Episode 86: Beer Talk With A Doctor With Dr. Michael DellaCorte

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Episode 86: Beer Talk With A Doctor With Dr. Michael DellaCorte

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The way people have been living life has changed since circumstances around the world shifted, but that shouldn’t stop you from living life anyway. Whether it’s fitness or relationships, life still goes on, and you still have the right to live it. Over a couple of beers, Brendan Myers and Dr. Michael DellaCorte, a chiropractor with Health Edge Family Spinal Care, have honest conversations about how they’ve been living life. If you’ve been craving the feeling of a truthful discussion covering a variety of relatable subjects, Brendan and Michael’s conversation is definitely for you.


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Beer Talk With A Doctor With Dr. Michael DellaCorte

I’m here with Dr. Michael DellaCorte.

It’s great to be here again.

Welcome to the CreateU Experience. Subscribe if you haven’t already. We’re in Denver, Colorado. You took a test for ART Certification.

I was in Colorado Springs. It was wonderful.

Mike, what’s going on in your life? How’s this quarantine been for you?

Everything’s going well and I’m very thankful for it. Chiropractic is considered an essential business. I’ve still been practicing. I cut my days in the office down from Monday through Friday to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday just to limit foot traffic because it’s Eileen and Armen in the office too. We try to stagger our days where there are only two providers in the office at a given time to try and limit foot traffic. It’s been going well. I’m thankful for that and I’m looking forward to getting back in Monday through Friday. You have to make value of your time. You have to use your time wisely. When it used to be seeing patients Monday through Friday, now on Mondays I’ll get an extra exercise session in, I’ll review material, whether it’s my ART.

You’re turning them into growth days?

Friday, I’ll do the same thing. You get an extra session in with exercise. I’ll train in my garage.

Do you want to know my schedule?

What is your routine? How is it different compared to normal?

I’ve been struggling with getting focused and waking up at the early times. I’m not going anywhere.

What time have you been getting up?

I’d be getting up anywhere between 7:00 and 8:00. That’s not me. I’m going to sleep super late.

How long before do you look at your phone?

The first thing I do is I look at my phone. We’re going through a bunch of launches and whenever I go through launches, it’s not good.

It’s different for me because I like the first 30 minutes to be technology-free, but it’s different because my business is in-person. I have set times where I check my email. I have set times where I check my messages. That’s why I like to get up early.

What time do you wake up?

At 4:00 AM.

Do you still get up at 4:00 AM?

Yes, I love it.

I’ve been going to sleep super late because I’m editing. I have a ton of launches. It’s exhausting. I do go into the sauna. What’s been affecting me is bulking.

Do you get tired of it or do you like it?

I hate it. I’ve been doing it for twelve weeks. I’m eating 4,700 calories a day. It’s absolutely exhausting. Yes, I’m complaining about it.

I was watching a YouTube video and somebody was asking the world’s strongest man, Hafthor Bjornsson, what’s the challenge about being the world’s strongest man? He said, “It’s the constant eating. You’re out of breath all the time.”

He wants me to keep on building. I’m inflamed to be honest. I wake up, I even talked to Jeremy about it. I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. I’m getting acne. I could only imagine what people are taking like TRT and stuff is like. I would not want to step into that room especially bulking.

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Are you at the size that you want to be?

That’s the thing is I don’t know. I’m new to this whole bodybuilding.

Maybe a cut will do you well and then you say, “I like this, but I want to be a little bigger.” That will fuel your vision. “I know the bulking is challenging, but I can see the end result.”

I’m 210.

That’s big.

I’ve been PRN on some stuff. I’m pretty good sized. I’m filling out in many areas. What about you? You’re cutting, right?

Yes. My friend, Meranda Mundy, is doing my macros for me. Check her out. She’s awesome.

Your fats are super high.

It’s the first time it’s ever been like that and I love it.

It’s super unique.

Yes, and I feel great.

Express it like what’s different?

It hit me when it was a Tuesday. I had been treating from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. All the time I’m very high energy because I love what I do. If you could see let’s say 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, I’m going. Once I’m done, I’m shut down completely. I could fall asleep. Now afterwards, putting in everything I have into my work and then when I get home and I’m still energized and ready to have a nice dinner with the queen, great conversation. Usually, it would have been grab something healthy on the way home, eat it while watching a show that we both love.

