was excited about it.

I’m excited about this. That’s a lot of great info. You definitely got to be specific, especially for creators but I would say it’s everyone. When you’re not specific enough, it’s not happening or at least it’s happening a lot later than sooner.

Would you say you’re specific with your videos? With your content creation, are you specific? Are you intentional? Do you lay it out and you’re like, “This is what I’m going to do?”

Yes, definitely.

You grow, right?


Do you see the correlation? Isn’t it interesting that we’ll do things in other verticals of our lives, but then we’ll leave other things behind us or to the side thinking it’s not important but in reality, it’s the thing that’s going to breathe the long-term result? I do that so often in my life.

CUE 106 | YouTube Mastery
YouTube Mastery: Winning the race isn’t about being so fast. It’s about taking each step in a manner that you can actually understand, digest, and know where you’re going.


It’s weird. It’s so clear but it’s not.

Here’s the thing, it is clear but we don’t want to read it as clear as it is. We don’t want it to be what it’s telling us. It’s like, “Stop working at 7:00 PM, Stan,” and you’re like, “I know it says 7:00 PM, but I don’t want to. I want to push for it.” Imagine that energy from 7:00 to 11:00 PM that you could take in every single day with your relationship with your girlfriend or with your family and how much it can empower you for creativity for the next day. I go on different hiatus not only with my social media, but I’ll go up into the mountains for a weekend. The second I go up into the mountains, the first 2 or 3 hours, I’m exhausted but then the 4th and 5th hour, I have so much creativity. I bring my journals and I start writing and I’m like, “I need to create this system. I need to create this content.” That shit adds up.

That’s the craziest thing. When it comes to content, I have a million ideas now. Every video takes at least a week to make or sometimes even a month. That adds up when you have a few hundred ideas written down. I’m coming close to almost 1,000 ideas that I could potentially upload but that’s a thousand weeks further. That’s crazy. I do realize that whenever you go on, away from the work that you’re supposed to do, it’s only getting better because you’re taking a step back. I’ve noticed that as well. When I’m going on a trip, for example, that I didn’t plan but it was through my girlfriend or whatever with her family and I was like, “We’re going there this weekend? Shit.” We’re going there and I’m like, “Shit. I planned a lot of stuff. I can’t do it,” but then I’m getting a lot of creativity.

Things are going in your mind. You’re like, “I can make this better.”

“I didn’t realize this. I didn’t think about that.” If you do that consistently, it’s how your mind is programmed.

Long-term for me, it’s been so rewarding because I burn out often. I used to be the guy that never burns out. I’m a hustler. I grind. I used to stay up so late and I would have a daily vlog. Who the hell daily vlogs, edits everything themselves, brings a tripod with them everywhere they go? I would edit late at night, I’ll wake up at 5:00 AM, and I’ll start rolling. I’m like, “I have to get that sunset. I have to get the sunrise. I have to get this and I have to edit. I have to make a perfect thumbnail and all this stuff.”

Soon enough, I thought when I was 21, 22, 23, I was good. Twenty-four, I’m good. Twenty-five, my relationship failed. It didn’t fail but it ended. I got injured significantly and I had a huge breakdown. That ended up costing me so much engagement on social media. It cost me when the huge YouTube algorithm shifted to be essentially fucked in a way. That’s my own fault. The beauty of it was I recognized that I’ve got burnt out for the first time in my life. I’ve been hustling since I was thirteen years old selling books. It’s crazy. When you get older and you start feeling weird things like your elbow hurts and you start feeling a little bit more injuries, and it takes longer to fucking warm up. You’re like, “Damn, I should’ve taken it easy.” That’s my two cents.

That’s a good one. I like this a lot. There’s a lot of great info. You talked about the algorithm, I got spiked again. I was like, “The algorithm basically changed there.” I wasn’t there as well.

A few years ago?

Yes. I wasn’t impacted because I had zero viewers.

A few years ago, that algorithm change was the biggest YouTube ever had. It’s when they were coming out with so many different things.

A few years ago, I was doing my stuff. I popped off or I exploded for the first time with a transformation video. It happened at the beginning of 2017. That year, I grew and I dipped insanely hard. I had no engagement anymore, but it is because YouTube started seeing what a real algorithm is. They had an algorithm, but the algorithm itself was pretty bad because it favored content that got clicked a lot and not necessarily watched a lot. They found something that makes sense and values great content. They had an insanely big change and they changed shorter content because they wanted to compete with TikTok.

That’s important, short content.

That is important for a creator, but they are not organically drawing content there. They’re pushing content from inside YouTube and pushing content to make sure that people see YouTube as a TikTok alternative as well which, to me, is a bad thing to do as a platform because you’re pushing content that is not necessarily the best for your audience. You’re shoving it down their throats because you want them to see, “There’s a lot of fun short cat clips on here as well.” You will see a lot of short content being pushed even though it’s not great content.

They’ll definitely be a big shift.

If I would have asked you months ago to look at your feed and your homepage and look at the videos, tell me if there’s a video you hate. Tell me if there’s a video you think, “I would never watch this.” Right now, you can find a few. The algorithm is pushing a lot of short and weird content because they want to be on TikTok. If I would have asked you this months ago, you wouldn’t find that a lot of content you’re getting or recommended you end up liking because the algorithm is only pushing a lot of great content.

Desktop is where they generally start testing it first before anything.

Except for the TikTok one because I am getting an insane amount of short videos. It depends on the country as well. I have an entire short video step.

I don’t have that. I only have it on my desktop but I’m in the United States. I have the Stories. The Stories were one of the big things as well.

That’s how it started and now they’re pushing it. There was a calisthenics channel. To be fair, he makes great short content for calisthenics so I’m going to give him as an example.

Who is it?

He is called Hybrid Calisthenics. He grew from 70,000 subscribers to 1.3 million now in a few months because of only short calisthenics, workout, tips and content. They’re all 60 seconds but he’s got millions of views. For it to be short, it needs to be less than 60 seconds or 60 seconds exactly. That is popping right now like crazy. It’s exploding.

I’m going to get on that game.

You should 100%. Post your old clips, new clips, and everything.

When you’re talking about posting this, I was trying to figure out how to do that, but I don’t know how to post those short clips.

From my experience, you upload a vertical video, not horizontal. It can be horizontally recorded but if you render it or edit it vertically. Instead of the normal dimensions, the 16×9, it needs to be 9×16.

It will pick it up immediately.

I live in the Netherlands, you need to add #Shorts in the description. It could be as well in the title, but I’ve seen it work without being in a title and it can be picked up by Shorts. YouTube analytics shows you where the views are coming from like externally, inside YouTube, or from the homepage. It now also says Shorts.

They’re pushing people and your channel as well. If you’re reading this, I would try that out for sure.

I’ve talked to my YouTube manager, who is a nice guy and I showed him this channel when he had 500,000 subscribers and I was like, “This guy grew from a few hundred thousand subscribers in the past weeks. Why is YouTube promoting?” I had another example, another case study and I was like, “Why are all these people growing?” I’m on top of this. I’m always on top of the growth so I see what’s happening. I asked, “Why is this guy growing like crazy?” He’s like, “That’s a weird example. I’ve never seen this.” My next question was, “Why is YouTube pushing short content this much and it’s not organically. It’s not what people like. It’s not what people are watching right now. It’s because YouTube wants you to see it. He said that it’s not necessarily the case, but he would definitely look into it in that channel and see if there’s anything on why he grew that fast with similar content to a lot of other content.

It’s all 59 seconds.

It’s because it’s short. That guy is a genius. He started fast. He started picking up on short content. To be fair, it is great short content. It is the best short content I have seen because he puts a lot of time into it. It’s a lot of cuts. It’s a lot of facts. It’s a lot in 59 seconds. He’s giving you tips so he’s saying, “Do you want to be able to do twenty pushups? Do this.” He’s explaining everything in 59 seconds. It is great content. His content would’ve gone viral as well but he got pushed by the algorithm so hard.

It’s still available to people. That’s why they’re pushing people right now. I was going to do it but I didn’t know how to post on there. I didn’t have a lot of time so I was like, “Let me try and figure this out,” but I couldn’t even figure it out. How the hell do I get a short video on there and get people seeing it?

I’ve shown that already but I hope that horizontal video is the future of YouTube. It could be going 50/50 but YouTube will never leave the horizontal or the landscape video because it has a lot in the backlog already. It saw how great and how big TikTok is getting. It’s going to be the biggest platform but not the most respected platform because there’s so much shit on there as well. YouTube was at its peak when it comes to growth. I’m a little bit subjective but also when I look at the content that I got recommended, I was enjoying YouTube a lot.

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I was on the platform a little too long sometimes. I’m a YouTuber so I need to know what’s going on and that’s also where I get a lot of video ideas. I get a lot of video ideas from content creators that have nothing to do with my niche but I see a video there and I’m like, “I can make this into something that looks completely different but it’s not. It clicks.” With that, it was perfect. I was enjoying it. I was getting a lot of content that I liked and got ideas from that. I kept watching the entire thing and now I’m getting a lot of five seconds cat clips and I’m like, “Stop.”

I’m wondering what I can even do. Do you have any recommendations? I’m so out of the game.

There are two things I would say to you when it comes to short content. Try it out on your main channel and start a different channel for it.

I have a second channel with 10,000 on it that nobody knows about.

You could post a short content on there first but I would post on your main channel. If you want to grow that or hop on a new trend because Shorts is a new trend. I’m not even sure if you can call it a trend. It’s a new feature of YouTube that is not going anywhere anytime soon because it’s what they’re pushing now. They see that it’s working with TikTok so YouTube wants to implement it as well.

It’s amazing these algorithms and stuff and how powerful they are, even Reels. They’ll push people to make Reel viral because it’s a new feature. I always tell everyone when a new feature comes out, use it up. Use it as much as possible, especially if you have the time, do it.

The thing is, I am not posting any Shorts in my channel because I know what’s working and what’s not. I made a second channel specific for Shorts. Some of my videos are twenty minutes long and every single second of that video took an insane amount of time to edit. There are lots of clips in there that could be a great video potentially on itself. I’m posting that to that channel and I’m also posting content that would never fit on my normal channel. I’m making a calisthenics basketball trick shot. That’s something that I uploaded. It was like an explosive bar pull-up.

What’s your page?

It’s called Browney Shorts. It’s not only Shorts but also short clips that can’t be Shorts because they’re not vertical. I started this and I would say it was going pretty decent.

It’s been showing up as Shorts, right?

Yes. Some have and some have not. There’s a bit of difference there. We’re trying out stuff. We’re trying it out without a thumbnail, with thumbnails, short clips vertically, and short clips horizontally. We’re trying out everything on there to see what works. It’s also still new to me because I couldn’t upload it on my main channel so I made this channel because I’ve seen people do it on their main channel that normally uploads long ten-minute vertical or horizontal videos.

I was like, “Why are you doing this?” I’m looking at the likes, dislikes, and feedback. People are like, “Why are you hopping on this trend? It’s not your style content.” People are not appreciative of that. I understand that as well because if you’re watching a channel that’s about high-quality Netflix series and it starts uploading wacky, short clips, I would understand that you’re like, “What is this? It’s not what I subscribed for.”

I may start another channel.

You can try. A lot of people don’t know that as well but I have a lot of people that I either give tips or I work with on their YouTube channel. It’s about four right now. Four people that I’m actively helping with the channel for fun.

I’ll pay you. I used to be a YouTube Wiz and on this game but I don’t have time. That’s the biggest struggle.

The guy I’m starting to podcast with, he’s not on top of that as well so I’m helping him with that and there’s another YouTube guy who would have a YouTube group, which was fun. What I’m saying is that you can see what is working and what is not, and you have your reach already. If you have some reach, which is your family and friends if you have a big family of friends. That’s your 800,000 subscribers on your channel already.

They can’t even see shit. I kid you not but people messaged me and they were like, “When are you going to start posting YouTube videos,” for years.

That is because in the algorithm, there’s still. There will always be the thing. What gives YouTube assurance of a viewer? They’re watching you in the past month but because you haven’t uploaded in months, YouTube does not know if they’re going to watch your content. If you’re going to promote your content to 100,000 people, they could have also promoted another video to those 100,000 people. They would have known for sure if they would have clicked it or not or at least a 10%. For you, they don’t have it.

You need to be consistent at the end of the day.

It’s like starting all over again. That’s what it feels like. You have a little bit of an advantage because there is still an audience that YouTube knows. What I will recommend to you is one simple thing. Hop on a few trends so that people that already are subscribed to you get those notifications or get that on their homepage. You can get those viewers back if you start posting consistently and create content from that point on.

I wrote this little list. I was going to post things like Stories. I’m getting a house. I’m in a house. It’s a cool house. Our lead media guy lives here. Also, my assistant lives here and our GM for the gym. I’m opening up a gym here in Denver, Colorado. It’s going to be super epic. If you ever come to the United States, come and shoot content for a full week. I have different topics that I want to talk about, you’re a crater face, acne storytime, am I a scammer Philion. Philion made a huge video about it. It has a couple of million views. Did I take steroids? Current acne. What happened to me? Pick up girls with acne.

How to score a girl at the club, the five dating secrets I learned, why I’m single, my gyno story. Those types of things will get people clicking. I coach people as well and I find them a lot of success. As you’re trying to figure out boundaries in your life, I’m trying to figure out getting back into social media and stuff in my life. I don’t even take my own prescription. I try and formulate my own drug and it doesn’t make any sense when we have the path right in front of us. For me, put time into it and love what you’re doing. That’s it.

If I look at that list, there are a few things that will 100% work and there are a few things that I’m a bit doubtful of. If you look at the content you wrote, how much is there about you? How much is there about me? There were some about it. One, in particular, will work 100% and the others will not work. The one that will work is the one with the Philion, the drama one. Drama always works. Drama drives views. Drama is the thing that will get you the most views, short-term.

You are a crater face, acne storytime.

It’s about you and you are saying, “I’m not getting pushed anymore by YouTube.” That means that you’re not important anymore, at least to YouTube, which sucks. How do you get on top of that? How to get back at that is to go through Philion or look at the drama. You don’t want to do that too much because I hate that. I always try to avoid that. If you can come with a good comeback and have a story to tell, you can do that one. The other thing that you want to do is you want to look at it from a viewer’s perspective that does not know you. That could potentially be your viewer. If they’re like, “This guy is talking about his acne story. I have acne as well. That’s interesting.” If you think they’re going to look at the video because of you, because they might know your story or have heard of it, that’s going to be a lot less viewers because they care more about the content. They want to see something new.

I love your tips, by the way. You’re a genie with this shit. I’m going to hire you. I want more tips. It’s interesting because a lot of the topics that I come up with worked when I was hustling and I remember when I was growing.

What you named are the things that would 100% work for a YouTube video. Back in the day, if you had a little bit of a following, it can even get you a new following. It’s YouTube. It’s Vox. It’s stuff about the person. People want to see one specific topic. They want to click a video and think, “I’m going through a journey right now. I’m going to go and see this because of what I’m clicking on, it’s going to be life-changing. It’s going to be one thing.” They’re going to click it and then after a seven-minute video, they’ll think, “That was a fast video. Was that seven minutes? That was a great video.” A story is not bad but it does not work. A storytelling video is, most of the time, one static shot with not a lot of movements. You could add some B-roll but there is no story to tell. You’re not taking someone through a roller coaster ride.

