Episode 82: Quarantine Vibes (Lets Just Chat) With Taylor Daugherty

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Episode 82: Quarantine Vibes (Lets Just Chat) With Taylor Daugherty

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Most people did not see this current pandemic coming, so when it did hit, everyone was caught off-guard. Now, we are pushed into a life where social distancing and quarantine have oddly become the norm. In this episode, Brendan Myers sits down with Taylor Daugherty of the CreateU media team to chat about what’s going on. They cover a range of topics from conspiracy theories and the state of traveling to gaining new perspectives about life and more. On living in this current condition, Brendan and Taylor talk about how they are coping and their realizations about the importance of relationships in our lives as well as the freedom to go out. More than ever, we are reminded of the many things we take for granted. Follow along to this conversation and gain some new insights to think about this quarantine period.

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Quarantine Vibes (Lets Just Chat) With Taylor Daugherty

COVID-19 is running rampant and honestly, it’s pretty shocking at what’s been going on. Hopefully, this can give you a little bit of positivity and get you a little excited for the future, to bring some spice into your life. I’m sitting here with Taylor. He runs a lot of the CreateU media team and the content, and he also lives with me. What’s up?

What’s going on?

We went to the park and we threw a ball. That’s been the highlight of my days in court.

There’s beautiful sunlight. It was like physical therapy. We don’t have football yet.

We can’t even get a pigskin. I don’t know if you guys know what a pigskin is, but it’s essentially a pig’s skin. Taylor, let’s have a conversation. What do you think about this pandemic that’s going on? What’s going on?

I would say it’s the oddest thing anybody’s ever gone through. I want to say that it’s probably something most people thought would probably never happen. It’s something that’s been in movies and all that stuff were movies.

What movies?

There’s one called Pandemic. It’s a shock for everybody and a big switch up for everybody’s lives. We lived in a very normal day-to-day, this, that and the other, then all of a sudden, the world came to a pause.

What do you think about the conspiracies that are out there? Like the dolphin started it. What do you think about them? Have you heard any?

I’ve heard a couple. I’ve heard that it was essentially manmade or something or it’s a government deal.

You can't put somebody on the streets and expect them to pave them. They have to learn first. Click To Tweet

Do you think it’s possible?

It’s very possible, absolutely.

You’re done, they already checked you off. You’re out. A manmade virus, I don’t know what the heck to believe anymore. Honestly, I’m hit a little bit because my grandfather is in ICU and he has all these orders. Basically, he’s going to be passing away from COVID. I don’t know what to believe because one hospital says one thing, a doctor says another thing. Where is your mind at?

Apparently, there are two others. The Coronavirus, there are two different types. There have been two other ones that are very similar to it. One’s called MERS, one’s called SARS. It’s becoming a thing where one was in 2002. One was a little bit later and now this one. That’s somewhat evidence that we might have to look at for the future.

You mean if there was more stuff going on?

Yes, if this continues to become almost a cycle thing. That’s at least one thing that’s keeping me on the side of, “Maybe this is something that has happened.”

Why does this shit keep on coming from China? What are they doing over there?

I don’t know. Were the two from China?

I don’t know. I’m not a good researcher. I’m actually a horrible researcher. What I do know is that Google is a friend of mine. I usually take the first three things that it says it’s hot, which is probably incorrect. Supposedly, a lot of the stuff that is coming except for obviously the Spanish Flu. It didn’t probably come from China. What do you feel about traveling? Would you do it?

Initially, there was a big thing where obviously everybody was, “A $4 plane ticket to Brazil,” or something like that. Everything is cheap. That probably spread things a little bit. Now if you want to travel, it might be super safe because you’d be the only person on the airplane. You have all the snacks and all kinds of things.

All the snacks have all the COVID. What are you going to do with that?

It’s safe now because they’d taken the proper precautions.

Do you think it’s safe?

It’s safe because nobody’s flying.

It doesn’t matter. Nobody can fly in those planes and they’ll still contract COVID everywhere.

They’re lit up with COVID.

That’s how I feel.

I don’t want to speculate anything that, but to me, if I was going to travel anytime, now would be more snacks, less babies.

CUE 82 | Quarantine Chat
Quarantine Chat: Eighteen is probably the age when you start to think that you know more than you actually do and so you get a little bit of false confidence.


