Episode 110: Pushing For A Natural Experience With MD, Mike Diamonds

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Episode 110: Pushing For A Natural Experience With MD, Mike Diamonds

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CUE 110 | Natural Experience


Social media gives you the ability to help as many people as possible. Today’s guest is MD, Michael Diamonds, a medical doctor and influencer who advocates having a natural experience in bodybuilding. In this episode, Dr. Mike discusses with Brendan Meyers how sharing his natural bodybuilding experience on social media helped many people in their own journeys. Join in the conversation and discover how your actions inspire someone, even if you aren’t aware of it. You don’t want to miss this insightful discussion. Sit back and enjoy!

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Pushing For A Natural Experience With MD, Mike Diamonds

This is going to be a dazzling show for you because we got a doctor here, Dr. Michael Diamonds. He is a good friend of mine. I have been following him for a long time now. He’s on YouTube. He’s an influencer and a medical doctor. He’s done a lot. He competes. I’m so excited to dazzle in and dabble in to his story and everything behind it. What’s up, Mike?

That’s a crazy intro. I’m going to have to try and make it worth it in the show. I appreciate the intro. I’m happy to be here. I’ve been inspired by your content even before I started YouTube. It’s coming full circle. Now, we get to have a real chat.

I appreciate that. We were talking before this and I was like, “Where are you?” He was like, “I’m in Brazil.” I was like, “What do you mean you’re in Brazil? You’re just in Moscow.” Pick and choose. Why are you in Brazil?

I’ve been to Moscow. I graduated and finished medical school. I stayed indoors for the whole of 2020. I got cabin fever and I was like, “This is enough.” We didn’t start working in the hospital. I finished studying for nine years. I did my undergrad in Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Microbiology. Immediately, I went into med school. I did pre-med and med, nine years altogether. Most of my classmates all decided to go start working in the hospital and I was like, “I need a break.” I spent the whole of 2020 indoors making content. I said, “I’m tired.” I went to South Africa. I spent a month in Cape Town. It’s a beautiful and amazing city. I highly recommend it. It’s a hidden gem. I was in the middle of visiting my parents. Now, we’re in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We’ll be here for two months.

You’re exploring and experiencing it. What are you doing there exactly?

Business-wise, the concept is I can imagine so many people wanting to see what life is like everywhere else. Interestingly enough, Brazilians are living like COVID never happened. You see the masks. Otherwise, everything is jam-packed. People are partying under regulation but there’s no limit. The beaches are full. Beautiful women are walking down the street. The vibe is great. It feels like 2018 and 2019 before the world went into this lockdown. I used to live here and the people are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. I was like, “I’m going to come here for two months and be on prep here,” which has been amazing.

You’re going to be on prep there. Are you going to compete and you’re staying out in Brazil?

I have my rice and lean beef right next to me. We’re prepping. It has been fun.

Get your grub on. I was eating before this. I’m probably going to compete as well. I’ve gained a lot of size.

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You’re looking insane.

I’ve been hustling. You know the deal. One thing about bodybuilding is it’s so important that we, you or whoever I’m talking to got to find structure. Bodybuilding is such a discipline-oriented sport. It’s unlike any other discipline you’ll need to be able to put on the muscle that you need.

I’ve described it as an art. It sounds crazy if you say that to anybody. If you don’t hit your macros on that day that you do so consistently, your final package, which is your final presentation will show on stage. If you didn’t train as hard as you can, you’re going to look small and stringy next to everyone else who did put in the effort. The more detail you put in your piece of artwork, you’re lifting heavy, sleeping the right amount, tracking everything and making the right adjustments, your final package shows that at the end. I think why it’s been so addictive for me is that you learn all those disciplines and apply them to different things in life be it your business and relationship. For me, I did the same with medical school. I started paying attention to a lot more things. At the end of the day, it gives you the result, paying attention to detail. I love being in that mind frame because it translates to everything else. I’m sure you can attest to that.

Yes. When I’m not drinking a gallon of water, I feel like my day is not as good, my business isn’t doing as well or I’m not getting all my carbs, fats and proteins. Bodybuilding is amazing and that’s something that you have discovered over the years. I want to go back to before medical school when you’re going into undergrad. Why medical school? Why have you chosen the path that you’re in? Why different countries? Walk me through it.