Things have changed a lot.

I talk to many people and they’re like, “I don’t have that time.” I don’t think you have the time as well. I have a few examples. This is going deep but I hope people are enjoying the YouTube algorithm. A guy knows what he wants but he does not have the time because he owns five companies, at least that’s what he said. I like his channel but his channel is a little bit too much on the money side that is incorrect numbers and dropping numbers because that will get him views. I like what he’s doing. He’s putting it into work. He knows what he wants and how it works but he hired a team to make all the content for him. His quality is high. His storytelling is great. He also has scriptwriters even. He grew crazy. He’s also making content around people. It’s not around him but around how much MrBeast is making. That’s how he started.

My ego has always come into where I don’t want to build my platform off of other people.

I hate that. That’s why I don’t do drama. I don’t do too many things around people but more around things that people love. Keeping the great vibes, the positivity, the workout style, and even motivating people. That is what I’ve been working on a lot and I love that. There’s no drama. There’s no hate towards anything. It’s all a fun challenge that everyone can join. As many push-ups in 30 seconds, everyone can do that.

Probably a lot of people would click on my video to check out what I was doing. Honestly, we could talk about this stuff all day and I’m loving this. It’s almost like The Joe Rogan Experience in a way. We’re chilling here. There’s so much that we’ve uncovered. We’ve uncovered organization, boundaries, algorithms, and we’ve talked a little bit about your childhood, all of it. I’m going to end it because I know that you need to get some rest. You need to set some boundaries for yourself.

I’m going to do that. Thanks for those tips. I’m going to write my 5 to 10 things down that I want to get done. I want to get my priorities straight. It was a great experience. Thanks for the Brendan Meyers experience.

My name is CreateU Experience now. I’m not saying that to respond to you and correct you. It’s not that. That’s my thinking now. My name is great but there’s so much cool stuff that I can create without my name. A true impact isn’t even about who’s doing it. It’s about what’s being done. That’s from my perspective.

That’s a great way to look at it. A lot of people are stuck to their names, which I noticed with a lot of people that I worked with. I was like, “Why do you not go for something more snappy that people think it’s more like a brand that is not sounding too brand-ish?” It is you but it’s fun. My name is not Browney. I didn’t think about this when I was 13, 14. The channel had a different name before. I changed the name when I was fifteen. I didn’t think about it like that but it’s a great name because it’s snappy. It’s not necessarily me but it is me. That’s why it works. There are a lot of people that want to use their real names because they get a million followers and they want people to know their name. It doesn’t matter.

MrBeast is an example like PewDiePie. You learn these people and you hear people keep on saying their names. I don’t know how much you watched my videos in the past but I used to say, “If you eat right, you feel right. If you feel right, you look right. If you look right, you do right, you dig.” Have you ever heard of that?

Yes. One of my best friends who got me into calisthenics. He’s still a huge fan.

Tell him I said what’s up.

He’s in all of my videos. He’s the guy in the blue shirt. Do you know the Bring Sally Up Challenge?


He did that challenge with ease. He did it on his face with ease. I uploaded that video and that video got a million views. People in the comments were like, “That guy in the blue shirt is crazy.” They were all referring to the guy in the blue shirt. In every single video, he wears a blue shirt. His entire wardrobe is blue. It’s the best. It’s insane. He’s committed.

It’s proof. When they’re familiar with something, they keep on going with it. That’s why you’re doing so well with your videos. They’re familiar with your videos. This is freaking epic.

He’s a big fan as well. Shout out to him. It’s cool that you said hi. He was the one who said to me that if you eat right, you feel right. He got that from you.

I also had, “It’s mealtime.” I would always say that. I would always start the video, “Good morning.”

I’ve heard that as well. He’s such a big fan.

I always find something. This is my sign. I always do this or I go like this or this. It’s a part of me, certain phrases, and the guy in the blue shirt.

I have the same thing. It’s fun. For me, at least, it all happened naturally. I never thought about, “Let’s make this a thing and people made it a thing.” That’s the funniest thing. People ask for likes a lot online, “Smash the like button. Hit the like button. Make the like button blue.” I was done with it. In one video, I said, “Come on, smash the leak.” I said leak instead of like and that stuck. I’ve been saying smash the leak instead of smash the like. All the new people have no clue. It’s such a minor thing that new people are like, “Why is he saying that?” In the next video, they catch on. They’re becoming part of something that they had no clue about. It makes no sense but it happens. We got the guy in the blue shirt. We got to smash leak. We got to drink your water. I always say drink your water.

Relationships build businesses. They build audiences and communities. I appreciate you coming on here. It was my pleasure. I’m super thankful that you accepted my invitation to come here.

Thank you so much for having me.

You’re an inspiration to a lot of people. You’re an inspiration to me. I admire what you’re doing and how successful you are with social as well. If you ever need anything on the business side, any questions or anything like that, I got you. I’ve built a lot of businesses in my day. I used to sell programs and memberships a lot. I can help you out. Where can they find you? Can they type in Stan Browney and they’ll find you everywhere?

Yes. If you type in push-up challenge, you will get one of my videos because I made many push-up videos. I like a push-up challenge. @StanBrowney on Instagram and Browney on YouTube.

I’m excited for everyone reading, new people, also your following to continue to check you out, and see where you head with everything. Check me out as well. Stan, you’re going to give me some tips. I’m going to continuously check in with you because you’re the freaking man. Stan, the man. I appreciate you. Thanks for coming here again. If you are reading, I want to remind you that the CreateU Experience is about igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life, nothing less and nothing more. It’s about you and what you are capable of.

Stan has presented an incredible story. We’ve tapped into the YouTube algorithm. He expresses his passion. That’s why we’ve been on here for over an hour because Stan is passionate. He loves what he does and he didn’t give up. I know the #NeverGiveUp. This thing has been going on. It’s cliché, everyone says it, but it’s the truth. When you’re consistent and when you work hard, and you never give in or up, success finds you. Stop trying to rush everything. Be patient and it will come true. Again, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. Stan, anything last that you wanted to say?

I want to say to everyone who’s reading to go and follow Brendan Meyers as well on YouTube. If you want to make it pop, you’ve got to drive some traffic for yourself.

Stan the man, I appreciate you. Ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. This is the CreateU Experience. We’re here every single week on all audio platforms. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Stan Browney

CUE 106 | YouTube MasteryStan Browney was born in on October 10, 1999. He is best known for being a YouTube Star. Dutch YouTuber who posts comedy sketches, parodies and challenge videos to his Browney channel. He’s the founder of several businesses online, including forged london.

Episode 105: Carrying The World On Your Shoulders With Kevin Kreider

CUE 105 | Asian Representation

CUE 105 | Asian Representation


Asian representation has always been powerful in show business, particularly in Hollywood, but it cannot be denied that they are still far from reaching the spotlight. With this in mind, actor Kevin Kreider has decided to use his talents to create a healthy community for his fellow Asian-Americans. Joining Brendan Meyers, he talks about his life as an adopted South Korean living with white people and how that led to pursuing greatness in acting and modeling. He explains how he helps empower Asians through his work, especially in the show Bling Empire, to give his people that much-needed highlight. Kevin also talks about his challenges of being in the eyes of the public constantly, sharing how looking out for the right opportunities and learning the art of detachment helps him cope with failures and rejections left and right.

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Listen to the podcast here:

Carrying The World On Your Shoulders With Kevin Kreider

I am here with someone extremely special. You may have seen him on the Netflix show, Bling Empire, or other shows. I’m not going to dive into the other ones because we all want to know about Bling. I’m kidding. Kevin Kreider, what’s up? Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What are you doing?

If you don’t know me from Bling Empire, I’m Korean adopted and I was raised in Philadelphia. I have a little bit of background in fitness. That’s what brought me and you together in the beginning.

Yoshi Sudarso has been a friend of mine for a long time. He’s big in the Asian community out in Indonesia and that area. That’s how we got connected. I’m excited to have you on here because you’ve seen a lot of success with the Netflix show. We’ve been talking about this for a while. You were like, “This is coming.” COVID hit and you were like, “This is coming.”

Don’t forget, during COVID, I was like, “This might not be coming,” because it got delayed.

CUE 105 | Asian Representation
Asian Representation: When you live a healthy lifestyle, you can accomplish the things you want.


I’m so happy for you. The success is amazing, but I don’t want to discount your path to getting to where you are now. I don’t want to discount who you are. As someone who was adopted and someone who has climbed the ranks and have it in Los Angeles and being challenged in your life, I want to know this story. Not so much about the superficial story. I want to know who Kevin is. Where are you going? Break it down. Let’s go.

Everybody knows the adoption story of being Asian. You go into a white family and you’re super disconnected with your identity because you’re surrounded by white people, but you’re Asian. You’re not Asian enough for the Asian community, but you’re also not white. There’s this weird disconnect growing up, especially in places like Philadelphia and private high school and grade school. There were very few Asians around there. You expect to be friends with the Asians. It’s almost like you go into the gym and just because you’re buff, “Am I supposed to be friends with buff people?”

You’re like, “It just doesn’t make sense.” I hear what you’re saying.

There’s this disconnect with people assuming I’m just going to be friends with Asians. It’s not like I wouldn’t be, but it was one person in the school and we had nothing in common. My whole life, I was always trying to find a place that I belong to the community. I never found it until I started working out. The gym culture accepted me and didn’t look at me as a race, which was why I dove right into it. I became a personal trainer for a long time and then my route got a little bit like, “I’ve hit my goals. I’m personal training, making money. What do I do next? Professional bodybuilder and all that stuff.” It didn’t feel very fulfilling and then I went into modeling. My whole point of being a personal trainer and fitness was I wanted to change the way others saw me, especially as an Asian guy. As much as I’d like to say race didn’t play that much of a part in my life, it played a huge part in my life. I wanted to change the way people saw me and the way I saw myself. Getting fit, getting muscle and winning competitions helped my self-esteem. You can probably talk about that too all day.

It’s not a way out, but it’s a way to find your inner strength and build confidence. There are many ways that us people, whether it’s black, white, Asian, whoever and wherever you grew up, you can find inner confidence in a lot of different verticals, whether it is fitness like Kevin and I, or it’s something different like acting. I went to acting school. I don’t know if you do that. I was an actor in middle school and I loved it. I love to act but I found my way through social media and YouTube. I was able to act, have fun and be creative so I can relate.

When I went into acting school though in modeling, they told me I was too big and muscular. They were like, “You should lose some weight.” That made me more insecure because I was like, “I’ve got to get smaller.” When I was in fitness, if I lost 5 pounds, I don’t want to take my shirt off.

I’ve been there. I was like, “I’ve lost 3 pounds.” What do you call it? Bigorexia or something like that.

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Body dysmorphia or bigorexia. It’s something like that. I was losing 20 pounds and I was like, “I don’t know if I like this.” Here’s the thing, though. I had to learn my self-esteem didn’t come from the muscle then at one point, but that was a nice entry into feeling what confidence felt like. I got into acting and modeling, but I started doing a lot of personal development. I got into spirituality at one point like meditating, chanting and all of the stuff. I started reading books about the life of a yogi and all of that. It started to help a little bit, but then I couldn’t book work as a model and as an actor. It was crazy. It was like I succeeded in bodybuilding and in fitness, but I couldn’t break this barrier of the modeling and entertainment industry.

You felt stuck and you were trying to figure it out. You were like, “What is this roadblock? I’ve never experienced something like this.”

It’s something I knew I wanted to do and had to do because a lot of people growing up like mentors. I just didn’t have any Asian faces to relate to. It was always like Zack from Saved by the Bell. Sometimes we had Bruce Lee, but Bruce Lee used to make fun of Asian kids growing up. It was not like it was a compliment. It was weird because as grown-ups, we look at Bruce Lee as the man. Here’s the thing. I first saw a role model of mine and it was a model. I was like, “Cool. Asians are starting to show face in here.” I remember the insecurities, bullying and racism that were allowed when I was growing up on the sports field, in high school, in grade school and especially in dating. I wanted to change that. I went into acting because those were the first things I remembered that set the mindset of what Asian guys were. I didn’t find any success in acting for a while or modeling. I was losing everything. I got super stressed out. My health wasn’t in order.

Was this when you were in LA?

No, this was when I was in New York. I lived in New York for five years. I lost my hair. It was alopecia areata. I don’t know if you know what that is, the areata part.

I don’t. What is it called?

Alopecia areata. It’s different than alopecia where you lose your hair, male pattern baldness. Alopecia areata is considered more of an autoimmune disease. I don’t know if you remember The Simpsons episode where Marge loses her hair in patches or something. Do you remember that episode? It’s exactly like that.

It says, “Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles and may be brought on by severe stress. The main symptom is hair loss.”

I was losing chunks of hair. My facial hair was gone and eyebrows. Everything but my chest hair and stuff. It was weird. I was like, “I’ve got more chest hair.”

Did you start cutting it off and put it on your head?

I was like, “Why didn’t they take my chest hair instead of my head?” It was only 4 or 5 pieces of chest hair. That’s different. It was one of those things where I lost everything like my sense of identity. I wasn’t feeling attractive. I went back to Philadelphia and got back into health and fitness. I was miserable in the gym doing personal training one-on-one. I felt like I was missing something in my life. I got back into acting a little bit, but then nothing was happening until this movie called Crazy Rich Asians came about. I was about to leave Philadelphia until a new friend of mine started reaching out because she was watching the videos of Asian masculinity. I was talking about representation in Hollywood. This was even before when Crazy Rich Asians came out. I started to find a purpose in my life. This is something that was being heard and well-received at the time. People started making videos about me, my message and my story.

When was this? When did that show launch?

The show launched in 2018, but my videos were happening before that in 2017. I started having conversations seriously in about 2016. I would say that the thing that most people don’t know about is that I was silenced when I tried to talk about Asian masculinity and what it was like to be an Asian guy growing up. I remember I was going out for casting for a documentary about Asians in America by a big production company. I was sharing about how there are these prejudice and bias towards Asian men in dating, film and TV. The producers thought I was crazy. They were like, “He sounds like a bitter guy.” I realized like, “Maybe this is a unique story. I don’t know when to share this, but there’s something to it.” I started talking about it later and it was well-received. I think one of the things that I felt was it was risky. If you talk about this stuff and it goes backlash, you’re one of the first ones talking about it publicly. It could go the other way around because I was known as the fitness guy, not the talking about your feelings as an Asian guy.

It could backfire in many ways if you don’t go about it the right way.

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Asian Representation: You have to stay grounded because you can easily get lost in your responsibilities with so many eyeballs focused on you.


I felt like I was so passionate about trying to get this story out and more people to be aware of it and to also have Asian men do something about it like build your self-esteem, learn social cues, learn how to date better and take care of yourself better. It’s almost like a GQ for Asian guys when I think about it, but it’s like become better as a person. Don’t be complacent. I found that message to be well-received so then I got a chance to be in the show.

That show was filmed when?

Our show, Bling Empire, was filmed in 2019. The show that I was auditioning for was years ago, but it never went into production.

You’ve been in two full shows?

No, it was a full-length documentary that I was in before called The Ugly Model.

The Bling Empire, I don’t know if you’re allowed to talk about any of this stuff. Are there other seasons or anything like that or it’s just one season?

