Episode 14: Overcoming Unhealthy Eating, Combatting Eating Disorder, & Creating Nutritional Success with Alexa Stanco

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Episode 14: Overcoming Unhealthy Eating, Combatting Eating Disorder, & Creating Nutritional Success with Alexa Stanco

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Many factors including poor work-life balance affect the way people eat these days. Due to these unhealthy eating habits, many are now living unhealthy lives. Dietetic technician Alexa Stanco teaches us how to overcome unhealthy eating and combat eating disorders amidst the battles we may be facing in life. Alexa has overcome eating disorders, addiction, and emotional pain herself but has been able to overcome that and has established herself as an expert in the fitness field. Through her experience, she has developed a method that has helped her control her life and become healthy again. She joins us today to talk about gut health and eating properly and share the keys to successful nutrition.

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Overcoming Unhealthy Eating, Combatting Eating Disorder, & Creating Nutritional Success with Alexa Stanco

From Eating Disorder To Gut Pro!

We are accompanied by a beautiful woman, incredible person, influential and knowledgeable. Her name is Alexa Stanco. She has been inspiring ladies all around the world for a long time. She has an incredible story. Welcome to the CreateU Experience, Alexa.

Thank you so much for that intro. I’m very excited.

Alexa and I have a great relationship. She loves when I play the guitar. One thing that’s so incredible about her is what she’s created in her life and what she’s been through. I would love for you to say where you came from to where you are now.

I’m 21. I competitively swim my entire life. That was all I knew. The practice is seven days a week. When I was fifteen, I fractured my foot and due to that injury, I was out of the sport. Because I knew nothing else other than swimming, I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t know what to do. I turned to terrible things like smoking weed, drinking, fucking around guys, going to all these shows and all these raves because I didn’t know anybody and anything else other than swimming. I had no other outlet. It was in the wrong people, the wrong relationships and the wrong things.

I gained 50 pounds on my little frame super quickly going from a swimmer’s appetite. I became extremely depressed. I was involved in a super toxic relationship to the point where I was suicidal. I was going to kill myself with this other person. It was bad and I played the victim in my life with a lot of shit that was going on at home, to growing up with my mother as an alcoholic and a lot of things. I didn’t know where to turn especially when you’re growing up at that age, you don’t know what to do. You’re never taught how to cope with these situations when you’re in them. You do what feels right at that time. It was toxic people and toxic things.

You went through that whole situation. You got into fitness. You were diving into that whole fitness journey. You’re like, “What’s going on? I need to change, I need to transform.” You took more steps in the right direction but at the same time, what did you do?

I finally had to take control back on my life. I got into fitness and exercise. I lost the weight and became fearful of gaining it back. I had this extreme fear of becoming what I was again. I became bulimic, bingeing, purging. I wouldn’t wish what I went through upon my worst enemy. I was dying. I used to work at Denny’s. Having access to that food, I would have the chef cook me things whenever I wanted. I’d sit in my car after my shift got out and I’d binge and purge every single day because that was the only thing that I had control over my life. That was the way that I coped. I turned to that and things went to the other extreme where I started to get better. I lost my period due to my bulimia. I went to then the undereating, extreme exercise and all these other things, another way to control my life in some aspect.

All of the shit is happening. Why are you sitting here? Who are you right now?

I am somebody who has control over my life and who I want to impact and why is because I wouldn’t wish what I went through upon my worst enemy. Feeling that low and worthless and feeling like you literally don’t have a purpose in your life. It’s now putting forth this positive, inspirational message and giving people the tools and allowing people to understand, they have the power to control every single thing in their life. Everything in your life is your fault. What does that mean? Your thoughts, your everything.

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She’s knowledgeable in gut health. Where you are now in gut health and everything that you’ve been standing for, what does it take for you to not go back to that old you and dig into that bullshit, victim story, that everything that you were going through? What does take it now?

Compared to where I was, I am authentically myself now and I feel so good. It’s showing up for the people in my life. I think over through this time, aside from myself, I wasn’t showing up for anybody else in my life. My parents, my friends, my family because of the shit that I was putting myself through. I stepped back and allowed myself to understand the value of their relationships in my life and what they mean to me. Not only do I not want to let myself down and reverting back to those ways, but I can’t let these people, my friends, my family, you and Katrina down, my parents and whatever and going back to my old habits. It’s a sense of accountability per se. Understanding the value of the love around you and I need to show up for these people.

