Episode 02: Austin Dunham Talks TRUTH Of Jaw Exercises, His Fitness Career, And Chris Heria

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Episode 02: Austin Dunham Talks TRUTH Of Jaw Exercises, His Fitness Career, And Chris Heria

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Austin Dunham is a fitness enthusiast, a successful YouTuber with more than 680,000 subscribers, and the founder of the AD Workout program. He enjoys calisthenics and offers bodyweight training tutorials and routine – motivating others to achieve what he has done. Austin gives the lowdown on jaw exercises and provides tips for anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel. On the side, he touches on pursuing YouTube full time, following your passion, and what he thinks of Chris Heria and THENX.

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Austin Dunham Talks TRUTH Of Jaw Exercises, His Fitness Career, And Chris Heria

We have a unique guest. He’s someone that I look up to with his social media and what he’s doing. It’s funny because it was almost the other way around in a way. Many years ago, I knew this young man for a long time and he’s killing it with business, his social media, the calisthenics community and the fitness community. Austin, what’s up?

I’m excited to be here.

Austin is someone who is killing it on social media. More importantly, he’s inspiring people. He’s transforming lives left and right. He’s also 2.5%, 0.4%, 0.3% body fat. We do have experience for CreateU before where we worked out. We do this with every single guest that comes on the show. We bring the podcast to life by showing some type of experience. We did a workout and that was brutal. Let’s go way back a little bitty, Austin, from a long time ago. It says, “iPad Pro news and rumors.” It’s funny because you’ve got the earrings, you’re ready to rap and you’re hyped up.

My style and vibe were totally different. That was a few years ago.

You are a successful business owner. You have AD Team. You have hundreds of thousands of followers all across everything. People want to know what you’re doing. They want to see and they want to learn. How did you go from iPad Pro news and rumors to AD Team and transforming the world?

It was a slow evolution process for me. At first, I thought I want it to be a technology Youtuber because I looked up to people like MKBHD and other people in that space. I’ve always been into filming content no matter what I was doing. Even when I was fourteen years old, I had a YouTube channel and 1,000 subscribers. I felt good at the time. I got into technology. I started reviewing my mice, talking about tech news. I got my mouse and I reviewed it because I can’t afford to buy another mouse. I was trying to make content regarding anything technology. I came to college. That’s when I discovered fitness and then I got into that and started making content about that.

You’re in the military. A lot of people might not know, a majority of your followers, maybe not the new ones, but Austin was going through ROTC.

CUE 2 | Jaw Exercises


Air Force ROTC at Valdosta State University.

You went to school and during this time you could have left school and not graduated with your degree. It might be that a lot of people reading are like, “You’re a YouTuber. You’re a business leader.” That’s what you are. You’re someone that transforms people’s lives. You’re a transformer. How did you go through this whole process without wanting to quit school and pursuing YouTube full time? What was it? What stopped that?

The truth is I did want to quit school multiple times. I am not going to lie. I had discussions with my mom and I had periods where I told myself, “I’m not going back next semester,” but that will be temporary and I’ll always tell myself, “You’re close. Go ahead and finish it. It will be in the trophy case. Whoever knows what might happen in the future.”

What was the purpose of you fulfilling that degree? What was it?

My mom, my parents.

You wanted to not only make her proud, but you wanted to own up to your own word.

I did have a lot of pressure to do it because of my twin sister has a degree and also my mom. Not just from the pressure, I wanted to make my mom happy in a sense. I was like “I’m going to go ahead and finish it out. I’m already in that environment.” Even if I was to drop out, I wasn’t going to move out of the area anytime soon. I was like “Let me do it, put my head down.” It was easy for me too. I didn’t study a lot. Nothing.

CUE 2 | Jaw Exercises


You had your career. You were already building your career. You knew where you are going. You’re like, “This is something I want to accomplish.” If you’re someone now and you’re thinking about whether or not you want to quit school or anything like that, look at it from the big picture. Look at it from a different point of view. Sometimes you do want to stay, sometimes you don’t. It all depends on what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. For Austin, he had the means to be able to pursue his career, go to school and finish schooling. If your career was significantly hurt because of it and you might not have been able to pursue the career, if you continue to school, would you have left school?