It starts and ends with my mom. My mom has always been my inspiration. I was born in Cuba. She’s a nurse and my dad is African. He’s from Namibia. Most of my life was with my dad hustling, trying to make ends meet. My mom was a nurse so I would go with her to the hospital. I would spend twelve hours with her in the hospital, moving up and down, helping patients. You could see the passion my mom had for her job. She’s a Cuban woman in an African hospital. She always had this relationship with all the patients. I developed the same love for wanting to help people. My mom would tell me, “Go get the syringes. Go get the alcohol.” She would explain to me everything she’s doing, although I had no clue what was happening. I understood that gives me fulfillment.

As time passed, in high school, I decided, “I’m going to stop messing around and I want to become a doctor. I think that’s what’s going to make me happy.” I studied my ass off. I never had grades in the beginning until I decided to. This was in high school where everyone was trying to plan what the future was. I put in the work, put my head down and started grinding. The first three years, which was undergrad or as you guys in America know it as pre-med, I finished that and did well, but I didn’t feel happy. I was unfit. It was depressing because you’re three years with your head in a book. I said, “I want to document this.” I started recording YouTube videos. For the six years through medical school, I was documenting my journey of balancing medical school and fitness. That’s where I’m at right now.

I’ve now found myself in this crossroads between loving helping people online through the content I create and loving helping people in the hospital. The point I’m at right now is focusing more on building a brand, creating a brand and then deciding to figure out what gives me the most fulfillment and what brings me the most happiness. The byproducts of those, which is, “How well your business does?” or “What your career should be as a medical doctor?” They both help each other hand in hand. My mom is trying to get me to go back to start working in the hospital.

Where is she?

CUE 110 | Natural Experience
Natural Experience: People who take care of themselves end up being better in the long term.


She’s in Malaysia working with my dad.

It’s exciting and enticing. I want to learn more about these different countries. You’re literally living it. You lived in different places. What is that like for you?

It’s mind-opening. I think it’s what changed my perspective on things. My country gained independence in 1990. My dad started working for foreign affairs. In short, he’s a diplomat. In the first few years, he wasn’t earning too much. I would remember driving with him in a taxi as a side hustle, driving in the front seat with him and driving people, trying to make ends meet. In December 2020, he became an ambassador. He’s now an Ambassador to the Republic of Namibia. He has made it in his field. He’s one of my biggest inspirations.

Is he financially good now and he has the money?

Yes. It took him so long. It was a 28-year career. Finally, he hit the pinnacle of that. Now, he’s there with my mom and they’re both working together. I’ve been on my own hustle since I left the house. Because of this job, I’ve got to live in different countries.

That’s very unique. Not many people can even say that. You said that your father is your inspiration because of his hustle and he stayed so true to what he wanted to do. It’s interesting because you took the same route. You also love helping people, which your mom does a lot of. It seems like you grew up in a good household like two parents who wanted to make it work and wanted you to succeed.

My two families from my mom’s side and dad’s side are very different. I have pure Latin mom, throwing the sandal at you when she’s pissed off. You have an African dad who is very traditional. It was this mixture of both these households. Growing up, I picked and chose which things I liked. I meshed them in together. I always told myself, “How can I be better?” It’s because I’ve always understood and see what difficult looks like. I’ve been fortunate enough to not get spoiled because it’s very easy to be around the wrong crowds, moving country to country and being exposed to new cultures. There were moments in my life, which I wasn’t super-duper proud of. I decided, “I don’t want to be that person,” and making those adjustments. I have a younger sister who I’m trying to navigate through that life as well. She’s also studying to be a doctor. It’s that balance between tradition and trying to think your own way. My parents still don’t understand the whole social media aspect. They just know that I’m more independent. It’s a balance between that.

You’re like an Iron Man family. I’m close with my parents. The way that you described everything, it’s a lot of cultures but different culture. You get to learn and experience different countries. You’ve taken this journey, a medical doctor and an influencer. How did you become an influencer? How did you get people even watching your stuff? What was the chain of events there?