You need to show up for yourself first and foremost. You will show up for other people the second you start showing up for yourself. There’s no bullshit behind it. If you don’t go and get your workout in the days that you’re supposed to get your workout in, how are you going to train people on the level with the value that you truly want to give them and tell them, “Workout every day. Make sure you’re following the structure. Make sure you’re following this program.” Show up for yourself. That’s what CreateU is all about. Your experience is your life. Everything in your life is an experience. It’s all creating you at the same time, every single moment. You are created when you were born. Your parents were created when they were born. Your brother, your sister, everyone around you was created when they were born. It’s seeing the beauty, the joyfulness and everything that each person in front of us was born with.

It’s allowing it too because we all disallow it and we suppress it regardless of your situation, societal views, yourself, your ego. We’re all created. We have all of those amazing things that make us who we are, but we suppress it. We push that shit down.

You’re created and that’s the main thing, I want to make sure you know that. You’re working on a lot in your life, which is beautiful. If you’re not working and you’re not progressing, you’re dying every second. Let’s shift a little bit. Let’s think deep into nutrition and gut health. Where do you see people lacking focus on their diets? Where do you think people really go off the path and find themselves in a rut or find themselves losing too much weight and not being healthy or gaining too much fat? Where do you see that common occurrence with gut health and food intake and everything?

A lot of it is emotions. People know what’s healthy for them. People know what’s good for them. People know how to get healthier and get fit. It’s very difficult to cope with your emotions. People either turn to food or don’t eat anything. That’s the biggest thing is knowing the true way to cope with our emotions. We’re never taught that. The easy thing oftentimes is to turn to food. It’s food that we know isn’t good for us. Everybody knows what is healthy, what isn’t healthy. It’s turning into the foods that we know are the best for us. That is a cycle because we get upset and emotional, we turn to pizza. We know it’s not good for us. We turn to those things. We make ourselves feel guilty and upset about having those and it goes again. We get more upset, turn to food and get upset. When I’m stressed, I need to get out of the kitchen, otherwise I’ll binge.

Could we maybe have an alternative like some type of food or have a cutoff like, “You could have a handful of goldfish every day,” and move on. Is that okay?

It depends on the person because everybody has their trigger foods especially when it comes to somebody with an eating disorder. Those foods that you cannot stop eating.

What’s one for you?

CUE 14 | Overcoming Unhealthy Eating
Overcoming Unhealthy Eating: People know what’s good for them but it’s very difficult to cope with their emotions that they either turn to food or don’t eat anything.


It’s peanut butter, fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies and warm, freshly cooked Jasmine rice. That’s something I would stay in the kitchen and binge on, but I’ve gotten better. I’m able to have them in the house now but I used to not even be able to have a bite or as a handful of goldfish or whatever because I would have the whole entire bag. It depends where your specific relationship is at with food as to the extent that you’re able to have that moderation. If your gut’s not in a good place, maybe you can’t have a cookie every single day. It is per individual and where you’re at with your relationship with food.

If I go and get a box of cookies, I’m like, “I’m going to have one,” and that you eat the whole thing. It wasn’t that many calories. I’m not going to even look at the numbers on the back of it. I’m in good shape. I exercise a lot. I’m lean and I look good. From that point of view, I’m like, “It’s okay. I’m going to have a whole box of cookies.” The next day I’ll have like, “I’ll eat this or I’ll eat that.” How can I combat that? What can I do? How do I create that discipline? How do I create that habit of not eating the bullshit?

The biggest thing in any change that you’re making is recognizing how you’re showing up or what that fault is. If you’re doing it every single day and you’re not even realizing, you’re not in a place to change. If you realize it, the biggest thing to do is you need to have somebody else tell you. The value in coaching and friendships like, “Brendan, if you want to look a certain way, if you want to feel this way, you need to stop eating so many fucking cookies.” At least what I was lacking in my life for the longest time were those relationships and those people to tell me straight up how I’m showing up or what I’m doing wrong. I never used to have those relationships. In this case, when you’re showing up a certain way, you want to change, you know what you’re doing but it’s so hard for yourself to create that discipline. That’s when you reach out to other people. That’s when you share.

