Episode 16: Building The Midwest Bodybuilding MECCA And Dropping The Ego with Dylan Armbrust

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Episode 16: Building The Midwest Bodybuilding MECCA And Dropping The Ego with Dylan Armbrust

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Bodybuilders are known for their strength and determination in everything. They go all in and never do anything half-heartedly. Dylan Armbrust, the owner of Armbrust Pro Gym, talks about the value of dropping the ego and breaking free from your comfort zone. Life truly happens when you’re outside of your box, and Dylan shares how past experiences can hold you back from achieving. As we dive into the art of soaking in and finding appreciation, Dylan shares the keys to building something, bringing it to life, and going all in.

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Building The Midwest Bodybuilding MECCA And Dropping The Ego with Dylan Armbrust

Phil Heath’s Personal Gym

I’d like to welcome Dylan Armbrust, the owner of Armbrust Pro Gym in Denver, Colorado. Dylan, I don’t even want to give an entire intro because we want just to sit down, learn from you and hear your story a little bit more. Talk about some strategies and structures of how you became so successful with your gym and also training some clients that you have. Talk about the visions and what you want to create in your life. I want to welcome you to the show.

Thanks for having me on. I’m excited to be here. We can talk about whatever you want.

We dove into the background of the gym slightly. We moved a little bit into who you are as a person and why you do what you do. The main reason why I wanted Dylan to join us is that he has an incredible story. Beyond that, he has an incredible vision. You took what you wanted and you brought it to life.

It was almost a huge mistake but not a mistake. It’s something I always envisioned, something I always dreamed about, but something I, at the time of my life, never thought was possible because I was young and the world’s so big at that time.

You took a stand for yourself. You’ve owned a gym for a very long while. Not only that, but some of the most incredible bodybuilders to ever live have trained in this gym.

We’ve been very fortunate with some of the greatest bodybuilders and a lot of great athletes, not necessarily bodybuilding. The biggest surprise was the day-to-day stories of people you don’t know, which are cool.

One of the most well-known people that you have in your gym is Phil Heath. You’ll see Phil Heath Motivation At Armbrust Pro Gym on YouTube. That was in 2011 and that was when he started winning.

He started winning a long time ago in my book. I was able to see him the first time he stepped on stage before any bodybuilding fan. I knew he’d be special back then.

Why did you see something in him? More importantly, why do you see so much in other people? Why do you see so much in your vision and believe in so much?

I’m not so sure. When I see things, I automatically always take it to the next level. If I see something that I know his talent, I’m like, “This person’s going to be gifted in this.” I’m pretty good at figuring things out and learning about people pretty quickly.

Where does that come from? What part of you?

Maybe we can figure it out now.

We are going to figure it out now and that’s what this show is all about. It’s bringing visions to life. I believe that you have more than just the Armbrust Pro Gym. I’m not saying just as in like, “It’s not that big.” That’s a massive accomplishment. You have thousands of members. You have people that are walking in every single day that want to come to the Mecca of Denver, Colorado. Let’s go back to when you first started, before you even started the gym. When you were a kid, did you come from a wealthy family? Were you in the right scenario? Where does Dylan come from?

I grew up in a family of four children. I had an older sister, two younger brothers, a single mother and not much money. We ate real fast at the food table because whoever eats the most first got the most. My mother was an alcoholic growing up. She passed away from alcoholism several years ago. Everybody has their own path. My passion for weightlifting started back in the ‘80s watching the Arnold movies and the Stallone movies. That’s when I knew I wanted what I wanted to do.

Did your mother have a big part in this gym?

There’s nothing at all. When she passed, we lived five, ten minutes away from each other. We’d probably only see each other three times a year because she was dealing with alcoholism and I was busy being a young entrepreneur. It’s the way it happened.

If you don’t mind, I want to get into that. Even from my past experiences, I have certain things with my brother that hurt me in my life. I was bullied my entire life. Everyone has something that holds them back because we don’t deal with it. We don’t want to go there. I believe that your mom has a way bigger hand in what you’ve created.

