Episode 01: CreateU Experience: The Kickoff

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Episode 01: CreateU Experience: The Kickoff

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About a year and a half ago, life couldn’t be anymore crueler for Brendan Meyers. In one week, he lost his relationship with his girlfriend. Over the next six months, Brendan found himself experiencing several illnesses, going through occasions where he thought he was dying. Hitting the plateau with everything not going in his favor, Brendan felt he lost everything until something hit him. He started looking deeper inside of himself and took a leap of faith to evaluate his life, assessing where he was lacking and why was he there. At that moment, he created the CreateU Experience Podcast to bring people around the world to discover the hacks to be successful. Dive into this episode to get a glimpse of the possibilities and visions in life you could create.

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CreateU Experience: The Kickoff

Bringing Your Vision To Life

I want to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to join me. It’s just me for this episode, but for future episodes, I’m going to have so many different people joining us, influencers, CEOs, all the way down to people who are homeless, trying to find a path and looking to create themselves. There will be many guests that are a part of this and moving forward on the CreateU Experience. When you review the podcast on iTunes only, you get seven of my best and most popular programs and PDFs that I’ve ever used for any of my businesses. One of them is my AbUp! Program. It’s a ten-week ab program that you get to follow. Give me an honest review. With AbUp! You’ve got to shred fast, burn fat and increase the agility. Also, you’ll receive my grocery lists, meal plans, lean muscle gaining meal plans and fat loss meal plans. You’ll also receive a step-by-step checklist on how to start your business, strategies and tips to build your business to six figures.

CreateU Experience

I am so excited to have you because CreateU is all about being unfiltered and bringing the vision to life of everyone around us. Buckle up because I guarantee you without a doubt, we’re going to go in. This is going to be a big ride, a long ride, a journey that you’ve never experienced before. Let me tell you a little bit about the CreateU Experience and what to expect and why this is even what it is. I went through some serious things. In one week, I lost my relationship with my girlfriend. I’m the happiest man alive now because that’s all I really know, which is to be joyous. That’s how we were born. We were born to be joyful, not to be discouraged, to be fearful and to be pissed off. We were born to be happy and give everyone the love that we give ourselves. I lost my relationship. I actually didn’t lose my relationship. I gained my relationship.

“I lost the relationship.” I tore my shoulder in four places. I herniated two discs in my low spine. I had fleas in my apartment and over the next few months, I would go through several occasions where I thought I was dying, that everything was over. I got stung by a bee and all my lymph nodes swelled up. I got hit by a hurricane. I got addicted to pain pills, I had prednisone and all these antibiotics. I ended up being allergic to every single food on the market. I’m not even kidding even spinach. I also went through a stem cell treatment for my shoulder. I had sinus surgery. I had severe complications with my stem cell surgery. I had everything not going for me at the time or so I thought. Through all of this and all the pains, developing something in my throat and going to the doctor for testicular cancer. I had a bump on the ball.

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I literally was shaking on the ground every single day thinking that I lost everything. I lost $100,000. I lost my entire team in California. I moved back from California to Florida, my hometown. I was distraught. I was shaking on the ground. I didn’t know what was going on. I had brain fog every single day. I was making my own pain pills by the way. Everything was going wrong until I finally started to look a little bit deeper inside myself and took the next step to find where I was lacking the most and why I was where I was. That’s when I truly created myself. That’s what CreateU is all about. It is bringing people on this podcast and YouTube, everyone around the world to see and learn not only the strategies and the structures that it takes to become successful, but also tap into the minds of people that are already successful and maybe even people that aren’t successful at all. See why they are who they are, how you can relate and take it for your own being, for your own vision and bring that to life.

I’m so all in and that’s why I say this is going to be unfiltered because if someone’s going to cry on this show, great. That means they’re getting something out. That means they’re moving forward. That means their vision is coming to life. If someone’s going to laugh as hard as possible the whole time, it means their vision is coming closer to life. I have words that represent not only my being but what I want other people to be represented by as we every single day. It represents CreateU, hardworking, visionary, focus, vulnerable, creative, giving, blessed, determination, loving, joyful, surrender, authentic, energized, grateful, happy and thankful. All of these words represent exactly my true being and how I was brought into this Earth. Many of us struggle every single day because we’re not happy. Imagine this, no matter your circumstances, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter how hard that day is or that second is, you’re happy. It seems unreasonable. That’s what’s so great about the impossible is that the unreasonable is reasonable and the impossible is possible. That’s why I’m here to CreateU.

