Episode 107: The Real Growth Of Entrepreneurship With Rob Miller

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Episode 107: The Real Growth Of Entrepreneurship With Rob Miller

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CUE 107 | Entrepreneurial Growth 


Being an entrepreneur is one thing but growing as one is another. You won’t be able to reach the next level if you just stay inside your little box, doing the same thing over and over again. It’s good practice to branch out, experiment, network with other entrepreneurs because all of that will play a role in the growth of your business. Join your host Brendan Meyers as he talks with Robert Miller about establishing growth in your business. Rob is the Chief Strategy Officer of the digital marketing agency, ScaleBold. Rob helps entrepreneurs achieve true growth, particularly in E-commerce. Learn why networking is important, why challenging yourself to new things is necessary for creating growth, and why you shouldn’t follow the same old path that everyone goes on. Get ready to make a big impact today with Robert Miller. 

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The Real Growth Of Entrepreneurship With Rob Miller 

I’m sitting here with Robert Miller. He used to work with Frank Kern and Grant Cardone. He has a lot of knowledge when it comes to agencies, also cryptocurrency. He’s been working with a lot of different seven-figure and eight-figure businesses. I thought it’s 2021. There are so many new things happening. Crypto is going through the roof of online spaces, from eCommerce to ads in general. The way people are engaging with Instagram, Facebook, all these things online. I thought, let me bring somebody on that has a passion in so many different things, wants to learn as much as possible, but also is working in that online space as much as he is. Welcome. 

Thank you for having me on. Online has been a huge transition of the path, especially in Coronavirus. 

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Let’s not tap too much into the Coronavirus, but really quick, what is your first thought on COVID and the success online. Do you think it’s hurting the economy or do you think it’s beneficial? 

Over the past years, we had the bandwidth to support something like this. I was talking about crypto. A lot of people were at that time, about ads and eComm. Tai Lopez was a big person about creating your own marketing agency. Everyone was trying to push it. This forces everyone to come online. It just made it a necessity. It’s not a want anymore. It’s a need. 

What would you say to people who are struggling to make the transition or the people who have made the transition but are having so many problems trying to figure it out? Because it’s a lot of shit, wouldn’t you say? 

I would go one step at a time. If you want to learn, for example, Facebook ads, go down to the Facebook ad rabbit hole. If you want to learn crypto, go down to the crypto rabbit hole. That’s what I did. That’s how I got started years ago. I went down many different rabbit holes but didn’t want it at the time, so that way, I knew how to even participate in the industry. Not that I was an expert at that time, but to participate in what was going on from the macro level. 

You said to me, I like learning new stuff and dabbling in whether it’s new ventures or opportunities, whatever the case may be. The world and society teach us to be complacent. It teaches us to do the average amount of, don’t ask too many questions, but you can ask questions. There’s no, “Stupid question, but at the same time, when you ask a stupid question, it becomes a stupid question to people. What would you say to people who are trying to find something new or they’re overthinking things with the current situation, what would you say to them? 

I can only say what has worked for me and what I did. It’s easy to give recommendations that people don’t fall through with. For myself, while I was in college, I had a good run with cryptocurrency, which we can get into a little bit later. I dumped a lot of that money into courses on trading cryptocurrency, eCommerce, advertising. I spent over $35,000 at that time when I was nineteen. I’m going deep into education because I knew whether I use that skill set or not, it was going to pay off at some point in my life. As Grant says, “Always bet on yourself. Investing in yourself first, and then you can figure out new businesses or new ways to generate cash. 

It seems like you like cryptocurrency, so let’s tap into it a little bit. What would you say about the situation with Bitcoin? Do you think it’s going to reach $100,000 or what? 

It comes down to the landscape. If we backtrack a little bit, when I first got started, it was in 2015, 2016. The cryptocurrency was going up, going down, and then it went on its bull run to about $17,000 to $19,000 range. At that time, the biggest thing that we were seeing from a macro standpoint, China, Alibaba, and WeChat, those platforms are developing to be a QR Code based system. Eventually, our money will go here to the United States. It was happening big over there. As part of that run, there was a couple of different macro shifts. One Bitcoin went up like crazy. We went up to $19,000. After that happened, the biggest rush was developing the next platform. 