That’s beautiful what you’re saying because if you think that you’re surrounded by assholes, they’re most likely, more times than not, real friends. The assholes that are standing for you and that are saying, “Clean up after yourself. Don’t eat that. Don’t do this. You shouldn’t do that. What are you doing? Why are you doing that? This is your vision. This is your goals,” and you’re saying, “You’re a fucking asshole. Why are you talking to me like that? I don’t want you in my life.” You’re pushing away your success. You’re pushing away your whole vision and everything you’ve set out forth. How do you surround yourself with those people? How do you recognize those things in your life especially even with eating and losing fat or gaining weight? How do you even recognize that?

For the longest time, I didn’t. I feel like I had a lot of people wrapped around my finger because I was getting praised always. I wasn’t growing and because of that, I was in a relationship for X amount of time because nobody was telling me that wasn’t good for me even though I convinced myself that it was and I wasn’t growing in my business. I wasn’t growing anyway and I felt so stuck. I feel so stagnant and I feel like you know when you finally have those right people around you and you oftentimes have to step outside of your own comfort zone to find those people like I was going to come to you but the second you came in my life, all this shit started happening to me. I’d never had that and not even my parents, not even in my closest friends. There are still some of my best friends, but the people in my life who actually are those assholes to me. You’re an asshole sometimes, but it’s good because I need that. I need somebody to remind me of my goals and standing for me and making sure I’m in the direction of what I’m going to say I’m going to do and not somebody who’s going to yes me to death.

The way I look at it is I’m willing to go there with you. I’m willing to go there with anyone because I truly see what you’re capable of. If that causes you to hate me in the process, but you leave with your vision, so be it. Here’s the thing, one thing that I am working through is how to establish both. It comes down to communication and it’s communication even with yourself. That’s also associated with gut health. Your gut is connected to your brain in so many different ways. Are you stuffing yourself down with so many carbs of whole wheat pasta or are you having your proper servings throughout the day and making sure that you’re exercising right? Not only having a healthy gut and putting in good foods every single day but also working up there, upstairs. When it comes to nutrition, how much of it is that meditation of your own mind? Calming your own mind and creating that discipline and the habit. Where does that come from? Do you do anything to work on your mind so that it’s easier to eat properly and everything like that?

It’s more so the food that controls your mind 100%, whether that be the actual chemistry of the food or the positive and negative feedback. For example, I’m going to feel a lot better when I eat whole nutrient dense foods. I get mental clarity. I show up better for the people in my life. I succeed in my business. I show up for my clients and in turn that makes me feel good or if I know I’m choosing healthy foods, I feel good. I know I’m doing something good for myself rather than if I were to choose cookies, I not only would feel poorly physically but mentally I would feel foggy. I wouldn’t be showing up how I know that I should be showing up and I have that guilt of like, “I should have had this prepped meal that I already had instead of the cookies.” It’s not only physical but it’s the feedback of it too.

What if most of us are used of the habit that I’m foggy every day and I don’t even realize I’m foggy. It’s people that don’t even know that they need glasses until they put on glasses and they’re like, “I can see clearly now.” Where are those lenses for us when it comes to nutrition, where does it start? When I started on my journey of transforming me, I went through the MITT program, which you’re going through as well, Mastery in Transformational Training. I went through the first part of it. I was like, “I recognize it. What do I do now?” Let’s talk over some strategies that people can take advantage of to get as lean as they’ve always wanted to. It could even be with weights and their personal records. Even relationships, where does it start? What are some things that we can give people that are listening or watching right now that can propel them forward and accomplish the things that they want in their life and create those habits, the discipline and the consistency to get there?

Even laying the basic foundation of most of us, we don’t sleep. We don’t drink water. We don’t plan out our meals ahead of time and go a long time without eating. Building that foundation of habits is key. That’s basic. Increase your water intake, eat slowly, prioritize your sleep, increase your movement, go for walks and you’re going to be like, “I feel good after doing these basic things.”

