Episode 104: Slow The F* Down With Tyler Holt

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Episode 104: Slow The F* Down With Tyler Holt

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CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing Patience


In your self-development journey, as well as in your business and dealing with other people, developing patience is always the key. It’s allowing things to blossom in the way that they’re going to bloom. Too often, people want instant gratification. They want things right NOW. However, many things can’t be rushed, and not everything will go exactly how you want in the timeframe that you want all the time. On today’s show, Brendan Meyers brings on business owner Tyler Holt to talk about the merits of having patience, slowing down, and going with the flow of your business. Tyler also talks about how patience correlates with the success of your business, relationships, and where you want to go in life. 

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Slow The F* Down With Tyler Holt 

I’m chilling on the couch with my manTyler HoltI’m excited to have him on here. Ianother episode, we’re going to dive into his story, get deep, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life, as the motto is here for the showFor this episode, I want to dive deep into patience. Talk about what patience is correlated with, whether that’s communication, whether that’s your businesses, whether that’s your relationships or whatever it is, even with yourself and where you’re trying to go in your life, your vision. I want to dive into that. Tyler, introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do? Talk to us. 

I’m Tyler Holt. I’m an entrepreneurbusiness owner here in Colorado. I started off in the bodybuilding fitness industry years ago. That developed into opening up my gym and getting into other businesses. Patience is so key with self-development, learning yourself, developing yourself, your business and the people under your business. There’s a ton that goes into that. It’s a great topic. Let’s dive into it. 

For me, I have patience tatted behind my ear. I’ve talked about patience plenty of times on the show. For me, it’s all about allowing things to blossom in the way that they’re going to blossom. I don’t know if you’ve experienced thisbut many times, we try and go against the grain, which doesn’t make any sense. It’s like, “Why not just go with the flow of your business? Why not go with the flow of your influence and what you’ve created? As a personal trainer, it evolves in its own way. Now, you have a gym and things like that. What would you say about that going against the grain? Do you have any examples of where you try to go against the grain and it didn’t work out for you? 

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I don’t think I have an example of that because I lived just like how you explained. I go with the flow. Years ago, I didn’t know that I was going to own a gym. I didn’t know I was going to be some influencer. I didn’t know any of this was going to happen to me. It was all a snowball effect from one to another. One thing happened. I was so skinny when I was younger. I went into the gym. I wanted to be big. I hated being skinny. I was bullied and all that story. I’m like, “I want to be bigger. I got into the gym. I got a trainer. I got bigger. That led to me competing, getting my pro card and developing my personal training brand. 

I opened up a gym and became this influencer. I was doing my thing. I earned that it was motivating other people. That led to all these other opportunities. I went with the flow and allowed whatever was going to happen, went with it and trusted myself. There are not a lot of things and I can’t think of anything off the top of my head where I tried to go against the grain and say, “No, I’m going to do this. I don’t think that works like you said. 

Where did you learn that from? Where did you learn that patience is a virtue? It’s something that we need to embrace and follow through with? 

I would say going against the grain and being impatient are two different things. Patience is a thing I’ve had to learn. Still to this day, I would never say that I’m an extremely patient person. I learned that not everything is going to go exactly how I want in the timeframe I want all the time, especially when you’re in the process of building the gym. It’s the shipment of equipment. There are so many out of control pieces that you have to learn that you can’t control 100% of things 100% of the time. If you let all those things affect you personally, you’re going to be in a negative mindset all the time. If you’re too stressedit goes onto your employer, employees, your business partners or whoever you’re working with, whoever you’re dealing with on a daily basis, your family and your relationship. If you let all these things that are out of your controlcontrol you, then you yourself are going to be out of control. 

As you were able to develop your businesses and you started getting into investments, you have to be patient with investments. Talk about that a little bit. With investments, even if you’re putting $10, $100 or $1,000 into something, what do you have to embrace? 