I’ve made my money. I have my businesses. I own the CreateU Agency. I partner with influencers. You’ll get to know all of them, especially a couple of them that are actually moving here to Denver, Colorado. I moved to Denver, Colorado. I didn’t tell anybody about that. I have everything that I’ve ever wanted and more. I’ve seen the lowest of lows, but I’ve also seen the highest of the highs. I’m talking about peaks that you could never even imagine. That’s why I’m here giving back because I truly believe when you’ve made it or on your way to “making it,” whatever that means for you, you have an opportunity to give back in so many ways, shapes and forms. For me, it’s this podcast. For me, it’s giving you free programs, those seven. You can check it out on my Instagram, find it on YouTube and you get all those products absolutely free.

CUE 1 | CreateU Experience
CreateU Experience: You can live the vision that you’ve always wanted to live by starting with bringing other people’s visions to life along with yours.

They’re big-time products. Ten thousand-plus people on my AbUp! Program, all of them are incredible. You have an opportunity to create you in this process of this podcast, but also create other people around you. What is so not exciting about seeing someone smile and transform right in front of your eyes? Everything is exciting about that. That’s the truth. Every single thing about someone else being inspired, whether that’s you’re into fitness, whether that’s you’re into building businesses, you could work at a local grocery store wherever and however you are. You can live the vision that you’ve always wanted to live by starting with bringing other people’s visions to life along with yours. It all encompasses the same. We are human beings. We are connected by nature. We have the power to transform this world together.

I want to bring people on here that are literally going to build my Jeep and talk about how they’ve done that. How they fixed up cars and where they started. They started in their garage, whatever it is, I want to bring the dream to reality for everyone and anyone. I want to bring someone in who’s working, who runs a school, who doesn’t have a big following, but she researches cancer cells. She is trying to come up with cures and in a way to heal people that have cancer or even help them during the cancer process and chemotherapy. I want to bring anyone and everyone under the sun. It could even be you. You the person that’s on this podcast and not only create you in front of everyone else but provide strategies, experiences, and things that you’ve been through so that anyone that’s reading know that they can accomplish anything that they ever thought of.

If I told you, it’d be sitting on a beautiful custom made desk CreateU Experience, if I told you I would be here in Denver, Colorado, moving from LA, the land of all lands, Lala Land, the most beautiful place in the world where everyone wants to be, I would laugh so hard because I didn’t even think I’d be in LA. I thought I’d be in Florida the rest of my life. I always think I was in New York. When life is in your favor, weird things happen and that’s the truth. When life is in your favor, everything that happens every single day, someone could quit, someone could join on the team, you could lose your job or it could be someone gets sick around you. You could lose a frog and you could lose anything and everything yet it’s still in your favor and you’re excited about it and you’re happy. That’s the interesting thing about life.

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The Many Layers Of You

That’s why I’m here with CreateU. It’s a whole different way of looking at life. Something that I have fallen in love with because I truly believe in every single person. If you hit somebody, I still believe you are joyous, somewhere in that soul, somewhere in your heart. I truly believe that you can become a great person. Even if you hit somebody, that’s horrible. I never would condone that, but the truth is every person has a bunch of layers that have been stacked on over the years. We always talk about peel back the onion layers. The fact of the matter is those layers of that onion were never there when we were born. We were smiling. What do we do? We had a couple of emotions. We laughed, we cried and we focused up. We would stare at something that made no sense. Why not take a stand for where we were and not allow any more onions to peel over us because eventually you’re either going to have to peel them back or you’re going to get sick. You’re going to get exhausted. You’re going to get stressed. Something bad is going to happen because you don’t deal with the problem at hand.

If you’re bad at communicating, if you’re having problems in school, if you don’t like something, you’re not passionate about it, if you don’t speak up to a crowd, if you never raise your hand if all these different things are holding you back, what else are you going to do? Just allow them to keep on stacking on and soon enough you can’t take it anymore? No. This is the time. This is the opportunity to take your life to the next level and trust that it is possible. Believe that it is possible for you to be anything and everything without all those layers. Let’s peel them back because as you age, all the stress and all the pains, keep on coming and coming. Frustrations, experiences, you go through something with your parents or someone picks on you, whatever it is, anything it is, these layers just keep on adding on and on and you become more stressed. You second guess yourself. You feel like you can’t bust through failure.