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That’s the first thing, drink a lot more water. It doesn’t have to be a gallon. It can be three-quarters of a gallon.

Start to drink water right when you wake up, a full glass of warm water. Add some lemon if you want to take things to the next step.

What does the lemon do?

It basically helps your digestion as it creates an acidic pH in your stomach, which helps you digest.

That affects your liver as well and also your whole digestive tract.

A little bit of lemon can go a long way when it comes to helping your digestion.

It’s water, sleeping properly.

For example, nighttime routine, get your phone out of your room. Shut down your phone an hour before you go to sleep. Quality of sleep will increase your energy. It will increase your digestion.

Isn’t it interesting that everything is all connected? It always starts with us waking up. When we were born, we almost woke up to the world. We were born as we add this and this. We started here, at the beginning of the day, you wake up and you’re planning yourself for the whole day. You have things that you’re going to come across. We always wake up, usually generally stress-free. It’s like, “I got this, I got this.” It’s like our 24 hours is so similar. While we’re awake when we were babies in the womb and coming out of the womb because we’re finally awake. When we look at that, where else can we dive into the nutrition aspect of succeeding with all of our goals? We got started with our morning routine. That’s life. When we were growing up, we were learning from our mom and our dad. We would learn how to walk. That’s the foundation of our lives, our future. From that standpoint and from that viewpoint, after you wake up and you have the good chug of water. You do have something a little bit good in your system. What else is there to help us get started walking and run throughout our day with a lot of joyous feelings and excitement?

CUE 14 | Overcoming Unhealthy Eating
Overcoming Unhealthy Eating: When you’re choosing healthy foods, you feel good. You get mental clarity and show up better for the people in your my life.


You set your intentions. Know what you’re accomplishing that day. I remember when I was younger, “I would go to school, I would have sports, I would have this,” there was some structure and routine to my day. There’s something I planned out and structured out. In turn, I had goals for the day. I had intentions for the day. Whereas if you go throughout the day without a plan or this and that, you feel very scatterbrained and you don’t feel very organized, your meals won’t be in place. You won’t have those intentions. Being structured and knowing what you’re accomplishing that day, why you’re accomplishing it and checking in with yourself from time to time to make sure that you’re on track is super important.

Even words of affirmation and setting your intention list for the day, “What am I going to get done?” That comes into a calendar. This is the representation of life in a dazed pace. We wake up. We have our water. We have everything. We’re starting to eat a little bit healthier. We know when our meals are coming. We start jogging a little bit. We’re understanding we get some exercise in for the day. We have to go to our work, the job that we hate. What do we do?

It’s all your perspective of the situation and do you hate it or do you have a choice? Everything’s a choice. You can go to that job. You can say that you hate it. You can hate your boss. You cannot be productive. You can just hate your life and not want to go home to your wife that day or you can go to that job and say, “This job is providing for my family. This job is providing me the life that I wanted to and I’m going to show up 110% because I’m choosing to be here right now.” It’s my choice. Either I can choose to have a good day at work. I can choose my family, I can choose myself, I can choose my body, I can choose my health or I can be miserable. I can be upset. I can play the victim. It’s the same day but two different perspectives. Which one are you going to choose?

Everything is going well. My life, my vision, everything is coming together. Remember, we’re associating this with when you’re a baby and you’re starting to learn how to walk. You’re jogging now. You’re going into school. You’re in your teenage years and that party comes along. You’re at work. You’re having such a great day. All of a sudden, something hits you out of nowhere. Some news, something you get invited to go out and party with your friends. Something comes out of nowhere and you’re like, “Big decision time. What do you do?”

You trust yourself. Whatever that decision is, you trust the decision that you made, whether it’d be the right one or the wrong one. You’re going to learn something from either. Whether it’s at a high school party, maybe you weren’t supposed to go but you went. One of your friends overdosed and they died. You chose to go to that party. You witnessed that happen and you can play the victim from that situation. You can say, “I fucked up. I can’t believe I did this. I let this happened to them.” All these other things you can learn from that situation. Make an impact in other people’s lives because of the shit that you saw at that party or you can play the victim. Even if it’s a decision at work, you fucked up with your boss. Now you got called into their office, you have to make a big business decision. You’re scared. You don’t know if you’re going to make the right one and all these things. Regardless of your decisions, your choice and you’re going to learn from either one. You can apply it anywhere.