I totally would have left school if that was the case.

Why is that?

Long-term, I know what I want to do and I know how passionate I am about it, how driven I am to succeed. Regardless, I would have been successful either way.

When you look at it from that perspective, what I’m hearing is you’ve got a passion. Your passion meant the world to you. If that passion had been crushed because of something you wanted to accomplish, you would’ve easily bypassed it and pursued a new career. If you’re reading, you have an opportunity now to define what that passion is for you. You have that opportunity. If you are settling for whatever it is and it’s affecting that passion, maybe it’s living with your parents, maybe it is going off to school, maybe it’s working at a local grocery store rather than a gym, whatever it is. I’m telling you and you can also advise if you would like, take a step back. Look at it from a different point of view and make the decision on whether or not you want to continue truly. If it hurts your vision, then what is it doing? It’s not aiding in what you want to create. You want to create you. Taking the first step, would you advise differently?

I will say exactly, “Follow your passion. Follow your heart.” Even though that’s cliché, there’s truth in that statement. Do what you want to do. If you go down that short-term path, then you’re not going to be fulfilled in any way. You’re probably going to end up quitting or living a boring life that you don’t want to live.

You’ve been blown up. You’ve been growing. You’re becoming more successful. You’re thinking more. Where would you say you spend most of your time? Is it more so learning from other people? Is it creating your own content? What would you say it is? Since you’re more established, where is your focus?

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My focus is on creating my own content and also in a sense learning from other people too. Creating content is second nature to me at this point in time. I do it often and do it every day or every week. I’m still a student in that area and I always like to learn from other people and see how other people are killing it, taking ideas and golden nuggets from them too.

Would you say invest in yourself? Money, everything, relationships, friendships? You don’t have that many people that hate you that are like, “Screw that boy.” Little do I know, there is one person. It will be good to dive into that because I personally know Austin and he was the Hulk at one point in time on the street, a long time ago when I was pushing his buttons. He’s an incredible guy and he shows up for people. I’ve noticed that with you. That also provides the value for everyone that’s following you. It shows in your growth. It shows in your travels and who you stay with, who you associate yourself with. Where did you get that from? Where does all of that emotional trust come from and discipline and communication? Where does it all come from?

My overall upbringing; how I was raised, my parents, what they instilled to me, military ROTC, that program college and overall my personality. It’s the way I am.

You’re super successful. You have your bodyweight training down. You have everything down. Your mom, your dad, who are they? What did they instill in you? You don’t talk much about your mom and dad.

Basic stuff like being a good person. I grew up in good parts of the neighborhood. I always got what I wanted for the most part. Manners, simple stuff that I felt every kid or a person growing up should know and have. Being courteous, having emotional intelligence with others, being empathetic with others and helping others.

Why would we help others?

Why wouldn’t you?


CUE 2 | Jaw Exercises


Why would I go out and be like, “I want to help you?” Why would I do that?

For your own purpose and fulfillment. Some people don’t get fulfilled by that but I feel at a point, a lot of people do. I wasn’t like that at first. Through the social media of YouTube, I discovered the impact you can make by helping somebody and how simple it can be.


I was playing devil’s advocate because the truth is, we do find all of our fulfillment not only when we trust ourselves. We have to discipline with ourselves and we give to ourselves when we give to other people because we are born into straight up relationships. That’s what we are. We’re one big relationship with ourselves and with other people. If you always put yourself first like, “I’m the best. I’m going to do this. This is for me,” it’s not going to be fulfilling long-term. You learned that through social media as well. You see it like, “How can I give to everyone that’s following me?” That’s also selling. When you sell, you’re often giving.

A lot of people that are reading may take that and be like, “I don’t want to sell. I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to do this, but I want the social following. I want everyone to know my name. I want the big views.” I feel that’s coming down to the ego. When you don’t want to sell, you want more numbers, you want more people to like you and you want everyone to see you. That’s more ego than anything. What would you say to that? How much do you believe in selling? What can you say about selling? Do you think selling is an ego thing or do you think it’s more so, “I’m going to help you and you get to invest type thing?” What would you say?

