Episode 83: YouTube – My Exposed Opinion!

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Episode 83: YouTube – My Exposed Opinion!

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The world is undeniably not at its best at the moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted so much of our personal and professional lives. Now, with time on our hands, we flock online to get our daily dose of updates or distraction or both about the situation. In this Quick Time Friday episode, Brendan Myers looks into what is happening in the world of YouTube. He scrolls through the headlines and shares his opinions on the things being displayed—from the daily news and pop culture to the ways people capitalize through videos.

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YouTube – My Exposed Opinion!

It’s the QuickTime Friday. I don’t want to do something a little bit different. I want to scroll through YouTube and look at some of the titles that are on my timeline. Let’s see what’s going on in the world of YouTube and I’ll give you my opinion on it because I feel like a lot of us are honestly super stressed. We have a lot of anxiety. We don’t know how the economy’s doing. We don’t know how our jobs are doing. I want to let you know that you’re not alone. Especially everyone that’s in quarantine is definitely going through it. Whether it’s a relationship with someone else or themselves or food, consuming the right nutrients and working out. We’re all going through something right now and I want to let you know that you’re not alone.

Let’s jump right through. I’m scrolling through and the first one that comes up on my recommendation list, and you should try this sometime and look at what pops up, is the title, Jersey Shore Cast Reacts to The Situation’s OG Casting Type. What’s his name? I don’t know who he is, whichever guy it is to be jumping up and down from the preview. Jersey Shore was one of those shows that I watched for some time because everybody else was watching it. I was like, “What the heck?” These are some grown-ass dudes. I wasn’t sure. I think they were 28, 30 years old maybe. Pass on that one.

Next one says, Coronavirus: China Outbreak City Wuhan Raises Death Toll By 50%. This is something that I’ve been hearing about more and more and it’s like, “Are you kidding me?” Wuhan, if you guys know, the Coronavirus and COVID, all that stuff came from Wuhan supposedly. I can’t confirm. I’m not someone that’s been testing it or anything like that. The fact that an outbreak happened in one place and the death toll increases by 50% randomly a few weeks later or a month, that’s super questionable. I don’t know what the heck is going on, to be honest. It’s sad because who can you trust and anymore? Can you trust the news? Can you trust the newspaper? Can you trust the CDC, the WHO, World Health Organization? Who can you trust nowadays? It’s so hard. That’s why I always say keep your circle tight and be open to other people, but also be cautious and wary.

CUE 83 | YouTube Opinion
YouTube Opinion: If you are an expert in a certain field, then dive into it. If you’re not an expert, then take the back seat.


Let’s keep on scrolling, Teofimo Lopez Sparring Gervonta Davis. I don’t know what you watch, but I like boxing. I’ve watched a little bit of Teofimo Lopez, but I know a lot about Gervonta Davis. If you guys don’t know, I believe Gervonta Davis is still training with the Mayweathers. Don’t confirm me on that, but he’s very confident in himself. That’s for sure. I don’t know what you guys think of boxing nowadays, but I feel like it’s on the come up. I never was into boxing growing up. I was a little bit, but it wasn’t something that I watched all the time. There wasn’t YouTube when I was a kid. I used to play video games and play sports and do my thing. I’d love to hear your perspective on that. Send me a message on Instagram, @TheBMeyers.

Next one, Mike Responds to Fake DMs About Lana Rhoades. Lana Rhoades is a porn star, one of the top view porn stars in the world. This guy, Mike, he is best friends with Logan Paul. I have a pretty good friend, Andre, who films Logan Paul’s stuff. I don’t know too much about the entire situation and everyone that lives there, but Mike is this 30-something year old. When I watch this stuff, what goes off in my mind with the title, “Mike Responds to Fake DMs About Lana Rhoades,” it’s clickbait. Sometimes I’m interested and sometimes I’m not. In this case, the fact that someone’s talking about showing fake DMS about Lana Rhoades, who can you trust? What can you trust nowadays on the internet? It feels like everything is falsified and one person says this.

