Episode 52: From Homeless To A 7-Figure Coaching Business With Sterling Griffin

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Episode 52: From Homeless To A 7-Figure Coaching Business With Sterling Griffin

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What would you do if you know you could not fail? Lifestyle entrepreneur Sterling Griffin opens up about his motivation that comes from experiencing homelessness that drove him to success and become a seven-figure health coach. He reveals his initial setbacks in entrepreneurship and the series of changes he had to make, including his mindset on self-love and confidence which paved the way for clarity and vision. Learn about overcoming negative dialogue and how your genuine desire to help people bring strategies to your business that are so effective that money just comes naturally to you.

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From Homeless To A 7-Figure Coaching Business With Sterling Griffin

Becoming Your Own Hero

We are bringing you a banger, unfiltered, an episode that you don’t want to miss because we have a guest that is inspirational, he’s motivational. He has a lot of transformational words to provide, stories and experiences that you do not want to miss out on. You can get a bunch of different giveaways when you review the show on iTunes. I’ll give you a Business Builder. I’ll give you a meal plan. I’ll give you cool things. Just click that link. Go and enter your email address. Also, check CreateU Nutrition. Do not miss out on the Greens, the Creatine, the Probiotics. We are leveling up, innovating with so many different influencers, nutritionists and working to better your nutrition. You can check it out at CreateUNutrition.com. Sterling, intro yourself, give them your full name. Tell them about yourself so that we can get some context of who we’re talking to.

My name is Sterling Griffin. I’m so excited to be here with you. I super respect you and what you’ve created in the work that you’re doing to help people in multiple different areas of life. I run a company called LifeChanger. I’ve helped more fit pros and health pros, create a full-time online coaching business than anyone else on the planet. I’m a big fan of burgers and fries. I live in Austin, Texas. I love Austin. I lived in LA for four years, which is where we met. I was homeless and I’m starting my online training business. I had this dream of helping people for a living but I had no idea how to do it. I didn’t know anyone else that had done it successfully, yet believed that one day I could get paid by doing what I love and doing good for other people. That’s where my journey began. I grew that business. Transition over to Life Changer and then moved to Austin, Texas for a variety of reasons. I’ve been in Austin and it’s definitely home. Not just because the income taxes being less, but additionally because of the barbecue, the relationships, the outdoor life. I also have a three-legged cat named Gainz. He’s the friendliest cat you ever meet in your life.

Sterling is someone who has incredible skillsets. To get to where you are and starting from being homeless, that’s a journey that not many people have to tell. A lot of it comes down to the motivation and the inspiration of themselves. The trust within themselves. Let’s peel back those layers and let’s talk about when you were homeless because I want everyone to understand that it is possible to make a lot of money if you want. More importantly, you can do good for yourself and find success through your relationships and your environment. You can establish whatever you want in your life. When you first began the whole journey, where were you? Paint us a picture.

About six months before I went homeless, I was enrolled in seminary. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a graduate school for people studying the Bible, wanting to be pastors, ministers in the Christian faith. I had, for many years, been a super hardcore Christian and I had planned on becoming a pastor one day. As I was in seminary, I went through this process of unraveling my faith where I realized that I didn’t believe in this most critical part of my identity. I started to let go of the process of faith. It’s not to say that people that have faith or they subscribed to a religion that they’re wrong. I realized through this process that Christianity specifically wasn’t for me anymore.

That created this whole whirlwind of negative emotions, essentially emotional trauma in disassociating from faith. When I realized that I’m not a Christian, it’s like, “Who am I? What is the purpose of me even being alive anymore?” Because of that, I couldn’t even function well in my working environment, which is where I was a door-to-door salesperson at the time. I was selling solar panels. I say selling solar panels loosely because I wasn’t selling, I was doing bad because of the emotional trauma that I was going into. Over a period of six months where I was trying to figure out myself and I also wasn’t good at sales. I didn’t know business. I didn’t have any real support. It started to get worse and worse to where eventually I could no longer afford the $300 a month apartment rent to share a two-bedroom apartment with three other guys.

They put me in the living room, replaced my spot in one of the bedrooms and they said $250 a month. It’s like, “I can’t even pay that. I can pay nothing.” I ended up going into debt for one of them who paid my rent for a couple of months. It was at that moment that I became effectively homeless and started living out of my Honda accord. There’s the worst place to be homeless than Los Angeles because at least the weather’s good. It was during wintertime that I went homeless, so it wasn’t tremendously cold. If I’d been homeless in Alaska, it’s been different.