What happened was I finished my undergrad and I had six months between having to start medical school. I finished undergrad and I was very unhappy. I was very antisocial because I spent most of my time in the labs, doing all these tests and making vaccines as practical work. I didn’t like the person I was, although I accomplished something great. In those six months, I decided to see if I can transform my body. At that time, I started posting my progress on Instagram, which was super taboo at that time. I think this was 2013 or 2014. I remember people being like, “Look at this guy. Who do you think you are, posing half-naked on Instagram.”

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If you go to my first post on Instagram, it’s a half-naked picture of myself. That was very taboo at the time. My page grew consequently just by posting, “This is how I look.” I had no clue about macros and training. I was just working hard. I was spending an hour and a half on the treadmill and training with these six months of downtime. My Instagram page grew to 10,000 followers, which was crazy to a lot of people. I got someone message me and said, “Why don’t you start a YouTube channel?” My main inspiration is Christian Guzman at that time and another character by the name of Sean Thompson. Christian Guzman is who he is now. He’s amazing enough. Sean Thompson was making videos and he stopped. I made videos and hit 3,000 subscribers just grinding it out and making these videos. I was commenting on all these YouTubers’ pages. I did one comment. It hit a top comment and I remember getting 100 subs. I did that enough until Christian Guzman sent me a DM saying, “Mike, you’re doing a great job. I see you being the next big thing.”

He did that?

He did that. That’s why I’ll always be very thankful to him because I needed that one person who you look up to believe in you to say that. I haven’t put the video camera down once ever since. I uploaded at least one video a week. Now, I was many years consistently not missing a week.

That mindset was, “I want to show people my progress,” and then it turned into, “I like showing people my progress. I want to help people in a different way.” Now, what’s your mindset behind it? Where do you want to take this stuff? You’re a doctor, you got something that 99.9% of people do not have.

This is where I think you and I resonate. This is why I’ve always followed you and always will continue to. The concept of failure, the only time you do fail is when you give up. It’s when you’ve stopped and you’re like, “Enough.” In my three years of undergrad, which was the hardest three years, there were many chances where I was in a fetal position crying. My grades were terrible, especially in the first year. It was so hard. The only thing I said, “Irrespective of what happens in the end, I’m going to give it my effort.” I made it through. You keep on experiencing that saying, “If you never say, ‘I give up,’ you’re going to reach the destination you need to.” It can be 1, 2 or 3 years.

Long story short, that’s the mindset I have. I’m years into YouTube and I still feel like I’m in my first year where I’m at over half a million subs. You can attest to that. If you decide to stop, it’s the only time you fail. You have complete control of when you start and stop. The same goes for everything else. I apply that to everything else. At the end of the day, people look at YouTubers as, “They make X amount of money because they make videos.” Now, it’s like chasing clout. One of my biggest inspirations is Kobe Bryant. Look at the legacy he has left now that he’s not on earth anymore. There’s not one day on social media that I don’t see a Kobe Bryant legacy. That has made him immortal.

In your own selfish way, you want to be remembered. You don’t want your day to come. Kobe taught a lot of people that life is short. You don’t know when you won’t be able to see Brazil again. You don’t know when you’ll be able to see the US. I’ve never been there but it became a reality saying, “I might never see what America looks like because I decided to chill.” For me, it’s like, “What legacy do I want to leave?” That’s by helping as many people as possible. Thus far, social media gives you the ability to do that. Everything else is a byproduct. You get to meet all these amazing people. You do live a more comfortable life if you’re doing well in that sphere.

We do take a lot for granted. It’s like you’ve ever been sick and you’re reminded of all the things you took for granted. You get healthy and you’re like, “I’ll take for granted all of these things again.”

CUE 110 | Natural Experience
Natural Experience: The people who are open-minded and try everything ends up being far happier in the end.


You forget about it. You don’t think about being thankful to see. You get a pink eye one time and then you wish like you took care of your eyes a little bit more.

How do you live in a way that you’re continuously grateful? What do you do in your life to configure that?

