Episode 103: Terminal Cancer To Multi 6-Figure Business Owner With Logan Sneed

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Episode 103: Terminal Cancer To Multi 6-Figure Business Owner With Logan Sneed

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CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset


Despite the world constantly looking for instant and fast-tracked results, real success can only be achieved through a tedious yet meaningful process. Therefore, the best entrepreneurial mindset must involve persistence, patience, and resilience. Brendan Meyers brings in Logan Sneed from Fitpreneur Academy to share his inspiring story of recovering from a severe brain tumor, learning about the ketogenic diet, and helping people build their own fitness businesses. He explains how the best business partnerships take time to find a solid foundation and block your ego from getting in the way of your success. Logan also explains why entrepreneurs must concentrate on just a small audience that offers high returns and how important it is to provide solutions than merely selling.

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Terminal Cancer To Multi 6-Figure Business Owner With Logan Sneed

I am here with a special guest, my good friend, Logan Sneed. He’s the author of Thank You, Cancer. He’s an influencer and entrepreneur. He owns a company called Fitpreneur Academy. This is big time. This is deep. He survived brain cancer and is now thriving. I’ve met him and I’ve known him for quite some time. He’s an inspiration. When I say you want to buckle up for this one, grab a friend, grab your mom, grab your dad. If you’re in a place where you feel a little lost or you’re having a lot of anxiety, you’re faced with a lot of fears, I’m telling you, buckle up. Let’s get into it. Logan, say what’s up.

What’s going on? How are you? I’m super excited to be on here. I’ve been reading your blog. I’ve been missing it. I’m excited that it’s back.

It’s time. Let’s not even talk about me. I’m more intrigued about you. I appreciate you tuning into the show. I want to get into your journey. How you’ve been able to develop multiple six-figure businesses, go from no falling to defeating and slapping cancer in the face. Overcoming so much, bringing all of these fears and turning them into successes. Where does it begin? Give me some background on you.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Many influencers have a ton of followers but cannot make that much money because they don’t know how to build a business.


There’s a whole story put together but the real question of when did this all began as far as my new life being created, started when somebody told me that I’d be dead soon. It’s one of those things. The doctor told me, “You have 1 to 10 years left to live. I’m sorry to tell you that.” When you hear that from somebody that you “look up to,” trust and believe in, what else are you supposed to do? That’s like your mentor or somebody who is teaching you, guiding you. When I heard that, it was either I listened to that or I go figure it out. It was a life or death situation. I decided to go and change my own life.

You’re telling me out of nowhere that doctor says to you. You talk about this like it’s just another day in the life of Logan. Come on. Express a little bit of what was going through your mind. I read your book. It goes into how thrown off you were and how lost you were but also how motivated you were. You said, “Cancer has got nothing on me. It doesn’t matter if he says I’m terminal or not. I’m good.” You are cancer-free for how long now?

That’s one of those things. It’s hard to know because the doctor, one of the most important and most difficult jobs in the world, she’s like, “We don’t know if you’re cancer-free because it’s too microscopical in the brain to dissect and see if you’re cancer-free but there’s no tumor there.” I’m like, “You’re telling me this but then you’re saying that.” It’s almost like there’s no definite answer. My belief is I’m 100% cancer-free. They removed the full tumor and it’s been almost five years. It’s been a journey.

Explain this to me. You had surgery but they also said that it grows quickly. When it grows back, it’s even stronger than before. What was your approach with all of this? What has carried you to where you are with all the people that you train and the clients? I know you teach people how to build their fitness businesses. What is this mindset that you’ve created?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. I wanted that ever since high school. It’s funny you’re on here. I’ve watched your stuff before I started my business. You were one of the first ones I watched on YouTube and I was like, “I see he’s doing his own thing. He’s not working for somebody. That’s exactly what I want to do. However I do it, I want to do that.” That’s what I always wanted. That’s when the whole tumor situation popped up. I was like, “We’re taking me working for somebody, having my own boss. We’re going to take it for somebody telling me that I’ll be dead soon.” I always hated it. I never wanted to work for somebody. That was my goal.