You feel like you have better energy. What’s your fats?

I can’t disclose that information. They’re like 168.

Mine are at 140, but I’m eating almost 600 carbs and 270 protein. We’re drinking beer so I don’t know if that’s coming any time soon. I’m not falling apart. I want to make sure everyone’s very clear. This is just me. I’m thriving. I do want a girlfriend. I want to experience life with a woman. You’ve got the queen and she’s amazing. Experiencing life with a woman. Someone that you care for. You want to celebrate the wins on both sides. You want to support. You want to see them grow. There’s nothing like love. When you hug your woman, your girl, right in that crease and you hold them, all of your stress goes away. That’s how I feel. You hug a woman and the girl that you love. It’s like stress-free because you know that you’re safe with them type of thing. That’s hard to come by.

The thing I like even more is she pushes me all the time. Let’s say each time we’d get pizza, I would grow, whether it was in business mindset or something, I would gain some value from it. We are having a great time.

Are you calling me your girl?

No, but I’m tying the two together. I’m not calling you a woman but imagine that all the time. I’ve got an advantage. I’ve got somebody that’s helping me grow all the time.

Always checking on you, you can trust them that they’re not going to judge you a certain way. I feel you.

She graduated from chiropractic school a couple of years before I did. She’s been a mentor to me as well. You have to find someone like that.

The unique thing about myself is I’m a go-getter and I want so much in my life. I don’t stand for anything less than what I believe in or where I want to go. The one thing that I’ve come across with my relationship struggle is someone on that same wavelength with myself that’s willing to do whatever it takes.

CUE 86 | Living Life
Living Life: When you hug your partner, something about the experience just makes all the stress go away.


There is someone out there though like that.

I was going to get something tatted behind my ear, the word patience. The number one word that keeps on smacking me in the face.

Why behind your ear?

It’s a constant reminder. It’s like, “My ear is there. To me, patience is embodied when you listen.” I’ll probably get that tat sooner than later. It’s hard. When you’ve experienced love, you’ve also experienced heartbreak. I’m not going to say heartbreak. It’s more like a wound that healed. It makes you stronger. You seek that and the old brain would be like find someone to hang out with. Date a little bit or date somebody for a month and then break up. I don’t want any of that. What I want is someone long-term and it’s like that. You have a good point. It will soon come after.

I’m doubtful in quarantine especially. What are you going to do? You’re trying to take a break from technology and Bumble, Tinder and Hinge only works on the phone.

At least I can be honest about my own relationship struggles. The one area that I struggle with most is with women like relationships.

It’s getting into them or making the move?

It’s putting myself in that uncomfortable position even though I’m so used to being uncomfortable when it comes to this. All these other areas, I’m great. When I’m out and about, I’m great. I’m super confident I’ll talk to any woman. There’s this 1% of time when I see a woman, you feel the energy immediately. It doesn’t matter how confident I am, I can’t say a single thing.

Think of what Tony Robbins teaches. One of the seven human needs is certainty. When we step into where there’s any uncertainty, it’s murky water.

I like murky waters sometimes, but not too often. I love being uncomfortable. That’s the thing. Relationships and everything, they’re all good. I’m not stressing crazy about it. It’s more so quarantine, social distancing, going to restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. It’s even the simple thing. It’s like, “I’m going to go into Starbucks and I’m going to get coffee.” I’m going to go, “How do we get these beers? We had to wipe them down and get to do all this stuff.” It’s exhausting. We’re meant to be communicated. We’re meant to be together. We’re meant to explore things.

What are you going to do once the quarantine is over? Are you going to start going out? What do you think? Maybe you’ll meet a nice lady at the gym?

I’m trying to learn Spanish. I’m thinking about going to Colombia or go to Spain.

What prompted that?

A friend of mine recommended that I go on Tinder in Colombia or wherever I want to go and start chatting with different women that are from that country. Talk to a bunch of these ladies in Spanish. You’re setting your location and you get to experience a whole different way of life. These ladies experienced something. I take things to the next level on Tinder.

Which one do you like the best?

