Episode 101: From The Military To Realtor With 1.5M On TikTok (Zachary Loft)

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Episode 101: From The Military To Realtor With 1.5M On TikTok (Zachary Loft)

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CUE 101 Zachary Loft | TikTok Realtor


Zachary Loft is a legend. If you’re in real estate, you would know him as the realtor who has 1.5 million followers on TikTok. You would never have guessed that if you saw young Zachary just out of the Army, living the full reserve lifestyle, having no clue what he wanted to do. But when he got introduced to real estate, he placed himself in a trajectory that would keep him addicted to growth, both in wealth and influence, but all in a good way. And it all started when Zachary burned the proverbial boat and stuck his feet into the flames. Brendan Meyers takes him to the show so that we can learn a thing or two from how this stellar person created his own life by being consistent, different, and unapologetically himself. 

Listen to the podcast here:

From The Military To Realtor With 1.5M On TikTok (Zachary Loft) 

I am here with my man, Zachary LoftHe’s a myth and he’s also a legend. He’s in real estate. He has a huge TikTok. He is all about growth. He has a lot of knowledge to bring to the table. We’re iClubhouse together and that’s how we met. The man knows 123, or maybe a thousand things that you could dabble with immediately from this show. Z, introduce yourself. What do you do? Let’s get rolling. 

First of all, that’s a fire intro. I love somebody where I got to work up to your level of energy. I normally have to work down a little bit, so I love it. I’m Zachary Loft on all social platforms. I am a realtor by trade, brokerowner, team leader but my passion and my main business venture is in the art of social media marketing, creating opportunities through the best platforms available. You’ve got Facebook and Instagram, you mentioned TikTokYou’re killing it on YouTube yourself, all these platforms out here to get yourself out into the public. I love the art of it. I love everything that goes into it and it is my passion. 

How many followers do you have on TikTok? 

About 1.5 million. 

I like big numbers. I’m all about impact. The tagline of CreateU, just so you’re aware, is ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. I know we match that energy and even the way we speak, we match that energy, which is refreshingLet’s go all the way back to the beginningbefore you were Zachary Loftbefore you had this TikTok following and you were making money through real estate and everything that you’re doing. Tell me about it. Who is Zachary Loft? 

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At seventeen years oldjoined the Army. I was deployed, I came back. I started as a National Guard. I took up an active contract. I took on the full reserve lifestyle. I had no clue what I wanted to do. I started installing surround sound equipment and got fired. started installing police lights on police cars, as a state job to get my foot in the door, I got fired. I also got demoted once while I was in the Army. Then I went on and did a couple of odd things in the middle of itI had the entrepreneurial bug bite me when I missed soccer and basketball. I played a ton in high school. I was on some scouting reports for basketball until I tore my MCL. I’m also 61 and white, so my chances were slim. 

I missed the sport and the competition. I realized there was a problem that there weren’t a lot of young adults. It was either 40 and above, or high school. I was like, “I’m going to create soccer.” I did it and it was relatively easy surprisingly, and I fell in love with not just playing it but with the marketing of it. I fell in love with the art of finding the people that wanted to play. As I was doing this, I applied to be Department of Corrections Officer because entrepreneur equals prison guard. Those two things correlate completely. My personality is at of a correctional officer. I love everyone who is serving behind the wallsback to blue. 

I grew in that because I also got myself in uncomfortable situations where I had to learn how to talk. I learned a lot about communications, how to present myself. Ultimately, I had somebody come up to me and say, “You should be real estate agent. She was a successful real estate agent. I can even go a little bit deeper on how she sat in the room with me when I had detention for my first entrepreneurial venture when I was selling customized paper.  

Tell us. 

When I was twelve years old, I was dealing with customized paper footballs. It became the trend. Everyone loved it. I was a geekI was a nerd and no one liked me. I was like, “This is something I can do. I can give people their paper footballs.” I got someone else to make it and I was like, I’ll get your orders and do the delivery. You just make them.” I didn’t upcharge and I made money. 