It’s probably so. She was an aerobics instructor. She was a very pretty woman. I don’t think she wanted kids. I’m not sure how she went about raising all four of us. It’s like, “You got four kids.” That’s a lot of work for a single mother.

It comes real quick and I think you show up for so many people because of that experience.

It could be. I run not a huge business, but a big business in itself. There are a lot of people to take care of in there.

It’s that accountability and that love that you bring for everyone around you. I walked into this gym and immediately I felt comfortable. I met the GM there. You gave her the bigger office, the nice office. It may sound funny or small, but I see a lot of value in that. I see a lot of passion in that.

You got to figure out. You can’t go through life alone. At the end of the day, all you can depend on is yourself but the good people around you, you need to take care of them. I’ve learned of taking care of the few people that have shown up in my life that are genuine, it’s important for me to make sure that they understand that they’re important to me. I appreciate them.

I’m going to tap back into the mom thing because you love your mom and there’s a lot there that you showing up for people and showing that they’re important may come from your own pains. It may come from those own points in your life that were pivotal. Maybe you were interested in something that your mom was like, “That’s a waste,” or, “This isn’t important.” It was coming out of love. She wanted the best for you, but maybe you were shut down in a certain way or maybe you felt like you couldn’t be yourself in a certain way.

There were a lot of things. When I was younger, I wanted to join the military. My mom was like, “You don’t want to do this,” She kept me from doing that. A lot of times, I wanted to step out of the box and be like, “I’m going to be a big boy now.” I got talked out of doing that.

What does the military mean to you because that never was lost? I want to put that out there that wanting to be in the military carries over with you in your entire life and your vision of what you’ve created. What does that mean to you now?

I look back and look at how everything came to be. I wouldn’t change my life for anything because I’m very happy with where I’m at. I’ve got good people around me. I’ve got a good business. I got two great kids. I wouldn’t want to change anything to get to this point of where I’m at now. Being able to go to the military and grow up a little bit faster, learn some faster responsibilities and see the world, I would probably go back and do that.

You said, “See the world.” A lot of people want to see the world. Isn’t that the truth?

Yeah, I want to see the whole world. I want to see what it has to offer. I want to see every little bit of it. That’s why my favorite thing traveling because it’s unexpected.

That’s what CreateU is all about. That’s what bringing your vision is all about is the unexpected. I talk about this all the time. I moved from California to Denver. Before that, I moved from Florida to California. That’s 3,000 miles away. That’s a lot of uniqueness in itself like, “What is going to come? What is the environment? Who are the people I have to make new friends? I have to do all of this.” Many people are held back by this and it’s because of past experiences. It’s because of what they’ve been through.

You said it perfectly.

What is something that you can give to someone that you feel would be able to get them past that settlement in their life, get them past that comfortable feeling and to go out there and to take the next step?

Comfortable is a couple of different meanings. You could be laying comfortable on your couch or you can be, “This is what’s going on this week. I’m comfortable knowing what’s going on this week. I’m comfortable knowing all my bills are going to get paid. It could go on forever and ever but get out of that comfortable range and don’t get in an uncomfortable range. Be in a range where you’re 100% passionate about doing what you want to do. Whether it involves money or not, do what you think is right and what you love to do.

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It’s that gut feeling. Fucking go all in. It’s going out there and doing. Imagine if people did that every single day. Imagine if everyone around us took that next step in their life, how successful we would be, how successful they would be, how successful everyone would be? I fell that we hold ourselves back because we don’t create other people around us as well because we’re not creating ourselves.

I think a lot of people get caught up and they’re afraid of what their mom might think, their brother might think or their best friend might think. They have a passion inside of them that everybody used to be like, “Are you going to the gym again? You’re going to get huge. That’s going to be a great career at 21 years old. Are you ever going to go to college?” I’d be like, “I’m doing what I want to do.”

