Episode 108: Acne Changed Our Lives With Brian Turner

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Episode 108: Acne Changed Our Lives With Brian Turner

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Changing and improving yourself isn’t just a physical journey. You can also change and transform how you think, consciously and subconsciously. Join Brendan Meyers as he gets into a conversation with fitness expert and skin-care influencer, the Skin Boss himself, Brian Turner. Brian talks about influencing people on social media, how he beat acne, and how to deal with negative people online. Brian also shares insights on how to influence your subconscious mind. Listen in for tips on becoming a better you.

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Acne Changed Our Lives With Brian Turner

We have a special guest. I don’t have any promotions for you. I’m just living life and doing good here in Denver. Colorado. I might even be in Austin, Texas. You never know but enough about me. Let’s intro Brian. This is my buddy, Brian Turner. He’s on YouTube. He has an acne channel. He has a lot more than that. He comes from a bodybuilding background. He went and started with veganism. I don’t even want to be the guy that’s like, “He did this and this.” Enjoy yourself. Go ahead.

It’s also so hard when someone has been doing social media for so long. There are a million things to cover. If I was in a nutshell, I would probably say the main channel is all about food and fitness, how to stay healthy and how to live a good life, and a positive mindset, all that kind of stuff. The second is the acne channel and it’s all about how to improve your skin, have your skin in the highest quality, but also how to work on your confidence, and how to enjoy who you are even without clearing your skin. I think that’s a more important aspect to acne. Those are the main things I would talk about with social media. Other than that, I’m doing all sorts of different stuff. I started an investment channel, investing a bunch, and learning about that.

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Brian and I connected and found out about each other years ago.

It was a long time ago.

When did you start YouTube?

Several years now.

I started several years ago. It’s interesting because we look back on who we were when we started. It’s like, “What the F? What was I saying? What was I doing back then?”

It’s a little cringy. When I look back at some of my old videos, it’s me slamming a gallon of milk every single day, telling everyone that they should do that, and living off of Quest bars and stuff.

CUE 108 | Acne
Acne: Those people who say ten times more stuff than anyone else are usually people who aren’t putting weight into their words.


Let’s talk about this really quick. Give a quick background. Obviously, you have decent sized following. I don’t want to say large following because large is like ten million, but you do have a large following. You’re an inspiration to a lot of people. You’ve had over 100 million views across social. I’m sure even beyond that and you do a lot. Tell us a little quick story so that people can get context and let’s jump right in.

To try to go through it quickly, the reason that I started social media and stuff is I was raised homeschooled all the way until seventh grade. I skipped eighth grade and then went into high school, my first year in public school and it was terrifying. I’ve had zero friends, didn’t know anybody, immediately started going into bodybuilding because I didn’t feel like I fit in. I was super skinny. People was making fun of me, so I was like, “Put some weight on.” Also, it gave me something to do because I don’t have any confidence. Through that, I started eating tons of protein bars, milk, and all that stuff that started creating like crazy amounts of acne for me.

Right around maybe two years into bodybuilding, I was so passionate about bodybuilding. I was watching all the Ronnie Coleman videos and Jay Cutler videos, all that old-school bodybuilding stuff. I wanted to make my own YouTube channel because I saw some other people doing it. I wanted to share my fitness journey but then I had so much acne that nobody was watching my videos and commenting on the branch chain amino acids and education video I was talking about. They were talking about my acne.

I kept pushing through it and tried to get rid of my acne in like a million different ways. I went on Accutane. It still didn’t work. I figured out that my main cause of acne was dairy. My dermatologist hinted towards that because he said some of his clients took out whey protein bars and supplements, and that got rid of their acne. I did the same thing. I started making all these acne videos on my main channel, so my main channel became fitness and acne. Eventually, I decided I should make them two separate channels and that’s where I am now.

That is a quick way of explaining it because you’ve had a lot of years on social and you’ve learned a lot about not only yourself but other people. That’s one thing that the outside world doesn’t understand about, especially influencers like you and I, who are truly influential and work towards being influential. We learn a lot about people. We have so many direct messages over the years. We have so many comments. We get responses. We’ve been planning content. Talk about that quick because that is something that we could shed some light on. This is how people are. A lot of people are struggling and they say things. What’s your perception on all of that, of understanding people?