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When I realized somebody’s going to tell me how to live my life and what was going to happen, that pissed me off. Because it made me so mad, I was like, “Screw that, I’m going to show her and them what I can freaking do. They may be smart, some of the most difficult jobs in the world and I get that but there’s something more. There’s something that can be done.” I truly believe that there’s a solution to every problem. A lot of people don’t necessarily believe that. They think, “You can’t solve everything.” I think you can. When I thought that there is something, I had to go find it. Ever since then, it’s genuinely changed my life because I’ve always had the mindset that is persistent. I will go achieve what I need to achieve no matter what, when or how it’s done. I will do that even if it means I saved my own life. It built up when she said that. I’m not trying to prove her wrong. I’m trying to prove myself wrong of like, “You’re going to overcome it by not believing in her but believing in yourself.”

I feel a lot of us give up. The second we get bad news, it’s out the window. You had those thoughts too. You get challenged with that shit. It’s not like we are any different humans than other humans. This is an example with social media. I feel as though many of us can relate to this. People try and find success on YouTube. How do I become a content creator on YouTube? Do you want to beat out the 99%? Just stay consistent.

“The successful warrior is an average man with laser-like focus.” It’s my number one favorite quote. It’s simple as that. I was an A, B student. I wasn’t valedictorian or anything.

This reminds me of my quote that I’ve lived by my entire life, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Regardless of the situation, the challenges and the other thing is warrior spirit. I have that tattooed. It’s unique. It doesn’t matter if you get stabbed in the heart. If you are in a battle and the challenges are too strong, you never fall backwards. You always fall forward. It’s that warrior spirit. I feel like that’s your life motto the way that you fucking smashed through things. It’s so inspirational. Let’s change the pace on this a little bit. This hits you out of nowhere. You’re trying to figure things out. You went into the keto diet. That’s where you attribute a lot of your survival from. You’re still keto. What made that pivot to become an author? What made that pivot in your life to push for something greater like a business and expressing your story? What got you to that point?

I was motivated by somebody telling me that I’ll be dead soon. I was like, “It’s not going to freaking happen.” They’re not going to tell me how my life is going to go. It’s the number one thing that has pissed me off in a good way. I’m glad she said that because it made me figure something out. I’m here downtown. Right down here, I went paddleboarding on the river. It was with one of my mentors. He was like, “How is everything going? I know it’s a hard time.” “I don’t even know what to do. Apparently, I’m going to be dead soon. She said you can’t do anything. I don’t know what to do.” He’s like, “Have you heard of this ketogenic diet?” I was like, “No, what’s that?” He told me about it. This was when nobody knew even what keto was. This was before it was even theoretically born.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: If humans can find the easiest route to get to where they want to go, that’s where they are going to be attracted to.


That night I went home and I started researching what this was. I stayed up until 3:00 AM. I saw that you could potentially build some lean muscle and lose some body fat. There’s research on brain tumors, shrinking tumors and even preventing regrowth. It provides fuel for the brain, all these things. I was like, “I don’t know if this thing is going to work. I don’t even know if I’m going to do it but I’ll try it because I got no other option.” I did it that next day. I never second-guessed it. I never was in that mindset of, “What if it doesn’t work? Maybe it’s not for me.” I had to make it for myself. It genuinely did work. I lost 30, 40 pounds. People were like, “What the heck is he doing? You’re in chemo and radiation. How are you seeing those results?”

It snowballed. I’m getting one million questions on here. I was like, “Why don’t I start my own business to show them how to see these results?” I did that. I can’t say it was a walk in the park because nothing really is, but it started growing quickly. I was at the point in college where I was going through chemo, I was going through radiation and then this thing started to snowball. I was like, “I think we’re getting closer and closer. This is my dream to drop out, do this for a living and that’s it.” It got to that point. There are more variables in there but it got to that point that I did that. That’s how the rest became history in this stuff.

I still check in with what you’re doing consistently. I watch what you’re doing. You’re teaching other people how to build their businesses, to overcome their fears and to understand what a pivot looks in your life. I love it. At the end of the day, the majority of our success comes from continuing.

I was watching your stuff. I forget how long back that was. I saw your story. I was following you through this whole thing. I saw how you were progressing. I was like, “If he can do it, I can do it.” It’s almost like the thing where it’s like you can follow somebody’s footsteps but you got to realize what it takes to get to that level. You got to be willing to do that. When I saw what you were doing and all those things, I’ve always watched your stuff, I was like, “I’m not going to do the same thing but I’m going to progress in that direction to be like him.” Your story is powerful. It has been awesome.