Where would you want to go?

Tulum would be a cool spot. I don’t know if they have an airport you can fly in direct there.

Why would you want to go to Tulum?

They’ve got a cool gym there. It’s called Tulum Jungle Gym. I’ve seen them on The Gram.

Do you think it’s real or do you think that’s a conspiracy too?

It’s real. It can’t be a conspiracy.

Do you know where I want to go? Antarctica. That shit is dope. Imagine you get off the airplane and you’re dead.

There’s a polar bear there. Can you even fly into Antarctica?

I have no clue. We can hop on the CreateU jet.

We’ll get Jeremy to start flying the plane.

By the way, Jeremy is the eighteen-year-old that’s behind my content now. He’s a videographer. He’s a young buck. His IQ is through the roof. His street smarts, it’s getting there, but what are you going to do? You can’t put somebody on the streets and expect them to freaking pave them. He’s got to learn. How do you feel? How old are you now?

I’m 24.

Never tell somebody your age. When you were eighteen years old, where were you at?

When I was eighteen, I was graduating high school and I was getting ready to go to college.

Did you know how to spell naive? This is a tough one.

I’m going to skip this question.

Este is one of the main peeps part of CreateU. I literally probably spelled naive in our onboarding packet for CreateU five to ten times completely wrong. He kept changing it. He’s like, “Did you mean this?” I’m like, “Absolutely not. I did not mean that. I’ve never seen that word. That’s not naive.” Anyways, eighteen years old, so you’re pretty naive, I’m guessing. From eighteen years old to where you are now, where would you say you’ve grown most in your life?

I’ll say in critical thinking and grown perspective. When I say grown or learned more perspective, I have the ability to have multiple perspectives. When you’re younger, you have these things that have been taught to you, things that people have shown you. You only have a very limited view of the world because you’ve only experienced so much. As you go through different life experiences, you start to see more, do more, interact more, have all these experiences. Those shaped the way you see the world, but it allows you to get in these different situations and see things from other points of view that you might have not have because you hadn’t had been there before.

I can attest to that shit. When I was eighteen years old, I literally had no clue. What was I even doing? At that time, I had a concussion. That was a little bit different. When you go to the past, you’re like, “What was I thinking?

Eighteen is probably the age when you start to think that you know more than you actually do, so you get a little bit of false confidence.

I think that’s 21. When I was 21, 22, I was like, “I’m not eighteen. I can drink, I can I go out, I’m handling myself. I’m living on my own. I’m graduating college. I’m not a sophomore in college. I’m a senior.” I had this confidence inside of myself, which was like, “I’ve seen the world a bit.” I didn’t see shit when I was 21. Most people grow up when they’re 24 to 25 years old. They come to themselves. How have you come to yourself?

A lot of life lessons come to you quickly. I graduated and then moved out of Florida. I graduated in December of ‘18. It was essentially the year that I told my parents, “I’m done living here in Florida. I want to pave my own path and go out to Colorado and give that my best shot.”

Where did you work in Colorado?

The first thing I secured was a job for personal training. I secured a job there, found an apartment, hustled away. I made a little money. I was on a UPS truck. I figured it out.

Were you at the back of the UPS truck chilling or were you driving?

No, it was a seasonal type of deal. I would help deliver packages down.

Imagine if you were doing that during the COVID times. These guys that are doing it right now, I’ve got mad respect. For people that work at grocery stores right now, I’m not going in a grocery store. What’s one thing that you miss right now?

I would say, for sure, my family because I get to see them relatively often, but this is one of those times where you want to be with the people you care about and you want to keep everybody close to you. It’s obviously very scary and you don’t want anybody to get it or be affected by it.

One thing that I missed, I don’t know what, honestly. Going on about my life, being able to go out and do what I want to do. I like to do a lot of things on my own, so that’s not big of a deal. I like doing a lot of things on my own with a lot of people around. I like meeting new people. I’m used to going into a grocery store talking to five different people, literally everywhere.

A question, would you say that you’re an extrovert? If there was a spectrum, you’re at the very edge of an extrovert, would you say? If you had to cut it like ten is an extrovert, one is an introvert, where do you lie in that?