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Now, there’s a different mindset when people come into social media. There are so many people doing it. It’s almost like your Facebook page that could maybe make you famous and make you a bunch of money. People would think of it as, “I gather a following. I get money.” When I first started making the fitness videos, I was doing it because I wanted to share my passion. After about 6 or 7 months, I got a Facebook message from this guy. He said, “I’ve been watching your videos for about 6, 7, or 8 months and I lost 60 or 70 pounds because I’ve been watching you. You’re so motivational. You got a positive energy. It got me to stop being on my butt and I started working out.” As soon as he got that message, that’s the one message that’s always stuck to me because I was like, “That’s so sick.”

I was sharing my journey because I’m passionate about this but I changed that dude’s life. If I wasn’t there and making the videos, he would have found somebody else but maybe he wouldn’t have. The mindset changed from I’m sharing my journey to I have to make these videos because the people that I’m going to help in the future if I decide to not make the videos, I’m telling all those people, “I don’t care about you. I’m not here to help you.” That’s what got me so freaking pumped. That one was the first one that stuck with me, but there are other stories that go deeper, especially with the acne stuff. I’ve had people tell me that they were on the verge of suicide. It’s not even one person. It’s well over ten people.

You read those messages and they write so many details that I wouldn’t share. I’m making these videos and you see the numbers as 1,500 people watched, 100,000 people watched, and you’re getting all these subscribers and stuff, but then you get that one message where somebody said like, “I was going to kill myself one year ago and then I started watching your videos. You have all this positive energy, this confidence but then you’re also telling me to start loving myself beyond my acne. I started changing my mindset. I started going to the gym. I started going outside and forcing myself to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, and then I changed who I am.” You’re like, “There’s no amount of money or Lambos or whatever people are thinking about when they start social media that can be the same as having somebody not kill themselves because of the videos, content, and the stuff.” The energy that you share is so cool.

I’ve been in some crazy situations like on Snapchat because I used to get a ton of views on Snapchat back when it was banging. Back when Snapchat wasn’t a nude fest and sending nudes to people. I can definitely relate to that because I’ve been suicidal two times in my life. I was trying to break through. In those situations, I shared my mindset and my past with these types of people that were going through it. Depression is normal. Acne is normal. Hormones fluctuating is normal. There are so many normal things.

This the way that I look at life now and society. We’re taught that everything is extreme. There’s not a norm for things. Everything is either black or white. Everywhere and everything that we do. Even with those situations, you might’ve heard of ten people, but thousands of people were suicidal when they were watching your videos. That’s where I focus my time. I was passionate when I was a kid too and just about sports and the things that I wanted to do. Once I got into social media, I was like, “This is so freaking sick. I love this.” I sold a shirt and I’m like, “I can do this. I can freaking do this. Let’s go.”

You’ve always been high-energy. All the times that I’ve met you, you’ve always been like, “What’s up? It’s all so good to see you. I’m so excited.” I’m the same way. I feel like it’s pretty irregular for people, so they get off-put by it.

It’s like 50-50. I’ve learned nowadays from being many years into being on social media and I’ve grown over the years. Some people I talk to on a certain wavelength and others not. As you age and you start associating with a more variety of people, you stay open-minded, you learn, and you grow. The way that you approach things is so different. For you, with your acne channel and the things that you’re doing now, how are you approaching it? You seem way more lax with your social media and the way that you’re doing. Talk about that because I’m sure a lot of people are listening that are like, “I have acne, I want to do a social media, or I’m trying to figure out how to make money,” because you’re doing all these things. Talk a little bit about it.

When I started making acne videos, that was because I was sharing my journey. That was pure passion. I was like, “This sucks. Let me get my face as close to the camera as possible with this HD camera, and make you feel a little bit less alone over there on the other side of the camera, probably with less severe acne than I have.” That was pure passion project and then you see the views come. It’s crazy. People click the thumbnail because your face is a real dramatic and stuff. There wasn’t any strategy for that. I was doing it. We were saying we’re high-energy people, so I was just passionate. I was like, “Let’s talk about this.” People are commenting and saying it’s helpful. I’ll make another video. Let’s go. Do you want to see me pop one? Let’s go.