My fourthgrade teacher who was an Australian was like“Apparently that’s no-govery taboo. Don’t do that. I got in big trouble with her and I remember I had to sit in detention with my principal who ended up being that agent later on. While was sitting there, she said, Zach, you can’t do that here, but don’t forget that. Most twelve-year-olds don’t do that. Most twelve-year-olds don’t think to do that, keep that idea. That’s a gift. We’ll utilize it later. Lo and behold years later, she’s a real estate. She’s like, Zach, I need that fire back and be a real estate agent. I was like, “No. I kept doing what I was doing.  

For the second time, she came up to me and you know what they say, “When opportunity knocks, slam the door in her face. That’s exactly what I did. I was like, “No, I’m scared. The soccer league wasn’t making a ton of money because I was doing it more for the passion. I was working double extra shifts at the prison to keep the lights on. I became good friends with the dude who shut our electricity off because he was like, “Do you need a couple of weeks? I knew more about him than some people at my job, and I’m still Facebook friends with himThe third time came and she called me late at night. I got back from shift and I was about to go to sleep because I was working a double, so I had to go back in a couple of hours. She said, I want you to be realtor, so much so that I paid for your class. It starts tomorrow at 4:00. I was like, I get off at 3:00 and I work an hour away. Do you understand I have to drive right there?” She’s like, “Yes. I was like, I hate you.  

From that moment, I had heard about it but I hadn’t done it, but I decided I was going to start changing my mental lifestyle because I was like, “If I’m going into this, I’m going to give it my all. I started reading books. I started with Think and Grow Rich. I read The ONE Thing. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. I was going down all the basic start shifting your mindset books. The Miracle Morning was another one, Go-Giver. I could go a million miles with those. I started shifting my mindset. When I became an entrepreneur, I got my license. I was like, “Let’s do this. I didn’t sleep. It was 2 to 3 hours of sleep a day. I barely saw my wife. I was like, “Honey, give me a year to do this. I was like, “After a year, I’m going to quit DOC and I’m going to be an agent.  

After two months, I heard a podcast by Tony Robbins as I was driving up to the prison. He said, If you don’t burn your boat, you’re never going to succeed. He was on this road of self-development. I was doing my affirmations every single day and was getting better, then he hit me in the face. It was like, “The universe gave me a sign. What do I do next? Tony Robbins is like, “Burn the damn boat. I’m like, “This is scary.” Without consulting my wife, I walked in and said, I quit,” on the Department of Corrections, my only source of income. I had nothing closedI had one deal under contract with an investor who’s throwing me a bone because I knew him for a while, and I burned the boat. He said, “You’re putting in your two weeks?” I said, “No, I’m not coming back. I called my wife and I say, Honey, I’m coming home. 

It was a rough conversation that night, but she believed in me. After a year, I got Rookie of the Year. got 28 deals closed, about $8 million worth of deals. I continued there to grow a team. I now own a brokerage. We’re going on our first year of opening our doors as Loft Realty. I did it all through marketing. I did it all through the video and it all came from being different. I have three rules, be consistent, be different and quit trying to impress people. I follow those rules. I teach those rules and now I run Loftlevel marketing, which is where I’m teaching people how to go from one-on-one to mastery in social media. I take on clients one-on-one for an entire year when they’re high level already and they just need that access to information. Someone else does the research for me, and tell me what to do to a style. I can’t tell you enough how much I love it. 

Let’s back up a little bit and zone in on a couple of pieces of that story. If you’re reading, I know it was a lot and these are how stories go. The great thing about his success stories especially is there are a lot of bumps along the way. There are a lot of risks involved. It’s uncomfortable as fuck, it’s hard. Anyone that thinks this shit is easy, as an entrepreneur, you are fucking crazy and you are the 0.000001% of anybody living on EarthThere are a lot of people living on Earth. Let’s back up and talk about burning the boat. Society tells us, “Keep all your boats around. Make sure that they’re all good to go and ready to go at any time. At the end of the day, I’ve always learned that whenever I have too many boats, I don’t know which one to pick. When I don’t know which fucking boat to pick, I ended up being boatless. I ended up going and asking other people for help because I’m like, I’m so confused and I’m stressed.” When you’re talking about The ONE Thing, that’s a great book and everybody should read it, especially if you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur, trying to be a better person and more focused. What would you say was the greatest lesson you had to learn about this burning the boat process? 