I’m a person. I feel sometimes I’m an introvert, sometimes I’m an extrovert. Sometimes I literally do not want to talk to anybody. Sometimes I walk downstairs, you might be cooking and I’m like, “Please don’t fucking talk to me. Please don’t move a muscle.” When you say something, I’m like, “Fuck.” You’re an introvert?

I would say I’m an introverted extrovert, if that makes any sense. I’m a human being.

I look at this introvert and extrovert, I believe in it to a certain extent. If I teach somebody, if I’m mentoring somebody, I’ll teach him in that respect because it’s very easy to be introvert, extrovert. You could feel that you can see it type of thing. At the same time, the way we treat our lives, it’s different everywhere we go in all different scenarios. When you go to a club, you might be an introvert, but when you go to a baseball game, you might be an extrovert. When you go to ballet class, because you go to ballet class pretty often, then you’re an extrovert.

Essentially, the question I was going to ask is with all of this going on, and let’s say for conversation’s sake that you’re very outgoing, you’re an extrovert. How do you think this has affected you in that way?

As you go through different life experiences, you start to see more, do more, and interact more. Click To Tweet

During my life, at this point in time, I was going through it per se. I was trying to distance myself from a lot of people. It was interesting. I feel this has been good for me. It’s good to get away, protect my energy. I can’t go to a ballet class either anymore. It sucks going on my toes and stuff. For me, it was perfect timing. I don’t want to say it with COVID. Nothing is perfect time for that shit. For me personally, mentally, it was perfect timing to get away.

At this point, we don’t know when it’s going to end. Up to this point, what’s something you think you’ve taken away from the whole situation as far as it being very different?

I haven’t even thought about this question. Socializing? This is one thing that I’ve taken away from it. It’s that viruses are real and bacteria is real. I’ve never realized how much like, “I’m not just going to wash my hands this time,” and I go in the car and eat something. Being aware of my surroundings and knowing that when I shake someone’s hand, if they’re sick and I can see that they’re sick, they have a cold or something, I wash my hands. It’s as simple as that. In the past, even if you’re at the gym, sometimes you don’t wash your hands. You forget.

It’s something as simple as you touch the weights and you maybe rub your eye or something. Germs are real. They’re the real thing.

I’m a germ to the world, a good germ, though. You call me Gut Flora Meyers. We’re in 2020. What is going on? Imagine when you were a kid. What were you watching? You’re younger than me. Obviously, I’m ancient.

I was born in ‘95.

What were you doing when you were a kid?

I was playing outside. I was doing whatever, getting into stuff I shouldn’t have.

Kids can’t even do that anymore, not even with COVID going on in 2020. Can kids go out and play? Where do they do that?

I would say it’s probably a little bit different world. Even the way technology has somewhat started to shape. There’s something about kids not playing as much.

Do you think it’s awareness with human trafficking and all that stuff? Do you think it’s awareness of the fact that we finally know what’s been going on that now we take precautions with our kids and stuff? I have six kids, so I take this very seriously. I’m kidding.

I’ve even talked to my parents about that. They say back in the day it was whatever, but obviously, times have changed and there are different things going on right now that weren’t going on before.

I still get grounded by my parents. They don’t even FaceTime me. They text me like, “Stay in your room.” I’m like, “I appreciate that, mom.” Talking about my mom, most likely she has COVID. It’s interesting, when you think about mother and all that they do. I had this conversation with you. I said, “Mother, females are the most powerful people in the world, of the human race. Women, hands down. Nobody has shit on a woman.” What’s your perception on women?

Women are beautiful. As far as overall?

As far as the human race goes, in power, in life.

Humans as a whole are amazing creatures. The complexity, the intricacies, everything is absolutely mind-blowing. The fact that one human being can create another human being and create something so amazing. There’s also what feminine energy brings to the table and everything that’s packed into what a woman is.

Also, what a woman embodies. They say that masculinity and femininity doesn’t equate to gender, supposedly. To me, it’s feminine energy. I totally agree with you. A woman, the fact that they can birth another human being and it could be a male or female. I feel like the women going on the menstrual cycle is to control how powerful they truly are and how much greater they can be than men. I hate for men to hear this and like, “Fuck that guy. This guy is ridiculous.” In all seriousness, I feel the hormones and imbalances and everything that goes on with menstrual cycle and what it embodies and everything, it’s so powerful and it almost creates a balance between male and female. Men, honestly, we do not go through that much compared to a woman.