I discovered this but that same thought of selling and the reasoning and impact behind it, I see it as a service to your people. It’s because if I didn’t have anything to sell or to give to somebody for them to invest in themselves, then I feel I’m doing a disfavor to them in a sense. If I didn’t have these training programs or whatever else these people could invest in themselves to get a better body, feel better, more vitality, then I would feel I’m not doing them any good.

It’s because you are an expert. You can say self-proclaimed. What matters is that you care. That’s what truly makes an expert in the end, it’s someone that brings value and cares. They always want to learn. What you’re saying is you’re giving them something they need. Rather than going to someone else that maybe isn’t going to provide all of that and more, all the value, you’re there. You’re almost like a father to them.

Speaking of value, I feel like you should first give value before selling. Where is value to you? Free content?

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Value can be literally anything and everything. It could be giving a PDF. It could be creating content. It could be donating something. It can be volunteering. Give and not ask for anything in return. You did that for a long time. Remember when I wanted to sponsor you back in the day with my calisthenics brand? I was close. I was not a master and a roller at that time. I was little Peewee Herman in that master enrollment game, but I couldn’t get you. I was like, “I know you’re going to blow up. I can feel it. It’s in my gut. My stomach’s rumbling.” You were starting to get more and more shred and I was like, “This guy is about to blow up.”

You almost had me sold honestly. I remember you had that calisthenics intro with the music and all that. I was like, “What if I had that before my videos? How cool would that be? I’m sponsored by Brendan Meyers.” I had 40,000 subscribers or something like that. In regards to that sponsorship, I felt like, “I had my own path to go and I didn’t know too much. I didn’t want to be sucked in on a sponsorship early.” I was smart about it and it all played out right.

Here’s the thing. Not only did he learn from it but I learned from it. The beautiful thing about it is that even though he rejected me in a way, it wasn’t a rejection to me. At that point in time I was like, “Ego slap.” When I look back at it, I’m like, “I’m excited at the moment. I was happy that I learned how to approach someone I wanted to bring on as a sponsor.” What it told me was, “You’re not ready,” and some of us forget that. We’re not ready yet. Take your time. That’s why when you watch boxing, these guys take a long time like King Ryan. He’s twenty years old. He’s a freakish athlete, but they’re not putting him in there with the big dogs yet. What he’s doing is building up his record, getting the experience in and ring, getting some older guys in there as well, some younger guys. Soon enough, he’s prepared and he’s ready to go. That’s what we need to do in our lives. If we want to create ourselves truly, we got to be patient. Take those leaps, take those chances but take baby steps. Where did you take those baby steps? Everything in your life to get to where you are now because where you’re at is insane.

I’ve been with a lot of people who want to do what I do and they want to rush to get there. I never focus a lot on numbers. I love to do what I do. I love posting videos. I like working out. When I would post workout videos or the concert, I wasn’t like, “I need 200,000 by next month. This needs to get 50,000 likes or whatever.” I would do it. I was patient with it and I still am patient with it because I know that over time, as long as I’m consistent then my time will come.

You’re not touching on something to get vulnerable enough. I know what it’s like and when you’re in the game and you’re posting videos, you’re on the real-time views, on YouTube analytics. You’re like, “How many is it?” You’re honest, but let’s be more vulnerable with that. When we’re in the game and we’re posting these tutorials or posting these exercises, we’re enjoying that content. We do get sucked into our ego a little bit. What’re your thoughts behind that? It comes from insecurity for me. What about yourself?

I’ve dealt with that being in the YouTube game even to this day. You post a video. It might not do well even though the last ten did. I’m more aware of it now. Back then, I would try and one-up myself. I would see low numbers or 30, 50 people watch my video that whole week when I was first starting out. I would keep posting and I would keep creating.

You always want more. Where it comes from is that you want more. If you’re reading and you’re stagnant and you do not want more, maybe it’s time to shift. It’s time to shift your content. It’s time to shift what you’re doing in your life, your career. It’s time to shift your job. It could be your degree. You see The Rock. He’s always doing more. He’s passionate about it. You’re more. We talk about your more. What’s more to you? What did you want to go with your life? What’re some of your end goals?