I appreciate that. I never discount anyone’s story either. You had brain cancer. Someone else had leukemia. Someone else tore every single piece of tendons and ligaments in their knee, ankle and hip in a car accident. Someone else was sexually abused when they were growing up. Another person went through injuries. They lost everything like myself. We can’t discount each other’s hard times. If you’re reading what Logan is saying, don’t discount because you feel like you haven’t had it as bad or you haven’t had it as hard. If you feel like you’ve had it as bad, if you feel like you’ve had it as hard, if you want to build a business, you want to be a social media influencer, if you want to teach other people and if you want to give back, you can.

Logan is doing that with people. He’s shown you that you can do it. I love what you have behind you. Success is not a straight line. You don’t just reach it. Consistency is like that. Consistency is the only thing that is a straight line. If you can stay consistent, the rest of the stuff is going to be wonky. It’s going to be crazy trying to get to that success but you’re going to get there. Don’t discount yourself. That’s one of those paths. The second you start discounting yourself, other things leave from it. You can attest to that with all of your clients and the people that you work with. Once you start thinking negatively with your clients, what happens when they start thinking negatively?

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It’s their first test. You got the option. You can have excuses or you can have results but you can’t have both. Which one do you want? One person is like, “I can’t. I don’t have time.” You chose excuses or you’ll make it happen. You make it work. Not hope it works or if it works but when it works, when you make a decision to make it work. You put that together. You can have excuses, you can have results but you can’t have both.

That word ‘when’ might be my next tattoo. Getting a little ‘when’ on me, “When it happens.” That’s the reality of this work and growing anything. I feel that this leap that people want to take is so much closer. The gap is so much narrower than we think.

Jeff Bezos has a quote, “It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.” Think about it. If, God forbid, you chopped your finger cutting up some watermelon or something, do you think that you would make it work, you go to the hospital and you’re gushing blood or would you say, “I don’t have time, I’ve got to do some of this stuff over here?” You’d be like, “I’ve got to go to the freaking hospital.” It’s not if, it’s when. That’s the thing. You’re not experimenting like, “Let me see if I can get there to the hospital. Let me see if I can figure out if I have time.” No. You have time for it.

You’re spinning a lot of facts. I like these facts. Your business, what do you do?

I coach people in helping them build their own online fitness business. It’s how to create, build and grow, how to become an influencer, how to monetize it, how to scale and do these things for a living that you and I are doing.

Let’s understand that. Let’s crack the egg a little bit on that and find out what’s in this yolk. When you say you teach them how to be an influencer, does that mean 100,000 followers or does it mean being an influence to your community?

$100,000. The goal is to help them grow their bank account not necessarily their follower count. You and I both know that there are people who were like, “They got 1 million or 500,000. They must be wealthy,” when in reality it’s not the case. Honestly, I don’t have a ton of followers. You and I both know that there are guys who have way more followers than you and I but we make ten times more money because we know how to build a business. There’s a difference between that. I’ll show them how to do Instagram stuff and grow it but the goal is to build an actual business.

Where do you start with that? If someone’s trying to build their business for the first time who is reading this, what do they do to get started? Are there tools? Is there an organization? What type of organization? Is there a specific piece of software? They can reach out to you after this to help pull their business but what’s there?

Anybody who’s trying to build a business, write this sentence down. “I help blank achieve blank by doing blank.” There are a million different things you can write out. I’ll give you an example. “I help 40-year-old men achieve 20 pounds of body fat loss by eating two meals a day.” There you go. You became a specialist and not a generalist. Ninety-nine percent of coaches out there whether it’s fitness, nutrition, anything, they’re all seen as a generalist. They can’t get leads. They can’t get anyone signing up at a high-ticket price. They don’t know where to find the people. They’re running in circles. If you’re seen as a specialist, you’re targeting a smaller audience but your demand for what you’re offering is way higher. Because of that you can charge higher. That’s what makes it easier for them to scale while not having one million followers.

It’s structuring your first sentence of your business and fine-tuning your message, second, and then start connecting is third. If you don’t know what to plug, then how can you get any electricity?