You’re in your car and there’s that one night that you’re just like, “Fuck.”

I can tell you a specific moment where I get down on myself. I remember a couple of months after being homeless. I’d had this dream of being a trainer. I’d never trained people in person or done things like that but I wanted to. I wanted to help other people experience a physical transformation because out of all the things that had happened in my life at that point, nothing had given me confidence, a sense of power, a sense of certainty and a belief in myself like changing my body. I wanted other people to have that gift because for me, changing my body gave me belief that I could achieve anything in life. I want everyone to have that feeling. I believe that being able to change your body is the most essential element to success because it is the source of your energy. It is the source of your mental toughness. It is the source of your ability to be disciplined. Somebody that is disciplined and develops those habits can be effective in other areas. When I had this dream and yet I’m trying all of these things that I see other people on Facebook or on Instagram doing. I’m posting content, I made an eBook, I hosted a webinar. I saw people on Facebook ads saying to do that and I’m seeing none of it work.

I remember one day, I was driving to church. This was on New Year’s Eve, December in 2015. It was raining outside. It was cold and cloudy. I was driving with my hands on the steering wheel and I kept gripping the steering wheel and loosening gripping it because I was so anxious. At that moment, I was crying, tears flooding. It wasn’t one of those soft, gentle cries. It was an ugly cry when you’re like gasping for air. The source of my pain at that moment is I was driving to church not because I had faith anymore because I didn’t. It’s because I knew that if I shared my situation, I had the hope that someone might have pity on me and invite me into their home for the night.

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The reason why I was sad is that I was asking myself, “How did I get to such a low place where I can’t even take care of my own basic needs, where I’m so dependent on other people? How did I end up in such a low life?” It was the inner conversation that this is what it’s come to. It was such a powerful moment for me, it’s like, “Will I ever be good enough?” It was rolling through my mind, which had been a theme for my life for a lot of my childhood was that question. I remember waking up and realizing, committing at that moment, that not only would I get out of desperation, although I was in it at that moment, but it also wouldn’t define me. It wouldn’t be the rest of my life. Instead, I would choose to get out of it and one day I said to myself, “Sterling, one day you’re going to get out of this car. One day you’re going to become free. When that happens, you are also going to set others free.”

It was the deepest emotional pain of my life. I knew that there was somebody else out there that needed that freedom too, that would be craving it. That had this desire to serve to create the freedom, they just don’t know how to get there. In that state of homelessness, I made that commitment and that moment became a lifeline to me through many tough times that were to come shortly after that. Maybe I don’t even have the strategy, but the belief that I’ll find a way because it matters enough to me.

Have you ever heard of the quote, I live by this my entire life, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Something that I saw it one time and I embraced it. I was driving here in Denver and I saw it on a billboard for a company and I was like, “I’m supposed to be here right now.” It’s ironic that you were going to church and you found faith in a different way in the car. Many times, we miss out on opportunities because we don’t even see that something can be created from it. You going to church, you losing faith and not having that faith created a different faith for you. We lose out on these opportunities because we don’t go, but you went and you didn’t know where you were going. If you were to draw a path or a journey of where you were going at that moment, you had no clue. You were going to church. You were like, “I want somebody to help me. I want something to be there. There has to be something there because it’s the right thing for me right now.” What took you from $0 to make at least $5,000 a month? 


I can go straight to business strategy and tactics, especially when it comes to fit pros and health pros but more important than the tactics is understanding how behavior change both begins and sustains. I speak specifically around fitness businesses and health businesses that want to go online.

It’s all relatable. A lot of the strategies are the same for many areas. If you are reading, you’re not a fit coach like him because you’re going to know a lot of stuff. 

One thing that I had to change first and this is something that I learned from the very first personal development conference that I attended by Tony Robbins. He hosts an event called Unleash The Power Within. He hosts a big event multiple times a year. Right before I went homeless, I was essentially on a layaway plan to come to this event. I’d been saving up money for nine months so that I could attend because I knew it would be so transformational for me. I went and out of the four days, it’s a cool event. It’s 50 hours of content. It’s like a rock concert with personal development that can change your life. On the fourth and final day, he said something and it caught my attention. He said, “If you take away nothing else from these four days, except for the one phrase I’m about to tell you, it will be enough to change your life permanently.”