CUE 108 | Acne
Acne: There’s something beautiful about being on point with being productive and looking back two weeks ago and saying, “I got that thing done like crazy.”


You could build a million-subscriber following based off of popping pimples.

My biggest regret is not making like Dr. Pimple Popper. The whole channel, except that it’s just my face.

That’s a little aggressive.

I’d be a millionaire.

Talk about the transition of acne and this confidence. Going from acne and being insecure about it. I experienced the same stuff. I had a lot of bad acne. I’m sure you’re aware and I had scarring on my face. You could see. When someone else has had acne, you know. You’re like, “You’re my brother.”

There’s like an unspoken bond when you know someone else has had severe acne.

You’re like, “Damn, I know what you went through.”

Honestly, YouTube was such a good thing for me because acne would have forced me to become more confident anyways. Having to do it on YouTube, you get ten times the amount of people talking the way that someone else might have in real life. You get ten times the amount of bullies. You have to build ten times thick skin. You realize like, “The way to build confidence is to lean into what you’re passionate about and to let all the white noise people and all the people who are saying pointless stuff who don’t watch a little.” I just watch right off.

There’s good white noise and there’s bad white noise, but you got to tune it out. I feel like YouTube forced me to do that even better than I would have and it forced me to grow a few times faster than I would have. Having that confidence then and now as I make acne videos, it’s a whole different story because back then, I was growing into my confidence. Now, it’s like a foregone fact. It’s something that’s like an unwritten rule. You can’t say anything that could possibly bother me when it comes to my acne. I have a pimple pop-up and people will be commenting about it and stuff. I don’t even register the comments. They look like spam to me. I’m like, “There are still people who go on and are commenting like Rudolph or pizza face, and all this stuff.”

The mindset is different. When it comes to entrepreneurial mindset, when it comes to making content and stuff, it’s a lot more strategic now. Back when I started making videos, I was like 16 or 17, and you don’t need to make money until a little bit later because you’re in college and stuff. It was all passion. Now it’s strategy because you’re trying to make more money. The videos aren’t so random. I don’t just turn the camera on and I’m like, “Here’s what I want to share today.”

Now I have a structure. I have two editors who work on both of my channels. I have like a list of videos that I’m going to do and I make sure that the videos have a reason for being made. They’re not repeated and they’re serving a purpose. They’re not a video that’s already been made 40 times in the acne community. I try to keep stuff fresh and also lookup new scientific studies and stuff that people haven’t made videos on. That way I’m exposing new content. The whole mindset is more mature. It’s more like an adult making videos than like a kid who’s excited and blasting energy.

That confidence grew over time. We all deal with confidence issues. I have got to the point personally where my ego is like the lack of confidence and then my most authentic self is the most confident. For me, I work every day on #EgoDeath. Whenever I say ego death, I have to hashtag it, just because of social media or whatever. How could somebody expedite that process of confidence of not caring what people are thinking? You can care what people are saying but you get to choose how it registers and what it means to you. How could you expedite the process of confidence because that took you years?

I have so much to say about this. I want to go on a whole rant about the ego thing that you just said there. Let me touch on that first then I’ll give my big tip that people can build their confidence with. When it comes to the whole ego death thing, we have that similar mindset. We both grew up with acne. We had confidence issues because of people picking on us and we had to grow through that or whatever.

Now that we’re more adult, we’ve gone through that phase where we like got jacked and we gained this almost like not synthetic but like a suit of confidence because we were jacked and we were proficient at bodybuilding and all this stuff. I feel that swings the pendulum in the opposite direction, where we go into self-realization, consciousness, and trying to eliminate the ego. The thing that I think is sometimes troublesome with that is that you then go the opposite direction and you try to be so ego death that you almost lose your confidence again, because you don’t want to be cocky. You don’t want to present yourself as the best because no one is the best. No one is better than anyone else. You’re as whatever as anyone else. You don’t have anything better than anyone else and that for me was a struggle for a little bit there because I was maybe not sticking up for myself. I wasn’t realizing my potential.