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Focusing on one million goals at once will most probably result in you being distracted.


Once you identify who you’re targeting, what your specialty is and the problem you’re solving, you know what content, you know what you want to offer, you know who to target, you know how to sell, all those things. If you solve one big problem, then it solves a lot of the others put together. With your brand, CreateU, that’s about helping these people create the best version of themselves. You’re solving that problem of how to become the new you. You’re not solving the problem of like, “Become the most swole person there is.” This what makes yours different. This is where you can create you at different angles of physical results, mental results, emotional, financial or whatever that is because it’s creating you. That’s what makes your brand different because it has its specialty. It’s not just this supplement company. It has a specific direction.

With a lot of clients that come in the door, what’s one of the biggest mistakes that you see them making consistently?

The first one is people want results fast. As humans, you and I both know if we can find the easiest route to get to where we want to go, that’s where we’re going to be attracted to. The question is why do people buy supplements more than they buy fitness programs? It’s because this one’s a lot easier than this one. By swallowing a pill and they lose fat, of course they want that one more. When people are starting an online business, they’re like, “I want to make $10,000 in one week.” “Here’s what we got to do to get to $10,000. It won’t take a week. It will take longer.” A lot of people can run into the mistake of not being persistent. I think that’s the biggest thing in anything in life, business, fitness or whatever it is.

Persistency is key because they don’t realize in their mind that there will be roadblocks. It’s going to happen no matter what you’re doing but it comes down to who’s willing to endure that and who’s willing to persist. That’s the biggest mistake. I think anything is being persistent and holding themselves to it. A lot of people want this accountability partner. They want somebody holding their hand and propping them up on the hill. They are worshiping them. Things are coming to you and they need to switch it to like, “I’ve got to hold myself accountable. I have to see my own results because nobody is responsible for my success besides me. No one else is.” You fix those problems there. The one-percenters, those people who don’t have that, succeed in life no matter what.

How often do you see people’s ego getting in the way of their success?

It depends on who we’re talking about. If we’re talking about guys like what you and I do, it’s often. There are a lot of egos out there as far as what you and I do. As far as people starting their online fitness business, I genuinely have not worked with somebody who their ego has gotten in the way but I have talked to a lot of people who their ego’s in the way to take up an opportunity. They think like, “I already make $10,000 a month being a personal trainer. I don’t know if I want to do this online thing.” They’re too stuck up. They’re too held tight to pursue an opportunity that’s right there in front of them. That’s what can pop up a lot.

To me personally, I look at ego to be a little bit deeper than just like, “I’m already doing it.” I look at it from this example. I’m doing a show about being humble and some of the steps that create success in the end. Ego pops up for us in so many different ways. The ego is like our skin. It protects our insides. We want to make sure our skin looks good. We want to make sure it’s glowing. We don’t show any little scars and blemishes. I love comparing ego and skin. Where I look at it is in a specific situation, is your ego getting in the way from you seeing and hearing the other person, even if you and I are conversing.

Let’s say, I’m selling you our Greens. You’re giving me all these excuses why all the Greens aren’t right for you. It’s going to take one last try, getting vulnerable, relating to you to buy the Greens and I don’t do it, it’s essentially my ego saying, “Don’t go there. Don’t get too vulnerable. That doesn’t make any sense because you’re way stronger than that. Don’t get down to that level. That’s not going to prove anything.” That’s what more so I was talking about from the ego standpoint is how many people get in their own way of building their clientele, getting more members under them or making more money per month from that perspective?

It’s an open mind. A lot of people can have a close mind or an open mind. Let’s say that you believe in 100% vegan diet and somebody says, “It doesn’t work. I hate that thing.” “Have you done it?” “No, but I hate it.” “Why do you hate it?” “I don’t know. I don’t like eating the veggies.” “Why is it that you don’t like to eat the veggies?” “I love the meat.” “You don’t know what you’re saying that you think you know. Let me show you. If you want to know something, you got to do something. I know what you’re talking about.”