He’s giving me the whole keys to the kingdom. I’m like, “Tell me what it is.” He said, “Proximity is power and who you surround yourself with is who you become. If the only thing you choose to do is be around more fit people. People that are wealthier and more financially free, people that are more loving and gentle and kind than you, then you will become that automatic.” Humans have a powerful motivating force in their brains called mirror neurons. What they cause us to do is they cause us to mimic both, not just the actions of the people around us but also the thoughts and feelings.

Through a process like osmosis, we take on the thinking patterns of the people that are closest to us. Because I had only been around people that were broke, that was struggling financially and that believe getting rich was manipulating other people, was hurting other people. That’s the only way that you get rich. I had this subconscious fear of ever being financially free. It was literally impossible. You could have handed me $1 million and I would have immediately given it away and not done anything productive with it to help it grow, sustain and change my life because I was so afraid of having money because I was mimicking the people that were closest to me.

You change these people around you, you change your world.

CUE 52 | Homeless To Success


Who you surround yourself with is who you become. Immediately after hearing that at the conference, I started taking as many trips as I could to the only group of friends that I knew were in personal development, that had businesses that were growing, that had changed their life. That was in a small community in North San Diego County called Encinitas. That was the group of friends that I had met online. They were the people that were changing in people’s lives. I was like, “I’m going to spend this much time.”

That was the stepping stone.

That was the most important thing. I started getting around mentors, asking people questions and I stopped asking advice from people that didn’t have the results I wanted. I stopped asking relationship advice for people that had been through three divorces.

A lot of us, what we do because it’s comforting, we ask for advice from people that don’t have it figured out and it feels right. It feels okay because I might be connected with A, B or C, this person on that level that I know I need to grow on. That reminds me so much even me being here in Denver. I’ve been on prep for five months. I’ve been doing all these different things and I haven’t been able to surround myself with the people that I want just yet. One of the reasons why I’m in Denver is not to meet a bunch of entrepreneurs and do this online marketing thing anymore. It’s more to connect with people that have the regular day-to-day figured out. At 2:00 PM, what are they doing and why do they not need to go out at night? What is the 9 to 5 feel like?

Who are the people that enjoy 9 to 5 and why do they truly enjoy it and settling down? It’s that settling down part of it. Everything’s been so fast for you. When did things settle down for you? When should it settle down? That’s one of the things that keeps on popping up in my head about you. You seem you’ve been on the go for so long and you’ve built this stuff. How do you calm your mind? How do you step aside and remind yourself of where you started and where you are and what you’ve developed? How do you do that? 


To be honest with you, I don’t think a lot about the past. I have gratitude a practice. It helps me notice the things in my life that I’m grateful for and the experiences that I’ve had that have blessed me. I’m a very future-oriented person. You take the strength finders test, it’s like a personality test. It helps you see some of your best leadership qualities. Futuristic is one of my most important ones. I’m constantly looking ahead. I’m obsessed with growth and contribution. I want to make myself better and I want to make other people’s lives better. That is not for everybody. Some people like feeling more settled. They like chilling. I’m not a chill person. I used to reject that part of myself, “There must be something wrong with me that I’m super energized. I want to do more. I want to grow faster than anyone else. I want to serve more people than anyone else can. I want to inspire other people to believe more in themselves and what’s possible.” That is built into my makeup. I’ve trained that into my system.

Part of what that has enabled me to start growing rapidly. I grew fast in my first year. I grew even faster in my second year and then I’ve kept growing ever since then is being around people that are doing better than you but also continuing to invest in mentors that are beyond where you are. I’ve found that the greatest periods of stagnancy in my life have come when I’m not intentional about investing in someone that is making at least five or ten times as amount as money as me. If I want to make more money, by the way, I mentioned money as a metric not because money is the most important thing but because it is a measurable thing that determines how much impact you’re having on people’s lives. It’s like, “I want to make more money but I’m afraid that’s manipulating people or hurting people.”

Becoming wealthy is one of the most generous things you can do for others. That’s on two fronts. First of all, no one has to buy from me or you or anyone else. There’s no forced economy where somebody has to buy from me if I offer services. People only going to buy from me if I consistently solve the problem that they’re looking to solve. They’re always going to look, “Who else have you helped?” They’re going to only buy from somebody that has the results and it’s gotten the results from other people that they want. I know that if I’m making more money, I am authentically changing more people’s lives. That’s good business. On the other hand, in becoming wealthy, I can do more for myself most definitely and I can do more for others.