That was what people were trying to establish. You had all of these private companies creating their own coins, which didn’t have a marriage or have a good foundation. It was all concept and hype. A lot of these coins got burned out and fizzled out, but the main ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the ones that are here to stay because they’ve birthed the industry, if you will. From a macro perspective, if you’ve ever used cryptocurrency, you already know the power of it. For people that haven’t, the cryptocurrency technology that is beneath it that makes it so cool is blockchain. Regardless of Bitcoin hits a $100,000, above million, or goes to zero, blockchain is a technology that’s going to be used. The easiest way to explain it is if I have a picture on my phone, I wanted to send it to you. You’re not getting the original photo. You’re just getting a copy. I still have my photo and you still have the photo as well but what cryptocurrency and cryptography do is move the photo from my phone to your phone. 

That process is verified by a technology called a blockchain. If you look at other companies with supply chains or anything like that, blockchain can show transparency on every single step that a diamond took from the mine to the shelf. It can show you every single piece. What’s cool is that it can’t be altered or changed. That technology in itself is what is going to run a lot of the newer logistic companies and things like that in the future. From a macro point of view, cryptocurrency is fundamentally changing the way we use and have money. If you look at what the Fed has done with the Coronavirus, they’ve printed trillions of dollars. Whenever that happens, inflation is bound to come at some point. I can’t predict when exactly that’s going to hit, but inflation will hit when the supply of something, especially money, goes up like crazy. Bitcoin has a finite supply. If you look at it from supply and demand sciences, there’s a finite supply of Bitcoin. You can use your money however you want versus a US dollar or Euro where they can print an infinite amount and have inflation. 

CUE 107 | Entrepreneurial Growth 
Entrepreneurial Growth: You don’t go into a room expecting anything. You go into that room to at least put your face out there.


That’s a mouthful. I liked the explanation. It’s tough to understand when everything’s happening so fast. It’s like, Bitcoin, do I invest in it? I don’t have much money. What do I do? How am I going to be using this later on? You’re right about inflation. Inflation happens daily. It’s bound to happen. It happens in the economy worldwide, but also more specifically domestically. I was on the phone with somebody and I was saying, At the end of the day, I don’t think that dollar bill will ever go away. I believe it’s going to be worthless as time goes on. That process will expedite itself due to Bitcoin and other ways of currency entering into our society. When we talk about Bitcoin and how much it is right now, what’s your biggest piece of advice for people that don’t have any Bitcoin or that are still on the edge about it? Should we wait until it drops? Should we invest in it now? What would you say, Rob? 

I’m not a financial advisor or anything like that but with all this glamorous, what I always say is get educated first, watch a couple of documentaries on Bitcoin, and then get your feet wet. You don’t need to buy a full $40,000 Bitcoin. You can buy $10, $50, $100 worth of Bitcoinwhatever it is. What I would do with that is send it to a buddy of yours. Test how that technology works and then it should click for you. That’s where that whole FOMO aspect kicks in because you have this cool technology, you’ve used Bitcoin, now you want more of it. Whether Bitcoin goes back down to $20, $5, a couple of hundred bucks, or it goes to $1 million, you should have some going into the new economy. 

How high do you think it’s going to go? 

I would say at least $100,000 to $150,000. The reason being the cryptocurrency market has passed over $1 trillion in market cap. Gold is a $9 trillion market. If you look at from a perspective of if this market in general, whether it’s Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, get to that standpoint, that would be 9X multiple on Bitcoin. It’s at $40,000 right now, so at least $300,000something. 

Ia couple of days, you could have increased your money by 20%. That’s an amazing return on investment. You’re talking about ROI. Let’s shift gears because some people are afraid to go into investments and stuff. When you look at advertising and what’s happening online, you don’t have to invest in Bitcoin to be rich one day. There’s a lot of different ways. You’ve met a lot of high-performers, as I would say, that has brought in a lot of income for themselves. When we talk about moving to ads, spending money, or even working with other people to spend their money to make more money for them, which in return, gets you renewals from every month, it’s like a subscription base or whatever it is, how would you say the emotional side of you is? Are you attached to, “I put $1 in, I need to make $2 back,” or is it, “I know this is risky and I’m willing to take whatever it gives back and analyze the data that comes towards it?” What is your emotional side tell you as you’re investing in that regard? 