Basically, what you’re saying and to summarize that part is making a decision, choose and whatever comes from each decision, whether it is going home and getting your meals ready for the next day or whatever and relax or going out and celebrating. If that’s something bad happened, it’s all about the mindset of that new experience that is created. I would like to say something and chime in a little bit on that. When you are going through something that is that significant or it’s like, “What’s going on? I got invited to a party. I don’t party but I want to go party. I want to go drink.” Take your vision to the next level. Is it going to establish your vision? Is it going to bring more clarity to your vision? When you look at it from a different perspective like that and you’re like, “If I do go to this party, I know that this person is going to go there, I am going to drink, but I’m not going to drink as much. I’m going to go there for more of the experience of being with friends and I know I’m going to see this person. Maybe I could pick their brains a little bit,” look at the positives from both and make the decision but never regret your decision.

A lot of it too is our lack of checking in with ourselves. For example, we don’t take things to the next level when it comes to our self and our goals. I’m going to prep for a bodybuilding show, for example. I get asked to go out, I would think, “I have to get in my meals. I have to do this. Should I go out? Is that conducive to my goals? Is it going to set me back?” All these questions are going through my brain. If this person may have a fat loss goal. They get asked to go out, “Let’s go.” They don’t think, “What’s going to happen when I go out? How am I going to feel the next day? How’s my digestion going to look? How is my sleep going look?”

Just meditate with it is what you’re saying?

Take time to analyze the situation. How’s it going to affect me? How is it going to affect my vision? How’s it going to affect my goals rather than acting on impulse.

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It’s like a tattoo. You’re like, “I want that tattoo. I want those butt cheeks on my bicep. Those things are so weak. I want mom written across my chest.” The point is to give it time. Sometimes it’s not even 24 hours. Sometimes it takes a month or three months. If you’re in a relationship and you’re questioning your relationship or whatever it is, check in with that before you break up with the person. Think it through. Maybe test things out, don’t go through the motions. Put a lot of work into it because it could be something that’s going on with you and not the other person. It’s the same thing with your food and all your relationships because relationships in life is our favorite.

We’re moving along and we’re getting into the real world and life’s getting serious. We had to figure shit out. This is again in relation to our 24-hour day. We’re done with work. It’s the same feeling. This is the big-time part of your life like, “From 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM, you have a choice. You’re hungry. You’re tired. You’ve been through the dog fight. You’ve been through high school.” What do we do now when we’re like, “I want that Snicker bar,” because it brings me that feeling of, “That was great?”

I’m still going through this part of my life. A lot of my following and everyone can relate. When you compare it to life, when you start getting in your twenties or mid-twenties right after college, you start questioning your whole fucking life. Did I go to school for the right thing? Am I at the right job? Am I in the right place? The thing that’s comfortable is that job, that degree, that Snickers bar. That’s what’s comfortable. That’s what you know. That job or that career are those things that you initially set out to do when you’re in your twenties and figuring those things out. That’s what’s comfortable for you. That’s what that Snickers bar is. If you are ambitious and you have a life created that you want for yourself, this vision, this incredible life that’s bigger than that Snickers bar. It’s now stepping outside of that comfort zone and taking different steps to get to that vision, putting down the Snickers bar and going for a jog instead. That’s what’s going to bring your vision to life and allow you to feel fulfilled. At least comparing that Snickers bar to life, that goes hand in hand because both are comfortable.

That’s something similar that you do with your clients. You give them those types of tips like, “I know you want a cheat meal. I know you want this but look at your goal. You want to lose a pound of fat in these two weeks or per week,” or whatever it is. Either going for a walk or doing something that’s a hobby. Maybe go play the guitar, go do some yoga, do something active or eat something that’s an alternative to a Snickers bar. In reality, you can find alternatives and find it that way. It won’t be as bad. That’s our stretch. Now it’s not done. We’re going into nighttime. It’s past dinner. We’ve had a good dinner. We’re focused. We’re into the home stretch. We’re in our 40s, mid-life crisis. We’re about to go to sleep. We’re hungry. I’m talking about, “I want Cheerios. I want Nutella. I want peanut butter. I want a few cookies on top of that and maybe drizzle some brown sugar on that bitch.” What do you do in that scenario?