To finish the story that Tony Robbins tells, they were attacking an islandto conquer CortésThey came up onto the shore and they’re like, “Everyone has tried to conquer this island where they keep all their treasures. No one habeen able to do it. He left people on each boat. As he was giving this big hurrah like Leonidas is in front of the 300 speech, he put his fist up, and when he did that, it was a signal for them to light the boats on fire. Everyone started freaking out and he’s like, “The only way we’re going home is on our shields or their boats. Oftentimes when death is your only other optionyou live. For me, it was like, “I don’t have a way to pay my mortgage. I don’t have a way to keep the lights on. I’m going to have to go out and work. 

CUE 101 Zachary Loft | TikTok Realtor
TikTok Realtor: Once you put yourself in a situation where doing something is your only choice, it oftentimes happens.

I learned the ground level of straightup, backagainstthewall hustle. To tell you the truth, I now seek out ways to give me that sense of my shoulder blades are sitting against the wall. I can feel the grinding against my bones. I can feel the coldness on my neck. I put myself in those situations now because I remember how powerful it is when you only have one option, win or die. It may be not as dramatic of a situation for you. When you put yourself in a situation where success is truly the only option that keeps you from having to move back with mom or keeps you from having to give that terrible news to somebody or to have to tell people you failed. First of all, screw them, quit trying to impress them. If you need to use that as your motivation, go for it. For me, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t put my feet to the flame. If I always had that other option, I probably would have always had that other option, and real estate would have been the other option. It wouldn’t have been the other way around. It doesn’t even have to be entrepreneurship. It could be going back to school. It could be getting rid of that toxic relationship. It could be anything in your life. Once you put yourself in a situation where this is now my only choice, it oftentimes happens. 

That’s a lot to digest. It’s easy for you and me to digest and understand it. I believe this is the disconnect between people that are making 78figures and people getting starter. Athe end of the day, it’s the small wins that matter the most, it’s the smallest structures, small organizations, it’s the actionable things that we don’t even talk about. Go into your job and quit. I always say this. You can have all the structures ready to go. The backup plans and all this stuff, but if you don’t recognize the opportunities in front of you as something so powerful that could make your vision come true, you’ll never change your situation. Your situation is going to be redlining to the day you die.  

What Zach is saying is when you put your back up against the wall, you have to react. I’ve listened to podcasts, I’ve watched different videos on this, a couple of Navy SEALs have been training for years. They go into war and they have a group. They have 6 or 7 or 8 guys that are going in for Special Ops. You’ve been in the military. They go into war and right when the shooting starts, it doesn’t matter how much training you have, how hard you’ve been working, there’s always somebody that shits the bed and has no fucking clue what to do. It’s the absolute worst in that situation. 

Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face. 

How can we ever find out about these things in our lives if we don’t put ourselves out there, if we don’t run into war? 

The Navy SEALs are a great example. This is what we have to do in our mentality. We don’t have to train in different tactical shooting situations for most of us. I was nowhere near the Navy SEAL level, but I do remember the military mindset of, “You train on certain things so much that when the situation presents itself, you do it autonomously.” As entrepreneurs, as businessmen, as businesswomen and as humans, we need to train our minds to do that. Autonomously, I walked out of negative conversations, I avoid being my own bully with negative self-talk, I wake up and go to the gym. I put on my shoes and I walk out because it’s a habit. 

If you’re on the starting blocks right now of trying to get your life together and get rolling, start reading books on The Psychology of Habit. You don’t make your life, your habits make your life, but you determine your habits. It’s something of 85% of your cerebral activity, which is fancy words for your brain waves, are autonomous, habit-based and are rooted in your subconscious. With the Navy SEALs, as you read the story like I watched a podcast of the dude who put the first bullet in Osama bin Laden. When you read these stories, you hear about what they’re doing. Did you know that Osama bin Laden only had one bullet hole in them, but three bullets went in it? That’s how trained these boys are. They’re to the point where they’re mistakefree. They’ve done it many times and everything from pieing a corner, to stacking on a ledge, to clearing a room, everything. It’s an operation. If we can turn our lives into that where we are living the best life we can live, it no longer becomes about fear. It’s just, I’ll do it. This is what I do. 