That’s the fucking truth. I started bodyweight training from playing collegiate football. I want to go to the NFL. Imagine if I told someone, “I’m not going to pursue the NFL. Fuck the NFL. I’m going to go do bodyweight training. I’m going to go grab a pull up. I’m going to go play on playgrounds.”

It would’ve been the safer route for you to be like, “I’m going to go the NFL because I can get guaranteed paycheck.”

Money’s not the option for me. It’s a lot more. What’s one thing in your life that you’re passionate about, but you’re not engaging in or you’re not doing?

Something I’ve never done before would be surfing. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to surf. I did a little bit of bodysurfing growing up. My dad lived in California. I got a taste of it. I still go on my social media and I look at all the surfing. I think that would have been an amazing life to live.

Why don’t you go try it out?

I’m still going to go try it out. I just haven’t done it.

When? How long have you been wanting to do this?

It’s for several years. I’ve wanted to go surf.

I’m going to stand for you. I’m going to challenge you by a certain date to book a trip to go to California and surf. That’s so important. We live a life where we’re like in a box. We don’t go outside of the box because we either don’t know what’s there or we feel like there are maybe other boxes that are enclosing us in and that we can’t get out of the box. We create all these expectations in our own lives and assumptions that, “This is why not. This isn’t the right timing.” What if the timing is now? What if it’s always the right time? What if life is always in our favor?

I’ve been to Maui. I go to San Diego a couple of times a year. I sit on the beach and go, “Should I go out there and try that,” and I never do it. I’ve got a paddleboard, so I’ve gotten close. I’ve got on my paddleboard and done some paddle surfing.

I’m serious, just fucking go.

Have you done it? Was it awesome?

Yeah, I’ve surfed. It’s incredible. You’re riding on a wave. It’s the next level when you can experience all of nature. People are afraid of nature like, “Is that a bush? Does it have a little bit of poison ivy on it?” or like, “I can’t be barefoot outside.” Why not? Who said you have to wash an apple before you eat it? It’s sometimes better for your digestive system.

Get a little dirty and build that immune system.

CUE 16 | Dropping The Ego


Surfing is number one. What else?

More than anything, I like to save my money and travel. I would urge anybody to travel. I’ve been lucky to go to Australia. I’ve been to Mexico. I have never been over to Europe, but I’ve been to a lot of the great places here in the United States. Everything has a different experience. The great thing about this is I’ve traveled to most of these places by myself. I got the experience from the way I wanted to. I wake up in the morning when I want to. I go to where I want to go. I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. I got to see what I want to see. I got to do what I want to do. It was a great experience to sit there sometimes and not worry about what somebody else wants to do or what you need to do and just soak it in.

That should be a quote on my wall when I wake up. Right when I wake up, I look up and I’m like, “Soak it in, Brendan.” I don’t think we truly soak in anything around us.

It was always somewhat, “You get to California. What do you get to do? You got to get to your favorite shopping mall. You got to get to your favorite beach.” Sometimes you sit there and people watch and soak in everything.

How do we even soak it in? What are some suggestions to soak in what we have around us? Is it appreciation?

Yes, appreciation.

How do we appreciate things? How do we do that with people around us, with the relationships and when we go to a different city?

You can see a lot in the city. You can look anywhere in any city. There might be somebody homeless on the street. There’s your appreciation. “I’m glad I’m not there.” You never know that’s where he wants to be. You see somebody walking by in a $5,000 suit. You can be like, “That’s something I’m inspired to wear one day maybe.” There are so many different walks of life out there. There are so many different things that you can soak in and go, “This is cool. They all bump shoulders and cross paths.”

That’s gold. What is one place that you would like to go to now to experience, soak in and find appreciation?

I’d like to go over to Asia, Thailand. I’m a very spiritual thinking person. It’s about the energy of people and the way things feel when you go places. I like the Asian culture where they’re all about healing with proper medicines. They’re about meditation.

