Episode 54: What Is “Healthy Eating”? With Katrina Wright

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Episode 54: What Is “Healthy Eating”? With Katrina Wright

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What is healthy eating? Today’s guest, Katrina Wright, owner of Sculpt You, talks about a common but often neglected topic: eating right. She shares her definition of it and what you need to focus on to be in a positive state of health. Despite being an advocate for positive food consumption, Katrina also has her share of unhealthy addiction to chips. With this, she talks about how we can teach ourselves to take everything in moderation and break food addiction. Learn more from Katrina as she explains further on the different definitions of healthy eating, capping it off by emphasizing how there is no right way to eat healthily. It is all about mentally feeling good.

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What Is “Healthy Eating”? With Katrina Wright

Breaking Down True Nutrients

My guest is a very special person. She’s been in my life for quite some time and we work very close together. We partnered in one of her businesses. She’s working with CreateU Nutrition heavily. She’s an awesome person from A to Z. We’re not going to dive into her story. I want to make this show a little bit different. Make sure you tell your friends, your coworkers, your teacher, your mom, your dad, your brother or sister about this show because it’s going to be a baller. Her name is Katrina Wright a.k.a. College Clean Eating. College Clean Eating is for her Instagram. The cool thing about Katrina is we were able to take her from working in a meat factory. Where was it?

It was in Pennsylvania, Allentown.

What was the place called?

Cargill was the name of the company. We’re a huge supplier, number one, privately-owned company in the US.

She transformed and evolved from working there and owning her own business called Sculpt You and also working with other brands, but developing her influence online. She went to school for food science. She’s been working with thousands of ladies for quite some time as well. She knows a thing or two. She’s also been through a lot herself. Can you name a couple of things?

Health issues such as post-concussion. That’s the big one for me. IBS, I was homeschooled. It’s pretty much all health-related.

What is homeschool have to do with anything?

I was homeschooled for concussions.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, a way of eating that makes you feel good overall. Click To Tweet

We want to talk about healthy eating. What is healthy eating? It’s interesting because I feel like she and I have a little bit of a different side on this, but at the same time we do align in many different areas. You might not want to stop reading this because things that you’re eating in your diet that you might be telling yourself, “I can’t have this or this isn’t good for me. This isn’t going to work for me long-term.” It might be benefiting you way more than you think. I want to start off with your mentality and mindset. If your mindset is unhealthy, no matter what you put in your body is going to be unhealthy. I want to know your definition of healthy eating.

The number one definition for me is a lifestyle, a way of eating that makes you feel good overall. The biggest thing is you being fully happy and confident with yourself and your own body. What encompasses healthy eating is food that gives you energy, boosts your mood, makes you feel better. That’s overall what it is to me. It’s very subjective for each person.

You hear a lot of people saying, “If you feel good, you must be healthy. If you feel right, you look right and you do right. It’s something that I used to do back in the YouTube days, but does it always mean necessarily that you’re healthy?

Not necessarily.

Mindset is a mentality like, “I’m not starving my mind of food.” It’s not like, “I can’t have this food. I’m freaking out about it.” There is that anxiety side of it. It’s physical. What are you putting in your body? Let’s get on the list and talk about a little bit of this stuff.

Going back to your point, it’s healthy eating overall. We’re not making a list of bad and good foods. There are more nutrient-dense foods and there are none. It’s also having that balance where you are eating primarily nutrient-dense foods, but you aren’t killing yourself in a bad mental space.

For me, healthy eating is like you said, feeling good but a little bit more. For me, it is not binge eating. Not hating myself for consuming food and being able to perform at a very high level. It’s completely different for everyone else. Some people are like, “I want to feel good when I’m walking around the block. I have no problems. I don’t have to breathe heavy or anything like that. For me, if I have to go run a mile and I’m tired from a mile, I haven’t been eating healthy. What specifically would you say you focus on to eat healthy? What are the things that you stay away from?