After you eat dinner, a good couple of hours before bedtime, you should be fasting. You shouldn’t be eating before dinner. For the quality of sleep, before sleeping, you shouldn’t be eating and you’re at this mid-life crisis. You’re questioning everything in your life and you’re like, “I’m so hungry. I don’t know what to do. Is everything I’m doing right?” You have to assure yourself. That’s when you take your notebook back open, you write down your gratitude, everything good that happened to you on that day. You recognize all of the good you did for yourself that day. You recognize all the positive things you did for yourself. You recognize where you’re at with your goals, what tomorrow’s goals are, what your ambitions are for tomorrow, what you’re going to achieve for tomorrow?

It’s recognizing that at nighttime and that’s where your midlife crisis comes. Why are you in a crisis? You accomplish all these things from the age of zero to 40 or 50. You have to recognize and appreciate yourself, what you’ve accomplished that day, what you’ve accomplished through your entire life in your mid-life crisis. What are you appreciating yourself that you did that day and what are you going to do tomorrow? That’s what you need to recognize at nighttime and you can go to sleep. Appreciate yourself, give yourself that gratitude, that appreciation, that love and go to sleep.

Isn’t that interesting how we design the structure to this show? You’re past your mid-life crisis and you’re fulfilled and you’re going to sleep. You’re not dying at 53. In all actuality, now you’re in your 50s and you’re like, “I’ve accomplished a lot in my life.” It’s right before bed, you’re like, “I had a good fucking day.”

Because you said that tomorrow’s going to be good too. You’re going to wake up and be like, “Yesterday was great. This day is going to be even better.”

What I’m getting from this to CreateU, it all starts with how you get up in the morning. It all starts there. All of these layers have packed on day after day and in order to get back to our joyous self, we need to peel back the layers of the onion. When we’re relating it to that, all you’ve got to do is create the habit now and don’t wait. It’s going to be tough the first day, the second day. It’s going to be a little less tough the third day. It’s going to be hard as hell the fourth day. You’ll see as you keep on working on all of these goals, nutrition-wise, all the way up to relationships. Remember everything is relationships. You’re going to see it’s starting to dwindle less and less. A lot of people that did a cryptocurrency slowly crept up. It was making more money, more money. All of a sudden shot up and they were winners. Let’s not talk about the downfall. When we think about it in that sense, our lives are the same way. If we’re working towards something, it’s slow. All of a sudden, it clicks and everything is great. That’s what’s happening in my life with you.

CUE 14 | Overcoming Unhealthy Eating
Overcoming Unhealthy Eating: Take things to the next level when it comes to yourself and our goals.


You have to take your power back. You have the power. We get so caught up in the motions and get so caught up instant gratification of things and short-term satisfaction that we don’t think long-term. We lost our power to society, to these old habits that we built, this old routine. We have to take our power back and take a stand for ourselves and what we want in our lives. You can recognize that those changes aren’t so bad to make.

Let’s talk about some foods that people can be consuming to make sure that they’re following a healthy diet and in tune with the results that they’re looking for, their vision. What are some vegetables that you recommend? What type of leafy greens?

I’m going to shift this in a different direction. More so foods that you should be avoiding because good foods look different for everybody. Everybody has their different good foods, how they affect you, how they affect me? Spinach might affect me differently than it affects you. It’s “good food.” There are universally foods that affect everybody negatively. It’d make more sense to talk about the ones to avoid. Definitely, the ones to avoid are processed flours, processed wheat, processed soy and things like that.

What are the examples?

It’s cereal, white bread, processed wheat is inflammatory. The reason a lot of times we’re using gluten and wheat that are inflammatory to us is because our body, evolutionarily speaking, hasn’t caught up to the industrial revolution that occurred. On a day-to-day basis, it’s oftentimes inflammatory, a lot of times you’ll notice some brain fog.