It’s the holistic approach. Maybe we don’t need to take all these bullshit drugs and shit to fuck up our bodies.

They’re about living life and soaking in what’s around you.

Why not travel? Why not get out of your comfort zone and experience something? This is what I say to everyone. Your future could be somewhere else. It could be in that one person that you talked to on the side of the road in Thailand. You could go to a local bar and it so happens that someone like you that owns a business or is doing this or that is like, “I have an opportunity. I need a videographer. I need this or I need that. I live in Ohio.” We don’t even know.

We all are born with a destiny. We all have somewhere to go and a lot of that map for your destiny is in your head. Maybe your destiny is you want to go somewhere and that’s to complete your destiny. You may never complete your destiny if you don’t listen to what’s inside your head.

We tell ourselves whatever we want to hear in our minds. We can also shift that destiny because of the way we think every single day. That can be scary sometimes.

It can be scary either way. It could be scary not to go and not see what your life could have been. You could play it safe and be like, “I don’t want to go. It could be scary going there. It’s either way you want.

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There are a lot of nuggets in this episode. Everyone needs to go check out the Armbrust Pro Gym. I want to shift the subject. I ask this on every episode. If there were three specific people that you could sit down with at a dinner table in the evening, who would they be? It’s any three people in this world at the same time. It’s you and three other people.

The first person who’d be sitting there would be Ronald Reagan. The second would be Arnold Schwarzenegger and probably somebody like Tony Robbins or Donald Trump.

This is interesting because you can always find out who someone is from that. You want to get into the mind. You’re an analyzer. You’re also strategic. You want to learn more. You’re a world changer. You’d like to bring change and transformation in people’s lives. When you talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger, you love bodybuilding.

I love bodybuilding. What I love more than that is what he’s done with it.

He’s a transformer. You have Ronald Reagan. He was a leader. He came with a peaceful mindset.

He was that leader that you’re like, “I want to be on his side.” When he spoke, you listen. He did some amazing things. I grew up in the ‘80s in the height of the Cold War and it was a scary time. You watch the news and you’d hear about Russia shipping missiles into this zone. Ronald Reagan is doing this. It was a good time in the ‘80s but the scary part of the ‘80s was the Cold War. He ended all that. He was the hero for a lot of us back then.

It’s Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump.

A lot of people would probably say something like, “This guy is this or that.” Look at the adversity he has. He’s got a country to run. He’s getting beat to shit and he’s still doing it. How do you have that clear focus in doing what you want to do when you got half the United States, half the world hitting on you? When I am focused on doing something and I got other stuff going on and it’s coming at me, it’s stressful. I couldn’t imagine his shoes. I would like to know. That’s how winners and leaders are made to me. It’s with that focus.

When tough shit hits you, how do you fucking react? When tough shit smacks you upside the head during the point where you’re at the peak. You have the flag. Right when you’re about to put it into the ground, a big gust of wind blows the flag out of your hand. You fly down the down the hill. What do you do? How do you react?

This has nothing to do with political views. This has to do with, “Look at what he’s doing. He’s getting shit done.”

I’m not political. I think that the government holds us back in certain ways. I also believe in every person that I meet, every person that I see. Even people that do horrible things, I believe that there’s good inside of them. Donald Trump was born a joyful baby, as we all were. How did we get someone’s attention? We cried. Maybe Donald Trump is crying a little bit. The truth is that there’s always good in someone. You brought up Donald Trump, you brought up Arnold Schwarzenegger and you brought up Ronald Reagan. All these three people encompass us so much. How do you find the good in someone else? When someone treats you a certain way or makes you feel a certain way, how do you go about reacting to that person?

It’s tough because I’ve been in situations with people, whether it’s a business relationship. It could be a romantic relationship. You know when it’s going to end and you know that it’s not good. What usually fights you from going to that end is you’re seeing a little bit of good in them. You’re like, “They do have this. They have that.” You always hold onto that good. You understand that it may not be right for the situation.