This is the way I am. I get on Tinder, match with however many women, say hello. I ended up deleting my Tinder in 24 hours. I don’t know why. I feel ashamed about having Tinder. I want to meet a woman in person. How has this turned into my dating life?

What do you want to talk about?

When did we meet?

You crashed your drone and at the Hollywood sign.

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Would you say I’m a pretty crazy guy?

Yes, why?

When you’re walking somewhere and you’re like, “I’m Brendan,” I’m a normal guy coming to the restaurant. I’m going to order some food. When you hear it from outside perspective, it’s like, “This is why people think I’m a little bit out there.”

I don’t have the greatest answer for that. If I was speaking to someone else and he said, “What’s Brendan like?” It’s like a bar talk, which is crazy.

Is it a good crazy like Joe Rogan crazy?

Joe Rogan is the man. You’re the man too.

Joe Rogan is the man and I’m the crazy.

You’re the man too.

That’s more binary what you just gave me. You’re always smashing the game with your college shirts.

Do you want to make me a nice CreateU?

Do you want one? Are you sure?

Yes, definitely.

What do you guys think about Michael DellaCorte? Look him up on Instagram.

Give me a shout out if you have any questions. I don’t have Tinder. I don’t need any of those. I have the queen.

You’re blessed.

You too.

Look at my screaming picture. I’m so blessed.

That’s an aggressive picture.

Do you think so? It’s just me screaming a couple of veins. Someone painted it for me.

Isn’t that on your Body Evo site?

Have you been to my Body Evo site?

Yes. You showed it to me right as you were about to buy the McLaren 600LT and go to New York.

I’ve had some quite many financial breakdowns.

That can fuel it. You said, “I’m going to go to New York.” I said, “No, you won’t.” You said, “Yes, I am.”

I’m in Philadelphia on the same day.

That’s right, you went. You were also looking at a McLaren 600LT. The color was questionable, the Model Two. I would go with the 720S.

CUE 86 | Living Life
Living Life: One of the seven fundamental human needs is certainty.


I was going for the 520.

You weren’t looking at the 600 LT?

No, I’m better than that. Do you remember when I was test driving the McLaren and the Porsche? You don’t remember? That’s right. I didn’t tell anybody, I forgot. I almost bought it when I was there.

Did you take the GT2 RS for a spin? I love that car.

I didn’t. I went to look at the GT3 and then he was like, “We also have a GT2 RS. I was like, “You need to stop playing with me because I should not buy this right now.”

You can get a GT2 RS MR, which I believe Motley racing. They put a completely different package on it. That car, I’ve watched YouTube videos on it because I would love to own one one day. Everything from the emblem on the front. They did a sticker as opposed to, I’m not sure what they would use, metal maybe. If you look on the interior, the door handles are rope. They did that to save weight.

Isn’t it crazy how they look at the smallest things, but it makes a difference? It’s so relatable, just like in life. Even like bodybuilding, people don’t understand why.

The smallest things add up huge results.

Did you know I didn’t have alcohol for six months the last time when I prepped?

Did you make a conscious choice to not or did you go a couple of weeks without it and then say, “I’m going to keep this going?”

I was like, “I’m not going to drink any alcohol for six months.”

What was the last drink you had before you stopped? What was the first one you broke it with? What were you doing?

I was dancing on the dance floor. I was in Vegas on my birthday less than three weeks out so I was dead. I couldn’t drink. I felt like such a nerd. You were there. The 48-hour wonder, Mr. Michael DellaCorte. Talk about staying up, he’s not sleeping if he goes to Vegas ever.

We were there for the Mr. Olympia competition. It was a good time.

Eileen didn’t like the good time, does she or she didn’t care?

She’s the best.

This man, if he’s out vacation or maybe he’s working, will carry around a half gallon of coffee. I don’t even get it. I’m over here carrying a gallon of water. Everyone’s celebrating everything. People are like playing music. I’m like, “Shut up. All of you are too loud.” They’re like, “Brendan, the music isn’t even on.” “You guys are still too loud.”

That was a great example of you have to do what you have to do. You were prepping for a show. We were all there, not prepping for a show. You were still running your business. You had your team with you and say, “Before we do this, we have to get this and this done.” You had a plan.