The next thing that pops up is NJ Governor Ignores Bill of Rights in Exclusive Tucker Interview. As I was growing up, certain people of my family, I don’t remember who exactly, would say, “Don’t listen to Fox News. They’re so this and that.” I can’t even remember fully, but I had this this picture painted in my mind about Fox News that they’re always attacking people and they stretch out certain facts and stuff.

I don’t know if that’s fully true, but that’s the picture that I was painted in my head growing up. I don’t know what you think about the news, but I’m so weary of everything that’s said nowadays because of social media. One person says one thing and the other person says another thing, then fact-checkers go in and they’re like, “This actually happened,” and both of them weren’t even being fully honest. It’s like, “What the heck?” I don’t know what you think we should be watching. I’ve heard CNN is okay, but also not good at all. I don’t know. ABC and NBC supposedly is pretty decent. At the end of the day, I try and stay off of TV as much as possible.

I want to hear what you think about drama alert and people that spread drama on YouTube. This is my perspective on it. When people are posting on YouTube about other people’s dramas or reporting, it’s almost as if they’re wanting to be the news for that niche. I have no problem doing that. This is my biggest issue. When drama is reported and it’s on things that are taken out of context or pulled from the truth, I don’t like that. Once I see that with the channel, I turn my shoulder the other way. There’s one person, DeFranco. If you could look up to DeFranco’s show on YouTube, he always comes with an unbiased approach generally. Sometimes he has a little bias in there, but he explains why he has biased, and it’s motivating and cool to see. It’s almost rewarding in a way when you’re always looking at all these YouTube channels like, “It’s exhausting. This and that.” It gets pretty exhausting hearing all these false narratives. I enjoy unbiased reporting and I think that that belongs in every industry for sure.

Let’s keep on rolling down. I have some basketball on here. I have some baseball, ESPN. I want to hear what you guys think about Joe Rogan, the podcast and everything. Right here it says, “Physicist Brian Greene Has A Theory on Why Aliens Haven’t Visited Us.” The one thing that I like about Joe Rogan is that when he has conversations, he allows the conversations to unfold and he allows the other person to speak. He also gives a very soft bias to these situations. Sometimes he’ll even be like, “Fuck that guy.” It’s so nonchalant and passive that people don’t freak out so much about it. I have a lot of respect for him. I definitely do.

Be open to other people, but also be cautious and wary. Click To Tweet

I have, “Would Dexter Jackson “SMOKE” Shawn Ray?” If you don’t know bodybuilding at all, Dexter Jackson is the winningest bodybuilder of all time. He’s won more shows than anybody else. Shawn Ray was a contender for the Mr. Olympia for so many years but never won. He’s a great bodybuilder within himself. All these things that I hear about bodybuilding, at first, I was never into bodybuilding and to be honest, I never cared about having the most shredded and best-looking physique and it’s perfect here and perfect there. I started getting into it. I tried my first ever men’s physique show and that was definitely a show to remember. I came in third place. I was disappointed in myself, but I was proud of the process and what I went through for 21 weeks. It was super intense.

All these comparisons of the ‘90s bodybuilding and then earlier, the modern age bodybuilding, they do this with Michael Jordan. They did this with Kobe Bryant. They did this with LeBron James. They did this with golf, Tiger Woods. They compare him to certain people. I’m a Phil Mickelson fan. I played golf for many years. Why do people try and relate so much to the history? There’s no way to compare them. It’s fun like gossip. Why is the Bachelor, Bachelorette on? It might be pretty simple to answer that one. It’s a lot of drama and gossip and one person says one thing and the other person says another thing. You see how it unfolds. That’s why so many people compare from old times to new times. I think let’s stay in the present and let’s also reminisce, but don’t try and compare people.

I’m scrolling down and I see KSI. I follow him a little bit. I watched some of his stuff. For me, I’m wondering how we got so popular. I think he did some like FIFA stuff. I don’t know too much about the guy, but one opinion that I do have of him is that he could be a little bit nicer to people. At the same time, he doesn’t need to be nice to anybody if he doesn’t want to be nice to anybody. That’s his own opinion of how he should live his life. Also, I don’t know him personally. What I do know is how he reacts online. He has a huge following. He has 2.6 million views in one day on his second channel. That’s not even his first channel. That’s absolutely nuts.

