Episode 71: Get Your Power Back!

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Episode 71: Get Your Power Back!

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In another QuickTime Friday, Brendan Meyers talks about how you can get your power back by learning how to not give it away. When you feel like your power is fading or you are giving away too much of it, you can simply take a break and re-evaluate yourself. Brendan offers some advice on regaining your energy. He also stresses the importance of understanding where your energy is being provided, realizing that you can’t save everybody and fix everyone’s problem.

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Get Your Power Back!

This is a Quicktime Friday. If you’re new here, just so you know, we get unfiltered. I don’t hold back. I’m honest. I’m brutal if I have to be brutal. I’m also extremely vulnerable about myself and authentic. Buckle up because I’m telling you, it’s going to be a little bumpy and more so for me because it brings up a lot of stuff in my life. What’s an episode without relating to you? It’s not. For me, I feel that a lot of shows are holding back from telling everyone exactly how they feel. I want you to know that it’s okay to share exactly how you feel. If someone makes you feel that it’s not, then they’re not the right person to be in your life.

Quicktime Fridays are very short. It’s maybe a 5, 10, 15, 20-minute where we dive in. It could be a question, it could be a quick topic or something that was brought up to me in a review. By the way, if you’ve reviewed the show on iTunes and link it to description, then you get seven free gifts, so go ahead and do that. I don’t know what day it is for you and I don’t know who you’re sitting next to. You’re with your buds, you’re on the subway or chilling in your room or cooking some dinner. I hope you’re having a fantastic day and you have a fantastic day tomorrow because what we’re going to be talking about is not giving your power away. I say I hope you have a great day and you had one now and tomorrow and everything because once you learn how to not give your power away, then you have a lot more positive energy and that’s what I want to discuss.

For the majority of my life, I gave my power away. I thought of myself as, “I need to do this so that people can see me, so that people can hear me, so that I feel important,” and the whole shebang. That was me, my entire life. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago where I said, “I need to stop doing this.” Suddenly, I was like, “I am done doing this.” I was sitting here reminiscing on my entire life. The things that I’ve been through, the tragedies, the good, the bad, all of it and I thought, “The majority of the bad in my life has come from me giving my power away, giving all this energy into people that weren’t returning it to me.”

I almost feel like the earth, this world is like an energy field. Each connection, each relationship, everyone that is around us is energy being exchanged. Just imagine, if you are a battery that’s giving yourself to assist them again and again, what happens? Soon enough the battery dies. When you literally look at your own life, look at it from the perspective as you’re the battery. You’re not a rechargeable battery yet, are you? You could be. You could not be giving your power away all the time and it’s a rechargeable thing but you don’t even want to be rechargeable. You don’t want to be a battery in this world. The reason being is because soon enough, you die and yes, we die.

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I’m talking about metaphorically like you die as in your energy, you’re exhausted, you get stressed, you get depressed or whatever. It all adds up. It accumulates. It’s like if we’re holding a grudge on somebody, that right there is giving your power away. After a long time, you crash, you burn and it’s brutal. I want to challenge you with something. The next time you feel like you’re giving your power away and sometimes it’s hard to see, I want you to take a step back, evaluate it, write it down and then come back to it in about an hour. Let’s make it a little bit simpler for you. When you feel like you’re giving your power away, I want you to think about it. Give yourself five minutes or a couple of seconds or twenty seconds to re-evaluate if that’s what you’re doing and then call yourself out on it.

You can be in a conversation and say, “I need to go to the restroom quick,” whatever it is and look at yourself in the mirror and decide. I want to give you this analogy and there are so many times where we have this house. Let’s say our lives are one big house. We are the house and you have a front door, you have a couple of windows, you have a garage. Someone comes to knock on the door. It’s a significant other. It could be someone toxic. It could be someone that’s trying to take money from you. Think of anybody negative in your life. They come up to your door, they knock three times. You go to your little peephole, you see that person and you have a choice at that moment.

You can either open the door, invite them in. You can either open the door, just a crack to say, “Is there anything that you’d like? What are you doing? Who are you?” You could also at that time, open up your windows, open up your garage, open up the door and say, “Welcome in.” I want you to look at your life as just that with power and energy. The second you open up your door and allow someone in, you are in control of that. When that person enters your house, you’re giving energy to that person and a lot of your power away to that person. You’re allowing that power to be taken by the other person. You’re allowing it to be controlled.