When you first get started, your first $10 or $5 that you spent on ads, you want that to be a 5X to 10X right out the gate. They double the investment immediately or something. I love when people ask me this because I always tell them we have to invest in data because what may work for you online with your website, funnels, or email market, whatever your personality is online, I probably can’t imagine. You have a very charismatic way to speak on camera. First off, you’re in tremendous shape. I want to have big biceps. That is a great way to connect with people to relate to however you post yourself online.  

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It’s going to be a variable for every single person, but you invest into data, you see what parts need to be tweaked in your whole process, you continuously over time tweak and adjust, and then you will find what ends up working. We have client campaigns and even our own campaigns that break-even, but we’re acquiring customers. That is great. It’s breakeven on the expense on the business, ad costs, and everything else and you’re getting more customers that are going to be a huge asset for you later down the road. When you scale that out and you find your ideal cost per purchase, cost per acquisition, then it’s a numbers game. 

How do you make money once you have those customers? Let’s say I have $300 that I’ve saved up from my work that I have to do every day. I have a 9 to 5. saved $300. I’m like, I have this side hustle. I really want to push some ads for the first time. I’m hearing Kid Miller telling me that I need to try and find a way to at least break even, but then what the heck do I do after that? How do I get these customers to stay long-term and to spend more money with me? What do I do with my business? Are there any suggestions? 

Trust me. I’ve been there. I don’t come from money in any way. I was born and raised in a lower class. My mom made about $19,000 a year. I totally get it. We grew up North of LA which is one of the pricier areas to only be making that much money. I had a bunch of part-time jobs going through college. If you have $300, when it comes to ads, what I would recommend is to bank that. Keep that there because the mindset that you have when you have $300 for ads is that $300 needs to become $1,500 or something. It has to become something that is big. If you are just starting out, that $300 probably won’t do it. 

What I would recommend is that $300 a month that you could save, bank it for at least 3 to 4 months, and then you can start testing at $10 and be $15 a day, and you have this lump sum that you can tweak with. Maybe the first $300 didn’t work, but the next $600, $700 will. Now, you can scale from there. If you do have a customer base, you can do email marketing and blasts. You can call them. I know a lot of people don’t want to do calls anymore, but you can call them. Make sure that you’re servicing them well or if there’s anything that they want. If you’re in the fitness space trying to sell them coaching programs or supplements or anything like that, that’s definitely something that you build those relationships with and figure out what your business falls in. 

My team, CreateU, has been in development for this application called CoachU for a couple of years now. No one really knew about this. It’s been underground and it’s the first time I talked about it. We’ve been able to develop something that competes with big dogs. Did you ever hear of Trainerize, Noom, or Evolution Nutrition, or all these other companies? We’ve been able to develop software for coaches that can bring more efficiency to their business and also teaches them some extra things. If anyone is reading, you can always reach out to me to learn a little bit more about that in your coach. For instance, in CoachU, we offer registered dieticians that are writing the meal plans for you. The amount of time that you’re taking with each customer is a lot less now and you can offer more because if you’re a coach and you’re writing programming, you could even select from our global programming system. Let’s say you want to add kettlebells. You can now say that you’re partnered with a company that has a kettlebell expert and you have all these other people. 

Now you can offer your customers more and be more efficient with the way that you’re working with them. I always tap into something like that with the example of CoachU when running ads to a business. What is your product? How involved are you in the media? How involved are you if you are offering a service? A lot of people offer higher ticket stuff. If you’re going to be coaching online, it depends. If it’s business coaching all the way to fitness coaching, you could be charging $150 a month to $10,000 a month because with agencies, you can get away with a lot more. How do you cut it down so it’s more efficient and you’re able to scale your business? 

CUE 107 | Entrepreneurial Growth 
Entrepreneurial Growth: Don’t be confined to doing the same thing all the time because you can’t look at your business from an overview perspective.


For me, the biggest problem that I ran into was I don’t know how to delegate and I’m not efficient. When is the right time to delegate? When is the right time to bring somebody in? When is the right time to recognize that you’re just spinning your wheels and you’re working too hard? Tap into some of that, Rob. I feel like we could talk about this is how you scale, this is how you make more money, this is how you start a product, and do all this stuff. At the end of the day, how do you even get rolling with a product and keep it long-term without spinning your wheels? What do you do? 