There will be roadblocks. It will happen no matter what, but it comes down to those willing to endure them. Click To Tweet

That reminds me of money. People are trying to make money. They’re like, “I want to make $20,000 a month.” “Have you made $500 a month yet?” There’s a ladder to success. What are we forgetting about as humans? We think that because of society, now we see all the success, Lamborghini, Ferrari, “beautiful relationships,” all the awesome things and technology. “Humans have done this. I deserve that. I’m entitled.” Why would I need to be making $200 a month to start? I need $20,000.” Do you know how long it takes to make $20,000 a month? It takes a long fucking time. By the way, let me say $20,000 a month is a lot of money. I don’t care who is fucking talking or what millionaire is out there or billionaires. I don’t care. What can you do with $20,000 a month, Logan?

You’d have to go get a $10,000 a month place in New York City. I have kids and taxed a ton. That’s what she made me do but even then, I don’t know who does that. You still can’t even use all that.

We have slithered through all these weeds and shit with getting to success. What do you recommend to people for an organization? “I’m working and I want to be an influencer. I want to build my fitness business but I can’t figure out the organization. I suck at organizing.” By the way, let me say this. Anybody that says, “I suck at,” that’s what your reality is going to be. Can we agree on that?

Yes. That’s basically saying like, “I won’t succeed. I didn’t succeed.”

You set yourself up for getting slapped in the face by reality. What would you say for an organization? What are some tactics or strategies that you can give?

To keep it simple, go to BestSelf.co. I don’t have a code or anything. I’m not affiliated with them but I bought four of their journals. The way it works is it’s a 90-day challenge. You go in there, you write this goal, “I will achieve blank by this date.” Let’s say, it’s somebody who wanted to hit $20,000 a month, “I will make $20,000 a month at the end of these 90 days.” What you’re going to do is you’re going to go in, you’re going to track your day, you’ll organize exactly what you’re going to do in that day to get closer to that. You’re going to write down three things that you’re grateful for to start the day. You’ll write down what your goal is. You have a quote of the day that you read. It gets you sparked up. After that, you put three most important tasks of the day. That’s my answer. I’ll explain more about that. You put those three tasks and then that’s when you execute. At the end of the day, you come back and write about this summary of how the day went, good things that happened, maybe not so good things and then three things you’re grateful for.

You put that all together. You do it every 90 days. It keeps it simple because a lot of people I see try and achieve one goal but then they got one million different goals all linked to it so they get distracted. At 90 days they’re like, “I fell off of that.” That’s why when you have one big goal and then little tasks in there linked to that, that’s what makes it phenomenal. My recommendation is to find the three most important tasks of the day. I don’t care if you’re doing a new business or another business. The three tasks are key. They don’t need to be different tasks every day. A lot of entrepreneurs think like, “I don’t want to do the same thing I did. I got to do something different.” That’s what entrepreneurs do. That’s not the case. We do literally the same thing every single day for years to get closer and closer. That’s what I would say, the three most important tasks.

Go check it out. I’m telling you, Logan knows what he’s talking about. He’s successful. He’s doing his thing. I want to add two things to that quick. One, the fast path to success in any way, financially, physically, mentally, emotionally or whatever it is, I don’t believe in it. I don’t believe in the fast path as you talked about here on this show. Success comes from discipline and consistency. Generally, the average person is going to find success from a slow process like learning, experience and taking the time. Sometimes at the end of the day, we almost run on a treadmill and we’re never getting anywhere. We’re like, “Let me go over here. Let me focus on this. This is boring. I need to do this. This isn’t working. Let me change it.” We haven’t even given it time. We’re running on this treadmill. We’re like little hamsters. It’s like the same thing over and over again. I experienced that. Have you ever experienced that?

Yes. That’s the thing, either you can be a rat running on a wheel like this and then you’re going nowhere or you can be the rat who’s going through the maze and has to find a way to get out or else he’s not getting out. That’s the difference right there. If persistency was not something that people don’t have that makes sense, then everyone would be successful. People can’t realize that. They hate accepting that. You’re exactly right. You can either be the rat running in a wheel or the rat going through the maze. It’s one or the other.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

There’s a book called Who Moved My Cheese? It has something to do with it the same thing that we’re talking about, good concepts. Also, The Four Agreements. I always say, go read that book. Awaken the Giant Within, I love that. Grant Cardone’s 10X is monstrous. Do you have any book recommendations?

On that topic, I would say The ONE Thing is one of those.