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To piggyback off of what you’re saying, if we do the smallest things each day, I always tell people, “Don’t look at the big picture, only focus on losing 40 pounds. There was a guy one day who wanted to lose 35 pounds. He’s like, I want to get there as soon as possible. I’m like, “Focus on getting into the gym once. Focus on these small wins. The small wins will add up. That’s where these habits form. They say 21 days and a new habit will form. It doesn’t even matter. At the end of the day, it’s about the consistency behind them. It’s about the mindset of it. 

Twenty-one days for it to form and 90 for it to be part of your lifestyle. Often people fail between 30 and 60. 

That’s because we listen to the noise. There’s always noise after you get started. They say, “Once you make $1 million, it gets so much easier. It’s ten times easier. It’s the fucking, “How do you even get to $1 million? It’s a grind. It’s the small choices that you’re making. Zach, you have your own brokerage, you have a large following in TikTok. How did you even get started on TikTokIt seems like you are yourself. Many of us lose sight of who we truly are in the mirror, that we start seeing a different person and energy. We feel different emotions. We start creating these demons within our own minds. Tell me, how did you get out therebe yourself and grow on social? 

I started doing this few years ago. I created this username, @ZacharyLoft. I would get in front of the camera and I would start doing things differently. I would start presenting myself in a different fashion oftentimes because I was scared. When I went on TikTok, it was the first place where I gave myself that name. It’s a combination of my brokerage name and my first name. I honestly did it for ease. I wasn’t a huge fan of my last name anyway. I was @ZacharyLoft. When I started to make a video and I was like, Zachary Loft makes videos. Zachary Loft is himself being Zachary Loft. 

I started to create this alter ego around this because I was like, I need to be my best me. I need to showcase myself in the most authentic way possible, but I’m scared. When I’m scared, it shows through and it looks cornyfakefalseformatted, and all the scripted stuff. I’ve now started telling myself, anytime I’m in front of the camera, I’m Zachary Loft. Bo Jackson did the same thing when he stepped onto the field, he always imagined himself. There’s a book called The Alter Ego. I didn’t realize I was doing this until I went to a Tom Ferry event and heard him speak. I was like, I do this.  

Bo Jackson would walk onto the field and the moment his foot went across the sideline, he would no longer be Bo Jackson. He said, I’m Michael Myers,” because in his first few seasons, he always had trouble with his anger. He wanted to destroy people. When he didn’t, he got mad at himself and he’d get mad at his teammates. He loved how Michael Myers operated because he was emotionless. He was like, “Get in there, get the job done, destroy and get out of there. That’s who he said he was. There are different actors who take on different personas. You hear people that take it too far to the point where they truly think they’re that person. It’s real and it’s controllable. It sounds very woowoo down the rabbit hole, but it’s extremely easy. I know one female speaker where she gets on, she always wears Wonder Woman socks. She was scared to speak to people. She’s like Wonder Woman, she takes action. She rocks and rolls. She doesn’t care what other people think. 

CUE 101 Zachary Loft | TikTok Realtor
TikTok Realtor: We’re always the best at giving advice to people but we won’t take our own advice. Creating an alter-ego makes it easier to give yourself advice.

What you’re saying, just so everyone can follow fully, is the alter ego or this ego or this persona that you’re taking on is igniting something else in you. It’s allowing you to be you, but almost be detached from the fear of it. 

We’re always the best people at giving advice and we won’t take our own advice. It’s almost putting yourself in the position of giving yourself advice. It’s putting yourself in the position of, “No, dummyjust make a video. I make video. Here, let me show you. It’s like doing that. There are weightlifters who say, “When I’m in the gym, I’m Arnold, that’s who I am in the gym. I’m focused. I smile when I’m doing curlsI’m excited to put the bench up. They give themselves these different personas. I would highly suggest utilizing and reading this book, The Alter Ego EffectIt’s like when youre a kid when you put on the Spider-Man costume, you thought you were Spider-Man. When you put on the Power Rangers outfit, you felt like you were quicker and you could fight. You put on the Flash mask and all of a sudden, you thought you were quicker than any other time you’d been. They’ve done studies with kids where they would do races. The author had a story about doing this with his kid specifically the first time like“You’re the Flash, and gave her a little lightning bolt as a wristband. She went from next to last to trashing everybody. It was a mentality. 

