Episode 87: People Come & Go… Accept It

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Episode 87: People Come & Go… Accept It

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People come and go. That’s just the simple truth of it. As you go through life, there will be friends that come in and out of it. On today’s show, Brendan Meyers talks about the reality of having to move on when the people around you don’t believe you or support your vision. Are there friends who are pointing fingers at you or teasing you or don’t want to deal with you? Maybe it’s time for you to move on and find new peeps to hang with to help you bring your vision to life. Think about how powerful you are and how much you can accomplish without these people holding you down.


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People Come & Go… Accept It

The Truth Behind The Vision

I have a lot of big things that are happening. I’ll tell you that much. Body Evolution is launching here. Body Evolution is a membership, $3 per month that you get daily different workouts, daily gym workouts, daily bodyweight workouts, daily cardio workouts, they’re all separate. You also get three AB workouts per week and daily custom meal plans by registered dieticians. They also have a cool muscle performance section where we have joint-specific rehab, joint-specific prehab warmups, and also educational videos to teach you about the human body and all that stuff, performance-wise, most muscle functionality.

I’m super excited about it because I feel like the world has been struggling for so long. It’s like a fast track. I was wanting to do something cool for peeps. If you want to sign up for that, go ahead and go to GoBodyEvo.com. What I want to talk about in this episode is something that’s been coming up for me time and time again and that’s loneliness. It’s not so much about the loneliness of not having specific friends around me. It’s nothing specific. It’s more so, “I’m building something big. I know I have to be lonely sometimes. I have to accept that I can’t go out. I can’t go drinking with these people. I can’t sacrifice this or that or surrender here because what my business, my brand, or my vision entails is something way bigger than myself.”

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Sometimes this is hard for other people to understand. Even for me to understand because when you’re lonely, you start thinking about all these extra things, you’re like, “I wish I had this,” or “I wish I could do this.” You get a little emotional. The stress adds up and it adds up. From my point of view, the way I perceive everything that goes on as you are developing something that you’re truly believing in is it’s the reality of it. It takes a lot and people will not understand you, but the right people will support you. Those are the ones that you want to keep around you.

The saying five people who you surround yourself with that’s how you end up acting or that’s who you become. That’s absolutely true. At the same time, even if it’s one person, even if it’s two people that truly understand you, there are going to be so many friends that come in and out of your life. You’re going to go through relationships and hardships. I’m telling you that most will not understand and they will question it. While one friend wants to hang out on the weekends and not do any work, there’s another side of those friends that don’t want to go and do fun stuff always every weekend. They want to relax. You have the third style of friends and those are the people, the 1, 2, 3, 4 friends that are grinding their asses off.

It’s not the weekend, it’s another day. Another day, another dollar, as I said. I have a very close friend named Roy. He owns a couple of different businesses. Raw Fitness is a gym here at Lafayette, Colorado. We’ve been training a lot together and we were talking about all this stuff. It doesn’t feel like the days are the same. It’s turning it over 24/7. He said, “That’s the name of the game.” We want to travel. We want to do a lot of fun and cool things. We want to spend money and do this and that.

The investment is not only the time, but it is the money as well into the future vision. As you’re reading this, maybe you’re one of those people or maybe you want to go and you want to become a doctor. That takes so much to get there. You’ve got to sacrifice something. I don’t even like saying the word sacrifice so much. Let’s call it to surrender, but come to the reality of it and express how you feel to the people around you and explain to them this is what it takes. If they don’t believe it, they don’t support you, they keep on pointing fingers at you, poking you, teasing you or they don’t want to deal with you. It’s time for you to move on. It’s time for you to find new peeps to hang with.

It’s like eating healthy as a bodybuilder. If you look at a bodybuilder, they’re so strict, the cardio, the food, everything. I’m a part of that crew as well in a certain way. The discipline aligns with the vision. It’s like, “This is the reality of my life and this is what I’ve got to do.” It’s the same with business. It’s the same with certain types of relationships even. Things go back and forth consistently in our lives and at the end of the day, the only thing that we can count on is how we show up our discipline, our consistency. I want to send some acknowledgment to you. If you’re reading this, think about how powerful you are and how much you can accomplish. It’s much more than you could ever imagine. Keep pushing. You might lose a lot of people. A lot of people will come in and out again because they don’t understand it.

They’re on that same wavelength as you, but they don’t have that same motivation. It’s okay. I’ve worked with so many people over the years. At the end of the day, I know that the majority of them will not be with me in five years down the line. Do I take it any less with the work that I put into them or the relationships? Absolutely not. I give them everything I’ve got. I listen to them. I speak for them. I stick up for them. I do all this stuff because I see the potential in them. I always remind myself, “Brendan, don’t get disappointed.” Disappointment is a choice at the end of the day. If you ever read The Four Agreements, it’s an assumption. You create this assumption in your life, in a relationship or something that you’re doing.

CUE 87 | Life Vision
People may not understand you, but the right people will support you. Those are the ones that you want to keep around.


At the end of the day, no matter what, whatever you assumed is not going to be 100% the same. You may be subconsciously disappointed in a small way or it could be something significant. You’re like, “I trusted this person to all these different things and I assume this, and I assumed that. It didn’t happen.” You’re shooting for your agenda. This is a reminder to keep pushing. Nobody can stop you at the end of the day. The only person that can is you. That’s what CreateU is all about, to ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life.

Hopefully, this message found you well and it ignited something inside of you. Next time you’re going for a ride and you pick someone up, ask them a couple of questions, see how they feel about your path and what you want to accomplish, and all the things that you want to do. If they respond to you in a negative way or they have a lot of doubts or they’re not always there for you and you’re going to do something fun, remember at the end of the day, what type of person that is to you. There’s someone that you can have fun with.

They’re not going to be with you in the trenches when you’re grinding your ass off, trying to make that business be something that you’ve been wanting your whole life. They’re not to be in the trenches of you pursuing that professional career. They’re not going to be in the trenches of you learning a new language and trying to learn how to cook and trying to learn how to fight or be a boxer or MMA. They’re going to be at the point in that area when you’re celebrating. Keep that in mind. I appreciate you always. I don’t even know who you are. If you’re reading this, maybe I do know you.

It doesn’t matter because you’re here. This show is all about growth and to me that makes me understand a little bit more about the person you are, the person you want to be. Thanks for reading. I’m glad I could come on here. I hope the quarantine is treating you in a positive way. Remember, you are your thoughts. Your words is your world. Your actions are your world. Remember that everything, every step, everywhere you look, the way you speak, the way you move, it’s all a reflection of how you feel and where you’re going.

Follow me on Instagram @TheBMeyers. I’m excited for you to get started with Body Evolution and try that out. We launched our new Mood product. It’s a stress product. It’s all about calm, clarity, and focus. I love it. I use it for my stress. A lot of things are going on in my life. I work on meditation. I work on rehabilitation for my injuries. I also work on prehab. It was pre-habilitation before strategic to get my body to align structurally and all that stuff. I do like taking supplements, like the Greens and the Mood product to give me that extra boost. Check that out at CreateUNutrition.com. Thanks for reading. You can also check us out at Spotify and iTunes. I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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