Episode 99: Get More Buyers & Followers (Funnel Hacking)

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Episode 99: Get More Buyers & Followers (Funnel Hacking)

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CUE 99 | Funnel Hacking


Regardless of what your business is or the kind of offers you have, the way you connect with people is still the most impactful factor in any marketing strategy. By learning the right way to funnel hacking, entrepreneurs can determine which business holes to patch and how to properly show up to their target market. Brendan Meyers delves into the three parts of the business funnel and how to approach each one: the top ones, who may not have heard of you ever; the middle ones, who are starting to show interest in your business and are just waiting to be entertained; and the bottom ones, who are on their last stage of becoming buyers and even regular patrons. If handled well, this funnel can provide the smoothest operations and cash flow any business owner could ever wish for.

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Get More Buyers & Followers (Funnel Hacking)

If you want to follow me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers and by the way, if you have not gotten started on Clubhouse, I believe it’s only an Apple application now. It’s not on Android but get on there. Follow me, @BrendanMeyers. I host a lot of rooms. I’m in a lot of rooms and it’s like a podcast app. It’s cool. Don’t worry. I’m not making any money from telling you about this. It’s honestly one of the coolest apps I’ve ever been on and you can go into rooms and listen to new things. You’ll learn all about it. Now, let’s jump into this episode.

I want to talk about advertising top, middle and bottom of funnel, how to get customers, how to get them long-term and how to get them to be buyers from maybe people that you don’t even know about. Like if you are selling some ice cream online and someone stumbles upon your website, how do you get them from something up on your website to buying? If you’re a fitness coach or online trainer and someone is interested in your work or they’ve heard about you and they go to your page and they like a post or whatever, how do you get them to buy? I want to give you a little bit of the psychology behind this so that you can get these types of interests into a buyer. Let’s bridge that gap.

Before I go anywhere, CreateU, what the heck is CreateU? We have this tagline, Ignite Your Breakthrough and Bring Your Vision to Life. It’s all about is being innovative and helping people take the next step in their careers, in their life and experience a lot more than they’ve ever experienced before. That’s what the show is about. We want to tap into the minds. We want to get vulnerable, authentic and not so much focus on the word business but focus a little bit more on our intentions, mindsets and at the end of the day one-word psychology.

It's not about how good you are at business. It's how good you are with people. Click To Tweet

Remember, it’s not about how good you are at business. It’s how good you are with people. How good can you sell? How much can you relate? How well can you communicate? Keep that in mind, as you progress through your business or create whatever you’re trying to create in your life whether that is a family, a relationship with your dad or your mom, a new girlfriend, boyfriend, business or whatever, you’re trying to get engaged in. Remember, when you get vulnerable and you ignite your breakthrough and bring your vision to life, it starts with you.

The Funnel Process

Once you do that, it’s an absolute, beautiful thing. If you want to learn a little bit more about any type of software for health and wellness and you’re a coach or an online personal trainer or anything like that. You want to bring in a little bit more efficiency to your business and create more and do a little bit less but also impact more, shoot me a DM, @TheBMeyers on Instagram and we can get chatting. Let’s jump into the sales process, the funnel process. I want you to imagine this entire conversation is about taking one scoop of protein, pouring it down a funnel and going into, let’s say, a water bottle.

The whole purpose of getting this protein into the water bottle is to get that 22 grams of protein. We want to get that 22 grams of protein so we can build muscle and correlated to that. Building muscle, is building our business, building our customer base, building lifetime value with whatever we’re trying to create that could even be social media. This water bottle now, there’s no powder in it. The way that business works and this is the sales process that most people online have been following, engaging with and fine-tuning from the top all the way to the bottom.

CUE 99 | Funnel Hacking
Funnel Hacking: If you’re not giving potential buyers the information they need about their offers, they’re not going to understand what’s going on and become less interested.


When we look at this funnel and we look at this protein powder, what many people are missing is that there are big holes all over this funnel. If you were to take protein and pour it into this funnel and there’s a bunch of holes, what’s going to happen? Not all of the protein powder is going to make it down to the water bottle. What we try and do in business, when you start, you have a shit ton of holes everywhere in your funnel. Sometimes the funnel is so broken that you don’t even get any protein into the water bottle, also known as, get any buyers, any consumers.