That’s where you were able to define yourself and create your TikTok? 

That’s where I got my best self and my most authentic me. I was able to tell stories about my life authentically and without caring what other people think because in my mind, it wasn’t even my story I was telling. It was almost like I was telling someone else’s story, and we’re very easy to gossip and tell someone else’s story without caring. 

I’ve taken a little bit of a different approach where I was just me to my core, and I embraced being me to my core and that works for me. If you’re reading, there are many ways that you can tell your story, whether it is almost plain as if you’re from the outside looking in and telling someone else’s story, or telling your own story, like owning it. There are a lot of different ways where you can start growing your social. When you started growing your social, what was the key to bringing in more followersto bring in more viewers and getting that engagement? What were you doing that was not so much different, but the same as other people that were also growing as well? 

I took on the idea of simply not paying attention to it. That was my first thing. That’s what allowed me to create authentic content. I was more creating it for the consumer and not for gaining new ones. If I had five followers, I was like, “I’m going to give them the best video they’ve ever seen. I’m going to give you the best content that I can produce. When I had twentyit was same deal. I had my first viral video. I got 30,000 views, which for me was viral like, I’d never gotten 30,000 views. This is crazy. It was when I told a story about the military. At the time, I was a realtor and I was getting started running the team. I told some real estate stories. I’m like, “That’s cool.  

When I told the military story, I learned some valuable lessons that people want to listen to things they don’t have access to. I’ll give you an example, when I had gotten back from deployment, I’m still on this workout kick and I’m back on it now. I’m in the best shape in my life, except for deployment time because have ripped apartjust water and good calories all day with three workouts. It works wonders. I remember when I got back and we’d go play basketball, and I would get people on base and they always were like, “It’s cool. This is awesome. I’m like, “This is like a grocery store in a gym. There’s nothing here that’s exciting. The fact that they were somewhere where normally they didn’t have access to was interesting.  

I’ve told stories about my prison experience, my deployment, my thoughts on the leadership concepts of the military. Funny stories while I’m showing expensive homes, showing off beautiful homes. People love access to things they never would have had access to, whether it’s information or location, it doesn’t matter. It’s something that normally they never would have known or never had access to be able to do. It’s why HGTV runs off of flipping shows. People think they’ll never have the ability to do that even though they want to. They want to see other people do it. They want to live in other people’s personas. They live vicariously through someone else. 

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It’s why people love these drama showsall these rich people throwing money like, “I’m never going to be there, so let me watch. It’s the exact reason why anyone wants to listen to my stories because I’m telling stories about stuff that they haven’t experienced, and sometimes stuff they never will get to experience. Naturally, they want to hear about it. When it comes down to it, I’ve developed a method that I called the THIRST Method. Do you remember me talking about that? 

I do remember the THIRST Method. I can’t reiterate all the points and everything. 

It’s Title, Hook, Interest, Reframe, Storytell and Target. The first section is whatever you’re doing, whether it’s through the actual text on the screen, which you can utilize on TikTok and your YouTube handle or your YouTube title or the caption, you’ve got to give a title that incites, I’m interested. From there, you’ve got to hook them in that first three secondsIn every single platform, you’ve got to get them in at least three seconds for it to count as a view on any short form. It’s having a strong hook. I’d give this example of when I was overseas. There was one time where mortar almost hit us. We saw it coming straight at us from a mountaintop, and those things move at the speed of light. The moment you see it up there, it’s hit within a second and a half. You don’t even have time to move and you’re seeing this light come at you in the middle of the night and ended up veering off and hitting the gym.  