It took me a whilejust made some big investmentsI was never a big investor. I was one of those people who would rather see this chunk of money sitting in my account doing nothing than embracing, letting it go and letting it do more for me in the future. Speaking for myself and for a lot of people out there, looking way far ahead into the future is a hard thing and that has to do with patienceUnderstanding what you want your end goal to be on that and letting it happen. You make an investment into something. You don’t expect your ROI right away. You don’t expect to make a ton of money right away. You have to let it flow. You have to let it develop. 

What this brings up in my mind is the difference and I want to shift a little bit between letting it be and letting it go. I think a lot of people associate both with the same thing. I’ll give you an example. I’ve been in a lot of different relationships. I’ve been in love. There’s a point where you’re getting over something that is important but it’s not even about getting over something. It’s more so about being patient in the growth with that something, especially with investments. Letting it be with your business. Letting it be with your friendships or your relationships, everything around you is much different than letting it go. Letting it go is almost like, “It’s not in my life anymore. It’s not here. In reality, our experiences stay with us. The things that we go through, stay with us. It’s not some bullshit thing that we can let go of. What’s your experience of letting things be with your patience? 

You’re right. Letting things go would entail that is completely out of your life essentially. When you’re trying to be patient with things, letting it be would in fact be letting things develop as they’re going to because it is in your life. It is a factor. Whether it’s stagnant at the moment or whether it’s constantly changing, it is there. That be is there. I would say there’s not a lot of things in life that you can truly let go of based on your description of that. How many things do you let go of completely? If you end a relationship, that person doesn’t have to be in your life presently but their effect on your life huge is still there, whether that’d be something good or something bad. They were in your life for a period of time. They might have helped you develop into a better person or whatever it might be but you don’t let that person go because there will be a piece of them that is always with you, in you. I love the way you explain that. 

Continuing with stagnancy, you talked about being stagnant. Things happen, whether it’s business, whether it’s relationships where things may get a little stale for a second. Even sex life with your partner or your business may take a deep dive. It’s like the stock market. It’s like, “The stock is dropping crazy. I’m freaking out. Be patient in that because, with every down, there’s an up. Let’s talk about your gym for a second. Have you ever experienced that where you’re like“What do I need to do in this time period? Members aren’t coming in as much. They’re canceling.” How have you experienced this in your businesses? 

I think along with everybody in 2021, COVID is the perfect example of that. COVID happened. We had to shut our gym down. At that point, I had no idea. I had no clue. 

Was it like an oh shit moment? 

CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing Patience
Developing Patience: You can’t control 100% of things 100% of the time. If you let all those things affect you personally, you’re going to be in a negative mindset all the time.

Yes. I was like, “What are we going to do?” If you’re a business owner out there, if you’re an entrepreneur, the business does not go how you want it to go all the time. There’s always something. With COVID, it was one of those things. We were planning on expanding. We were looking at buildings and everything the year before COVID happened. We were planning our expansion of the gym. We were looking at buildings. Everything was going good. Our members were going up. We had good trainers. Clients are coming in. Everything seemed well. The unthinkable happened, which was COVID. Have you told anybody that your whole country is about to shut down? Good luck. Nobody wouldn’t fucking believe that. When that happened, I sat there. I remember there was one day when I sent my text out to all my trainers and the clients saying, “We have to shut down for the time being. I was like, “I’m going to give myself one day to be pissed, be upset, bitch about this and then I’m going to move forward. 

That’s a huge deal when you have to shut your business down completely for who knows how long or however long they said it was going to be at the beginning. I was like, “I’m going to absorb this for one day.” Another thing you learn with patience over the years is never to act at the moment out of emotion. Take it out. Let that shit go. It was one of those things. I was likeI’m not going to talk to anybody. I’m going to let myself feel all these things. Tomorrow we’re going to get back on the ground.” That’s exactly what we did. Wmade a game plan with what we could do for the time being. Surprisingly throughout the COVID and everything, we were able to get our expansion done. Profit-wise, it has been our best year we’ve ever had. Our gym is busier than ever. It’s taking things as they come. Let it be. 