I have a charity which is super near and dear to my heart. I give a lot of money to them because I believe in their mission called Charity Water where you give a dollar to them. 100% of every dollar that you give goes to fund. Bring clean drinking water to people in countries around the world that are in need. There are over 700 million people that don’t have access to the most basic resource. I became dedicated early on. I started being around wealthy people that had this mindset, that was generous, kind, loving, supportive people. I was like, “I want to be like them because I can do more good for others. In getting there, I will have done more for others than other people have done.”

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Money, that’s one of those things. I don’t talk about money. I never wanted to, never have. I don’t tell people how much I make. It’s not a part of who I am. When I do focus on making more money, I transformed way more or less. On top of that, not only do I transform more lives, but I become more comfortable in my life with other people and relationships. I know some people might be sounding like, “Fucking money, money-hungry. They just make money.” It’s a part of our lives. I’m talking about societal type things. If money was never there it would pass me by and I’ll be, “Next.” When you think about a horse and a carriage, you’d think of way back. If you go to South Carolina and you go to Charleston, they use them everywhere. If you go there, you might think, “This is so inhumane. This is not good. I don’t get why people would be riding on this stuff.” For them it’s normal. It never left because I’m used to it. It’s something that’s right in front of me every single day.

If you were to try and take away money like Bitcoin’s coming in and all this stuff, they become this pull in many different directions and you need to look at money as not something that everyone’s taking greed from and looking at as, “This is going to help me out,” but more so, a stepping stone to be able to do more like, I want to build parks around the world. How am I going to do that without any money? Do you think I’m going to go steal from a company by trading shoes? This is not Pokémon. I’m not going to be able to do that. It’s not Digimon. It’s not any of those.

You need money to travel. Money also brings experience and even more opportunity because what happens when you experience, you find new opportunities. It’s a circle. If you invite money and the opportunity to utilize money, you will see a transformation in your life. If someone asks, “Do you need anything, any support?” I’d be like, “No, I’m good.” I would never ask for any support, especially money. I would never ask you for $5. If someone offers you $5, $10, $100, 500 times in your life, you know how much money that is? You do understand how much potential you have and how many people have that they’re not utilizing because they don’t want the support of others and much of it comes from money.

If my dad offers me $10,000 as an investment in my business, I’m going to take it all day. Why would I not? If I’m communicating with myself and I have the relationship with myself that I want and I know that I will be exactly where I want to be in all that’s holding me back is money then I need to accept that support. You have been able to grow and grow with your business and you’ve also hired people. The people who are working around you, you have a team. Everyone that’s in your academy, all of your clients and everyone, they’re making more and more money. How many of them have asked for support?

Only the ones that are successful.

The people that complain are like, “Your shit sucks. I didn’t learn all these different things.” What are two qualities that you would say they’re lacking?

There are three things that are central to our culture within life-changer that make it succeeding as normal. I want to say this because a lot of trainers, a lot of health coaches, they come from a background where they don’t know anyone else that’s successful. They didn’t get into the fitness business to become wealthy. They did it because they love people because they want to support them, they want to change people’s lives. They were never in a money positive environment. Therefore, success takes on this dark cloud shape to them and they get anxious or they get skeptical of other people that are successful. You were a trainer at one point in your background. You know what it’s like to have that desire to be of service. You want to change people’s lives. That’s why you’re there.

When people talk about, “You’re going to make all this money.” It’s like, “With fitness?” No, I’m here to help people not make more money. The money comes. With a lot of trainers going through that, at the same time, while a lot of trainers are afraid of success, they’re also afraid of support. They believe that to ask for support is to take from somebody else because they’re so impact-oriented. All they want to do is give, they don’t want to take. They have this fear that if I ask you for help or I hire you to coach me, then that somehow means that I’m deficient in some way. That there’s something wrong with me. I should have already known the answer or I’m going to be hurting my relationship with you or hurting you by getting you to give.

CUE 52 | Homeless To SuccessEveryone’s worried. The world consists of a majority of people pleasers. It’s not even so much about pleasing other people. It all comes down to our ego. It’s like, “Why are you pleasing someone else?” so that they don’t look at you a certain way. That’s why many of your clients are successful because they asked for support.