We don’t know yet. We don’t even know if we got picked up for a second season, but we’re hopeful. It did well.

You freaking blew up on social media. Let’s talk about that. Has that been overwhelming at all?

It is. A lot of people think I’ve always had this, but I was stagnant at 100,000 followers for a long time. I couldn’t break through. People were not hearing my message anymore. I don’t even know what my message was so much anymore. It was like, “What am I doing with this platform and people are following me?” For a long time, that’s what people kept telling me. It was like, “You should just stick with fitness. Give people all this fitness advice. Do one thing.” I was like, “This doesn’t feel right though because that doesn’t make me.” It helps me because when you live a healthy lifestyle, you can accomplish the things you want. Now, I use fitness, health and everything that I’ve learned to help me with the career path that I want and help me with the message. I feel that the clearer and the healthier I am, the more that comes my way. That’s why I take my health and fitness as a priority. I always wake up and I still meditate. I practice my spiritual practices. I eat well. I still practice intermittent fasting. All of this stuff makes me a vessel to be able to do what I’ve been made to do in the world better.

You’re extremely grounded. That’s very important with the progress of life or the evolution of our own lives.

You have to stay grounded because easily, you can get lost in this new responsibility and these new eyeballs on you, all of a sudden. I grew almost 300% already in a month.

What have you got now?

395,000 or 394,000 something. It’s insane how many come to you. Here’s the thing. You have a new responsibility and I get it. That’s the pressure of it because a lot of people are, all of a sudden, expecting you to speak about things that aren’t in my wheelhouse to tell you the truth. I am good at the representation in media and film, Asian masculinity, fitness, mindset and spirituality, but when it comes to politics and religion, I have no experience or say in that kind of stuff. Those are just opinions. That’s not my experience. Everything that I’ve always shared about, even in Bling Empire and The Ugly Model doc, that’s my experience. That’s all I’m sharing. When people ask to push their opinions or agendas, it’s tough because I want to sometimes, but the thing is it’s not well-received on my end or people’s. People are so used to seeing my life experience and what I have to say about it. That’s it.

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My very close friend, Michael DellaCorte, he’s a chiropractor out in LA. I’ll connect you two. He’s amazing.

Is he in TikTok too?

He is. People are falling in love crazy because he was at 66,000 followers. He grew 60,000 followers in less than a week.

That’s what I mean. There’s a newfound attention and feeling, everything.

It’s crazy. I’ve been on those shoes where I grew a million in six months back when Facebook was blowing up. This was years ago. I had a video that got 52 million views. It got picked up on Imgur, Worldstar and all these. I can relate. It was almost like, “What do I do? What do I talk about? What can I not talk about?” You have many people watching your stories. Now, your stories are, “Is it more a business mindset? Is it more just documenting my life? I have to take this seriously.”

People have very many opinions of what you should be doing. That gets to me in a sense of like, “I think there’s some truth in what they’re sharing, but the thing is they don’t realize the hugeness of it.” When I share something now, it’s not just Kevin anymore. It’s like this new persona that’s being built, which I love the responsibility, but it’s so new to me that I’m tripping at times. The things you say make more of an impact, which is what I wanted, but at the same time, I’m learning as I’m going along. It’s only been a while, so I’m still learning.

It’s a process. You grew almost 300,000 followers in less than a month. I’ve been there with my Instagram a long time ago. I grew about 250,000 in four weeks. Let’s shift a little bit. Now you’re finding a lot of success. What do you want in life? What is your true meaning to life? Is it a relationship? Is it a family? What is it?

I believe it’s just belonging to a community. I’m going to psychoanalyze myself. It’s maybe because I was adopted and I had a family. Family has always been something that I always leaned back on and relied on, but it’s a sense of community. There are many Asians out there who don’t feel like they belong in the Asian community, whether it’s because they’re adopted or other Asians see them as inferior to other Asians. There are Chinese and Korean. They rip on each other a little bit and make each other feel bad. I would like to find the community. I think I found it, but at the same time, it’s sometimes tough because the further you get up, the more people want to tear you down. I’m finding it tough to keep myself in that community. I want to be able to be of service to them, but I also want to be of service the way I know how and where I serve best, not in the way people think I should serve them. I can’t serve everybody and I’m okay with that finally in my life.

How do you take the newfound following that you have and turn that into something where a community is led? For me, it’s my perspective on your voice, but it’s almost as if you’re a representation of the evolution of going from feeling like you’re not wanted or not being heard or seen into like, “I can do this. It doesn’t matter what others are saying.” How do you lead that?

I lead that by sharing my story about that. I felt like I can lead people to come closer to their purpose. My whole purpose has always been to redefine the image of the Asian man in media, entertainment and whatever it is and to help other Asian guys feel better about themselves too. This could be with women too and all of that. It’s just making people who feel insecure feel better about themselves or feel attractive, to be more specific. That message is clearer now because with Bling Empire, that was a huge step towards my purpose and fulfilling it. That’s the thing that I want to share with a lot of people. It’s not obtaining it. It’s reaching forward, search, and doing the process of reaching your purpose.

Before Bling Empire, I was so confused. It’s like, “What should I do with this?” I’ve been on the TED stage. I’ve been asked to do Google Talks. I’ve been asked by everybody to do these talks about Asian identity and masculinity. It was like, “What do I do with this? What’s the next step?” A couple of years went by and nothing. I was stagnant, but I kept moving, searching and strengthening faith. I kept up with healthier lifestyle choices. I stopped eating so much sugar and stopped drinking. I did everything to make myself a prime physique mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that whatever opportunities came, I could do it to the fullest.

It was a very conscious choice because I knew the old version of me wasn’t good enough to do what I wanted to do. If I had this success a few years ago, I wouldn’t be ready for it. Being present and being my authentic self, I didn’t know how to do that, but I was trying to get to that point. I think that’s what a lot of people miss in their life. They don’t even try to reach that point. You’ll miss the opportunities when they come to you because you weren’t ready.

CUE 105 | Asian Representation
Asian Representation: Rejection is usually never about you.


Being yourself can’t be forced. When I first got into YouTube, for instance, I was trying to be somebody I wasn’t. I like to curse once in a while, but I would not. I cared about people and everything. I didn’t want them to take on bad language or anything like that, but at the same time, I wasn’t being fully me. It’s hard to understand. At the end of the day, we have to follow the process. Allow the process to unfold the way it does.

Follow your gut instinct. There’s a reason why you have to trust your instincts on things. Half of the process is learning to listen to that voice of like, “Maybe I shouldn’t send that email out to somebody. It sounds angry.” All of a sudden, you ruined a relationship that could lead you somewhere. I remember when I first met up with Kelly. I know this sounds crazy. I used to have a rule like if you cancel the first time we’re supposed to meet for a coffee, business or general meeting, you’re done. I don’t care who you are. I’ve got to tell you though, for some reason, she canceled on me when I was in LA. Something told me like, “Kev, you’ve got to change this attitude. You’re new here. Who knows what could happen?” She asked to reschedule. We went out for coffee the next day and became good friends shortly after an opening for the show happened. It was crazy. I was like, “That could have gone bad if I would have gone against my instinct.”

That’s so interesting because your gut was telling you, “Trust it. It was like trying to reschedule.”

I had to learn at that moment the difference of what my ego was telling me. My ego was saying, “She shouldn’t be doing this to me. Doesn’t she know my time is valuable? Doesn’t she respect my time?” My instinct was saying, “Kev, back up. You don’t know anything.” How many relationships have you burnt because you have this ego-driven rule? By the way, I think those rules are good to have in place. Your instinct is going to know when this person is not worth your time. Maybe if they canceled you 2 or 3 times, then you can know instinctually that this is not going to be a good relationship. The first time, you’ve got to start giving people the benefit of the doubt, especially when their excuse sounds very authentic.

That’s something that I’ve struggled with as well. I used to be so anal about if you were a minute late, I would be like, “You were a minute late. You’re disrespecting me. You’re disrespecting the conversation.” Just like you, I had to go through a spiritual awakening myself. I had to dig deep and look at my past. Where are these traumas coming from? Why am I projecting all this negative energy onto people in regular conversations? A lot of times, I would push my anger onto other people. I still do this. I think we all do this in some way. If I got off a call with someone else, I would start projecting on the next call that I got off. That’s not fair to that person and to that relationship. I learned that relationships are everything in life. The relationship with ourselves, that’s where it starts. The relationship with everyone around us is valuable. Your opportunities, that’s an expression of that.

It’s also how you treat yourself like what you were saying. What do you do for yourself? For instance, this sounds crappy and weird to say, but I was learning how to cook better during this lockdown. I only cooked this good when I had a date or somebody was around. I was like, “Why am I doing that? Why can’t I treat myself like I would have a date?” On most days, I’ll be like, “Here’s oatmeal. Don’t even put Splenda in there or some sweetener. Eat this. It’s got to taste like crap.”

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That’s so me. I would love to be making my delicious chili, marinara sauce, chicken parm and all these things, but I will only do it if I’m treating someone else. We forget to treat ourselves. Why do you think?

We both come from the physique world. We were intense competitors when it comes to that stuff. I would always say, “This is just the sacrifice for greatness. Food doesn’t need to taste good.” I love tasty food.

The reason why I never felt like I could reward myself is because I felt like I wasn’t good enough with the reward. I have to keep on working hard to get to that reward, but where’s the end?

I don’t know about you, but I also felt like if I was rewarded, I would stop trying as hard or felt like I made it. I don’t want that satisfaction because I’m afraid I’ll lose motivation.

You hate it, but at the same time, it’s motivating and keeps you pushing.

I don’t want to say that’s not important. For instance, it’s important maybe in the beginning for you to do that so you know what it feels like. I’ll never say, “Don’t ever do that,” but for me to get to the next level that I want, it’s not useful.

We have to trust the process. All I’m hearing from this entire conversation is, “Trust the process. You’re heard.” If you don’t feel heard, you will eventually feel heard. It takes time. I don’t know if you see anyone for therapy or anything like that. I think everyone should. I need to find someone, to be honest. Journaling, meditating and doing that stuff, that’s not like talking to someone that you can express everything to and hear a professional opinion about. Now, you’re dealing with a lot. You’re talking about the things that you do every single day like meditation. You’re going to gain a lot of followers. A lot of people are going to want to talk to you, invite you here and invite you there. What’s going to keep you grounded? How can that relate to people reading?

The principles of Buddhism kept me super grounded, believing in karma, good stuff in, good stuff out and detachment from things. I had to learn detachment from Bling Empire. When it got delayed and maybe it wasn’t going to come out, I had to detach myself, “Maybe that was just a great experience and nobody ever gets to see it.” That was super challenging and hard.

That’s very hard to do, especially when you want it and your ego is saying, “I want this.” It’s like if you’re trying to lose weight. You can eat the things that you want. It’s in moderation, but you want more and more. It’s so hard, but that’s discipline. You’ve been able to develop that discipline.

I think part of it too is if you had brought this up to me years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. I started off small with detachment. For instance, moving to LA. What if it doesn’t work out? What about this new apartment? What about this girl? What if I lose my abs because I start eating better? I had to detach myself from the result. That is hard to practice. I had to practice. I was forced to at some point because I remember crying. This was before you and I started talking more. I was crying like a fucking baby at one point because I was like, “Detach.”

Have you ever heard of The Attachment Theory?

No. What is that?

It’s an amazing book on relationships. I learned a lot from that. Essentially, there are two different types of attachments. There are those types of people who avoid. There’s the avoidant attachment in relationships. Let’s say, you’re dating a girl or a guy and you confront them about something. If you’re someone that likes to get responses quickly, you’re an anxious. This is called an anxious and that’s an avoidant. The avoidant has wired themselves in their mind to run from the situation, “Don’t talk about it right there. I’ll talk to you later.” They shut off their phone. They don’t look at their texts. It’s like they go AWOL. This is what I think of detachment. The anxious is taught to run the cycles in their head. It’s like, “He doesn’t like me.”

I’m the anxious, then.

I am too but I learned to be secure because I’ve learned about this stuff. Anxious people tend to gravitate towards avoidance, and avoidance tends to gravitate a little bit more towards secure and anxious. It’s more so secure for avoidance. I don’t mean if anyone is an avoidant, it’s not something that I’m projecting on them. This is in the book. It talks about how avoidants generally have the hardest time in relationships because they’re not meeting their significant other in those talks. They’re not communicating and allowing. A lot of this stuff manifests in our minds and then we explode. When I think of detachment, I think of The Attachment Theory. Where to be very secure within a relationship, we have to be secure within ourselves. We have to detach ourselves from what society and everything else is telling us and be okay with what happens in front of us and who we are. That’s what I feel like you’re saying.

That’s a good point because for a long time, the outside world was not treating my message or me very kindly at one point. You have to have some level of self-worth and security to move forward with things. Fitness and personal training helped me with that because that was my first victory in my whole life. I spent 12, 14 years having nothing but failures for a long time. The thing that it taught me was if you do try hard enough and you keep consistent with it, consistency is the big thing. We both know this. If you go to the gym once every two months and diet that day, you’re not going to get good at anything.

What would you say about failure? When you experience failure, what would you tell people who are failing right now in life? A lot of us are failing in many areas, different verticals, relationships and business. Everything and anything you can think of, we are failing. How do you deal with it? How do you get past it? How do you stay disciplined? How do you stay consistent?

It’s super easy to say, “Failure is feedback.” I would see it as a necessity though because it’s almost like the yin-yang. You can’t know what darkness is without light. In every failure, there’s some good. In every good, there’s always some bad. There’s no such thing as a complete good or bad. For failure, what was interesting for me was I learned so much about myself in failure. Every time I fail, what is that? It’s rejection. I hate rejection. I’m so insecure about being an Asian guy or something. I’m so insecure about being too muscular. Everything was feedback to me, but I had to learn more about myself through failure. I couldn’t learn it through victories. I find myself weirdly in this new Bling Empire life of mine like there’s a big victory, but I’m starting to trip a little bit in certain ways. I’m learning so much from those little trips and failures that I believe are going to traject me in a higher direction. You can’t avoid it. You can’t avoid failure unless you want to be a monk going to Tibet.

CUE 105 | Asian Representation
Asian Representation: It’s going to hurt every time you fail, but you have no other choice but to move forward.


Even then, you’re not going to be able to avoid failure because you fail in your mind all the time. Our choice is so powerful. Once we learn that, even the failures are wins. That’s the way I comprehend it. If I’m going to date a woman and I go up to her in a bar and think I’m confident. I feel great. Let’s say the girl says, “I’m not interested,” and then she gives me the cold shoulder. Even in that response to that feedback right there, I can damage myself if I choose to allow myself to be damaged. A lot of times, we fail because of other people’s insecurities as well, and because they are thinking in a negative manner or they didn’t want to speak up. That woman or man in the bar that I would go up to, at the end of the day, they could be having a bad day. They could not have even paid attention to me. They could not have wanted to say something because they’re insecure about talking to a guy or a girl who they’re extremely attracted to. We always try to paint this picture so that we can see it because it’s comfortable. Comfortability does not yield long-term results.