When you think of this and someone comes into your house, who is to blame? Who is to blame that you opened up the windows, opened up the garage, opened up the back door, opened up the basement, opened up all the rooms and let somebody into your life? You did that. When we looked through that peephole in our lives, we have to take a step back and say, “One moment, please,” to see if this person, if this relationship, if this business is worth giving our energy to. If we don’t get an exchange, by the way, the exchange which is a relationship with anything, is the most powerful thing in the world. That gives you more power than you could ever imagine. When you give that energy and there’s no exchange, that’s when you lose your power so stop, whether it’s a significant other, it could be your business, it could be someone that’s in your family, it could be a job or whatever it is.

CUE 71 | Getting Your Power Back
Getting Your Power Back: When you feel like you’re giving your power away, give yourself time to re-evaluate your actions and call yourself out on it.


Sometimes, it’s hard because everything is so clouded and all this stuff but think about it. Is it worth giving your power away? I don’t think so. Now, I’m in a position to give you an example. I’m in a position because I gave my power away. I gave so much energy and didn’t get the energy back. I’m in a specific situation right now. I’ve had to go to drastic measures to level up my life. Yes, I’ve learned and it’s been an incredible experience. Do you think I want to go to drastic measures to be able to heal from something? Absolutely not. Whether that is the situation that I had in a different state with someone and it almost turned into a big physical fight or a relationship that I was discovering that affected me. Whatever it is, we have to take a stand for ourselves earlier on so that these things don’t add up, pile up and then crumble around us.

You’ve got to remember that crumbling needs to be cleaned up. That’s where we go to drastic measures because we have to do the clean-up. We’ve got to clean up from all of this bullshit that’s been happening because we gave our energy to the wrong source and that caused a loss in our power. Stop giving your power up. Live a life of freedom. Live a life that you know is filled with joy and love. I’ll give you a couple of examples of how you can do that. One, surround yourself with people of your same energy and even higher energy than you. It doesn’t matter what they look like. It doesn’t matter what their job is. It could be people that are working at a grocery store, it could be someone that’s working at Chipotle or someone at Barnes & Noble or a CEO of a business. It does not matter but surround yourself by people with the same energy.

Number two, and I read this about Sean Stephenson. If you don’t know who he is, look him up on YouTube, on social media or whatever. He just passed away. God bless him and his family but this man was a powerhouse. He said something that was very interesting. One of my mentors told me about it. He said, “There are certain things that we do when our life is going well. There are certain things that are always happening when our life is going bad.” Sean Stephenson said, “Write down a list of fourteen things that when your life is going good, this is what you’re consistently doing.” It’s consistency. It’s discipline.

For me, some of them were getting eight hours of sleep. I’m drinking a gallon of water a day. I’m doing cardio four times a week. I’m playing a little bit of music. I’m dancing one time per week and I am counting my macros. These are the things that when I’m doing them, my life is good. Everything else outside of it is things that are adding in or trying to subtract from that overall energy, that overall power that we’re giving to ourselves every single week, every single day because of those things that we do that we love. That brings us that enjoyment and that good times in our lives. When we do follow the same thing over and over again, we know it’s given us good, now we get to choose and we see very clearly what is working and what isn’t working.

The exchange, which is a relationship with anything, is the most powerful thing in the world. Click To Tweet

When this shit isn’t working and there keeps on being this consistent bullshit, this relationship, this person came into your life and is not giving you what you deserve and you feel like your happiness is dropping a little bit. You’re feeling a little bit more overwhelmed or more anxiety or you see the depression coming on or whatever. Maybe you changed certain things, then that’s on your bad list and you don’t want to keep it in your life. Because you have this good list, you can literally shift it away and you’re back to the good. Start looking at your life from that perspective. One, surround yourself with the right people and two, make a list for yourself that represents all the good in your life. The things that you’re following and watch how things start to shift.

I’m starting now with about nine things that I want to follow. I’m going to make sure that I do them because I know that’s what brings me happiness and that’s what I do when I’m living my best life, when I’m feeling good, when I’m in bliss. Stop giving your fucking power away. The only way you can finally stop doing that is by recognizing the good and bad and understanding where your energy is being provided. You can’t save everybody. You can’t fix everyone. You can’t be your best around every single person in this world. You can’t. Take a step back, bird’s eye view. Now is your day. It starts now. Get your power back. I believe in you. Thanks for tuning in for another episode. Until next time. Peace.

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