CUE 2 | Jaw Exercises



I have so much I want to do, but I want to open a gym. I want to do everything I’m doing now. On a bigger scale, one day I want to help other people to learn how to do what I did. I want to motivate others. I want to stay as healthy as long as I can and have a life of freedom.

You’re comfortable where you’re at.

I want to say comfortable. I like where I’m at but I’m striving to grow more and I am growing more. I want to say necessarily comfortable.

Let’s get you uncomfortable. You had this little stuff going on YouTube about this jaw stuff. All this stuff that happened around that, people are like, “My best Jawzrsize.” What was your intention when you did it?

My intention is I’ve always been interested in the weird subjects and learning about stuff. We’re talking about how to get a deeper voice. When I was a teenager, I will search for things and research all day like, “How to get better jawline? How to look more attractive?” I’ve always been into weird stuff. I’ve done that for years. I had a YouTube channel and I’ve always been into sharing what I’m learning or doing. I shared the concept of my experiences and what I did. They blew up.

Everyone knows that there were no ill intentions. It wasn’t a $5,000, $100,000 promotional deal. They took your video and put it all over Facebook Ads and everything. Let’s get a little more uncomfortable. This Chris Heria thing, I’ll be intentional with this. I’ll be honest. When I first knew Chris, he inspired me a little bit, how he flows his calisthenics and stuff like that. It was incredible because I’m bodyweight training for a long time, weight training, all of it. I started to get to know him and I was put off a little bit. It was almost we were competing in a way, even though we didn’t talk too much. I wanted to go out there and build a relationship.


I went down to his gym and I tried to do a couple of different things. I almost felt a punch in the gut from him whenever I talked to him like he didn’t like me. I’ll say that my intention at the beginning was to build the relationship but at the same time see who he was. I now look at him as inspiring a lot of people, it’s incredible. I give a lot of props to that. I also see him as being an incredible father to his son. I see him being a genuinely good guy that wants the best, but he gets caught up in some of the emotional stuff. I have no problem with him. I would love him to come on the show so I could talk to him.

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You had a little scuffle with him and a few different things happened. What are your thoughts of Chris? Put it all out there. I know who you are. I know how you act. I know how you are with a lot of relationships and you care about people. You want the best. If you guys don’t know who Chris Heria is, he’s from ThenX. It’s a big YouTube channel. Tell us where are you at? Do you want that relationship? What does it look like to you? What do you think of him? What do you think of ThenX? Do you think of everything?

From the start, I honestly didn’t know him as a person, but I saw what he was doing and that was inspiring in itself, like how he grew his YouTube. It was big and the style of everything he’s doing, he’s killing it. There’s no doubt about that. From there, since we make similar content, a lot of people wanted us to have collaboration together. One thing I learned later about him is that he’s a bit insecure in himself in regard to other people who want to do what he does, also from a physique standpoint. If you noticed at expos, he’d wear big coats and it’s one thing Gabo Saturno told me later, which I didn’t even realize at the time. When we did that collaboration video, he made me wear a large shirt. I wear a medium. He was like, “What size do you wear?” I’m like, “Medium.” He’s like, “We’ll get you a large for this.” I wore a large for the video and it totally went right past my house. It was because he didn’t want me to look bigger than him.

We’re you 100% sure that’s what it is? Did he say that?

He didn’t say that.

I understand where you’re getting at with all that stuff. I’m on your side. I’m also on Chris’ side.

It’s from another back story too based on all the conversations I have with people who already knew him. Diving in that story, it was a point that was brought up regarding the insecurities. Those insecurities led to bigger ones such as him thinking I was copying him because he’s insecure, like I would take over his spot somehow or blow up bigger than him. It’s the fact I’m more ripped to him. My arms are bigger, insecurities like that.

What can you say to him? Let’s say he’s reading. Let’s take the ego out of it because we’re meant to live to communicate in a way, build relationships, work together, be friends and evolve. What can you say to him that will rehash that and allow you to be friends with him? You’re going to be successful either way. He’s going to be successful either way.

CUE 2 | Jaw Exercises


In that video I made, I have no hard feelings against him honestly at all. I would be willing to forgive and forget, shake hands, be cool and everything. Honestly, I know he’s not that type of person.