I read that book. Focus on one thing and be the best at that. Do your best and apply The Four Agreements to that. The Four Agreements is all about what words you’re putting into the universe. Be impeccable with your words and your actions. Everything that is aligning in your life, it’s created from within your mind and in your actions. Don’t forget about yourself in all of this. Take care of your body. Take care of your mind. Use positive affirmations, journal, do all this stuff. The second part that I wanted to bring up that I didn’t mention is I was talking to someone who is going to be signing up for some coaching with a registered dietician under me and a trainer. He comes up to me. This is how the conversation started. He’s like, “I want to be 190 pounds.” He’s 260 or something.

I was thinking about Nugenix, “What do you think about Nugenix? Do you want to be 190 pounds?” He’s like, “Yes, really bad. I want to get there as quickly as possible.” I said, “I could say go buy these products. I could sell you a coaching plan and gouge a lot of money out of you. I could do all of these different things but at the end of the day, if you’re not starting somewhere and you’re not being progressive with this over a long period of time, you will fail again. You will be 250, 260 pounds again. There’s no fast path to your 190 pounds. You will look great at 230 pounds. That’s another reality that you have to come to is that 190 pounds may not be your perfect-looking set. It may not be sustainable for you. How do you create that sustainability? It’s timing. Start somewhere. Send me your address. I’m going to send you some Greens. Start with a Greens product, one scoop a day. Get rolling with that. Start drinking a little bit more water. Get your first workout and then turn it into two workouts a week. This is something you have to sustain for the rest of your life.” He’s like, “You’re right.”

After all of that, he’s like, “I want to work with you. What do you offer? Do you do personal training? I’ll pay whatever.” I’m like, “I do personal training once in a while because I love it. You get to work with people one-on-one.” You know that side of things. “I charge $120 an hour.” He’s like, “I don’t care what you charge. Let’s do it.” When you think about it, I didn’t offer him anything. I just put the connection. I built the relationship. This comes back to our selling. I’m sure you teach this as well. Build connections with people, get raw and vulnerable. Tell us about that a little bit, Logan. I feel a lot of business owners whether you’re a small, micro-business owner or scaling, forget about the connection and the relationship aspects. What can you touch on about relationships in business?

Here’s how I see it. You just solved the problem but you didn’t sell. There’s a difference between there. A lot of people are afraid to go into sales. “I don’t want to be annoying. I don’t want to be a salesman or a car dealership guy.” I’m like, “I know. I don’t either. I’m not here to sell anything. I’m here to solve something. I see the problem that you’re experiencing and I have the solution for that. Do you want to hear about this solution? It’s not about the sale but do you want to hear about the solution?” “Yes, I do.” “Here’s the solution to the problem. Do you want this solution?” “I want that solution.”

That’s what people need to do and that’s what you did rather than, “I’m the number one trainer in the world. I coach people and helping them burn fat or online business. My program works. Did you know that? It works. It’s freaking good.” That’s pushing. It’s like, “This is the best car. I’m going to give you a good car deal. It’s got great mileage and all these things,” rather than what the guy should say is, “What brings you in?” “I’m buying a new car. I’m ready for a new one.” “Tell me what is the one that you’re looking for.” “I’m looking for this.” You snowball. They sold themselves. You gave them a solution. That’s what makes it way easier and that’s the whole different stream. Here’s my belief. If you can master sales, you can be financially free for life because either A) You can work for any business you want or B) You can start your own business. You’re successful for life.

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I don’t know the business. I know relationships. Why the hell not? Selling shouldn’t come from ego. Selling should come from caring. Selling should come from believing and faith.

Why are people buying your supplements? Is it because it sucks or is it because it’s solving problems? It’s because it’s solving problems and people want that thing. They want it more and more. It’s not a quick fix pre-workout that they take once and then never look at it again. It’s sitting in their pantry in the bottom corner. This is something that they’ll love. If it’s solving the problems that they have, they want the solution over and over again, which is good. It’s what they need. That’s exactly what you’re doing with your CreateU and stuff.

This relates so much to mentorship when you’re hiring a coach. A lot of people are stuck at a specific number in their business and specific level of relationships, even in love. They’re not willing to strip down, build these relationships, getting vulnerable and allowing their ego to not take hold. You and I see it all the time where people hold themselves. There’s nothing else out there that is holding them back because we create our reality. We create our environment, everything.