I’m a College Cleaning, so I typically eat whole foods, plant-based primarily diet. I stick away from pretty much heavily processed foods and what you would classify as inflammatory foods like heavily processed oils. You have canola oil or grape seed oil. There’s tons safflower oil, sunflower oil. The oil is not in raw forms and ones that have to be produced at extremely high temperatures that breaks it down so you lose those benefits and the ones that are higher in Omega-6 fats. We want to have those olive oils, avocado oils, coconut oils, just clean raw oils.

CUE 54 | Healthy Eating


Here’s the tricky thing. Everyone says, “Canola oil is so bad like all this stuff.” How bad is something in moderation?

That’s always the conversation. I believe fully everything in moderation 100%. It’s putting more of those raw, whole foods into your diet and trying to lessen those inflammatory foods. Over time that builds up. Everyone has a different toxic threshold. There are tons of different processed foods and chemicals. There are 80,000 chemicals in our universe itself.

Do you think one doctor created all those 80,000?

No, but we all have a different toxic threshold. For me, I have to cut down on different products that have a lot of chemically derived ingredients in them. I have to go to fully raw organic products because I have a lower toxic threshold than normal. I know when my diet is not necessarily healthy, my migraines come, my brain fog comes, etc.

What Katrina is saying is very true. Everyone is sensitive to specific foods more than others. For me, I can eat dairy, no problem to a certain extent. Also, with fats. If my fats are way too high, for me, it’s horrible. I feel bad stomachache or I’ll get nauseous. Someone else can eat a bunch of fats and they’re completely fine. Carbs, I can eat so many carbs and be fine. Other people can’t eat a lot of carbs like me.

I get a lot of brain fog when I do high carb especially gluten.

Everyone is different and that also plays an effect on your overall health. I believe people miss out on that because of what society is saying. Society says “Don’t have gluten in your diet.” It’s a preventative measure for the majority. It’s not going to affect every person the same. If it’s not affecting you, get higher quality wheat. There are ways to do that. You can look it up. Any type of gluten. Get higher quality stuff that’s maybe not from the United States. Even meats, some people say, “Meats are horrible for your body.” How do they dwell with your body? Is it good with you?

This is a big portion of it’s all based on the quality of what you’re putting into your body. For example, you cannot be feeling well on factory-raised meat. That’s another topic I can get into because I worked in meat for a few years. I feel completely different when I have grass-fed meats. You’re getting healthy fats from the grass itself, from the soil. The soil has its own microbiome that they’re having. It’s all relates back to the gut too. The gut of that animal if it’s a healthy gut and you’re in taking that animal, you’re going to be having healthy bacteria that builds your microbiome. It’s all a cycle. If you’re being fed an animal that has farm factory foods, processed soy, grains and their guts are a wreck, you’re in taking them, they’re under stress, you’re under stress. It’s all related. It’s all energy-related too.

What encompasses healthy eating is food that gives you energy, boosts your mood, and makes you feel better. Click To Tweet

You brought up a very good point about your gut. It’s the same thing for animals. I don’t even think of that. If the gut of the animal isn’t where it needs to be, it’s not optimal. It’s not taken care of. Your gut, when you’re consuming it, it’s not going to be optimal. It’s a slow process. A lot of people think that “Nothing is affecting me. I’m super healthy.” All of a sudden, one day you feel more tired than usual or you feel like, “I’m going to get another cup of coffee.” Soon enough all your issues are masked. You’re not sleeping enough so you think, “It must be my sleep. I need to go to the doctor because I’m keeping on getting sick. My blood results came back funky. My LDLs are odd.” You start thinking of all these different things when it came down to what you’ve been eating for a very long time and taking steps back.

My IBS didn’t develop over a day. It was months and years of me taking foods that weren’t beneficial to me. In college, I ate pretty much-processed foods a lot. It was high stress. Stress is the biggest factor for IBS. You breakdown in a high-stress environment. Everything collapsed for me when I was diagnosed with IBS. Gut health is not fixed also. You can’t fix your gut in a day. It took years to build up to that point. It’s going to take years to have a healthy version of yourself.