You need to remember, I spend my day in the hospital every day for six years, even nine. You need to ask the patient’s history, first of all. You hear their story of how they ended up here. That’s one of the first things you need to ask, “What happened? How did you get here?” It’s very common that you see that the person was fine. There were little things that they would do that they didn’t pay attention to and here they are fighting for their life. I go back home thinking of that story. The next day will come and you’ll get another patient with their story. You’re constantly reminded. You’ll hear their story. They have families like you. Some of them are very wealthy and have everything they desire, but don’t they wish that they could have taken care of their heart a little bit better.

What a lot of us don’t think about is that there will come a time where everything doesn’t function at such an optimal level. Another thing that you see as well is the people who did take care of themselves end up being better in the long-term. I try and take care of my body as best as possible. This comes to the natural debate, “Why stay natty?” People are seeing it a lot now. You’re seeing a lot of young bodybuilders, 40 years old, finding themselves with difficult situations when it comes to their heart and suffering from strokes. In reality, if you’re smart enough, you can understand that it’s all a byproduct of what you did in your 20s, 30s and so on. It might have just been once or twice, but you only start experiencing the consequences of that at a later age because your body is working so optimally. There are many reasons. You just need to look.

As far as longevity goes, what are some of the key factors that you’ve found being in the medical space and hospitals, hearing and seeing cases? What are the common occurrences like not brushing their teeth? That could be a big one. Not having regular bowels each day or a proper diet. What would you say your top five are?

I’ve gone through my own experiences. There was a good time where I was drinking a lot. This was prior to getting into the fitness regime. I found myself in a lot of trouble consistently drinking, getting into the wrong crowds and getting yourself in situations that you could hurt yourself. As you can imagine, crowds are aggressive when you’re in clubs or parties, especially being at that young age. If anyone is in their 20s to 30s reading this, I cut out alcohol and at least only doing so on occasion because it’s very easy to go overboard. I did that. That helped me tremendously in terms of keeping myself out of trouble and keeping my kidneys and liver healthy.

How would you say do that?

I just cut out alcohol. This is where my friend group also started to change. I started cutting out things that didn’t fit the lifestyle that I wanted for myself. If you wanted to hang out with me, you have to go train. I started going to the gym very often. Seriously, it’s all I did. I would either be making YouTube videos or be training. I started hanging out in the gym more. As a consequence, you’re trying to do it optimally. You’re eating better as well as a result. Now, if I eat a burger, I feel sick. You can feel all that fat content. You start getting heartburn because the fats are too high. You start having that acidic regurgitation because your body isn’t used to it.

Creating these different environments for yourself, you start seeing how much more optimally you perform. I’ve tried veganism for about a week, but I can see the perspective of how a lot of vegans can see a benefit to only eating plant-based foods alone in their digestion. That was a core decision that they made. It’s these small little adjustments in terms of your lifestyle and the people that you have around you that impact your decisions long-term. You don’t want to jump on a diet for two weeks and then get off and that will make a difference. It’s more about lifestyle changes. It starts with making that decision yourself.

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You talked about how your environment shapes a lot. It shapes the way that you eat and drink. It shapes your sleep schedules. It affects your hormones, cortisol and everything.

I drank a whole bottle of vodka on my birthday when I turned 28. It was me and a homie. We drank a whole bottle of vodka. It’s called Finlandia. It took me four days to recover. My birthday was October 31st. That was enough time to be like, “I’m not going to see a bottle again a year from now before I decide to do that again.” A lot of people say, “I’ll never drink again,” but you fall into that habit of doing that again and again, saying, “Let me go out with my homies and we’re going to do this one more time.” They will be like, “You’re fine. Just don’t overdo it.” It’s so hard to have discipline when it comes to something as small as drinking.

Here’s the thing, Mike. What I learned is that now that I’m getting older, it doesn’t take me one day to recover. My days were like 5 or 6.

The weeks are a write-off. You don’t perform optimally. You’re like, “This sucks.” You keep on thinking back to one decision you made. As you’ve said, I have the same experience. It was my birthday. It was the first time it took me 4 to 5 days to completely recover. I have a lot of clients who are elderly as well and they have that same experience. It makes sense. Metabolically, you’re not the same individual you were at eighteen. From 18 to 28, there’s a difference. Your test levels are very different compared to those two days. The way your body metabolizes whatever you put in it is not the same and it’s slowed down. I also guess that’s why people get much more mature as they age. You realize that. You don’t need to be a scientist to feel it. You’re like, “I don’t perform the way I used to.” You need to make adjustments accordingly.