You know this. The rejection is usually never about you. What I had to learn about getting rejected, especially by the Asian community sometimes like when I was asking Asian girls out, it had nothing to do with me. It had to do with their own insecurities. The reasons for rejecting me was their own insecurities. I saw their insecurities and my insecurities as well. For a while, I was like, “I don’t want to be seen with another Asian person. They’re an inferior race, but it’s ironic because you’re Asian. Everybody thinks they’re the exception when they reject them that way. They’re like, “No, I’m an exception.” It’s so funny to me when I think about that. That’s how my old mindset was. I was like, “No wonder I was single and lonely all the time.” Their insecurity was the same as mine. We had those insecurities shared. I rejected myself first before anybody could. A lot of rejection, you have to get over it. What I mean by get over it is learn from it. It’s going to hurt every time. It’s going to suck, but we have no other choice. We have to move forward. My story of getting rejection and insecure about stuff, you can translate that into your own like you were saying when you get rejected at a bar. You’re a cool-looking white dude and you still get rejected.

I’ve got a little Puerto Rican in me and a little Italian.

Here’s the thing. You’ve got two good genes so you get the best of both worlds at one and you still get rejected at times.

I get rejected all the time. At the end of the day, when it comes to relationships, dating and the dating life and that scene, it’s confidence in yourself. If you have confidence in yourself, you are a ten to anybody. It doesn’t matter who it is, what they look like or what they’ve been through, you can be a ten if you tell yourself you’re a ten, but that doesn’t come overnight like followers or anything that we’re doing. Everything is a process when you’re patient. Patience is a virtue. When you’re patient and you allow things to unfold the way that they do, you’d be surprised. I’ve been in these movie situations in dating, where I had no clue what was going to happen. The girl ended up messaging me two days later and it was like, “I saw you were doing this. I know I said no to you, but I’d love to talk to you.” All of a sudden, it turned into me meeting her family. I was like, “How the hell did this happen?”

That’s the thing too about rejection that’s weird. You never know what’s going on in that person’s life. We assume we know what’s going on. We assume and that’s the worst part. My dad always said, “When you assume, you always make an ass out of you and me.” I thought that was bullshit, but it’s true.

Have you read The Four Agreements?

Yes, I read it. Don’t ever assume.

Never assume and be impeccable with your word. I think it’s all associated with each other.

I want to add to that. I don’t know if you’ve ever talked about this. When you’re not impeccable with your word, amend it and then start over. Go back to your work.

Don’t beat yourself down.

Everybody thinks once you break that word, it’s like, “I can never go back to it.” Acknowledge it, learn from it and amend it if you can with that other person and continue.

Acknowledgment, that’s something that I had to learn. The process was long. While I was going through the spiritual side and trusting my gut. I had to learn that acknowledgment is a step in the process. If you don’t acknowledge it and you just fire the gun, that’s based off of emotion and ego. You’re jumping a step in the process of understanding. It’s like eating food. You don’t just eat food and it skips your digestive system and you shit it out.

I’ve got something funny for you. I’m moving into a new house. People were praying for me and meditating on it for me. I’m so thankful. The woman was like, “In the contract, you cannot flush baby wipes.” I was like, “What do you mean? Do you want me to be clean? Do you want to be a clean man?” We were over here talking about shit. I was like, “I might as well skip the step.” I’ve gained a lot from us talking. I feel like we can relate so much and it’s an experience. We all have an experience in life, but it seems to be that the trajectory is all pretty much the same.

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Whether it’s slow or fast, whether you gain a lot of followers tomorrow or I gained a lot of followers in ten years or if it’s a process, we all go through these phases of life and we’re challenged. You have to think. We have to trust and do all this stuff. We have emotion. What could you say to anyone, whether they’re on the road to something successful for themselves or they want success or they’re trying to figure some things out, what would you say being someone in your position?

Somebody once told me and this was a while back ago, “Always do what the right next indicated action is.” I have no clue back then going on a TED stage, talking about my life, adoption and how Asian men were portrayed was going to lead to this. Looking back on it, I can see what things led to what. I said to myself, “I have nothing. What’s in front of me? What can I do? Do it.” I think too many of us, especially when we’re not on a path or we don’t know what we want or what we do, we say no to everything because we think we know better. We were like, “No, I don’t want to do that. No, it’s not in my wheelhouse.” I was like, “What is your wheelhouse?” “I don’t know. I’ll figure that out when I move out of my parents’ basement.” Say yes to things that are in front of you that’s the right action that you know. I’m not saying if a poor house comes around, you don’t want to hoard yourself like, “That came up. Let me do that.” That’s not what I’m saying. Don’t put yourself in compromising positions. I’m saying, “Do the right next indicated action.”

I’ve seen this. Especially coaching people when it comes to business, a lot of individuals create their own failures that aren’t even needed because they’re listening to the noise. It’s because they’re saying no to too many opportunities. I dated a girl that I liked a lot and so much. I was able to build a great relationship and learn a lot from her. It was so valuable and opportunities came from it. It was because one night, my friend asked me, “Do you want to go out?” I was exhausted. I did not want to do anything. I didn’t want to drink but I was like, “I’ll go out.” It was 10:00 at night. I was about to go to sleep. I went out and all this stuff ended up coming to be. A business opportunity came from that. I have something great to tell you. Do you know what started CreateU?

Here’s one specific moment. I was sitting with my friend, Michael DellaCorte, the guy that I was telling you, the chiropractor. I was sitting with him in LA. This was when I lived in LA in Venice Beach in my beautiful home, three stories. He challenged me to visit this girl that I was talking to at the time and fly on the day off to Philadelphia. I flew to Philadelphia the same day. I said, “I’ll do it.” He was like, “What the heck?” I ended up starting a business with her. It started and developed CreateU. That was the beginning of CreateU. It created everything. It created the gym that I’m developing. It created the nutrition company that I have. It created the agency. It was because of that one action that I wanted to take. My ego was telling me, “Don’t do it. That’s a waste of time.”

It can also be fear of losing time, finances or whatever. It’s like, “Why would I do that?”

Do you have any examples like that?

Yes, but they didn’t turn out as well as yours. It has not created business.

Was there an opportunity?

For sure. Even moving to LA was one of them. I didn’t know where I was going, but it was the right thing to do. I just felt it and all of this happened within two years. I was supposed to go to Asia instead of LA because I was like, “I’m going to restart my life in Asia and do a fitness business.” Two people signed up to my seminar and I was like, “That’s a sign. That’s an indication that I am not going to Asia.” That’s what I meant by you’ve got to do what’s right in front of you and what’s next, but then too many of us think we know what’s in front of us and what’s not. Now, I’m in a position where I do not know what the right actions are sometimes. I have agents. I have a manager to do those things for me to weed out the opportunities.

That’s where I knew that was my next right indicated action. Get agents and a manager to handle this stuff, the social media inquiries and some of the press stuff. Sometimes I don’t need to. Like with you, I know you personally, but people who get background checks on like, what are their intentions? All that stuff. I don’t know and it’s too much for me to handle. I gave it to somebody who can do it for me because they came up to me too. It was an opportunity. All I’m saying is I could have easily been like, “I know what’s good for me,” and I’d be a wreck now. Too many people give up the opportunities that are in front of them. To let people feel a little bit better about this, the opportunities will show up again. It just might not be within years. It could be 5, 10 years.

Another thing is asking for support. A lot of us want to do things on our own. It’s our ego, fear and trust. When we are not asking for support, we are not trusting others and ourselves, we’re not loving ourselves and others, all of our damaged shit that we all have, traumas when we were kids growing up, all of that shows when we’re not asking for support. I feel like what you’re saying with having management and other people, you have to trust them and ask for support like, “I need help with this. I don’t have the time and I want to put that trust in you.” Your trust may be tainted. There may be some things that happen, but always allowing trust to flourish at the start is important. You could do your background checks. You can double-check things and ask questions. That’s fine, but trust and ask for support.

I’m not somebody who trusts easily. When I say I trust, I’m still at this period where I’m like, “I’ll give you guys 3 to 6 months to a year.” Here’s the thing. They might mess up. They might be great, but I’ll never know unless I start or do it. There are going to be other people. I have to have faith and trust that more people will show up if it’s better for me. It’s almost like that Buddhist terminology, “What’s meant to be will always be, no matter what.” No matter how hard I try, it’s very Buddhist. I believe that too in a heartbeat.

A lot of people have this negative connotation with Buddhism as if it’s like some crazy religion or whatever. It is all about happiness and loving people as you would yourself. I always say this to anyone. If you’re a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, whatever you’re on or anything you are, read about other religions, learn about them and understand them because many of them are saying the same thing, if not all of them. They’re all saying to love other people as you would love yourself. The reason why there are different rules is to protect morale, love, communication, community and all these things. That’s my own little projection on religion. I don’t want to get into it.

That’s what is awesome about Buddhism. If you just take away the philosophies of it, you’ll live a better life. You don’t have to practice. It’s better if you practice it, but it doesn’t mean going to a temple. It just means to practice the principles of Buddhism. That’s it.

Kev, I have one last question for you. How are you doing mentally?

Mentally, it’s ups and downs. I talk to my castmates and my mom a lot because it is a lot. I know that I asked for this. I’m not straying away from the responsibilities of being this new person that people look up to and want things to be done. I’m not running away from that. I accept the responsibility. It is a little bit tougher because I don’t want to get tainted. I don’t want to get jaded by this whole thing. Some friendships have disappeared because their true character came out when, all of a sudden, it was blowing up. Some of the friendships weren’t about, “What could we do together?” It was more like, “What can I get from you?” When it felt like that, I knew before that happened who those people were, but this confirmed it for me.

CUE 105 | Asian Representation
Asian Representation: Always do the right next indicated action in your life.


It’s a gut feeling. You’ve got to trust your gut.

It’s different if it’s like, “This is going to benefit both of us.” There’s a difference, but if it’s like, “Can you do this for me?” It’s like, “What? Excuse me? Where is that coming from?” That’s tougher to deal with a little bit because I have good friends already. I don’t need new good friends unless it’s genuine and that’s the difference. A lot of these new friendships don’t feel genuine to me. I don’t even want to say new friendships because they’re more acquaintances or more people I meet. I’m like, “Where did you come from? What do you want?” It’s different with agents because some of these agents are new. Agents, it’s going to take a little while to create a friendship if there is one. My thing is there’s a difference. They’re going to be my team that I trust. It’s business. It’s work. It’s something you’re going to help me to do to accomplish what I want. Those new relationships I welcome because I know they can help me to get to the next level.

To relate to it, when I was blowing up on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, people were reaching out to me from high school randomly like, “Can I get a shout-out?” A couple of guys that I played football with at Florida Atlantic University play on the Eagles now and a couple of other teams. They would hit me up and be like, “Give me a shout-out.” They were just getting into the league and NFL. I was like, “We don’t even talk. What do you mean?” A couple of girls were blowing up on social media. At the end of the day, relationships take time.

Some of my closest friends were people who have followed me. There are two people who are living in my home, our lead videographer and then my assistant or my apprentice. He’s going to be the GM of my gym. Both have been following me for six years. Some of my closest friends are people who found me after I “made it.” To give you some examples, I found a lot of my best friends through my following. What I recognized was they would hit me up and they wouldn’t want a shout-out or anything. They just wanted to meet me and hang out.

I would meet them. Let’s say I was in a public place, I’d be like, “Come out to the beach in Santa Monica.” I’d meet them. All of a sudden, we would click and they wouldn’t go away. They would keep on supporting me, helping me out and all these different things. It’s the most beautiful thing. The people who are supporting you, the ones that you see everywhere on your Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, buying your products and doing all this different stuff, they are the ones that you want in your life.

That’s good to know. As I said, I’m still fresh at this. I’m not jaded by the fact that there won’t be good new relationships coming up in my life. Especially in dating, it could be a little tricky now at this point.

Don’t give your social media out. I generally don’t do that.

I know. I don’t want to. Most of these girls who hit me up already know me from the show, but new girls, I’d rather not talk about it and just find out who they are. For instance, your relationships that you have are beautiful. I think it’s good to hear that because that way I’m hopeful like, “There will be new ones.”

People will support you from your following. If I needed someone for real estate, I can find them like that. If I’m going to open up something or host an event, a lot of people will tell all their friends and they’ll help you in there. They want you to succeed because you’ve helped them. My only recommendation that I could give to anybody who is growing a following is to lean into your supporters and people who are saying good things that are backing you up because they’re the ones who are going to be with you long-term. It’s beautiful. You’re going to experience it. There are a lot of people who just hit you up because they want something from you, but there’s a good amount who wants to love and be a part of your community and wants to live out your vision.

I’m not jaded with those people hitting me up once in a while. It is for that community, for sure.

Kev, thank you so much for coming on here. That was a freaking amazing episode. I’d love to talk more about other things, maybe another time and more specific topics if you’re open to it about loving yourself for who you are. I’d love to talk about that topic. Where can everyone find you? I have a lot of readers on my end who are going to be reading this as well.

You can find me on Netflix on Bling Empire, but the other stuff is on my social channels. It’s always Kevin Kreider across the board, website, Instagram and TikTok.

Is there anything lastly that you want to say? Any words of encouragement?

Keep doing the right next action. It always works out at the end.

Trust the process, TTP as we say. Thank you so much, Kev.


You’re on Clubhouse too, Kev?

I’m on Clubhouse.

We’re in little Clubhouse sessions. Look him up, Kevin Kreider. Look me up, Brendan Meyers. I don’t go on as much. I’m trying to more and more. You’ve got to spend time on it. It’s like a little podcast platform. It’s amazing. I want to say one thing, our motto, “Ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life.” Trust the process. Trust you. Patience is a virtue. If you have a vision, do not drop it for anything or anyone because it is possible. The right people will show up for you at the right time and in the right moments if their intentions are good, and trust that. Learn more about yourself because if you don’t know about yourself, how are you going to give anything to anyone else, to your business, family and relationships? You won’t be able to. Thank you so much for reading. Kev, thank you for joining me. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Kevin Kreider

CUE 105 | Asian Representation

Born in Seoul, and adopted at the age of three to a German/Irish family in Philadelphia. He was ashamed to be the token Asian guy and spent most of his life trying to change his appearance to build self esteem and confidence.

As a model, Kevin Kreider has been featured in publications such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness Magazine, and was the first Asian-American to greet guests shirtless at the Abercrombie and Fitch on Fifth Avenue in New York City. He’s been featured for brands such as Peloton, Gillette, and many more.

Episode 104: Slow The F* Down With Tyler Holt

CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing Patience

CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing Patience


In your self-development journey, as well as in your business and dealing with other people, developing patience is always the key. It’s allowing things to blossom in the way that they’re going to bloom. Too often, people want instant gratification. They want things right NOW. However, many things can’t be rushed, and not everything will go exactly how you want in the timeframe that you want all the time. On today’s show, Brendan Meyers brings on business owner Tyler Holt to talk about the merits of having patience, slowing down, and going with the flow of your business. Tyler also talks about how patience correlates with the success of your business, relationships, and where you want to go in life. 

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Slow The F* Down With Tyler Holt 

I’m chilling on the couch with my manTyler HoltI’m excited to have him on here. Ianother episode, we’re going to dive into his story, get deep, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life, as the motto is here for the showFor this episode, I want to dive deep into patience. Talk about what patience is correlated with, whether that’s communication, whether that’s your businesses, whether that’s your relationships or whatever it is, even with yourself and where you’re trying to go in your life, your vision. I want to dive into that. Tyler, introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do? Talk to us. 