I started that video off, “While I was deployed, almost blew up, but what happened was worse. People are intrigued and they’re like, “Wouldn’t blowing up be the worst? How could it be worse? Of course, being dramatic, it hit the gym, so now I couldn’t work out. I had to walk a mile to go to the gym. It’s intriguing. You then have to interest them. You have to keep it rolling. You have to reframe, bring it back out and go detail stepbystep, be dramatic and be indepth. We’re chilling around doing our thing. You know how Army people are talking about testosterone and different protein mixes. Bring them into it, sink them in.  

It’s almost like they’re a part of it. 

That’s why S is Storytell. Storytelling is a pivotal part of sales, but it’s a pivotal part of life. Even if you’re in life and you feel you’re not selling a direct product, learn about sales. The way you format yourself, the way you format conversation, whatever you do, and I like Chris Voss Never Split the Difference, there’s an art to it. You’re not going to learn that art from watching the Wolf of Wall Street, which is the most overrated entrepreneur on the planet in my opinion. I hate it when people mentioned that as a business movie because you’re watching a felon at work. It’s awful. The fact that people pay this man to coach them is disgusting. That’s my opinion. 

I don’t throw my opinions and do much. You take that one. 

T is Target. It can either be tease or target. Either Tease them to do something else, like they want to see part two on your profile or Targetyour call to action or whatever it may be. I use that method in everything, when I’m having a listing presentation, when I’m talking with a new coaching client, or even on here starting off with telling my original story. When they hear the beginning, they’re like, “He’s here. I then start off with, I’m seventeen years old when I joined the Army. They were like, “Where’s the middle section here?” Now they’re interested in me going step-by-step and reframing. 

That’s the THIRST Method. That’s what was able to help you scale your social media following and telling stories and engaging with people. You built all this stuff, you built the large following, and it seems you continue to be yourself and you’re starting to build teams, you’re starting to create things. What would you say has been something that you saw that stayed consistent from the beginning to where you are now? During the snowball process, what is one thing that kept the snowball running?  

CUE 101 Zachary Loft | TikTok Realtor
TikTok Realtor: Storytelling is a pivotal part of sales, but also of life. Even if you’re not selling a direct product, that’s something you should learn from sales.


I imagine myself looking at that video ten years from now and I want to make myself feel like, “That was trash. Look where I’m at now. I want to continue to give myself documentation because I always imaginthe amount of money people would pay to get a live feed, to watch Mark Zuckerberg code Facebook, or to watch Elon Musk’s mastermind around creating Tesla or PayPal. I want to be to the point where my daughter can be 13, 14 years old, and she can watch the story from point to point Z. I imagined my life as a story. Our generation is one of the first where our whole life is going to be documented. 

I want to tell a story of growth and I’m addicted to growth. I know that every video I make, every piece of content I put outevery interaction I have and I truly love my community. Not to be blunt, I am not even interested in it growing. I love the way it is now. If it stopped and I never got another follower, I love everyone that’s involved right now. That’s another thing and I still don’t focus on numbers. I’ve told people even iClubhouse, it’s almost disappointing how many followers I have now because I can’t deeply interact with everybody. I can’t respond to every comment on a viral video. I can’t get back and respond to every DM. I don’t like that. I’m not interested in hiring someone to do so because I don’t think it’s authentic. I always tell people, there’s no such thing as someone that’s not an influencer. I hate that word because whether you have followers or 2 million, you’re an influencer, it’s only how much influence you have and that can always grow. We start with having influence over our parents and where we eat for dinner that night, to now you’re an adult and you’re working whatever job, you have influence. 

This is beautiful. You see it more times than not in people when they post like, “Why would I post? Why would I start my own business? Why would I do this? Nobody cares. There is always somebody that cares. Even then, you care about yourself because you need to be your number one supporter before anyone else. The fact that you, Zach, have built this following, but yet you’re still wanting to interact and you’re still being you. What’s pushing the snowball is your authenticity and the documentation side of it. It’s honestly a beautiful thing. I feel for those who don’t feel that, who can’t understand that, who can’t grasp that idea. Ladies, gentlemen, if you’re reading, pay attention to this THIRST Method to the growth of Zach, to the risks that he took. It is the basics of life. He’s living his authentic life. His foundation is based off of, “I am me and that’s it.  