I train them from day one. I’m like, “You will ask for support.” Because if you don’t, you will plateau or decline. If you ask for support, you will accelerate and grow and change more lives and be free. It’s like asking for help is the path to success. I’ll give you an example with my client. When she came to me, she was making $1,500 a month as an in-person group class instructor. She was killing herself and many trainers can relate to that 60-hour work weeks to make ends meet. She had this self-sufficiency belief system, “I can ask you over for help because I’m too proud. I’m too good for that.” She comes to me. She puts it all on a credit card to join. She’s like, “Fuck being stuck. I’m finally ready to receive support.”

She’s like, “As long as I keep doing the same thing where I’m trying to be self-sufficient then I’m going to be self-stuck.” Everybody you know that you admire, that inspired you, they’ve all gotten help. They’ve all been mentored. They’ve all been supported in huge ways by the people in their lives. No one is self-made. She comes and right from the start I taught her three parts of our culture. I coached her, I said, “The first thing that you have to become okay with from day one is when you win, you will share it with our community. Most people come from a culture where winning is downplayed. If you’re doing well, you want to downplay your success so that you can relate better with other people that are losers.” I don’t want to shine too brightly because then it might burn somebody else.

I don’t agree with Mayweather with everything that he does but he’s still proud. He’s like, “I’m the best.” What happens is that he’s the best. He literally thrives. We don’t know how his mental game is, but it’s the truth. Why do we try and suppress all of the good?

Suppress our greatness and our potential by focusing on our weaknesses, our flaws and our failures rather than on what we’re doing well. I told her, “When you win, you will immediately share because it is safe for you to shine.” That’s what people need to know. I’m not going to be judged if I share my wins. I’m not going to be condemned. I’m not going to be made fun of. I certainly was bullied. Whenever I did well at something, I was always downplayed. This is a community where it’s safe for people to shine and as a result of people focusing on their wins, they win more. What you focus on, you create more of. It’s definitely true with winning. If you’re focused on winning like Mayweather, you affirm that you are a winner, you always win, you always kick ass and you are the best and you start to live into that reality.

I want to get into a couple of strategies so that people can take it in.

Before we do that, I’ve got to tell you the other two pieces of the culture because this is powerful. The second thing is that when you come into our culture, as you win, you give. A lot of people have this competition mentality that means that if I win, you lose. If I win that I’m taking from your ability to win. If I build an online training business helping entrepreneurs, if you have an online training business helping entrepreneurs, then you’re going to take clients from me or I’m going to take clients from you. It’s essentially adopting in business the sports mentality. There is a winner and there is a loser. In business, that’s not the case. In business, it is a win-win.

Speak it out loud to yourself that business is a win-win. When I win, others win more, especially if I give. It’s a culture of giving and that’s why as one of my students wins, they share back into the community. As a result, everybody gets the benefit of that. We have a whole community of hundreds of people that are all sharing what’s working for them, they’re all their businesses rise and grow with it. Generosity, giving is important. Plus, as you give, out of what you find that works, this is in general in life. You were talking about how you were afraid to ask for support early on. I’m sure you’re very open to ask for support and you’re probably more open to giving support than you ever were because you have more to give.

I’ve definitely found this true with trainers, as they give, they master the information that they’re sharing as a result. There are three levels of learning. The first is to know it mentally. The second is to practice it personally. The third level is to reproduce it externally in other people’s lives. It’s winning, it’s giving and the third thing is what we’ve been talking about, it’s asking. This is a culture where you will ask for support because the moment that you get in your head, prideful, thinking that asking for help is weakness. We all suffer because when one person’s business suffers, we all lose as a result. I want all of my peers. I want all of my clients. I want all of us to crush it and change more lives because a rising tide lifts all boats. We are living in the middle of the greatest economy in human history and all businesses thrive as a result of that.

As you started to take on this culture, it’s like, “It’s safe for me to ask for help.” She comes from a poor family. She doesn’t know anyone else that’s successful. All her family would be afraid to ask for help. They would not give when they had won. They would be lost focused rather than winning focused. By changing our mindset, all the business strategy only makes sense and can only work when your mindset changes. Literally within 90 days she was making six figures a year. No one in her family had ever seen that kind of money in her life. Within six months, she’s making over $20,000 a month in online training. This is without ads, webinars, or spending money on a team. This is just by practicing effective business principles in an online training atmosphere. I could talk about the business stuff but it all grounds within a mindset. You’re a mindset guy, you’re a personal growth guy. You’ll get this. You know this. All success happens first in the mind.