You do a lot of online coaching and online training. What’s your focus? What do you want to teach people? What do you want them to know about? Where does your passion lie?

My own selfish goals are, I want to be the best natural bodybuilder in the world, believe that wholeheartedly and chase it, and as a byproduct to be an authority when it comes to speaking about natural bodybuilding, health and fitness overall to add to my own resume as a doctor. That’s my goal. I’ve structured everything. I’m in Brazil on purpose in such a way that it should allow me for that success. I should see myself, when I finally step on stage, having all those things ticked. I have a natural bodybuilding show on October 17th 2021, granted the world goes back to normal and we can travel properly. Everything else, culminating to that point, will show over time. It’s the first time I get to take social media more seriously and put a lot more focus on it as I’m not in the hospital on a day-to-day basis.

I think having that one goal translates to a lot of different things and having the right friends and people around you who support you on that goal. At the same time, if you’re documenting that and doing the same, you can see how much impact that has on different people. For example, if Christian Guzman didn’t make his video years ago, would I be in Brazil? No. People don’t understand what ripple effects can be through your own action inspiring someone. You have your own selfish reasons but try and have other people benefit from it. That’s why I resonate with your content. You’re constantly putting out this positive good energy.

You can only imagine how many people are benefiting from that. You’ll just pick your one guy being like, “Now is a write-off.” They’ll watch one of your stories and decide, “I’m going to go train.” You could have shifted someone’s focus or mindset on that day that could have become a ripple effect. Take everything seriously. Obviously, you’re having fun. Have that goal in mind and you’re the same. I’ve seen you constantly now focus on getting a pro card as a natural. You see that daily grind, every rep that you’re hitting. I take notice, “Is he improving in his weights? Is he improving in form?” If you take note of all those little details with repetition, it’s a part of the learning. You’ll see yourself a different person at the end of the day.

CUE 110 | Natural Experience
Natural Experience: Figure out what you love and have that as a side hustle until you can do it full-time.


You’ve gone through repetitions in different verticals of your life. What stands out with you is that it’s not even only about natural bodybuilding. Something that I gathered about myself is that a lot of my shit comes up for me while I’m in prep. It’s a lot of the things that I didn’t even recognize. I see these different areas and I’m like, “I can be better here with my relationships with my parents, sister, brother and friends. These people haven’t been giving me any energy or the same energy that I’ve been giving them. Maybe I need to adjust that or my living situation.”

It’s hard to recognize unless you’re in that discipline. It’s not even about bodybuilding. It’s any type of discipline. Humans, I don’t think I know. Humans thrive under structure because our bodies are structured. It’s like one organ affects another organ, another organ affects another organ. You going through this process and being in Brazil, what comes up for you? What do you want to discover about yourself, your businesses and the verticals that you’re creating in your life? It’s a different situation.

For the first time, I’ve had to have a business mind. For example, I’ve never looked at money as some sort of power, but I’ve always looked at money as freedom. Without money, you cannot go to Brazil for two months. What do you do to be able to have enough and sustain that lifestyle? For some people, it ranges differently. Some people want to have four cars parked in their garage. You translate that form of discipline to everything else. Unfortunately, it requires structure and discipline.

Let’s say you want to be an online coach. If you’re not checking in on clients, you’re not going to have any transformations and you’re not going to have anybody come back to your business. Therefore, you will not have a successful business. If you have a structure that you’re going to jump on a call once a week with everyone, send everyone a message at this hour every time, and make sure that every Sunday someone is organized, you will see a better business model and better results for both your clients and yourself financially. You take that structure and discipline and apply it to your business. You even speak to people. You chat to people and say, “How can I do this better? How are you doing it?”

I think that’s why YouTube is so beautiful. You get to learn a lot from people who share free information. Think about it. There were these guys who decided to talk about how to properly diet and the whole world runs this multibillion-dollar coaching business because one person decided to share that information. You get to learn, get a structure, and then continuously do so to continue evolving. Apply that to every different place. I’m trying that myself now. I feel like if I tell myself, “Set the goal to be the best natural bodybuilder in the world,” that next level is going to translate to everything else.