The reason why we try and repair things from the bottom up is so that anybody that is trickling down, even close to buying, we are figuring out that process. You can do both ways and you can start from the top if you want. Anybody that is so close to buying but they haven’t, even if it’s 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, we want to try and figure that out as quickly as possible so that we start getting some type of consumer inside our platform, buying our product, giving us feedback, referrals or joining the community. The community, at the end of the day, builds businesses. We see it all the time.

We see it with Nike. The community is massive. We see it with Adidas. We see it with being on Instagram and everyone’s using it. We see it on Clubhouse, this new application. We see it with supplements. We see it with apparel. We see it in every vertical in this world and in the economy now. We want to try and repair those holes and how do we do this? How do we figure this out? We can ask questions. We can test different headlines. We can test different videos, creatives. We can test different texts and social media platforms.

The most important thing is never to lose sight of your vision. This is where a lot of people go wrong is that the bottom of the funnel, they’re trying to get somebody in, so they lose the vision of whatever they’re creating and they develop something that is going to get them the sale. At the end of the day, when you’re getting the sale, it’s okay. It can be okay. However, many times you’re shooting yourself in the foot for long-term growth and long-term success. Passion, psychology and relationships build businesses. In the end, communication and community build businesses.

From the bottom up, we want to figure out what is going on. “Why aren’t people coming into our coffee shop? Why are people coming into our sporting goods store? Why are people coming into our Japanese restaurant and looking at the menu but not buying? What is it?” Maybe you have a few customers, a few online training clients, whoever it is, “Why are people also buying something, coming in and not renewing with us? Why are they not continuously getting engaged with us and becoming lifetime customers with us? What is it?” You want to try and figure that out first.

The community, at the end of the day, builds businesses. Click To Tweet

Let’s then take a step back. Why are people not buying? What is it? Why am I getting the protein all the way down to the funnel but I still don’t have any protein going into my water bottle? I need to get my protein, my 22 grams. Where’re my 22 grams? At the end of the day, if you don’t figure that out, you’re never going to get customers. You can be so good at getting people in the door at the top of your funnel, meaning cold traffic, new people, maybe you’re good at communicating when you first meet someone but then you fall off after a month.

You can’t build anything from that because the relationship ends up dying. You can be good at the top of funnel. You can be good in the middle of your funnel meaning people that have already learned a little bit more about your product or have been approached by your product or senior service. In the middle of the funnel, what that is, let’s say someone is learning a little bit about the product but they don’t buy still. That’s what middle of funnel is talking about there. Top of funnel is people that have never seen your product or service before. It’s the first time ever.

Middle Of The Funnel

They’re discovering who you are, what you are. You have middle of funnel, which is learning a little bit more about the product, “I know who this person is. I know what they are. Now. Let me learn a little bit more.” Bottom of funnel, they’re interested in buying the actual product. They’re close to buying the product. Maybe they went to the checkout page or they signed on a call with you and they didn’t have enough money, whatever it is. That’s when you’d get down to the nitty-gritty of pain points and frustrations of customers and this is where you cancel all of them out and you get them in as buyers.

You then have reoccurring, which has already passed bottom of funnel. It’s another section of the bottom of funnel, also known as, retargeting, where you’re taking in the customers and you’re figuring out more and more ways to bring a little bit more financial gain to your company and your brand through those customers. Also, bringing a little bit more fulfillment and happiness to them and the community that they’re a part of, if that makes sense. Bottom of funnel, get that squared away, figure out what is going on. It could be the price. It could be the headline. It could be something that maybe there are no reviews.

Maybe there’s no community behind the product that you have or the service that you’re providing. Maybe your own insecurities are holding you back from the confidence the client is looking for, especially online coaches and personal trainers. A lot of the times, we focus so much on ourselves and we talk about all this stuff that we don’t even bring any confidence to the potential client in being able to accomplish their own goals. I’ll give you an example. I was speaking to an online trainer one day and I told them, “You’re pushing too much of what you want for the customer and you’re not listening enough to what the customer is asking for.”

That could be an example of, “I want you to drink a gallon a day and I want you to work out at 5:30 AM. I want you to do X, Y and Z.” The client’s saying, “I like waking up a little bit later. I like to drink some soda once in a while. I like to have some cheat meals once in a while.” If you bypass what the customer is asking for at the bottom of the funnel, many times you’re going to miss out on those customers. You could be leaving thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on that table and hurting yourself in the long run so pay close attention.