You’ve got to respect the hustle. A lot of people say Michael Jordan was a big asshole or something like that. I read one of his books, The Life of Michael Jordan. In the book, he opens up a little bit about where he came from, who he is and why he is and all this stuff. The man is one of the greatest basket players to ever live. He doesn’t have to be nice. He doesn’t have to be mean. It’s all up to him. That’s where I always say you’re never in control of someone else. If one person wants to act a certain way, you can try and talk to them in different ways. They unfold in certain circumstances or open up a little more here, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because you can only control yourself.

A couple of other video titles. What do you think about the couples at-home workouts and all the regular at-home workouts? For me, I post every single day on YouTube and also my Facebook. I want to give people free content. I’m involved in that regard. I brought down my BodyEvo program and I’m going to be selling that here soon for $10 instead of $47. Before that, it was $97. I’m trying to go with the trends of how people are losing their jobs and they need something. I give people free stuff, but then I’ll also give them like a $10 thing that they can follow. I’m trying to help out as much as possible. I’d love to hear your thoughts via DM or IG, let me know or even in a review of the channel. I would love to hear your thoughts on that. These workouts and everything that’s going on, it seems to me that a lot of people said, “I’m going to produce. I’m going to give you some every single day.”

The majority of them have fallen off at this point. I don’t think that’s very right but at the same time, it’s their option. We don’t know what’s going on in everyone’s life. I think that uniqueness and capitalizing on people isn’t the right way to go. Trying to make up exercise just because, that can hurt a lot of people. Also capitalizing on the fact that there’s home workouts. Everyone’s got to eat and everyone’s got to make money, but be reasonable with it. If you are an expert in that field, then dive into it. If you’re not an expert, take the back seat. At the same time, if people aren’t making money, they can’t pay bills, they can’t eat. How are you going to eat? A lot of people end up sacrificing their own values and morals and ethics and stuff. I’m not big into that, but at the same time I’m not in their position, so I can’t speak too freely about that.

CUE 83 | YouTube Opinion
YouTube Opinion: You can keep your mind busy by structuring what your future’s going to look like. There are a lot of opportunities coming very quickly. You have to be prepared for them.


There are a lot of cool home workouts, a lot of things on YouTube. You can keep your mind busy with a little bit of Netflix shows, but also structuring what your future’s going to look like and where you plan on going, what you want to do. There’s a lot of opportunity coming very quickly. I want to be prepared for it, not only for myself but for you. At the end of the day, in every field with every bump, there can’t be a bump without there being smoothness anywhere around it. Think of it from the perspective that it’s temporary. You go over the speed bump, the Coronavirus, the quarantine, everything that’s going on, the economy, the recession that we’re in and it’s getting pretty bad. Look at it as this is short-term. Long-term, there are a lot of cool things coming. You’ve got to believe. You’ve got to trust and it will all work out.

There’s a video that says, “Buy THIS With $1,200 Government Stimulus Check.” If you’re going to send me a stimulus check, I want you to focus on yourself right now. I want you to save your money. Be smart with your money. Don’t go buy a PS4. Don’t go buy a little scooter. Don’t go buy some random shit that you don’t need. If you’re struggling with money, don’t go buy weights to buy weights. Buy some resistance bands. You can do a lot of workouts there. If you need it for your mental health, that’s a whole different story. Be careful during this time. Save your money and be very smart.

In every field, there can't be a bump without there being smoothness anywhere around it. Click To Tweet

Thanks for tuning in for another CreateU Experience. It’s the QuickTime Friday. I like to come on here and chat with you, open up a little bit. COVID-19, let’s pray for everybody that has lost their lives. My grandfather has lost his life. I have a few friends that have lost their lives to COVID-19 and I’m praying for everybody to stay safe and be smart. Check my Instagram out @TheBMeyers. You can also check out @CreateU. We have our new Pre Workout launching April 27th, Low Stim Pre Workout. I’m super excited for that. It’s called Wild Blueberry. Natural colors, sweeteners, no artificial crap in there. Make sure you check that out. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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