I used to be that one-man show. I’m not so duplicatable. I had to break myself down into or different things that I’m doing. This is something that some of my business partners, shout out Ali, had to help me with. He has a team that has 40 different team members underneath him in the virtual assistant space. Whether it’s just tasks or an actual skill set, I had to learn that myself on how to delegate, automate, or eliminate. That’s the model that we go by. I’m still one of those people that will go on hand. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and make it happen. As you said, it’s not scalable. 

Documenting your process. If you have a certain outreach method that you’re doing on Instagram, I have a certain ad strategy. Whatever the model is, write it down from your mind to piece of paper or some software and break down the steps so that anyone can read it whether they’re a monkey, not tech-savvy, or having no idea about the fitness space. Document it completely with training videos or with everything that you can. That way, at least you can tweak them with different training calls and stuff, but to pick. The right time to do it is the first day that you finally got it figured out. That’s when you start to document it because you never know when you are going to be growing so much that you need to hire someone ASAP. 

Basically, what Rob is saying is, when you have the opportunity to delegate and you’ve put the system together, that’s when you need to get to it. This is the other tricky part. I’m sure people that are listening are thinking, “Let’s take an online coach. They have 35 clients and they’re each paying $220 a month. We’re like, I’m working with all of these people. I’m afraid to go and hire an assistant coach. That’s an example of if you own an agency and you need to hire a media buyer to start running your ads with you to trust them. Where do you say, Let’s roll with it?” How do you trust the process of delegation? 

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I had to learn it. There’s no necessarily secret sauce because every business is going to be a little different. It’s the opportunity cost that you’re given up if you don’t hire the person. I read a book, ThLess I Do, The More Make. The book talks about if you hit a certain revenue threshold, which was $250,000, you need to have an assistant that is doing all the medial tasks that you are consumed and think that you’re busy doing because the opportunity costs now are too high. You have some momentum. You have other objectives that you need to go after, which are more revenue, finding talent, and recruiting talent. That’s the stuff you need to focus on because if you stay confined in that box of having to do the same medial tasks every single day, you can’t look at the business from an overview of perspective. 

Let’s push into getting dirty with networking because that’s what you intended. I believe it’s very important to zone in on networking. We’ve all heard of the phrase. You already know what I’m going to say. Your net worth is your network. It’s so true. When we talk about getting dirty, you and I met at Clubhouse. It’s this new application where you get to talk to other executives, business owners, and regular day people and you can connect with anyone and everyone, and it’s an audio-based platform. Instead of going to an event and you and I meeting there, whether it was about advertising or whatever the case may be, we happened to connect in a Clubhouse room with 80 other people. There were a lot of different follows to you and these different moderators and stuff then we were able to connect. 

One of the biggest things that hold people back from scaling their business is the networking part of it and being a spokesperson to the brand or the business that you’re a part of. At the end of the day, you can be a great CEO. I feel like a lot of people don’t talk about this. A CEO isn’t just about running your business and making sure that it’s growing. It’s about leading by examplegetting those connections, and bringing in new people so that you can work with them, thinking of new products, or being innovative with the teams that are under you. Where would you say some of the best places are to go networking? What would you say is the number one insecurity that comes up for you when you’re trying to network or talk to someone for the first time? It’s the emotional side of it. You’re like, “Your ass fucking squeezes.” You’re like, “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do.” 

That’s such a relatable experience. When you’re going into a room for the first time and you’re trying to create some conversation, you don’t even know if it’ll stick or if it’s even applicable. You’re just there and you’re trying to come up with something. The biggest thing that helped me was going to the 10X event in 2020 before the whole country shut down. I went there and then I went out to Puerto Rico for a Mastermind event. Those two events catapulted the entire business forward because of the people that I was able to meet there. The experiences that I had with those people to then trust or have them trust me come into their business and then help them grow. 