He is. Every person is. I know you want to be friends. I know how you are with people. I’ve seen you everywhere.

I would want to be, maybe not totally cool friends, not like on the podcast together friends.

You would want to shake hands, maybe grab dinner, talk or whatever about the whole situation and move on with your lives and when you talk about Chris, you say good things. When he talks about you, he says good things.

If he was more open to that, he would grow even bigger with everybody in every relationship he’s ever had.

Chris, if you’re reading, first of all, I DM’d you. I like your music. I appreciate it. I also enjoy your calisthenics and what you’ve been doing. Austin here was inspired by you when you first started a while ago. I was inspired by you. We’re all a family in the end. Imagine if we’re all on our deathbeds. Austin’s going to say, “We’re all in this to help people and transform lives.” Hit him up. Don’t be shy. Austin can have a conversation from a non-ego standpoint and I know you can too. That’s that.

Let’s see if that happens.

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Hopefully it does. I know your intentions. I know my intentions. Let’s see if his intentions can meet that. Now we’ve gotten all that taken care of, I want to ask you a question. If we’re at a dinner table and you’re able to invite any three people, who would they be? This is your favorite food. It’s all their favorite foods, everything.

There are billions of people on this Earth.

I’m going to do a different three because I always do a different three whenever I’m at a table. I would like Obama. I would like the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. I would also love a random guy from the streets of Egypt because I’m interested in that culture and I’m interested in each and every person that’s there. That location is in the middle of a hotbed. There are many things going on around there. Obama is incredible with his words, the way he speaks and everything. It’s unique. It’s incredible. Who would your three be?

I would say probably Gary Vee is one of them. I used to have a conversation with him. Two is Jay-Z.

Why Jay-Z? Is it because of your audio-video that you recorded by the iPad and stuff back in the day with your music?

He’s a mogul and he’s a great guy. I’m thinking MLK. He’s the reason why this is happening.

There are a lot of reasons why it’s happening. He created a lot of change, a lot of transformation. What does MLK mean to you? It’s not like Gary Vee and I like this guy. Why would you want him at dinner with you? What would you want to ask him? Why would you want him there?

CUE 2 | Jaw Exercises


His mindset is in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Speaking from that mindset, I would want to see why he did what he did and what he experienced in his drive behind that. I will show him now and I want to see his reaction and his thoughts from what’s going on now.

What are your thoughts about what’s going on now with society? Where is society now to you?

I live a good life. I don’t experience too much. It seems good to me. We’re in a social media, digital age.

Do you think society is aiding in the success of everyone around us? Do you believe it’s hindering people? Do you believe that it’s there, we’re going through it every single day and that’s how we react? What are your thoughts about society?

How do you describe society?

Society is what’s around us, maybe the environment. It’s the digital age. It’s how people are reacting. It’s the words. It’s verbiage. It’s clothing. It’s the style. It’s everything that encompasses what we’re in now.

Some people have their own opinions, but I feel we’re progressing every year, every few years and every decade. Several years from now, all this is going to be super outdated.

Society, you didn’t even answer the question. You bypassed it.

I feel we’re progressing in society. It’s a hard question to answer because of what sector you’re in, where you’re at. The United States, where I’m at and what I’m experiencing, I feel we’re progressing and we’re in good time. It’s a great time to be alive for me.

I do think that because of where we are in our life and what is provided to us, whether it is a phone, clothing, style, whatever it is, even having a TV, it does provide a lot of opportunity across the world. Screw society, but also thank you society because we do have what we have in America. Let’s be honest, this is America. It’s the home of the brave, the land of the free. What about people in Pakistan? What about people in different parts of India that are super poor? I look at it as an opportunity for them, but I also look at it from it depends on where you are in your life. You’re successful. If you’re a kid, you’re going through high school and you’re listening to Gary Vee. You’re also listening to 100 other people and you have the twerkers of the internet. People need to create their own path because society’s not going to create it for you. If someone wants to start a YouTube channel now, what would you say to them?