I’m Tyler Holt. I’m an entrepreneurbusiness owner here in Colorado. I started off in the bodybuilding fitness industry years ago. That developed into opening up my gym and getting into other businesses. Patience is so key with self-development, learning yourself, developing yourself, your business and the people under your business. There’s a ton that goes into that. It’s a great topic. Let’s dive into it. 

For me, I have patience tatted behind my ear. I’ve talked about patience plenty of times on the show. For me, it’s all about allowing things to blossom in the way that they’re going to blossom. I don’t know if you’ve experienced thisbut many times, we try and go against the grain, which doesn’t make any sense. It’s like, “Why not just go with the flow of your business? Why not go with the flow of your influence and what you’ve created? As a personal trainer, it evolves in its own way. Now, you have a gym and things like that. What would you say about that going against the grain? Do you have any examples of where you try to go against the grain and it didn’t work out for you? 

When you're trying to be patient with things, letting it be would, in fact, be allowing things to develop as they're going to. Click To Tweet

I don’t think I have an example of that because I lived just like how you explained. I go with the flow. Years ago, I didn’t know that I was going to own a gym. I didn’t know I was going to be some influencer. I didn’t know any of this was going to happen to me. It was all a snowball effect from one to another. One thing happened. I was so skinny when I was younger. I went into the gym. I wanted to be big. I hated being skinny. I was bullied and all that story. I’m like, “I want to be bigger. I got into the gym. I got a trainer. I got bigger. That led to me competing, getting my pro card and developing my personal training brand. 

I opened up a gym and became this influencer. I was doing my thing. I earned that it was motivating other people. That led to all these other opportunities. I went with the flow and allowed whatever was going to happen, went with it and trusted myself. There are not a lot of things and I can’t think of anything off the top of my head where I tried to go against the grain and say, “No, I’m going to do this. I don’t think that works like you said. 

Where did you learn that from? Where did you learn that patience is a virtue? It’s something that we need to embrace and follow through with? 

I would say going against the grain and being impatient are two different things. Patience is a thing I’ve had to learn. Still to this day, I would never say that I’m an extremely patient person. I learned that not everything is going to go exactly how I want in the timeframe I want all the time, especially when you’re in the process of building the gym. It’s the shipment of equipment. There are so many out of control pieces that you have to learn that you can’t control 100% of things 100% of the time. If you let all those things affect you personally, you’re going to be in a negative mindset all the time. If you’re too stressedit goes onto your employer, employees, your business partners or whoever you’re working with, whoever you’re dealing with on a daily basis, your family and your relationship. If you let all these things that are out of your controlcontrol you, then you yourself are going to be out of control. 

As you were able to develop your businesses and you started getting into investments, you have to be patient with investments. Talk about that a little bit. With investments, even if you’re putting $10, $100 or $1,000 into something, what do you have to embrace? 

It took me a whilejust made some big investmentsI was never a big investor. I was one of those people who would rather see this chunk of money sitting in my account doing nothing than embracing, letting it go and letting it do more for me in the future. Speaking for myself and for a lot of people out there, looking way far ahead into the future is a hard thing and that has to do with patienceUnderstanding what you want your end goal to be on that and letting it happen. You make an investment into something. You don’t expect your ROI right away. You don’t expect to make a ton of money right away. You have to let it flow. You have to let it develop. 

What this brings up in my mind is the difference and I want to shift a little bit between letting it be and letting it go. I think a lot of people associate both with the same thing. I’ll give you an example. I’ve been in a lot of different relationships. I’ve been in love. There’s a point where you’re getting over something that is important but it’s not even about getting over something. It’s more so about being patient in the growth with that something, especially with investments. Letting it be with your business. Letting it be with your friendships or your relationships, everything around you is much different than letting it go. Letting it go is almost like, “It’s not in my life anymore. It’s not here. In reality, our experiences stay with us. The things that we go through, stay with us. It’s not some bullshit thing that we can let go of. What’s your experience of letting things be with your patience? 

You’re right. Letting things go would entail that is completely out of your life essentially. When you’re trying to be patient with things, letting it be would in fact be letting things develop as they’re going to because it is in your life. It is a factor. Whether it’s stagnant at the moment or whether it’s constantly changing, it is there. That be is there. I would say there’s not a lot of things in life that you can truly let go of based on your description of that. How many things do you let go of completely? If you end a relationship, that person doesn’t have to be in your life presently but their effect on your life huge is still there, whether that’d be something good or something bad. They were in your life for a period of time. They might have helped you develop into a better person or whatever it might be but you don’t let that person go because there will be a piece of them that is always with you, in you. I love the way you explain that. 

Continuing with stagnancy, you talked about being stagnant. Things happen, whether it’s business, whether it’s relationships where things may get a little stale for a second. Even sex life with your partner or your business may take a deep dive. It’s like the stock market. It’s like, “The stock is dropping crazy. I’m freaking out. Be patient in that because, with every down, there’s an up. Let’s talk about your gym for a second. Have you ever experienced that where you’re like“What do I need to do in this time period? Members aren’t coming in as much. They’re canceling.” How have you experienced this in your businesses? 

I think along with everybody in 2021, COVID is the perfect example of that. COVID happened. We had to shut our gym down. At that point, I had no idea. I had no clue. 

Was it like an oh shit moment? 

CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing Patience
Developing Patience: You can’t control 100% of things 100% of the time. If you let all those things affect you personally, you’re going to be in a negative mindset all the time.

Yes. I was like, “What are we going to do?” If you’re a business owner out there, if you’re an entrepreneur, the business does not go how you want it to go all the time. There’s always something. With COVID, it was one of those things. We were planning on expanding. We were looking at buildings and everything the year before COVID happened. We were planning our expansion of the gym. We were looking at buildings. Everything was going good. Our members were going up. We had good trainers. Clients are coming in. Everything seemed well. The unthinkable happened, which was COVID. Have you told anybody that your whole country is about to shut down? Good luck. Nobody wouldn’t fucking believe that. When that happened, I sat there. I remember there was one day when I sent my text out to all my trainers and the clients saying, “We have to shut down for the time being. I was like, “I’m going to give myself one day to be pissed, be upset, bitch about this and then I’m going to move forward. 

That’s a huge deal when you have to shut your business down completely for who knows how long or however long they said it was going to be at the beginning. I was like, “I’m going to absorb this for one day.” Another thing you learn with patience over the years is never to act at the moment out of emotion. Take it out. Let that shit go. It was one of those things. I was likeI’m not going to talk to anybody. I’m going to let myself feel all these things. Tomorrow we’re going to get back on the ground.” That’s exactly what we did. Wmade a game plan with what we could do for the time being. Surprisingly throughout the COVID and everything, we were able to get our expansion done. Profit-wise, it has been our best year we’ve ever had. Our gym is busier than ever. It’s taking things as they come. Let it be. 

It’s one of those things. You have to take the hits as they come. As I said earlier, there are so many things completely out of your control. No one can control a shutdown or anything that happened in 2021. The only thing you can control is what you’re going to do after that. As an entrepreneur, as a business owner, you have to adapt. You have to let things ride out. You do have to be patient and understand that not everything’s going to go according to plan all the timeever maybe. We couldn’t do anything about COVID. All we could do is game plan, change our direction and move forward. It ended up being our best year yet. 

There are two types of people. Those who get knocked off of their path and like“This is uncomfortable. What do I do? There are others that look at the situation differently and stay on the path. I believe that we’re all on course and we’re looking at the railroad tracks that are the path. I feel that our mindsets are what keep us focused. It’s the end goal. We’re always going to have things that are going to hit us off path. It’s going to feel like that. Many timeswe’re not even off path. We‘re generally still going down the same way that we need to go down. It’s the reality of life. Life is not something that‘s like a book. Read this book and then you’re good to go, relationships and everything. 

That’s why our minds think the way that they do. That’s why we have emotion. That’s why we have good days and bad days. That’s why we get tired. I feel like even with our gym, with this shit show that’s been happening, they lost the entire storefront for 1.5 months at a transfer facility. They went to the transfer facility. They’re like, “Where are the doors?” I’m like“How the hell did that happen?” I’m freaking out over here. I’m like“Come on. At the same time, I give myself a day and I allow myself to be patient with the situation. I say, “This could be a benefit to me.” How have you taken that approach where you’re looking at bad situations, negative situations as benefits? 

I think if you want to survive as a business owner and be successful, you have to look at negative situations in that way. You have to take every hit, every failure or whatever you want to call it. You have to look at it like“What’s the positive in this? Where are we going to benefit? How do we move forward with this? Not everything has to be bad. Something bad might happen but that doesn’t mean the whole situation is bad. We’ve dealt with those kinds of delays and all that stuff. Us looking for a building, for example, when we were trying to expand the gym, building after building. We looked at a lot but we had 2 or that we were super serious about. All three of them fell through for one reason or another. 

If you want to survive as a business owner and be successful, you have to look at the positive in the hits and the failure. Click To Tweet

It’s irritating as hell, especially when you spend so much time thinking this is that’s going to be the building. You start planning. You start creating your layout. You start doing all these things. You start doing all this stuff. At the last second, something happens with the building or the owners don’t that like your gym. They’re worried you’re going to be noisy. They lead you on and then all of a sudden, they’re like“We’re not going to let you come in or this happened with the building. We can’t do this.” You put all this energy into manifesting and game planning what this is going to look likeAt the end of the day, the building we’re in is the best one we looked at. It was set up perfectly for us. The landowners are great. It‘s one of those things where back at the time when all these buildings kept falling through, it was frustration. That was because whatever you believe in or whatever that wasn’t meant to be in this situation that we’re in. 

Do you believe in that? 

I do100%. 

Do you believe in everything‘s meant to happen the way it’s happening? 

Everything for a reason, yes. 

like playing bad cop to everyone’s thinking because it’s fun. I look at everything happening for a reason, being something that we manifest within ourselves. It’s up to us. I look at it as, “If you want it to be something good and positive for you and it was meant to happen that way, then that’s literally what’s going to be manifested in your life. However, if you look at it in a negative light, it’s not going to be meant to be.” You are failing so bad and then going in and hurting yourself because of it because you’re upset with yourself, whatever the case is or hurting people around you, that isn’t meant to be from my perspective. I believe we create the be in the instances that were challenged with. 

I can agree with that because I think a lot of what people manifest themselves and as I said, shit is going to happen and it’s how you respond to it, what you create of it and how you look at it. Some people think a lot of bad things happen to them and that’s how it’s meant to be or a lot of good things happen to them and that’s meant to be. I don’t think necessarily that’s the case. I think it is more what you’re getting at is things are going to happen and what’s meant to be is going to be what’s meant to be after you act on it. You can have two different people and the exact same situation happened to each of them. One person is going to go this way and one person is going to go this way. Each of them is going to say, “This is what was meant to be. In reality, it was meant to be because of how they acted upon it. 

A lot of patience is involved in that as well like digesting things. If you’re always trying to eat your food so quickly and then go into your workout without being patient and allowing it to digest, what’s going to happen? You get sick. Patience is something that takes practice and consistent practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. I got a text right before we got on here that I got the house, this house that I’m trying to get. I was being patient with it but I also wasn’t being patient with it. I was trying to call. was doing extra things where I almost was shooting myself in the foot. All I‘ve learned is that patience also comes with patienceIt’s interesting to think about because it takes time and experience is time. 

You almost have to be self-aware of the situations that are going to test your patience because there are going to be a lot of things that test your patience. When I was younger, I was a hothead impatient guy. There’s been a lot of self-development, self-awareness that I’ve had to go through in learning myself. Honestly, sitting and talking to myself during situations be like“This is how we have to be patient because there’s not a thing we can do to speed this up. When you have so many things going on, you have to be careful about where you put your energy into. It’s easy to drain yourself completely. Learning patience in the different areas of where you need to be patient is one of those things that you have to learn. You have to teach yourself and you have to practice regularly. 

With that being said, if you’re someone and you’re struggling in your life, you want this house to come through for you or this job opportunity, you want this raise, be patient but also don’t mistake impatience for speaking up. Don’t allow patience to overwhelm you in a way where your emotion is what you control your life with. Patience does that. That can definitely fuck up a lot of things. 

Relationship is another good example of this. If you like somebody but you aren’t catching that vibe back or there are a lot of mixed messages or anything like that whereas you can tell yourself, I’ll be patient. Maybe things will work out.” Also, don’t waste your time with the relationshipIf it’s one of those things where you’re like“I’m trying to be patient but I need to know where you’re at. I’m using the relationship as an example because that’s an easy thing for everyone to relate to it. Don’t let patience hurt you in a way. I think this is what you were getting at. Ican hurt you. It can waste your time. If you’re having patience for a good reason, it’s fine but doesn’t have too much patience when there are things that you can do, ask or say in order to get clarity on what you need to be patient about. 

CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing Patience
Developing Patience: As an entrepreneur, you have to adapt. We couldn’t do anything about COVID. All we could do is change our direction and move forward.


Make sure you’re not coming from emotion, experience. That’s the episode on patience. We got to get out of here because Tyler needs to run. He has a lot of shit to get done. He’s working hard. Tyler, where can they find you? Give us some info. 

I’m on Instagram @THolt21_. That’s where I do most of my social things. Catch me on there. 

Come and check out his gym. 

212 Performance Gym in Centennial, Colorado. If you are around that area, I’d be happy to have you come check it out and get a workout in. Bren hastill got to come and get a workout in there.  

Thanks for tuning in for the show. Tyler, thanks a lot for coming on here. 

Thank you. I appreciate it. 

I’m excited to tap into a little bit more, get some workouts in with you. You’re going to most likely be on my YouTube because we’re going to be training and doing some cool stuff. Remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s involved with patience. This is why I got it on the back of my ear. This is why I’m in Denver, Colorado. I am practicing. I practice what I preach at the end of the day and so does the show. In order to CreateU, it takes time and experience. That’s why this is called not the CreateU Podcast but the CreateU Experience. There’s not a lot of knowledge without experience. You need experience for knowledge and vice versa. Thanks for tuning in for this episode. Remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. Check out our software. You can check out anything about me on Instagram @TheBMeyers. Follow me on Clubhouse. Are you in Clubhouse? 

I‘m not on there. 

I need to send you an invite. I’m @BrendanMeyers on Clubhouse. You can find me there. DM me if you need any help. Review our show. I would love to hear what you think, even if it’s a one-star. It shouldn’t be a one-star. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time. Peace. 

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About Tyler Holt

CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing PatienceTyler is the owner of 212 Performance Gym in Centennial, Colorado. With over 200,000 followers amassed on Social Media, he continues to build several businesses & lead in the industry.

Episode 103: Terminal Cancer To Multi 6-Figure Business Owner With Logan Sneed

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset


Despite the world constantly looking for instant and fast-tracked results, real success can only be achieved through a tedious yet meaningful process. Therefore, the best entrepreneurial mindset must involve persistence, patience, and resilience. Brendan Meyers brings in Logan Sneed from Fitpreneur Academy to share his inspiring story of recovering from a severe brain tumor, learning about the ketogenic diet, and helping people build their own fitness businesses. He explains how the best business partnerships take time to find a solid foundation and block your ego from getting in the way of your success. Logan also explains why entrepreneurs must concentrate on just a small audience that offers high returns and how important it is to provide solutions than merely selling.