Let me ask you this question. I think everyone has their own. What is the biggest struggle that you’ve had in your life of building your businesses, whether it’s persistency and patience? What is that one thing that you’ve struggled?

It’s patience. That’s it. I have it tatted behind my ear. I got it for a reason. I am in Colorado. Do you want to know why I’m in Colorado?

I saw you moved there.


What does Colorado bring as far as patience goes?

I have to be okay with being with myself alone. I have to be okay with not having family, not having a ton of friends, being in a place where people have 9:00 to 5:00s where they’re not going out. I can’t go outside and meet a ton of people every day during the day or during the week. In LA, I can do that anytime. In South Florida, I can do that anytime. Not as much, not even close to LA but at the same time, it was always, “Let me do this. Let me go over here.” I was at a hamster wheel my entire life. It gets exhausting. I got to the point where I said, “I cannot keep up this hard work for the rest of my life.” I wasn’t even tapping into smart work. It got to a point where I was working so hard that I was allowing my ego to hold me back in so many verticals of my life and my relationship with myself. That would affect my businesses.

Why do I need to know everything as a CEO? I don’t. If anything, I should be learning more than my media director, our creative director, our COO, our project managers, our designers and our copywriters. Honestly, for me because I’ve been learning patience, at the end of the day this is what it is, trusting the process. You know what I’ve always locked in my life? It’s trust. I can’t trust other people because I’ve always felt like they were not going to show up on the level that I’m going to show up. They weren’t going to work as hard as I was going to work. They weren’t going to do this because of X, Y and Z. I attribute that up until a few years ago. I’ve been in Colorado for years. You’re in Austin. For me, that word patience. I could sit on a stage or stand I could stand on stage and talk about patience all day.

I’ll go back to my story. Patience and trust are my two biggest things, 100%. I don’t live a stressful life. I’ll say that. I always have that mindset of I want more. It’s not that I need more to be happy. I want to be grateful but I never want to be satisfied. It’s a balance. That’s where patience comes in to be that medicine there to strike that balance. I’ve had to teach myself that. When I was 21, I dropped out of college. I was doing this business. I had a mentor of mine who was my life mentor all the way through high school and everything. He came to me as soon as I dropped down. He was like, “Let’s do this thing together. I’ll help you make this a million-dollar business. I was like, “Of course.” I was 21. That was my first week out of school living on my own. When he said that I was like, “Let’s do it.”

Stupid me, I didn’t know anything. We went and did all the legal documents and everything. He has his lawyer. I didn’t have a lawyer. I was like, “It all makes sense. It’s done. Bye.” We start this thing. Literally in the whole year, I talk with him once every three months. I only saw him maybe twice. He lives in the same city, which is absurd. He went to go live in South Africa for the whole year. He didn’t even know what was going on. At the end of this thing, I put in my blood, sweat and tears every single day here and he did nothing. He’s getting 40% of my entire business. This makes no sense here. I’m not sure if I understand this so I had to get rid of him. That made me realized that it’s going to be hard to find somebody who understands it. Long story short, I have a business partner. His name is Garvin. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve met the guy only once in person. I brought him on because during that time when I had this old business partner, he kept wanting to try and work something out and do something together. I kept telling him no 100 times. He came at me every single day for six months. He was giving me free things. I was like, “This guy has gotten paid $0. I’ve told him no every time but he still keeps going. He’s done more than what my business partner has done. Let me give this guy a shot.” I gave him a shot and it was the best decision I ever made. He created that trust by what he’s already done by making no money. Ever since then, we’ve been working together for a few years. We chatted every single day. He’s working. I’m working. It’s the same wavelength. We’ve had other people that we bring on. They come in and then bye. It’s that simple as because they’re not at the same level of doing the work. That’s the thing is patience and trust. It’s super hard to find and it takes time to build.

CUE 103 | Entrepreneurial Mindset
Entrepreneurial Mindset: If you can master sales, you will be financially free for life.