Start now. Don’t overthink it. You don’t have to have the nicest camera or the nicest microphone. A phone or whatever you have works. First, it’s more about getting the content out there and getting used to recording content. Naturally, you’re going to evolve the longer you stick with it. I guarantee it. I bet if you make 100 videos and you go back and look at your first video, it’s going to be totally different than your 100th video.

We all look different. We always grow. We always have these opportunities. Take advantage now. You have YouTube. We have all those others out of the way. What do you like to do? Do you like to edit? Do you like to play soccer? Do you like badminton?

I’ve never played badminton.

Do you like baseball?

I hated baseball.

Do you like soccer?

No, I’m bad with my feet.

Do you like football?

I like football and basketball.

Why do you like football and basketball? I’ve seen you touching the rim. You’ve got that next-level vert.

I like those sports because it’s what I grew up playing in recess with friends. We always play football or basketball. We don’t go outside and play soccer. We don’t play golf. We don’t play badminton.

I played golf for a few years.

Golf is honestly hard. I’ll be real with you.

Thank you for respecting and acknowledging that. I played golf. I also played soccer. I also played baseball. I played basketball. I played football. I’ve never played badminton, but I did play tennis and I’m good at ping pong.

I wish we had a table. I would beat you. I played all throughout college. That was in our dorm area.

Were you in a frat?

Of course not, no.

The, “Of course not,” why?

I feel with a frat, you dedicate a lot of time towards that. For some of them you’re not allowed on social media for an extended period of time throughout that.

If you’re in a frat now, this is no bad blood. We’re all about the cold blood.

I have a lot of friends who are in frats.

You don’t like any sports. You like football and basketball recreationally. We’re getting deeper into stuff and we’re learning a little bit more about you. 45-year-old Austin, who is he? Does he have the jaw-line showing a little bit more? Is it the beer-filled three-feet long?

45-year-old Austin is doing one of my handstands. He has a salt and pepper look.

Salt and pepper is beautiful and don’t you dare look at it as anything other than that. I look into the mirror every single day and I see it.

I’m probably traveling a lot, same as usual.

Do you have kids?

Yeah, family too.

A boy or a girl?

Two boys and one girl; boy, girl, girl.

The boy, is he dunking at age ten?

No, but I will enroll him in some type of sports.


Not golf.

Do you like soccer?

No. If he wants to do that then sure, you never know. It might also be a soccer player.

You’re laid back.

I’m open minded, laid back and chill.

This is an interesting topic. It’s serious. Nowadays, you’re getting different gender restrooms. There’s a lot of LGBT. What do you think about one guy being with another guy? What do you think about women being with women?

I’ve seen quite a few guys holding hands, walking down the street and stuff like that. It catches me off guard at first because growing up, you don’t see that stuff. Being in this day and age in society, it’s becoming quite the norm. I let people do what they do. I honestly don’t care. I’ve also had been not close friends but friends with some gay people before. Most people are born that way. They cannot help it. How can we say that’s weird or not natural for you to be with another person like that? Being gay has probably existed since the start of humankind.

It happened a lot more often than you think. If you were blindfolded and you were connecting with someone, all of the tones of voices were the exact same. The blindfold came off and it was a guy. What would your immediate reaction be? You connected with that person, you started to build that emotion with them.

We can be friends.

Why? You connected with the person when you had the blindfold on and the tone of voice is all the same.

What does connected mean to you? Is it like on an emotional, physical level like, “I love you?”

It could be a lot of different connections. I’m talking about if you’re with a woman. This is something that I love to ask people. I’ll tell you my opinion. This is not how it works, not at all. I’m getting to a point. If you have a blindfold over your eyes and you’re connecting with someone deeply. You start catching feelings for them and you enjoy that person. You take it off and it’s a male in front of you, immediately what’s the reaction? Either because the way you grew up is probably similar to the way I grew is like, “That’s not the norm. That’s not right. That’s not cool.” What if we grew up in a society where that was the norm? Where that was completely okay and you did take off that blindfold and there was a guy that you liked.

You can connect with somebody on that level, blindfolded and all that. Another part of connecting with somebody is being attracted to them. Once the blindfold comes off, physically, from an eye point of view, I’m not attracted to dudes. That’s why I say we can be friends and have those deep emotional talks and stuff.