It’s all obviously relative to situations and all that stuff.

From a human nature perspective, the way biologically how men are compared to females, especially in common society. In the United States, they’ve got to shave, they go through the menstrual cycle. They have kids. Now, they’re becoming a lot more powerful in society and they’re starting to run business. They’re starting to do a lot of different things, more entrepreneurs. You look at it and you wonder, “Why were the kings ruling for so long and this and that?” I think that men have always been physically superior. Meaning, they’re more powerful, they’re stronger. Women, mentally, can be extremely powerful. In ancient times, men and kings, they look the physical attributes and they thought, “Man can be powerful physically. That means they can own stuff and dominate.” I don’t think that’s how you dominate. The kings of the kings a long time ago and the people that ruled for real, were the ones that could dominate with the mind and not so much the body.

If you’re looking at an ancient aspect too, as far as intelligence and all that goes, obviously throughout time and things had been learned, things had been done, this, that and the other. Initially, at the start of everything, if I came down to who had greater force, and whether that boils down to testosterone levels and the hormone hormones and all that, I’m sure that has a big plan. I look on the bright side and the fact that we’re in an age now where there is so much more equality. There are things that still differ, but there is so much more equality than what there used to be.

CUE 82 | Quarantine Chat
Quarantine Chat: Once you learn about the person, then you can quantify what’s going on with the process.


Let me ask you, do you believe that history repeats itself?

In terms of intelligence, I don’t believe that we’re going to take any steps back because things are constantly progressing.

I didn’t ask that question. I asked you if you believe that history repeats itself?

In some cases, yes. In this instance, no.

In what instance?

Of there being less equality.

I believe there was less equality at certain points in history.

I’m saying the amount of equality has risen.

I believe that there have been times in history where equality was a lot more balanced than right now. I’m shitty at research, but I’ve heard from some secret sources that a long time ago, ancient Romans and stuff, there were men that were with other men. When they wanted to have a child, they would have it with a woman. There was a lot more men with men a long time ago. The reason why I ask if history repeats itself is because we’re going through a pandemic right now. Isn’t it interesting that there have been viruses, things that have happened, sicknesses that have come around, and it so happens that we can handle it a little bit better? I don’t know if we’re handling it too well in the United States.

This is my first pandemic. I would like to think that we’re handling this one better than whatever the last one was.

In 2002 and in 2004, there was something. There was another virus that came out in 2008. I don’t remember anything about the school closures and stuff, but they said there were school closures.

To my knowledge, this the first time that there’s ever been people quarantined to their house. I don’t think in American history this has ever happened. Throughout all my schooling and all the stuff, not ones that I read in any history book. This right here will be in history books. I’m pretty sure this is the first time everybody’s been quarantined to their houses.

I am zero qualified to be talking about any virus stuff, and when it comes to history, I am not qualified. I would rather have discussions about random shit. We are talking about random shit, but it’s getting a little too deep. I was at the beach and I posted a video from a few years ago. Someone was like, “You have the cure? Incredible.” It was sarcasm. “By the way, you’re a prick,” that’s basically what he was saying. I was like, “I totally don’t, but cool.” When you have conversations with people and you don’t know what to say, what do you do?

I admit that I don’t know.

All the time?

Yes, all the time.

Don’t bullshit me right now. How much of not knowing?

I won’t go to start speaking on something until you start making things up. I’ll speak up until I don’t know anymore.

I was talking to my dad. We were talking about Coca-Cola and how there used to be a little cocaine in there a long time ago. Do you think that it should be reintroduced?

Absolutely not. There’s so much “cocaine” out in our society.

Why do you say “cocaine?”

Things that aren’t cocaine, but act cocaine on our brains.

Like super intense pre-workout?

Maybe. There might be some very hard nootropics out there. There are a lot of stuff out there.

The FDA doesn’t even approve most things that go on the market.

That’s scary. That’s why you always get your stuff or have things that are third-party tested.

Do you know how hard it is to get third-party testing? It’s extremely difficult. Do you know what third-party testing is all about?

It’s essentially when you have a product, you take it to a company or some department that specializes in testing things, but isn’t obviously regulated by the FDA.