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If you literally tell yourself, “I’m going to be successful.” You’ll learn how to be successful. That’s why a lot of people say, “If you work hard, smart work is way more important than hard work.” I call bullshit personally. Do you believe that you’re going to be super successful if you don’t have the hard work formulated and you don’t understand it and you haven’t been through it? You could be as smart as you want, smart as people, the most talented people. What happens if they lack hard work? They don’t get it. What happens when hardworking people don’t have much talent? They make it in some way, shape or fashion like a football player, for instance.

The hardest worker in the room may end up being a coach or a player but the most talented player in the room with no hard work will never be the player. Notice how there’s only one side to the person that actually works hard. You’re never going to have all those opportunities unless you put in both. What you’re basically saying is like creating that discipline, asking for support. You have a coach, you hire people for yourself to always grow. It allows you to help others to grow. I mentor so many different young men and women but I have mentors that provide me feedback, that tells me, “Brendan, what are you doing?” I’m like, “I didn’t even think of that. I didn’t even see that.” Rather than focusing so much on strategy and structure like, “How do I put the plan together?” It comes down to doing it. 

When it comes to success, we’re going back to the environment first. If you get around an environment of winners, your mindset will change automatically. That’s certainly been true for me. One conversation that changed the course of my life around this issue is what would it take to be successful is I was having a conversation with a full-time online coach in Encinitas while I was still homeless. I’m sharing my sob story about why I’m struggling so bad and why I tried webinars and building a website, Facebook ads and posting all this content on Instagram, lots of shirtless pictures, even a couple of booty pics as a guy.

I’m telling her this whole sob story and she was listening, she’s very patient. I’m complaining. She asked me a simple question, “Who’s mentoring you?” It had never occurred to me that I could ask other people for help. It did not even occur to me that I could hire somebody who had the experience. I was like, “Not only that I thought of that but I don’t even have the money to hire a mentor. I’m so broke. I’m living out of my car.” She said something that changed my life forever. She said, “That is the exact problem that would be solved if you’ve got a mentor. Your problem is not that you don’t have money. The problem is that you don’t know how to make money when you want it.” If you use this beautiful economy that we have, which is credit-positive where you can use other people’s money to make more. Dave Ramsey is wrong. I appreciate what that guy’s trying to do but by saying don’t go into debt, he’s essentially handicapping the income of millions of Americans, not just trainers but trainers are a huge victim of that philosophy.

There are certain places where you don’t want to go into debt.

I’m not saying that it’s always good but saying it’s always bad is equally stupid. Using other people’s money is a fantastic way. It’s called, “I can’t do it all on my own.”

If you could give two strategies to someone that wants to take their business online. I’m not going to say tangible because it’s not in their hands, but something that they can implement, whether it’s with their social media, their Instagram. Give us two strategies to take someone from not trusting themselves and that they can truly build something online, whether it is a fitness business to, “I can make some money.”

The first thing in any business, if you want to make any business successful. I’ll tell you how I counsel one of my other clients just so that we frame the conversation. Kevin came to me. When he came to me, he was a pharmacist. He got out of pharmacy school. He loved helping people. He wanted to help change people’s health but he didn’t have a business model. He didn’t understand how the business worked to be able to make money. He had the vision, he had the dream and he had the talent to help provide the service but to marketing and the sales, that was missing for him and the structure for it all to work.

My first question when he came to me and he hired me was, “Who’s the perfect person that you want to help? Who do you love serving more than other people?” Because in business, if you try to serve everybody, you try to offer everything to everyone, you end up offering nothing to anyone. No one gets the benefit of your business if you try and go to general. For him, he was passionate about helping high-impact entrepreneurs. He wanted to work with male entrepreneurs. That would expand from people that were successful realtors and wanted to master their health, all the way over to tech entrepreneurs that want to master their health after burnout and stress and all that it affected their life negatively. That was the person that he ended up coming to but the way that he figured that out was by using three criteria. It’s important for anyone that’s like, “I don’t know my ideal client is.”

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Number one is fun. Most people are like, “Why are you starting with fun? Why not the person that can spend $1 million with you?” For me, fun is the path to sustainability. If I’m not experiencing joy in my business, I will not work hard. There is only so much pain that anyone will endure on something they don’t enjoy for a certain period of time before they’re going to quit. The first thing I said to him is, “Who would you love to spend more time with?” These may be people that you’re currently spending time with or people that you would aspire to spend more time with. Identify fun because what is fun in our lives is sustainable. Experience is joyful and it gives us energy and allows us to bring more back to it.