It’s going to translate to your relationships, especially with yourself, knowing that you have something that you’re pushing towards. A lot of people are like, “I don’t have a fucking goal. I don’t want to be a natural bodybuilder. It’s cool. You’re a doctor. You guys are successful. You both are pushing for it, but I don’t have a passion. How the hell do I find it?” I always like to ask this question towards the end of our show with everyone. How do you find that passion? I want to say quickly to lead you into it. Personally, I believe you have to start with structure and discipline, then a lot of the things that you want, passions, etc., comes with time. Where would you say it comes from?

I would say it’s trying a bunch of different shit. The people who are open-minded and try everything end up being far happier in the end. I had a friend. We were both in school together. For PE class, they made us try a new sport in each and every single PE class. The person discovered that they were great at handball. The person isn’t a professional handball player if they never tried it. The same goes for any aspect. Eventually, you’re going to do something. From trying different stuff, you’re going to find what about that specific thing that does resonate with you. What makes you happy? That’s why you have the separation between people who are good and great. You have people who can be good at a certain task and that’s just because they have to do it. When you’re passionate about something, you’re going to put in so much more time.

Whatever time you’re having now, try. It doesn’t matter because no one is going to shit on you for failing once you’ve tried something. Try bodybuilding once. Try to step on stage once. See what happens. You get nothing out of it, but you’re going to learn so much about yourself. Try running a business once. See if you want to be a boss. If you don’t want to be a boss and then it figures out, “Maybe this isn’t for me. I’m not looking for a leadership position.” If you try this earlier, you know when you’re at a younger age that it’s better for you. I feel that individuals who search end up finding what resonates with them, then they become professionals and improve that. They end up winning long-term. People do this all the time. They’ll sit on a desk job.

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If you’re sitting at the desk job and you’re hating life, rather fix that immediately, figure out what you do love and have that as a side hustle until you can do it full-time. It was the same with me with YouTube. It took three years for my channel to ever have anything happen to it. The moment I recorded one video, I knew that I love doing this. Someone who isn’t passionate enough isn’t going to go for three years trying something until they see a result. It’s the same thing with you. If you’re not there, look. You have all the time in the world to figure that out. No one has a timer on you saying, “You got 30 seconds.” Keep on harping on that string and you’ll see that you have the best instrument in the game.

It’s living the yes and no lifestyle. That is saying yes to a lot of opportunities and saying no to things that you know are not going to serve you. Figuring out what serves you and doesn’t serve you, you can discover that through your structure and discipline. “Shit, I like this.”

You’ve gone from calisthenics to bodybuilding now. How much has that helped you and your knowledge of you being an authority in fitness?

A lot of the things where I’ve discovered the most about myself has nothing to do with fitness. Believe it or not. I do so much stuff on the business side that I don’t tell anybody. I don’t speak about it. I learned so much because I say yes to so many things, but I also say no to stuff that doesn’t serve me. Getting that structure was always important to me. Creating the discipline within that structure was always the second best thing for me. Number three was being able to say no because I had the structure and discipline, but then also saying yes to new opportunities, structures and ways of living my life, whether that was going out at night.

Here’s an interesting point. One night, I didn’t feel like going out. I was extremely tired from the day, but I knew that I was working too much. I wanted to experience some relationships. My buddy was going out with a few girls. We ended up going out and I ended up dating one of the girls. It was an incredible experience because I ended up learning so much from that girl as well. I remember we went to this place called Temple in Downtown Denver. I said yes when generally, I was the type of guy growing up that I was like, “No, I’m tired. No, this is my life.” That was almost like a selfish way of living. I think there’s a lot of opportunity and passion discovered with saying yes. That’s what you’ve been saying.

I have a similar experience. I haven’t made it public but it’s out there. I’ve made a video on it. I went through a breakup and I said, “I’m going to spend all my time focusing on me,” which was great. At that time, I found happiness in finding this routine and having a balance. YouTube and school were going great. It capped. You reached a point and then you get bored. Someone mentioned like, “Why don’t you try Tinder?” It made sense in the sense that I didn’t have time to go out to the club, go through that process and finding someone. I said, “I’m going to jump on Tinder. Why not?” You figure out if you like someone by swiping right or left and you need to figure out if your personalities match.