You were being selfish and we need to find a balance is basically what you’re saying.

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I feel like that can also be a problem. Here’s the confidence question that you asked me. How can you expedite the process of gaining confidence when you don’t have it? There are so many different things, but I would say here are two tips. When you hear other people who are giving you their opinion about you, as I said earlier, try to think of it as white noise and ignore it. Here’s a better way to think about it. When you let bullies or people who are bringing you down and you let that the thing that they’re saying sit on you and then weigh you down, you’re putting weight to people’s words that haven’t put weight into their own words. People who spout off things quickly and are constantly saying negative things to other people, we all know that they’re projecting.

We don’t all know that. That’s the thing that you and I know that it’s coming from their own insecurities and the projecting based on their own pains and frustrations. If you’re reading, to remind you that if people are spewing for more views, at the end of the day, it’s validation for themselves. They’re trying to feel validated. They’re trying to figure out a way to be able to feel heard and seen. That is not your problem but keep going.

It’s a little bit of that crabs in the bucket mindset that they don’t want to see other people succeeding, so they try to bring you down. Those people who say ten times more stuff than anyone else, those are usually people who aren’t putting weight to their words. They like to hear themselves talk and the people who like to hear themselves talk, a lot of times are also people who are projecting negative things that they think about themselves onto other people so that they can feel validated, so that they can feel valuable. The problem is that you, for some reason, it’s like in our brains somehow click and you go, “I guess that’s true,” and you put weight to their words but they haven’t put weight to their own words.

The other tip that’s helpful is, stop taking things personal from people who you aren’t personal with. If that guy who makes you feel really bad every day at school or wherever, at work, he’s always picking on you, if you vision him as your brother or your best friend, do you want him to be your best friend? Do you want his respect? Do you look at him and think, “That’s somebody I admire and I want to be like that guy?” If it’s not, then you shouldn’t let him bring you down so much.

It’s your environment and it’s your circle. I say that we’re always walking in this circle of life where we are the controllers of our energy and we choose who comes in our bubble or not. Words can come at you but they pause at the bubble outside of you, that little circle that you’re in when you’re walking. At that moment, your subconscious mind based off of discipline, consciously chooses whether or not we want that specific piece of energy to come into our bubble. Once it’s in the bubble, what happens? It’s in an enclosed area, so you focus on it. It’s like having a wasp in a small bedroom. You’re running around and you’re trying to swat it. It’s coming after you. You’re going in circles and you’re freaking out. All you have to do is open up the door and walk outside.

That’s how I look at life. Just choose. Choose the good and the bad. Have you ever heard of Erik Stevenson? He was a smaller guy. They said that he wasn’t going to live until he was eight and then they said he wasn’t going to live until 15 and 20. He ended up passing away. I believe he fell out of his wheelchair and hit his head. That’s how he passed away at like 40-something. He was a smaller guy. He had a very rare disease and he said, “When life is good, I’m doing these ten things always.” Every single day, I’m doing these ten things, whether it’s calling my mom, drinking a gallon of water, doing this and this, I’m exercising once per day or whatever. He said, “When shit is not going good and I’m overwhelmed, I’m anxious. I’m depressed, all this stuff, it’s number 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or I’m not doing my ten things.” It’s as simple as that.

Our life bubble is up to us and our disciplines. A lot of the times, what I see and this is my perspective on it is that people that lack confidence, have a lot of anxiety, and are doing all these different things. They’re going against their intuition. Their intuition says, I’ll give an example, “Say something,” but then it takes energy and our conscious mind to say, “Don’t say anything.” A choice in the negative, meaning a counter choice is actually more stressful on the body.

For example, when you were starting out, you weren’t as vulnerable or you couldn’t be as vulnerable as you are today. You might’ve been in certain regards but you weren’t. I wasn’t. I know that for sure. When I started becoming more vulnerable, all of my crazy anxiety like the really bad stuff, a year later, I was like, “Wait, where’s my anxiety?” I didn’t understand it back then but now I do.