One thing that I tell a lot of people is, “Someone might do you wrong once. Give them another chance. They might do you wrong a second time. Give them another chance. If they do you wrong another time, it’s a shame on you. If someone’s doing that to you so many times, what is it? Why? Is it you? Is that who you’re attracting around in your life?

A lot of times, we want to get to the next step in our life. We think it might be easier with a partner or a person. We need to put the burden on ourselves more and go, “If you want to get through this, depend on yourself. Don’t think you need to use anybody or attach onto somebody to get where you needed to be.” Sometimes that’s what happens.

That’s gold because I’ve been there. I’ve been dependent on a relationship. I’ve been dependent on a woman that I loved so much and I didn’t even know I was dependent on her. Sometimes you don’t see it because you’re stuck at the one-yard line. You can’t get to that touchdown area because you’re not able to see the whole scope of it. You’re not able to see from sideline to sideline and everything that’s there.

I’ve only come up with that answer because I’ve been there too more than twice, whether they’re relationships, they’re business or they’re friends. You started hanging out with somebody because you thought what they did was interesting. You hooked up with a girl because you thought, “She’s a bodybuilder too.” I did it all for the wrong reasons. You need to do that for genuine, really feel it. Sometimes you do because you got a picture in your head of some way your life should be and it’s not what you want.

CUE 16 | Dropping The Ego


Why did you build the gym?

I built the gym because I always wanted to have a gym. It happened to be in 2008 when the market crashed that the owner of the gym where I work out came and asked if I was interested in taking it over. He was financially not there to do it anymore. The market crashed and it was horrible. I’m like, “I don’t think of the market crash. I can have a gym. This is going to be great. I’ll take it.”

You took the next step. You didn’t even think twice about it because it was your passion. It was the, “Passion project,” but it’s always going to be a passion project. That’s the way we get to scope our lives. That’s the way we get to show up for ourselves, as a passion project. The friends around us are all a part of the passion project.

I got in. I was like, “I’m going to make this the best gym ever for my friends and me. They’ll come and work out. This is going to be great.” I’d never even thought about having over 1,600 members. I never thought of Armbrust Pro Gym. I just thought of, “We’re going to have a badass gym to train those guys.”

Didn’t you think you were going to have an Olympia winner year after year after year of training in your gym. You didn’t expect to have all these different people. If you’ve watched the CreateU Experience on YouTube and everything, on top of that, what’s most interesting about this is you still train people. This is how I know that your vision is so true. This is how I know you’re on the path that you’ve always wanted to in your entire life. You have kids. You have relationships around you with people in the gym. When you go to that gym, do you feel at home?

I feel right at home. I love it. I leave every night and I walk out to my truck. I’m like, “I’m tired. I’m going to go home. I’m going to chill, but I did what I love. Look at this place. I own this place. It’s great. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow. What a great day ahead.” I’m not saying I don’t have bad days, but it’s not because of my business. It’s not because I have to go to work. It’s because maybe something happened. At the end of the day, I’m one of the grateful ones.

It’s a shame that you’re only one of the grateful ones.

It is a shame because everybody has something in them to bring out. They just have to find it.

Find it. Where is it inside of them? I believe it’s at the most uncomfortable place in their life. It’s in that relationship that they’re in and they’re stuck in. It’s in the mom that they never were able to say, “I love you,” when they felt like they there was so much resistance. It’s the dad that they didn’t have in their life that they wanted to call their best friend. It’s the brother that bullied them. It’s the friends that when you walked in, you rose your hand, you said something and you were so excited about it, you were shut the fuck down. That’s where our visions and our passions lie.

They lie behind the most uncomfortable places. I agree with you 110%. Everything I’ve had to deal with, the most uncomfortable in my life, one of them was divorcing my wife who I started the gym with. The other was having a business partner split. Those were the hardest things to do, but they are the most rewarding after.


There are things that we’re going to take a lot of work and a lot of probably pain and suffering to deal with. To deal with pain and suffering and get it behind you, it opens the door to possibilities.