Having a marketing agency is very beautiful from the outside. It’s pitched in a way where all you got to do is do a couple of clicks, it’s on autopilot, and you can do whatever you want. When you actually run the business and have teams and things like that need either support within the business or emotionally, there’s a lot of things that happen that you help entrepreneurs grow through. Every entrepreneur has the basic foundation of emotional skills, operation skills, and even helping with their systems to help them delegate as well because they want to get bigger and you want to help them get bigger. It’s bigger than just running ads. Your job as a CEO is to go to these networking events, provide as much value to other entrepreneurs and other business owners that you can help. At the end of the day, it comes down to building the relationship. 

CUE 107 | Entrepreneurial Growth 
The Less I Do, The More I Make: Automate or Die: How to Get More Done in Less Time and Take Your Life Back

You don’t go into a room expecting anything. You go into that room to at least put your face out there. I’ve been in so many networking events where the end result, whether it was revenue or connections was zero. I’ve done that. Either I was nervous or it wasn’t the right room to be in. I had to learn what rooms to get into, where are the people that I’m looking for my product or my service, where are they meeting? The 10X event is a huge hub for entrepreneurs. It’s a mix of everything. It’s an event hosted by Grant. As you get into the event space, you ask, “What events do you go to throughout the year?” They’ll tell you what events they go to, and you can determine what your next event to go to is, whether it’s local or you can even start hosting your own events. There’s a bunch of ideas to go off of that, but the first thing to do is take action, go to the event, be in the environment because it should inspire you. There should be something. 

To add to that, an example would be, you don’t know what comes from it. It may be 2 or 3 years down the line. I know I’ve built relationships with people who, at that time, have 100 followers. I went to an event with them, we spoke, we were like, “I don’t know who you are, what you do. Are you starting a business? I’m starting a business too.” All of a sudden, they’re an eight-figure business and they can offer products to you. Let’s say you’re a six-figure business and you haven’t been able to scale as quickly as he has, but you had that connection, and that’s a relationship that was developed at the foundation of both of your careers. I feel like we miss out a lot because we’re always trying to go for the big fish in the pond when the little fish are what lead to the big fish. Just because there are a million people going down one path doesn’t mean you have to go down that path. The big path is I have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. 

There are so many bullshit things that are said. They’re almost like ghosts that are around that aren’t even real like, “You have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. You need to network and have as many big-name friends as possible because that’s going to really make you money. You have to do Facebook ads because that’s going to make you the money that you need.” There’s a lot of other ads. You go native ads, YouTube, or Bing. There are so many different ways to be able to advertise. You go brick and mortar. Also, you can invest. If you’re faced with something and you’re reading this, you almost feel like you have to go that direction. That’s not the case. 

Honestly, I always go back to society. I don’t know what you think of society in the way that the average person looks at their life, opportunity, how much they can grow, and stuff. For instance, you mentioned about my fitness ability. You say, “You look great. I’d love to look like that or something similar or build specific muscle, whatever in a similar way. How many people go into a gym, they come in and out half-assing their workouts, and wanting to look like the biggest guy in the gym all the time?  

It’s almost as if we create these expectations, but then we don’t fully get involved with what it takes to get to those expectations that we create for ourselves. What would you say is the first step to someone trusting themselves down a path that maybe isn’t the same as everyone else or trusted ourselves down a path that doesn’t make sense to many people around them, or it may seem far-fetched? For example, a skinny guy going into a gym, wanting to be like the biggest guy in the gym. What would you say is the first thing they need to come to terms with? 

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Fulfillment and impact. Shifting gears a little bit. I’ve seen so many times business owners or even employees that are working in different verticals in the corporate world don’t find fulfillment or they have no passion in what they’re doing. To express to everyone reading what it feels like to have that passion? What it feels like to truly be fulfilled? I don’t think many people truly understand the feeling of fulfillment and passion. They almost trick themselves into thinking or they settle for this feeling almost like love. Have you ever been in love? 


It’s one of those things that sometimes you feel like you’re in love, but then when you’re in love, you’re like, “I’d do anything for this.” What is your experience of fulfillment and passion so that people can correlate that to maybe their own lives or relate it to their own lives and start searching for it? 

I know it says in the Bible that eventually, you’ll get bored of something if you continue to do the same thing over and over. For me, my passion isn’t necessarily in a specific niche or industry. It’s finding new things to figure out to stimulate myself with cryptocurrencies, one ad and who knows what the next ones are going to be. Having that constant game, I’m very competitive. I used to play a lot of sports growing up. Basketball, football, track, soccer, anything, you name it. I would love to figure out and get over that challenge.  