I would love to hear what people think about that. It’s interesting because some people think and some people are more spiritual and they’re like, “I’m more connected to the being of a person.” Other people are more connected to the way someone looks. Other people are more connected to the way someone looks. Other people are both. This is a completely different topic, but it’s interesting because it all surrounds society. I believe it’s in the way we grew up. The reason why you are where you are on YouTube and you are where you are with your businesses, helping people, relationships and everything you do is because of society. It’s because of how you grew up. It is because of your mom and dad. What would you tell someone that’s reading that maybe is confused about their relationship? It could be their sexuality, their passion and it could be anything and everything. What would you say to someone that’s confused? Where should they go? What should they do? They don’t know what’s going on because society’s chirping in their ears and their friends are telling them everything. Their mom’s saying this. Their dad’s saying that. What do they do?

I’m not going to tell them to listen to everybody else. That makes no sense. First, have a conversation with yourself. Sit down with yourself and realize who you are, what you want. Write out the pros, cons, whatever you need to do, a bullet point list, whatever. Discuss that with somebody close to you if you have that person, an unbiased person. There are a lot of resources for that including online, like forums.

Take your time and trust your gut.

From there, make a decision and go with it. Make sure you don’t regret it.

It does come down to trusting yourself and that discipline with your gut. When you have a gut feeling, you’ve got to go with it because every time it is right for yourself.

I can say a similar situation when I was going through a battle with whether or not I should leave the Air Force or ROTC program, which I did leave but I stayed in college. That was another pivotal point for me within my career. That’s relatively new too.

Your gut told you to stay and finish?

Yeah, everybody else was telling me, “Stay in, double dip, do both at the same time. Travel the military free.” I knew within myself and in my gut that I knew what I wanted to do. Everybody else didn’t understand. They’re like, “What if YouTube goes away?” They don’t know that I have an email list with over 50,000 people or stuff like that.

That’s amazing that you like providing that vision for other people. You are an inspiration. You are a living testament to what other people want in their lives, what they want to do. I want to talk about one last topic. Where do you see this fitness industry going and social media?

I feel there are always new trends popping up every odd few months or so, but I feel it’s growing bigger and bigger with new faces and new people. If you’re in the fitness industry, you got to go ham on it and make your mark. From there, realize that your time is temporary in the space. Temporary could be several years, many years but there’s always going to be a better, fresher face, somebody who’s more charismatic.

The truth is to go all in now because you never know when it’s your time. You never know when things are going to shift for you. I’m happy. Austin is one of the leaders of this industry. I used to be one of the more well-known people in the body weight industry around the world, but I knew my place. I knew when my time was shifting onto building businesses and helping other people in different ways. I’m continuing with bodyweight training in some ways but it’s more like, “I’m here to provide love, to show you what’s possible and to bring your vision to life.” Go all in. Do everything you can to take the next step. Thank you so much for joining us.

No problem. I was excited to be here.

CreateU you is all about taking where are you are, taking your circumstance, taking your environment, taking all the bad stuff, all the good stuff, putting it all together to provide towards your vision. Everything you want is possible. Your passion is definitely 100% possible to bring you the career you’ve always wanted and to bring you the money, the relationships, the girlfriend, whoever and anything you’ve ever wanted. You’ve got to keep on pushing and go all in. Austin, where can they find you? What are you selling? What is up? Give people some transformational stuff.

You can find me everywhere, Austin Dunham. I create everything like blogs, tutorials around bodyweight workouts. I’m here to inspire and motivate you to become the best version of yourself while creating you.

Thanks for joining us, Austin. You definitely can check him out. He has programs. He has all that. He travels a lot. He’s on YouTube. If you want any tutorials, any exercises, anything like that, motivation, he’s even there for that. Thanks for reading another episode of the show. We’re on all audio platforms. We’re also on YouTube. In the description, if you want seven free gifts, it’s me giving back. I’m good with money. Don’t give me your money. Take these opportunities I’m giving you now and grab all that stuff by reviewing the podcast on iTunes There you have it. Austin, thanks for coming on. We’ll see you next time. Peace.

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