Anytime you’re taking a risk, I look at it as what is scarier, failure or regret? Which one would be worse, sitting on my desk and wondering why? When I pick failure would be worse than regret, I’m like, I shouldn’t make this choice.” That’s the one that keeps you from jumping in front of a car. If you think, I’m going to sit at my deathbed wondering or I’m going to tell my grandkids I never did it. I started the clothing line. It fell flat on its face. I lost $15,000. 

Me too, when I first started.  

I’m going to start another one and I’m going to take my lessons and take it forward. I’ve had failures. I started a wholesaling business and it failed. I maxed out my credit cards and it failedYou have to fail forward. I’ve had many posts that went nowhere. I’ve had pictures that have gotten me banned. I was trashed on the Vine and I deleted my VineI wished I still had it because I could take the videos that I made while I was deployed to tailor in with my stories that I’m making now on TikTok, but I don’t have it. It was fear. I had all the content. Even though Vine went away, I still had the content. I deleted the content. You have to understandyour contents are your story. Everything is documented. I wish I still had my original videos from there. I have videos and I posted one on TikTok showing my wife one of the videos I made on YouTube when I was fourteen. 

I have many pieces of content, even when I’m not posting on social. Even for the last few years, I’ve been here and there but I still film because I know that one day, I want to produce a documentary one day. One day, I want my kids to watch something and I want to go back and see how I used to talk. When I go to YouTube and I look at one of my first videos and I’m like, I’m Brendan and welcome. I’m going to show you something cool. I don’t even know what the hell I’m saying. 

It makes you feel better too about where you are. That’s why people that work out keep a log of their workouts so they’re not like, I’m not getting anywhere. You look back a year from there, you’re like, That was my max?” 

Document it. Zach is an example of documentation. As you continue to grow, Zach, I want people to tune into what you’re saying and the growth ideas that you bring to the table. They are all surrounded by authenticity and digging deeper and learning more about yourself so that you can express more. How can you teach somebody if you don’t even know where it’s coming from? At the end of the day, it starts with you and that’s something very important. I want to tap into Zachary Loft 2021 and where you’re going. Even if you found success, it’s hard for society to grasp. I say society as in the general population and I say general population, not in disrespect, but the reality of life is most people don’t have mentors. They don’t have people telling them or guiding them exactly where they need to go and hone themThere’s a lot of support out there.  

I want you to tell us where do you go next? At the end of the day, we’re all at zero at this moment. We’re all trying to get to 10, to 50 and to 100 levels. It’s 2021, it’s a shit show in the world. There are all these things happening. You’re starting from ground zero, I’m starting from ground zero. What are you doing next? Where are you going? What is your mindset, so people can grasp it and get rolling with their life? 

My mindset is always set 5 to 10 years from now. I did it in 2015 and I redid it. I have the piece of paper right in front of me. I keep both in front of me constantly. I write myself a love letter five years from now, “You’ve achieved this. Congrats. I go ahead and put it on paper of, “These are the things you currently have because of what I’m going to do for you for the next five years. I write to myself. When I did it the first time, I felt like an idiot. I was like, “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. When I realized, as we’re turning the clock into 2021, I looked at it and I was like, I’ve destroyed all of these things. I have annihilated, every single one of these things I said I was going to do. I wrote it in bulletpoint format goal-wise. I’m addicted to growth. That’s what my mindset is. It’s growth and impact. I believe growth comes and it’s not gradual. There’s a point where you hit the ceiling enough and it finally breaks, and you shoot up to seven levels. 

You see all the stuff in the sky and how much opportunity there is. 

You then hit the next ceiling and I get addicted to breaking that one. It’s not step-by-step. It’s like, Now you’re seeing more.” Clubhouse is a great example. It went like, Here’s your live phone call on Zoom with Grant Cardone. One of my things on my list, and I’m not going to get to woo-woo, I believe the universe gives you what you prepare. I fully believe the energy you put out is the energy you receive. I fully believe that the energy that you create within yourself comes back to you and the universe gives you what you’re prepared for. I fully well had things in my life that I was like, I’m going to create this. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but it’s going to happen. I’m going to cash this check I wrote myself for $100,000 before my birthday when I’m 26,” and I did. NowI have a new one. When I wrote that check, I didn’t know how I was paying my electric bill. 