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Listen to the podcast here:

Terminal Cancer To Multi 6-Figure Business Owner With Logan Sneed

I am here with a special guest, my good friend, Logan Sneed. He’s the author of Thank You, Cancer. He’s an influencer and entrepreneur. He owns a company called Fitpreneur Academy. This is big time. This is deep. He survived brain cancer and is now thriving. I’ve met him and I’ve known him for quite some time. He’s an inspiration. When I say you want to buckle up for this one, grab a friend, grab your mom, grab your dad. If you’re in a place where you feel a little lost or you’re having a lot of anxiety, you’re faced with a lot of fears, I’m telling you, buckle up. Let’s get into it. Logan, say what’s up.

What’s going on? How are you? I’m super excited to be on here. I’ve been reading your blog. I’ve been missing it. I’m excited that it’s back.

It’s time. Let’s not even talk about me. I’m more intrigued about you. I appreciate you tuning into the show. I want to get into your journey. How you’ve been able to develop multiple six-figure businesses, go from no falling to defeating and slapping cancer in the face. Overcoming so much, bringing all of these fears and turning them into successes. Where does it begin? Give me some background on you.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Many influencers have a ton of followers but cannot make that much money because they don’t know how to build a business.


There’s a whole story put together but the real question of when did this all began as far as my new life being created, started when somebody told me that I’d be dead soon. It’s one of those things. The doctor told me, “You have 1 to 10 years left to live. I’m sorry to tell you that.” When you hear that from somebody that you “look up to,” trust and believe in, what else are you supposed to do? That’s like your mentor or somebody who is teaching you, guiding you. When I heard that, it was either I listened to that or I go figure it out. It was a life or death situation. I decided to go and change my own life.

You’re telling me out of nowhere that doctor says to you. You talk about this like it’s just another day in the life of Logan. Come on. Express a little bit of what was going through your mind. I read your book. It goes into how thrown off you were and how lost you were but also how motivated you were. You said, “Cancer has got nothing on me. It doesn’t matter if he says I’m terminal or not. I’m good.” You are cancer-free for how long now?

That’s one of those things. It’s hard to know because the doctor, one of the most important and most difficult jobs in the world, she’s like, “We don’t know if you’re cancer-free because it’s too microscopical in the brain to dissect and see if you’re cancer-free but there’s no tumor there.” I’m like, “You’re telling me this but then you’re saying that.” It’s almost like there’s no definite answer. My belief is I’m 100% cancer-free. They removed the full tumor and it’s been almost five years. It’s been a journey.

Explain this to me. You had surgery but they also said that it grows quickly. When it grows back, it’s even stronger than before. What was your approach with all of this? What has carried you to where you are with all the people that you train and the clients? I know you teach people how to build their fitness businesses. What is this mindset that you’ve created?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. I wanted that ever since high school. It’s funny you’re on here. I’ve watched your stuff before I started my business. You were one of the first ones I watched on YouTube and I was like, “I see he’s doing his own thing. He’s not working for somebody. That’s exactly what I want to do. However I do it, I want to do that.” That’s what I always wanted. That’s when the whole tumor situation popped up. I was like, “We’re taking me working for somebody, having my own boss. We’re going to take it for somebody telling me that I’ll be dead soon.” I always hated it. I never wanted to work for somebody. That was my goal.

A successful warrior is an average man with a laser-like focus. Click To Tweet

When I realized somebody’s going to tell me how to live my life and what was going to happen, that pissed me off. Because it made me so mad, I was like, “Screw that, I’m going to show her and them what I can freaking do. They may be smart, some of the most difficult jobs in the world and I get that but there’s something more. There’s something that can be done.” I truly believe that there’s a solution to every problem. A lot of people don’t necessarily believe that. They think, “You can’t solve everything.” I think you can. When I thought that there is something, I had to go find it. Ever since then, it’s genuinely changed my life because I’ve always had the mindset that is persistent. I will go achieve what I need to achieve no matter what, when or how it’s done. I will do that even if it means I saved my own life. It built up when she said that. I’m not trying to prove her wrong. I’m trying to prove myself wrong of like, “You’re going to overcome it by not believing in her but believing in yourself.”

I feel a lot of us give up. The second we get bad news, it’s out the window. You had those thoughts too. You get challenged with that shit. It’s not like we are any different humans than other humans. This is an example with social media. I feel as though many of us can relate to this. People try and find success on YouTube. How do I become a content creator on YouTube? Do you want to beat out the 99%? Just stay consistent.

“The successful warrior is an average man with laser-like focus.” It’s my number one favorite quote. It’s simple as that. I was an A, B student. I wasn’t valedictorian or anything.

This reminds me of my quote that I’ve lived by my entire life, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Regardless of the situation, the challenges and the other thing is warrior spirit. I have that tattooed. It’s unique. It doesn’t matter if you get stabbed in the heart. If you are in a battle and the challenges are too strong, you never fall backwards. You always fall forward. It’s that warrior spirit. I feel like that’s your life motto the way that you fucking smashed through things. It’s so inspirational. Let’s change the pace on this a little bit. This hits you out of nowhere. You’re trying to figure things out. You went into the keto diet. That’s where you attribute a lot of your survival from. You’re still keto. What made that pivot to become an author? What made that pivot in your life to push for something greater like a business and expressing your story? What got you to that point?

I was motivated by somebody telling me that I’ll be dead soon. I was like, “It’s not going to freaking happen.” They’re not going to tell me how my life is going to go. It’s the number one thing that has pissed me off in a good way. I’m glad she said that because it made me figure something out. I’m here downtown. Right down here, I went paddleboarding on the river. It was with one of my mentors. He was like, “How is everything going? I know it’s a hard time.” “I don’t even know what to do. Apparently, I’m going to be dead soon. She said you can’t do anything. I don’t know what to do.” He’s like, “Have you heard of this ketogenic diet?” I was like, “No, what’s that?” He told me about it. This was when nobody knew even what keto was. This was before it was even theoretically born.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: If humans can find the easiest route to get to where they want to go, that’s where they are going to be attracted to.


That night I went home and I started researching what this was. I stayed up until 3:00 AM. I saw that you could potentially build some lean muscle and lose some body fat. There’s research on brain tumors, shrinking tumors and even preventing regrowth. It provides fuel for the brain, all these things. I was like, “I don’t know if this thing is going to work. I don’t even know if I’m going to do it but I’ll try it because I got no other option.” I did it that next day. I never second-guessed it. I never was in that mindset of, “What if it doesn’t work? Maybe it’s not for me.” I had to make it for myself. It genuinely did work. I lost 30, 40 pounds. People were like, “What the heck is he doing? You’re in chemo and radiation. How are you seeing those results?”

It snowballed. I’m getting one million questions on here. I was like, “Why don’t I start my own business to show them how to see these results?” I did that. I can’t say it was a walk in the park because nothing really is, but it started growing quickly. I was at the point in college where I was going through chemo, I was going through radiation and then this thing started to snowball. I was like, “I think we’re getting closer and closer. This is my dream to drop out, do this for a living and that’s it.” It got to that point. There are more variables in there but it got to that point that I did that. That’s how the rest became history in this stuff.

I still check in with what you’re doing consistently. I watch what you’re doing. You’re teaching other people how to build their businesses, to overcome their fears and to understand what a pivot looks in your life. I love it. At the end of the day, the majority of our success comes from continuing.

I was watching your stuff. I forget how long back that was. I saw your story. I was following you through this whole thing. I saw how you were progressing. I was like, “If he can do it, I can do it.” It’s almost like the thing where it’s like you can follow somebody’s footsteps but you got to realize what it takes to get to that level. You got to be willing to do that. When I saw what you were doing and all those things, I’ve always watched your stuff, I was like, “I’m not going to do the same thing but I’m going to progress in that direction to be like him.” Your story is powerful. It has been awesome.

I appreciate that. I never discount anyone’s story either. You had brain cancer. Someone else had leukemia. Someone else tore every single piece of tendons and ligaments in their knee, ankle and hip in a car accident. Someone else was sexually abused when they were growing up. Another person went through injuries. They lost everything like myself. We can’t discount each other’s hard times. If you’re reading what Logan is saying, don’t discount because you feel like you haven’t had it as bad or you haven’t had it as hard. If you feel like you’ve had it as bad, if you feel like you’ve had it as hard, if you want to build a business, you want to be a social media influencer, if you want to teach other people and if you want to give back, you can.

Logan is doing that with people. He’s shown you that you can do it. I love what you have behind you. Success is not a straight line. You don’t just reach it. Consistency is like that. Consistency is the only thing that is a straight line. If you can stay consistent, the rest of the stuff is going to be wonky. It’s going to be crazy trying to get to that success but you’re going to get there. Don’t discount yourself. That’s one of those paths. The second you start discounting yourself, other things leave from it. You can attest to that with all of your clients and the people that you work with. Once you start thinking negatively with your clients, what happens when they start thinking negatively?

You can have excuses and results, but you can never have both. Click To Tweet

It’s their first test. You got the option. You can have excuses or you can have results but you can’t have both. Which one do you want? One person is like, “I can’t. I don’t have time.” You chose excuses or you’ll make it happen. You make it work. Not hope it works or if it works but when it works, when you make a decision to make it work. You put that together. You can have excuses, you can have results but you can’t have both.

That word ‘when’ might be my next tattoo. Getting a little ‘when’ on me, “When it happens.” That’s the reality of this work and growing anything. I feel that this leap that people want to take is so much closer. The gap is so much narrower than we think.

Jeff Bezos has a quote, “It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.” Think about it. If, God forbid, you chopped your finger cutting up some watermelon or something, do you think that you would make it work, you go to the hospital and you’re gushing blood or would you say, “I don’t have time, I’ve got to do some of this stuff over here?” You’d be like, “I’ve got to go to the freaking hospital.” It’s not if, it’s when. That’s the thing. You’re not experimenting like, “Let me see if I can get there to the hospital. Let me see if I can figure out if I have time.” No. You have time for it.

You’re spinning a lot of facts. I like these facts. Your business, what do you do?

I coach people in helping them build their own online fitness business. It’s how to create, build and grow, how to become an influencer, how to monetize it, how to scale and do these things for a living that you and I are doing.

Let’s understand that. Let’s crack the egg a little bit on that and find out what’s in this yolk. When you say you teach them how to be an influencer, does that mean 100,000 followers or does it mean being an influence to your community?

$100,000. The goal is to help them grow their bank account not necessarily their follower count. You and I both know that there are people who were like, “They got 1 million or 500,000. They must be wealthy,” when in reality it’s not the case. Honestly, I don’t have a ton of followers. You and I both know that there are guys who have way more followers than you and I but we make ten times more money because we know how to build a business. There’s a difference between that. I’ll show them how to do Instagram stuff and grow it but the goal is to build an actual business.

Where do you start with that? If someone’s trying to build their business for the first time who is reading this, what do they do to get started? Are there tools? Is there an organization? What type of organization? Is there a specific piece of software? They can reach out to you after this to help pull their business but what’s there?

Anybody who’s trying to build a business, write this sentence down. “I help blank achieve blank by doing blank.” There are a million different things you can write out. I’ll give you an example. “I help 40-year-old men achieve 20 pounds of body fat loss by eating two meals a day.” There you go. You became a specialist and not a generalist. Ninety-nine percent of coaches out there whether it’s fitness, nutrition, anything, they’re all seen as a generalist. They can’t get leads. They can’t get anyone signing up at a high-ticket price. They don’t know where to find the people. They’re running in circles. If you’re seen as a specialist, you’re targeting a smaller audience but your demand for what you’re offering is way higher. Because of that you can charge higher. That’s what makes it easier for them to scale while not having one million followers.

It’s structuring your first sentence of your business and fine-tuning your message, second, and then start connecting is third. If you don’t know what to plug, then how can you get any electricity?

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Focusing on one million goals at once will most probably result in you being distracted.


Once you identify who you’re targeting, what your specialty is and the problem you’re solving, you know what content, you know what you want to offer, you know who to target, you know how to sell, all those things. If you solve one big problem, then it solves a lot of the others put together. With your brand, CreateU, that’s about helping these people create the best version of themselves. You’re solving that problem of how to become the new you. You’re not solving the problem of like, “Become the most swole person there is.” This what makes yours different. This is where you can create you at different angles of physical results, mental results, emotional, financial or whatever that is because it’s creating you. That’s what makes your brand different because it has its specialty. It’s not just this supplement company. It has a specific direction.

With a lot of clients that come in the door, what’s one of the biggest mistakes that you see them making consistently?

The first one is people want results fast. As humans, you and I both know if we can find the easiest route to get to where we want to go, that’s where we’re going to be attracted to. The question is why do people buy supplements more than they buy fitness programs? It’s because this one’s a lot easier than this one. By swallowing a pill and they lose fat, of course they want that one more. When people are starting an online business, they’re like, “I want to make $10,000 in one week.” “Here’s what we got to do to get to $10,000. It won’t take a week. It will take longer.” A lot of people can run into the mistake of not being persistent. I think that’s the biggest thing in anything in life, business, fitness or whatever it is.

Persistency is key because they don’t realize in their mind that there will be roadblocks. It’s going to happen no matter what you’re doing but it comes down to who’s willing to endure that and who’s willing to persist. That’s the biggest mistake. I think anything is being persistent and holding themselves to it. A lot of people want this accountability partner. They want somebody holding their hand and propping them up on the hill. They are worshiping them. Things are coming to you and they need to switch it to like, “I’ve got to hold myself accountable. I have to see my own results because nobody is responsible for my success besides me. No one else is.” You fix those problems there. The one-percenters, those people who don’t have that, succeed in life no matter what.

How often do you see people’s ego getting in the way of their success?

It depends on who we’re talking about. If we’re talking about guys like what you and I do, it’s often. There are a lot of egos out there as far as what you and I do. As far as people starting their online fitness business, I genuinely have not worked with somebody who their ego has gotten in the way but I have talked to a lot of people who their ego’s in the way to take up an opportunity. They think like, “I already make $10,000 a month being a personal trainer. I don’t know if I want to do this online thing.” They’re too stuck up. They’re too held tight to pursue an opportunity that’s right there in front of them. That’s what can pop up a lot.

To me personally, I look at ego to be a little bit deeper than just like, “I’m already doing it.” I look at it from this example. I’m doing a show about being humble and some of the steps that create success in the end. Ego pops up for us in so many different ways. The ego is like our skin. It protects our insides. We want to make sure our skin looks good. We want to make sure it’s glowing. We don’t show any little scars and blemishes. I love comparing ego and skin. Where I look at it is in a specific situation, is your ego getting in the way from you seeing and hearing the other person, even if you and I are conversing.

Let’s say, I’m selling you our Greens. You’re giving me all these excuses why all the Greens aren’t right for you. It’s going to take one last try, getting vulnerable, relating to you to buy the Greens and I don’t do it, it’s essentially my ego saying, “Don’t go there. Don’t get too vulnerable. That doesn’t make any sense because you’re way stronger than that. Don’t get down to that level. That’s not going to prove anything.” That’s what more so I was talking about from the ego standpoint is how many people get in their own way of building their clientele, getting more members under them or making more money per month from that perspective?