Middle of funnel, this is something that I’ve discovered for years and years of selling a lot of content online and also products and services. You got to make sure that the person understands what the heck you’re selling. If you’re not giving them the information that they need and it’s like everybody else, they’re not going to understand what’s going on. They’re not even going to be interested in buying that product. Middle of funnel is generally it’s the warmed-up crew. Maybe they’ve seen you once or twice and they’re warming up a little bit more and they’re doing a little more research.

Let’s say they’re buying coaching from Brendan Meyers. By the way, I do not offer online coaching. If this person has already seen an ad of me and I’m talking about the three tips to build muscle and then the next ad that they see is, “Brendan Meyers is offering coaching.” They are going to go and click. If I’m literally like, “I offer coaching, I will get you healthier. I will make you feel better.” That’s it. I didn’t explain what I’m offering to them and how they are going to see results from it. Instead of saying, “I’m going to get you healthier and I’m going to get you whatever the hell it is.”

That’s how much it didn’t even make any sense. What we then have to do is say, “I’m going to sit down with you and every single week, we’re going to be focusing on a call to bring optimal health to you. What does optimal health look like? This is going to be your physique level. Like, how are you happy with your physique? Are you confident in your physique? Are you making the goals that you set forth? Number two is your nutrition. How is your relationship with food? Three is your mindset. How are we going to help you in your business and your employment to make more money, to be more fulfilled and to be happier with the finances that are coming in.”

Do you notice that difference in the middle of funnel? How I gave a little bit more about what the person was clicking on with coaching? There’s one side that’s saying, “You can offer all of this,” explain stuff. “It’s for you, the customer. This is what we are going to discover.” The other side is generalized like, “This is what I offer.” You can’t make it so dull that people don’t understand it because then they’re never going to get to the bottom of the funnel. The middle of the funnel is extremely important. Give them a little bit more information so they can understand it but also be flashy with it. Be exciting about it.

Top Of The Funnel

This is where marketing plays a huge part and creative juices. At the end of the day, if you are creative in this approach, in the middle of the funnel with your coaching, maybe it’s a video explaining it. You’re funny and you’re bringing a personality, “This is when you do it.” Bring that personality out so they can catch their attention even more. They want to learn more and they’re extremely intrigued. We have the bottom of the funnel with some ideas. We have the middle of the funnel. Now, let’s go to the top of funnel. This is something that you can take in immediately read very closely.

If you’re trying to get new customers, you’re trying to get new people, buying your product, your service business, whatever it could be, even supplements, by the way, buyer products, great nutrition. If you want to white label, holler at me, @TheBMeyers on Instagram. This is a little plug for myself. What we need to do is provide something that is beneficial to them and their journey, whatever it is. I’ll give you an example. I have an ad that’s up now where I’m teaching people a little bit of the process and I’m going down to 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade level with this. You never want to get too complicated because then people can’t understand.

You got to remember the people that you’re selling to are the general population. The general population is essentially trying to learn more about whatever you’re talking about or they have a frustration that they’re confronted with that they can’t figure out because it’s not their niche. Now, if you’re selling something a little bit that is niche-oriented and, for instance, this person that’s coming in is already a coach then at the top of funnel, you can already get right into middle funnel stuff, what you’re offering and bring a little excitement and how it helps them.

CUE 99 | Funnel Hacking
Funnel Hacking: You can’t make your offers so dull that people don’t understand it because then they’re never going to get to the bottom of the funnel.


At this top of the funnel, what I’m discussing is losing fat and some of the mistakes that you may be missing. I dumb it down. I say, “One of the biggest problems that I see in people and clients that are coming to me and people that are following our program, Body Evolution, and all the other systems that we have is that they don’t know how to count their calories.” They don’t even know what calories are all about. They hear about it. They hear it’s a unit of measurement for energy and they know that you should be eating less to lose fat or lose weight but they don’t know the aspects of it like, “How do I even get there?” In this ad, I explain pretty much the baseline, the foundation of losing fat.

Our body is meant to exert energy and these calories that are coming in and out of our bodies is a unit of measurement that we take into account when we are exerting this energy throughout the day. We’re also consuming it in ways of food or solids and liquids. Once I create that, that’s almost the potential customer or the audience is coming in and being like, “This helped me.” I appreciate that. Now, I’m going to follow him and I’m going to learn a little bit more about him. He has a program. Cool. Middle of the funnel, by the way, hit hint. “He has a program. That’s cool.