Number two is who is someone that has an investor’s mindset? By investor I mean that they invest in themselves. The most valuable asset that someone has is not their bank account, not their house, not their car, it is their mind. You want to identify people that are already investing in themselves. Especially with online training in particular or online health coaching or online services. People in many cases try the in-person service. First, they have a level of understanding around it but they need accountability. They need customized support. They need to get a personal community that’s built around their interests. You want to find people that have already invested themselves because someone’s historical behavior is a good indicator of what they’re going to do in the future. If you want to work with awesome clients, find people that are happy to invest in themselves and have the history to back it up.

Number three is they have to be highly coachable. You want to find clients that by the end of your time working together, that you can honestly envision that person saying, “Thank you so much. You changed my life.” For you, Brendan, you want people buying your products, buying your supplements, that are not just going to buy them. You want them to use it because only when they consume the product is it going to actually have the possibility of changing their life. If people just buy it and they’re not going to use it, it’s a waste of time. It doesn’t help your business in the long-term because what drives your business is the continued use of the product.

You want your lives changed because that’s what’s going to drive your business success. It’s the same for my clients. It’s like I’m not interested in getting a client just to sell them because maybe they’re fun to hang out with, maybe they can invest. I want more than that. I want them to have their life changed because that’s what will sustain and grow my business long-term and that is what anyone that wants to go online with their business, they need to think who is the person that’s going to be coachable and demonstrates coachability in their life? They are listening, open to feedback, they want to make changes in their life and they do that. That’s the person that you want to work with.

To summarize that, it’s your ideal client. When you think about it, ideal client is who would you want to work with? Would you want to even work with yourself? That’s a question you should ask. Would you even want to be a part of this service or buy this product? If the answer is no, then you have some work to do. Look at yourself and then find out who is motivated, who wants to take the next step? Who is willing to spend money? If you talk to someone and they are coming from a scarcity mindset about all these different things, you know that they’re not going to be a good fit long-term. They might be excited to start your program but that does not mean they’re going to finish your program.

That’s what you want. You don’t just want people to buy the first program. You want them to buy the second and the only way they’re going to buy the second, which is becoming a retention client. There’s someone that you keep over the long-term, which means you actually only have the possibility to change their life if they buy the second thing, the third thing, the fourth thing from you. If you want to make a change, it’s not the first program that’s going to change someone’s life. That may transform their life in an immediate sense.

It takes thirteen emails for someone to buy. Think of it like programs.

Also with programs, what science has shown is that habit change doesn’t become permanent until someone reaches the eighteen-month mark. It doesn’t happen at 28 days, 66 days as some pseudoscience would say. It only locks in after eighteen months. If you’re transforming somebody’s life in the health space, realize the 90-day transformation program will not keep the transformation. There are many people that lose weight and getting back. In fact, not so many, 97%, that’s the statistics show who make a body transformation or to lose weight and gain it back. Only 3% lose the weight and keep it off. What’s the difference? It’s retention. They’re stuck with their coach. If they’ve stayed in the community, that’s positive uplifting and helpful. That’s definitely been proven not just in health but in business with Kevin who I mentioned with you.

Once he identified his ideal client. Once he got the system for, “Here’s how I generate leads. Here’s how I post content on social media that gets me clients. Here’s an application to use. Here’s a sales process that allows me to feel good about selling and not feel icky or manipulative about it.” He was able to generate $12,000 in just the second month in his online training business and within four months he was making $30,000 a month online. I did an interview inside of the Facebook group on this. He collected $50,000 in his online training business, but it only can happen if he works with clients he loves to build systems around getting them to invest in and consistently grows an audience. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be 2,000, 3,000 followers. It doesn’t have to be an audience like yours. It could be a very small group, but as long as he is targeting the right people, as a small group of engaged fans that love him, that received so much value and stick with him, then he’s going to be a good shape.

The only reason why somebody will love another person is that they believe that they're worthy of love. Click To Tweet

Don’t have a vision for a first purchase. Once you identify your ideal client, imagine the transformation that’s going to happen at the end of the first product, but then realize that every transformation brings new problems with it. At every level you go up, you have new problems. You don’t avoid problems. The only time you’re going to avoid problems is when you’re dead. When you bring somebody through a health transformation as an example, they have all these problems around how do I sustain this transformation? How do we reproduce it in my family? How do I make sure that I have this happen even when the holidays come around? How do I lock this in? I have a vision for a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth product where you can get somebody locked in, not to a first product or first transformation, but you can help them become different people.