What other things should we stay away from?

It’s sugar.

What does that look like though? What does sugar look like? For me, I’m not going to lie. Someone’s like, “Don’t eat fruit.” I’m like, “Fuck off, I like fruit. Fruit is good for me.” From that perspective, I’m not a genius with nutrition. I understand it some. Tell me more about sugar and what to avoid.

Processed sugar versus fruit from sugar, you have vitamins, minerals and fiber in fruits. That’s going to change the response of the sugar in your body. You’re providing your body all of these nutrients and vitamins. The fiber prevents the huge spike in insulin and all of those things. Whereas processed sugar, it feeds your negative cells, cancer cells. It fuels the bad enzymes in your stomach. Processed sugar is inflammatory.

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What does that look like? Give us examples.

White sugar, brown sugar, cereals, hot chocolate, cookies, cakes, things like that have that processed sugar.

We have to stay away from processed sugars. Is there anything that you could think of that’s more common that we don’t stay away from that we don’t even realize that we’re consuming every single day. What about oils?

Inflammatory oils, the way that they’re processed such as vegetable oils, canola oils and their burning points. You have to think too, these oils are being extracted. For example, vegetables, vegetable oil, canola oil which is from corn. There’s no fat in vegetables. These things are getting manipulated, pressed and processed to extract oil. It’s not natural. Look at a carrot, a piece of corn, there’s no fat in that yet they’re processed, manipulated and extracted to get this cheap oil that’s used everywhere. It’s inflammatory. It’s not good for us.

What oil should we be consuming?

Things like cold pressed olive oil, avocado oil.

A lot of people are, “Look at that, we’ve got olive oil here at the Olive Garden.” It’s not cold processed olive oil. It’s not organic. It’s not from a place that you want to consume.

The ones that fucked up is they use a lot of olive oils. They mix it with canola oil. They’ll call it olive oil, but if you looked at the ingredient label, it says canola oil and olive oil. You definitely want your olive oil to be organic. When you purchase your olive oil, you want it to be organic and cold pressed. It looks darker and rich. You want it stored in a dark container so that the light doesn’t oxidize the oil. That’s going to be the best quality oil when you do that.

What other oils?

CUE 14 | Overcoming Unhealthy Eating
Overcoming Unhealthy Eating: We lost our power to society through these old habits that we built. We have to take it back and take a stand for ourselves and what we actually want in our lives.


Avocado oil is great to cook with. It has a super high smoke point or high cooking point.

How about coconut oil? Are there any mixed feelings with that? I know that the burning point is 370 degrees Fahrenheit or 375.

It has a high smoke point but the issue is the saturated fat in the coconut oil. Everybody responds differently to saturated fat. There’s a certain gene that you do or do not have that changes the way that your body responds to saturated fat.

The three top things to stay away from are sugar, the oils that are in your foods and the last one is processed wheat, gluten, and all of that shit. What type of water should we drink? We have alkaline water, the pH, sunflower water, sparkling water or mineral water. I get confused as when there are so many different waters, which ones should we consume?

Definitely being conscious of the water that you have access to. Oftentimes, tap water has chlorine and chemicals. You don’t want to be drinking that as little as you can. When it comes to pH water, it’s great. For the average person who might not have access to that, the reality is get clean, pure water, natural spring water. Do the best you can to get clean pure water, not from the tap.

You work with people every single day on all this stuff and we talked about things to avoid. It’s pretty self-explanatory what to consume. It’s like, “I’ll be an asshole to yourself.” If you know it’s not good for you, it’s probably not good for you. If you’re reading this, you’re health conscious a little bit. If you’re not, eat a lot of vegetables, focus on more vegetables. Eat sweet potatoes. Don’t eat too much ground beef. Portion control. For me, I like wild game meats. I like lamb, Cornish hen instead of regular chicken. That’s also a good alternative. I like bison. It’s lean meat to consume. It’s easy for me to digest. Be conscious of it. You can try alternatives like cauliflower crust. There are many different ways. When you train people, they’re trying to get started, what’s a couple of tips that you can give them? “If you want to lose a few pounds, this is what you’re going to do, do this.” What would you say?