It’s an open mind. A lot of people can have a close mind or an open mind. Let’s say that you believe in 100% vegan diet and somebody says, “It doesn’t work. I hate that thing.” “Have you done it?” “No, but I hate it.” “Why do you hate it?” “I don’t know. I don’t like eating the veggies.” “Why is it that you don’t like to eat the veggies?” “I love the meat.” “You don’t know what you’re saying that you think you know. Let me show you. If you want to know something, you got to do something. I know what you’re talking about.”

There will be roadblocks. It will happen no matter what, but it comes down to those willing to endure them. Click To Tweet

That reminds me of money. People are trying to make money. They’re like, “I want to make $20,000 a month.” “Have you made $500 a month yet?” There’s a ladder to success. What are we forgetting about as humans? We think that because of society, now we see all the success, Lamborghini, Ferrari, “beautiful relationships,” all the awesome things and technology. “Humans have done this. I deserve that. I’m entitled.” Why would I need to be making $200 a month to start? I need $20,000.” Do you know how long it takes to make $20,000 a month? It takes a long fucking time. By the way, let me say $20,000 a month is a lot of money. I don’t care who is fucking talking or what millionaire is out there or billionaires. I don’t care. What can you do with $20,000 a month, Logan?

You’d have to go get a $10,000 a month place in New York City. I have kids and taxed a ton. That’s what she made me do but even then, I don’t know who does that. You still can’t even use all that.

We have slithered through all these weeds and shit with getting to success. What do you recommend to people for an organization? “I’m working and I want to be an influencer. I want to build my fitness business but I can’t figure out the organization. I suck at organizing.” By the way, let me say this. Anybody that says, “I suck at,” that’s what your reality is going to be. Can we agree on that?

Yes. That’s basically saying like, “I won’t succeed. I didn’t succeed.”

You set yourself up for getting slapped in the face by reality. What would you say for an organization? What are some tactics or strategies that you can give?

To keep it simple, go to BestSelf.co. I don’t have a code or anything. I’m not affiliated with them but I bought four of their journals. The way it works is it’s a 90-day challenge. You go in there, you write this goal, “I will achieve blank by this date.” Let’s say, it’s somebody who wanted to hit $20,000 a month, “I will make $20,000 a month at the end of these 90 days.” What you’re going to do is you’re going to go in, you’re going to track your day, you’ll organize exactly what you’re going to do in that day to get closer to that. You’re going to write down three things that you’re grateful for to start the day. You’ll write down what your goal is. You have a quote of the day that you read. It gets you sparked up. After that, you put three most important tasks of the day. That’s my answer. I’ll explain more about that. You put those three tasks and then that’s when you execute. At the end of the day, you come back and write about this summary of how the day went, good things that happened, maybe not so good things and then three things you’re grateful for.

You put that all together. You do it every 90 days. It keeps it simple because a lot of people I see try and achieve one goal but then they got one million different goals all linked to it so they get distracted. At 90 days they’re like, “I fell off of that.” That’s why when you have one big goal and then little tasks in there linked to that, that’s what makes it phenomenal. My recommendation is to find the three most important tasks of the day. I don’t care if you’re doing a new business or another business. The three tasks are key. They don’t need to be different tasks every day. A lot of entrepreneurs think like, “I don’t want to do the same thing I did. I got to do something different.” That’s what entrepreneurs do. That’s not the case. We do literally the same thing every single day for years to get closer and closer. That’s what I would say, the three most important tasks.

Go check it out. I’m telling you, Logan knows what he’s talking about. He’s successful. He’s doing his thing. I want to add two things to that quick. One, the fast path to success in any way, financially, physically, mentally, emotionally or whatever it is, I don’t believe in it. I don’t believe in the fast path as you talked about here on this show. Success comes from discipline and consistency. Generally, the average person is going to find success from a slow process like learning, experience and taking the time. Sometimes at the end of the day, we almost run on a treadmill and we’re never getting anywhere. We’re like, “Let me go over here. Let me focus on this. This is boring. I need to do this. This isn’t working. Let me change it.” We haven’t even given it time. We’re running on this treadmill. We’re like little hamsters. It’s like the same thing over and over again. I experienced that. Have you ever experienced that?

Yes. That’s the thing, either you can be a rat running on a wheel like this and then you’re going nowhere or you can be the rat who’s going through the maze and has to find a way to get out or else he’s not getting out. That’s the difference right there. If persistency was not something that people don’t have that makes sense, then everyone would be successful. People can’t realize that. They hate accepting that. You’re exactly right. You can either be the rat running in a wheel or the rat going through the maze. It’s one or the other.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

There’s a book called Who Moved My Cheese? It has something to do with it the same thing that we’re talking about, good concepts. Also, The Four Agreements. I always say, go read that book. Awaken the Giant Within, I love that. Grant Cardone’s 10X is monstrous. Do you have any book recommendations?

On that topic, I would say The ONE Thing is one of those.

I read that book. Focus on one thing and be the best at that. Do your best and apply The Four Agreements to that. The Four Agreements is all about what words you’re putting into the universe. Be impeccable with your words and your actions. Everything that is aligning in your life, it’s created from within your mind and in your actions. Don’t forget about yourself in all of this. Take care of your body. Take care of your mind. Use positive affirmations, journal, do all this stuff. The second part that I wanted to bring up that I didn’t mention is I was talking to someone who is going to be signing up for some coaching with a registered dietician under me and a trainer. He comes up to me. This is how the conversation started. He’s like, “I want to be 190 pounds.” He’s 260 or something.

I was thinking about Nugenix, “What do you think about Nugenix? Do you want to be 190 pounds?” He’s like, “Yes, really bad. I want to get there as quickly as possible.” I said, “I could say go buy these products. I could sell you a coaching plan and gouge a lot of money out of you. I could do all of these different things but at the end of the day, if you’re not starting somewhere and you’re not being progressive with this over a long period of time, you will fail again. You will be 250, 260 pounds again. There’s no fast path to your 190 pounds. You will look great at 230 pounds. That’s another reality that you have to come to is that 190 pounds may not be your perfect-looking set. It may not be sustainable for you. How do you create that sustainability? It’s timing. Start somewhere. Send me your address. I’m going to send you some Greens. Start with a Greens product, one scoop a day. Get rolling with that. Start drinking a little bit more water. Get your first workout and then turn it into two workouts a week. This is something you have to sustain for the rest of your life.” He’s like, “You’re right.”

After all of that, he’s like, “I want to work with you. What do you offer? Do you do personal training? I’ll pay whatever.” I’m like, “I do personal training once in a while because I love it. You get to work with people one-on-one.” You know that side of things. “I charge $120 an hour.” He’s like, “I don’t care what you charge. Let’s do it.” When you think about it, I didn’t offer him anything. I just put the connection. I built the relationship. This comes back to our selling. I’m sure you teach this as well. Build connections with people, get raw and vulnerable. Tell us about that a little bit, Logan. I feel a lot of business owners whether you’re a small, micro-business owner or scaling, forget about the connection and the relationship aspects. What can you touch on about relationships in business?

Here’s how I see it. You just solved the problem but you didn’t sell. There’s a difference between there. A lot of people are afraid to go into sales. “I don’t want to be annoying. I don’t want to be a salesman or a car dealership guy.” I’m like, “I know. I don’t either. I’m not here to sell anything. I’m here to solve something. I see the problem that you’re experiencing and I have the solution for that. Do you want to hear about this solution? It’s not about the sale but do you want to hear about the solution?” “Yes, I do.” “Here’s the solution to the problem. Do you want this solution?” “I want that solution.”

That’s what people need to do and that’s what you did rather than, “I’m the number one trainer in the world. I coach people and helping them burn fat or online business. My program works. Did you know that? It works. It’s freaking good.” That’s pushing. It’s like, “This is the best car. I’m going to give you a good car deal. It’s got great mileage and all these things,” rather than what the guy should say is, “What brings you in?” “I’m buying a new car. I’m ready for a new one.” “Tell me what is the one that you’re looking for.” “I’m looking for this.” You snowball. They sold themselves. You gave them a solution. That’s what makes it way easier and that’s the whole different stream. Here’s my belief. If you can master sales, you can be financially free for life because either A) You can work for any business you want or B) You can start your own business. You’re successful for life.

You can either be the rat running in a wheel or the rat going through the maze. Click To Tweet

I don’t know the business. I know relationships. Why the hell not? Selling shouldn’t come from ego. Selling should come from caring. Selling should come from believing and faith.

Why are people buying your supplements? Is it because it sucks or is it because it’s solving problems? It’s because it’s solving problems and people want that thing. They want it more and more. It’s not a quick fix pre-workout that they take once and then never look at it again. It’s sitting in their pantry in the bottom corner. This is something that they’ll love. If it’s solving the problems that they have, they want the solution over and over again, which is good. It’s what they need. That’s exactly what you’re doing with your CreateU and stuff.

This relates so much to mentorship when you’re hiring a coach. A lot of people are stuck at a specific number in their business and specific level of relationships, even in love. They’re not willing to strip down, build these relationships, getting vulnerable and allowing their ego to not take hold. You and I see it all the time where people hold themselves. There’s nothing else out there that is holding them back because we create our reality. We create our environment, everything.

Let me ask you this question. I think everyone has their own. What is the biggest struggle that you’ve had in your life of building your businesses, whether it’s persistency and patience? What is that one thing that you’ve struggled?

It’s patience. That’s it. I have it tatted behind my ear. I got it for a reason. I am in Colorado. Do you want to know why I’m in Colorado?

I saw you moved there.


What does Colorado bring as far as patience goes?

I have to be okay with being with myself alone. I have to be okay with not having family, not having a ton of friends, being in a place where people have 9:00 to 5:00s where they’re not going out. I can’t go outside and meet a ton of people every day during the day or during the week. In LA, I can do that anytime. In South Florida, I can do that anytime. Not as much, not even close to LA but at the same time, it was always, “Let me do this. Let me go over here.” I was at a hamster wheel my entire life. It gets exhausting. I got to the point where I said, “I cannot keep up this hard work for the rest of my life.” I wasn’t even tapping into smart work. It got to a point where I was working so hard that I was allowing my ego to hold me back in so many verticals of my life and my relationship with myself. That would affect my businesses.

Why do I need to know everything as a CEO? I don’t. If anything, I should be learning more than my media director, our creative director, our COO, our project managers, our designers and our copywriters. Honestly, for me because I’ve been learning patience, at the end of the day this is what it is, trusting the process. You know what I’ve always locked in my life? It’s trust. I can’t trust other people because I’ve always felt like they were not going to show up on the level that I’m going to show up. They weren’t going to work as hard as I was going to work. They weren’t going to do this because of X, Y and Z. I attribute that up until a few years ago. I’ve been in Colorado for years. You’re in Austin. For me, that word patience. I could sit on a stage or stand I could stand on stage and talk about patience all day.

I’ll go back to my story. Patience and trust are my two biggest things, 100%. I don’t live a stressful life. I’ll say that. I always have that mindset of I want more. It’s not that I need more to be happy. I want to be grateful but I never want to be satisfied. It’s a balance. That’s where patience comes in to be that medicine there to strike that balance. I’ve had to teach myself that. When I was 21, I dropped out of college. I was doing this business. I had a mentor of mine who was my life mentor all the way through high school and everything. He came to me as soon as I dropped down. He was like, “Let’s do this thing together. I’ll help you make this a million-dollar business. I was like, “Of course.” I was 21. That was my first week out of school living on my own. When he said that I was like, “Let’s do it.”

Stupid me, I didn’t know anything. We went and did all the legal documents and everything. He has his lawyer. I didn’t have a lawyer. I was like, “It all makes sense. It’s done. Bye.” We start this thing. Literally in the whole year, I talk with him once every three months. I only saw him maybe twice. He lives in the same city, which is absurd. He went to go live in South Africa for the whole year. He didn’t even know what was going on. At the end of this thing, I put in my blood, sweat and tears every single day here and he did nothing. He’s getting 40% of my entire business. This makes no sense here. I’m not sure if I understand this so I had to get rid of him. That made me realized that it’s going to be hard to find somebody who understands it. Long story short, I have a business partner. His name is Garvin. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve met the guy only once in person. I brought him on because during that time when I had this old business partner, he kept wanting to try and work something out and do something together. I kept telling him no 100 times. He came at me every single day for six months. He was giving me free things. I was like, “This guy has gotten paid $0. I’ve told him no every time but he still keeps going. He’s done more than what my business partner has done. Let me give this guy a shot.” I gave him a shot and it was the best decision I ever made. He created that trust by what he’s already done by making no money. Ever since then, we’ve been working together for a few years. We chatted every single day. He’s working. I’m working. It’s the same wavelength. We’ve had other people that we bring on. They come in and then bye. It’s that simple as because they’re not at the same level of doing the work. That’s the thing is patience and trust. It’s super hard to find and it takes time to build.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: If you can master sales, you will be financially free for life.


It was spot on and I love that because you had an experience that was salty. It created a lot of salt but you stayed open-minded and said, “Test somebody. Test people around me. Protect my energy. Do those types of things.” You still allowed something or someone to come in. I’ve been there, almost a similar situation where I’m grinding. The other person that’s with me is not meeting me. I have a partner. He meets me in so many different ways. He may not be as passionate about me. He may not want it as bad as I want it but he wants it just enough. His emotion is enough. I can trust him enough that it makes everything beautiful. It makes everything work. It makes the engine run. You want to try and search for someone in your life that is a Ferrari? What’s one of the best working cars? Hondas are amazing cars or Toyota. Do you want to find something that you know is going to be there for the next years and is going to get you where you need to be?

It’s that patience process. I’ll say this. Me and my business partner have no legal binding. It is shake of a hand. We’ve met one time. People say it’s stupid, which I don’t disagree. You and I both know that when you find somebody that you believe deep down that you can trust like that, you’d be willing to take it to that level.

Logan, I have that. One of my partners is a handshake.

I could not pay him at the end of the month. You could get $0 or I could wake up tomorrow and the whole business is gone. We both have a gun to each other’s head. We don’t want to pull it. We want to keep it there and that’s it.

With that being said, I want to come to a close. I think we brought this together with these words trust and patience. It’s associated with the beginning of the story too when you were diagnosed with terminal cancer. It went from terminal cancer to patience and trust that you were going to beat it to developing your own businesses. Failing along the way with different partners and the things that you were dealt with but surpassing all of it because of your consistency, your hard work, you’re trusting the process, you’re open-minded and you’re willing. Because you developed a relationship with yourself and relationship with everyone around you, you’ve done it. Now, you’re helping people do it for themselves. I hope that if you’re looking to build your fitness business, you reach out to Logan. Holler at him. I know he helps a lot of different coaches. We have a software that will work perfect with you, Logan.

I’ve been eyeballing that. That’s awesome.

We’ll talk about it because I think a lot of your coaches can utilize it. It’s badass and powerful software for any personal trainers, any coaches, any brands in the fitness industry, everything and everyone to automate a lot of processes but also bring an experience to a lot. I don’t want to say too much on this. Where can they find you? Give us your website so they can reach out to you and your Instagram so they can find you.

Look up @LoganSneed_ on Instagram and then FitPreneurAcademy.com. That’s the site. If you go to my Instagram, you’ll find everything else there. Keep it simple and easy.