When you create resistance to something, it’s hard, working out. If you add more resistance, it’s harder to do. You can’t win with resistance. You will eventually burn out. It’s like putting 315 on the bench and you know your max is 225. Regardless, even if your max is 225 and you put 95 pounds on the bench, you will still burn out no matter what. It just takes a little bit longer. That’s my perspective from the confidence that we’re talking about and shape-shifting your own mind and your own choices. What do you have to say about that stuff? Because it seems like you have a similar mindset in that regard, but I’m curious.

CUE 108 | Acne
Acne: A lot of times, we have such a negative mindset about other things that they leak into how we perceive ourselves.


I love this stuff because the tips that I can give with confidence is such a surface-level question without knowing the person itself. There’s a lot of tips. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and focus on your passions and that’ll slowly build your confidence. Figuring out how the mind works, that’s where you can understand why you’re getting that confidence instead of just doing the things that eventually do lead to confidence. I love what you’re talking about right there. There’s a book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. It’s one of my favorite books of all time. That one and The Way of the Superior Man. Those are two books.

I think women should obviously read it as well. It’s so important.

I’ve read it six times. It’s the best book I’ve ever read other than Bible. It’s so good. My point is the power of the subconscious mind is cool and it’s a disservice to put it into a nutshell. Your conscious mind is what you’re thinking all the time. It’s your thoughts. You can get your subconscious mind to work for you by putting truths out there for yourself. Your subconscious mind is more of your brainpower than your conscious mind. It’s just that you don’t really control it.

A simple example would be right before you go to bed. That’s when you’re the most vulnerable to get like conscious thoughts really dug deep into your subconscious, you can sit there, and you can say whatever it is, wealth and abundance come to me. You say that over and over. You believe that it can happen. Maybe you don’t know exactly how it’s going to happen. You just start saying it and you start believing that it really can happen, it’s going to happen. Your subconscious mind then every time a situation hits you, instead of coming up with a way to work you out of getting wealth and abundance, without working you out of opportunities, it works for you to make those opportunities happen.

It can happen with confidence, too. You can say I’m going to be more confident. I am more confident. I feel confidence come to me every single day and then in situations, your subconscious mind is going to work in the background to build that confidence for you. It’s so hard for me to break conscious and subconscious mind into a thing, but when you try to come up with something you can’t think of, you’re like, “Do you remember that one time we were hanging out with that guy? What was his name?” You’re like, “I can’t remember it,” and then you start talking for another two minutes and then all of a sudden two minutes later, you’re like, “His name was Jake. Remember Jake?” it’s because you put the task to it two minutes ago and your subconscious mind kept working on it and kept trying to remember that guy’s name. It’s such a powerful tool that you can use.

Even with talking about acne and confidence, everything in general, conscious and subconscious. This is how I like to explain it in one vertical. There are so many ways to explain it. I think of it like this. Imagine there’s a tree. Imagine if there’s a space in the middle of the tree. It doesn’t even make any sense because you don’t see this space. You have the beauty of the top of the tree, you have a space in some of the branches, and then you have the bottom of the tree and rooted into the ground. The way I look at it is the top, the most beautiful part is the subconscious mind.

There’s this gap and the only way to discover that gap, it’s not even about discovery. It’s about working up to your subconscious mind. How do you do that? The bark, the bottom, where it doesn’t look as pretty and you have the roots and everything, the ground is you. The roots right there and going into that space, that’s your conscious mind. You have that space, that gap in between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, which is the beauty of it. When we work with our conscious mind, we create discipline with our conscious mind. When we plan at night for the next day, what happens? That gap is filled with not our conscious effort but the conscious work that we’ve done to bridge to the subconscious mind that now adjusts the subconscious mind. Now, you can see a full tree. You can’t see with your eyes but you know it’s working.

Your subconscious mind is more of your brainpower than your conscious mind. It’s just that you don’t really control it. Click To Tweet

I’ll give an example. Right now, I’m going through something and I’m going to change tonight. I’m going to challenge myself tonight and hopefully, you can challenge yourself with something as well. For me, I’m always on my phone at night in going to bed. The second before I go to bed, I’m on my phone. What happens? You send a message or a DM. You check an email and then you go and you check three minutes later, you check five minutes later, then you have weird dreams that are associated with not specifically that email, but your subconscious is working based off of your conscious thought right before you went to bed.

One thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to get off my phone tonight and start that. It’s hard for me right now, but guess what? I’m going to bridge the gap from the conscious mind to my subconscious, and then the next day, it’s going to feel easier. That’s how you know you’re bridging the gap between the conscious and the subconscious. You don’t get as anxious. You don’t lack as much confidence. You notice in small conversations, you’re not utilizing the same words, being impeccable with your words. These small things, you eventually have bridged the gap, you can’t see it, but you can feel it. That right there, I would love to hear what your thoughts are on that and maybe you challenging yourself with something. That’s fucking powerful when we can choose something that’s so aggressive in our lives. Even if it’s 21 days, why the hell not?

I love that you said impeccable with your words. Is that the waste period man or is that Jordan Peterson?

That’s part of Jordan Peterson. That and The Four Agreements. The way I look at our minds is that it goes, “You have a brain. It’s energy.” Energy fires. It’s like an engine. There’s thought and then there’s thinking. Thinking is the way that the brain powers from my personal perception. Your brain powers thinking. That’s your subconscious. Your thinking creates thought. Our thoughts are based off of discipline. There’s that gap and so being impeccable with your words, it’s like Benjamin Button. You’re working back towards living at zero, being the most authentic, vulnerable, raw self. In order to get there, you have to pass through conscious thought, get to discipline to fill the gap, then get to the thinking so that your brain is rewired with different neural pathways and different positions and departments that you never experienced before if that makes sense.

This is a part of what I was saying about earlier like some people don’t weigh their words and other people are learning to weigh their words every single day. Those people who are weighing their words have a lot more value to bestow upon you because they’ve thought about why they’re saying what they’re saying. It’s almost like the conscious mind is setting the table or the conscious mind is like the glasses that you put on your face. The subconscious mind is how you look through those glasses. When it comes to acne and to confidence, all that kind of stuff, a lot of times we have such a negative mindset about other things and then that leaks into our personal perception of ourself and how things are happening to us.

A lot of people will have this very victim or defeatist mentality where they say like, “I’m a loser and today sucks and sure that thing that was nice to that guy but I’m already over it, it sucks. My job sucks and things aren’t going to get better.” When you have that mindset, it’s basically impossible to gain confidence. Part of that conscious to subconscious mindset where at the end of the night, I know affirmations feel very hippy-dippy and stuff like that, but when you start saying, “Good things happen to me. I’m a good person. I’m good to people around me. Every day in every way, I improve and I get better,” your conscious mind says that and your subconscious mind says, “That’s the truth. Let’s work on making that happen every single day in the background without you having to do anything.”

Slowly over time, just like some of the disciplines that you’re talking about, it builds up and then you really do become a better person but because you have changed your mindset to seeing things in a slightly more positive way, those things that come to you, those good things that happen, the way that you are treating other people and how that’s impacting how they treat you, you’re seeing those and you’re appreciating them. That’s building confidence in how you act and it’s building confidence in how you interact with other people. That feels like a snowball effect.

It’s also doing small things. For me, I don’t do a lot of affirmations. Journaling for me isn’t as powerful as expressing myself on social media, for instance. Social media is my therapy. It is my journal. Me expressing myself and leaning into people, utilizing my voice with others, and helping them, that’s a lot of therapy to me. It’s almost like an endorphin rush. You speak with somebody and your hairs stand up, and you’re like, “What is that?”

For me, that’s almost like words of affirmation. Once I leave that, I utilize that space and that time to acknowledge myself, like, “Damn, you heard him or you heard her. You put time and effort into this person. You’re incredible. You really do stand for people. Some people hate you, but why? You’re a great person.” You think of those things, just like what you’re saying. That’s how the subconscious mind works. You could do it from actionable things in so many ways physically, mentally, but it’s also learning about yourself. How much has learning about yourself helped you?