Number one is set the time for anything. You have time for everything. Everybody’s biggest excuse typically is, “I don’t have time. I’m too busy.” Commit to yourself and set aside time that you’re going to go for a walk, that you’re going to go to the gym, whether that would be two or three days a week for a half an hour. It’s something. You’re starting there. Make the time to prep, to shop, to cook.

What’s the second thing that you could give us? What would you say is the second biggest important for transformation?

Make others aware of your goals because everybody is in hiding trying to achieve something. It’s easy to convince yourself to not go to the gym that day or do anything like that when you’re only checking in with yourself. Whereas if I were to let you know, “Brendan, I’m really committed to lose five pounds in the next month. I’m going to the gym now for three days a week. I’m committed to do this.” Now I have one person to check in with. I have one person holding me accountable. Letting your family know, “I’m going to start prepping my food. I’m going to start prepping my meals. This means a lot to me, so I’d appreciate your support.” That’s it. That’s all you have to do. The universe starts to work in your favor because everybody knows what you want to achieve and what you want to do.

When everybody knows what you want to achieve and what you want to do, the universe starts to work in your favor. Click To Tweet

You need to surround yourself with people that care about you and wants you to succeed. If people were like, “Let’s go eat.” They know you had these goals. You should most likely bring it up to them, communicate with them and if it happens again and again, shift and maybe it’s not the right time for them to be in your life. They can be in your life in other ways outside of food and all that stuff. I’m so happy that you came on here. This has been an incredible time. If you had a dinner table, it was the most important day of the year and you had one opportunity to have three people sit down and have that beautiful dinner with you, fifteen-course meal, whatever it is, a lot of talking is going on. You’re going to get to know all of them. Who would you choose?

I’d bring my great grandma, she passed away. She was my best friend growing up. To be able to have a conversation with her as an adult and really talk to her, I would give anything to do that. She’s survived World War II. She went through some shit. She was an extremely powerful woman.

Who else?

My mom and my dad.

No moms or dads in here. No family members. You have one dinner. You’ve got to think about everyone else in your life. I tell everyone like Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, maybe Logan Paul or John F. Kennedy. Sometimes I have so many different ideas of who I would want there but give me three people.

Michael Phelps, Bob Marley and The Rock.

Michael Phelps, why?

He is unapologetically himself, despite all the pressure that he has as a swimmer and especially as a swimmer growing up, I always looked up to him. He’s an extremely ambitious and dedicated person. He’s a very calm person.

Why Bob Marley?

CUE 14 | Overcoming Unhealthy Eating
Overcoming Unhealthy Eating: Everybody is in hiding trying to achieve something. Make others aware of your goals so somebody can hold you accountable.


It’s because of his power through impacting people through music, his words, his energy and good vibes.

Why The Rock?

One thing I learned about him is when it comes to his fitness, his health and his dedication to himself, the first thing he does when he gets off an airplane is go to the gym. He is so dedicated to himself and his goals. He is such a powerful person and has so much going for him and his life and has achieved so much. He’s an incredible person to look up to.

Thank you so much for coming on.

Thank you.

Not only will you see Alexa now, but you’re going to see her quite often. I want to be able to pick different subjects and dive into so many different things. Whether it’s nutrition, we can get specific with nutrition and dive into life and relationship because you didn’t even talk about your relationship with your previous fiancé. Thank you so much for joining us again. Where can they find you?

My Instagram is @AlexaStancoFit. You can see me there, hang out with me and watch my Stories.

Check her out. She also has her own business. She does coaching. Check out her Instagram to see what’s going on with her businesses and everything that she’s doing. If you ever want any coaching to work on nutrition, anything from A to Z, some lower priced items, all the way to bigger priced items, check out all of that. To my readers, I appreciate you so much. I’m happy that you’re here. I’m happy that you’re taking the time to take the next step in your life and showing up for yourself because if you don’t create you, no one’s going to create you. If no one ever creates you and you’re not creating yourself, you’re going to live a life full of misery, pain, discomfort and completely lost. You’re going to be lost every single day. Wake up now. Make this the day that you were born and bring your vision to life. You know you can make it happen. You know you can make it blossom. It all starts up here.

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