Send him a DM. Reach out to him, learn a little bit more. He has a ton of resources that you can utilize to help your business, build your business, scale your business, start your business, do everything in between, also become one with yourself and take the next step with that regard. Logan, I appreciate you so much. Thanks for coming on here. If you are new here to the show, please do give us a review. If you enjoyed this episode, if you enjoyed the other parts of our CreateU Experience, we’d love to hear from you. We also have our CreateU Gym. Do not miss out on that. It’s in Denver, Colorado. We have software. We offer a lot of cool things. Logan is your man for building your fitness business. If you need an agency, if you need software, if you need shit supplements, nutritional products, things that are high quality, holler at me at any point in time on Instagram, @TheBMeyers. Send me a message at CreateU and we can start the conversation. Logan, are you on Clubhouse?

My business partner sent it to me. I’m like, “I’ve seen this thing.” I get on there, a client of mine starts talking. I’m like, “What the hell is going on here? Is he recording?” He’s like, “Logan, can you hear me?” I’m like, “What the hell is this?” I’m on there.

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We’ll definitely host the room sometime. If you’re new to this show or you’ve never even heard of Clubhouse or anything, I’ve talked about it in the past, Clubhouse is an application. It’s only for iOS, then they may be moving to Android. It’s a virtual mastermind consistently. It’s like a podcast feel. It’s a place where you can learn, ask questions but also sit in on stage, talk on panels, talk about anything under the sun. If you want to talk about hand mittens, you can. If you want to talk about refrigerators, you can. If you want to talk about politics, you can. If you want to talk about how to build your business to six figures in the fitness industry, you can. All this stuff is possible. Go on Clubhouse. You can follow me, @BrendanMeyers. I’m sure you could look up Logan Sneed. You will find him and follow him there as well.

Thanks so much for tuning in to the show. Remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to light. That is our tagline. We live and breathe through that every single day, our team and everyone. Logan, we all appreciate you. Believe in yourself. Keep pushing for something greater. You’ve got this success. It may be hard to get to, but be that 1%. Be consistent and get started. We’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Logan Sneed

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial MindsetLogan Sneed is a brain cancer survivor and entrepreneur whose online business generated a six-figure income before his 21st birthday. A stage-4 cancer diagnosis didn’t derail Logan’s desire to reinvent himself every day and pursue the dreams he wasn’t ready to give up. Today, Logan is an inspirational public speaker, social media influencer, ketogenic expert, and a best-self coach with a passion for personal transformation & business.

Episode 102: Is Big D* Energy A Real Thing? (With A 22-Year-Old) With Andrew Wicker

CUE 102 Andrew Wicker | Big D* Energy

CUE 102 Andrew Wicker | Big D* Energy


Are you a fitness coach wanting to build your business on social media? Then you need to have the Big D* Energy! Andrew Wicker, the General Manager for CreateU gym, joins Brendan Meyers in this episode. Andrew explains what the Big D* Energy is all about: being confident in your own skin and where you are as a person. Today’s episode features an interesting conversation on how you can tap into yourself and get the confidence you need to step up and speak out. Join in and discover your Big D* Energy! 

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Listen to the podcast here:

Is Big D* Energy A Real Thing? (With A 22-Year-Old) With Andrew Wicker  

Im sitting here with the apprentice, Andrew Wicker. 

What’s going on, everybody? 

If youre a fitness coach, trying to build your business, or your social media, you are going to get a lot from this episode. The title is interesting but as we unfold, youll like it. Andrew comes into the house and getting everything prepared for the show. Im like, Andrew, what should I record? You tell me.” He’s like, “Talk about Big D*** energy.” It’s one of those things where my mom would be like, Brendan, what did you say? At the same time, its something that we need to talk about because I feel like a lot of young men especially 2021, 22 years old struggle with this. BDE, what do you think it means? Lets make sure people understand that were not just talking about the actual man part. We’re talking about energy. What do you think it means, Andrew? 

Big D*** Energy tme means being confident in your own skin, where you are as a person, and express yourself. 

Let’s dig deep into this because we can attribute BDE and correlate it with the way that we show up in relationships. I always say that relationships build businesses. It builds fulfillment and happiness in the end. When you look at BDE, youre right, it comes down to confidence within yourself. Boys, men, men among men, and grandpas. If you have your grandpa reading this, youre going to get some brownie points with your woman. It’s about digging super deep into yourself meaning you have this energy that carried with you all day, every day. It’s almost like when you wake up, your energy starting to buzz and youre thinking about the day, and all of a sudden, your mind starts working. It starts gearing up and you have a little bit more energy or you get a little coffee. 

When it comes to BDE, we have to understand that this energy is always with us. It’s not just at certain times. Maybe youre at a bar and you want to go say hi to a girl. You got to have that BDE. You got to go up and say, “What’s up?” Its always with us. It’s generally in a place that weve never gone before. This is where it gets a little deeper. We’re going to dig in. It comes down to how comfortable you are with yourself at the end of the day. 

What I noticed is a lot of groups of guys joked about it but its a real thing that we talk about and we got to express. 

Why are you saying that? 

Something I deal with, personally. I dont express myself all the time. I’m a little quiet often. Ive got to dig deep and find that big d***. 

At the end of the day, its there. lot of people also misinterpret BDE. They think that because someone is loud and speaks up makes them have this BDE. Sometimes, thereno such thing as too much energy that hurts you. It affects you in a negative way. We’re talking about positive energy here. We want this BDE to create this energy where we feel extremely confident. We could walk into a room and know that were going to get along with peoplewere not going to allow others, what they say to dictate how we feel, and the direction that we take conversations. At the end of the day, its about choosing. What do you know about the choice, Andrew? 

We all have a choice. Every single day when we wake up and every decision that you make is yours. 

If youre catching it on my life. Andrew is the apprentice of me. Hes like my clone in a way. He’s living with me. When we open up the gym, hes going to be going and doing his own thing. We have a lot of conversations and we got real. Its almost like a training camp every day. What were we talking about? Can you bring it up? Do you remember? 

I dont remember. 

We all have a choice. Every single day when you wake up, every decision you make is yours. Click To Tweet

Don’t get mad at me for saying this, guys and girls. If youre a woman reading this, props to you, I respect it. I was talking about how the world has become soft. It becomes a place where we allow society to dictate how we feel and to push us in the direction that it wants to take us. Its almost as if we try and fight what society tells us in the means that are provided to us but then we give up. Do you feel that sometimes? 


It’s almost as if were given a trial membership to a gym and we know that after seven days, the trial membership is going to turn into $400 a month but we dont even go against it. We allow it to happen. That’s the significance of life. Its the significance of society. I always say that we do have the opportunity to paint our own pictures. That’s the choice that we were talking about. It’s associated with BDE. The reason why I brought up that conversation in the kitchen, there were a couple of things that I was trying to mentor. Thats how I do it. I call everybody soft and now I don’t. 

The reason why I brought it up is because we all have the choice to be stronger than what we think we are. We also have the choice in every moment to choose the way that we want to approach the things that are in front of us. Ill give you an example. I do this a lot. I will have a conversation and lets say you made a mistakeMaybe you didnt organize correctly because youre learning and thats fine. Youre also fantastic a lotYou got that BDE. I start talking to you for about a minute. After that minute, Im going on after the point is made. 

The reason why Im continuing is to see how youre going to choose your way out of the conversation. To see if youre going to stand up for yourself and say, I have to go get to work. Thanks for the points. Well talk later.” It’s that choice in those moments when we have our back against the wall where we essentially have the opportunity. That’s where I see personally. In my own life, when I was growing up and even when I was learning in business, I found that to be almost like a blocker to my future. I did not speak up. I didnt know how to confidently say something because I felt like I was going to get punched in the face. I felt like someone was going to beat the shit out of me because of me growing up, that was my situation. I was around people that were older than me anpeople that were into not-so-good things. I was always afraid. I was like, “I dont want to say anything to that guy.” It’s in those moments that we get to choose. Does that make sense? 

It also comes down to people grow up in completely different lifestyles and you get to choose whether you want to stay on that same path or you want to express how you feel or express yourself. 

I want to touch on this because youre like, I hit a wall there. Why? What wall? We all have the power to continue speaking, speaking from our hearts and minds. What came up for you? 

CUE 102 Andrew Wicker | Big D* Energy
Big D* Energy: It comes down to people growing up in completely different lifestyles and choosing whether you want to stay on that same path, or you want to express how you feel.


It’s more me being in the uncomfortable position of not a lot of people are good at public speaking or they tell themselves that theyre not. 

Are you talking about yourself? 

Yes. I’m not very comfortable with public speaking and haven’t had a lot of practice with it. It seems like I overthink what I want to say or what I need to say and then run to that block. 

Why are you overthinking it? 

I dont know. 

This is where all humans, male, female, Black, white, doesnt matter where you live, we all are faced with this. When something is coming up for us, we do know the answer. Do you want to know why we feel like we dont? It’s because were choosing not to. We are suppressing it. Its the opposite of BDE. In all seriousness of this energy scale. The spectrum, you have been accustomed to pushing it aside from that when it pops up, youre quick to choose the wrong way, the wrong path that you lose the other path within an incident. What came up for you? Dig deeper. Start unraveling the layers, this onion. What comes up for you when you feel like youre going to speak? Think deep. 

I’m thinking what if I say the wrong thing? I dont know what the wrong thing is but what if I stray off in a direction I dont know what Im talking about and everything Im saying doesn’t make sense. 

Allow yourself to dig deeper and uncover more. Click To Tweet

What if what youre saying doesnt make sense? What happens? 

Nothing. Who cares? 

What do you feel is going to happen? 

I dont know.  

You know. This is you choosing not to feel it or not to understand whats going on. Lets say, youre on a stage, you stuckand you hit a block. What are you afraid of? 

People laughing at me. 

This is whats important because what we try to do is suppress it by utilizing other people around us and not taking ownership of how we feel. If I were to say, when people walked down the hallwaythey have acne, and feel uncomfortable with their face because they have scars and it bothers, Im talking about myself. Where I need to be coming from is the acknowledgment saying, I acknowledge my acne. Id be like this, “In high school, when I was walking down the hallway, I would be very insecure about my face and my acne. 

Do you see that difference? The more they become from I is deeper than wed be able to go, uncover, and embrace that whats holding you back. That creates confidence and the confidence creates that BDE. It’s like an educator or practitioner. The reason why theyre a practitioner and most are because theyre experts. When theyre experts, theyve taken the courses, even surgeons. If a surgeon doesnknow what theyre doing, they will kill somebody. It’s very important that they have BDE. For you, its people laughing at you. WhyYou know why. What happened? 

Nothing happened. I grew up didnt express how I felt. I was trapped in a relationship for six years. It held me back. It didn’t allow me to be myself. It weighs on me now. Ive been working out a lotDancing with Brendan on his Instagram stories and stuff is something I would never do. Every day Ive been posting videos of me talking on my Snapchattrying to get out of my comfort zone. 

I want you to notice something. You’re getting deep. You get emotional, which I acknowledged the fuck out of that because a lot of people cannot get emotional. The more you start tapping into that, you feel free. Look at how you shifted away from that emotion and you started going into what youre working on rather than digging deeper and understanding it. How can we implement the things that we need to get to this BDE if were not willing to understand deeply enough? It’s like an offensive coordinator playing in football. If you know the NFL, if youre domestic in the United States, you know about the National Football League. I played collegiate football. 

CUE 102 Andrew Wicker | Big D* Energy
Big D* Energy: At the end of the day, we have to get vulnerable.


It’s like an offensive coordinator coming in to run an offense by only knowing the quarterback. He’s only met the quarterback and worked with him for two months. He doesnt know any of the wide receivers. He doesnt have a game plan. He doesnt have anything. Based on knowing the quarterback and not learning about the wide receivers, lineman, and how everyone plays together, hes going in and creating players. Do you think thats going to be effective? No. Hes going to be missing pieces. That’s another thing that we do. When were tapping into our emotions, this shit is tricky but its also very simple. At the end of the day, it comes down to a choice. You get to choose if you feel more comfortable or not, and its not going to feel comfortable. 

You have to choose to feel comfortable that youre going to acknowledge your comfortability at that point or that vulnerability and allow yourself to dig deeper and uncover more. If you have to scream then scream. If you have to cry, you cry. If you have to laugh then laugh. For me, for instance, I had to start talking more. I try and make everyone in the groupFor you, you might smile, you stay completely quiet, or we are trying peopleplease. We have an analyzer, controller, promoter, all these different ways that we live through life and walked through life. 

At the end of the day, we have to get vulnerable. Let me ask you, whats one thing that youre going to try that’s going to help you uncover all the shit going on inside you so that you can become BDE powerful? Whats one thing that youre going to do? Let me give you some examples. Readers, take some notes and try this for yourself. One thing that I do is I will challenge myself with something that puts me out there that I do not want to do and I try and do this once every few days. Im on this Clubhouse appIll go into a big room with 500 people. I raised my hand and Ill try and get to the stage so I could speak. I dont know anybody on there. 

That’s uncomfortable. I have to make a pitch in a way where within about fifteen seconds, all the moderators are on that stage because its an audio app, they see me as an expert and someone that can bring value to their stage but then also, I have to try and keep the attention of the room to make sure that they know that Im not trying to sell anything or I’m not coming from an ego perspective. Ill put myself in that situation and thats one thing that Ill do every few days. I challenged myself. My heart is racingThat happens regardless. Ive spoken in front of 1,000 people and my heart is racing but then I get up there and calm down for a second. What’s one thing that youre going to do thats going to make you extremely uncomfortable? 

Something I could do is every day when I go to the gym make a friend, a guy, girl, talk to somebody, communicate with themand see like, “Why theyre here? What theyre doing?” 

That’s a good way because I feel like once you have friends, you get on a roll and start making more friends. 

It’s more comfortable. 

Did you use to make that first friend? 

On my couple of friends. 

Readers, if you want to take the challenge as well, go make a couple of friends. This is the one thing that I do. This thing works with the lady. Ill go up to a girl at the gym and they get too close. Im like, “Six feet. What are you doing? They start giggling because Im cute. I’m using BDE now. That’s how I start the conversation or even if I want to make a friend as a guy, Im like, “Six feet. We cant become close here by now,” then you form a friendship. 

That friendship could bring so much value to your life. I love that. Thats a couple of examples right there of how to do it if you want to take it onIyoure struggling with BDE and confidence in general, tap into other shows and listen to how these guys speak. Listen to Joe Rogan. He’s chilling and talking with everybody. Its not so much about creating confidence. Its about owning the confidence that you already have. Its about recognizing the confidence thats already inside you. It’s about recognizing the beauty, intellect, strength, and happiness that we were already born with. Many times, we forget. It smacks us out of nowhere. Were like, I forgot that Im very handsome, I have a nice smile, great laugh, and I went to school for four years.”  

Everything you’ve done, you forget. 

You really dont forget. Have you ever played outside when itfall and all the leaves are falling? Your friend piles all the leaves over you. Its like that. All you have to do is get up. All these leaves are paper thin. The education, confidence, the qualities that you have, all of it is there. Thats all were going to talk about, Andrew. Anything else you want to bring up about BDE, Big D*** Energy? 

Express it. 

Express the BDE? 

Let’s do it. 

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