That’s why we developed the CreateU Greens and the CreateU Probiotics. It’s a supplement. When you’re consuming supplements as well, it’s to supplement your diet and to get you on track. Once you’re on track, it’s to optimize your gut health and everything that’s going on. A lot of these things you can get in your normal diet and that’s what we’re missing out on is the vegetables that we should be consuming.

A study has been released where they’re putting out the factors of pretty much the healthiest overall microbiome, what classifies it as healthy. They’re saying it’s 30 plus different fruits and vegetables you should be taking a week, which is extremely difficult for most people because most people are so stuck in, “I eat kale every day.” They have their set veggies every single day. It’s so many but think about it. It’s all an evolutionary base as well. We evolved primarily off a plant-based diet. We could only hunt an animal every couple of days. You didn’t have huge amounts of meats every day. We primarily lived off the land.

That’s where I don’t align with is that we’re not living in that age. The way it’s evolved is like, “Yes, we are meat eaters.” That’s a fact I believe.

The number one factor in getting in everything we need for our gut microbiome comes from those fibers and micronutrients from those vegetables.

I’ve heard that if you eat the liver of an animal, it’s the most nutrient-dense part of the entire animal itself. Have you heard anything about that?

I have. It depends nowadays too. The liver is very interesting because, in the fitness and health industry, you always see everyone’s like, “You don’t need anything else more to cleanse your liver.” It does it ourselves, which is true. We’re at a moment where everyone is pretty much reached their toxic threshold. We’re completely overloaded in regards to overall chemicals. It starts even in pesticides. Another issue is the pharmaceutical industry because we’re having a hard time getting pharmaceutical waste out of our water.

CUE 54 | Healthy Eating


At the same time, it starts when you come out of the womb.

They’re finding that toxins already in the womb of women.

Ladies, you need to be drinking the Green juice. 40 plus superfoods, herbs and extracts. According to Katrina, she got this information according to studies. You need 30 plus fruits and vegetables. How beneficial is having those greens every single day? Is it beneficial on the level that it’s saying, “Your entire gut health?”

Personally, I don’t stray much away from my normal vegetable intake and vegetables don’t make a huge portion of my dish. That supplement for me was great. That was one of the first things I wanted to release to my following, especially as busy students, working women, it’s hard to make most of your meals plant-based and have that energy sustaining you all day as well as getting in that variety of fruits and vegetables that you need.

A lot of people misconstrued like, “Meat is good or vegetables are good.” It’s about the nutrients. That’s what it comes down to, the micronutrients that you’re putting into your body.

There’s too much macro talk personally in the fitness field when it should be way more focused on microbes.

I went through a full five-months prep and I definitely didn’t eat micro all day. I wouldn’t call them cheats. They fit in my macros, but the majority of my food was fruits, vegetables, very high-end wild meats. I love wild meats because there’s not a lot of nasty crap in them. It’s not mass-produced. What I learned is that healthy eating is subjective to everybody. For me, it was more so about, “Where’s my mental health as I’m progressing and as I’m dieting, as I’m losing this fat. More importantly, am I having three servings of vegetables a day like big servings? Am I also having some not so healthy stuff in my diet? That was the icing on the cake. If I wasn’t having something, I noticed that my mental fatigue would set in. When my mental fatigue would set in, it would create these breaks. I’d be like, “Why am I not feeling too well?” It’s because of my stress levels. It’s like a cycle.

That’s why I tell people, especially clients, I always say, “Eating healthy isn’t something you accomplish in one day.” I can’t sit and be like, “This is your whole diet plan. Finish it.” It’s a process to understand how to combine that way of eating as well as with the balance of other foods that you love and not having hatred towards yourself when you eat those foods. Having mental health and your overall happiness is number one. Also, the biggest thing I’ve found is the word healthy eating scares everyone because you automatically think of a plate of vegetables and that doesn’t sound appealing. A plate of pasta sounds much more appealing than a plate of vegetables.