I was like, Jim Carrey, Oprah, I’m listening to you. You did it, you’re doing okay, so I’m going to listen. Now I have another absorbent check that when I’m writing it, I’m like, “This is dumb, but I’m writing it exactly the same as I wrote the first one, I’m going to do that.” My wife looked at me and she heard me say that out loud. She’s like, “Don’t you think it should be bigger if you’re excited about it?” I was like, You’re absolutely right.”  

I have another one that I write to myself, and this is the first time I’m doing this, where it’s my three promises to my life. This comes from Mindvalley. If you are unfamiliar with Mindvalley, it’s a company whose only job is self-growth and self-development. They fully believe in you’re preparing yourself for what you want. The perfect example is the love letter I wrote to myself, I said, I’m going to be on stage with Tom Ferry.” He’s an amazing real estate coach. He’s the number one on the planet. Now, I’m a personal friend with him. He’s showcased my videos 3 or 4 times and I’ve been on stage with him virtually. I’m looking forward to when COVID is done so it can be physically. I said, I’m going to interview Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone. All three have happened this 2020. It went from, I’m running up on the last year of this letter, guess it’s not going to happen. It’s exponential and it happens.  

I love this sheet right here because Mindvalley believes in the three questions you need to ask yourself, “What are the experiences you want to have in your life? What is the growth you want to see in your life? What are the contributions you want to make in your life? You get 90 seconds to write down each in bullet point format. He gives you 90 seconds because he wants to be top of mind, go and keep the pen moving. You have a blueprint for your life and you can do this in the form of what you want to do next 5 or 15 years. I did my whole life. They’re pretty huge. It gives you a barometer because many people are like, I want more money. Tony Robbins said, “Here’s a dollar, you win. You’ve got to set numbers, you’ve got to set direct goals like, “I want to be more successful. Here’s a raise. Are you happy? I want to lift more. Your max is up 2 pounds.  

Don’t focus on getting to the end. Focus on getting to the next checkpoint. Click To Tweet

You’ve got to set specific goals and tell the universe, “This is what I want. Prepare me for it.” You’ll find, whether you believe in the science of it, the universe, the psychology of it, even your brain is now going to start looking for opportunities, both consciously and subconsciously. You have the amygdala in your brain, which starts subconsciously hearing things that you don’t even normally hear. For instance, if I hear someone in a bar that is loud as hell, and someone says, “List my house.” My head’s going to go directly to that person. I’m like, I heard you.” It’s like when you buy that new car, you’re like, I didn’t realize everyone had a Jeep.” You start to see it now because the amygdala keeps you from losing your mind. It keeps you from noticing everything and focuses you on what you need to focus on. If you’re constantly telling yourself and writing it down, you’re telling it what to look for. You’re telling your GPS where to go. You can’t just get in the car and drive. You’ve got to know where you’re going. That’s what I would tell people. That’s what I’m focused on is getting to my next checkpoint. I’m not focused on getting to the end. I’m focused on my next checkpoint. 

love that, ZachIt’s straight fire and gems. This is rock star shitIf you’re reading and you’re still here, you’re here for a reason because you want to take the next step in your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship and business. Maybe you want to follow him, become the next TikTok star, or whatever the hell it is, get clear with yourself and start creating goals in your life and start backtracking from those goals. There are many ways that you can make something happen. There are many paths. I’ll give you an example. Iyou live in Denver and you want to go to Arvada, which is a little city outside of Denver, there are many different ways to get there, many different paths. Take one and get rolling and stay consistent with it. Zach, where can people find you? 

I’m @ZacharyLoft on Instagram and TikTokIf you’re on Clubhouse, I’m talking about social media on a daily. You can find me, Zachary Loft, on Clubhouse. 

Zach, thank you so much for joining us. If you are out there, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to lifeFollow me on Instagram and ask me any questions you want, @TheBMeyers. We’ll see you next time. Peace. 

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