It all comes down to recognizing it. If we don’t recognize these things, how will we ever be able to bust through something? How will we ever be able to take that next step and say, “This is where I need to go. This is what I want to do. This is toxic.” I say this with a couple of my past relationships like, “It was great.” They were incredible stepping stones. If it wasn’t for my ex-girlfriend, her name is Lexie, I don’t know if I would be exactly where I am. It was one of the most incredible blessings I’ve ever had in my entire life. That’s how we get to look at every situation, every person that we’re in and talks with, every person that we’re business partners with. I’ve been through breakups with businesses.

The thing is when they’re there, sitting in front of you, it’s all you think about. It takes away from that openness of like, “I got the whole world to do whatever I want. I can go to visit this place. I can start this business. I can do this.” You don’t have that, “I got this problem.” When you have those issues, you need not be afraid of them. Get through them and deal with them.

I live by that. Here’s the hardest part. When you’re in this situation, maybe it’s the relationship or whatever because life is a relationship. You’re in a relationship with your food. You’re in a relationship with your friend. You’re in a relationship with your mom. You’re in a relationship with your bed and yourself. This is what I want to touch on. You need to step back. You need to look at it from a different point of view or need to look at the situation. You need to take a microscope. When you need to look at it from that perspective, from a different angle, what’s a strategy that you could recommend? I’ll give you an example. For me, it’s yoga practice. It’s calming your mind down through yoga and going through calm breath work. Everything that encompasses yoga is unique. It’s different.

It’s similar because it’s mental. I get a good book, something that’s going to empower me, something that’s going to motivate me and something that’s going to say, “It’s time to kick some ass and get shit done.”

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You also need people around you that do the same thing. If the people around you aren’t on the same wavelength as you, do you think that maybe you’re settling?

Yes. If you’re around stagnant people, you will be stagnant. There’s no doubt about it.

The reason why people read so many books, business owners, CEOs and successful people, in regular intimate relationships and also there are different types of intimacy with businesses. It’s because they don’t read books just to read them. They’re working towards a purpose. There’s something to it. There’s something that they want to discover. What’s one thing that you’ve always wanted to discover within yourself?

I want to discover where that energy is inside me that’s like, “Let’s go kick the world’s ass.” Maybe you can help me find it.

We already know where it is. Where did you say your dad was in your life?

My dad lives in California. He’s still around. He comes out once a summer for a couple of weeks and stays with us. We didn’t grow up very close, but we still very much love my father. We never saw much of him growing up, except for once a year.

You had a relationship with your mom. We talked about that. Your other family members, your siblings, who are they?

My oldest sister, she lives in Golden. She’s ten minutes away from me. She’s married with a child.

Is she your best friend?

We’re friends. We get along. We’re civil. All my brothers and sisters I’m civil with. I don’t have a best friend. I don’t have a lot of friends, but I got some group of friends. I’m not the guy that goes, “I got a free night. Let’s go out.”

Why not?

I like to do stuff by myself. I like to be alone. I like to hang out with friends every so often, but I’m a more chill and laid-back person. I know what I’m going to get.

Let’s tap into this. This is the juicy shit. The brothers and the sisters, who are they? How do they act? Are they more outspoken than you?

No. My sister does nail. She does her own thing. They like to party on the weekends. They’re your typical American. They work all week and party on the weekends. That’s my sister. My younger brother, right underneath me, he’s got two boys. They’re great athletes, baseball players. He’s married. He does a lot of traveling with them on their baseball. My youngest brother is married also, but no kids. He works for the water company. They all have 9 to 5 jobs. They have good families. They seem very happy with their lives.

How was your mom? Is she ever outspoken?

My mom was a partier. She never kept to herself, but none of us are all that outspoken.