That was something that fulfills me. That drives me. I know it’s usually painted in novels, books, Instagram, and social media that fulfillment is sitting at a beach, making a bunch of money, you have wine or some champagne in your hand, you got the Lambo, or whatever. At some point, that does get old. That goes back to the saying that I mentioned earlier like, “There has to be something new that’s driving you or fulfilling you to make a bigger impact.” That’s why you notice that successful people all start to sound the same. 

They all say the same things once they’ve reached a certain threshold. They say, “Let’s give back and make more impact,” but when you were hustling in the beginning, you’re not thinking like that at all. You’re like, “I got $500. I need to get to $1,000.” Whatever those numbers are. It’s funny the cycles that you go through. I’m in one of those cycles right now where a lot of people have invited me out to things that are cool but I don’t see the same anymore. I’m over it. I want to be that next step. What’s the next step for me that’s looking to start a family, get a ranch, and do a little bit more of the older school things that we may make fun of our grandparents with? That’s something that I want to do and I’m transitioning into. 

CUE 107 | Entrepreneurial Growth 
Entrepreneurial Growth: Whatever the case is, something is going to happen. It’s up to you to find out what you missed upon or go through the process and then get to the next level.


Talking about that transition, when all these friends and people around you are like, “Why are you like that? Why are you so weird? Why are you so different? Where’s the old Robert? Where’s their old Brendan? I don’t like being around you anymore because it feels like you care way more about yourself.” Honestly, in my life, that’s happened a lot. I’ve been doing social media for many years. I’m building businesses for many years. I’ve been with CreateU for a couple of years now. That’s been the reality of my life. I believe I’m taking the next step in my life. I’m always growing. I’m never settling. I want to be innovative. I want to learn new things. I want to impact more. I want to reach a billion lives in some way, shape, or form. Others are like, “You care about yourself. You don’t like to come out and hang out. You don’t like to drink on weekends like you used to. You don’t like to party.” What would you say to people that are hearing all the noise? I can tell you. I say cancel it out.  

I took that advice when I was eighteen to cut off a lot of friends right then and there. It was just me and my girlfriend at that time but I went head focused down deeper into all the courses that I had got, which went through all that education and took me about 3 or 4 years before anything started paying off. 3 or 4 years of me continuously doing college, the part-time jobs that I had, and thinking that there was this thing that I could obtain through any one of these courses. Whatever the pitch was. You can have an agency, and you can do XYZ, learn how to trade, and make blah, blah, blah. I’m trying to fill up those buckets so that way it can focus on other things. For me, I took that advice. I cut everyone out and went all the way in. I didn’t even go out to any parties. honed down at work. Looking back, I probably could have gone out a lot more but didn’t. When I mean zeroI mean zero. 

You’re super focused. I know that feeling. You feel like it doesn’t serve you. That’s a reality that we have to come to. When it doesn’t serve you anymore, your intuition is telling you to shift and take the next step in your own life to continue that growth. A lot of the time, we stunt our growth and then we question, why am I not getting opportunities? Where are the opportunities when you’ve been stunting your growth the entire time? The opportunities are still there. It’s just you’re trying to please everyone. This is the thing about people pleasers. I’ve come in and out of this in my life. We all have these types of characteristics within us. Some are promoters.  

Everyone has their own characteristics, of course. People-pleasing is one of those things that can stunt your growth big time. If you’re making six figures, maybe you’re making $152,364. How do you get to $180,000? How do you get to $200,000? By your own choices, maybe going out that Saturday could hurt you or going out that Saturday could help you because you’re networking. Where are you going? How are you approaching the relationships that you have? Are you developing new friendships where they understand where you’re going in life or are you putting your hand in the right jar? It’s not cookies anymore, and you’re trying to get lean, whatever it is. It’s in something else. What do you say? 