They can be regulated by the FDA. It depends. I don’t believe that you are required to be. CreateU products, for instance, we do a lot of our testing with our manufacturer. Where all the sourcing comes from, each of the ingredients, a lot of those manufacturers actually third-party test. There are different types of tests that you can utilize. For instance, you have to have a certain lead count and some manufacturers even bypass that. It’s mind-blowing to me. I’ve worked with a lot of different manufacturers. It’s hard to say that I 1,000% believe in third-party testing. I’d rather go down to the sourcing and be like, “Where did this alfalfa leaf come from?” From the actual store. A lot of people go, “This was manufactured in the United States. It was created in the United States.” That might be a sourcing distributor, like a distributor of alfalfa leaves. Where did the alfalfa leaf come from? That’s the stuff that we’re working on with CreateU. That takes a lot of money. It takes so much money to be able to do that. You have to go through many different people and the time it takes to respond.

For our Greens, it’s 40-plus superfoods, herbs and extracts. We have high-quality distributors and manufacturers that we work with. It’s extremely trusted and high quality. There’s a lot of testing behind it. Even then, I want to go further. How do you go fully organic? It costs a lot of money. It’s also trusting these organic farms and where they’re coming from and stuff. The organic farms, a lot of them are like, “How organic are you actually?” I’d love to hear your opinion on this. I look at a consumer as you don’t need to get everything organic. It’s expensive, so how can you buy the foods or the ingredients if you’re starting a business? They find the ingredients for sourcing. Maybe it isn’t organic but it can create a solid product for a very low price that more people can utilize. It starts coming down to you start weighing it out like, “If I go fully organic, a huge amount of people can’t afford it. The people that do afford it can get all the benefits. If you don’t go fully organic, more people can utilize it, but it’s not fully organic.” What’s your take on it?

If something is non-organic, can it be “organic” but still obviously be not detrimental to your health?

It’s about the process. It’s how they process these foods and these ingredients and everything. Where are they made and how are they made? How is it distributed out? It gets fucking sticky because you can call something all-natural. You can’t call a pure organic that has beta-alanine, all-natural. Beta-alanine supposedly comes from something that’s from a natural source. The process has so much iffy shit.

Is there something synthetic within the process?

Basically, how it’s extracted or how it’s taken out or how it’s created. There are many processes that manufacturing goes through. When we were searching for our manufacturers, obviously I’ve worked with many over the years, a lot of them I couldn’t trust. You’ll notice the people that you can’t trust because they’re open to, “What’s your minimum quantity? How many bottles do you want to get?” One of our manufacturers, the minimum quantity is 5,000. That’s a chunk of change because they work with the top dogs, and the top dogs only allow sourcing for so much. With certain top dogs, you have to be a little suspicious and you have to do your research and work with the right people to figure out of these top dogs, if they busted out so much, how are they doing it? Is it the amount of land that they own? Is it the process? Are they cutting some corners to get more out?

There are all these puzzle pieces you’re going to have to put it together.

It’s stressful. Thankfully, we’re super blessed with CreateU. We have a top formulator who runs a huge distributor. He was one of the first to bring beta-alanine to the market. We have a nutritionist and registered dietician and other people.

We’re not going to take any steps back in terms of intelligence because things are constantly progressing. Click To Tweet

You’ve developed a good relationship with him and he’s the formulator. Honestly, if you can go into whatever situation like that and you’re working with somebody who’s making a lot of those big calls and put things together like that. If you can come in and form a solid relationship with that person and start to build trust with that person, there are a lot of different pieces in play, but you can almost begin to start to form confidence in your product or whatever it is you’re making. You’re understanding who the top dog is and his ethics and everything that goes into what he’s going to do. He’s going to do the best thing that he knows how to possibly do.

It’s a relationship. Once you learn about the person, then you can quantify what’s going on with the process. You said you can’t bullshit in a conversation. If you’re a manufacturer, it would be cool to hear. This is what I tell people if I’m ever mentoring anyone. The people that you work with, you can’t go in and fully trust. If you do that, you’re turning a blind eye to the situation. There are different levels of trust and when you start developing that relationship, especially with business, when people are in control of certain things, you give them trust. I’m not going to give you my baby the first time I meet you. There are going to be tests along the way. That’s what it comes down to. If anyone’s reading, I would say if you’re trying to go into business or trust anybody with anything that’s part of you or what you want to create, be careful. Do your research. Don’t do the Google thing. Dig deep and ask questions and bring the right people on that are smarter than you. My nutritionist is smarter than me when it comes to nutrition. The registered dietician is smarter than me. The formulator is smarter than me. Do I have the creative aspect and have I learned? I’ve learned a shit ton. Do you know what we’re putting in our immune product?