It’s one of those things. You have to take the hits as they come. As I said earlier, there are so many things completely out of your control. No one can control a shutdown or anything that happened in 2021. The only thing you can control is what you’re going to do after that. As an entrepreneur, as a business owner, you have to adapt. You have to let things ride out. You do have to be patient and understand that not everything’s going to go according to plan all the timeever maybe. We couldn’t do anything about COVID. All we could do is game plan, change our direction and move forward. It ended up being our best year yet. 

There are two types of people. Those who get knocked off of their path and like“This is uncomfortable. What do I do? There are others that look at the situation differently and stay on the path. I believe that we’re all on course and we’re looking at the railroad tracks that are the path. I feel that our mindsets are what keep us focused. It’s the end goal. We’re always going to have things that are going to hit us off path. It’s going to feel like that. Many timeswe’re not even off path. We‘re generally still going down the same way that we need to go down. It’s the reality of life. Life is not something that‘s like a book. Read this book and then you’re good to go, relationships and everything. 

That’s why our minds think the way that they do. That’s why we have emotion. That’s why we have good days and bad days. That’s why we get tired. I feel like even with our gym, with this shit show that’s been happening, they lost the entire storefront for 1.5 months at a transfer facility. They went to the transfer facility. They’re like, “Where are the doors?” I’m like“How the hell did that happen?” I’m freaking out over here. I’m like“Come on. At the same time, I give myself a day and I allow myself to be patient with the situation. I say, “This could be a benefit to me.” How have you taken that approach where you’re looking at bad situations, negative situations as benefits? 

I think if you want to survive as a business owner and be successful, you have to look at negative situations in that way. You have to take every hit, every failure or whatever you want to call it. You have to look at it like“What’s the positive in this? Where are we going to benefit? How do we move forward with this? Not everything has to be bad. Something bad might happen but that doesn’t mean the whole situation is bad. We’ve dealt with those kinds of delays and all that stuff. Us looking for a building, for example, when we were trying to expand the gym, building after building. We looked at a lot but we had 2 or that we were super serious about. All three of them fell through for one reason or another. 

If you want to survive as a business owner and be successful, you have to look at the positive in the hits and the failure. Click To Tweet

It’s irritating as hell, especially when you spend so much time thinking this is that’s going to be the building. You start planning. You start creating your layout. You start doing all these things. You start doing all this stuff. At the last second, something happens with the building or the owners don’t that like your gym. They’re worried you’re going to be noisy. They lead you on and then all of a sudden, they’re like“We’re not going to let you come in or this happened with the building. We can’t do this.” You put all this energy into manifesting and game planning what this is going to look likeAt the end of the day, the building we’re in is the best one we looked at. It was set up perfectly for us. The landowners are great. It‘s one of those things where back at the time when all these buildings kept falling through, it was frustration. That was because whatever you believe in or whatever that wasn’t meant to be in this situation that we’re in. 

Do you believe in that? 

I do100%. 

Do you believe in everything‘s meant to happen the way it’s happening? 

Everything for a reason, yes. 

like playing bad cop to everyone’s thinking because it’s fun. I look at everything happening for a reason, being something that we manifest within ourselves. It’s up to us. I look at it as, “If you want it to be something good and positive for you and it was meant to happen that way, then that’s literally what’s going to be manifested in your life. However, if you look at it in a negative light, it’s not going to be meant to be.” You are failing so bad and then going in and hurting yourself because of it because you’re upset with yourself, whatever the case is or hurting people around you, that isn’t meant to be from my perspective. I believe we create the be in the instances that were challenged with. 

I can agree with that because I think a lot of what people manifest themselves and as I said, shit is going to happen and it’s how you respond to it, what you create of it and how you look at it. Some people think a lot of bad things happen to them and that’s how it’s meant to be or a lot of good things happen to them and that’s meant to be. I don’t think necessarily that’s the case. I think it is more what you’re getting at is things are going to happen and what’s meant to be is going to be what’s meant to be after you act on it. You can have two different people and the exact same situation happened to each of them. One person is going to go this way and one person is going to go this way. Each of them is going to say, “This is what was meant to be. In reality, it was meant to be because of how they acted upon it. 