What you’re saying is the exact same thing. It’s different people go different ways, maybe introvert, extrovert. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m the same way. I get a lot out of conversations, but it’s the same thing. Humans are co-regulators and we have thoughts, but we need to either verbalize them to other people or go into deep thought outside of doing the tasks of the day and sit there and really think to organize them. You can derive that value from the thoughts that you’ve maybe changed your mindset over the years. You and I are having this conversation. You and I wouldn’t have sat here in a chair by ourselves and gone down this process of talking about these analogies of how subconscious and unconscious interact and stuff.

CUE 108 | Acne


By talking with somebody else, you put those out there. You not only get to organize your own thoughts and see what you are thinking and adjust it because you’re like, “That didn’t quite sound right when I said it.” I think of it a little bit more like this. Also, you get the feedback which is so good because then someone can refine your thought or add something to it. You don’t even realize it at the next conversation, you totally stole their thing but it’s cool because now it’s part of your thought process.

Stealing someone else’s words and stuff. That’s all we do. We’re experiential. That’s what humans are. We’re all similar beings and then we stack up points as we go in life. We’re like a point system like I’m a 98. I want to climb back to deep thinking. I’m reading this book called Deep Thinking and it talks about how the majority of people in this world never go into deep thought. The reason being is because of social media and attention span. We’re so hyperactive. We’re like, “TV, phone call, go to here,” and then we’re like, “Let me think and write something creative,” but while we’re thinking of something creative, we’re also thinking about an email and a text message in this.

There’s a couple of CEOs that have done this and super successful billionaires would go out into the mountains or they would go into like this foresty area. They had their homes out there. Two weeks out of every seven months or something like that, they would go out there and shut everything off. Their entire teams or corporations would know that they’re shutting everything off and all they would do is practice deep thinking. When they went into deep thought, they would just read and write. After 24 hours, they’re creating things. It’s incredible.

It’s coming from the subconscious mind because it’s like we’re beating up our subconscious mind always. How are we doing that? Our conscious, we think that is so much stronger than our subconscious. No, our conscious is weaker. After a while, if you sting yourself enough, it’s going to fricking hurt. It’s going to be like, “Damn, what is happening?” You need a break. How do you deal with deep thought? Do you spend some time away? Do you go on vacations? For me, when I’m passionate about something, I don’t want to stop. I’ve learned that, “You’re getting a little old, you’re getting a little bald, and gray hairs coming. What are you doing? You got to rest.” Talk about deep thought. I’m curious.

It’s a shame that some people don’t have some creative outlet where they can get into their head and sit for 5 or 6 hours and really think deeply. Back in the day, and I’m getting back into it, I used to write lyrics for raps and it seems pretty dumb but if you sit there for twenty minutes, you’re on level one. You haven’t got deep at all. If you sit there for three hours, you’re almost like in a meditative state where you’re going through the same beat over and over, and you’re trying to get deeper into it like maybe a theme for the song or something. You start getting into maybe things that have affected you in childhood, whatever it is, and then you can get that creative outlet that gets you to a deep thought. That’s one way that people can get into deep thought.

I do like what you’re saying there with billionaires going out and taking their two weeks or a month in the middle of nowhere. When I was younger, I feel like I had more time by myself, but now my life is filled with tasks. My life is filled with strategies, trying to hit deadlines, make money, and be better than I was. You’re right. You get so filled with level one stuff. You got to get back to these three emails, get the next video planned, send this off to the editor, and now it’s time to go to sleep. You wake up and you do the same.

That grind is not the way. It’s part of it. Learning hard work and the grind is important. It’s also the greatest innovation comes from deep thought. What’s the level of innovation nowadays?

It’s a balance again because there’s something beautiful about grinding. There’s something beautiful about being on point with being productive and there’s something awesome about looking back two weeks ago and you say, “I got that thing done like crazy.” I’ll give you an example. With my acne channel, I’d always wanted to make an acne program or an acne book. I knew that I had so much knowledge and there’s nothing out there that actually addresses the science and all this stuff. It was always something that I was like, “I’ll do that in a year or two because that’s going to be like writing a thesis for my Master’s Degree.” It’s going to be so much effort and I kept putting it off. Eventually, I was like, “I’m going to make this happen.” I booked an Airbnb for ten days and every single day I just woke up. The first thing I did was start writing on the computer and looking up research. I think the book has 85 different scientific studies. I had to read through all of them.