Everybody left that and they were like, “I never want to go on vacation with Brendan.”

We drove. It was great. I drove in the car with Este and Sahara. It’s a great time.

How was that?

I drove on the way there.

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Those are some good people to ride with.

Taylor is with us too. We made one stop and he was flying his drone around.

I’m going to have my own little drone one day fly on top of it.

We met when you crashed one. Maybe you’ll meet your lady when you crash your next one.

Do you see the relationship issues with Brendan Meyers?

I can see it now. You crash it and say, “Excuse me, Miss. I’m sorry.” She says, “Are you Brendan Meyers?” You go, “Yes, I am.” “I love your greens. Your greens are so tasty. Your green greens are fantastic.” I like the greens. I have them every day. I love them. I have some in my suitcase.

Mood had launched. You’ve got to have everything. You need everything. You’ve been gypped from the fitness industry for so long. We’re launching Body Evolution. It’s a $3 membership. You’re a part of this. You’re coming in. You want a couple of cool things, talking about rehab and rehab. We’re teaching people daily workouts like gym, body weight, cardio workouts, three ab workouts. If you want to check it out, Body Evolution or GoBodyEvo.com.

Thanks for having me on.

Thanks for tuning in, everyone. It’s great talking to you all. CreateU Experience. Mood product has officially launched. I love this product. I take it every single morning and night. You take two a day and it’s good for stress and cortisol levels, all of that. Jeremy’s been taken it as well and sleeping better. It helps different people in different ways. For me, it makes me a little bit more positive. It helps you with that. I have a couple of our videographers that are taking it as well from CreateU and we absolutely love it. Also, Body Evolution is coming soon. That will be at GoBodyEvo.com whenever it’s live. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening.

We’re in the process of searching for certain things. I can’t say too much until a couple of videos go live. You will be one of the first to know about it. We’re looking at some spaces. Those are some updates. Maybe you can subscribe. We’re all over all the audio platforms and remember YouTube is also there for my personal stuff and @CreateU. You can check out the media team. They do incredible work, videography, photography, all of it. Our influencers are amazing and our products are high quality, low price so definitely check them out, CreateUNutrition.com. Anything else you want to say, Mike?

Thank you for having me on. If I can be of help or service to anybody, shoot me a message on Instagram and if you have a more long-form question. My email is on my Instagram and it’s also MDellaCorte@Gmail.com. My Instagram is @Dr.Michael.DellaCorte.

Go and check him out. He’s more than generous. He’s an incredible blessing in my life. Thanks for tuning in for the CreateU Experience. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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About Dr. Michael DellaCorte

CUE 86 | Living LifeDr. Michael DellaCorte was born in Shelton, CT, and moved to California to attend Southern California University of Health Sciences, where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Before moving to California, Dr. DellaCorte received his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Rhode Island.

He has a true passion for helping others get out of pain, and get back to what they love to do. He is a certified Active Release Techniques provider for the entire body, and specializes in movement therapy.

Dr. DellaCorte is also a certified personal trainer, and wanted to be able to do even more for the wonderful people he was fortunate to train. He has trained, and still does train elite athletes, weekend warriors, and people of all ages. The desire to be able to do even more for his clients was the driving force behind pursuing becoming a Chiropractor.

When clients would come in with pain, Dr. DellaCorte wanted to be able to not only help them achieve their fitness goals, but also to help them become pain free., and get back to what they love to do. Everything is aimed at enhancing performance in life as a whole, whether it is playing with their kids free of pain, coaching sports, getting back on the field, and much more. Each patient is treated with a specific course of care, and no two treatments are the same. Extensive studies of human biomechanics, anatomy, and much more both in and out of school are what enabled this dream to become a reality.

Dr. DellaCorte has a passion for ice hockey, and baseball. He played baseball from a very young age and in college as well. He also played ice hockey from 10 years of age, up through high school. His love for sports and movement have always been a large driving force towards becoming a Chiropractor.

Dr. DellaCorte has been fortunate to have many mentors around the world that he has learned from who have developed him into the clinician that he is. In addition to his love of serving others, Dr. DellaCorte also has a love for snowboarding, reading, exercising, music, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with his wonderful family.

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