CUE 16 | Dropping The Ego


Check this out. I have a lot of energy. My dad has a lot of energy. He’s also an introvert. He likes to do things on his own a lot. My mom is outspoken but to a certain extent. I’ve done a lot of work on myself. I’ve learned that sometimes I’m the opposite of what my parents are in many ways. Your mom was a partier. You don’t like to go out too much. She probably expressed herself in a way that wasn’t healthy for her, but she wanted to express herself. She wasn’t the best on her own. You’re the opposite. That may have been a little bit extreme for you. It was like, “I want nothing to do with that. I don’t want any of that part. That’s too much for me.” Do you have a little bit of anxiety when you go to a party?

I do. I don’t like big crowds of people unless I’m in my realm. I can handle big crowds of people if I know who they are, but not going into a nightclub or a big conference. I went to an equipment show thing. There were a lot of people there. I was okay with that because I was fascinated with all the gym equipment. I don’t do well with crowds.

It’s the opposite. This is my experience with you. You’re inspired by my energy and we’re also talking to everyone else saying, “Go out and do you. Get uncomfortable. Do what you got. Step out of your box. You did the opposite of your mom and it’s like a spectrum. It’s a zero and a hundred. You saw a 100 and you said, “Let’s go to a zero or as close to zero as possible.” What if there is a middle ground? What if it isn’t a lot more than you see it? I see it.

I’m sure there’s something there. I got to find it. I got some answers for some people out there, but I’ve got a lot of answers to figure out myself. One of them is confidence for sure. Even as a bodybuilder, I never thought I was that great. I look back at my pictures and I’m like, “Who is this guy? He’s fucking huge. That was me.”

This is what I challenge you to do. Every single day, I want you to get out of the gym and go talk to someone completely new, completely different, someone you never talked to you before. Even if it’s a five-minute conversation, ask them questions. Get to know them. Get outside of your comfort box or sign up for an event or go to a salsa class.

I’m going to do salsa.

Get out there and speak up. Get uncomfortable.

That’ll be the hard part for me.

That’s the beautiful part in you. I’ve spent the day with you and I’ve learned so much already about how to run a gym and how to show up for my members. Take that passion that you have for bodybuilding. Take that passion that you have for your gym and bring it to other people through a relationship, people that you don’t even know. I have several best friends and it’s because I feel it. I feel the love. I feel the passion in all of them. You get to do the same. You get to go surf. You get to do whatever the hell you want to do because you want to do it. That’s the self-discovery that you may be looking for. Do you drink alcohol?

I occasionally drink, usually every weekend, but I don’t like it drunk. I’ll have a few drinks and that’s it.

You drink a little bit socially. That’s completely fine. Is there anything that you’re a hard no on, any food or any events?

I say, “Try everything at least once.”

That’s what I wanted you to say. Try everything at least once. How about you try something every single day, just once, with relationships?

That’s probably where I need to go. I never thought about that until you said something.

Your word is your world. You keep on saying, “I need to. I should. I want to.” These are all words that are like, “There’s a possibility.” When you create this possibility with those specific words, it’s almost like you have a string that’s holding on to you. It’s like, “I don’t want to let you go.” How about, “I get to. I am. I will.” You get to. You even have the opportunity to go out and talk to people. We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. That’s what they say.

We’ve got it pretty good here.

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You don’t have to pay to go anywhere to go talk to someone.

Not yet.

People are going to start paying you to go after this episode. This is what CreateU is all about and it starts with yourself and something that you know, without a doubt, you get to do. Anyone that’s reading, “Go.”

You were talking about how you went to Australia. I made that trip all by myself. It was a learning experience, especially when I got there and realized they drive on the wrong side of the street. I rented a car for the week.

I almost ran into something. I freaked out, “What’s going on? Slow down.”

That was an experience there.

You said you’re comfortable with traveling on your own. What if you went with someone that meant a lot to you?

I planned a trip this summer. My son and I go on a trip together for a week and I’m looking forward to that. It’s just us hanging out, doing our thing. It’s a week in Florida.