I got my hands in a few jars that aren’t supporting the big biceps and stuff but I agree with the comments that you’ve said in every way. I’m a little bit more analytical. I even took inventory on myself. For me, it was like, “How are my relationships? How are my fitness goals? How are my business goals and where am I deploying the energy?” I graphed it out and say, I’m spending about 80% of my time here and 5% of my time here. This is what it looks like in my life right now. The results should somewhat correlate. When I was first starting a business, there was no correlation. I didn’t make any money for my first eighteen months. It seemed like it. It’s part of the process but then once you finally get whatever part of your life and you’re working on to crack, that builds confidence and you’re able to carry that into the next thing and the next best aspect of your life, as long as your mindset is right and you’re going forward with it. 

Snowball effect. Simply that. Once it picks up steam in all areas of your life, it picks up steam. That’s why I always go into the new year. I say, “This can be my best year ever.” Hands down. Throughout the year, I’m like, “This is my best year ever,” even when I’m going through something toughI know that if I approach my life and I think that way, then the snowball will continue and the effect will be positive around those negative experiences that maybe I’m feeling or the challenging experiences that I’m currently in. I always say that life is about a choice you choose. At the end of the day, you can choose good or you could choose bad. You can choose positively. You can choose negatively. You can choose success. You can choose failure. 

I also said that you never really fail. You may quit one time, lose everything, or be broken up with. At the end of the day, they all win because everything is a learning situation. What would you say your number one tip is when it comes to learning? You said that the way that you organize your life, you keep inventory and stuff. What’s another tip that you would give to people that are just getting into business, their employees, whatever, and they’re trying to feel to be a little more positive. They’re trying to experience that snowball effect but it’s almost like it’s so muddy and foggy, they can’t see the snowball effect happening. What’s your number one tip to get clear with that? 

There’s no black and white answer, but anxiety and excitement have the same neuropathway. The only difference between which route you go down is your perception of the situation. If you have a lawsuit or if you have something in the beginning, you’re not sure if you even have legs. They are totally two different extremes. You can look at it both as crazy situations that you can get anxiety about and then try and figure out or it’s a learning lesson. It might have some costs associated with it but you learn, grow past that, and scratch that off the checklist of things that you learned.  

That’s something that I had to learn as well. I wasn’t always Mr. Positive. I am still not always Mr. Positive 100% of the time. I would say I’m more realistic in a lot of situations. A lot of the partners around me are a lot more optimistic because I’m very deep into integrations or deep into the business as a whole. I know how a lot of things work. It’s important to have people around me that can always see the bigger picture because I can always go down a rabbit hole and go deep as I did with the courses or my business. 

I would also say recognizing your achievements is so important like you were saying when you cross things off that you’ve learned. When you recognize what you’ve accomplished, you feel accomplished. That’s why I always say you might have these big goals. “I need to make $10 million, $20 million, or $1 million. I hear all these seven-figure people. Number one, they’re not telling you how much they’re profiting. Just because you have $1 million in revenue does not mean you’re making $1 million. You can be very poor. Number two, maybe it’s your first client or first product that you sold, give yourself a high five that even created a product, developed the LLC, the sole proprietorship, the SCorp, or whatever you’ve developed. 

Give yourself a high-five if you moved out of your parents’ house, or you have changed your environments and you started to take ownership of your life. I feel like people miss out on that. Again, it stunts their growth even if you invest $5 into crypto. If crypto goes to $100,000, you’re going to be making more money. It’s not going to be a ton of money but you’re going to have a return on your investment, and that’s a win. You’ve learned how to get a return on your investment by taking the initiative and time out of your day to put something forward. Something that you believed in, trusted in, and gave it your all. 

We’re going to close out here with a few more words. Rob, as somebody who’s dabbling in different things, is always wanting to be innovative, and you seem to like, “I want to grow. I want to be innovative. I always want to be a better me.” What would you say your biggest struggle has been with growth? What keeps on hitting you in the face, whether it’s real, failures, mistakes, or whatever. Whatever has been hitting you in the face with consistent growth, how have you been able to overcome it again and again? 

There’s a balance because it also comes down to how you were born and raised. The mindsets that you were given or you were raised to have. I would say the biggest thing for me. I didn’t come from money. Money was scarce and there’s a lot of fear in the household. Getting through a lot of that stuff at different levels either financially, trust, delegation, or investments, all three of the categories that we talked about, I had fear in some way. Whether it was fear of failure or fear of success, it was double-sided fear. It was something I had to grow through. I moved out here to Texas and how you’re mentioning about people getting outside their comfort zone and going to go meet new people. met nine new people and they’re all amazing people. They’re in business. They all have their own things. Being around new people has also been an area that I’ve grown a lot in as well. 