Bottom Of The Funnel

Let me learn a little bit more about that.” They then go to the bottom of the funnel, hit hint. They’re like, “This is a good program.” They then go and they buy it after a couple of months of checking it out. That took you from the top of the funnel, middle funnel to the bottom of the funnel. I brought them in by giving them a tip. I was an expert and I brought a lot of confidence and I helped them with something small. They found out who I was and what I was doing. They then went to the middle of the funnel and they found out that I offered something and it was something cool when it associated with that loss. They said, “I want to see what this is all about.”

Once they got into that, they piqued their interest. They wanted to learn more and they wanted to buy it potentially but they weren’t sure because of pricing and all the things. At that point, I need to take away all their pain points, take all the frustrations that are coming up for them. I offered them the opportunity and then they eventually take it. That’s where the bottom of the funnel is so important. That’s where you’re going to make most of your money. You’re not going to make most of your money at the top of the funnel. In the middle of the funnel, you’ll make some money but then the bottom of the funnel is where you’re going to kill it.

If you have thousands of people come to your page, you get thousands of people going to your ad. You’re going to your product, whatever it is, that is where you can capitalize. Get clear on your messaging, yourself, the pain points, the frustrations that are coming up for your customer, and then nail that stuff to a wall so that they are seeing it. They’re also attributing all those pain points, frustrations, and confusion for themselves, with the path towards least resistance and success for them. If we’re going to be selling a greens product from CreateU Nutrition, if you want to private label or white label holler at us, CreateU Nutrition, message me on Instagram, @TheBMeyers.

If you’re going to be selling greens products, the way that you’re going to succeed at the end of the day is by bringing an understanding to why you would even drink a greens product. What’s the purpose of greens products? Many people are already past the top of the funnel. They’ve already learned a little bit about greens product. They don’t know who your brand is or what you’re selling. When you go down to it and you’re hitting the middle of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel, the most important thing is informing them and knocking out all those pinpoints, “I have bad digestion.” Greens can help with that.

The funnel is a relationship dealing with the psychology of the buyer. Click To Tweet

They can help with digestion, especially if you’re getting this vitamin and this vitamin and your diet. You’re also getting because of our green product, we have a little bit of selenium and we have zinc sulfate, vitamin C and we have all these different things. These are all things that can do X, Y and Z. I’m giving you a quick example, not necessarily our greens but that’s how you lead them down the right path. You knock out all of their second guesses like, “The price point. If you look at it, our green is $36 for 35 servings. If you take other greens over here, it’s $43 for 30 servings. If you look at the ingredients on top of that, we may not have this specific organic banana,” which we do have an organic banana, by the way. “We may not have an organic banana. However, we do have a banana in there and we do know it’s from a great source and we know that you’re going to be saving money and you’re getting five more servings. This is going to help you significantly.” That is taking pain points and throwing them out the window and allowing them a path towards least resistance or the path success for them. They end up buying the greens product. They do renewals and then you can start selling them other products behind it.

That is a short episode around the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. What I want to do is create a series off of funnels and talk about the bottom of the funnel in one in one episode. If you’d like that then let me know, send me a DM on Instagram, @TheBMeyers. I also want to do one in the middle of the funnel. I want to do one at the top of the funnel because it’s important to understand that the funnel is a relationship dealing with the psychology of the buyer and you’re working on knocking out all of the weeds so that they can essentially exit the garden and get into a field of success, happiness and fulfillment.

All these weeds are in front of them to get there. We need to be the ones that are chopping it in front of them, figuring out ways to get them closer and closer to that field of success and field of fulfillment and that’s our jobs. That’s what I would love to talk about in future episodes, especially that middle and top of the funnel that could be big time. The whole thing is at the end of the day. Hopefully, you enjoyed this show. Remember you can follow me on Clubhouse, @BrendanMeyers, my Instagram, @TheBMeyers.

Also, if you are a coach, earn online personal trainer or a personal trainer in general or you own a gym or anything and you want to work with some of the most powerful software that has scaled many businesses that we were a part of with CreateU has opened up that field of fulfillment and success that we’re talking about in this show and deals with the top middle and bottom of the funnel and everything then go ahead and send me an Instagram DM, @TheBMeyers, send me the word Software. Thanks for tuning in. This is the CreateU Experience. We are back pretty often and I’m super excited to continue this show now that it was 2021. It took a little break but we are back and we’re rolling. I’m Brendan and I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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