I’m from Florida. It’s a beautiful place. That’s the type of thing. Even more than that, if you were to take a woman, if you’re in a relationship with someone. I challenge you to do it.

I’ve done that.

Was it around the world?

I’ve gone on some cruises. When I went to Maui, I went with a girlfriend that I’m dating.

You’re already doing it. If anyone’s reading and you’re not doing it, do what Dylan’s doing.

Travel. That’s living because you never know what you’re going to get. You get used to the unexpected and you almost like it.

We talked about a lot. We dove into a little bit more of your personal story. You built the gym. What did it take from you? Did it take persistence? What do you see as the keys to building something and bringing it to life and going all in?

If you’re going to go all in, go all in. You go in for the long-term. I see too many people saying, “I’m going to start this. I’m going to sell it for $1 million.” You can do that nowadays with the tech world. Take something and go all in that you can picture yourself a few years down the line is still all in. That’s what I did. I didn’t even mean to. I had a chance and I took it because that was my passion. Here I am several years later. That would be mine, just go all in.

You heard it. You saw it. When you go all in, you build something incredible. You might go through lawsuits. You might go through different types of pains. You might go through losses. You lost your mom, but she holds a special place in your heart.

We’re going to go through all that anyway.

You’re going to go through it anyway so why not?

Why not go through all that shit if you’re doing what your passion is? You’re all in.

Where can everyone find you?

It’s Armbrust Pro Gym in Wheat Ridge, 4240 Kipling Street. We have Armbrust Pro Gym on Facebook. We have Armbrust Pro Gym on Instagram. You can find us on both of those. We’d love to have you check out our pages.

It’s inspiring that you train people still and you have this gym. You want to go to the beach and surf. You’re going somewhere with your son. You love to travel the world. You love all these different things and you get to work on that.

I’m going to go find somebody to talk to. It’s totally strange.

If you’re reading this, go do the same fucking thing. Go all in on your life. Create you. That’s what it’s all about. When you create you, you create other people around you. It’s your vision we’re talking. Go all in because it may not be here forever. The way it will be here forever is if you do go all in. You don’t give it 90%. You give it 100%. You leave a legacy. You leave something that’s long-lasting. Dylan, one day you’re going to pass. One day, I’m going to pass, people are going to remember Armbrust Pro Gym.

I think about that.

Leave a legacy now. Stand up. Don’t settle. Stop being so comfortable and make your vision come to life. Thank you for reading. We are everywhere. We are on all audio platforms and on YouTube. Dylan, thank you so much for coming in. You’re an absolute inspiration. It’s aspiring to sit next to someone at this caliber.

It’s likewise. I appreciate that.

I’ll see you next time.

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About Dylan Armbrust

CUE 16 | Dropping The EgoDylan Armbrust, an Entrepreneur that has been working in the health and fitness industry since the year of 1990. Dylan spent his time in the early 1990s competitively competing in the sport of bodybuilding while he also worked during the day as a Land Surveyor, and night as a personal trainer. He went on to win big regional shows during that time before he achieved his biggest accomplishment as a bodybuilder, winning the heavyweight class at the 2002 NPC Jr National Bodybuilding championships. By 2007 Dylan was working full time as a well respected and sought out a personal trainer.

In early 2008 Dylan was able to open his own gym, Armbrust Pro Gym! This was his passion and dream, being able to put all his hard work into helping others achieve their fitness goals through providing a gym that only a true weight lifter would thoroughly love and respect. He went on to train top competitive physique athletes of the world, he then helped them accomplish great achievements. Most Recently 2018 female bodybuilding World Champion, Alina Popa. Dylan has also helped great champions like Candice Carter, Heather Grace, Ivana Ivusic, and Sara Hurrle over the years.

Dylan currently lives in Arvada Colorado where he still currently owns and operates Armbrust Pro Gym on a daily basis. He has no intention of slowing down or stepping away, as a matter of fact, he feels like he is only getting started with the vision he has intended for Armbrust Pro Gym.

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