Eating healthy isn't something you accomplish in one day. Click To Tweet

How about vegetable pasta though? Mac and cheese from Chick-fil-A, that has nothing to do with vegetables.

I always talk about this how I’d never liked eating vegetables as a kid. My mom would make me sit at the dinner table for hours until I finish those brussels sprouts on my plate. I would cry. It’s taken me years to figure out how I personally enjoy my vegetables and my way of healthy eating. That’s what I’ve always said. It’s like anything in your life, it’s a journey. It’s a journey at the gym. It’s a journey in the kitchen.

It’s not easy, but it’s discipline.

That’s food science for you. That was my major. How to formulate different foods to make them make you addicted and crave them. That’s what we do in the food industry. We purposely formulate foods that you will always come back to. Personally, I have an addiction to chips 100%.

There are different chips.

I have a potato chip thing.

Do you have an addiction to potato chips?

It’s 100%. Every time I go to the grocery store, I walk in and I don’t want to pick it up, but I do.

CUE 54 | Healthy Eating


How do you break that?

That’s been my biggest mental barrier, but I was eating Lays. I was eating processed potato chips, but now I’m eating plantain chips with coconut oil and sea salt with only three ingredients.

You talk about it like it’s not a good thing.

It’s not a good thing for me to be addicted to the point where I can’t go to the grocery store without getting potato chips.

How do you break that?

For me, it’s been going to healthier options of chips. I allow myself to buy the bag of chips, but I put it in a little zip lock baggie so I only have portions of chips every other day.

Everything comes down to discipline. Discipline is matched up with consistency. I’ve talked about this in another episode. When you walk into that store, I believe it’s imperative for you to get to the point where you don’t have that craving anymore because you’ve taught yourself to no longer need it and having it slowly introduce back.

I used to buy apple cider vinegar chips. The reason I was addicted to them because they had fructose cover it over them. I loved it. It was high sugar. Think about it in nature, where do you find foods with high fat, high sugar? It’s very rare because you find fruits with high sugar, but there are no fats in fruits. High-fat foods, you typically don’t find sugar, but in breast milk, that’s only natural food that has high fat, high sugar.

You have the power to understand what is healthy for you and what is not. Click To Tweet

This is why we become so addicted to these foods because literally, our brain completely lights up when we have high fat, high sugar because it’s not normal in our body. It sends off a signal like, “I want more of it.” Even cacao, it’s very bitter. Raw cacao beans like chocolate. It wasn’t as an addictive of food until the Spanish came over and they brought cane sugar. They mixed the cacao mixture that they were making over in South America for years with the sugar. All of a sudden, it became an addictive worldwide food.

We’re all eating these chocolate goodies everywhere.

The Spanish came in. They’re like, “There’s some sugar in there.”

What do you think about vanilla bean?

I love vanilla bean.

Is it good for you?


Why does it taste so good?

CUE 54 | Healthy Eating


Why do avocado taste so good? Why does fruit taste so good?

In summary, there’s no right way to do healthy eating. If you’re mentally feeling good, that’s one step. If you’re not having crazy cravings all the time, and I’m talking about like high-end cravings. I’m not talking about like, “I want some mac and cheese.” That’s fine. Go get yourself some mac and cheese. When it’s bad, you can’t resist. It’s like, “I need to go to get this.” That’s when you need to dig a little deeper. On top of that, the physical. How are you feeling? Are you tired? This is outside of how you’re sleeping, how are your relationships are your environment. There are a lot of things at play. How much water you’re drinking? All that stuff plays a part, but if you have all of it down and you’re consuming these foods and you’re not feeling well. Mentally you might be good, you got to take a look and take a step back.