How can you get them to utilize it and understand it long-term? Imagine if you bought a video game and in the video game there’s this long journey. Most action video games there are two parts to the game. There’s an online experience where it’s person versus person, PVP. They have the story mode. It develops people to enjoy the game. This is why I love this game like Halo 3, Halo 2, back in the day when I used to play. When I first ever started, I went through the journey of the game. I became so infatuated with it, I love the game but I was like, “I could actually be competitive with this.” I ended up being addicted to it. You don’t want to create addiction. You want to create discipline. You want to create a lot of confidence. The point is that it transfers over. Get someone to buy into themselves and then buy into their future selves. Allow them to be futuristic by the journey that you create for them. 

You want to have a vision for people’s next level of transformation after they go through your first one. You may have a vision to help somebody that’s overweight by 100 pounds. Help them get back to an average weight. What’s the goal after that? Do you have a vision for them to become a peak performer? Somebody that ascends through the ranks at their job that they expand their company with their newfound energy, they become an actual better leader. They break a generational cycle of being overweight in their family. What vision do you hold for the people that you serve? Because if you don’t hold the vision for them for the next level, they’ll find someone else that will.

Just to summarize, Sterling went from the bottom. You have to know what the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey is all about seeing the bottom so you could see the top, but seeing the top a little bit but not getting there just that you worked to get to that point. If you’re looking to start your online business or anything, getting in a relationship, you want a date, you’ve got to find trust and a relationship within yourself before anything.

The most important practice that someone can take on if they want to become elite in business, if they want to become extraordinary in their health, not just a good performer but a peak performer in every sense of the word and they want to have incredibly fulfilling, lifelong and loving relationships. The most important practice for that person is self-love. The only reason why somebody will pursue their own greatness is that they love themselves and they want themselves to feel good. The only reason why somebody will love another person is that they believe that they’re worthy of love and that they have something good to offer to somebody else.

The only reason why they will eat food that energizes them, that fuels their body and allows them to live longer and operated at a super high level is because they believe they deserve that. They believe that they’re worthy of that. It’s the same in business. Once you believe that you’re worthy of wealth, success, making a difference, having a legacy because you love yourself and because you speak kindly to yourself. Instead of cutting yourself down all the time and saying that you’re worthless or you can never do it or, “It must be so easy for them.” All that negative language. If you remove that and you replace it with, “If they can do it, I can do it.” I will become wealthy because becoming wealthy means that I will be of service to others. I am worthy of health, love, happiness, fulfillment, growth, and impact. I am worthy of those things.

Somebody that came from where I came from, where I was homeless, I struggled in relationships. I didn’t believe that I was attractive to women. I didn’t believe that I was a good friend to have. I messed up my body. When I started changing my internal dialogue to “I’m worthy of success.” When I start getting around people that believe that about me first and then I changed my dialogue. I would look in the mirror every day and I say, “Sterling, I love you and you are worthy of love.” I’d say that every day to myself, multiple times a day because I had such intense trouble believing that for a long time. That was the most important practice that set me up to take the right actions that could move me from $0 to $280,000 in my first year in my training business to over $1.5 million. All of the practices were sourced around, success is for me too. Love is for me too. Making a difference is for me too.

You became and you learn how to be selfish. Society uses this word selfish in a negative connotation. It’s like the word manipulation. It’s interesting because manipulation and strategy are pretty much the same shit, it’s that manipulation comes with a bad connotation from society. That’s what it’s been developed into. You don’t have to use the word selfish, but looking out for yourself is one of the most crucial parts of your own transformation and to making money. Just like you said you made $280,000 and then you started making more and more money. That came from self-worth and that’s all it takes. Get outside of the box. Stop allowing society to tell you the same bullshit that you’ve been hearing since you’re a kid. The naysayers, this and that. The only reason why they’re saying it is because they’re insecure about what they’re trying to do and what they’re trying to accomplish. Accept the fact that you can be whatever you want to be. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail and create you? That’s what it’s all about. Sterling, thanks for coming on here. I appreciate it. Where they can find you?

Come over and hang out on my podcast, especially if you’re a fit pro or health pro. You want to go on online training. You want to change lives for a living, that’s LifeChanger Podcast. I love to have you over there. Subscribe. If you want to connect with other likeminded people that are fit pros and health pros, go to LifeChangerCommunity.com and you join our Facebook group. I’d love to connect you with other people that are winning because when you’re around an environment of winners, you have a different level of inspiration.

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