It was spot on and I love that because you had an experience that was salty. It created a lot of salt but you stayed open-minded and said, “Test somebody. Test people around me. Protect my energy. Do those types of things.” You still allowed something or someone to come in. I’ve been there, almost a similar situation where I’m grinding. The other person that’s with me is not meeting me. I have a partner. He meets me in so many different ways. He may not be as passionate about me. He may not want it as bad as I want it but he wants it just enough. His emotion is enough. I can trust him enough that it makes everything beautiful. It makes everything work. It makes the engine run. You want to try and search for someone in your life that is a Ferrari? What’s one of the best working cars? Hondas are amazing cars or Toyota. Do you want to find something that you know is going to be there for the next years and is going to get you where you need to be?

It’s that patience process. I’ll say this. Me and my business partner have no legal binding. It is shake of a hand. We’ve met one time. People say it’s stupid, which I don’t disagree. You and I both know that when you find somebody that you believe deep down that you can trust like that, you’d be willing to take it to that level.

Logan, I have that. One of my partners is a handshake.

I could not pay him at the end of the month. You could get $0 or I could wake up tomorrow and the whole business is gone. We both have a gun to each other’s head. We don’t want to pull it. We want to keep it there and that’s it.

With that being said, I want to come to a close. I think we brought this together with these words trust and patience. It’s associated with the beginning of the story too when you were diagnosed with terminal cancer. It went from terminal cancer to patience and trust that you were going to beat it to developing your own businesses. Failing along the way with different partners and the things that you were dealt with but surpassing all of it because of your consistency, your hard work, you’re trusting the process, you’re open-minded and you’re willing. Because you developed a relationship with yourself and relationship with everyone around you, you’ve done it. Now, you’re helping people do it for themselves. I hope that if you’re looking to build your fitness business, you reach out to Logan. Holler at him. I know he helps a lot of different coaches. We have a software that will work perfect with you, Logan.

I’ve been eyeballing that. That’s awesome.

We’ll talk about it because I think a lot of your coaches can utilize it. It’s badass and powerful software for any personal trainers, any coaches, any brands in the fitness industry, everything and everyone to automate a lot of processes but also bring an experience to a lot. I don’t want to say too much on this. Where can they find you? Give us your website so they can reach out to you and your Instagram so they can find you.

Look up @LoganSneed_ on Instagram and then FitPreneurAcademy.com. That’s the site. If you go to my Instagram, you’ll find everything else there. Keep it simple and easy.

Send him a DM. Reach out to him, learn a little bit more. He has a ton of resources that you can utilize to help your business, build your business, scale your business, start your business, do everything in between, also become one with yourself and take the next step with that regard. Logan, I appreciate you so much. Thanks for coming on here. If you are new here to the show, please do give us a review. If you enjoyed this episode, if you enjoyed the other parts of our CreateU Experience, we’d love to hear from you. We also have our CreateU Gym. Do not miss out on that. It’s in Denver, Colorado. We have software. We offer a lot of cool things. Logan is your man for building your fitness business. If you need an agency, if you need software, if you need shit supplements, nutritional products, things that are high quality, holler at me at any point in time on Instagram, @TheBMeyers. Send me a message at CreateU and we can start the conversation. Logan, are you on Clubhouse?

My business partner sent it to me. I’m like, “I’ve seen this thing.” I get on there, a client of mine starts talking. I’m like, “What the hell is going on here? Is he recording?” He’s like, “Logan, can you hear me?” I’m like, “What the hell is this?” I’m on there.

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We’ll definitely host the room sometime. If you’re new to this show or you’ve never even heard of Clubhouse or anything, I’ve talked about it in the past, Clubhouse is an application. It’s only for iOS, then they may be moving to Android. It’s a virtual mastermind consistently. It’s like a podcast feel. It’s a place where you can learn, ask questions but also sit in on stage, talk on panels, talk about anything under the sun. If you want to talk about hand mittens, you can. If you want to talk about refrigerators, you can. If you want to talk about politics, you can. If you want to talk about how to build your business to six figures in the fitness industry, you can. All this stuff is possible. Go on Clubhouse. You can follow me, @BrendanMeyers. I’m sure you could look up Logan Sneed. You will find him and follow him there as well.

Thanks so much for tuning in to the show. Remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to light. That is our tagline. We live and breathe through that every single day, our team and everyone. Logan, we all appreciate you. Believe in yourself. Keep pushing for something greater. You’ve got this success. It may be hard to get to, but be that 1%. Be consistent and get started. We’ll see you next time. Peace.

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