This is a disciplinary lifestyle choice that you make. It takes time and you have to trust the process. Once you establish your mental barriers and all of that, you get comfortable in certain areas, you’re eating the foods that you want and you enjoy, go get a slice of pizza, that’s completely fine. I had six ounces of tequila, so it’s cool. I’m doing that because I’m reverse dieting. If you don’t know what that is, basically you go through prep. You have to make sure that your hormones and everything is balanced and not going crazy. You’re not storing a bunch of fat right after your show because you’re super anabolic.

For me, I had the five slices of pizza and honestly, I haven’t had the best day that I have in a couple of months. I feel better. I’m happy. I was having issues with like, “I need something, but I don’t know if I can do it. I’m going to feel guilty.” I did it and I feel great. I’m happy. My body didn’t change overnight. You’re not going to add ten pounds of fat on your body like that. It’s not how it works. You have to be cognitive of the fact that you could enjoy your own foods, the ones that you want and see the results that you’d like. It’s physical and mental.

It comes into play that you are in control. You have the power to learn more about what you’re putting into your body. You have the power to understand what is healthy for you and what is not. There are more nutrients dense foods and there’s not. It’s understanding that food is fuel. Food does play a role in your overall mental health, your energy levels, your overall wellbeing being, your digestion, your gut health. It’s understanding more of what foods align with those. For example, even simply putting ginger into diet especially for females to help with cramping. Food is fuel in so many aspects. It’s learning those ways, but also finding a balance with those foods that you do enjoy. Finding ways that work for your overall mental health. You’re putting in healthy foods and also combining it with foods that you like. The biggest point is making sure that you are happy and feeling well.

I know that for 50% of you are thinking like, “I want my favorite meal.” We all think about it. I’m thinking about food, specific food that I want to eat. She’s probably thinking about it. Don’t find it like a slap on your wrist, like, “This is a mistake. This should be happening.” Go enjoy your food and get to work. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to do more. There’s this exaggerated thought process behind society nowadays. If you eat two slices of pizza, you have to run a little bit harder the next day. If you’re consistent, you don’t need to adjust anything because it’s like homeostasis. It’s the basis. It’s the foundation.

What if you aren’t consistent and you want to start with your diet? That’s one thing. The biggest factor I see is you’re struggling with your mental health. You aren’t making it to the gym and your food is a reflection of that as well. It’s a big thing to know, even putting in a bowl of berries or a bowl of wild blueberries is incredible for your overall mental health. Even dark chocolate, but putting in some foods every single day. Maybe it’s going to the gym for ten minutes, maybe the next day to fifteen minutes on the stairs slowly. The process of this whole thing we’re talking about is bringing in overall holistic wellness factors throughout your journey, riding with it and learning how to love it.

Mental, physical, trusting the process and allowing yourself to enjoy. Don’t indulge, enjoy. Trust you’re your own process. Everyone goes through the journey at different speeds, different paces. You might be coming from a background where you’re extremely overweight. It’s going to take time, but it will happen. You might be skinny. You’re skinny because you’re afraid. It’ll all pan out.

Align yourself with your vision every day.

Ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life with what you’re consuming. It’s simple as that. Thanks for reading another episode of the CreateU Experience. Katrina, it was super exciting to have you here. Make sure you follow her on Instagram @CollegeCleanEating. If you want to sign up for a membership. She does home and gym workouts. There are meal plans. There’s so much meditation.

We have a whole series going over mental health and food, so you definitely want to check that out.

You can go and check out at TheSculptYou.com and sign up there. It’s $9 a month. You literally cannot miss out on what she provides. Also, if you want to pick up your Greens, Probiotics, Creatine HCL, vegan protein, natural pre-workout, something for hormones as well for females that we’re going to eventually release, anything that we are releasing here in the future and lot of cool things, you can go to CreateUNutrition.com to pick up your stuff.

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About Katrina Wright

CUE 54 | Healthy EatingA bodybuilder who has also been named a WNBF Pro Natural Bikini. She has over 490,000 followers on her collegecleaneating Instagram account.

Before Fame

She played lacrosse in high school but was unable to continue in college due to injury. She ended up studying Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech.

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