Two years later, my long-term girlfriend and business partner, we live together now. That’s the same example of trying something. I’ve never been happier. It has completely changed my perspective on life as well because before and after meeting her, my mind was like, “To be able to be successful, you need to be alone and you only need to care about yourself.” It has now become more like, “You can find someone who you can share the same goals with and who’s able to elevate you and you do that to them.” It’s exactly a testament to what you’re saying. It is also saying yes to the right things.

Congrats, by the way. That’s awesome. I love seeing love firsthand or seeing it within you. That’s a beautiful thing. I think love and connection are what we yearn for as human beings. It’s important to find. I believe we can find it by saying yes sometimes when we don’t want to or when we’re feeling uncomfortable.

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Natural Experience: Everyone goes through a hard time. Most people just don’t decide to share it. If you’re going through it, know that you’re supposed to, and it’s only going to leave you a better person at the end of the day.


I think there’s a time everyone will get to experience that as you can imagine. For some people, it’s sooner than later. I remember seeing high school sweethearts and being like, “Are you sure?” They’re still together now. I remember yearning for that and saying, “I want that one day,” and then deciding, “I’ll never get it. I’ll just chase success.” Everyone will get their chance at discovering that. Sometimes as human beings, we can be impatient. It’s the same with looking for your thing that you’re good at. All the good things take time.

I’ve enjoyed this conversation.

It’s such a good conversation. It’s very mind-opening.

We could chat a million times over. I’ll probably invite you back onto the show so we can talk about something more specific and dive into the knowledge of that mind of yours. I appreciate you coming on here all the way from Brazil. I thought you were in either Europe or Russia. I didn’t know where you were. Is there anything that you want to say to close this show out?

I’ve also realized podcasts can sound very lilies and flowers. Everything is good. Everyone is successful. I want to leave there that everyone goes through a hard time. Most people just don’t decide to share it. If you’re going through a hard time, know that you’re supposed to and it’s only going to leave you a better person at the end of the day. I’m sure you go through difficult moments all the time. For the people reading this, if you’re going through one as well, keep on grinding whatever it is if you’re not where you want to be. This is part of the process. Enjoy it. I’ll leave it there. I want to say thank you to you for inviting me on here. I do appreciate it. I was very excited to be able to get to chat with you and have people read our conversation. I always learned something speaking to you. I appreciate what you’re doing, especially on your social media pages. It does a lot for me. Keep grinding.

Thanks. I appreciate that. Where can they find you, Instagram or website, if they want coaching or anything like that?

If you’re looking for me on Instagram, it’s @MikeDiamonds23. On YouTube, you can find me at Doctor Mike Diamonds. It’s just YouTube and Instagram. Those are the two platforms I’m most active on. If you want to chat, I normally chat with people in the DM so feel free. That’s all.

Thanks so much for coming on here. I learned a lot about you. I found even more inspiration in the way that you think. Knowing your past and your history, it’s beautiful. I appreciate you sharing and getting vulnerable, raw and authentic. That’s what CreateU is all about. If you’re reading and struggling or trying to figure out your passion or whatever, from this discussion, what I pulled from it is try and put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Say yes sometimes when you don’t want to say yes. Go travel if you can. Figure things out for yourself. Maybe become a CEO so you can discover what it’s like to be CEO or a leader.

You’re not right or wrong just because you failed at something. You’re not right or wrong because you don’t like something or you do like something. That has nothing to do with it. Correlate your success with your fulfillment within yourself and know that everything will come to be. Be patient. The CreateU Experience is all about igniting your breakthrough and bringing your vision to life. Thank you so much, Dr. Michael Diamonds. We also have QuickTime Fridays. If you have any questions, go ahead and shoot him a DM. It’s @MikeDiamonds23 on Instagram. You can always reach out to me @TheBMeyers on Instagram. I’ll see you at the next one. Peace.

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CUE 110 | Natural ExperienceMike Diamonds, also know as Doctor Mike Diamonds is a fitness expert, online coach, and youtube personality. Originally from Africa Mike is now a Medical Doctor and pushing his natural abilities within the bodybuilding community.

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