What if you thought the failure was the best thing ever and you’re always like, “Yes, that was beautiful.” Maybe you’re doing a PR the squat at the bench or the overhead press or whatever it is. You’re doing bodyweight training and you failed. There are two ways you can look at it. You can go back to the drawing board and train hard, even go forward again or you can drop and be like, “I’m not doing it ever again. That was a horrible experience. I’m done. KO, I’m quitting my career.” I know that’s an extreme example, but you have an opportunity to choose. I want you to start doing that literally. CreateU and your future, you got this. You deserve it. Give yourself affirmations in the morning if you have to because I honestly believe you have all the power, every single ounce of it.

CUE 1 | CreateU Experience
CreateU Experience: With vulnerability comes a lot of intentions.

You have the smarts. You have the intellect. You have literally the hardworking skill. You have the vulnerability of authenticity. You have all of these words that are on this wall, creativity. You have the determination. You have the loving side of you, the joyful side of you to make everything come to fruition. It’s simple as that. That’s a little bit about the CreateU experience. We’re going to be working with so many awesome influencers, so many CEOs, so many business leaders. We’re going to dive in on a whole different level. We’re going to create an experience on YouTube so you will be able to see what that person entails. What that person’s all about or what that company is all about or what it took for them to get there.

You’ll be able to see the story behind it a little bit or what they actually do before we jump on the podcast so you can have a clear understanding of what is possible and have some cinematic shots. I’m all about cinematic shots, so why not bring it to YouTube and bring each person with something with your eyes. You can actually see who you’re talking to, listen and feel the emotion and also if you need to listen to it on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio and all the audio platforms. Buckle up because things about to get real. If you’re not prepared to dig deep into yourself and take the next step in your life, this podcast probably is not for you. I’m going to be honest. I will not take any heat, hate, frustration from that or judgment, nothing.

If this isn’t for you and you don’t want to read, you don’t want to watch the incredible transformations in front of your eyes and strategize, structure and take everything from business to fitness into your life, that’s completely fine. I’m on board with you. I truly believe that if you stay tuned for every episode and you’re paying close attention, we’re going to have fun with it. There are no scripts. I like to be my authentic self, whatever comes to my mind. I don’t like that type of stuff. If you’re selling something online and it’s a video sales letter and you want to make sure that you’re going to say certain things, there’s a time and place for scripts and all of that. That’s not what CreateU Experience is all about. It’s about bringing visions to life through their own experiences and getting authentic with the world.

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Authenticity, what a beautiful word. When you’re authentic, you go to your core and whatever you are to your core is you. If you scream in the middle of nowhere and you feel like screaming, scream. That’s why I’m so excited. We have so many cool things happening. I feel as though you may be stagnant in one or more areas in your life, 100%. I am stagnant. I go in and out of relationships and dating is tough for me. Relationships in that sense is pretty tough for me. I’m getting clear on that. The cool thing about is that I’m always working on it. I’m always more and more vulnerable. One of the hardest things that I’ve ever experienced is how to be vulnerable and how to be compassionate. It was something tough for me. I was like, “What is this?” being loving in this way. I was so confused at what being vulnerable truly meant. That means if you feel like saying something, say it. That means if you feel a certain way towards someone, put it out there.

With vulnerability comes a lot of intentions, so intention-setting. That’s something that prides my life off of is intentions. If you sit down with somebody, “Here’s my intention. I want to get to know you. I want to do business with you. I want this, I want that. I love to explore this A, B, C all the way to Z with you.” If they’re not down, they’re not the person for you. If they’re not down, that whole situation or that opportunity might not be the best for you. Setting intentions is so big to me. I believe when you set an intention, you get focused within your own life. You get to organize or strategize and structure where you’re wanting to go with that opportunity. That opportunity could be a relationship or anything like that. That’s in a jest, in a nutshell, what the CreateU Experience is all about. Bringing in fire, bringing it all. Let’s grab all the wood that you have around you, all of the trees and let’s camp out and make a beautiful fire that’s lighting up, that’s igniting your future and your vision. Let’s do it. I’m all in. Are you? I know you said, “Yeah,” in your mind subconsciously.

Thank you for tuning in for this first episode of the CreateU Experience. I’m giving away seven of top products, PDFs and videos in my AbUp! Program, a ten-week ab program that you can follow right away if you review it on iTunes. We’re on YouTube. We’re on all audio platforms, Spotify and SoundCloud. Look up the CreateU Experience or type in my name, Brendan Meyers. You can also follow me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers. It’s going to be a fun ride. Buckle up with me. Keep on rolling. Keep on enjoying this. I appreciate you. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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