A lot of patience is involved in that as well like digesting things. If you’re always trying to eat your food so quickly and then go into your workout without being patient and allowing it to digest, what’s going to happen? You get sick. Patience is something that takes practice and consistent practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. I got a text right before we got on here that I got the house, this house that I’m trying to get. I was being patient with it but I also wasn’t being patient with it. I was trying to call. was doing extra things where I almost was shooting myself in the foot. All I‘ve learned is that patience also comes with patienceIt’s interesting to think about because it takes time and experience is time. 

You almost have to be self-aware of the situations that are going to test your patience because there are going to be a lot of things that test your patience. When I was younger, I was a hothead impatient guy. There’s been a lot of self-development, self-awareness that I’ve had to go through in learning myself. Honestly, sitting and talking to myself during situations be like“This is how we have to be patient because there’s not a thing we can do to speed this up. When you have so many things going on, you have to be careful about where you put your energy into. It’s easy to drain yourself completely. Learning patience in the different areas of where you need to be patient is one of those things that you have to learn. You have to teach yourself and you have to practice regularly. 

With that being said, if you’re someone and you’re struggling in your life, you want this house to come through for you or this job opportunity, you want this raise, be patient but also don’t mistake impatience for speaking up. Don’t allow patience to overwhelm you in a way where your emotion is what you control your life with. Patience does that. That can definitely fuck up a lot of things. 

Relationship is another good example of this. If you like somebody but you aren’t catching that vibe back or there are a lot of mixed messages or anything like that whereas you can tell yourself, I’ll be patient. Maybe things will work out.” Also, don’t waste your time with the relationshipIf it’s one of those things where you’re like“I’m trying to be patient but I need to know where you’re at. I’m using the relationship as an example because that’s an easy thing for everyone to relate to it. Don’t let patience hurt you in a way. I think this is what you were getting at. Ican hurt you. It can waste your time. If you’re having patience for a good reason, it’s fine but doesn’t have too much patience when there are things that you can do, ask or say in order to get clarity on what you need to be patient about. 

CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing Patience
Developing Patience: As an entrepreneur, you have to adapt. We couldn’t do anything about COVID. All we could do is change our direction and move forward.


Make sure you’re not coming from emotion, experience. That’s the episode on patience. We got to get out of here because Tyler needs to run. He has a lot of shit to get done. He’s working hard. Tyler, where can they find you? Give us some info. 

I’m on Instagram @THolt21_. That’s where I do most of my social things. Catch me on there. 

Come and check out his gym. 

212 Performance Gym in Centennial, Colorado. If you are around that area, I’d be happy to have you come check it out and get a workout in. Bren hastill got to come and get a workout in there.  

Thanks for tuning in for the show. Tyler, thanks a lot for coming on here. 

Thank you. I appreciate it. 

I’m excited to tap into a little bit more, get some workouts in with you. You’re going to most likely be on my YouTube because we’re going to be training and doing some cool stuff. Remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s involved with patience. This is why I got it on the back of my ear. This is why I’m in Denver, Colorado. I am practicing. I practice what I preach at the end of the day and so does the show. In order to CreateU, it takes time and experience. That’s why this is called not the CreateU Podcast but the CreateU Experience. There’s not a lot of knowledge without experience. You need experience for knowledge and vice versa. Thanks for tuning in for this episode. Remember, ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life. Check out our software. You can check out anything about me on Instagram @TheBMeyers. Follow me on Clubhouse. Are you in Clubhouse? 

I‘m not on there. 

I need to send you an invite. I’m @BrendanMeyers on Clubhouse. You can find me there. DM me if you need any help. Review our show. I would love to hear what you think, even if it’s a one-star. It shouldn’t be a one-star. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time. Peace. 

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CUE 104 Tyler Holt | Developing PatienceTyler is the owner of 212 Performance Gym in Centennial, Colorado. With over 200,000 followers amassed on Social Media, he continues to build several businesses & lead in the industry.

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