There’s selenium.

There’s also Vitamin C, Elderberry, Zinc, Vitamin D. I don’t know why I didn’t even come up with that formula immediately, but I take that all in the morning, except for Vitamin D. Vitamin D is super powerful. It’s great for your immune system. Having those people around you and developing this shit, that’s where you start trusting. With these people, I’ve developed trust over a long period of time. Quarantine, COVID-19, that’s a solid combo.

How much longer do you think it’s going to last?

We’ll be in quarantine for at least another month, another four weeks.

Has anything strange happened? Did you maybe lose track of the days or anything like that?

No. To be honest, I feel super-controlled. A few different things have happened and at the same time, they’re super big blessings. They’re tough, but they’re blessings. When stuff is happening in the world, people start being erratic and they start doing things that I don’t even think they comprehend half the time. For me, when shit is going down and I could see it with people around me, being irrational or growing a beard out, but there are certain things that when I see them coming in my own life, I take a step back. I stop, I meditate or I come to one with the situation, I’m like, “That’s erratic behavior. Brendan, back up. What are you doing? That’s you many years ago.” A lot of people go into their old ways when stuff like this happens.

You would say it’s a good thing to try to keep things as normal as possible and still stay centered within who you are?

This shit isn’t normal. Has anything strange happened to you?

This is the first time I’ve ever grown on a beard. I actually like it, so it’s here to stay. Probably the strangest thing that’s happened is for the very first couple of weeks, it’s weird. I was being inside so much.

CUE 82 | Quarantine Chat
Quarantine Chat: You can’t go in and fully trust the people that you work with. If you do that, you’re turning a blind eye to the situation.


Nothing has happened, in short. You’re saying basically no?

I’ve gotten stronger working on the garage and that’s the only thing that’s happened.

I hate offending people. I never want to offend people but honestly, I feel fat. I feel super thick. My skin is super thick and I guess that is fat, but it’s very uncomfortable. It goes back and forth. It’s like, “I’m comfortable. I’m big. I’m getting strong,” but at the same time, I’m looking. I’m walking around. I feel it’s a lot further down to my bones. I think that’s enough for now. It’s a fun QuickTime Friday. It’s quite longer. We have a conversation and I want to bring this to anyone reading here on out so that they can get a little taste of what we talk about in CreateU house. With everything that’s going on, maybe we can talk about some business stuff. I’ll be real. I’m an expert with people. I’m not an expert in history. I’m not an expert with science. I like scientific research. I’m not an expert in that at all. I’m not an expert when it comes to cars. I’m not an expert in a lot.

When it comes to physical feats, I like to think that I’m very good at those types of things. I can call up my own defeat on things. I’m not an expert on politics. I have opinions on politics. I don’t want to go there, but that’s what we want to bring here on the CreateU Experience. Hopefully, you enjoyed this. It’s a little bit different, just chilling, drinking my EAAs, Essential Amino Acids and getting a little bit of water. I’m drinking a gallon a day. Buy those CreateU Greens. Hurry up, right now. I’ve got this super cool Yeti bottle. It’s a half-gallon and essentially you can put clam chowder in it and it stays in there for five days. It’s freaking epic. That’s what we should call this episode, Clam Chowder for Five Days. We’re set up in a new house. We have a lot of cool things coming with CreateU immunity product called Immune Boost. We have moved the Stress product. That’s coming out. It’s going to be launching. I am hyped about this Stress product. There’s nothing better than that.

From the people who’ve tested, it says it was nuts.

Positivity, especially in quarantine, this is the time to be alive. It’s time to be alive with that product for sure. Follow our Instagram, @CreateU. Follow me on Instagram as well, @TheBMeyers. You want to see a little bit of Taylor’s stuff on Instagram.

It’s @TaylorADaugherty.

Thanks for reading. I will see you next time. Peace.

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