Once you start to grow, you can see how those change. I had to get through a lot of mindset beliefs and preset things that I was taught to believe and grow through those. As I broke through them, the next phase of growth happens. In any business or even personally, when you start to increase then you’ll go a flatline or you’ll plateau for a little bit because everything is breaking. Whether it’s your emotions that are breaking, the systems that are breaking, or a team member quit, whatever the case is. Something is going to happen and it’s up to you to find out what you missed upon or go through the process and then get to the next level. Once you learn that lesson, you can get to the next level. It’s like a game where you can unlock each step one step at a time. 

I agree with everything you said. One last thing to add on, you got to believe in yourself. It’s cliche, but never give up. They always say that the world, society, you hear it all the time, “Never give up,” but they don’t really talk about what never giving up really means. You’re going to hit a lot of plateaus and failures. You’re going to want to quit consistently with anything that you do. As you proceed and grow more and transform in your life whether it’s relationships, I always say that a relationship with businesses is a relationship with yourself. How good are you a business if you’re not even good with your own psychology? I think psychology is very important. It take hold of who you are. Dig a little bit deeper into what you’re truly passionate about. Find that fulfillment and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and then just go with it. 

Allow the new happenings to happen. It’s cliche to hear, but when you let the snowball go, it’s a snowball. If it’s falling down a mountain, it’s going to pick up more snow. You don’t know what path it’s going to be going down. Trust yourself, get a little bit more vulnerable in yourself, and understand yourself more. Rob, you talked a lot about getting clear with your own goals and shit that comes up for you. We talked a lot about growth and a little bit about crypto, but even with that, if you’re going to invest in something, invest in it. If your guts are telling you invest in it, move across the country, or go and ask this person out on a date, whatever it is. It’s going to help tenfold across your entire life. It’s almost like endorphins. 

It’s almost like endorphins. If you can create these endorphins consistently throughout your life in different areas and verticals, whether it’s business, relationships, everything, and anything, it will bring more success to your financials and fulfillment. It will get way clearer for you. That’s what we’re discussing here. It’s not even too difficult to put into play. People make it more difficult than it needs to be. Rob, how did you start your business? Did you just start it? 

I went and got coursesthen I door knocked. made $500 in twelve months of door-knocking in my area. It was not a good start but I did it. 

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From my point, that is a good start. You start ityou didn’t give up doing it, and you became the 1%. The 99% of people that go into something end up stopping or quitting. That’s how you grow on YouTube, social media, and agency. People quit. You never know when the next step is going to be your greatest step. You never know if that next step is going to bring you the bird’s eye view that you’ve been searching for in all areas of your life and the success in your life. Rob, I appreciate you coming on here. Where can everyone find you? Do you have anything to throw out that someone is interested in, maybe the agency or hire you in some way? 

You guys can always hit me up on Instagram, @TheRobertJMillerIt’s super creative, I know. If you guys want anything about cryptocurrency, I give out a free PDF guide. There’s no opt-in or anything. It’s literally a drive link where you can download the PDF. Read what you need to know about cryptocurrency. Also, some other resources there, and then if you guys want to hit us up, ScaleBold is the name of my agency. We do a lot of eCommerce, entrepreneur branding, and scaling up with ads. If you’re interested in that, always hit me up on Instagram. 

Thanks for coming on here, Rob. I appreciate it. If you are a fitness coach and you’re looking for a platform to be able to take your coaching to the next level, you want to be a little more efficient, you want registered dietitians on your team, you want a yoga meditation, but you also want a place to house all of your clients, then go ahead and reach out to me, @TheBMeyers on Instagram. Thanks for tuning in for the CreateU experience. Again, Rob, thanks so much for coming on here. We talked about a lot of stuff. You’re extremely knowledgeable and you come from experience. That’s what the CreateU experience is all about. Igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life. Thanks, Rob. Thanks for everyone tapping into this show. We’ll be back for more and we’ll see you next time. 

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