Which book is this?

It’s called The Acne Method.

That’s the TheAcneMethod.com. Look it up seriously. I’m utilizing some of his products and it’s helping me. It’s starting to take form after 30 days.

My point was there’s balance. That mindset is so good where you sit there and you work so freaking hard and it’s not deep thought so much as much as it is like a deep trance of work and grind. At the end of it, ten days in, I’m 30% done with the book. I have to do these 2 or 3 more times. I did it every other month. I would do another ten-day Airbnb and the whole time I would dedicate to doing that. By the end of it, in 2020, I looked back and I was like, “I finished this. I made the thing that I’ve been putting off for years.” It was glorious. It’s fine books.

This reminds me of this book that I was writing. I wrote 100 pages, Acne Made Me Successful. The photo of it is so raw and straight scars. I would click on that in a second and then I also want to write a book on intuition. I’m so serious about this stuff, but I want to prove that, “Go with your gut, go with your intuition,” before I write a book. Acne Made Me Successful I could do that all day. These are the conversations. If you have conversations just putting yourself out there, it can help with confidence. This makes me feel more confident.

When you have a defeatist mindset, it’s basically impossible to gain confidence. Click To Tweet

That’s true. Every time I have a conversation with somebody who has a good mind like you, that positive vibe, I always leave on a high note like I’m about to go work out.

We’ve been on here for a minute and I definitely want to have you as a guest in the future, so I don’t want to go too much further on 100 different things. For sure, follow Brian on all the social media platforms. You can look up Brian Turner and it’ll be everywhere.

That’s the easiest way, just Brian Turner.

TheAcneMethod.com. I’ve been following Banish. You’re associated with them. You’re partnering with them. You do some work with them.

It’s the only skincare product that I’m using.

I use their moisturizer. Their cleanser, that’s what I use. I don’t even use any other soap products. I use that cleanser. It’s so minimal and it’s beautiful. He also told me to get the glycolic acid. What does that do specifically? The 20% glycolic acid, whatever it is.

Glycolic acid is alpha hydroxy acid and it strips off the top layer of your epidermis so that your new skin cells can start regrowing and it stimulates new elastin and collagen regrowth, which then fills in those divots and those holes that make acne scars appeared.

Is it good for hyperpigmentation?

CUE 108 | Acne


Yeah. It’s good for those purple parts or if you have erythema. If you’re more of a light-colored skin person, you’ll have like those red spots from acne but it’s not actually acne anymore. Those marks are improved help by glycolic acid.

Freaking Brian, this guy is a conscious wizard plus and multiplied by fitness and bodybuilding and acne. Thanks so much for coming on here. I had a ball connecting with you. We can get into a little investment together. You never know. Is there anything else that you want to say to anyone reading?

This show could have gone for maybe three hours. I feel like we have a lot in common. It’s good to talk with you. Every time we talk, it’s fun.

I don’t have the time like Joe Rogan. Like, “Let’s just sit there for six hours.” I’m not making $200 million from a Spotify contract.

CUE 108 | Acne


That’s life. How good would that be just to have conversations every day and that’s all you have to worry about. Beautiful.

With influential people, with people that have so much weight. Thanks so much for coming on here. Again, look up Brian Turner on all social media platforms, TheAcneMethod.com as well. That’s pretty much it. This is the CreateU Experience. You got to go follow him. Do not miss out. Also, if you are a coach, a trainer, or anyone who is looking for software in the health and wellness space, you can holler at me at any point in time @TheBMeyers. Also, look us up, CreateU Experience by just typing in CreateU on Instagram. We also have CreateU Gym. We are expanding. I don’t want to tell you too much. We’re doing some cool things. Anyways, thanks so much, Brian, for coming on here. I’m Brendan and I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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CUE 108 | AcneBrian is a vegan activist & “bodybuilder” with a reach of almost half a million followers on YouTube and Instagram, but he wasn’t always so comfortable putting himself out there. Brian started dealing with acne at 15 and was soon suffering from cystic breakouts. After years of education, trials, & tribulations… he discovered the “Acne Method”.

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